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What's the deal on fly reels?
Maybe Okuma has improved.  I bought a couple. The ball bearings were steel, but were in a plastic matrix.  My buddy doesn't abuse his reels, but he does use them hard.  You buy a $30 re
Looking for a new line
A couple of things no one has pointed out yet, first is temperature, here in florida I use rio bonefish and love it, it doesnt get soft on me in the summer. Now the problem with that line is today it
Stocking a bass and panfish fly box suggestions
Here's a couple of no namers. The first one might have a name but it didn't have one when Harry Steeves showed it to me about 15 years ago. To be honest I didn't have much luck with the original. I've
Deer hair
I buy my deertails in bulk, if possible, and try to use every last bit.... Natural bucktails, after all the nice white hair is gone, I use the center hairs for spreaders on tarpon flies, collars on Co
Saltwater tying thread?
Have been using Danville 210 FWN and Danvile Fine mom on my SW flies for 15 years. It's consistent, readily available and just works for everything I do. The only time I will go smaller is for some
salty skill building no.1 - the clouser minnow
What's a Gotcha? I only joined so i could ty a male shrimp!:-)Lol a gotcha is a traditional bonefish pattern that would probably be better with balls too Adam, so now you have a dilemma! Lol by the w
crayfish patterns
My go-to crawfish patterns are fairly simple, but they've produced enough to hold permanent spots in my boxes:   For small ones (say, #8 and smaller) a brown woolly bugger.  It ain't fancy,
January flies from the vise
I tried to quote you guys.   Yeah a Ring burner.  Can't think of the origin of the name, but probably has something to do with the orange colour.  It's essentially an orange CI (Christm
lamson or hardie?
I wonder what all the striper, salmon, and steelhead fishermen did back in the days before sealed drags and CNC machined reels.    Oh, yeah, Lefty Kreh wrote about what they used to do... t
Gamakatsu hooks!
Gamakatsu does have a line hooks that are marketed as Saltwater.  They are super sharp hooks that are tinned and are not stainless.  The most popular ones are the SL12S Big Game, SC15 Wide G
Golden Hair
I used tail feathers from my Golden and the puffs of fur you get off the hind quarters to tie a bonefish fly .... And yes it worked.
Reel advice?
Joseph - I'm happy with my Guru 2 which I picked up at Sierra Trading Post at a bargain price maybe 6 weeks ago.  SInce this is a discontinued item I started to think about spare spools and seei
What do you do with your swap flys
Li'l Dave's post reminded me that I enjoy entering swaps to tie flies I don't usually fish. I enjoy tying up something I don't usually do, which means of course I probably won't fish the ones I get, m
Custom hand painted fly box
Just finished this recycling of an old cigar box. The tarpon and fly are painted with acrylics and clear coated. Dimensions are 9"x7.75"x2" deep. This would be a very nice item for your man cave or co
Polar Bear fur
Hey guys. Long time tyer, first time poster (my name is Bill, and I live waaay south). I bring 2-300$ worth of polar bear back from Quebec every summer. I keep it in the bag, with receipts, and cus
Best bobbin?
Before I comment on bobbins you need to remember that I'm a saltwater tyer and use my gear for production work (hard usage, flat-waxed nylon from Danville mostly, small thread for me is 3/0 monocord f
Best Vice For $120
  I have owned both the Danvise and the Mongoose (which I currently tie on) and I can tell you that the Danvise is a very good piece of equipment.  It was my first rotary vise, and it he
Matching the rod with the fly.
There's a reason you won't see any bamboo on the salt (at least I never have, and I've been working the long rod since 1976.... and began guiding full time in 1996 down here in south Florida) but that
Ambergris Caye Belize March 2016
Chico Fernandez's bonefish special.It should be tied with an orange tail but this is all I had on hand.   Anything by Fernandez is a good bet   [attachment=54003:thumbm_img4cdb806a8c452.jpg]
Denver Bonefish.... good God. 
Clouser Minnows
Hey Chrome...neat little flies aren't they. In a Bob Clouser Video with  Lefty, he has a small bonefish Clouser with calftail. My wife and I have been using small calftail Clouser's similar to th
Need Help! Andros/Nassau/Paradise Island Fly Fishing
 Well, at this point I believe I have seen everything there is to see online about any kind of flats fishing in Nassau/Paradise Island.   I need to hear from people on here who live there or
An Ohio guy
Welcome to the site. Not a lot of bonefish chasing opportunities in Ohio.  Where do you go for those? 
Green shrimp
Very nice looking fly! That should work! I like it!    I would use that fly as a crayfish imitation too for our Smallmouth bass. Would bet it would even work well for Redfish or Bonefish, bu
Goin home to Ohio in September, Bass Fly advice?
You'll be able to use any of those flies you tie for bonefish.  Bass will take anything that looks alive, and shrimp, crayfish and bait fish patterns all get eaten. Topwater is fun, but is limite
My first flies!
Here are a few flies I tied up last night. My first attempts at the amber shrimp and the gotcha (all for bonefish here in Hawaii!)
Over a month ago you said you were sending me a couple of your leaders and I sent you a few bonefish flies. I have yet to see any leaders.
Small mouth Bass Flies
I've never fished the Snake, or west of the Mississippi for that matter, but will agree with Dave G about flies for SM. They're take almost any fly you can cast and doesn't have to be a fly actually t
Whip Finish Loose?
Well, thank you for your service.  I don't think Red Devils will thrill you as much as bonefish, but a good Peacock Bass might.
Short Shank Hooks?
I use the Mosquito hooks as is. That offset is only slight, and I've yet to have any issue.    Mike, that's really not true. I've used other hooks that had offset points & never had one
I've caught them on many different fly patterns. Have caught them while fishing for trout on wet flies, terrestrial, nymphs, streamers & dry flies. In bigger waters, like the Susquehanna River I'v
living in florida....
I've been living in Florida since '89.  I love it down here.    The fishing can be/is good/incredible anywhere in the state but that can be said pretty much anywhere, not just Florida.&
Borski Slider
All that's needed to turn that slider into a very good bonefish fly is to shorten the tail a bit (no longer than the length of the hook itself with a #4 or #2 hook -excellent bug for mudding fish alon
dyed bucktails
Like Tidewater I use quite a bit of the center hair from bucktails -both for fly tying and for jig making.  Since I do hundreds of bucktail jigs using the nice white bucktail hair it leaves me wi
Flats Shrimp
Sometimes you can tweak a realistic into a fishable Critter. I took my Grass Shrimp and turned it into a 2 " shrimp for fish'N the flats. Lay this fly on the water near a tailing Bonefish. Yes Sir ...
Sometimes Your Just In A Crabby Mood
I just about grew up on Jones Beach L. I . I used to Love walking down the beach finding Crab Claws or even whole Crabs washed up on the Beach. So I figured what Hell. Let me see what I can come with
1st river brownie EYOOO
troutguy! The grayling in Finland are much easier to catch then brown trout, mostly silver, but they have a awsome shade of brown/burgandy & electric blue mixed in with them! Truly beautiful! Yes!
Who prefers to fish bamboo?
I often see the stated advantage of fast graphite is they can throw a line farther.  So?  If you're fishing for bonefish, maybe that's an advantage, but I've never seen the need for a 60' ca
India necks
Years ago I did dozens and dozens of bonefish flies using Indian cree neck hackles for accents (a single small hackle on each side of an inverted wing - as shown on any Crazy Charlie or Snapping Shrim
Problems with fly reels
I just wish I could get into more fish that would get into my backing. I don't live near bonefish and big tarpon and can't afford to travel to those areas. I've only hooked on big redfish of about 42"
Fly Displays
I started doing shows (boat shows mostly, then fishing shows, then fly gatherings) back in the eighties and wanted a quick way to not only allow folks to look -but also pick up and examine my flies up
Bream/panfish patterns?
Tidewaterfly.... you've got some great stuff!   I really like the bee.  But I've gotta know: in the box of "bonefish style" flies, the right-hand box section, the 2nd fly from the upper
Least favorite fish to catch
Nothing really i hate maple and oak fish they suck espcially after the first fall storms here in pa while trout fishing. Suprisingly i love catching big creek chubs on the fly some of tgem 7 to 9 inch
badger and fox fur
Some great advice already made! It depends on what part of the animal the patches are from for what it can be best used. Belly hair is different than from the back area. No matter what you have it can
Salt/Fresh Reel
I highly recommend any of the Nautilus reels -I have five of them in hard commercial w/o a single problem.... If you are willing to buy used, a Billy Pate Salmon reel is a fine investment. Extremely
any opinions of Aleka rods / reels?
I have an A4 rod and the A4 reel,  both seem to be ok,  they have stood up to about 8 months of saltwater fishing,  I have laded some nice bonefish with that combo.  The drag works
Best float line
If you don't mind spending the money try the rio perception line. It's suppose to be ultra low stretch line which help with casting, hooksets, mends, ect. Something a little less expensive would be
"It comes in any color, as long as it is chartreuse"
I think any type of streamer and any type of popper would be good, it doesn't hurt to hit every species with a little chartreuse. (and I am tying big purely because I just recently tied a hundred size
what else to take to Mexico?
So far I have tied the following for boca paila next month: 6 Charlies (more to come - just got tan, orange, white, pink and chart bucktails) 10 gotchas (with and without crazy legs) 8 bonefish bitter
waldner spoon fly
Small spoon flies are very popular for those that target redfish.  I've watched reds hunt down and attack those little spoons (barely bigger than your thumbnail...) on more than one occasion. 
Carp Flies for February
Welcome to the site, Alex.  I've heard Carp described as the "poor man's Bonefish".   They are very hard to approach, cast to and fool into taking an artificial offering.  There are som
Need a physics lesson
Guys, for the sake of this post I need to find a solution using these hooks (mustad 34007 sizes 6 through 2 and Gama sl45 bonefish hooks sizes 8 through 4). Also, while I have bucktail in every color
Redfish Patterns
We do a fair bit of redfishing (and I'm booked for that tomorrow out of Everglades City).  Here's a few bugs that have worked well for me (and sold well in shops....).   The first one is the
January flies from the vise
First time In fount after bonefish, headed to Cozumel end of march. 1st attempt at a shrimp gotcha
Tying Threads
Years and years ago I started out with 3/0 monocord (which is fine for bonefish bugs and other bugs on relatively small hooks for me... but a bit light for most of stuff as a saltwater tyer..), then m
Fly recommendations for turneffe flats Belize
Bonefish will eat small crabs, if it's crawling on the bottom and looks edible, they'll eat it.
fly fishing from shore - best destinations
Belize would be on my short list.  Can catch bonefish from shore....perhaps a permit here and there.  For tarpon though you'll need a boat.  Another destination would be HI with a side
I have absolutely no personal experience to refute any of the above but I am guilty of watching too much TV sometimes. Sportfishing on the Fly, a Canadian show on the World Fishing Network has at leas
Reverse mayfly duns
My buddy Bill Blackburn lent me his copy of the Peter Hayes book Fly Fishing Outside the Box. Bill and at least one other friend have been urging me to read this book. At first glance--without really
Simple ties for Bluegill
I fished for lake bluegill with flies some, back when I was still in high school--approx the end of the last ice age or so. What struck me then and still does today was how easy they were to catch on
What flies work well for carp?
When I think of carp flies, I think of "buggy" flats type flies that might also be good for Redfish, Bonefish or Smallmouth Bass. These would be patterns that might imitate crayfish or nymphs. There h
flat braid. metallic and not.
I've bought some braids at Jo Ann's. Comes on a card, more yards than what is sold as fly tying material, cheaper in price & looks to be the same thing. I purchased some pearlescent braid that loo
Epoxy Question
For general purposes one is a coating, while the other is an adhesive. Generally the two part epoxies are made for applications where a strong bond is needed. Epoxies get their strength from a chemica
Question: hook choice for streamers
As with most idealized lures/flys/etc, the clousers were first experimented with whenever Bob Clouser went fishing for smallmouth, and a Bahamian guide "invented" the "charlie" as a bonefish fly for h
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