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RBF: Need an 8wt
I've been looking at building a 9' 8wt for a long time, for anything from bass poppers, big streamers, or maybe even inshore if I make it to the coast. Primarily going to be a bass (and maybe carp) ro
Woven cdc parachute may fly emerger.......
Mike, after reading a lot of your posts, I think that maybe you should reconsider your decision.  If I was I a trout I know that I would become a victim of Terje's amazing flies and I think that
Tying a fly using Golden Retriever hair
First of all very sorry to hear about your loss; as for a simple fly to tie with Golden Retriever hair , i tied a Gotcha fly (bonefish) for the Pet hair swap last year. Use the same Gotcha recipe as u
Cobia Flies
A few words about cobia and rays... Lots of fish will follow rays (and at times anything larger than they are....).  I've tossed flies at bonefish, snapper, cobia, redfish, jacks,  and other
Ned help with a crab fly
Try a pops bonefish bitters.  I sub elk hair for the deer and color the epoxy grey or olive and add some black dots for realism.  It works well.  The elk hair makes for a slow fall.
Franken Shrimp, Tarpon Flies, and other Debauchery (pic heavy)
Great looking ties, Chef. Hey, I really like the chartreuse/orange critters - they look positively radioactive. I suspect even a vision-impaired fish could find those; gotta try that color scheme myse
Capt Bill Baldus's Neon Knight
Nice looking pattern; i tied some Crystal D's from that Snook fly book for the Baitfish Swap. I bought his ebook for Bonefish fly patterns, great step by steps and really making me wish that i could t
How far should I be able to cast?
You need to cast as far as the fish are....   There are guys who can cast a fly line without a rod, so the issue usually isn't a need for "more rod", it is usually how you use what you've got.
Pheasant Crab
Chefben-   That is an awesome fly. I have to tie some and try it out on the flats for bonefish & permit. Should work great.   It triggered something in my mind: Never really thought of t
RBF: Dancraft GXT 9' 6wt 4 pieces
LAst November i was asked to build a 6wt for bonefish in Cuba, we settled on Dancraft GXT Northwest Guides series extreme in 9 feet 6 wt. We used Snake Universal guides from proofflyfishing. The grip
Fixing up a boat
Here's your first step with an aluminum boat (or any other small craft with unknown leaks...). Set up the hull so it's level (the way it would be in the water...) then plug your drain hole. I prefer
Perch Flies (yellow perch)
I don't really specifically fish for Yellow Perch, as when I'm fishing for them, I'm also fishing for White Perch, Crappies & other panfishes at the same time. They all inhabit the waters I fish.
Everything eats crabs
Awesome flies Dave, they would kill the redfish over here, and probably the bonefish and permit as well.  Nice looking fish, too.  Glad you had a chance to get out
tying small clouser minnows
Here are some pics of clousers meant specifically for bonefish and they're tied up on sizes 4 and 6 Mustad 34007 hooks.  The weedguard shown is an open arms or outrigger style meant to be used wh
Help with travel
I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for a place to go sometime between April-June to have a chance at diy bonefish. I have used google and read about different places. I'm looking for a place w
Midge Swap
Once again guys sorry for the simplicity of my submission I only tie midges for a friend. I'm going to give them a legitimate shot fishing this year. I come from a bass fishing background and it is
Dan- Here is 1 you should get since you fish for bonefish a lot.
I'm about ready to go back to nightcrawlers.
Poor mans bonefish, got to cash in on it. Its gaining grown.    Kevin
December Flies from the vice
Here is a nifty bonefish pattern shrunken down, usually on a 1/0 chasing deeper fish BUT it also kicks ass for smallmouth, might even try for carp, has that shrimpy, whitebait, goby look.   Aus F
Breaking in a new NRX Rod on a Beautiful Lowcountry Redfish
Headed out with Capt. Geoff Bennett of Charleston Charter Fishing today. I had the opportunity to test out a new GLoomis NRX 8wt Rod and some new Rio Bonefish Quickshooter line. I'm short they are bot
Crazy glue
I tried a variety  of superglues over the years -as well as different applicators... I never found anything as useful as the original Krazy Glue in the small plastic tube.  To keep from appy
Smallmouth Buck Tail
Some of my best patterns years ago were attempts to translate what worked in lures to flies... In salt there are even well known patterns named after the lures they were trying to match (the Mirrolure
Help with this fly
Terry, that fly will catch fish! Doesn't need improvement, but there are adjustments you can do. It looks like a basic "flats" type style, which is how many flies tied for Bonefish, Permit or Redfish
I need better Marabou..
I use Wapsi's wooly bugger maribou as well for accents on larger flies as well as for bonefish bugs.  Good as the stuff is -it's quite a bit smaller than standard 4" blood quill...
Badger and unknown??
Even if the "rabbit" pelt turns out to be something else, such as Muskrat or Aussie Opossum, it's a very usable material. Most any tanned pelts can be cut into strips as the others have indicated, and
Venice Redfishing fly patterns
Never fished for them before, but when I'm trying something new I always start at google images for pattern ideas. From what I'm seeing, some of my red or white intruder patterns would do well. If I h
Advice Strictly For The Beginner
For a beginner looking for one rod that will be effective for a wide variety of species in a wide variety of environments, I would recommend a 9' 6 wt. medium-fast action rod matched to a WF6F li
Another Redfish Fly
In addition to the advice already given I try not to use a shock or bite tippet on reds or trout (or any time I'm using smaller flies, #2 on down. even for tarpon or snook....).  Instead I go to
Vise For 9/0 Hook
What Tidewater has shown is what many of us used years and years ago when 99% of all vises were meant for freshwater and small hooks... I have one of those somewhere still. I used the smallest ViseG
Where have you fished and Where is on your bucket list?
Where Ive Fished: Michigan (Home), Florida, California, Ontario   Immediate Bucket List: Baja Mexico for Roosters, Bahama's for Bonefish, California again for Mako & Marlin, Wherever for
Yep Horsehair, I snoozed. Darn, ya' have to check here regular or ya' miss the good ones. And now, with Nate taking 2 spots at a time, it's going to be tough to get in on a good swap. I have my red as
Anyone tie with India/Chinese necks?
Chinese capes are usually larger than India capes, so they work well for larger streamers & hackle on poppers & bass bugs. I like to keep some Cree or variant India necks in my collection, as
Bonefish Swap
I will be hosting a bonefish swap.  The swap will require each person to submit 10 flies with return postage.  You will not be getting one of your own back.  The deadline with strict ad
Steve does it again
Ive been working on the 90' mark for a while. And not just 90'..I want to be accurate still. Bonefish are on my radar for sometime soon so Ive been working on it.    243' is NUTS. I would li
contemplating two swaps in the upcoming months gauging interest
I am contemplating two swaps to be conducted at separate times.  The first would be a bonefish swap that would start at the end of the month and have due date around the end of October.  
Flies for perch?
I fish for both White & Yellow Perch, not the same as those surf perch on the west coast, but expect they would take similar flies. Small Clousers as suggested work well, as do the various pattern
Developing A New Fly
...That being said, I came up with a carp pattern that, in all my research and investigation, I have not seen before.  I don't have any issues sharing it here, and I have on the Warmwater section
Edge Bright in Purple?
^^Chewy! om nom! I will add a sizzling pink bonefish charlie here, it hurts my eyes...  
Little Green Fish, Summer 2013
So Bass has opened here for us Ontario anglers (finally)! Headed out yesterday to check out a local river with Bassmouth armed with boxes of saltwater and bass flies to try and get a few little river
Fly Fishing Magazines
  After reading Peterjay's post and then looking at the picture more closely I do realize that I was wrong and that isn't a bonefish.  I do realize that the magazines are in the business to
Any interest in a Bendback Fly SWAP?
Got mine. Beautiful flies...but this is one of those swaps that I wish I could have seen others before I did mine. I get anxious to get things done and if I'd seen your guys first I'd have ordered dif
Keys Flies
I tied flies commercially for many years & tied for several Keys guides. I know some excellent patterns, but it depends on what type of fish you're interested in, as they use different types of fl
What is the Most Noble Fish?
PJ, it's funny how fish are viewed differently in different parts of the country.  Down here, false albacore, what we call bonito, are usually seen as a nuisance.  They get really thick and
What bird does marabou come from?
Tough to think of yourself as an "oldtimer" but I might qualify. One of my first tying influences, Harry Friedman, was a contemporary of Joe Brooks and can still be seen in the early books that Brooks
Fly Fishing Purgatory in Ohio
I live on the east side of Cleveland myself and I can relate to your pain. From September through early may I chase steelhead on the Erie tribs. After mid may I switch over to smallmouth and carp. Riv
Lead wire vs lead foil
I've been using lead for years in some of my bonefish patterns as well as some of my Bendbacks.... I only use .040 square lead as a keel along the bottom of the hook shank. Instead of wrapping the sha
bluewater/gt reel for around $500
Lots of really well built reels available these days. On my skiff we either use Nautilus (in every size range up to 12wts) or the old Billy Pate reel (direct drive model in either Tarpon or Bonefish s
Tarpon Fly Swap
I will be glad to join your bonefish swap when you host it Kudu, i just tied some Gotchas made out of pet hair from my Golden Retriever for the pet hair swap on here
Best Scissors for Large Hands and Continuous Hold
Although I don't have large hands my scissors would suit you (if you can find them....). They're Japanese tailor's snips with blades that can be individually removed so that you can sharpen one blade
Some of my first flies
Here are some of my flies I started to get creative with. After tying a bunch of patterns for the last couple weeks over and over again I just wanted to see what I could come up with. No matter how I
Hatches Blog Post - Crazy Carl Bunny Bonefish Fly
The Crazy Carl employs some of our favorite fishy materials. The fly can be tied with or without eyes and has worked great in the Northern Bahamas and Northern Florida Keys. Good color combinations in
How many species have you landed on the fly
JimR you will certainly get a lot more fish.   I'm not that good of a fisherman, I've just had the misfortune of being stationed all over the country and several places around the world, tak
Enough To Make You Puke
PJ, they are getting real close to making both bonefish and tarpon C&R only which would be awesome. And don't worry about picking on Florida, we are truley the wackiest state in the country (which
New Saltwater setup
No reason why your choice of rod wouldn't do the job. I'd check Ebay to see if there are bargains out there. I got a real deal on a demo TFO this winter, just by keeping an eye out. Correct me if I'm
Pet Hair Swap
I don't fish for bonefish as I live in Michigan but I'm sure the bass will have a go at it
Mustad 79595
Great information posted here. I've purchased hooks & other items from Harlee Rod many times. They're good folks to deal with. I agree with Joel about using such hooks, although I've tied bass fli
Florida Keys... help
Some questions to make the answers easier to give.  What type boat, flats, open water, skiff?  What type of fishing are you wanting to do, Tarpon, bonefish, snook.  What else are you wa
Cooper Shrimp XS
  This is a little extra small shrimp pattern which tie on saltwater hook as small as size 10, it's design to target for those bottom feeder and bonefish which is extra spooky or only takes smal
tarpon waters and the power of a fish
Thanks. No I have not fished there. Btw, what part of Kentucky are you located?   Kudu-   Lived in Louisville, KY for years, until a couple of years ago when we were transferred to Dallas. U
Micro Crab, new tie ... to me
Ben, I was going to say they look like Bonefish Bitters too.   Owen, you might want to tie a couple with small lead or solid brass barbell eyes just in case the bead chain doesn't pull the deer h
Carp feeding in New Orleans...
Carp are supposed to be as difficult as bonefish so I think the hookups you got were pretty impressive.   Well Done!
A few for the Bonefish box.
Headed back to Abaco soon, so I'm stocking up for a week of bonefish and tarpon fun. Nothing too difficult about either of these. Sz 6 Gama SL45 White Bunny Strip Sili Legs Weight of choice. Sz 6 Ga
RBF: Fly rod for both fresh and saltwater
I am looking to build a heavier fly rod for my father for his birthday. Would like to be able to use it not just for pike, but also for saltwater fish like bonefish. Would there be any problems with u
RBF: How to salvage a bad epoxy mix?
I have been building fly rods for almost 30 years but it's probably been over 10 years since my last rod, though. I just finished a new bonefish fly rod (TFO BVK) and used some 15-20 year old Rodon e
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