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Fly Patterns with tag olive

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Deep Diawl Bach Olive
tied by: Classic tier

Magic Head Burgundy
tied by: john adams

tied by: uncletube

Little Olive Mayfly Nymph
tied by: carlp5351

Little Olive Flymph
tied by: Soft-hackle

My 'own' BLACKER(ish) styled natural FLY on a 1/0 hook
tied by: geraldsherbrook

Olive and oarnge coyote
tied by: Joe Hard

Water Witch
tied by: quillg

Soft Hackle Maggot
tied by: letumgo

Rhodie Popper
tied by: goldsmice

Cdc Winged Olive
tied by: temno pivo

Orange Spey
tied by: RexHunt

O.C.R.'S Spent
tied by: NikRose

Old faithful
tied by: hookedsalmo

OLB bluegill
tied by: StY|EsoX

tied by: TYR

tied by: dwiltshire

Baby Bunny Sunfish
tied by: TheCream

Bucktail Baitfish
tied by: Kingfisher

CDC Softy (Greenwells)
tied by: dwiltshire

Gulper Special
tied by: Big E

UV Chewee Scud
tied by: carlp5351

tied by: Redwings1

Feather Shad
tied by: chemprof2001

Extended Body Green Drake
tied by: BigDaddyHub

Green Butt CdL Spider
tied by: assalan

BWO Emerger
tied by: pennscreekrules

Foam caddis pupa
tied by: dryfly purist

tied by: flydoc

A obscure "LEIGHTON's FAVORITE" (Hardy) on a 3/0 a 4/0
tied by: geraldsherbrook

Grey Monkey
tied by: Isonychia

Murray's Roadkill Nymph
tied by: deeky
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