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The Ray Bergman Collection - 50) Brown Mallard

Rubber leg nymph- by Christopher Miller

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The Ray Bergman Collection - 44) Bootes Black


Lamson Micra 5 Litespeed vs Ross Animas
I have 3 Lamson reels. A 10wt Micra, an 8wt Guru, and a 9wt litespeed. I have caught bonefish on the 8wt Guru, even after a full dunking in saltwater. My 10wt has held up on big sharks and even king s
September Flies From the Vise
My first "Flies from the Vise" post.   I have been getting ready for a November trip to the warm waters to chase Bonefish, tarpon and permit.  Working on tying flies from Drew Chicone's book
Presentation case
If it were me I'd simply go to E-Bay (or Amazon) and enter a search for "shadowbox" and see what comes up... You might find something that exactly meets your needs without having to re-invent the whee
Vinyl Ribbing???
and that's what I did until I came across the V-rib thirty or more years ago... Since I was a commercial tyer I bought the stuff by the box (12 spools at a time) and needed a box every 18 months to tw
Fifty Fly Project
Crazy Charlie, Bob Nauheim, 1977 I know it's a bonefish fly, but it works on specs here in SC too.
fishing report, Biscayne nights - Everglades days, 16 June
I teach my beginning saltwater fly anglers that taking a moment to "get the fish on the reel" with a snook usually results in the fish getting off.  I tell them hand strip the fish until it takes
Carrying two rods
Have an Orvis bonefish flats waist strap rod carrier with 2 big fly boxes & water flasks which will carry an extra rod or 2 with 2 separate tackle shoulder/chest packs collecting dust. Could proba
Tying round lead onto a hook
Most wind lead wire around the hook shank - but being a contrary guy... I've always used short sections of lead laid against the hook shank then wrapped in place with thread (which allows a "keel" eff
Looking for panfish ideas
A few thoughts from out of left field....    MikeChell's panfish attractor... would make a great bonefish fly...   Lastly - panfish... make great live bait...
Anyone Fish Out of a Float Tube
For anyone thinking of using a float tube down my way..... The salt or brackish portions of the Everglades just happen to be shark central most days with bull, lemon, blacktip, the occasional big hamm
Sacred Fly - Community Fly Patterns
That's a good enhancement request!  I'll figure out something on how to add similar functionality to the next release.  The MAIN purpose of the site is to have fly tiers like yourself and th
Yearly trips
Going to the Chilean Patagonia in a couple fays! Also the Turks and Caicos for bonefish this summer. Yes... I know I am a very lucky person.
Presidential Shrimp
I would imagine there would be a lot of fouling going on with this pattern. Looks deadly for sight casting some Bahamian bonefish though...
I use a bunch of fluorocarbon - for leaders mostly, and in fly fishing that means mostly bite tippets (also called shock tippets by some...) - and it has a few different characteristics compared to mo
Many years ago I used to fish with a fanatic snook angler who would toss plugs at them all day long... His go to plugs had been hand painted - you guessed it, in pink colors (mostly Mirrolures and sim
What weight dumbbell eyes for Clousers?
As you get into doing Clousers make a point of doing a few of the originals - the way Bob Clouser did them all those years ago.  That way you'll have a better idea of what you need for your appli
Notable FTF Alumni
Cool! I honestly had no idea that those people were on this forum. One notable person that I emailed a couple times was with Dick Brown, the bonefish master. He taught me about a couple solid techniqu
SGF article on the cold snap and snook
Been following cold kills for snook and others down here in paradise for many, many years... I expect (and am rarely disappointed ) that we'll have a bad cold kill every seven to ten years here in Flo
powder coat vs nail polish....
I do a lot of powder coating since I fill jig and leadhead orders by the 100's...  Matter of fact I'm in the middle of a run now (prepping heads to fill three orders..). Although I'm a production
Help with colouring uv cure resin
uv first. Color lightly with marker and then Uv again. Similar to the bonefish fly, bitters, that you posted. Good luck!
DIY bonefish, Belize
Hey guys, I did a write up on my site on diy fishing opportunities in Belize for bonefish, tarpon, permit and other species. Check it out and tell me what you think. Article was based on my recent tri
10wt Advice
If you can find one - a used direct drive Billy Pate Tarpon model will be a lifetime purchase that will never let you down... If you can find one, make sure it's in the configuration you want (left or
Need some info on this Sage rod
Funny how, depending on where you fish, what exactly you're going to be needing in the fly department.  That 7wt is actually the lightest  fly rod I own.  To say it's been to the wars i
Hillbilly Bonefish
Carp fishing is said to be similar to bonefish fishing, just without the pristine water and beautiful tropical flats.  They spook easy, require light line, delicate presentations, and smaller fli
Mop Fly Variant
Fshng2.   I had a couple packs of size 10 Gamakatsu bonefish hooks that I'd brought and never really used for anything.  I tied the bead head mini-mops on those and used a size 10 BS10
Medalist repair
I actually have a brand new in the box version of that reel (in the largest size)... One of these days I'll have to let it go...  As already noted - at one time they were pretty much the only gam
Aruba Flyfishing
I'm in Aruba for vacation and decided to wade in the shallows for bonefish saw them coming right to the shore line early in morning before tourists wake up.
is tenkara catching on?
Yes but I don't think it will grow as much as fly fishing simply because it is pretty much limited to small trout and other fish like that. You simply can't catch just about any saltwater species li
Sand fleas...
Cool man, I use craft fur underfur for some wicked bonefish bugs. Nice work on those flies, I am sure pompano are going to crush those things left and right
What is your favorite fly pattern?
I love parachutes. I tie them for a variety of hatches, from tiny midges to big drakes. If I'm fishing a parachute it means mayflies are hatching and trout are rising, and there's not much better than
Tenkara Bonefish in the Keys
Bonefish in the Keys are tough enough as it is without going fancy about it....  Getting a fly to one of those very educated fish is an achievement - doing it without spooking one - that's an acc
Giant Carp on 5wt!
I have never caught a Carp on a fly rod before, so I wanted to give it a try. Last time I went on the San Juan River I saw quite a few carp feeding on the bottom in a shallow section of the river. 
Salty Boxes?
Generally, I stick with compartment types such as those made by Plano or Flambeau. I refuse to pay the prices for the larger "fly" boxes such as the Cliff, and most of those fly boxes don't hold big f
Carp on a fly is a blast. You fish them like bonefish.   There are several guide services here in Indiana that specialize in carp. Yes you read that right, guides for carp. The flies they have de
Fishing for Perch
I used to catch both White & Yellow Perch in the MD tidal rivers when I lived there. There were also some of each in the reservoirs & other freshwater, but I didn't venture to to waters much &
Pink Silileg Gotcha
Nice video and the colors is likely a good combination for Hawaii from what I've read about the flies popular there. I was there one time, but didn't get to fish, and only after I had returned home di
5wt saltwater tropical fly line
ended up getting a SA bonefish mastery
Is it just me?
Kudu! Not sure what i want? But cheap & good & not a long flight! Still have to look at that blog you mentioned about Africa! Also have to dig up the magazine where i read a few years ago abou
Crazy Charlie with Underwater Footage
This fly is supposed to mimic a shrimp, however its a bit abstract.  Its more about forcing a strike based on the movement and instinct rather than just visual cues.  However this fly is one
Fly Knots
I use the improved Homer Rhode knot for most purposes (it works for everything from light tippet all the way up to an 80 or 100lb bite tippet... I use it with lures, and flies almost always -but never
Florida Keys Recommendations
The Atlantic side of Lower Matacumbe Key has a nice sandy beach with easy wading hard bottom flats. It heads west to a jetty by a marina and should have some bonefish around. Google up satellite image
I go through a bunch of bucktail year in and year out - and try to use every list bit of every tail... That said, like most I have a limited use for the natural brown center portion... I do find that
Lighten Color of Calf Tail
Or you could just save all the trouble, frustration, and time just to save a dollar or two and just get a new one?   Btw, those Charlies work wonders on Bonefish, its my go to fly for them!
I used to do a bonefish pattern I called the Two Feather fly -using two matched saddle hackles (for both the tail and the body of the bug). I'll have to see if I can find a sample or two. It was a g
Last Santa thread of the year...
For whoever got mine I apologize for not sending a better fly box than an altoids can, I guess I am a creature of habit. Did tie extras though, the patterns were various patterns from Drew Chicones bo
Crab patterns
For those who've never fished crab patterns on tropical flats.... it's something a bit different than the way you'd fish a bonefish bug...  First off any crab pattern needs to move like a crab -f
December Flies from the Vise
Joe, do you find those more colorful bonefish flies successful. I find the more muted - match the bottom bugs in tan,cream etc have better results for me ...which of course is now a self fulfilling p
Re-stocking/recycling flies...
My tying desk was just super cleaned - normally it looks like any other tying desk... I was long ago chased out of the house and have my guide skiff, tying desk, rodbuilding bench and lots of storage
Bear Fur ??????
Having hunted black bear I have an excellent selection of blonde, cinnomen, and black.  As fatman mentioned the underfur makes excellent dubbing.  Guard hairs make excellent winging for clou
To weedguard or not?
Buddy bought me Dick Brown's bonefish book last weekend and asked me if I would tie him a selection of flies for his bonefish trip to Belize (Ambergris Caye ) May of 2017.  I haven't been there i
West Coast Salt water
Brodrash I'm from Kentucky but have fished the San Diego bay. I caught calico bass and some other weird fish there. 7wt with a shooting sink tip line. 10 to 17' deep. I used orange and white clouse
Think I've Decided, but ...
Exactly Norm. I do have a gopro hero 3 white, but i rarely use it because of kts terrible quality. The only pictures I've posted from there to here were from my First Bonefish thread(saltwater section
Need To know ???
I use lots and lots of both - but for the salt...  I'd be loath to substitute one for the other, since as noted they have quite different characteristics.  The first attached photo shows thr
Bunny Gill Streamer Fly
I've heard Sunnies and Green Trout in my travels What about "Red Fish" being called the poor mans/rednecks "Bonefish"?
Green Highlander x 7
Nice flies I am assuming those are salmon flies which always puzzled me. For example, "trout flies" usually mimic bugs and insects, "bonefish flies" mimic crabs and shrimp and so on. But "salmon flies
Targets in and around florida?
When fishing the salt down south (usa) what are you targetting? Permit, snook, bonefish, redfish, tarpon (sizes?) Anything else? And... What size / style fly would you prefer for each?
Must admit that I'm still in the school that treats clousers (note the small letters) as more of a style than a pattern.  That very first article on the pattern by Lefty Kreh provided the first h
Learning the salt and the keys
Hey Kudu, so yeah first thing you want to get a bunch of charts and try to learn them. Since you have a bay boat I am betting that you will have some nice HP and modern tech. Sooo look up some reefs a
Sage X vs. Scott Meridian
The Sage X and the Scott Meridian are the class leaders when it comes to 8-10 weight saltwater fly rods. So we decided to compare the two. We put the sticks in our FFF certified casting instructor Gen
How To Tie the Crazy Charlie YouTube Video
Another great video Flats.   It may be a bonefish fly but the bluegill's love them also.   Thanks for posting it.
Head Cement
Here's the routine I've followed for years (when I'm not using Flex-Coat, a two part rodbuilder's finish).  All of my flies get a sparse coat of Krazy Glue to seal and harden the thread (see pic.
New Hook Advice
Hey guys, I need some new hooks other than mustad 3407 that I can use for my self(I use expensive hooks for the bonefish guide). Things it should have are 1. Saltwater rated, not necessarily stainles
Gurgler Tutorial YouTube Video
Thanks for watching! I think next video will be a bonefish fly
Really Need Fly Boxes
Hey guys, really tired of storing my flies in a shoe box under my bed and having a very hard time organizing them and whatnot. My point, does anyone know of a fly box with 2 sides , slim and long,(lik
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