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Fly Patterns with tag worm

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Burks V worm
tied by: J Desjardins

Yarn Worm
tied by: J Desjardins

worm fly
tied by: pikeie

San Juan Worm dressed for supper
tied by: Davy

Day 5 ratteling skirtted worm
tied by: day5

Bow Juan Worm
tied by: trout traveler

popsicle bunny worm
tied by: day5

blood worm
tied by: day5

Wooly Worm
tied by:

polar worm
tied by: day5

Bugly Worm
tied by: letumgo

Liquid Lace San Juan Worm
tied by: jdavis

Floating Inch Worm
tied by: alsickles

Blood worm
tied by: marius.girju

chartreuse tipped worm
tied by: sniksoh

Wormly Worm
tied by: bluequillangler

Unimil Latex Worm
tied by: Janusz Panicz

Bristle Worm
tied by: striblue

Smith River Allie Worm
tied by: Fishigan

Green caddis worm
tied by: jbenenson

Tiny Worm
tied by: fishinwrench

San Juan Worm
tied by: JarrodRuggles

Simple Shad
tied by: cornmuse

san juan worm
tied by: headcook

Liquid Lace Blood Worm
tied by: Fry Flier

DSV's Jig Worm
tied by: dsaavedra

A Worm called Tiffany
tied by: JSzymczyk

tied by: RexHunt

foam tail super worm
tied by: sniksoh

San Juan Worm (v)
tied by: siestafred

Wooly Worm Stub
tied by: tbhflytyer415

Vladi Worm
tied by: FishyboY
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