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Gambusia Minnow "Mosquito Fish"- By Fred G. Hannie

Boneyard to Bike by Montana Wild

Ray Bergman Collection - 219) Loyalsock

Blizzard to Bluebird

Ray Bergman Collection - 233) Martin

The Ray Bergman Collection - 65) Cassin


Synthetic peacock dubbing for bodies....
Are there any clear winners re synthetic peacock dubbing for bodies, in regular colors but also other shades / colors? I've never really used it, only Ice Dub for thorax, and I want an assortment that
New Member
Welcome to the site, Nayls.  You get ice in that part of Arizona?
Tenkara is just for little fish...
Catching a large catfish on Tenkara must be a hoot!  When I lived in Scottsdale Arizona up until a year and a half ago there was a guy that fished the canals for carp with a large Tenkara rod.
Fishing the San Juan River
I'll be spending this winter in Arizona (unfortunately) and thought I'd probably make it to NM fish the SJ at some point while I'm there. I always thought it was a rainbow fishery and was surprised to
Finished tying tool collection
You got me on the hat. I paid 85 bucks for a Tilly while on a 9 day jaunt around Arizona. Because my head is so fat I couldn't buy a 10 dollar one size fit all hat so I was forced to pony up to keep t
June Flies from the Vise
arizona peacock lady     apache peacock lady  
Hello from Arizona.
Welcome Chip look forward to you posting some of those Arizona fish and flies. I always enjoyed the four corners area but never ventured into a lot of Arizona.
Tying a better Midge (Zebra Midge Example)
I think Charlie nails it here:     ...and FYI:   " The Zebra Midge pattern is acclaimed to have orgin
Peter Ross (Heron variation) SBS
Used teal as a nod to the original; couldn't get it to lay properly so may revisit that choice. hook - Mustad 79580 #6 thread - Danville 6/0 black tail - golden pheasant tippets rib - small wire si
December Flies from the Vise
What's the dubbing on the head of that one Dan? Great color combo!   J   Arizona Mega Simi-Seal --- Canadian Olive      captain caveman    cc.jpg   Pr
tis the season....
I have had my credit cards hacked a number of times. Once for over 50K for skateboarding equipment in California where they actually were successful in raising my limit and one time for 10K in Arizon
Homeland Security & fly rods on airplanes
Has anybody had any problem trying to carry a fly rod thru security at the airport? I'll be flying to Arizona next month and want to carry my Tenkara rod on the plane. It will be in a cloth tube and e
Skagit Casting and a Paddleboard
Jack, I am right on the Nevada, Utah, Arizona border it gets quite hot lol. So the paddleboard would be used April through October on water close to home. The water temperature is no problem 
Help needed with feather ID and uses.
Yeah, I am still waiting a summons from Arizona on the hat clip the State Patrol confiscated... I had painted a raven skull i found, then added in some Golden Eagle , Red Tail Hawk, Owls of several ty
Over it
The most painful ... two incidents come to mind.   Neither is really "Fly Tying", except I was sitting down to start some flies.  I'd left the skewer I use to make foam bodies ... [attachmen
Bucket List Fly Fishing Destinations...
Cold, I just spent 9 days in Arizona and didn't even think of packing a rod. Spent the time hiking and didn't think about fishing nor did I regret not fishing. Your sentiments about out west echo my s
Is it wrong?
Is it wrong that I just spent 9 days in Arizona from the Hoover dam to Sedona, to Prescott to Phoenix and did not spend one minute fishing or visiting a fly shop. I hiked miles of oak creek and did no
UV Resin
Hey folks.  I received my new Solarez-branded UV light a couple of weeks ago.  I had been using just a normal UV light.  I have to tell you, not all UV lights are created equal.  T
How to cure your roadside feathery gifts.
Guineas were running wild all over in Arizona last time we were visiting family there. Loud little boogers' Never expected to see them in the culdisacs of Arizona cities. Let's just say my eyes were p
Backpacking and photography trip suggestions.
Okay I'm going to miss on all cylinders but hiking, trout fishing, and fly rod screams arizona to me. Oak creek in Sedona comes to mind only because I'm going there in April. No brook trout but brown
Fly Fishing Show in Winston Salem, NC
Wish I was going!  I live in Arizona but am hopefully moving back to Charlotte come May or so.
Hello from New Jersey
I have not been on this site in a long time- and I"m glad I found it once again and to see it is in good health. So many of the old forums are gone. My name is Daniel Podobed and I own In Pursuit of T
Davies' Floating Evil Weevil SBS
Jeremy Davies take on an emerging Prince.hook - Dai Riki 135 #12thread - MFC 8/0 brownrib - x-fine wire goldtail - pheasant tailabdomen - Arizona Dubbing Light Peacockwings - goose biots gingerthorax
Rowley's Crystal Sedge Pupa SBS
Phil Rowley's stillwater beast of sizeable proportions.hook - Dai Riki 280 #8thread - Danville 6/0 oliveabdomen - Crystal Chenille olive/Arizona Synthetic Dubbing peacockwing case - pheasant tailthora
Chan's Stillwater Caddis Pupa SBS
hook - Mustad 9671 #8underbody - non-tox .025 (optional)thread - Danville 6/0 oliverib - Sexi Floss lime greenabdomen - Arizona Synthetic Dubbing bronze peacockwing case/legs - pheasant tailthorax/hea
Bamford's Overbite Nymph SBS
Change color/sizes to meet your needs.hook - Dai Riki 280 #14thread - MFC 8/0 browntail/abdomen - pheasant tailrib - Uni-stretch yellowthorax - Arizona Synthetic dubbing peacockshellback/legs - pheasa
R.L Winston 5wt
A true Artisan . One day when the exchange rate is right again I will purchase one of your pieces of art. ( The postage kinda kills it but hey ) I can sympathize because I send stuff to my daughter in
September flies from the bench
Superflash Pheasant Tail (variation) Variation on standard pattern (subbed pearl Krystal Flash for Ice Dub abdomen), which looks a lot like Kelly Glissmeyer's South Fork Special. hook - Dai Riki 135 #
May Flies from the Vice
after dinner fly:) Klinkhamer with ARIZONA dubbing
Attractors? (What and Why?)
Attractor, imitator, and impressionistic are 3 styles of flies.   Attractors don't look like any specific food nor do they give the impression of a specific food item. The Royal Wullf and Royal T
February Flies from the Vice
Chan's Stillwater Caddis Pupae   Hook: TMC 200R (8-12) Thread: Olive 8/0 Rib: Lime Superfloss Body: Arizona Synthetic Dub - Peacock Wing Case: Pheasant Tail Thorax: Peacock Herl Legs: Pheasant Ta
2015 Musky Swap
Got mine as well today and everything went straight into the musky box. Hopefully this weekend I will be able to test them out. Kevin I was going to ask what you used for the synthetic vale but you al
Flies off the Vise
Here are some of the flies off my vise lately. Keep up to date at my website, HERE or through my FB page HERE     Hope you guys enjoy.    Sculpin- Tail- 2 tone Spirit River ra
2wt capabilities
It is a grouping of 21 ponds ranging to over a mile in perimeter, with all versions of carp(of which that is a member of) grass, common etc. Also has bass, Talapia,cats, bluebill, etc in them.  P
FLashy DUB for small flies?
Really any dub will work if you spin it on properly.  The best way to get a minimal dubbing noodle is to dub your thread, then loop your thread back up to the hook to create a dubbing loop (so yo
Genuine Hare's Mask vs Rabbit
My favorite type of Hare/Rabbit dub is Arizona Synthetic dub ;)...  Video Here   As someone said already, Hare vs. Rabbit is really only relevant if you were trying to tie an exact historica
Heading to SLOVENIA--WHAT FLIES for June
Just getting out of a school (Arizona....had absolutely no time to fish)....but going to head to Slovenia for a trip in Mid-June.  I ususally fish around the Bled area (Savah Bohikja)  Does
Have you seen this?
Aparently, it owes its size to an invasive species of mussels...     A shellcracker on steroids, indeed. Hector Brito caught a pending world record redear sunfish weighing 5.78 pounds at Ari
Bluegill Topwater Fly Swap
Hey Guys, I have known Floyd for several years now, & I have always found him to be as generous as he is skilled. He is what we call, in the deep south, a "True Southern Gentleman, even if he does
Going through customs/airport with feathers?? (Stump the chump)
Eric that is some serious beautiful country you are going to--- I ASSume you are going there TDY for training?   I spent a couple of days poking around Garden Canyon on Ft. Huachuca a while
RBF: White MHX
Another one of the white MHX's Almost done and destined as one of the prizes for an Arizona Dept of Public Safety Bass Tournament. Only lacking the finish coats, but will not have time to post picks w
2014 Tarpon Rookie Competition
Ray, don't fall for that line - My wife's in Arizona as we speak, and she says the waterfront property out there is very disappointing. 
Small hopper
My favorite small hopper pattern that just slays em on small creeks is the Arizona Wanderings Mini Hopper (       I made a video tutorial on how to tie the
Locations near Tuscon/ Huachuca AZ area
Going to fly from Germany to Arizona in a few months (MAR/APR) for a school I will be at for about 2 months. Trying to figure out whether it would be worth bringing my fly fishing gear. Anyone know of
looking for hints on tying a dubbing streamer
Hello, First post on here, figures I have a question, hoping to get any help you might offer.  I'm experimenting with tying a dubbing streamer.  I don't have a pic of my fly as it's in the r
December Flies from the vice
ffJam,   Those are all some incredible examples of fish catchers and fisherman catchers.    I want to copy all of them for my 2014 fly boxes.    Any chance you would be willi
Hungarian partridge substitute?
im gunna stick with shoebop on this one. buying multiple packages are not only affordable, but you can get a variety of colors as well. im guessing the person who lead you to buy a whole skin was a fl
RBF: Tiger Eye 8' 6" 5/6wt 4 pc Blank
A shot in the dark.Do any of you builders have a Tiger Eye 8' 6" 5/6wt 4 piece blank that you would be willing to sell?My brother snapped mine in three pieces - a rod I had just built - while unsucces
seal substitute?
STS trilobal, Angora goat/Jay Fair's Seal Sub, Arizona Semi Seal all work fine.  Seal is traditional on some patterns but not readily available enough in the US to be practical for fishing flies
Anyone ever used Angelina?
Vaguely remember a previous discussion about this stuff a few years ago on one of the boards.  Is it essentially the same stuff as Angel Hair or is it more like Ice Dub (which is what people we l
Switch rod - Newb
Hello to all and please forgive the Newbie Question, but that's what I am to Fly Fishing!  I have fished all of my life in salt water and some fresh.  Mostly salt from Atlantic to 
What's your favorite part of fishing?
So, if you are hunting butterflies or other insects with a net, that would make you a predator, too.  AND, some insects can actually hurt or kill you back, so the fight or flight thing goes both
Where have you fished and Where is on your bucket list?
Fished: USA: Indiana Ohio Minnesota North Carolina South Carolina Georgia Florida Louisiana Texas Arizona California Massachusetts New Jersey Wyoming Nebraska Tennessee Missouri   Other countries
That is a lot of lead
There is a lot of misconception about lead used in sinkers and it's effect on populations.   Lead is NOT toxic unless it is eaten directly by an animal or eaten by a fish and that fish is then ea
Favorite Scud Dubbing?
Arizona Scud dubbing Was great but it is no longer made. I would agree that Wapsi is now tthe best.
New from arizona
Hi everyone, I am from Glendale, Arizona and have bben fly fishing for about two years and picked up tying just before that.
Tarpon Rookie Contest
OK guys, here's the updated entry list:   Ben Sthrncomfort Kudu Terry PJ bkatz   Permanently disqualified:   Riffleriversteelheadslayer   Basis for disqualification:   Abuse
Going fishing . Wat to use? Arizona
I have tied an assortment of flies for bass and trout. What can i use in Arizona Lakes in cold water? If you have a video idd like to see so i can try to tie your flies. Please and thank youu
First white out for Kentuckians in ages
Hahha buddy that sucks lol i live in PA but im in Arizona for the winter
Arizona winter bugs?
Are you located in Arizona? From you profile I thought you were in Pennsylvania. I live in Arizona myself. We do have a good number of bugs.   Depending on the elevation, you will encounter any n
Baking Powder for Smells
 i dont think i would like "grannies wardrobe either" :P I dont use moth balls because I havent really experienced many bugs in Arizona and I am still niave and havent experienced my first lost o
Critique my first stimi
A truly great looking fly that is certain to take fish in Arizona and abroad, but simply because you asked, and it is one of my favourite flies to both fish and tie I will offer a small amount of insi
New guy from AZ
Hey all, just wanted to introduce myself before I jump in spirited discussions. My name is Colton and I live in Arizona. My location isn't the best since I am about 3 hours away from the closest
Powerball Grief
Powerball officials say tickets sold in [b]Arizona and Missouri [/b][size="4"][/size]matched all six numbers to win the record $587.5 million jackpot. Now the hunt for the winners begin
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