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Biot Emerger by Carl Pennington

Brass Assed Emerger by Paul Dieter

Synthetic Quill Emerger

Jigawockie Fly - Loon

Sipping Dry trailer

The Ray Bergman Collection - 105) Fern

Fly Patterns with tag olive

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Mohair Leech
tied by: Old Hat

Surf Candy
tied by: Jon Boy

Hydro Fatty
tied by: mcrouse44

No Name Yet
tied by: Kyle Hand

Archie's Vinyl Prince
tied by: the_bama_trout_guy

Pearl X-Caddis
tied by: swinks1966

Royal Wulff Flyer
tied by: fly fisher09

Marabou Sebago smelt
tied by: spector82

BWO Soft Hackle
tied by: Pat M

Hydropsyche Larva
tied by: ALI

tied by: Second

tied by: Mice

tied by: darrenmaceachern

CDC Sedge
tied by: jocapesca

Letumgo Minnow (Silver) - Tube Fly
tied by: letumgo

Lake Erie Goby
tied by: Blackriverbowyer

Green Drake V2
tied by: Pat M

N2 Sculpin - Olive
tied by: Pujic

tied by: flydoc

tied by: silvermallard

Turkey Quill nymph
tied by: martice

tied by: Joe Hard

tied by: Alex C.

Thunder Creek Minnow
tied by: Wellman

Caddis emerger
tied by: avelino

The Scud-inator
tied by: trouthound

Mayfly Kripple
tied by: drkorn

First Impression
tied by: Duane Vigue

"RIDEAU" river bugger
tied by: Druce

Sage8wt's Stone
tied by: steelie

Claret Olive
tied by: Jon Boy

Yellow Pheasant Nymph
tied by: BigDaddyHub
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