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Fly Patterns with tag zonker

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Attractor Back Nymph
tied by: Frank G. Swarner III

Pike Streamer PL. 3
tied by: Artur

Triple Threat
tied by: dsaavedra

Fire Tiger Deer Hair Diver
tied by: tpolinger

Simple Bunny Spey
tied by: flyguy5910

String Leech
tied by: Steelheader69

Muskrat Zonker PL. 4
tied by: Artur

Bunny Nymph
tied by: deeky

Geezus Lizard
tied by: hampe998

Zonker Variation
tied by: Old Hat

Gregor's black sculpin
tied by: Gregor

Zonker Black & Claret
tied by: john adams

white zonker
tied by: ted

OYR Popper
tied by: horseshoe

the sun king
tied by: jordn_raid64

tied by: Jimmy Aw

Light Brown Rabbit Zonker Pl. 1
tied by: Artur

Letumgo Diver (Ray's Pala Tube Fly)
tied by: letumgo

Zonker Green
tied by: orviscab

Blazing Saddles
tied by: Pujic

Zonker (V.)
tied by: FishyboY

foam headed sculpin
tied by: J.Z

Bunny Zonker Fly
tied by: jobina

tied by: StY|EsoX

Juvie Water Snake
tied by: BigDaddyHub

Simplicity Minnow (Tube)
tied by: letumgo

Lake Erie Goby
tied by: Blackriverbowyer

OLB's Leech
tied by: OLB

Crowbuster's Crawdad
tied by: crowbuster

charles burton
tied by: dfield

Bunny tailed clouser minnow
tied by: skier25me

Beany Wriggler
tied by: Jimmy Aw
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