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Fly Patterns with tag olive

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Just Nymph.
tied by: john adams

tied by: sage8wt

tied by: Jon Boy

Mickey Finn Baby Trout
tied by: BigDaddyHub

grass hopper
tied by: tatt

Double Trouble
tied by: hexfli

Turkey Biot BWO
tied by: flygirl

Black Ice
tied by: Big E

MF Gosling v.
tied by: john adams

Olive Wolly Bugger
tied by: Jon Boy

EC Caddis Variant
tied by: Greg H.

Titchy Brassie
tied by: dwiltshire

Kickin' Dragon
tied by: deeky

Green King (St. Patty Fly)
tied by: JeremyH

Green Goblin, Soft
tied by: Soft-hackle

Barr's BWO Emerger
tied by: Bugsy

Green Goblin
tied by: martice

Water Witch (Stevens)
tied by: peter.simonson

Olive Caddis Pupa
tied by: blackdog1101

Herl and Olive (BWO)
tied by: Old Hat

'a GOLDEN OLIVE' n 8 (Veniard book 1980)
tied by: geraldsherbrook

Olive and white
tied by: Shaq

Leon's Hare (Spider)
tied by: dwiltshire

Earthy Bugger
tied by: siestafred

Amia Killer
tied by: muskymags

X resting Damsel
tied by: The_Carp_Hunter

Olive Gammarus
tied by: flydoc

CH Sunfish
tied by: Pelhament

Mike's Crayfish
tied by: rybolov

the sun king
tied by: jordn_raid64

Olive Serendipity
tied by: Big E

Caddis Pupa pl.4
tied by: Artur
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