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First stab at Materials...
I made my first bodkin from a dowel and a needle,  I made another  with a bottle cork handle and a smaller needle my whip finishers are the fancy ones, because they were the only two availab
Looking For Advice
I had lousy rubber bands,  I guess, they kinda melted in the fly box. Yours will catch fish the way they are, the suggested black head sounds good to me. Chamois strips would last longer maybe, b
DMC Cotton Embroidery Floss v DMC Wool Yarn
All the books I have that refer to floss are using silk or rayon.I've looked at cotton floss a jillion times and always persuaded myself that almost anything is better than cotton for fly tying. Wool
June Flies From the Vise
Mr Wiggles, haha. That looks like it will catch some fish. That cricket is art. Thank you fshng2 for the toothpick tip, round 2 with uv went better and using that instead of a nail or bodkin made all
Tying round lead onto a hook
stick one end of the wire in the eye of the hook and wrap the wire. once you have enough, pick out the wire from the end with a bodkin and trim both ends.   or
May Flies From The Vise
Here is my contribution, 3 different Purple UV Chironomids:   Playing with UV resin for the first time. Consistency is clearly not there, hah! Also, I needed to find something to do with these
For $150 you can get everything you need to get started and then some. My advice would be to spend most of your budget on two items: the vise and good fly tying scissors.     For t
Foam Cutters
I use these cutters for 2 layers of 2mm foam glued together with Elmers rubber cement, and for solid 6mm foam body's for hoppers. Always used their cutting mat you will have to push for the thicker fo
Parachute posting
Skeptical? You wouldn't have to buy special needles to try it just use bodkin. I tend to think it works well enough, at least for some people/uses. Parachutes interest me enough that I have bought sev
Excessive Glue with Baitfish Skull Head
Goop is great for attaching eyes. One good thing is the excess gels and can easily be picked away with a bodkin
March Flies From The Vise
Mike Tie the chennile on back of hook wrap twice or so cinch down and place the strip of foam, cinch the foam. Tip lil glue here so stops body rolling so you don't cut the foam with thread to secure.
Are all craft furs the same?
Not sure what Lasher is.... The gliiter craft fur I've seen doesn't have but one flash filament in about 4"square. Amazing to me how this stuff is artificially made.... long strands (guard hairs) and
Bass Pro Shops tools or good starter tool kits
The only tools you need are scissors, bobbin, bodkin and hackle pliers.  I have a couple of the Terra Bobbins, and am quite happy with them.    For hackle pliers, you have several optio
Dubbing Drubbing
That is an excellent tutorial.  I have used a turkey skewer to spin my dubbing noodles for many years, similar to
Deer Hair "Green Weenie"
Bear with me....2 ways to do foam but not exactly on a greenweenie but same principle 1. Cut foam discs using cutter(223 cartridge) and glue 2. Use 2 strips and tie/ glue in sections moving forward
Finishing Knots
One - two whip finishes with a Materelli whip finish tool + some plain old bee's wax rubbed into the thread prior to whipping. Then I apply a heated bodkin point to the hook eye - this melts the wax i
November Flies from the Vise
Just finished up this sculpin and somehow broke the eye of the hook while clearing it with a bodkin. Drove the bodkin into my thumb. And I was pretty happy with the little thing, too. Nice work, every
Grass carp?
Take some dog food with you. They love sipping it off the surface. I took a little block of 2mm brown foam that I had Superglued together and trimmed it to the size/shape of a piece of dog food. Heat
when will i stop?
I feel your pain! My desk could be in full order and I'd still find myself looking everywhere for the bodkin that was right under my nose.
Deer Hair Popper help
The key is 2 wraps with the thread over the hair the work the thread to the shank.  Wrap on the shank once and pull tight then use a nail not tool (I made one out of a piece of hickory that kinda
Tools of the trade !
Welcome Anthony! First off the tools needed are few and they are inexpensive if you want them to be. The tools do not get stressed and outside of the vise, swiss watch precision and engineering brings
Home made tool pouch
3 scissors 2 whip finishers 3 in 1 dubbing loop tool with both attachments Bodkin 2 hackle pliers with room for more but important was scissor protection. All 3 has separate storage
howdy all
I kink the mono at the point I desire for length. Grip with hackle pliers and press down to cause a kink. Other method is to slightly heat Bodkin and use that to cause bend. I don't use that because t
Let's see your fly tying travel kits!
Everything you can see there goes on the plane in my carry on bag.  No bodkin, no razor blades, no head cement/adhesives (though I could put it with my shaving kit stuff).  It's all been dom
Your favorite fly tying tip?
Use a round toothpick vs your bodkin to distribute epoxies and UV adhesives. They are useful to clean larger hook eyes too. When done toss the toothpick and your bodkin remains clean.
Brand new to everything fly related.......
Your in luck! Fly fishing and fly tying ain't that difficult. As for tools there's only a small handful needed, vise, bobbin, thread, scissors, bodkin, whip finish tool and hackle pliers. Anything els
aplicator bottle
I found a tip that works great to clean the bodkin. Get a 35mm film canister those black plastic with lids and some steal wool. Fill it with the steal wool 3/4 full. Now when you use the Bodkin with S
Nippers   Anglers Image nipper - $14.95 from Yellowstone Angler - I am not affiliated or represent any entity selling these nippers.   What I liked about
Traveling tying kit
I travel all over the Country, and I have a travel box to take with me on the road.  But that's NOT what you need. You are going to a clinic or tie-n-lie, so you don't need to take material with
are jurassic vises catching on
SB - I think Jim Tidewaterfly has a similar vise; maybe you guys frequent the same Orvis store. When I was a kid and had no tools other than what I made, I used the Old Man's regular bench vise, and I
I found them !!!
Hate it when that happens, I lost my bodkin the other night, was cleaning up and it was nowhere to be found, searched everywhere, gave up, searched again it was in my box that I looked through 5 times
When to glue, When not to glue?
Glueing can be somewhat tedious and messy. It seems as though from fly to fly, I'm not using enough or to much. When should I use the brush or use the application tip. Is there a best method to apply
Pheasant tail nymph without legs
I struggle with the same problem.  My problem is getting them split and getting them on each side of the hook.  You can get as ingenious as you want about this, you aren't stuck with jus
favorite fly swap
Dflanagan and Jollyred your flies got in this morning both look like fish catchers. Jolly Red thank you for the bodkin just last night I thinking I needed a more precise one.
January Flies from the Vise
[attachment=60595:IMG_1240.JPG]     Boise Bug - Daniel Briley   Hook  Tiemco 200R Size 6-8 depending on the size of the bugs in the river. Thread:  Brown or black 6/0 Tail: &#
Hello and What tools can you NOT live without.
If I had to, I could get by with just a vise, scissors and bobbin. A bodkin, hackle pliers and hair stacker would be next on my list.
SLF Prism vs. Ice Dub
Cream and Bruce have it. Make that noodle real tight and you'll find yourself having to pick some out with the bodkin as it can become really packed.
New and Need Help
Many thumbs up to advice above, especially on posts 10, 11, 12 above. Wish I would have seen that about 1992. Tools needed, contrasted with those that are desirable, are inexpensive - vise, bobbin, a
Hot glue shrimp/scuds
Hi folks, has anyone used hot glue for Making fly bodies? Do you make the body off the hook and then glue/tie to the shank or build up direct to the hook? Watched the videos, nice general instruction
November Flies from the Vise
Flytire are you going to try this ???    This guy has a great Idea but bad technique. Try not to use a lighter (soot and burn fingers)  .. Try using a heat gun or an alcohol burner Alw
Baitfish Fibers
I use only two different fibers, macrame yarn (or craft yarn as its called now,) and Congo hair.  I simply add what ever flash I want to those.    I think I read one on your threads
September flies from the vise
Trying to imitate a fly I bought at a store which I assume to be a caddis nymph. I've got to figure out a better method for the legs. As mentioned you could use pheasant, you could also use mallar
Pike&Musky flies from the vise!
Jokey! Thankyou! No brush, just flash spun in a dubbing loop, lately i've been trying longer flash & less of it, just keep a bodkin handy, spin a bit, untangle, spin a bit, wrap like a hackle hold
Liquid fusion for coating deer hair flies
I have been using it on some of my deer hair bugs.  Mostly on the underside.  In any case just squirt a bit in a tray or into the underside / bottom of an aluminum soda can and add the same
Couple of cork poppers
Nice....and tell the folks how simple/quick corks can be shaped from the utility corks.... Very easy -- all the poppers I've made started out as bottle stoppers. I actually found a little mandrel
Best Top Coat for Poppers?
If you're using the hard-foam heads, a hot bodkin is a good way to go.  Kinda depends though on how thick your legs are.  for really fine sili legs, a bodkin hole will do, and you can thread
Peacock Feathers - Longevity and Storage
Got it from the guys on FAOL - Spread the quills out before putting them in the wax and a bodkin will separate them right out.  Put the quill between your finger nails and just pull the wax right
Harrop/Lawson No Hackle
Hi Steve,    The link that Norm posted for Davie's video is good. One of the main tips is to use Green winged teal wing primary or secondary feathers. They're not nearly as bulky as mallard
Over it
Ouch!  My "worst" is really not all that bad, but it could have been.  I got a block of walnut and drilled holes in it to make a tool caddy.  In addition to a bodkin, I also use a small
Tying Parachute Flies - How Do You Do It?
Do you guys use any type of vise accessory like a "Gallows Tool" or a "Parachute Rest" (two terms that I have found online) to hold the parachute post straight up while you are tying parachute flies?
Quality Tools
stick a needle in a dowel and you get a bodkin   stick a needle into a mechanical pencil and you get another bodkin (i was a draftsman, had a bunch of pencils)   save an empty bic pen or equ
Zap a Gap Free!!!
The problem I have always had with Tear Mender is that if I don't use it for a little while, I get dried/clogged caps with it.  Seems like sometimes I'd have to pull really big chunks of someho
Pheasant Tail Colors
2 tips to keep from crowding the eye, which have worked for me...   1) Have as your end goal on each fly to have a tiny section of bare shank visible on the eye when you're done, like the width o
Keel Crab
Pretty good video.  I wasted 4 minutes of my life while you tediously teased out the rubber legs and trimmed the hair for the shell.  Just stick your bodkin in there at the shaft and pull ea
Durability of whip finish with head cement vs. 2 whip finishes?
Regarding small to tiny flies - I do not have any great insight as to the durability difference of the two methods. However, I've found with the two 3-turn whip finish, if it begins to unravel, I
Flies from salvaged material
I have a little plastic box for trimmings from Antron, flashabou and the like. I just cut em into short pieces when they go in the box, and someday I'll use them for a little added sparkle when blendi
Zap a Gap
Cold;  I have applicator tips but dont use them.  I took a picture last Thursday for a thread below.    This is just a corner of that picture that shows "Wonder Wax", Liquid Fusion
UV Goo being sold as "Welding Cement"
How is two pieces of plastic going to be fused together when the light is not able to hit the resin.  I am sure ole Henry will be able to shed some light on it for us!!!!!    T
Flashabou pike/musky streamer
Decided to put together a quick step by step of a pike and musky flashabou streamer. No i did not come up with this streamer, and if you would like you can Google search for it to get a better video d
wrapping soft hackles
It's possible the barbs are "marrying" by interlocking barbules.  Run a bodkin (needle) through them to see if they separate and spread out as wanted.
Best substitute for jungle cock on fishing flies
I appreciate the comments on jungle cock - I have seen the suggestions for using other feathers (pheasant tippet, barred wood duck, starling, bobwhite quail, guinea fowl, etc.).  Has anyone use
UV resins, and lights
@Silvercreek        Thanks for the good info!     Do you know which, if any, wavelength that the UV B will work on?     It sounds like AKtrap may be on to som
Sally hanson
Its ready straight out of the bottle.Some people like to thin it a little but i never have.I have an old cap that i took the brush out of the end and stuck a toothpick in its place and it works great
UV Resin
I bought a $32 2oz bottle of Loon thick and a $4 light from China with upwards of a dozen led's that does a great job of curing it quickly. Can use a bodkin to get the thick into even tiny places - no
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