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Hatches 2010: Scandinavian Tube Flies by Sverre T.H. Solgård

DVD Trailer: The Kingdom - Trout Trekking in Lesotho

Ray Bergman Collection - 126) Gordon

The Ray Bergman Collection - 91) Darling

Blue Spey- by Dai Jones

Meeting Don Bastian- by Scott Bleiler


Sink hole in the Spring
A favorite trouting place when the Norfork, Little Red, The White Rivers m, tailwaters in Ozarks, are generating/ can't wade. Lotta canoers, kayak, rafts this time of year.
Why I'm Not Hosting Right Now
BB, good luck with the retirement I know you deserve the time off after 47 years with the same company. I worked in Texas for 20 years and retired then came to         Arkansas
Yearly trips
I'm kind of gearing up for a trip to the Little Red River in Arkansas. Probably do that in early May before school lets out and we get a houseful of grand kids for the summer. I'll probably get a cabi
hi,,,my names Brian  from NW Arkansas,,used to be involved on this forum but got into bassing and took a few year hiatus from tying.  gonna try to see if I can get my fingers to work again.&
Need to blow off steam
Spring River Arkansas, we came early went behind the hatchery fished till bout 9:00 came out to this! Canoe destination for sure. No problem for the float trip if you come real early. Once, some
VersiTip question
So was under lining the 6 wt rod the solution? And cold weather is a great time to toss streamers, at least in Arkansas
AZTEC patterns?
the 'new' book i have is from 1968 :)   also called the "ozark weedless bucktail"   or the "arkansas bucktail"   https:/
29th Annual North Toledo Bend Rendezvous - A Gathering of Tyers
29th Annual North Toledo Bend Rendezvous    Co-Sponsored by the Gulf Coast and Texas Councils - FFI                         &
Sharpening scissors
You can sharpen fly tying scissors and it is easy to do. You will need 600 grit sandpaper, a smooth piece of glass, a black Sharpie marker and aluminum foil.   Open the scissors and color the out
Hurricane Irma
I remember stories of people who fled from a storm predicted to strike Louisiana to Florida only to have the storm hit them in Florida.  If you flee, go INLAND!  There have been storms which
I'm Back !!!!!
Flats roamer I don't believe we've met but it is nice to meet you.  I primarily fish for trout in southern Missouri and northern Arkansas. I am going to Wisconsin in early september to see my sis
Good Day on the Lake Fork of the Gunnison River
Nice, I almost had a chance to fish the Gunnison when I was there but couldn't make it. Fished the Big Thompson, Arkansas, and the Fall river. First time trout fishing so I just got some 5x... also lo
Easy Sculpin - And Effective!
Great video Mc Fly! I'm taking a trip to the White river in Arkansas and will have a few tied up in hopes a big brown hits one.
Group gathering...Tying...Fishing...Friendship
I'd be interested but remember there is two in Arkansas one in March and October. The SowBug and the Fly Fishing Fair.
Colorado Trip!
Salmon in buena vista,no.the Arkansas river is here,the upper,middle and lower river.the lower river from salida to canon city is the best section.i generally stay away until sept.-august,too much riv
Quills and Biots Swap
Flies will leave Arkansas Monday, tied Bwo quill body midges
Weathermen and weather apps suck thread
No I didn't for that, but have since. The only thing that showed up wasn't really explained to me. That is as I exert myself it is normal for both numbers on blood pressure to rise. For me as the he
Hello from KC
Learned to tie 20 years ago.  Didn't start to practice it much until about 18 month ago.  Love to tie my own flies before I head out fishing with friends.  It is very gratifying to catc
Grateful for the lack of Political content
You are back! Or have I not been paying attention? On the topic of politics and religion on the forum, amen!... I mean, right!... I mean, agreed! I never went away...just have to step out to take
Wading Boots and Attire Advice
Okay everyone before I continue with my questions I did indeed do a search on Wading Boots from previous posts and there were a few posts out there but nothing recent.  I ran acros
Years tying flies
Started at 14 back in '63 in Wiesbaden Germany as an Air Force brat. Old man was on the board of governors of the rod and gun club. I worked summers at the skeet range. All the flies in the club s
What are the best black caddis imitations?
There are many black caddis, and they vary a lot depending on where you are fishing. One of the famous black caddis hatches here in Colorado and the Rocky Mountains is the Mother's Day hatch.   B
Caddis for Christmas I
My flies arrived and you guys are awesome. Greatest bunch of CADDIS flies ever Thanks from Arkansas
28th Annual North Toledo Bend Rendezvous-A Gathering of Tyers 11/4-6
The Gulf Coast & Texas Councils of the IFFF, annually co-sponsor the "North Toledo Bend Rendezvous". This is the best "hands on" gathering of fly tyers in the South!Rendezvous is held the first we
Let's start thinking Christmas Swap
My package has left Arkansas
Breast Cancer Awareness Swap
OK Everyone! The flies went out this morning straight to a retreat in Arkansas/Texas on Oct 28th-30th. I sent J. Stockard another thank you and pictures of the flies. Since they were not sent to the "
U.S. wide fishing licence
Hey Guy,   I remember meeting two guys in partial fatigues on the river one day, we sat and started talking. I remember them both saying they were fishing places i had never heard of. We talked a
Fishy Question
Here in Colorado i got to watch most of the main drainages and tributaries suffer complete die offs over the years. During the late 70s the entire Arkansas drainage suffered a complete die off from wh
I've been fortunate
Wow, you really were gifted a great adventure through your life.   The only "Greats" i ever got to meet were actually through this site. I can't remember his first name, but Beatty did live video
Invented Flies
If i can get a camera i would love to. Or software for Hp 215 so i can??? Windows 10 is killing me. I want XP back...Better yet win 98...i miss the cat telling me i am screwing up.   If there is
Upcoming shows?
Southern Council Fly Fishing Fair in Mt Home Arkansas Oct 7 & 8.   Rick
August Flies From the Vise
  DSCN0482.JPGDSCN0483.JPGDSCN0484.JPG Having a bit of a play with the rolled foam body. And yes that is a Danvise and yes that is a home made gallows set up in the back ground. Just in case
Thunder has left Arkansas
Breakfast Swap
Flies have landed in Arkansas great job tyers. Good job on the photos Dubs
White River
I'm planning a trip to cotter, Arkansas to fish the White river late August to early September.  This will be by 1st trip to fly fish the white and was hoping to get some advice on what I should
Oklahoma bound steelheader......
Just found your site recently.  I like it.     I have been in Stillwater, OK for 22 years, moving here from Lansing, Mich.  Oklahoma's two year-round trout fisheries are a bit far
May Flies from the vise
... I will say that I never really worked it over moving water much. Was more of a calm water fly for me. Small lakes and beaver ponds and the like. It can be a little hard to see on Arkansas o
Zebra Midge
Thanks guys. I know for sure i need two things, a good light source and some magnification that sits on my head or something. Right now im working on a limited budget. I seem to have way to many pr
632 bucks
Texas, lol ya no trout here. That's been my drawback. No, I'm heading in two directions, Little MO in Arkansas and Beavers bend in Ok. Although I'm 2 and half years from retirenent, I'm heading stra
Sow Bug Roundup
Anyone going to the Sow Bug Roundup at the end of this week in Mountain Home, Arkansas?  I'll be going with my 22 year old daughter and her boyfriend.  She's the artsy type, took 4 years of
Fly Fishing Show in Winston Salem, NC
I had the opportunity to meet Tradd Little this past October at the Fall Fly Tying Expo in Mountain Home, Arkansas.  He won a contest where each tier was given a set of supplies and they had to c
What's the deal on fly reels?
    I have done a bunch of looking and found this, does anyone know of anything that would rule this out?   It looks good to me and this place has it for $50 less than all the others
Rendezvous, North Toledo Bend, Texas/Louisiana Border, On The Lake
Adam sent me an e-mail and asked me for a little more information as to what the Rendezvous is like.  I thought I would post my answer so y'all would have a little more information, too.  He
bench or field whats more important?
Well for me I just tie but I have yet to fish with any of my flies or the flies from the swaps I am in. I do not have a good rod and reel setup and I have been told that it is best to get someone to g
Caddis for Christmas III
The flies have landed in Arkansas, awesome batch.   Thanks for hosting   Happy Holidays   Jerry
October Flies from the Bench
Man, Kimo, I love this series you have done, beautiful and spectacular.   You live in Wisconsin, don't you?  The reason I am asking is I would love to get you to some of our big tying shows,
Fly Fishing Fair - Mountain Home, Arkansas
I hope it turns out to be all you hope it is.  Arkansas is outside of my daily drive comfort zone.
***Halloween Swap - Scary Spiders***
Sorry everyone for being low key!  All last week I was in bed recovering from pneumonia and this week I have been back to the doctor which he sent me to a pulmonologist and unfortunately I s
Leader Material
I am new to the fly fishing and have been trying to research leaders and materials.  I was recently on the Spring River in Arkansas where, I was told you can get by with a larger leader material
database software
Mainly just trying to catalog what I have tied so I can remember what I used. I have mainly been using youtube as my source. Went to the Spring River in Arkansas an had a good time, not a large quant
We had the square pkywood boats with board/seat on each end....not very maneuverable but didn't need to be in the "brakes" in the Arkansas delta. Made'em put them out and left them tied to tree to ge
Hopper Dropper Swapper
Vicrider and Add147, you guys are lucky! I haven't fished the White or Little Red since I moved away from Arkansas a couple years ago... Have fun fellas!
oldie but a newbe
I joined back in 2007 and got lost in the flood of web sites, I'm back on here to hopefully get connected up with some like kind fly fishing and tying persons in Arkansas, New Mexico and Colorado wher
Deer Hair Frog "Masterpiece"
No offense to Mike George ... but Pat's flies are so much more densely packed. I look at Mike's flies, and I think they look like any other "good" deer hair work. One question here on this older pos
Time for some new fly line......
Dorber in Flippin Arkansas. Lines are about $12 each and work well.   Rick
Marching into this month's swap
Jolly Red, I know Starling is a popular soft hackle, and I have a skin and have used it, but I find it hard to work with. For me hen is easiest, then turkey, then partridge or grouse, and Starling as
Caddis life cycle
Arkansas tail water trout.....White River, Norfork, Little Red...
Feather Emporium; Honest?? Anybody Using Them?
So what happened here? I'll tell you one thing for sure. If I ordered something from anyone for $385 and had not received it - I would be on the phone calling someone! Why didn't you call me? Why
smallest hooks
  Skip Schorb, the man on the left, ties 32s just to show people he can.  He is also a mechanical genius who lives in Arkansas, along with Tony Spezio.  Both are legends up there. 
did i do it right ?
What part Arkansas?  I am in East Texas...
2015 Musky Swap
Got mine.  What a crazy set.  I can't wait to fish them.  I might bring a couple with me to Arkansas to throw on the White.  There's some browns down there that would gladly take a
If you want to tie at a fly tying event, check here.......
We have people from Wisconsin, Illinois, Texas (my home), Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Arkansas (of course), Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, and others I can't remember at the moment, and th
First Demo Today
All,   I really appreciate your sage advice. I had planned out 12 flies and had everything organized in a separate box for each pattern, along with one already tied to pass around while it was be
January flies from the vise
I have been playing around for a couple of days, trying to get back in the swing and get ready for the big Sowbug Round-Up event in mountain home, Arkansas the latter part of March, many tyers, many p
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