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Bug Buffet
I went fly fishing recently and there was an absolute buffet of bugs for the fish to choose from. I've never seen caddis so small, size #18-20, mixed in with big midges, size 12-14, and chironomids of
Lightning hitting water
Years ago a friend were fishing in my little 12' boat and 3 hp motor across a bay from the landing. The bay had a center reef or spine ran almost the whole length of the bay averaging 6-8'. We of cour
June Flies From the Vise
Veiled Baitfish     Alternating Chenille and Dubbing Loop (Mixed Acrylic/Macrame/Rug Yarn)   And Brushed Back
Dubby Bunny Perch
This is a popular fly!  In the last few weeks, I have been asked to tie this in different color patterns.  First I tied in a baby brown trout coloration, and then someone asked me to tie it
Tampa Fl Area
Thanks for the replies everyone! I think we will stick to the salt as $120 for us to fish both is a bit much. The idea of a snook in the surf sounds great. I remember seeing them right against the sh
Fishing report, Everglades Flamingo, 2 May
After spawning out the big fish head north following their stomachs and all the baitfish they keep finding.  A few years back I had a customer up in Virginia that asked for a few big black Tarpon
Need help identifying material (baitfish pattern)
wag going only by the way it looks on my monitor...   Though, if it is from a local shop, why not ask them? I've always had good luck
Fly nameing
Some people crave attention, and some like a quick buck to go along with it. There's not much money in "inventing" a fly, so I'd have to go with the "attention" factor in most cases. Even a fly that g
Old Glory
25 years ago, I was at a fly-fishing expo at L.L. Bean, where Lefty was signing copies of his new saltwater patterns book. Attendance was sparse and somebody else was speaking at the moment, so I had
Super Hair
Does anyone use Super Hair in their tying of large flies? It is 11 inches long and I bought some years ago and have not used it yet. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Tom Usually tie saltwat
Anyone Fish Out of a Float Tube
LOL Bimini; I hope you were able to hose yourself down before you got back into your car. Back in the 70s, when the movie "Jaws" came out, everybody was talking about it, and the saltwater crowd was n
Big Boys are Coming
Good looking bug.. it should draw strikes wherever you find baitfish that size.  If you were down my way I"d be looking for a few in dark colors as well....
Animal hair that sinks?
I've got a bag of musk ox that is phenomenal!I've brushed it out and used it on baitfish patterns and have used it as dubbing on nymphs and the like.I also really like arctic fox in place of marabou
Warm Water “Top to Bottom” Swap
top water     bottom bouncing     waiting for shipment of materials for minnow/baitfish
Louisiana Redfish Flies - Top 3 or 4?
I'm looking for suggestions of a few Louisiana redfish flies. I'm fishing the Venice area in June. My guide provides all flies, however I want to try a few patters and give them a shot just for fun. H
April Flies From The Vise
Nope pretty sure I haven't gotten one of those yet, one of those yellow baitfish types a slider if I remember right.
Jerk Fly - walking the dog
I've tied a very similar pattern without the interchangeable tail for many years-   I put a short marabou tail in the end.   Originally tied them as a sort of floating baitfish to
DIY Shanks
Articulated Baitfish For Toothy Critters      
March Flies From The Vise
I couldn't figure which picture was less "bad".  One has better color, the other has better definition.   Got my new UV flashlight.  Figured I'd try a weedless bass baitfish.  I'm
Reverse Tied Minnow
These flies are easy to tie, and very effective on many species across the fly fishing spectrum.  From freshwater fish including trout, bass and walleye, to saltwater fish like speckled trout, re
Chile Bound... advice needed!
Update ---   So ended up booking with a guide called Jack Trout (with a last name like that...) and we will go with one of the locals who guides for him. 3 full days, and we are planning 2 for bi
Diluting liquid fusion
I do as flytire stated and use it to coat top water poppers(foam,cork & Balsawood) face of Deer hair poppers and streamer/baitfish heads. I think you will have to turn it like you would epoxy beca
Mono Eyes
Flytire, I am pretty sure I have never asked about baitfish mono eyes. I have asked a lot, just not on this subject I don't believe ...   Piker, that would take too long for me. Also, I would rat
Nymphing Baitfish - Small Fry
This fly is one I created to nymph for trout at my local river after the hatch.  On the Animas, the rainbow trout and brown trout eggs start hatching, and there are tons of little fry that become
February Flies from the Vise
  Rattlesnake baitfish (it has a rattle that also keels the fly and turns it hook point up)2641D7BD-F3F1-4848-A067-C1D90D7909E1.jpeg Love it! The fly and the name!   thanks!  I ti
Trolling Flies
You can also fly fish for walleye at modest depths -- 3-6 feet -- If you look for shoal water very near deeper holding areas and fish early and late in the day or on dark days when schoolng baitfish.r
Are all craft furs the same?
At my local "Michaels" craft store  they have a small wall of select craft furs - all short but it ties and performs similar to the stuff I get at my local fly shop.  I did wander over to th
Using google earth to scout wading areas
I haven't wade-fished the Tampa area much...   One thing that I have found out is that it is best to just go ahead and wade it, or at least go "scout" it first. Keep in mind that just because y
Saltwater hooks
Like others, I use many of the staples for SW tying and probably prefer 34007 for all around use. Certain hooks seem to fit certain stye flies better than others. One hook I really like that no one
Christmas pictures...and comments from Santa
AGN Thanks! Got yours! I especially like the clouser with the fluffy stuff! Merry Christmas all! Peace on earth! I got yours too and I love them! Some absolutely fine looking flies. I really like
Bush Pig Streamer Materials
Maybe we're thinking of different things.   The craft fur I have is one of the softest, most "flowing" fibers in my cache.  It's the one I use the least, because of it's propensity to wrap
December flies from the Vise
Here is a wool head streamer and some slight adjustments with photoshop. Thanks.Also, great ties from everyone this month so far. GP, great streamer tie and fish food there. Also some fine buggers r
Tear Mender consistency?
It soaks in well for baitfish heads.  It doesn't exactly dry clear but mostly translucent (i.e. looks fine on baitfish heads).  Gunnar Brammer has pretty good video on making heads with Tear
Crappie fly fishing
anything tgat looks like a baitfish in any bright colors will catch crappie. I target them with a fly rod every spring as the lakes start to warm when they come up into shallow water. Any other time o
Streamer and other fly recommendations for Hybrids and Striped bass
I used to live in Texas and learned that bigger (i.e. giant articulated) isn't always better.  I've had some great fishing days throwing a size 1 or 1/0 baitfish imitation when the really big fli
Fall Au Sable pike
There's more than enough prey/forage for them in this river, tons of baitfish/perch/minnow/crayfish and other forage. It's just the type of conditions for the river fish (constant current/moving water
November Flies from the Vise
Light Pardo Baitfish [attachment=64689:IMG_2691.JPG][attachment=64690:IMG_2692.JPG]
Shackleford Banks and Cape Lookout...
2-5 on each flank, maybe 1-3 on dorsal surface on the larger baitfish, using 6,7, 8 WF to throw. Pete may be using a 10 weight to throw his, but then his baby Albies are bigger than most of our troph
Grey Drake Cripple SBS
  Found this Quigley variation on a U.K. site; change color/size to suit your needs.     hook – Dai Riki 280 #10 thread - UTC 140 grey brown rib - small wire gold tail - pheasant
HMH FLY TYING CONTEST sponsored by HMH Vises
HMH FLY TYING CONTEST!   1. Tie a fly using your HMH Vise and take a picture of it. 2. Please include HMH vise in the photo in some way. 3. Post your photo on Instagram or Facebook and use the h
Are shrimp eyes a necessity
I love that question!  Many have pondered it before you and I also.  I make eyes by the hundreds at a sitting, and I use them on most of my patterns whether for myself or my customers. I use
Start thinking Christmas Swap
This sounds pretty good...put me in for some warm water / Deer Hair / Baitfish stuff. Id like the same back....warm water or salt water stuff. Dont do much trout fishing now days. Although most trout
What flies to start with?
As Crackaig, and Bimini stated techniques are what is most important. I would add zonkers to bimini's list of patterns they make good baitfish imitations and are cheap easy ties!   As far as
Strip Rattle and Roll
If you have ever fished for bass, you know that in most instances, a rattle helps attract them.  They are also attracted big baits.  Things that push lots of water.  I created this fly
Intruders for Trout
I've used 'em, but with a trout spey not a single hander. I also used them on the swing with twitches, not stripping them. Sink tip is the way to go, intruders by design have a lot of water resistanc
Sparkle Pops
Philly thanks for explaining how transfer sheet material is applied. Was thinking it would look good on some crease flies. I believe we were both in the "Favorite Saltwater Baitfish Pattern Swap" aro
About the evolution of YOUR fly tying.
Chenille. I know it's useful for specific patterns like worms and for legs on crabs, but aside from that I haven't used it in 20 years. I always wonder why I see so much of it in fly shops because v
Dropper Fly?
I have not done it either, but when I do, I am going to try a small baitfish pattern under a gurgler. I am also concerned about the tangling.
Mop Fly Variant
Swap fly caught fish pictures,
Actually, the rabbit never fouled for me. I also thought it was but it never did.. It is a sweet baitfish fly man, might tie a couple myself. What hook did you use for them?
Nymph or Flymph or Soft hackle wet fly
I also think predators can take them to be small baitfish and they can elicit reaction strikes by a fish protecting it's territory. What ever the reason, they work. 
Soft Hackle Wet Flies
Mike,   That is Little Virginia...   vicrider,   The body on the soft hackle pattern is Kingfisher Blue dyed Peacock herl from Spirit River:
Help with title
"Fishermen are nuts if they think I am going to fall for it, for baitfish would never come across my face like this". Seriously, I can't offer any good titles but the painting is great.
Substitution for a new, old fly pattern
Has anyone else used Yak Hair as a variation, I tried it once while tying with some guys at a PHW tying session and found it to be kind of between buck tail and something like congo hair.  It is
Silky Minnow - Underwater Footage
This fly I am calling the Silky Minnow, because it uses water silk fiber from fly tiers dungeon.  This material flows well in the water, and has interesting movement.  It is sort of a high t
Articulated Wooly Bugger
Wooly Buggers are one of the most popular and effective streamer flies ever created.  Very versatile, and relatively easy to tie.  I created this articulated version to be able to fish large
Sculpin are a very popular food source for trout, specifically steelhead and large brown trout.  Basically any trout that has become predatory seeking out baitfish for food.  They also work
Congo Hair Baitfish
Nice! Thanks for posting. After your unboxing video I ordered a few hanks of Congo hair and some other things. Been trying some baitfish patterns but they've been coming out a bit dense. You did a rea
YouTube video links
Any specific kind of flies? Clouser, ep baitfish, para Adams, etc..
Easy Sculpin - And Effective!
There are sculpins in Maine, they are not brightly colored but more of motor oil olive/ brown. I had some zonker strips pretty close in color but the fish prefer purple. Go Figure ! It's funny what
Synthetic Baitfish Material
I know everybody has their favorites, but what do you think is the best synthetic bait fish material? I'll need it to tie bass and pike flies. Thanks for your opinion.     I'm going to g
Gamakatsu B10s = Allen ___?
I used allen for 12 years and their hooks are pretty decent. But those GAMAKATSU hooks are in a whole other league. I am not bad mouthing Allen as you will never hear me say one bad thing about t
Tube size for billfish Nd saltwater flies?
Hi all, does anybody have experience tying billfish and baitfish paterns on tubes? Any recomendations on tube size to use? I'm new at tubes, and not sure how the large hooks I intend to use will inter
Sparkle Clouser
There are so many variations of the clouser minnow, its hard to keep track of them all.  One of my favorites though is this sparkle clouser.  Especially when I have fish that are super aggre
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