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Fly Patterns with tag sili legs


EP Shrimp
tied by: siestafred

Hybrid Crayfish
tied by: flytiehunt

the work horse
tied by: mudboots

Carp Rabbit
tied by: Ottie

Mini 'Dad
tied by: mudboots

Skirted Frog Popper
tied by: BigDaddyHub

foam hopper
tied by: bowlover

Amy's Ant
tied by: crowbuster

Circus Peanut
tied by: hexfli

Walking Crayfish
tied by: P. G. Beckett

ephemera danica
tied by: Kraut

Fish Foolin' Frog Popper
tied by: smokinprice

Stealth Critter
tied by: Chalk

The Big Ugly
tied by: mudboots

Tadpole v.
tied by: john adams

Foam Hopper
tied by: Bulldog5485

Hemp Heaven
tied by: The Reaper

Creepy Carper
tied by: hexfli

Platte River Apprentice
tied by: Chad Trout

CDC Nymph
tied by: siestafred

Sili Popper
tied by: bluegill576

Da Mud Bug
tied by: Chalk

The Big Ugly
tied by: mudboots

Sloppy Seconds
tied by: mcrouse44

Pike-Perch Jig
tied by: john adams

Jay "Fishy" Fullum's Hopper
tied by: Bulldog5485

Crayfish Jig.
tied by: john adams

Egg Sucking Crayfish AKA: The Cradle Robber
tied by: Frank G. Swarner III

Bunny Shrimp
tied by: spider4

CQ Little Brown Trout
tied by: Chad Trout
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