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Ray Bergman Collection - 185) June Spinner

Show us Your Bench #15

The Ray Bergman Collection - 119) General Hooker

Synthetic Quill Nymph- by Richard Strolis

Pheasant Tail Euro Nymph

Ray Bergman Collection - 137) Gray Marlow

Fly Patterns with tag olive

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Brown Olive Caddis Nymph
tied by: Mice

Hair Brain
tied by: FrenchCreek

Pea Butt 2
tied by: mcrouse44

Claret and Olive Flymph
tied by: Old Hat

Pale Olive Scud
tied by: john adams

Olive Rojo
tied by: OSD

Tiny Terror
tied by: navigator36

Kody's caddis
tied by: konstantin

Thunder Creek Series
tied by: letumgo

Dubbing Brush Czech
tied by: Chad Trout

Rusty Banana
tied by: purolohi kalastaja

Big Head Minnow
tied by: BigDaddyHub

B. B. King
tied by: Ronn Lucas

Stony's Egg Sucking Bugger
tied by: stony

Polychenille Vulgata
tied by: dryfly purist

A 'BITS OF YELLOW AND GREY AND OLIVE" on a n 8 wet fly hook
tied by: geraldsherbrook

The Golden Mullet
tied by: CaptMark

tied by: purolohi kalastaja

Lt. olive nymph
tied by: flydoc

Mayfly nymph
tied by: flydoc

tied by: jocapesca

Scud (Amphipoda)
tied by: mihostanev

Moosehead Smelt - Summer
tied by: joelst

Woolly Bugger
tied by: RGLM

Tube's scud
tied by: uncletube

Big Sedge Pupa
tied by: Mice

Clouser Darter
tied by: Cyprinid Carpio

SRS Steelhead Mini Olive
tied by: octopusshrimp

Mad Hater Flat Wing
tied by: martice

little yellow sally
tied by: Joe Hard

Cricket Magic
tied by: Carlos Marti

Beatis Nymph
tied by: WetMaster
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