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Bob Clouser

Streamer and other fly recommendations for Hybrids and Striped bass
I have no experience with fishing Texas and I have never fished for striped bass in a lake. I have however fished extensively in the salt for stripers and live to fish their spawning runs up our fresh
Finishing Knots
Typically a whip finish, Ill half hitch if I want to pin back the material near the hook eye or get surgical about things. Ill only use head cement on flies like Clouser, thunder creek, etc, anythin
What flies to start with?
Where can you find lake trout within 1 or 2 hours of Philadelphia? I've lived and fished my entire life in this area and Don't know of a single lake close to philly with lake trout. I assume you are t
Double Bunny Clouser Minnow
Thanks Rocco...     Its tied much like a clouser, its not a clouser, I know its not a clouser Rocco.  But its tied like one.  Kinda like people who take synthetic fiber to tie a cl
Can't do a SBS right now, but if you can tie a regular Supreme Hair Shrimp, this one is not much different except:   1)  I used an Eagle Claw 60degree jig hook (helps turn the hook point up)
Silky Minnow - Underwater Footage
Thanks for the underwater action.  I've wondered about FTD's Water Silk, but never bought any.  Looks like it has nice movement in the water, so now I need to order some.     Is i
Clouser Pattern Bluegill
I would think the sunfishes are the furthest thing from a Clouser pattern.  The Clouser mimics slenderer bait fish ... rather than flat sided sunfish.   Of course, you can tie the Clouser wi
Info for fishing Wisconsin
Rich mc they recommended BWO's size 18 to 22, ants, spiders, hoppers,Woolly buggers, midges sizes 16 to 20. I have some very small clouser minnows tied on size 10 3399 mustads with 5/32 dumbell eyes a
YouTube video links
Any specific kind of flies? Clouser, ep baitfish, para Adams, etc..
Surf fishing in Pensacola, FL area
I would use something like a clouser on the beach
Sparkle Clouser
There are so many variations of the clouser minnow, its hard to keep track of them all.  One of my favorites though is this sparkle clouser.  Especially when I have fish that are super aggre
Finished tying tool collection
I have more tools than carter has pills, including a Renzetti traveler 8 pairs of scissors 3 tye rite bobbins, several ceramic bobbins of different price ranges, two bodkins a Materalli style Whip fin
Catching fish with my beard!
Many people have already asked me to tie a fly with my beard hair, so here it is!  I cut some hair from my beard, then tied a clouser minnow with it.  I even went out and tested it on the wa
Line question - Florida Gulf Coast snook in Augist
The main problem with FW lines used in tropical conditions isn't that they get sticky, although some will, it's that they're too limp in the heat and don't cast well. Tropical lines are stiffer, and w
Is there really a wrong way to tie a fly?
If you are tying an established PATTERN (recipe), then yes follow the accepted procedures. Pick one of any time tested, well known, functional patterns- I don't know, say a White Wulff dry fly for exa
Moving from beginner's vise to a rotary vise
I use a Renzetti Traveler, True rotary and you can add on the clouser arm. I have tied hundreds of dozens of flies with it and have been very pleased with it. they sell these days for about 150.00 to1
Pike Fly Patterns
Can someone point in the direction of some Pike Fly patterns, please? Are there any in the Clouser style? I imagine there is, but I have yet to find what I like. I've never tied for pike before so hel
What is your favorite fly pattern?
Clouser. Period.
Fly Tying Article
1. It's more enjoyable to catch a fish on something I tied.  As well as saving money.   2.  Wyoming   3. Lefty Kreh, Bob Clouser, Lee Wulff     4. Drew Chiccone,  Ni
I tried it.  I was in the fly shop I frequent several years ago when a customer who made frequent trips to Japan came back with one he had picked up for the owner for the small sum of $300.  
Fly Tying Video Fails
Lol poopdeck, well good for you raising such a smart and capable daughter. Sounds like she does some code as well, kinda like me for work. Different kinda code though. Honestly probably more difficu
A few good...flies
Check out and the Ole Florida Flyshop in Watercolor. I have used and recommend both. Can tell you what is going on. Santa Rosa Beach has a cool beach lake. Check it
Best Buys for Vises
I've got the anvil atlas, which I think is a good buy nothing fancy but it holds the hook well and is built like a tank. I don't really use the rotary feature but it is nice to be able to easily turn
Tying streamer flies so hook point will ride up.
if you want it to ride hook point up, you must achieve a cumulative effect of either A) adding enough mass opposite of the bend and point to put the center of gravity below the axis of the shank (this
Trolling a Clouser for bass in a kayak
I have a watermaster raft and I will troll a clouser while I'm rowing out to where I want to fish.  I just lay the rod beside me and I put the reel behind a strap so it will have something to sto
Squishy Head Bluegill
  Err... me? Rio (or other brands of which I am not aware) intermediate or sink tip attachment could help with the soggy materials issue. I am very often amazed when I swim test a fly that
Opinions on this fly, please.
Damn autocorrect clouser not clouded
March Flies From The Vise
3 crayfish, quick, medium, and long ties. I know I'll have more confidence throwing the clouser type one into the big rocks and blow downs. Well see how that translates into fish caught.
When to glue, When not to glue?
For a whip finish I prefer to use none, but rather use two whip finishes, one on top of the other.  When I do use a glue on thread I use Crazy Glue with its brush applicator.  For eyes, I us
Florida Keys Recommendations
Along most of the coast of Florida access is difficult.  If you are not one of the chosen few with millions of $ to stake-out your piece of the pie, it is difficult, especially in the Keys.  
Crappies & Bluegills
Bluegills will hit just about anything you throw their way, extra emphasis on anything with rubber legs and/or marabou. As far as crappie's go I don't think you can wrong with a pink and white clouser
Targeting a new species
I am told that the wooly bugger was originally a small mouth fly.  Dunno about that, but the Clouser nymph sure was.  Lots of baitfish streamer patters too, and, of course, poppers.  Th
Shoal bass patterns
Wooley Bugger.  Or a Clouser.  I've fished for them with some success.  Never fished a specific fly; they seem to like bass flies.  Or a topwater popper when it's appropriate, but
6wt bass line
The rod is fast action. It's a tfo clouser rod.
Single hook Streamers
Clouser Deep MinnowLefty's DeceiverJoe Brooks Blonde seriesHalf-and-Halfthe list is endlessFor baitfish emulators, most of the time simpler is better
Feb flies from the vise
[attachment=60841:unnamed.jpg]"flies" plus hardware- been making a lot of spinners in preparation for the upcoming seasons. When I decide to gear fish I do really well with these styles of lures. The
Supreme Super Hair
I would like to tie up some clousers using supreme super hair.  My question is once I tie in the super hair and cut off the length I would like it to be the end of the clouser will just be straig
Help finding tying video
Thought I bookmarked a streamer video and now can't find it. Does anyone remember looking at a video in the last month that was a clouser style fly. It was weighted, used a dubbing loop to dub a fish
Panfish Swap With A Twist
I'd like to do the clouser if available
For All You Guys Tying Flies or Fly 'Parts' With Mono...
I tie some flies with mono thread, but not sure about the diameter. No problem that I've noticed with epoxy, or Sally Hansen's which is what I use for head cement. Occasionally have used CA glues, but
Atlanta (Duluth, actually) Fly Fishing Show Feb. 3-4
Just a reminder, the show is this coming weekend.  If you are in the area, find time to come by.  The show will feature Bob Clouser, Lefty Kreh, Gary Borger, Joe Humphries, Simon Gawesworth
January Flies from the Vise
BCT ... Kimo posted your fly ... and until I read his description, I thought it was one of his. You've got the pattern down.  Very nicely done!   Mike ... looks like you're getting a good st
Material question
I frequently mix synthetics and natural fibers... the only trick that I've found is to keep any sythetics as sparse as possible..... Here's an "Offshore clouser" (and my apologies to Bob Clouser...).
Favorite Wet Fly ?
How did either of you you make that jump?C.If anyone could identify SARCASM on the internet, I would have ASSumed it would be a Brit.... I am 100% on your side Crackaig! I have railed against the same
What Is A "Professional" Fly Tier
Race car driver and fly tier, your really making that comparison. Fly tying is arts and craft not building and driving a car 200 mph in a pack of other drivers doing the same thing. If your definition
Hello from Missouri
dflanagan I hate to stir the pot but, a friend of mine is camping on the Niangua right outside of Bennett spring state park and texted me that he caught two very nice bronze backs and several dinks th
Bucktail Weed Guard
Today I tried tying a weed guard using bucktail. I had already tried using 17 pound mono but it di not work. I going to try tying a clouser with a weed guard for the ponds near my house full of lily p
Project Healing Waters Donations
I'm in with 12 clouser minnows
New and Need Help
Give us some info on the fishing you intend to do and the location, and you will get much better, specific advice. I would only get what I need for a couple or three must tie patterns to get started.
Martin shrimp fly -- variations?
I'm not seeing your pics for some reason. I took a look at that fly, and cannot say why the marabou is used, except it should add a bit more movement. IMO for shrimp, some crabs & crayfish imitati
Impressions of the International Fly tying Symposiumch
Thanks Mogup and you are correct as well Flat Rock Native.  There is a difference about watching something and becoming a member of something and that difference is interaction.  You can't g
Your Best 12 Trout Flies?
I'm putting this in the tying section as I want as many replies as possible.   If you had to compile a list of the best dozen trout fly patterns, no matter the type, what would they be? I know th
Fly tying buyer's remorse
  Bugsy, "TMC 400T swimming nymph hooks.  After probably 20 yrs, I still can't find a use for them..." ---We can trade for some polyolefin yarn, subs for many Zelon apps.. I have about a m
Re-stocking/recycling flies...
Capt Bob, thanks for sharing as always.  And of course your flies look great ....   Not trying to derail your subject, but a question -- I know you tie two styles of weedguards -- the single
Bucktail Baitfish, think ive got it...
Call it a deadly deceiving gurgling clouser?
Partridge & Orange (widebody)
Am i the only person thats figured that the simplest patterns are the most effective? Crazy Charlie, Gotcha, Clouser, Griffiths gnat, egg, deceiver, it goes on. Right? Maybe, but what is the fun of t
The importance of the correct hook and material.
tidewaterfly, That what I am saying. Like your  Clouser... Im not trying to re invent the wheel. Just use what works for me. And what I have on hand.  My flies are not going in a shad
Cubs themed flies?
For the Cubs ... winning the series ... I'd think something like "hell has frozen over" would be appropriate.   I fire (red/orange) and ice (blue/white) clouser, maybe?
New to Tying, New to Forum (a few early efforts)
Well, at least some of them work some of the time ... Playing around, started to tie one of Flats' drunken shrimps, then turned it into a sort of fancy clouser ... Worked!
Hurrican Bay FL....?
Hurrican Bay???  Never heard of it.  Get your buddy to tell you the name of the nearest good sized city (lots and lots of developments in Florida with the name "hurricane" or some variation
If you could only have Three Bass Flies....?
1. Gurgler 2. Clouser 3. Cork poppers Strictly smallmouth river fishing. Occasionally I accidently catch a LM but I rarely target them specifically. I like fishin on top so I don't have a top three fo
Clouser Deep Minnow
Here is my hand tied Clouser Deep minnow in the chartreuse over white. Please tell me what you think.  
Starters Package
Interesting pattern Vicrider. I like it. I've never seen chenille tied that way. I have bead chain, but have only used it in a clouser pattern. Now I have something new to try. Thanks!
Black Redfish Worm Vid!!
Nice fly and a good clear video. My suggestion would be to include more details and explanations since you presumably mean this to be instructional. Give the length of the tail in proportion to the fl
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