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Fly Patterns with tag olive

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Gaeron's Wasp
tied by: gregfred

Gregor's hydro
tied by: Gregor

Olive Bunny Leech (Weedless)
tied by: tbhflytyer415

Loop Wing BWO
tied by: Marty Howard

Pike's Puke
tied by: Curtis Fry

Cheney (Orvis/Cheney Pattern)
tied by: WaterWolf

E.S. Conehead Bunny
tied by: siestafred

Craftstore Soft Hackle
tied by: chemprof2001

Caddis pupae
tied by: flydoc

Wool Head Sea Robin
tied by: Mark Gustavson

mellow perch
tied by: day5

Owl-Owi 2
tied by: flydoc

Baetis nymph
tied by: flydoc

Secret Barbs
tied by: dwiltshire

tied by: TYR

Mini 'Dad
tied by: mudboots

Mike's Heavy Woolly
tied by: rybolov

Little Green Caddis Pupa
tied by: Glen-Dayton

tied by: Artur

PT mini Craw
tied by: Timerollson

granny bug
tied by: ridderbos3

Universal Paradun
tied by: dwiltshire

No Name
tied by: Ronn Lucas

Joel's Smelt
tied by: joelst

tied by: Kyle Hand

Wet 2
tied by: marius.girju

Big Fly Big Fish
tied by: trevally

Soft hackle "D" Rib Golden Stone Nymph
tied by: carlp5351

Gummy Minnow
tied by: luvinbluegills

Futzer's MB Caddis
tied by: Futzer

Stony Craw
tied by: stony

SRS-Sonic Leech-Gold Leech
tied by: octopusshrimp
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