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Ray Bergman Collection - 226) March Brown English, Female

The Ray Bergman Collection - 43) Bonnie View

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Hot Glue Extended Body- by Gino Laghi

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I still have a good amount of polar (from the old days when someone would buy a ratty old polar bear rug -then cut it up into trimmings to sell to crazy fly tiers -back when it couldn't be imported. &
Vice problems
Wear on the jaws should be easily visible. More likely (I think) is an adjustment; see for parts reference-  
​Just got the Barracuda Dyna-King, and I am very pleased with the vise.  It is made very well ( American Made ). I am in the process of getting use to its workings.
And you thought the LAW vise was expensive.
Sounds like you're not a fan of HMH.         Sorry if I gave you that impression. Quite the opposite is true. Within the last year I have bought a Standard HMH, and am finding
Sparkle Clouser
There are so many variations of the clouser minnow, its hard to keep track of them all.  One of my favorites though is this sparkle clouser.  Especially when I have fish that are super aggre
Moving from beginner's vise to a rotary vise
You might also look at Dyna-King. A made in USA family owned compay for the past 30 years. I own the Barracuda Deluxe. A lot of great vise's out there. You get what you pay for IMO.
first foray into the salt
I finally got to give salt water fly fishing a try, it won't be last. I never got acomplished what I wanted, but had enough fun to see the possibilities. I caught small Jack cravelle, barracuda, and n
Florida Keys Recommendations
Long Key State Park provides great access.  That's where I got my first bonefish!     When you're in Islamorada, check out Robbie's.  You can hand feed tarpon right from their dock
Shrimp Swap
Guys looking forward to this one. Atxdiscgolfer and I were in a swap a few years ago and he sent me a fly that I decided to use off the beach in the Bahamas and I managed to catch a small barracuda a
Both my Barracuda and Barracuda Jr Trekker came with the gauge. That was over 10 years ago. May have changed since. Cheers, C.
weirdest catch
Nothing too weird. Two young seagulls with the fly rod, a pesky cottonmouth down in NW Tennessee that had to be discouraged with a whack of my fishing rod to discourage it from chasing my Jitterbug. W
Bear Fur ??????
Polar also has one other attribute not listed already -and that is it's much, much tougher than bucktail in actual use.  When any toothy critter (barracuda, mackeral, bluefish, etc.) can cut buck
Fly Tying Video Ideas/Suggestions
Don't see many barracuda fly vids?
Black Death YouTube video!!!
It depends, i have caught 3 barracuda on one fly and it was usable. For pike i would use a 2x shank hook to prevent breakoffs. I encourage you to try this pattern out!!
Regal Revolution Vise...How many tie on them???
I have sent back some regal vise's that looked like the edges were eaten away. Mind you over ten years I only sent back 3 or 4 jaws, while the jaws for my barracuda have been sent back many times for
Learning the salt and the keys
Hey Kudu, so yeah first thing you want to get a bunch of charts and try to learn them. Since you have a bay boat I am betting that you will have some nice HP and modern tech. Sooo look up some reefs a
Hilton Head Island TIps and Tricks
Hello you salty dogs. I am here once again to seek out your wisdom and guidance since it worked fairly well when I was in Destin, FL. Given the advice I was able to catch some ladyfish and got bit off
Predator Vise
I have been tying on a Barracuda for 11yrs even though the jaws have to be refurbished (which costs) its been good.
Hotspots.... Love to know and see some examples where you apply them
    Hotspots are nothing but contrast. Contrast requires at least two elements so that one can be very different in some way from the other. A whole fly of one color only does not offe
Finnicky fish
I figure that mostly when the fish aren't  biting presentation is the key to get them turned on... Of course there's times each day in tidal areas where the conditions are really working against
Black crab/shrimp fly with underwater footage.
Yes the anvil vise is very capable.....and yes I do own one ...and yes I like it and great price .And I know in my tying videos I use a dynaking barracuda vise ...but for a lot of my tying I actually
Future of Fly Tying
I wonder about this. Some years ago the chairman of a fishing club I was a member off criticised me for buying a DynaKing Barracuda at over £300. He said that an expensive vice wasn't needed to t
Crazy Charlie Questions
Me, I flatten the barbs on damned nearly every fly that I use (but none of the bugs that are meant for someone else... I figure that's the angler's choice....).  A nearly barbless fly hook (and t
Could the Clouser be the most versatile streamer ever made?
Ive never fished for tarpon with a clouser, moves too fast. Not that it cant work you just have a better chance if you can keep the fly in there face longer, I would take a complex twist bugger with
Borski's Redfish Slider
Large dumbell eyes and it sinks pretty quick 6mm plus igor eye inserts covered with a coating of UV And yes it is a barracuda vise And Thanks Joe I may just
Upgrading vise... recommendations?
Well they've changed their naming & tiers around a lot, so I'm not sure if I got a Trekker or a Barracuda Jr. but it's the simplest true rotary.
New vise question
The Trekker is DK's basic rotary.  Then, with added features, the series goes Barracuda Jr > Barracuda > Barracuda Deluxe > Indexer > Ult Indexer.   The Trekker may have been mar
Best Vice For $120
I have a few vises as do all the above probably .....( It's an Obsession ) My Anvil Atlas ( Wolff Industries ) is a great tool...true rotary... I think eide uses one too. ( He ties some great flies )
Fishing report, Biscayne nights - Everglades days
As usual my reports are rarely pure fly fishing so you'll just have to disregard the other stuff.... enjoy!  The night scene usually has us using 8 or 9wt rods with floating lines.  I prefer
Massive Fly Tying Collection
All -   It has been a long time since I've been on the Forum as life has caught up with me.  I have a massive collection of fly tying materials, furniture, lights, books, and even some rods
SF Baitfish
I am a fan of spinnerbait hooks too, the best ones I've found are Gamakatzu. Good hook for Barracuda flies and poppers. [attachment=53051:FullSizeRender-2.jpg] [attachment=53052:FullSizeRender-4.jpg]
Lubricating vises
Short answer: As needed   Longer answer: Check with the mfg.  The fact of the matter is I have not taken apart my current vise and cleaned/greased it in the 9-10 yrs that I have owned it and
Dyna KIng Barracuda..excuse my ignorance?
Ive been using a renzetti apprentice for a few years, my father in law just gave me a dyna king barracuda to use, my question is, is this thing supposed to spin on the vertical shaft all the time? I c
Stick on eyes: Only catching fishermen?
I do mostly salt, and I put eyes on everything: crabs, shrimps, Cephalopods, baitfish. If you have ever dived, you understand what it means to look into a fish's eyes. Spearfishermen try to never ma
Quality Starter Vise
Hi back Yellafella, Armidale NSW in the mountains to be exact but hey Go Qlders!!!!!! Used to live at Mango Hill North of briz vegas.....worked in moochy ( construction) Just for the record I purchase
Beginner Tarpon Flies
Not an answer to your question, but I'm surprised to hear of tarpons and redfish at Islamorado.  I used to dive a lot in the keys, (always on the Gulf Stream side) and never saw either of them.&#
Vice stem sizes, Can I ask a favour.
The chances are that any European made vice is going to be of metric so instead of 3/8 it will be 10 mm. I have the Danvise 10mm as well as the Barracuda vise 3/8" I guess it's pretty safe to say if t
best vise to buy
Dyna King Barracuda Ultimate Indexer the last vice I will buy but I'm still open for ones gifted !
Flies for catching the big American Shad?
Who here fishes for these?  They're the big (roes 4.5-6 lb. & bucks 2-3 lb. typically) ones that run up our southeastern seaboard rivers in early spring.  Some say they're "gamy" tasting
Winter............I hate it!
I have found that barracuda will destroy a sideways fish that it left to drag against the current.
Can't find the right hook
This is my first post here.  I've been tying flies since I was about 12 or 13 and used a catfish hook, some of Mom's red sewing thread, a pipecleaner and some redish hair I stole from my red sett
Rotary for a left hander
The Barracuda can use that if your a lefty
Dyna King Trekker. Hook slipping.
I don't have any problems with mine now that I have found the sweet spot. This may help Kimjensen.
I second the Atlas full rotary vise for it's versatility  7/0 down to #32s I also like tying on my barracuda and danvise for different reasons. ( your experiences with this trader)
G'day, Firstly I do not want to come across as a disgruntled old fart...... but I ordered new midge jaws for a Barracuda vise from said trader on the 7th of December 2014 ( paid in full ) and still no
Can jaws vs screw jaws
Personally I Think So. I have the Anvil Atlas , Danvise and the Barracuda Rotary all of which have cam type device for holding the hook. But then one of the best vises in the world uses the screw set
fly fishing from shore - best destinations
Pennekamp is nice and Miami has plenty of options.  You could wade out in Biscayne Bay in many places such as Hobie Beach and get bones.  I would opt for the keys.  There are many place
Dyna king barracuda vice any good ? And do they break ?
Having had two of these, a full size Barracuda and a Trekka, I have only two things that were a problem.   For the majority of my tying I used midge jaws. They only lasted me 9 to 12 months a set
LAW Vise for sale....
When I first saw a Law Vise, Lawrence had just started making them. It was a beauty. A real work of art. I fell in love but wanted to tie on one before making such an investment ($500 back then, if I
Crane Fly Larva
Mike another method is what we call aposomatic coloration.  Herrings, for example, are greenish on top, and silver on the bottom. (many fish are like that).  When viewed from below by a pred
salt water materials?
Kansastyer, much will depend on where your son lives & what he might be fishing for as far as the flies go. There's a huge variety of fish species that could be targeted in the S.P.    F
Where (if anywhere) do you skimp? (spin-off thread)
Byron,    I think you need to reevaluate your concept of the sports history...   "I think there are other factors that have led to the explosion of so many new kinds of "stuff" for us t
What makes the Law so good?
Everyone has their own opinion and mine is that the LAW it a beautiful work of art (has class). I almost bought several years back but had the chance to tie on one a friend has. I'm glad I didn't spen
Dyna-King question
I knew what you meant Cheech. When my Barracuda was new both jaws would bind a little near the darker metal where the hardening process started for the tip. I buffed them  unt
fouling articulated flies
Fouling is usually considered an issue with the materials being wrapped around the hook. Some materials would likely foul more with a treble than with a single or double hook.    A treble wo
new vice
I just started tying on a DK Barracuda. After all those years on inferior vises, it is the berries.
From the Saltwater Bench
Whopper fresh water barracuda! And those are good eating too if I remember correctly.
Dyna King Barracuda
Up for sale is a Dyna king Barracuda. It is in perfect shape. It comes with a pedestal base and a C clamp. There are 2 posts to change heights. I also have the garbage bag and alignment tool. Price is
Thread heads, are they needed
Let me tell you about at least some fish, especially the ones that live in coral reefs.  When a predator fish selects a motionless prey to attack, that prey is going to react by either moving rig
Regal, Dyna King, HMH, Anvil Apex/atlas.
I own a regal medallion and many other high end vises ( nor-vise, dyna- king barracuda, and hmh). I always go back to it.  Just like u said, my hand rests well on it and it grips everything. 
Regal Medalion vs. Dyna King Barracuda
Of the two you mention the Regal hands down. The jaws on a Regal are made from two pieces whereas the Barracuda one. With a one piece jaw they must be hardened in one piece. there is little access to
Law Vise Available!
Geez, and I thought I paid too much for a barracuda... On the other hand if people will pay, I say good for him.
Best Big-Fish-Eats-Little-Fish Story
Down at the mouth of the river near Naval Station Mayport, I was catching croakers or drum or something like that... they would fight along the bottom.   I hooked one, and it immediately cam
Dyna-King Professional vs HMH Standard Vise
Both good vises.  The Dyna-King jaw has notches that really help hold big saltwater hooks, and the HMH vises have smaller (and cheaper as I recall) jaws for smaller flies if that's where you are
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