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Fly Patterns with tag olive

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BWO Biot Emerger
tied by: djmyers

The Underwing (McPhail)
tied by: Peaty Mann

Stinky Sock
tied by: deeky

Jungle Commando
tied by: mcrouse44

Pearl X-Caddis
tied by: swinks1966

The Fire Tiger
tied by: Firetiger

Two Olive Spey
tied by: Mice

elk hair caddis
tied by: SDHflyfisher

tied by: Raul Canseco

Lake Erie Shiner (Thunder Creek Style)
tied by: letumgo

Gaeron's Wasp
tied by: gregfred

Hanford Caddis
tied by: Old Hat

Black & Olive Hairwing
tied by: OLB

Baetis nymph
tied by: flydoc

Olive Humpy
tied by: Big E

baby bass
tied by: pikeie

Lt. olive nymph
tied by: flydoc

Hemingway Caddis
tied by: Bugsy

SRS-Sonic Leech-Gold Leech
tied by: octopusshrimp

Beatis Nymph
tied by: WetMaster

tied by: FrenchCreek

Peacock and Partridge
tied by: boynabubble

Hydro Fatty
tied by: mcrouse44

Another Green highlander / Blindeye
tied by: Sgart

tied by: lightkeeper07

The green tube
tied by: Mixon

N2 Sculpin - Olive
tied by: Pujic

tied by: Raul Canseco

Twisted Damsel
tied by: cheech

Copper Blonde
tied by: martice

Chenille Dragon
tied by: navigator36

Montana Wulff
tied by: Crotalus
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