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Feather Brain
tied by: striblue

Easy Egg fly
tied by: OSD

tied by: OSD

foam and chenille bumble
tied by: jonnyrotten

Todd's Wiggle Minnow
tied by: wiggleminnow

Davy Wotton Shad
tied by: flytiehunt

Pine River Stone Fly
tied by: BoSmith

Spring's Wiggler
tied by: OSD

Foam Beetle
tied by: Shoe

General purpose mayfly nymph
tied by: OSD

Super Herring
tied by: Sean Juan

Black Stone
tied by: dfield

tied by: wickedcarpenter

Shoe's Wiggler
tied by: Shoe

Rusher's steelhead fly
tied by: OSD

Crab Apple
tied by: striblue

Red Butt Ant
tied by: jonnyrotten

Mc Daddy
tied by: dfield

Dremel Popper
tied by: CoachBob
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The Source: Tasmania
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