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The Ray Bergman Collection - 24) Bisset

UV Pink Bug- by Lucian Vasies

Ghetto Tramp- by Nick Granato

Realistic Caddis dry fly- By Timo Kontio

Davie McPhail ties a Mahongany Mayfly Nymph

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Fly Patterns with tag olive

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Polar Fry
tied by: btrout

Emeg. Pheasant
tied by: Second

Olive May Muddler
tied by: Jon Boy

tied by: jocapesca

KODY's green baetis nymph
tied by: konstantin

Olive Mayfly Hair Soft Hackle
tied by: letumgo

Lady Caroline
tied by: Mice

Tube's scud
tied by: uncletube

PK's Ephemerella Nymph
tied by: troutdogg

CDC Loop Wing Emerger (Shane Stalcup)
tied by: sean darby

Lady Caroline variant
tied by: Redwings1

little yellow sally
tied by: Joe Hard

Yellow mayfly split wings
tied by: flydoc

Deep Diawl Bach Olive
tied by: Classic tier

Hairball Nymph
tied by: nen-bran

silorbrown sewin
tied by: fish

Caddis larvae
tied by: flydoc

Little Olive Mayfly Nymph
tied by: carlp5351

tied by: sniksoh

Green & Grey
tied by: tompa

CDC Mayfly
tied by: Meraz

Soft Hackle Maggot
tied by: letumgo

Thunder Creek Minnow
tied by: flyguy5910

Wynoochee Dark Spey
tied by: Steelheader69

Articulated Sculpin
tied by: SBeane

Greenwell's Flymph
tied by: Soft-hackle

tied by: CharlieD

The Escapee
tied by: WetMaster

Turkey Biot BWO
tied by: flygirl

Bonker Zonker Perch
tied by: lfdmedic421

Striptease Midge Pupa
tied by: WindyHillFlys

Jim Warner Special
tied by: joelst
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