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Ray Bergman Collection - 170) Imbrie

Shuck Raider- by Hans Weilenmann

Autumn2011 Showreel- by Raw Water Productions

Stealthcraft Rafts - by Alex Cerveniak

Tying the Temple Dog Comet by Davie Mcphail

Fly Patterns: A BWO Emerger, a Meaty Streamer, and a Gorgeous Full Dressed Salmon Fly

Fly Patterns with tag olive

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Small Spurwing Dun
tied by: Sigve

Winged March Brown
tied by: dwiltshire

tied by: silvermallard

Green & Grey
tied by: tompa

A 'GOLDANDOLIVE' natural freestyle n 8
tied by: geraldsherbrook

tied by: Raul Canseco

tied by: Alex C.

Wynoochee Dark Spey
tied by: Steelheader69

Caddis Pupa pl.6
tied by: Artur

Little Olive Mayfly Verison #2
tied by: carlp5351

First Impression
tied by: Duane Vigue

tied by: OLB

Booby damsel
tied by: Stendalen

Body Glass Nymph pl.1
tied by: Artur

Dron Olive Cray
tied by: dronlee

Claret Olive
tied by: Jon Boy

pete's dragon
tied by: Dutchman

Chenille Dragon
tied by: navigator36

tied by: siestafred

6.5X55 Swede
tied by: Ronn Lucas

Mangosteen Leech
tied by: vegastyer

Olive Spey
tied by: RexHunt

Quick mouse
tied by: Joe Hard

F.S. Dragon
tied by: B.C.TroutHunter

Nasty Jr.
tied by: Curtis Fry

Greenwells Stem
tied by: dwiltshire

Life Cycle of the CaddisFly
tied by: RexHunt

American Eel
tied by: Sean Juan

Dustin's Not so Famous Hopper
tied by: vegastyer

Fishable Stonefly
tied by: BigDaddyHub

Manila Fly
tied by: RexHunt

DSV Dragonfly Nymph
tied by: dsaavedra
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