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Arctic Char

Show Us Your Tube Flies
Here in UK there has been a gentle move toward free swinging hooks with tubes. Especially when tube has soft furs like goat or arctic runner. Tangles disappear and fish seem to hook up just as well. I
October flesh from the vise
Here is my latest. Hen hackle tail and body, wing and flash, arctic wind head in two colors. [attachment=64290:A055CF47-119B-4E65-A343-A35A4AA40884.jpeg]
Substitution for a new, old fly pattern
I have been digging out many old fly patterns. Instead of tying these with the classic dressings, I am having a great time using other materials to either simulate the original or, make up a new patt
is tenkara catching on?
popcankara I read an article in a Canadian outdoor mag back in the 70's or 80's that showed Inuit women using the popcan method to catch Arctic c
Senyo's Laser Dub & Fly Tyers Dungeon?
I aked him once on an email. He replied that they would be coming out with Arctic Wind shortly.
howdy all
Just a fish pic I wanted to share of a 47lb king on my 9 weight back a few years ago. ) caught char, grayling, rainbows, dollys, pike and 2 hangovers on that trip,  also 11 mosquito bites in
Sparkle Clouser
Im definately with ya when it comes to the closers effectiveness, got alot of respect for the pattern for that reason. Truth be told I've barely fished anything back home this season but I'm planning
Arctic Goblin
This very large streamer tied on a 4/0 hook is made specifically for pike, but large bass would hit this as well.  This fly moves really nicely in the water, and has a lot of flash and bright col
Craft Wind Streamer for Bass/Pike
This has to be one of my favorite streamers for bass fishing.  It swims really well in the water with lots of movement.  There is lots of flash in the tail which attracts fish like pike who
The Baby Bow Streamer
Trout, bass, pike and any other predatory freshwater fish will eat other fish.  Small trout are on the meal list for common foods.  Even trout will eat trout fry.  This rainbow trout st
The Baby Bow Streamer
Trout, bass, pike and any other predatory freshwater fish will eat other fish.  Small trout are on the meal list for common foods.  Even trout will eat trout fry.  This rainbow trout st
Don't think its pony as the Icelandic pony is called arctic runner over here. Very fine and a very different hair from nayat.
Arctic Wind Glass Minnow
Arctic wind is a new material from Fly Tyers Dungeon that is really nice.  Its a dubbing, with longer fibers that allows you to tie larger flies like glass minnows.  There are a number of co
DIY Dubbing: Long Fibers?
The thing is that the head on second fly does not look like a brush to me. Looks like dubbing or arctic fox top and bottom, hence the flat sides. Maybe the OP can clarify.
Squishy Head Bluegill
Sorry. Did not mean to do a Capt. Obvious. I just wonder if the Arctic Wind sheds enough water to make the fly noticeably lighter than a similar all bull frog fly. I'm still using a lot of bull frog
Fat Head Minnow - Underwater Footage!
This material is awesome to work with.  Its a new blend of material made form Fly Tiers Dungeon called "Arctic Wind" and I love it.  Lots of flash, and very shiny.  Also the fibers are
Crazy Charlie with Underwater Footage
This fly is supposed to mimic a shrimp, however its a bit abstract.  Its more about forcing a strike based on the movement and instinct rather than just visual cues.  However this fly is one
New zonker strip cuts to attempt a dye job
Cut these white and black arctic fox cross cuts, and white rabbit cross cuts. I'm going to try and dye the tips of the white chartreuse but have to hit the dollar store to find the right aluminum pan
Feb flies from the vise
McFly, is that arctic wind dubbing?
4 new dye jobs
Got 4 new dyes from Anglers Workshop, and today being a crappy day out tryied them out.  Fl. Chartreuse - mallard and a piece of Silver fox Kingfisher Blue - mallard and a piece of arctic fox, sc
Need a material suggestion... help wanted!
Looks like craft fur to me, just curious why you don't like the arctic fox cost aside it's a great material, I just use craft fur because it's cheaper the fox will have more movement.
Bought another batch of furs
The first 3 pics were total of $40 plus $8 shipping.    I've gotten lots of rabbit and arctic fox from her
First batch of feathers this year
Haven't been able to hunt the last few years and a bunch of folks send me the feathers as they don't want them to go to waste.  Got the first batch this year. Lemon barred, barred wood duck and g
November Flies from the Vise
Yes arctic fox
Arctic fox vs regular fox
Maybe I'm just not paying attention, but I feel like all the non-arctic fox I see is natural colors.  Red, gray, silver, etc...  Not sure I have seen dyed colors in non-arctic fox.  Or,
What are the best clouser colors?
Pretty much anything as far as colors go.  Pick out your favorite streamer flies and adapt them to the Clouser style. Don't be limited to the classic materials for Clousers either; I have had lot
October flies from the vise
  Cream and Dan, Those are some beautiful flies! Kimo I second that! Dan, are those mostly craft fur?     Depends.The top left is arctic fox. The top right is marabou and craft f
What is a good bass fry pattern?
I have good luck with a small clouser like size 6 with bead chain eyes, olive over white, I like to use Arctic fox fit the white to give more movement.
September flies from the vise
Wide Receiver     hook = streamer thread = neon green tail = orange buck tail body = silver tinsel throat = white buck tail under wing = pearl or silver krystal flash over wing = red buck t
Definately gonna have some zonker strips!!
The lady I got my arctic fox from sent me some pics of dyed rabbit skins and I ordered a couple, she told me she was sending me some extra ? for being a good customer.  There was a mix up and I w
Hotspots.... Love to know and see some examples where you apply them
Mike I tie several flies very similar to the one shown by you. Two of my versions may be of interest. First, one where I use white arctic fox for the wing and ftd northern lights for the tail. The
Palmered Marabou
My first thought would be a dubbing loop, as flytire said.  A Magic Tool would probably help with that.  Me, personally, I'd just use Arctic Fox instead because it's a good option and less w
August Flies From the Vise
thanks guys. arctic fox body hair. typically used on steelhead basically moves like marabou, just alot more makes for a somewhat pricey fly tho.
Best Fibers?
I have some kinky type nylons for bait fish that are awesome for minnows,but double as wings on my midge patterns.Honestly hate fake hair so I use arctic fox instead....I love it
What is VAG?
Now appearing in the database is a fly called "Arctic VAG Caddis"  pattern 10528.  Wings made of something called "VAG filter" are really cool-looking.  Anyone know what VAG is and
Over it
Not tying but fishing on a fly out north of the arctic circle.  $700.00 USD in the pot to catch a lake trout, inconnu, whitefish.  Lake trout was easy, inconnu was supposed to be the toughes
01:20 am
Land of the midnight sun it is! That's as low as it gets now, planed to take a photo at midnight, but was up river & there was a Mountain in between! About 300klm North of the Arctic circle &
Game changer
            Beauty!   Is that 3 sections? and is that all yellow hen with green marker?     3 sections, and actually white hen hit with yellow mark
May Flies from the vise
Is that just a belly scratcher with a fish mask and flash tied on the back of the zonker? That is super sick. I might have to steal that flash ass idea.   Not really but sort of.  I have
One fly only?
Can't go wrong with buggers as Dave said, they cover a lot of situations & conditions. Clouser Minnows do also, and especially for Smallmouths.    You may want to try various materials t
Hatches Blog Post - Kris Keller’s 3 Pack Shaker – by Brian Wise
From a single hook to a Triple-Articulated beast….Kris Keller’s 3 Pack Shaker. This thing is a best, loads of movement, loads of kick–killer streamer!! ~Recipe~ Rear Hook – TMC
Arctic Fox Pelt
Anyone ever purchased or have an arctic fox pelt they use for tying? I have a chance to buy a full pelt from Alaska, but I just wanted to check to see if there was anything I should look for. I've alr
April Flies From The Bench
Bluegill Low Fat Minnow....slight variant    I used reversed arctic fox body over the chenille to give it a bit more bulk. Palmered the rear marabou for more movement vs two stacks. Added a
lead wire help
Custom 1/12th Oz bonefish jig I just tied with arctic fox. Ain't finding that in the store
March Flies From The Bench
Tied with the free road kill red fox tail this weekend. A buddy of mine found the dead animal on the side of the road a few weeks ago and snipped the tail for me. After salting it and cleaning it, thi
Muddler Minnow calf tail substitutions
bucktail and squirrel tail as already mentioned.   Couple of other options: Arctic fox moose caribou synthetic craft fur or something similar like Gliss n Glint or EP fibers
January flies from the vise
Picasse Spey. Original has bucktail in the wing, i used arctic fox for this.
Goat Rodeo
Here is a pattern designed by Rich Strolis. It is very heavily weighted to reach the bottom QUICK in deep pool heads....and it does its job well! Due to the purpose of this fly, it actually rides inve
Chocklett's Body Tubing
I plan on tying some  articulated Krakkens, which are usually tied with palmered zonker strips. They catch well for me, bu they aren't fun to cast. I hope that the tube allows me to use marabou a
horse hair for tails?
I use icelandic horsehair for wings and streamer tails. very fine stuff and popular in iceland for creating char patterns.
Polar Bear fur
Yet another 'forbidden fruit' material.  Interesting stuff, but hardly magical.  Personally I have no use for a material I cannot find readily in the colors I want.  Arctic fox is a per
Trout on tubes
The cascade is a fly tied with a tail 2x body length, bucktail or stiffer fur guard hairs. Flash if wanted. Rib of wire over body of holo tinsel. Wing tied in at head of fly that extends just into the
Does the intruder need elk hair at front collar?
Piker, I have done a bit of reading in regards to the inteuder and how it was tied by Ed Ward. Yeah the elk collar helps support the softer arctic fox. I use Polar Bear dubbing. It is pretty coarse
Help-How to get marabou to "flare" better?
You can use a spreader of mylar tubing like on the featherbrain fly, there used with hackles but the same principle. I also agree with heavynets, palmering the marabou rather than tying on clumps help
Safety Pin Swap
Looked at the pictures and those are some awesome looking flies.  Is there any chance of some recipes getting posted?     Which patterns are you interested in?  You may get bet
October Flies from the Bench
Hey Cream...that is a cool looking bug. Obviously the hair work looks immaculate. But that tail is also seems to explode out the back of the bug. The tail also looks light, and like it mi
what is that 1 fly tying material.....
Marabou.  I would rather use rabbit hair than marabou.  Clip it and tie it in as a tail, or spin it in a split thread as a body.  Or both. IMGP3200.JPG   Kirk B.   When I
September flies from the bench
Hey Dan, very nice double articulated streamers. Any chance of get a materials list. I'd love to try it. Thanks, Miles   Thank you. Apparently "Foxy Lady" is already a fly pattern so this one
Summer update from Savannah and Newfoundland
It's been a while since I've fished and even longer since I've posted. Until this past June it's been a good year and a half since I'd been fishing. The reason? I bought a house, renovated the house,
July flies from the vise
Those looks really good dude. What is the recipe? looks like arctic fox tail with a bit of marabou for color, cactus chenille, legs and deer hair? That would wreck bass in the reservoir here. Olive
Pike Candy
Hi my friend. Thank you Sooooooo much. I love to tie and that really makes it all worth it. The fly is tied out of Slinky Flash it's made by Rumph. In : ORG. , Yel. And Char. I blend them slightly w
Oily waxy cape!?!
Thanx Henrik! Now that you mention it, i've noticed before the red dye from arctic fox fur stain into yellow died arctic fox fur!
Arctic fox has to be the most popular hair at the moment. Have a look at for an idea of the variations in fur and the reasoning behind using them. Tube flies tied with bucktail l
Opossum vs Hare's Ear Dubbing?
Arctic fox?  A little more readily available stateside, maybe.  I've never looked for Aussie possum, but assume it is easy to get.   Kirk B.
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