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tying station suggestions
Add some magnets, temporary holder for hooks and stuff. [attachment=68863:tying station.jpg]   As for the holes ... large holes where you have them will probably be fine.  With the bodkin/bo
Assorted Fly Tying Feathers, Hairs, and Furs
FTF BEGINNERS' PACKAGE DEAL:   - Thompson Pro vise on other thread ($35) - a great beginner's vise. Vintage quality, lightly used. - Art of Fly Tying book on other thread ($5) - covers all the ba
New Tying Bench
the board with the holes should have been placed on either side of the bench. you will be reaching around the vise to access item that are in the holes   suggestion: i would add some 3/16 or 1/4
Experiments from area 55
Needle body instructions take two. Is anybody reading this?  Chugbug did ask.   At the very least needles are good for making extended bodies. You can make them with a single duck flank feat
First stab at Materials...
I made my first bodkin from a dowel and a needle,  I made another  with a bottle cork handle and a smaller needle my whip finishers are the fancy ones, because they were the only two availab
Daniel's Coachman (Bomber variation) SBS
Making the original suitable for rougher water. Calftail wing would be more traditional but I was looking to keep the tie-down area slimmer. hook Dai Riki 125 #10 thread - MFC 8/0 brown tail - moos
September Flies From the Vise
Sandman Great ties. Not sure what you do for extended bodies but I do them in 20s fast and easy with a trick tip that uses a tube. I one upped it and use surgical tube so I can control the Feather o
Al's Rock Chuck October Caddis (Bullethead variation) SBS
A few changes to Al Campbell's version. His used marmot; I went with woodchuck. Also, Congo Hair replaces yarn for the abdomen loop and a bullethead instead of spun deer for a little different look.
Getting back into tying and A K Best
Production Fly Tying was published in 1989.  Hard to believe it was that long ago.  I adopted several of his suggestions from the book when setting up my bench and tying area.  It sou
Older Style Bobbin Question
Anyone recognize the bobbin in this picture?  I was sent this picture by someone that bought it with some other fishing and tying stuff at a yard sale.  They wanted to know anything about it
Thread recommendations
Try using ceramic bobbins.  It cuts down of the fraying, but doesn't eliminate it.  What you have to learn to do is to feed the thread slowly so you aren't wearing on the same spot all the
Squirmy Worm Help
It's a pain but so realistic. Most times when you sinch down on it it goes in the opposite direction you want. Negative psychology. I fasten with modest pressure then try to make wraps to get it w
Bobbin threader on the run....
while i still have good lungs the old draw method works    or   2X on the GUM threaders.  I find that it hangs nicely on my vise so it doesn't get lost on my bench.  I do
renzetti o-ring and what it does
Are we talking O rings? The little round things that cost ten cents and can be found at any large or small hardware store, automotive store, Walmart, target, etc... on the planet. Who needs a source f
Renzetti traveler review
How is Renzetti's warranty and customer service ?   in 30+ years of tying on a renzetti traveler, i too have never had to use it     geneal observations   in 30+ years, the o-r
Perfection loop
While back Capt Bob showed a Double Surgeon Loop on leaders to increase the longevity of the fluro loop and to me it helps protect the welded flyline eye by distributing the force with less biting int
RIP Norm Norlander   It is with a sad heart tonight I am informing you of the passing of Norm Norlander. Norm invented the Norvise Fly Tying System and Autom
Midge bobbins?
A long time back, I re-spooled a bunch thread onto small bobbins.  Those small bobbins and a midge bobbin, fit into a small stream side kit very well.  I never use a midge bobbin for tying a
does anybody have any suggestions on what vice, bobbin, and all of that stuff that i can get for like 150 dollars or less, just trying to start out fly tying and i have no clue on whats good and neede
Question re spun and stacked deer hair
Bimini, i think it,s worse because nylon really absorbs water and relaxes(elongates), things get really can spin the whole body around the hook..i think most threads relax when wetted excep
Loading a Dr. Slick Glass Bobbin Troubles!
 I received a Dr. Slick glass bobbin as a gift and I cannot get this thing loaded.  My bobbin threader stops on the bottom insert.  I've tried the sucking method.  The only success
GSP advice
I have been using a spool of GSP100 that I bought to try. I could tie most everything with it, with the exception of foam, which it cuts like a hot knife would, and the very small stuff, of course. Th
Orvis Thread
Don't really understand the problem, but two things come mind; I often pass the thread around a leg of the bobbin to increase winding tension and I have had  a bobbin that I bent the legs more to
thread life
I have spools 40 to 50 years old I inherited that are still good. As long as its out of sunlight its good. Check your bobbin for nicks or excessive wear.
Spun Bodies
I gathered my thoughts, sorta like herding cats, and then checked out a Pat Cohen video to see how he stacked deer hair.  The style was similar but not the same.  Here's what the instructor
Fly tying scissors reviews.
Ive been using Amvil Ice most of my 50 years of tying. Tried lots of others, I just keep back going back to them. My biggest issue with most scissors is the finger loops not big engough for my fat s
Our Favorite Things?
I do enjoy using ice dub.  Need to find more patterns that would call for it. Believe it or not I love tying with heavy streamer thread.  Something about seeing it come out of the bobbin.
Soft Hackled Nymph Swap
Mine hit the mail today. Since I had just gotten some of the "477" replacement yarn from another member I stuck some red wire on another bobbin and tied up a dozen Sawyer Killer Bugs in size 16. Proba
Did FTF Go Down For a Few Days or...
It was just you...and all the rest of us nervous fly tyers out there who live vicariously through the trips and vises of our brothers of the bobbin. My wife just walked over to the computer and wonder
Bass Pro Shops tools or good starter tool kits
Your in luck! You got a book, a vise, scissors and you have a computer. Your well on your way and only need about 20 more bucks for tools. Don't spend it on a kit. Yes bass pro tools are fine. The di
Bobbin Review
When I started, I just purchased a cheap ceramic bobbin and it did its job. I needed another one to tie a different pattern so I was looking at maybe getting a better bobbin, but was a little skeptica
Dubbing Drubbing
That is an excellent tutorial.  I have used a turkey skewer to spin my dubbing noodles for many years, similar to
Ekich Bobbin
For Christmas my darling wife gave me an Ekich model S bobbin holder. Upon opening the box, even though the frame is plastic it has a feel of quality and it fit my hand like a glove. It should for $70
Fly Tying Kits - Recommendations?
Cody,   My advice is to focus on just the flies you intend to fish with and buy materials just for those to start out then expand from there.  A kit is not the way to go in my opinion. 
Sherbrook's Copperbody SBS
A few mods to the original; kind of a double-decker Belgian Copper John. In honor of Turkey Day (and lack of peacock) I subbed turkey for peacock quill wing and tail; unsure of what hackle was used
The Texas Midge
What happened to your thread is you didn't use a bobbin rest when you utilize the rotary feature of your vise. You could buy one if you don't own one or fabricate one out of a large sized paper clip,
Regal Revolution question
Thinking of pulling the trigger on a SS Regal Revolution.  Does anyone know if it comes with the bobbin holder (hanger)?  Thanks.
A couple of tool ideas that might help
Forgot the name of a local captain that came up with an idea for a chenille bobbin made from a squeeze bottle and a foam ear plug.   Bottles can be found in craft stores. If you're a working stif
YLI Silk thread keeps breaking while wrapping hook
Three reasons why My thread breaks. 1)  Too much pressure.  Easy to do when you go to smaller threads.   2)  Nicks in the bobbin holder.  Either end of the tube could have a n
  Complete Danvise with pedistal base. Very little use, and no issues. Also included is the jaw extension, as well as an extra set of jaws and the bobbin holder. Shipping will be via priority ma
Cortland "MICRON" fly line backing
Rocco, woven hollow core Dacron is the backing used for decades, then came along the Spectra/Dynema zero-stretch type lines.   One can fashion a loop on the backing, using a bobbin threader and a
What the heck are these?
I've used the firewall a few times. Use an adjustable butane lighter no torch. A torch will fry the thread as well as what you wanted singed off. If your handy the guards are easily made or you can ge
Veevus 50 Denier - Amazing thread
My white veevus is lumescent under uv light. It's my only veevus to date, so I don't know if they all do that. I love tying with it, too, by the way. Has a nice, smooth feel to it coming off the bobbi
speed tying
Excellent !!! Automatic bobbin holders, a custom built tying table to fit it and plastic on the walls for the possible blood splatter !!!
Regal Brass Bobbin Cradle Question...
Ok folks I hate to even ask a stupid question but for those of you that tie on a Regal Revolution vise like myself can someone please tell me what exactly is the purpose of the extra brass fitting tha
tiny fly questions
Sandan, sorry for late comeback. All I ever use is a length of white poly yarn. On the average yarn I segment 3 pieces out of it. I take one of those pieces I cut about 2" long or so and loop it aroun
Tools of the trade !
Welcome Anthony! First off the tools needed are few and they are inexpensive if you want them to be. The tools do not get stressed and outside of the vise, swiss watch precision and engineering brings
Default Grandpa's Story - History of the Adams Fly
Did you notice that Len Halliday wound the thread on the hook with his fingers without a bobbin. He also does not dub the body but uses yarn to wrap the body instead of spinning dubbing on the thread.
Wide Bobbin
I just load thread like that onto old thing thread spools. Google will turn up some DIY tutorials. Easy to make a bobbin. Look up the homemade tying tools thread on here.
howdy all
New vise (new used) Danvise, I modified my heavy base and bobbin rest arm with basket to fit. I most definitely prefer my heavy base for steadiness and my arm (bobbin rest) because it a
Finished tying tool collection
LOL  this is another of those threads that show the reason most people can't save money tying flies.   I have one good pair of scissors ... and I got those in a $25.00 grab bag. I have one h
Hello from Austin, just beginning to learn
Hi All, my name is Rod - short for Rodman a hand-me-down from my father's first name. I'd like to believe it was fated that I would enjoy fishing. Recent shoulder surgery caused me to go into a clo
Your favorite fly tying tip?
take tying lessons   When using marabou, wet it first. It will be easier to handle.   Use a sharp blade like a scalpel blade or razor blade, instead of scissors, to cut the tensioned thre
red it just me?
Are you using all of these threads on the same bobbin? If so, you may have a burr on the bobbin that is catching the thread and causing it to break.
Can't See
I also have enhanced my vision on the flie,by tacking up a large Black piece of " poster board in the back round , ? I also have 2 bright "ott" lights, but sometimes there's a glare ,and adjustment i
New Guy from NY
Try an O ring available at auto parts stores that fits over the bobbin tube to assist with hackle control and head forming/glueing. Note my wolly bugger I made this morning in olive with brown hackle.
Brand new to everything fly related.......
Your in luck! Fly fishing and fly tying ain't that difficult. As for tools there's only a small handful needed, vise, bobbin, thread, scissors, bodkin, whip finish tool and hackle pliers. Anything els
Fly Tying Video Fails
Historically interesting, which is how it should be viewed, IMO.  I wonder when it was made, supposing a long time ago.  As a teaching or learning vehicle, it doesn't fulfill that purpose at
Fly tying tip
Doesn't strengthen it at all. It simply prevents multible strands from separating and making the material wrap fuller because the strands are kept together. You're right.  I think the weight
Wet fly critique
Just a couple of thoughts, you can follow or not:   You covered it but what do you do about those things ? I personally, if tying this, would shorten up the tail a bit. The tail also needs to sit
Jay Smit hit a home run with his ingenious design and superior heirloom quality vise for life... Besides being very comfortable to tie on, there's a lot going on in the details... I have a serious vi
Renzetti Master Vise Rotary Parachute Attachment?
I've got one I never used. It's pretty simple.   It attaches to the stem of the vise with a fixture like the one used to attach a bobbin cradle.  The parachute attachment is a large C-shaped
Renzetti Cam Traveler Pedestal Base
I bought a new (to me) vice and three is just more than I need.    Renzetti Cam Traveler (Right Handed) $sold Shipped  The vice works just fine.  The jaws are good with no issues.
Tying a better Midge (Zebra Midge Example)
I like the look of these flies. I also like the idea of preserving the hook gape. I have seen on other videos where the tyer spins the bobbin to make the thread lay flat when making thread bodies.
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