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Fly Patterns with tag zonker

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Andy's Candy
tied by: agn54

Rattling Crease Fly
tied by: JJD

Hubbard's Rabbit and Bucktail
tied by: BigDaddyHub

Stocked Rainbow
tied by: OLB

The Call
tied by: day5

Simple Sculpin
tied by: flyguy5910

Goby/Deep sculpin
tied by: day5

Skip's Stupid Sculpin
tied by: OLB

tied by: day5

tied by: jschmidt63

Black Sampson
tied by: deeky

grey strip leeche
tied by: duckydoty

tied by: day5

TW snake
tied by: fhani

The Jar-Jar Binks
tied by: Cyprinid Carpio

Racoon Fly #1
tied by: Swe-Classics

Wabbit Intruder
tied by: steeliecore

Black Rabbit Zonker
tied by: john adams

bead head leech
tied by: Blackriverbowyer

Bluegill Zonker
tied by: luvinbluegills

Capt. Bob LaMay's Swamp Rabbit
tied by: Panama Red

Carp Rabbit
tied by: Ottie

Foma head minnow
tied by: Patrick3885

Rainy Day Rattler - Tube Flies
tied by: letumgo

Mall Rat
tied by: djgunter

Claret Rabbit Zonker
tied by: letumgo

Barr's Slumpbuster bicolor Black/Crayfish Orange
tied by: lightkeeper07

smally grubber
tied by: kderrick

Piker Bill
tied by: Gontar

Sunny Bunny Zonker
tied by: letumgo

Wooly Buster - olive
tied by: lightkeeper07

Micro Egg and Flesh
tied by: bstacy1974
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