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Patterns 144-163

Ray Bergman Collection - 227) March Brown English, Male

Muddler Minnow - Kevin Hospodar

Metalhead Egg Sucking Minnow- Mike Schmidt

Otsego Ant by Alex Cerveniak

CCG Glass Sand Eel- by Richard Strolis


Small Creek Fishing with the New 2019 Redington Butterstick
My comment for the "GSTQ" delay was for down stream casts and takes. In that situation you have to wait for the fish to turn on the take, otherwise you will pull the fly out of the fishes mouth before
Blue color scheme
I very seldom use a solid head color on my poppers.  Before I started making my own I brought a couple of Orvis salt water poppers that had solid head colors.  They were red/white, blue/whit
Fly Fishing the Surf in Central Florida
Which coast  (that'll really make a difference...) and when?   If you were down south I'd say get on the water before dawn (or maybe an hour before dark...) then work small (and not so small
Foam Baitfish with Gills
Nice Crease fly Variation.   I've seen them with the gills painted on, but don't use them myself on Crease flies.   I had one question, but you answered that.  I was wondering
Tampa Fl Area
You may want a decent 8wt for the beach, as it can get pretty windy. However, you're 7wt might get the job done, just practice casting. You're on the west coast so it won't be as bad as over here on t
A tip of the hat to members of this Forum. I made good use of tips, information, and fly patterns found here. They added positively to my trip to Florida. I managed to catch Ladyfish, Spotted sea trou
Super Hair
Like any material, it has its pluses and minuses. I've caught my share of albacore on Super Hair flies, as well as blitzing stripers; it has a nice translucent quality, and it doesn't foul as easily a
Trolling Flies
An umbrella rig.   Even that small that's got to be a PITA to cast and retrieve.  Let alone fighting a couple of fish on it.  We use to use them when we're trolling inshore in the
Giant poppers...
denduke, check out Bob's Banger for some ideas.  The pattern uses large foam cylinders rather than cork.  Works just like Capt Bob described.  I've made some small ones and have picked
Streamer and other fly recommendations for Hybrids and Striped bass
I would go with something white with silver flash, on the assumption that there is some type of shad in the lake.  A buck tail deceiver.  This is one I tied up a while back. [attachment=6481
EP Finger Mullet
These are a couple of mullets that I've tied up based on Bob Popovics  "Siliclone"  Rather than being tied with wool, like the original, these are tied with Polar Fiber Plus which could be s
Making lures
I've dabbled in it but frankly my fishing time is very limited and I did not have the time to invest into R&D. Making and shaping wood lures is about as simple as it gets. However, weighting and g
Hooks for salt water
Yeah, circles are proving 100% fish friendly for me so far. Can't hook a thing on them. I'm sure that will alter when I can target fish that hit and run. They don't work on all species under all c
Fly caught salty fish pictures
These are a few of my friends that I fish with, they are all good fishermen and even better people to know. I'm in there with a bluefish   [attachment=62490:ConeyIs17Rikkk.jpg]   [attachment
Hello from New Jersey
Excellent find, I use Christmas tinsel closeout's for bluefish flies. When they are reduced to a almost bare hook I just smile.
Synthetic Hair Source
That's one interesting fiber! Do you have pocs of flies tied with it? Does it shed a lot when brushed?   I'd have to check my files to look for a pic, but here's an image of Dave Skok's "mush
Is it just me?
Some people, especially those in less fortunate Countries, depend on fish for food.  Nothing wrong with that.   Amen. My parents and grandparents lived through the Great Depression; hunt
Articulated Musky flies
Nice ties, how are they to cast? They are as big as some of the brookies I catch. Do musky shred flies like bluefish?
Florida Keys Recommendations
Are you only looking to fly fish? If you are open to spinning gear, the area bridges there can be great fun, especially at night while your family is sleeping.  The Marathon bridge is a great one
Fluorocarbon or Monofiili?
This thread should be a "sticky" as there's some great comments here. For the Mid Atlantic, where I used to fish, I never found a real need for fluoro and stuck with mono. I too never believed the "vi
Bear Fur ??????
Polar also has one other attribute not listed already -and that is it's much, much tougher than bucktail in actual use.  When any toothy critter (barracuda, mackeral, bluefish, etc.) can cut buck
Targets in and around florida?
It really depends on which part of the state, you are in, where you are fishing (backcountry, flats, bridges, passes, offshore, etc., and then there is freshwater too).When you fish here you see why t
Streamer Question
     how many times have we caught some stupid juvenile smaller than the bait he attacked.   I've mentioned this before, but it stands out in my memory. Once hooked & landed a
Baitfish pattern question
IMO, as long as you're not blocking up the hook gap with material, for saltwater use, you can't over dress a streamer. I prefer hooks up to about a 3/0, which is fine for casting with a 10 wt, and hav
Really need Bucktail Baitfish Flies
I used to have as much success in saltwater in Florida with a plain white bucktail as any other fly.   Just a stainless hook, a white bucktail wing, and a few pieces of silver flash. &#
Related SMBass Hook Question
The Eagle Claw hooks are available in bronze but you might not find them in WalMart. The larger Eagle Claw Aberdeen hooks are pretty hefty, I use the 3/0 for some of my pike streamers or very large po
Cooking Question for Smallmouth Bass
A basic rule of cooking fish is 10 minutes to the inch. Smallie fillets are probably going to cook about 5 minutes a side or less even if wrapped in tin foil after scaling. Having had smoked bluefish
run one
We just did flats flies and striper/bluefish flies. Need something new.
Favorite Fish?
Bluefish, then stripers
You're good-to's
Fly choices for SW should also be based on the type of water & the fish species you'll be targeting. I always carry Deceivers, Seaducers, Clouser Minnows & Half & Half's, some basic buckta
Striper and Bluefish Swap
SWAP IS FULL Alright, lets do a swap with striper and bluefish flies, or some kind of salt water fmy you'd have on the east coast. Obviously if you can use similar flies for landlocked stripers, reddi
Striped Bass/Bluefish Swap Interest?
Not sure how many tiers we have along the east coast on here. Any interest in a SW swap with striper and bluefish style flies? Or similar species? Just testing the water, so to speak.
Salt water skills
Actually vic I sent him the wrong flies. I sent him the ones for the striper/bluefish swap ... whoops
Simple Popper
What I was looking for when I came up with this pattern was something very quick to tie up in quantity that would get bitten without much fuss.  In my world a popper seldom lasts more than a fish
Who makes the longest streamer hooks (straight eye)
Eagle Claw also makes a long shank hook similar to the Mustad Beak Hook ref# 92611-NI that vicente mentioned, the model # is 066 and they make them in various finishes, nickel, tinned & stain
My First Double!
Like Mike, I have never fished a dropper but have fought several doubles of conventional gear like speck rigs. I have gotten two fish on one plug but they were small trout, 4lb bass must have been a b
Few poppers
I think it depends on the species, FlaFly. In salt water around here, the main targets bluefish, stripers and weakfish tend not to nibble on a fly. The few sea bass I've caught I couldn't really tell
The Surf Candy
Surf Candies are a great fly for a subtle presentation.  These mimic a small transparent fish very well. Made originally by Bob Popovics to fish bluefish in the surf, these quickly started showin
February Flies From the Bench
tied on a 2/0 mustad 34011 for saltwater (hopefully not bluefish) species.    
The Burden of Flyfishing?
Ever watch a fish watch your hand go for the fly to get the fly out and it starts wiggling and jumping around ? Next time you catch a fish watch it's eye. Just if it's a big salmon, if it's a big pick
Gulf Coast Florida, Destin Area Help
Most of what josephcsylvia said was spot on, except about the snook. There are no snook in Destin, it's way too far north. I don't know much about the Destin area specifically other than the beaches b
Mustad fly clips
I'd just feel better with a snap I guess. But I've used the clips with no problem on smaller fish. I've since gotten away from them. For Northern Pike though I'd probably do as Mike suggested and use
Will it fish?
I've always had good luck with all white streamers. They've worked for me in both fresh and salt water. I've caught the majority of my pike on one along with a few smallmouth. Should also work on whit
Kreelex fly
Used them a lot down on the gulf coast and caught loads of ladyfish and bluefish on them. That's not saying much because those fish will hit just about anything.If I remember correctly, I read that th
Virginia Beach in July - Any tips, recommendations?`
might be some croakers, sea trout, rays, mackerel, even a red or 2 there. no stripers at that time though. bluefish will be the best bet. poppers, clousers chart/white and orang/black, small deceivers
I love this ... why can't I tie it?
The peanut butter is/was a favorite pattern that I had good success with on striped bass and bluefish.  It took me a while and watching and talking to Enrico to finally get it right.  I have
Forum & Tying Newbie
  clouser minnows   from the internet   Weakfish feed on a variety of marine life. Grass shrimp is an important forage, partly because these 1-1 ½ inch morsels are so common in es
cracked uv resin coatings
I found using uv coatings do crack on poppers, they contract and expand to much from temp changes. also the crush force of some fish will do this. seen it on wood lures and bluefish.
Razoring Flies and Re-using Hooks
Most of my saltwater hooks I will salvage.  I tie on mostly Gamakatsu and starting to use some of the Partridge hooks.  Very rarely do I try to save the materials because they tend to get al
Acadia National Park
I will be visiting the Acadia area in a couple weeks. Its mostly a family vacation but I know I won't be able to resist tossing a few flies in the salt. Hoping to at least catch a few mackerel but was
SF Baitfish
Very nice! I've never used that material. I have some similar, but have yet to really get into tying with it much.  I've always preferred natural materials.   Here's some flies I've tied wit
Sheet foam poppers
Funny thing - in my world (with 'gators, crocs, sharks of every kind....mixed right in next to the fish we're hunting....) we're targetting snook, reds, trout, tarpon, and even mangrove snapper with p
Best weight rod?
So far I have a 3 weight, two 5 weights, and a 7 weight all are l.l. Bean(which I think are the best rods for the money)except for one write and McGill and I've recently gotten into freshwater and sal
Best weight rod?
So far I have a 3 weight, two 5 weights, and a 7 weight all are l.l. Bean(which I think are the best rods for the money)except for one write and McGill and I've recently gotten into freshwater and sal
Smoking your catch
An old -- before carp were actually caught on purpose -- smoking recipe was to pin carp fillets to a cedar plank and mount the plank at an angle over a hickory smoke fire for 3-4 hours, Then throw awa
Pike Candy
Thanks tidewaterfly I have a Crippled Herring and a Tinker Makerel I use for Stripers There posted in the Craftfoam Baitfish topic. And the Crippled Herring . But my pride and joy for Strip's is my
Trout Selectivity
Yes, I must admit that generally if I am casting to a particular fish and after some time I just am not connecting even though the fish is still rising- I move on.  A few times I've stuck it out
ruined flies keep the hook or no
If the hook is in good condition I'll often scrape it and reuse it, but that depends on the fly as well. If it had an epoxy head or some part that will make it harder to scrape I'll just chuck it. 
Big game hook preferance
Salty: I dont know if its sad that I was the cause of this discussion, so I apologize now. I tend to tie 1/0 to 3/0 max for my fly rod. I do prefer stainless steel( Mustad 34007 is my go to hook) beca
Pike patterns
Try a Buck Tail Deceiver, or Bob Popovics'  Hollow Fleye or Semper Fleye.  All three are light weight flies that give you bulk and size.  If they can survive bluefish they can survive p
Materials and getting started
Made with a soda can and congo hair (synthetic fibers). soda can minnow.jpg NOTHING is out of bounds in fly tying.     I know a bluefish or a pickrel will hit that bad boy.
February Flies from the Vice
[attachment=50862:personal 033.JPG] I have used this pattern for Chain Pickrel. This is an an oversized version to try on some Bluefish and Stripers. Its a combonation of a Mickey Finn and a Clouser.
Winter............I hate it!
Hi Betty...speaking of bluefish,[ pardon for the separation from the subject], today for lunch I had some "Fresh Fish Mousse" made up from some bluefish fillets caught this past Sept. off Montauk Poin
Speckled Trout
Read all the above posts and remembered when I was looking for any pattern that trout would bite.... All these years later I'm much less picky about what we put in front of a trout (popping bugs, stre
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