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Is it a better time now to host a swap?
LOL  There's a Styx River in Alabama and Ohio, too !!!  Who knew?   Of course, Vic got my reference to the Original Styx.
Tenkara is just for little fish...
Okay ... this is where I get confused about the style of fishing.  A large "tenkara" rod IS a "cane" pole.     Maybe it was before they invented graphite. But if they use the long r
Any snake ID out there?
thanks Fisherboy and Mikechell-   I'm a lifelong amateur herpetologist and have caught, photographed, and yes even killed and eaten a few venemous snakes, and tanned skins, bonded to leather
Eye protection whe using uv cure resin lamps?
I'm not "forcing" you to wear anything ... nor do I think it should be made into law.  I don't agree with seat belt laws, either.       I think people should be able to make thei
Ninth Annual Casting for Recovery Project
Here is a copy of the email I received today from the Alabama Retreat coordinator:   Hi Bob,   I want to personally thank you and the members of the Fly Tying Forum for the lovely flies and
Damon hunts catfish, only catches bluegill
This was my dad's t-shirt. I went to the University of Alabama. Mom and dad went to Alabama State University for their masters. I only started wearing it after he died. It was near new when I go it a
tis the season....
Yep, my grandpa's debit card had 300$ in some random place in Alabama, it'll happen!
Vote Now for Southern Hall of Fame Trout Anglers
  I actually have seen them in concert numerous times back in the 80's when they opened for Alabama, and I'll be damned if I know which one is Joel
I've been fortunate
Well I don't know if "fortunate to live in" and "South Alabama" should ever exist in the same sentence... I lived in the REAL south Alabama (Houston County, outside Dothan) for four years and I can sa
Accardo Bluegill Special Poppers
As the others said, a little bream bug is easy to make from foam, can be done from small tapered cork bottle stoppers, balsa and the pre-formed hard foam bodies from WAPSI - to name a few optio
"If you cannot afford a lawyer one will be appointed to you"
Doing a bit of research, it seems that you must either have legal counsel or waive it in order for the courts to enforce any sentence in which you are deprived of life or liberty.   The bit about
question 1. bluegill flies
I fish for a lot of bluegill in Northern Alabama.  My favorite is a "Plan B" for big bream.  A "plan B" is pretty much a wooly bugger with Iegs and bead chain eyes.  I also have a lot o
Gulf Coast Florida, Destin Area Help
One of the great features of Florida is, there is wade-able water almost all the way around the Coast, from the Alabama border to the Georgia border.  2,276 miles of tidal shoreline, the majority
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dropper on a separate tag   but that doesnt mean its the BEST method for YOU to use   or   Geezo peezo !!!  Gang connecting Alabama rigs ... casting and retrieving that mess a
Fly reel question
Read just about every post and all have valid points of view.  I'm one of those salty types who didn't pick up a  fly rod until long after I'd learned to use every other kind of gear (with a
Biscayne nights -Everglades days, 4 May
Been quite a while since I posted  a fishing report... here's the fly fishing portion of my latest.... I'm still alternating between the 'Glades out of Flamingo during day trips and the urban are
Any advice about NW georgia
Thanks for all the comments n advice.... To to recent changes in family schedule we chose Cosby tn to rent a cabin. Close to gatlinburg... But right next to the smokey man national Forrest. Will try
any opinions of Aleka rods / reels?
I purchased an A3 combo. Since I live in Kansas, I have only had it out twice. I fished a farm pond in Alabama and surf fished with it in Panama City, Florida. I like it very much! Bear in mind I have
Wow! The sonic boom fly!
There is nothing new in the fly tying world.   There is a pattern called the "Coyote" which has been around forever with a small spinner blade attached exactly the same.   I've cau
A couple of monday night ties...
I live in south Alabama and its still waaaay to cold to bream pass the time with more tying.  At this point, I`m not sure if I enjoy tying or fishing more...Anyone else have this
Greetings all!
Greetings all...I have lurked here for a couple of years, looking at flies and trying to expand my knowledge of fly tying.  I have tied for about three years now and am completely addicted to it.
If you want to tie at a fly tying event, check here.......
We have people from Wisconsin, Illinois, Texas (my home), Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Arkansas (of course), Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, and others I can't remember at the moment, and th
Stream side vise
Here are some ideas:
Alabama rig
The New York Times ran an outdoors column today announcing the international bass somethingorother had recently banned the Alabama Rig from competition events because it works too well. An Alabama rig
How did you get into fly fishing?
I have been fishing since I was about five years old. I started in the creeks that flow off the eastern slope of the Sierra Nevadas. About the time the picture below was taken, on Reverse Creek, June
Question: hook choice for streamers
for my crappie flies I use at least a size 6.   They have big mouths.  A couple of years ago I was fishing a prespawn group of nice crappies with #10 Clouser Deep Minnows and found that
Favorite streamer
A great streamer for me, one that was especially a killer in southern Alabama last summer on bass and panfish, is the stayner ducktail.
What's up from Slapout, AL.
  Well I've come to the conclusion that if I don't start reaching out for help I'll just continue to suck at what I love to do. I've been flicking fur, feathers, and foam for about three years no
Freshwater drum
Staying in Alabama this summer with a friend, we went down to the river yesterday( I don't even remember the name.) and did some fishing. I started with a rat l trap and almost immediately had a hit.
Carp crazy
Today I went down to a cousins ponds here in Alabama, I didn't bring the long rod because I wasn't sure how grown up it was around the ponds, I caught one bass on a top water plug, and lost a HAWG on
Lake George fishing Report.
Well my trip to Lake George is over, and I'm very sad as I absolutely love the Ocala Nat. Forest area I used to call home... During my trip I did A LOT of fly fishing, but not very much catching... :|
If it comes from Mike, you can be sure it's a little bit of both.  But truly, most Floridians consider the panhandle as "South Alabama".  Only freshwater up there comes from Ala and Ga. 
Noobie from FL
I spent my entire life in central Florida until a year ago, when I move to LA (lower Alabama). Great fishing in FL
Lake George Lineup
Thanks, going to do a lot of flyfishing, but gonna try for big bass with live shiners and my baitcasting gear too, when I leave on the 14th, I'm headed to alabama for the rest of the summer, never bee
Rock bass/Goggle eye fishing
XRay is right Mike--- I think you are catching Warmouth, but they are very similar.    In the armpit of SE Alabama I used to catch the occasional warmouth in the creeks there. 
traveling to new destinations
There are also Monrovias in Kansas, Alabama, Maryland and Indiana, but since Mike is in California, I suspect he's in the one that's there. 
Fly fishing or Blasphemy?
Ha Ha Ha "kissing your sister"   Do we really care what fishermen dressed like NASCAR drivers do?   most of them would disagree about the "kissing your sister" comment.....    
What's a good Smallmouth line?
Yes I do,  perhaps I'm just not as picky but I don't notice them to be any more "tangly" than any other line I've ever used.   I've used them through 4 summers in south Alabama as well,
Bluegill Swap - Due Date Feb 15
I received flies today from Derek but no toe tags. I'm not sure if these are for this swap or the Swap Club flies that were due on Dec 31. Whoever sent the flies from Alabama needs to get in tough wit
Gator Fleas
Gator Fleas (Hellgramites)   Gator Fleas as they are often called in Florida, South Georgia and South Alabama are the larval form (Nymph) of the Dobson Fly. Better known elswere as the Hellgramit
There are squirrel tails and then there are squirrel tails.
The black one on the left is not unusual in SW Georgia.  I never see really red Fox Squirrels anymore.  We had some in central Alabama when I was a kid. (60 years ago)   My favorite unc
Where have you fished and Where is on your bucket list?
Missouri (home) Kansas Arkansas Oklahoma Texas Florida Alabama Mexico   Bucket list would be Alaska and Canada.
Team Colors (NFL)
 It always mystifies me when someone refers to "MY" team or "WE" won or lost.... People who play on a team, used to play on a team, own stock in the team, yeah I get that.    All nice f
hello from southeast Georgia
hi and  greetings from another savannahin. as you see in  my  screen name i to am a  fanatic about catchin bluegill and redear.  escipally with a 3 wgt and my ulrta light rigs
Rude Fly Shop
the store is rivers n glen trading co here in augusta ga the only fly shop here in this god forsaken town and its a shame that the douches who work there are such big douches   LOL   Wh
Bonito in Destin
Years ago, I tied up some of these turkey quill mylar minnows hoping to come across some ladyfish in the Gulf Shores, Alabama surf on our family vacation. Well, a friend of mine called when I was down
Destin Florida patterns
A ton of information on fly fishing the northeastern Gulf Coast can be located at the web sites of the International Federation of Fly Fisher (IFFF) Clubs located on the Gulf coast in western Florida,
removing underfur for dubbing.
Yes, I too have tried to remove that pesky underfur so I can spin some deer hair flies.  I have found that if you know any deer hunters, or hunt yourself, try to get the hide from an early season
Most versitile material?
Like Kudu said, Marabou.....and pheasant tail....and I tie a lot of panfish. bass flies because there just isn't that much trout fishing in North that...there is one place wher
Rotary Vise, Best Recommendation For First Rotary Vise
Well lots of guys on here use the Peak and you would have to play with one yourself to be sure but doubt you'd regret one. A question for you on Peak vises, should I go ahead and buy the 'upgrades' th
Beginner flies for down south?
This is my first post.  I received my fly tying kit and played with it a little but have not tied my first fly yet.  I finally figured out how to correctly whip finish so I feel like I am no
Clear Cure Goo?
These UV resin shouldn't be that expensive     This I completely agree with.   If you do some research on the UV cured acrylics industry, you find these goos and goops and slops ar
Taking a big step in life.
I would not trade Cali for Alabama, but if I had no other choice well then I guess I'd move to Florida
Marabou Leech patterns
I just got a dubbing brush device. One of my first projects is going to be an experimental maribou leech. The brush used will have a mix of black, red/brown, and purple maribou strands with appropriat
ADVICE : Hiwassee River and surrounding
ADVICE : Hiwassee River, TN and surrounding Any info on suggested PDF files, maps, books, atlases, forest road accesses? I dont necessarily want your honey hole, just a way to find my own. In accorda
FTF Video: - Kirk Dietrich - Redfish on Top
Thanks,I really enjoyed the video, so much I watched it 2 times . Really nice boat, a little overkill for here in central Alabama , of coarse we just have bass, bream and crappie, but I'm thankful
RBF: Help for a complete noob!
Hey everyone, I am a complete beginner to rod building. I am looking to build a crank bait style rod for using from shore and hopefully from a boat in the not so distant future. I am moving to North
Kayaks & Flyfishing
[quote name='shoebop' timestamp='1334068527' post='502170'] Everyone's advice has been extremely helpful. It seems that a kayak (in whatever form) is the better option for
Suggestion on Fly lines?
Hello all. For a little back ground I fish for mostly bass (sometimes saltwaters such as redfish and speckled trout) from cold winters to hot summers for bass on my 8 wt here in Alabama. My cortland f
February 2012: Flies from the Vise
[quote name='nightheron' timestamp='1329489341' post='494877'] Articulating Tandem Baitfish Pattern [attachment=33832:photo2.JPG][attachment=33833:photo3.JPG][attachment=33831:
alabama fishin
alright, so im headed down to alabama for the holidays, and i will be able to fish a small pond. i was wondering whether these bass would be hitting an average streamer or am i going to have to use
Central Florida Hatches?
in the Panhandle, north of Panama City and south of the state line, there are lakes with enormous Hexagenia hatches in late May through early June. The bluegills get as selective as any trout anywher
Learning the hard way
Cream, looks good to me! Stippled, you could make a dozen of those, 6 ea. LSU and Alabama and put them up for auction and probably make enough to retire! or at least go on a nice vacation. K
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