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Didn't catch nuthin'...
Low water flows are making fishing tough in Colorado this year. If the flows were higher you could have hit some smaller creeks and caught brookies on dries all day, but with the current flows, as soo
California boy
Just joined up. I'm a professional folk musician. I tie my own flies, I fish both spin and fly in the salt and rivers. We catch stripers and surf perch locally, and I travel to Alaska for coho in the
Casting with tippet rings/swivels
  Are the rings any kind of improvement for this set up?   No.     for years, decades,  I used loop-to-loop connection for my tippet to the leader.   I stil
Chile Bound... advice needed!
I would think the same flies that are used in Alaska for the Pacific Salmon would work for the same species in Chile.  These are simple Bucktails.  White bellies, and Red or Orange on top.&#
Polarized Eye Glasses - need help in buying a new pair
light amber/brown polarized worked the best for me in Alaska (grey ash and clear waters). brands, tried a few, nothing over 75 bucks.yes the more expensive seemed better till you loose or scratch them
Brrrrr...! How low can you go?
Bunch of Sissy’s I grew up where it would hit -30/-40 zero every year.. not counting the wind. It usually ranked in the top 10 most clodest places in the United States. And where was this? Cali
Giving Feather Emporium a second chance?
Anyone ever had a Ptarmigan skin? My research indicates the Colorado version doesn't have a wide range compared to other North American species, two found in Alaska and/or Canada. Legal to hunt in C
Stocker trout
Back to the beginning here, but I have seen hatchery fish with obvious genetic malformations from using the same strain of fish for many years. In Oregon we had a lake where they stocked landlocked At
December flies from the Vise
glad your fingers didnt freeze up being in alaska.  i have some new stuff to show you when you venture to illinois .  rich mc
Itís been a few years
Hello everyone. Its been a few years since Ive been on here. Harley Hunter got ahold of me yesterday, so I figured Id get on here and see whats happening. Ive been pretty busy for the last 10 years w
salt question
thank ya kindly gents, I do have a big bazooka rod carrier thing, super overkill for one fly rod, I could get 5-7 rods in it, used it for an Alaska trip for myself and 3 others. there are plenty
Eating Pink salmon
Grew up in Alaska.  They should be OK as long as they are not turning  color.   Rick
U.P. Trip Report (photo heavy)
Great trip, great narration, great photos!   I lived in Marquette for five years and loved it! Have fished and hunted much of the UP too.  In short, God's Country.  Not much is written
howdy all
Just a fish pic I wanted to share of a 47lb king on my 9 weight back a few years ago. ) caught char, grayling, rainbows, dollys, pike and 2 hangovers on that trip,  also 11 mosquito bites in
Reels, reels, reels...
First is a 3.5" Bougle, like new, never lined, made in England, round blue case, no box. $375 shipped and insured in CONUS and paypal is great. SOLD     Next is a combo of reel and extra spo
Hello from The Kenai Peninsula, AK
Howdy,   I've been fly fishing for about 15 yrs, but mainly bead fishing for trout and some streamers for silvers in Alaska.  Some casting in various other places too.  This year, I bou
What is your favorite fly pattern?
Streamer / bucktails  "when big fish stop eating little fish" - Alaska Mary Ann  small and sparse for streams. Ghost / smelt patterns for trolling in the canoe.
Remebering George Croonenbergs
Not really too much off topic, so here's another story about a different person that had a part in that movie, that died back in late 2010. He was the guy that played the elder Norman Maclean at the v
I heard Cicadas are good if dipped in chocolate but I would still know it is there. In Alaska, they dip Moose droppings in chocolate and sell them in bags at many  stores see pic). They are calle
Carpet Beetles... Enemy to Tiers.
I lost about 2 dozen flies and more feathers (suspect moths). They hit my feathers on a non-tying winter when I lived in Alaska in the 70s and it was a disaster. Ever since then I have been very
fly line backing alternative
I usually put a hundred yards of backing on my spools, because that's how it comes and only to fill the spool- Show me a North American fresh water scenario where a fly fisherman has a reasonable chan
Odd ball fly line?
...maybe that is why it was donated.  There doesn't really seem to be any real use for a DT line, which is why they are disappearing.  The old argument was, when one end began to wear out, y
Preparing Showshoe Rabbit Feet
I'd clean them just like any other fresh materials I do.  X2 on getting as much meat off them as you can.  I use a Maxwell plastic coffee pail and put them in with borax and dawn dish soap -
March Flies From The Vise
Alaska Mary Ann "Bucktail" ("bucktail" is what its called in the books)     Tail: Red hackle fibers Body: Ivory or light tan silk floss Rib: Medium flat silver tinsel (optional) Wing: White
What Is A "Professional" Fly Tier
Good Lord, tneal...  That comes to at least 25 flies every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (no breaks).  Doing that for 30 years? Hell... I'm 76 years old and I've tied frequen
Couple of Trout !
Beauties!    There's a fellow on another site I frequent, who lives in Alaska & he ties & fishes a lot of the old style patterns. He's an older guy too, grew up fishing those old sty
9' 10wt IM8 Alaskan Salmon Rod
Back in the shop kicking out rods again now that the turkey is gone. Just off the bench this morning is this 10wt IM8 rod for a salmon angler in Alaska. Lemke seat with green swirl acrylic insert, dou
Bear Fur ??????
Both polar and black bear (cinnamon phase) make very good wings for bonefish flies (leave underfur intact when tying in wing - this gives the wing much more volume at the front end...). Black bear in
Hello from Montana
I am 78 years old and have been a fly fisher for about 60 years. I like to swing  flies for trout and steelhead. I fish in Montana, Alaska and New Zealand. My wife and two Grandsons fish with me.
Learning the salt and the keys
Ok, so you are going to have to do some research. Good news is we don't have drastic tides like you will find in Alaska. Don't ever ever ever go fishing when it's lobster mini season, you will regret
What size lead dumbell eyes
I am going to be tying up some krill flies for salmon in Alaska. I am going to tie then on a 1/0 short shank hook and am wondering what size i should use. Any thoughts?
September flies from the vise
Wide Receiver     hook = streamer thread = neon green tail = orange buck tail body = silver tinsel throat = white buck tail under wing = pearl or silver krystal flash over wing = red buck t
Pegging Beads... Fishing or snagging?
Don't know squat about salmon fishing but watched it being done in Alaska where the "anglers" were lined up darn near shoulder to shoulder dragging their 'flies" across the river. One local said the s
New to fishing. Glo bug hook size recommendation for kings.
Personally if you are going to AK, I would not scrimp on the hook.  I like the Daiichi X510 or the Gamakatsu C14S.  Both are straight-eye which is better because up there you are more often
Vise advice needed
Well if your going to Alaska, then your bank is already broken
Catch & Release Mount
That's a good looking repro.    I saw a grayling as the background of your website.   I've often wanted to get a grayling repro made of an 18" I caught when I lived in interio
Soft Hackle Flies
Years ago I made annual trips out west,,, live in New England.   Read all the books and tied up the popular Western patterns.   In northern New Mexico I found a nice large pool with good vis
I've been fortunate
Well I don't know if "fortunate to live in" and "South Alabama" should ever exist in the same sentence... I lived in the REAL south Alabama (Houston County, outside Dothan) for four years and I can sa
PNW Help!
Just having some fun Flats. There are a lot of guys in the PNW and Alaska (among many other places) that like to fish beads on a fly rod. We poke fun at them that it isn't really fly fishing if you fi
01:20 am
Wife and I were in Alaska in '10 ... about this time of year ... for two weeks.  We couldn't get used to the constant daylight.   Even after we came home, we were screwed up for another coup
Help identifying feathers and equipment
I in no way have any issues with someone who wants to make money. That's what I do, I try to make as much money as I can. I have a house, kids and a retirement to fund. Alaska must be very populated w
Lets put a face to the name.
[attachment=56936:_DSC0206.jpg] This is me working as a fisheries observer on commercial boats in Alaska.
9ft 8wt "Alaska Package"
This is one of our "Alaska Package" that we offer, for a customer headed to Alaska soon. We call it that because it is suited for trips to Alaska being a 9ft 8wt 4pc (travels on float planes easy) ha
Bucket List Fly Fishing Destinations...
You an east-of-the-Mississippi US native, I've heard stories about the fishing "out west" all my life, "out west" being anything from the easter foothills of the rockies up to Alaska.  
Is it wrong?
Nope, nothing wrong with that. Spent two weeks in Alaska a few years ago.  Wife and I went ... probably the only time we'll ever go there.  Never even thought about fishing while I was there
Arctic Fox Pelt
The one I am looking at is selling for $80, and was bought two years ago from a distributor in Alaska. Down here in Oklahoma, USA we don't have many people trapping much other than bobcat and beaver,
Snowshoe Hare's Feet?
wish I would have kept all the ones I had in Maine and Alaska.   I wish a lot of things..... lol
Greetings from Alaska
Hello There!   Greetings from the shores of Lake Clark, AK.  There are, well, a few fish around here....   I've been fishing a long time, but have been fly tying a little less than a ye
Shed hunting??
I rarely watch "reality" TV shows, and never actually change a channel to find one ... but I do see one once in a while, usually while sitting in a hotel restaurant for dinner. Anyway ... I saw 10 min
Was given a ton of old fly tying thread... any worth using?
I used a lot of NYMO A for steelhead flies (and still do).  It is great for Alaska stuff as well.
Kreelex fly
Holo Kreelexhook - TMC 5262 #4thread - Uni-Stretch fuschiatail/belly - Flashabou holographic fuschiawing - Flashabou holographic purpleeyes - dumbell large silverThese worked great for pink salmon las
"Above Illiamna" - Alaska Sockeye Salmon Video
No offense here, Add ... everyone has their own beliefs, and everyone should be willing to let everyone else have theirs, too.  That one tenet would've canceled 95% of the combat in human histo
Polar Bear fur
I was able to find a source years and years ago (we used trimmings off of old moth eaten rugs...).   Although they were legally obtained I made a point of never using any commercially...  Po
bench or field whats more important?
Well UTYER...  There is someone here that is almost as old as I am and we have a little in common. I have my 75th birthday coming next month. Been fishing since a little boy and introduced t
ready for some ice fishing?
Haha, I was just thinking about digging my traps out and getting them cleaned up and ready to go. I'd hate to be on that lake though, I like quiet lakes with the only other people out fishing a half m
Puget Bug SBS
Typo ... I do not have any moose mane.  I've seen moose, in Wyoming and Alaska, but I wasn't close enough to pet them. So, I've never seen mane hair up close.
Biggest bear in the Ocala Nat Forest
Up here in Alaska folks love black bear meat!  Make the same cuts you would with any other big game animal just make sure you cook it through like pork.  My family likes it as well as or bet
Winged Nymphs
I see bony Grayling is your favorite fish. It was when I lived in Alaska but after retirement and moving to Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains I changed it to what I like to pursue the most. Tiny native
Ancient fishing in Alaska
Ancient cooked salmon bones point to fishing by early humans in Alaska.  
Loss of Marine fishes - why am I not surprised?
I saw a Discovery Channel show a couple years ago that was basically stating in the next 20-30 years the ocean would be mostly void of fish...hard to believe. I'm 56 and my kids might see some of it b
Has anyone ever rented an RV?
We (wife and I, with kids) did that a couple of times. All said, our rentals were a happily remembered experience. Matter of fact, I highly recommend renting one as opposed to buying one because when
Posting a picture from a phone?
Thanks anyway ....we to see if this G'zOne One Commando phone is as tough as they say it is....if you don't see any activity from me for a while then we will all know that the wall is to
Landed my first Fly Fishing Guide job
Thanks all, I'm crazy excited. It's all about being outside every day for me Mike. I actually really enjoy helping others catch fish. Honestly probably as much as catching fish my self. Plus getting p
August flies from the vise
Karluk Flash Fly Change colors to suit your needs. hook - Mustad 34011 #2 thread - UTC 140 red underbody - non-tox .030 tail/wing - Flashabou silver body - silver braid underwing - bucktail red ha
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