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The Ray Bergman Collection - 64) Cassard

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D-Rib Golden Stone Fly by Carl Pennington

Emerald Shanker - by Kevin Hospodar

The Ray Bergman Collection - 59) Canada

The Ray Bergman Collection - 57) Calder

Fly Patterns with tag olive

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King Craw-ng (Super Tube Fly)
tied by: J.Z

Grey Monkey
tied by: Isonychia

Dustin's Not so Famous Chernobyl Ant
tied by: vegastyer

Ollie's Olive Shrimp
tied by: WindyHillFlys

Claret and Olive Flymph
tied by: Old Hat

Danica Dun
tied by: Sgart

DL Wooly Jig
tied by: DLamy

Tiny Terror
tied by: navigator36

sally frog
tied by: Glen-Dayton

Feather Brain - Olive over White
tied by: Jonathan Pund

Flashback Underworld Caddis
tied by: Chad Trout

#20 Candy Midge Emerger
tied by: siestafred

Rusty Banana
tied by: purolohi kalastaja

Green caddis worm
tied by: jbenenson

Bugger Damsel
tied by: Wellman

Polychenille Vulgata
tied by: dryfly purist

Owl-Owi caddis
tied by: flydoc

Mickey Pike Fin
tied by: FrenchCreek

Van's Wigglefish
tied by: todvan

Guinea With An Olive
tied by: deeky

Lt. olive nymph
tied by: flydoc

Mantis GP variant
tied by: Mark Gustavson

Arctic Dragon
tied by: Jaydub

Moosehead Smelt - Summer
tied by: joelst

tied by: flydoc

Erie Candy
tied by: letumgo

Fish Foolin' Frog Popper
tied by: smokinprice

Tubers Gold/Damsel Green Bugger
tied by: Joe Hard

Clouser Darter
tied by: Cyprinid Carpio

Carson Streamer
tied by: pacres

Galways Spawning Chub
tied by: cussfly16

Beatis Nymph
tied by: WetMaster
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