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what else to take to Mexico?
So far I have tied the following for boca paila next month: 6 Charlies (more to come - just got tan, orange, white, pink and chart bucktails) 10 gotchas (with and without crazy legs) 8 bonefish bitter
waldner spoon fly
Small spoon flies are very popular for those that target redfish.  I've watched reds hunt down and attack those little spoons (barely bigger than your thumbnail...) on more than one occasion. 
Need a physics lesson
Guys, for the sake of this post I need to find a solution using these hooks (mustad 34007 sizes 6 through 2 and Gama sl45 bonefish hooks sizes 8 through 4). Also, while I have bucktail in every color
Redfish Patterns
We do a fair bit of redfishing (and I'm booked for that tomorrow out of Everglades City).  Here's a few bugs that have worked well for me (and sold well in shops....).   The first one is the
January flies from the vise
First time In fount after bonefish, headed to Cozumel end of march. 1st attempt at a shrimp gotcha
Tying Threads
Years and years ago I started out with 3/0 monocord (which is fine for bonefish bugs and other bugs on relatively small hooks for me... but a bit light for most of stuff as a saltwater tyer..), then m
Fly recommendations for turneffe flats Belize
Bonefish will eat small crabs, if it's crawling on the bottom and looks edible, they'll eat it.
fly fishing from shore - best destinations
Belize would be on my short list.  Can catch bonefish from shore....perhaps a permit here and there.  For tarpon though you'll need a boat.  Another destination would be HI with a side
I have absolutely no personal experience to refute any of the above but I am guilty of watching too much TV sometimes. Sportfishing on the Fly, a Canadian show on the World Fishing Network has at leas
Reverse mayfly duns
My buddy Bill Blackburn lent me his copy of the Peter Hayes book Fly Fishing Outside the Box. Bill and at least one other friend have been urging me to read this book. At first glance--without really
Simple ties for Bluegill
I fished for lake bluegill with flies some, back when I was still in high school--approx the end of the last ice age or so. What struck me then and still does today was how easy they were to catch on
What flies work well for carp?
When I think of carp flies, I think of "buggy" flats type flies that might also be good for Redfish, Bonefish or Smallmouth Bass. These would be patterns that might imitate crayfish or nymphs. There h
flat braid. metallic and not.
I've bought some braids at Jo Ann's. Comes on a card, more yards than what is sold as fly tying material, cheaper in price & looks to be the same thing. I purchased some pearlescent braid that loo
Epoxy Question
For general purposes one is a coating, while the other is an adhesive. Generally the two part epoxies are made for applications where a strong bond is needed. Epoxies get their strength from a chemica
Question: hook choice for streamers
As with most idealized lures/flys/etc, the clousers were first experimented with whenever Bob Clouser went fishing for smallmouth, and a Bahamian guide "invented" the "charlie" as a bonefish fly for h
Looking For A Good Agent Orange Fly Pattern
Been using this Agent Orange pattern in South Africa to catch good size Carp. Originally a Bonefish fly   Wet Fly Hook # 4-6 Orange Chenille Orange Crystal Flash with Grizzly Hackle tips  
Books for Sale
I've recently moved from Northern Virginia to Texas and I'd like to sell some books that I no longer need. If anyone is interested please PM me. I will list the purchase prices to let you know how muc
Flyfishing the 'Glades
Just about every bug I do (with the exception of poppers) is built to be weedless (or more appropriately snag-less...) from the moment it leaves the vise.  So many of our retrieves start out in t
New to saltwater, simple baitfish patterns wanted
There are many good & simple flies for saltwater that can be tied in any size to fit the situation or the rod. Some of these will require additional materials you may not as yet have. Some of thes
Over time super glue will deteriorate in water - but I still use it almost every day for a variety of purposes....  If you're using any super glue water (or saliva) will kill its glue properties
Most hooks I use are inline too. However, I have used some that have an offset to the point, and except for snagging issues at times, I've yet to see that they create problems. I've heard others say t
Flash only catches fishermen?
I use flash on almost every pattern I tie...the only time I figure it's not contributing is on a pattern that doesn't get moved much (bonefish flies...).  Is it possible to use too much flash -ab
I really need more flats flies - the swap
I will tie Docky's Shrimp, used in the Bahamas' for bonefish
Can't sit at the vise for more the 30-40 minutes anymore!
As a guy who used to spend hours and hours tying - my lower back became an issue that plagued me and limited my production time. The solution I found was one of those Danish knee chairs (not sure of
Best flies for crappies
FlaFly, I don't generally fish for Crappies specifically, because there are other panfish species too in the tidal rivers I fish most often. I'll take them when I catch them. When I'm targeting panfis
Fly Reel for an 8wt
Let me ask what are you fishing for?  For people like me who fish light for panfish, and hand-strip their line, all a reel is is a thing to store the line on between trips.  Size 8 sugg
What does a true Cree hackle look like?
Great links & examples! ^^^^   Cree is one of those "colors" that's difficult to define exactly. As said it's a variant that can range from grizzly with splashes of red, to red grizzly with s
Those OTHER pheasant feathers
You can also use them as claws on crawfish flies for Bass and claws for crabs on Bonefish flies.
salt water materials?
Kansastyer, much will depend on where your son lives & what he might be fishing for as far as the flies go. There's a huge variety of fish species that could be targeted in the S.P.    F
Classic designs that work for panfish/smallmouth
You've pretty much answered most of your own questions I think. Sounds to me like you just need some confirmation or reassurances from some of the rest of us.    For panfish, any fly you've
Where (if anywhere) do you skimp? (spin-off thread)
I look for value at low price on reels for sure.    I don't think I have a reel right now that I paid over $50 for.   I've fished the salt a fair bit with them too, catching f
Micro Barb Shrimp
  This is a pattern inspired by the Micro Barb Crab which designed by David Samuel... everyone was looking at Micro Barb for dry flies... but David put it into a crab pattern.   Material li
From the Saltwater Bench
In anticipation of an upcoming trip to the keys I tied a few shrimpy things for bonefish. Mostly #4-6 hooks.    
Craft Fur Minnow and Recent Report
Great permit... When I came back to guiding almost 20 years ago and went full time a very well respected long time fly angler who lives in the Keys and has caught everything from billfish to permit on
Best mono thread.
Oh boy... I must belong to the caveman era... My mono thread is usually just 4lb mono that's no longer worth using on a small spinning reel... I've tied with 2, 4, and six pound mono over the years.
What is tenekra fishing
I never knew I was doing something similar, pocket water fishing with a 9' 4wt rod in the mid 90's... No need for the reel, just enough line to hold it out away from you or "archer" the fly in its i
Carp Flies (picture heavy)
The fish skull flies remind me of bonefish jigs. You may be correct about the splash, but agree they might be good for deeper water!
Awfully quiet around here
We jumped five tarpon today - but none on fly... The highlight today was an 11 year old boy hooked up on a 30 to 40lb tarp on the lightest rod on the boat (a bonefish spinner, with only 10lb braid).
Carp flies?
Small craw patterns seems to work well for me. I know a lot of people have adapted bonefish flies for carp. One being the Crazy Charlie. What is nice is that it rides hook up and you can do any color
Carp Flies???
Fishing for Carp, so I've heard, is like fishing for Bonefish.  They are very easily spooked.  But if you can put a small crustacean in their way without spooling them, then you'll likely ha
Problem with dumbbell eyes
I use a ton of lead eyes in four different sizes. In some cases I don't paint the eyes at all (for bonefish bugs and others where I want a subdued appearance. In other patterns I really want the eyes
Orvis Encounter
I've heard very little of the rods; they're new to the market, and Orvis doesn't offer any helpful info on its site.  I expect lowest rung hardware, cork, etc..., and possibly some "hurried" guid
Best hook styles and brands
My advice is going to be a bit contrary.... Don't buy hooks in bulk until you know what you're going to need. I went almost twenty years before I began buying my hooks by the thousand per size. I us
Anyone know the formula for tying a saltwater Squimp?  From the one I have, I appears to be a TMC 800S hook (#6), a cream craft fur tail (although I imagine that you could use calf tail or other)
Marketing Fly Patterns?
Troutbum, that information that flytire provided is great & should give you the answers to your question. If you want to market flies yourself, the biggest issue is production. As Adventure568 sai
Muskie fly line???
Been fishing pike for a few years and have been stepping up my big flies. Usually the pike accessible to me are not much bigger than 30 inches so lines were never an issue with smaller flies. However
Back from Belize (Ambergris Caye)
The trip to Ambergris Caye was well worth the wait and planning...Weather was about as good as it gets.  No bugs, no rain...Bearable wind, except for the last 2 days when it was howling.  Fo
RBF: Need an 8wt
I've been looking at building a 9' 8wt for a long time, for anything from bass poppers, big streamers, or maybe even inshore if I make it to the coast. Primarily going to be a bass (and maybe carp) ro
Woven cdc parachute may fly emerger.......
Mike, after reading a lot of your posts, I think that maybe you should reconsider your decision.  If I was I a trout I know that I would become a victim of Terje's amazing flies and I think that
Tying a fly using Golden Retriever hair
First of all very sorry to hear about your loss; as for a simple fly to tie with Golden Retriever hair , i tied a Gotcha fly (bonefish) for the Pet hair swap last year. Use the same Gotcha recipe as u
Cobia Flies
A few words about cobia and rays... Lots of fish will follow rays (and at times anything larger than they are....).  I've tossed flies at bonefish, snapper, cobia, redfish, jacks,  and other
Ned help with a crab fly
Try a pops bonefish bitters.  I sub elk hair for the deer and color the epoxy grey or olive and add some black dots for realism.  It works well.  The elk hair makes for a slow fall.
Franken Shrimp, Tarpon Flies, and other Debauchery (pic heavy)
Great looking ties, Chef. Hey, I really like the chartreuse/orange critters - they look positively radioactive. I suspect even a vision-impaired fish could find those; gotta try that color scheme myse
Capt Bill Baldus's Neon Knight
Nice looking pattern; i tied some Crystal D's from that Snook fly book for the Baitfish Swap. I bought his ebook for Bonefish fly patterns, great step by steps and really making me wish that i could t
How far should I be able to cast?
You need to cast as far as the fish are....   There are guys who can cast a fly line without a rod, so the issue usually isn't a need for "more rod", it is usually how you use what you've got.
Pheasant Crab
Chefben-   That is an awesome fly. I have to tie some and try it out on the flats for bonefish & permit. Should work great.   It triggered something in my mind: Never really thought of t
RBF: Dancraft GXT 9' 6wt 4 pieces
LAst November i was asked to build a 6wt for bonefish in Cuba, we settled on Dancraft GXT Northwest Guides series extreme in 9 feet 6 wt. We used Snake Universal guides from proofflyfishing. The grip
Fixing up a boat
Here's your first step with an aluminum boat (or any other small craft with unknown leaks...). Set up the hull so it's level (the way it would be in the water...) then plug your drain hole. I prefer
Perch Flies (yellow perch)
I don't really specifically fish for Yellow Perch, as when I'm fishing for them, I'm also fishing for White Perch, Crappies & other panfishes at the same time. They all inhabit the waters I fish.
Everything eats crabs
Awesome flies Dave, they would kill the redfish over here, and probably the bonefish and permit as well.  Nice looking fish, too.  Glad you had a chance to get out
tying small clouser minnows
Here are some pics of clousers meant specifically for bonefish and they're tied up on sizes 4 and 6 Mustad 34007 hooks.  The weedguard shown is an open arms or outrigger style meant to be used wh
Help with travel
I was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for a place to go sometime between April-June to have a chance at diy bonefish. I have used google and read about different places. I'm looking for a place w
Midge Swap
Once again guys sorry for the simplicity of my submission I only tie midges for a friend. I'm going to give them a legitimate shot fishing this year. I come from a bass fishing background and it is
Dan- Here is 1 you should get since you fish for bonefish a lot.
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