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Fly Patterns with tag olive

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Olive Creek Chub
tied by: Pujic

V fish
tied by: avelino

Czech golden olive
tied by: avelino

bubble emerger
tied by: troutfishonly

Minni Bunker
tied by: Joe Hard

Ice Worm
tied by: vegastyer

Zonker Yellow
tied by: orviscab

Parcel Stone Nymph
tied by: dwiltshire

Rusty Rat
tied by: trout traveler

tied by: scotfly

Damsel Fly Nymph
tied by: millerwb

caddis larva
tied by: abbra

Copper Body Stone fly
tied by: wesallen81

Porkie Olive Loop Emerger
tied by: dwiltshire

tied by: RexHunt

Chieftain (Olive)
tied by: Hywel

tied by: lightkeeper07

Super Tuka
tied by: deeky

tied by: RexHunt

No Name
tied by: Ronn Lucas

6.5X55 Swede
tied by: Ronn Lucas

Three wiggler nymphs
tied by: john adams

tied by: nfs_1

Big Fly Big Fish
tied by: trevally

F.S. Dragon
tied by: B.C.TroutHunter

Shrimp Foil Scud - Grey/Olive
tied by: carlp5351

Liquid Lace Damsel
tied by: jdavis

Stony Craw
tied by: stony

American Eel
tied by: Sean Juan

Killer Caddis
tied by: vegastyer

Floyd's Rogue River Hybrid
tied by: BigDaddyHub

Baby Rainbow
tied by: Fasterfish
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