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Tapering scissors.!/The-Anvil-USA-Fly-Tying-Scissor-model-90-T/p/54370285/category=13991404
For $150 you can get everything you need to get started and then some. My advice would be to spend most of your budget on two items: the vise and good fly tying scissors.     For t
Fly tying scissors reviews.
Ive been using Amvil Ice most of my 50 years of tying. Tried lots of others, I just keep back going back to them. My biggest issue with most scissors is the finger loops not big engough for my fat s
Bass Pro Shops tools or good starter tool kits
Might as well throw my two cents in. I pretty much agree with what everybody said except , You dont need a whip finisher.Ive been tieing all my life, Ive never used one and I wouldnt know how to use
Fly Tying Kits - Recommendations?
Cody,   My advice is to focus on just the flies you intend to fish with and buy materials just for those to start out then expand from there.  A kit is not the way to go in my opinion. 
Anvil Atlas Full Review
For the past year, I have been using the Anvil Atlas vice.  While overall its a great vice for the money, there are a few things I have found that bug me a bit.  I will go over all that I fo
Moving from beginner's vise to a rotary vise
I use the anvil atlas and have been happy with it, though I would like to you the Griffin mongoose cam vise.
Getting back into an old hobby
I've got a forge set up at my high school. I spent this year building it and an anvil stand and acquiring tools. I cannot wait for the next school year to put it to use.
Initial thoughts AA C clamp vise
Did you buy this vise and now are making your initial comments, Tom?   Anvil Atlas vise?  I don't remember anyone talking about the need to modify those for use.   I don't know about th
Best Buys for Vises
I know this is a subject open to interpretation and I'm thinking mostly of new vises.  Old Thompson As are outside the definitions for the sake of this argument; new As can be.   Vises now,
I think it is useful to give the wide audience of this type of forum a balanced view. Can you tie perfectly usable flies on a budget? Yes Does an expensive vice make you a better tier? No I brought
I Envy This Guy
Anvil has sold thinning scissors for fly tying for many years.   Model 90-T and 55-T   Very useful for synthetics.   Regards, FK
are jurassic vises catching on
The larger models seem to be very pricey for what you get. I use an Anvil Atlas that cost about $140; it handles everything from #6 to 5/0 with ease, and it would survive a nuclear attack. If the Jura
I'm slowly learning to tie left handed
Being a southpaw I commend you on your efforts. Years ago they always tried to change my left hand use to correct me and learn to do thing the right way. It was also my grandfather that took the
Best Fly Tying Vise for the Money Reviews 2017
The Odyssey can model would be nice so would mongoose with the cam jaws it is a bit more money though. I use an Anvil atlas and have been happy with it, I would probably go with the Montana mongoose i
Anvil #70 Left Hand Tying Scissors
Anyone have any Anvil model 70 scissors they want to part with? They are left hand and no longer made, and I am on my last pair. Going back to back to right hand scissors, any southpaws try the a
Need New Scissors
My primary scissors are Anvil. I do use scissors from Hobby Lobby that are used for cutting deer and elk hair. With a $15 budget take a look at the hobby and sewing stores. You may be able to fin
Tapering a paintbrush?
Usually the taper in natural materials comes from the taper if the individual hairs. Some hairs don't taper, these are generally not widely used in tying, e.g. human hair. Synthetic materials are a di
Fly tying buyer's remorse
  Bugsy, "TMC 400T swimming nymph hooks.  After probably 20 yrs, I still can't find a use for them..." ---We can trade for some polyolefin yarn, subs for many Zelon apps.. I have about a m
Need a new vise
Ya' know, I read this yesterday and I'm still trying to figure a commercial tier making any money on 50 flies a week. Someone had a link awhile back where guys wanted $20 and up for their flies. If yo
Vise upgrade
If the $150 is firm, the Anvil Atlas has been mentioned before as a good choice for the money. Don't own one or ever tied on one.
September flies from the vise
Bimini I do that as well it kind of annoying since it messes up the hair at the back of the fly a little,  I have an anvil atlas and it really does pretty well I think the style of jaws on the re
Bobbin Cradle Help Needed
I have one of these on an older vise and it works fine
This is always a spikey issue and most people can only recommend what they use as this is all they have experience of. If fly tying is something you are really into and see yourself doing for years to
Anvil Atlas Full Rotary Fly Tying Vise Review
Im no expert and this is my first full rotary vise.  I have played with a few other than this one, and I personally found this one to be the best for what I needed.  I am in no way coming do
Anvil Atlas Unboxing and Review.
Just got my Wolff Industries Anvil Atlas in the mail.  So I thought I would do an unboxing video.  Not a bad vice for $129.99.  I am quite happy with it.  Check out the video below
Anvil Apex - great customer service
I am reposting this from another non-vise related thread.   My first and only vise is an Anvil Apex that I've had for almost 20 years. It has been a very solid vise, holding hooks down to 28 and
Black crab/shrimp fly with underwater footage.
BTW, I am really needing a new vice.  I want a full rotary.  Right now I have a Dyna King "I think Squire".   Any recommendations for full rotary vices that can tie from size 26/28 midg
Newbie Question on which vise..................Help
Anvil/Wolff Indiana Apex $100 or less.
She always gag gift.... The candy, turd pillow, cards then she sneaks out the "loot" thinking I'm disappointed..... She used to get a small anvil wrapped in numerous boxes for Xmases in the past.
Differences between Renzetti Traveler 2000 and Traveler 2200???
Based off specification I don't recommend either one, since both offer tying from size 28 hooks to 4/0 and you want to go out to 6/0. You might take a look at something like a Griffin Mongoose is my s
rotary vise under $200 ? suggestions...
$131.00 Anvil Atlas (buy it now)
Vise and fly kits
No kit.  The vises are likely to be Indian vises and the components very limited....Orvis has got to make a profit (Huge profit) on the kits.  Get yourself a good inexpensive vise (Anvil Ape
Upgrading vise... recommendations?
With a limit of $60-$75, you're very limited in choices and likely won't get one any better than the one you have. Using modern materials and labor, it costs a good deal of money to make a good vise.
New vise question
Hi all,I am looking at getting a new vice and was looking for some info and guidance.I am looking at the Dyna king but I am a bit confused. I see it listed as the Trekker, the Barracuda Jr and the Bar
Tying Area
Joseph.  I'm guessing the vise/anvil at the lower right of the picture is for smashing the barbs down on your hooks ... right?
Curved blade scissors
If you are trimming deer hair the Solingen 4 1/2" curved scissors for $48 are the bomb. For about half that cost Anvil has 5" curved scissors that are pretty good. Of course if they have to be 4" th
Best Vice For $120
Ya know a person can do way worse than buy a rotating inline vise. I've used one for a couple decades now and while I dream and keep trying out vises and have used others, I can't really find the opti
Vise question
Utyer is right....  men used to drive to work in a horse drawn buggy, then a 1905 Ford flivver, then more modern cars... each one was an improvement.  Same with vises, BUT if money is a co
Need Advice on a new vise
I too bought a Wolff Atlas vise (formerly Anvil Atlas). it wasn't very smooth at first but a dozen flies later (and a call and chat with the guy who said he designed it) it's now smooth as buttah. gre
Mullet and Shrimp and Fiddlers, oh my!
Nice fiber crab especially!! Might even work on some sheepshead down here. I also use the anvil vise and love it!!
New Vise Recommendations
If you watch the Norvise videos, you'll want one.  I almost bought one a few years back, but acknowledged that I don't use the rotary function on my current vise enough to justify a Norvise. 
scissors for fly tying
Thanks!   Anvil USA has an interesting history. Too long for a post, but here's the link:   I've had excellent customer service fro
Got dr slicks, dropped em
Mike, I wish it could be mine to. Unfortunately I need prescription ones. Clip on sunglasses for my normal glasses are not good,; I have yet to find some that don't make my glasses fall off with the w
A Peak Vise Improvement
What really sucks is if you just start selling them on your own, a company with bucks and lawyers does patent it and runs you off the plantation.    I like the idea. I just put my Peak, Renz
Hackle pliers slippage, gd scissors?
Scissors:  I'd look at Anvil Mini/Midge in short or long reach over the Dr Slick Arrows.  They're sharper and stay sharp longer, probably due to better steel and a different tempering proces
Quality Starter Vise
Hi back Yellafella, Armidale NSW in the mountains to be exact but hey Go Qlders!!!!!! Used to live at Mango Hill North of briz vegas.....worked in moochy ( construction) Just for the record I purchase
Stupid "rotary" vise question...
You would be surprised at just how many people as this same (or very similar,) question.  There is one vise Review here.  These reviews are a few years old, but they do cover quite a few rot
best vise to buy
BCFlyFishers, please don't take all these posts to heart. Some subjects, like motorcycle oil on my MC boards, get tossed out so often by new members it does become a little over the top repetitive. In
trimming EP fiber
You can tie your synthetics as thick as you want, as long as you trim them accordingly. Thinning shears were a total disaster for me. I like the curved 5" anvil ultimates for synthetics, and I usually
Lost baggage = lost vices...... *PIC HEAVY
Well, i broke my streak, i had gone my 32 years without losing baggage while travelling... until now... and my three precious vices are gone too. A snow travel vice, Anvil apex, and a Nor-vise, plus a
New "Again" to Tying
I can recomend the Anvil Apex vice. I have one and have tied sz 22 dries, up to 7/0 musky flies on it.
Dyna King Trekker. Hook slipping.
I've used Kamasan #6, Mustad3366 size #6 Gamakatsu drop shot fine wire 1/0 almost looks like a size 6 and they all fit snug in the first groove without any problems at all upward or downward m
Anvil makes a good vise as well
Can jaws vs screw jaws
Personally I Think So. I have the Anvil Atlas , Danvise and the Barracuda Rotary all of which have cam type device for holding the hook. But then one of the best vises in the world uses the screw set
J Vice
Can you afford the price someone is selling their J vice for is a better question.  As someone with one, I would only part with mine if I lost both hands, went blind or wanted a newer model from
Dyna king barracuda vice any good ? And do they break ?
I have been using one for 15 or so years, never a problem. You do have to clean and very lightly lube the jaw assembly occasionally but other than that it has been solid as an anvil. I tie down to siz
Narrowed it down to two...
I can see a new vise in my future and I have it narrowed down to the Griffin Mongoose or the Anvil Atlas. Anyone tie on either of these? Got any pros or cons?  
MagnaVise Review
Thanx for the reviews. I am a returning tier and have been back into tying regular for about the last 2 years. I have been going thru a few vises the last few years trying to find everything I'm looki
October flies from the bench
STMflies, to each his own. I love your bug but am very disappointed in my Mongoose. I tie mostly small stuff and it's a big clunker IMO. I had an Atlas Anvil, got a Renzetti Traveler and decided I wan
Hello from AZ!
You might possibly want to check out the Wolff Ind Atlas and Anvil vises. Where in Az are you located?
new vice
I have a semi rotary anvil apex, and I love it! I recommend it to you!
Regal, Dyna King, HMH, Anvil Apex/atlas.
I'm not sure I need a true rotary vise. I never really use it besides when I use UV glue and turn the fly around. I looked at Anvil Apex a week ago and I had a hook in it, seemed okay. The rotation wa
PFD suspenders
I have considered these because I wade the river chasing smallies sometimes and the water is often swift enough to try to take me off my feet and wash me into the deeper places.  Since my swimmin
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