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A Bug's Life by Will Milne

The Ray Bergman Collection - 54) Bunting

Hatches Theater- Winter, 584, and Chasing Waters

Rylee’s Pullover Caddis- by Lucas Langton

Mono eyes with Clear Cure Goo

Hatches 2010: Chubby Muffin Cicada

Bug Bond

UV torches
I have on the right side a torch by Orvis and a new one on left by Craftsman. I use Bug-Bond from Orvis. The Orvis torch leaves a tacky residue no matter the time torched or freshness of battery. The
DIY Fly Box Insert / Leaf System
I love trying new things and sharing information. Back in 2008 I created this system and shared it on another forum. It has been a solid storage system for 10 years, never breaking down and never fall
May Flies From The Vise
Ok. This one is size 14. Hook-14 1x short shank shrimp/scud Body-floss red pink yellow or pearl braid Body hair-shadow fox white yellow and brown Thread-black 8/ eyes- living eyes ice UV resin head
Hair stackers, stainless
When two insulating materials are in contact, the electrons of the surface atoms bond together. When the materials are separated some electrons are pulled away from one of the materials by the other.
9' 7wt 3pc
I've heard guys say that about tip tops for years, but honestly there actually is no difference at all heat wise. I have used strictly 5 minute epoxy for all my rod building on seats and grips for abo
Question re spun and stacked deer hair
you received lots of good answers already . Ive been spinning deer hair for bass bags for 40 years. Im not as good as Pat Cohen,SMF or The Cream and some others on here but I know what you are talkin
Hybrid Imitator
[attachment=66995:3 Picture.jpg] (Click to Enlarge)This fly is a cross between a Royal Wulff, Royal Trude, Parachute Adams, Spinner, and my own Wonder Bug. I tied it for the dog days of summer and it
Making Wing Material
since I had heat n bond that had been bonded to (polyester) mylar leftover from an earlier sculpture, I've been doing some tests.   first the way I had prepared the materials was I crumpled, twis
Help with colouring uv cure resin
Do anyone of you have any experience with applying colour pigment to your uv cure resins. I'm looking for a colouring agent, that will give me a translusent colour, resembling coloured glass. I'm usin
December flies from the Vise
Ray.  I use the CCG light like you do.  Haven't tried the Tuffefleye product. I use either CCG, what I have left of it, Bug Bond and I do have a bottle of the Loon UV.  Sounds like you
Favorite UV Resin?
As seen on TV laser bond. $5 at a local store, transportable, light included. Small applicator. Have had no issues, a little tacky but clear nail polish fixes that. Builds great heads and has worked w
Shackleford Banks and Cape Lookout...
Nice ones Bimini and Pete. Good idea with the acrylic speed bumps Pete, less thread to build up. I always hate building up thread. It seems the bumps would also help to bond the stranded wire to the
Show Us Your Tube Flies
    PeteGray nice pattern. Do you tie it on a soft tube and use hot melt?     Thank's... a rigid HMH tube with their soft junction tube to secure the hook... Bill's Body Braid
Mop Fly Variant
I really like Bass Eelie Is that furled?   Thanks Mike. The fish are going to Hop on that Hopper. I like how the antennae seem to grow out of the head like the naturals.   The Bass Eelie
Simple Streamer
Great looking pattern, Excellent video.   Lot of potential to mix up colors.  Could see it working as an all white pattern with a silver or pearl body.  Mix of olive, brown and orange f
making biot bodies more durable
I'll try some brush on CA. I'm a little hesitant to put anything over the biot because, like you said whatfly, it might effect floatation. I was thinking of trying a thicker head cement, like hard as
Feather Tail Streamers
Nice streamers.  Did you use anything special to keep the eyes on? Yes. I first shape the eyes around the small end of an artist brush to match the flys head. I then attach the eyes with blazer
Have you ever met that 'kid from the lfy shop' ?
My longest and best fly fishing partner is oddly someone I would normally not **** on if he was on fire.   We are diametric opposites. He of an overriding scientific bent -- me straight liberal a
I'm slowly learning to tie left handed
  "So, trying to tie or shoot a gun with your 'off hand' - I commend you for your efforts.   BCT"   Thanks, I must say it's been quite an experience thus far. But I'm looking at it as a
When to glue, When not to glue?
Glueing can be somewhat tedious and messy. It seems as though from fly to fly, I'm not using enough or to much. When should I use the brush or use the application tip. Is there a best method to apply
Craft Fur Zonker Pattern?
All,   The Elmer's works great on the craft fur.    You should know however that there are at least 4 types of Elmer's Bond and the one you want is Elmer's Bond for Fabric and Paper. &#
Best UV Products??
I've been using loon and bugg bond both work but the bug bond stinks after it's cured the loon doesn't. I just got the 17$light from bass pro it has been working well.
UV torch recommendations
Look at the bug bond web site for the plug in light
Creating Realistic Transparent Wings
Thanks for that reference Bruce. I don't understand all of the materials he refers to, but I think I have a similar general idea in mind. I intend to laser print the vein pattern and wing profile, the
Social Media and Fly Tying
  I am in about 5 facebook groups, 2 different forums that I regularly visit and at least 4 more I do not. I also follow about 25 people on youtube. Anymore than this and I would need to be c
Parachute help
A parachute/paraloop hybrid could get that look.   Turn the hook upside down Tie in a thin but long yarn post, but don't wrap thread up the post  Tie in the hackle paraloop style (don't tie
LOCA uv glue, anyone?
Not much cheaper than the fly tying specific stuff. I think my 10ml loon was 13 at bp, one of the local shops here has the bug bond light on the 50%off bin 20ml for 13 or 14 bucks if you want I could
Pro Sportfisher 3d Tabbed eyes
It seems to me that flats had the right idea, or at least what company is saying, not sure how long they would last though. Flats get your self some uv goo and a light, it's worth the cost bass pro ha
Best feather for wet wing fly
I'm a little late to the conversation, but I toss in my 2 cents....   For quill slip wings, I've always preferred goose primary feathers.  Unfortunately, they've become hard to find, even th
Restoring old fly line
  A product that does contain silicone is ArmorAll if you want to use a silicone based product on your fly lines.   Armor All shortens the life of fly lines.   http://www.riversageout
Can't cast the distance with a #16 dry fly
What about changing the line weight from 5wt to 4wt... less resistance, and I only use it to fish for trout, most of which are pan-sized... NO NO NO. If anything you should go to a 6wt. and that s
Im back, wanted to explain.
Joe I'm so sorry to hear of the passing of your Mother. No matter how old a Son is the bond between a Mother & Son is always very strong. My Mom is 72 (I'm 44) and I still help her daily and she's
My sandals are separating ...
I had teva sandals that did the same. I found no glue worked as there wasn't enough contact between the short end of the strap and the hole in the sandal to provide a good strong bond. If you're real
Tying foam?
wooly nylon = uni stretch     i use size 12/0 veevus thread to tie size 10 pan fish spiders   use whatever thread you're comfortable tying with   Has anyone had problems with glue
Fly Boxes
Bond some silicon heat mats together or hunt for silicon roll in that 5-6mm depth. Works great.
Glueing plastic eyes what's the glue
All I've been using for some years now is Fletch-Tite (a clear adhesive that comes in a silver tube meant for arrow crafters....).  It has a long, thin applicator that allows you to place a perfe
632 bucks
I need to check with Steeldrifter myself, I always assumed his price point was up there a bit. Worth it I know, but I passed on thinking of his when I went looking for budget rods.   Now to yours
Glass Rod Clear Wraps
. Thread is basically all cosmetics as well as ease of attaching/moving guides before finish is applied. It has no real role in guide to rod bond strength.     Wow.   I'll star
UV resins, and lights
i like silvercreeks regular viscosity uv resin but not the 'flex thin' viscosity. i think its thicker than the regular and i've had it cure a bit tacky   i buy the rebranded 'misfit' brand from
UV Resin
exactly   no need to spend $$$ on the ccg, bug bond, diamond hard, solarez or silvercreek lights   the ultrafire wf-501b with duracell lithium cr17345 batteries works just fine in curing bot
Finishing balsa poppers
Superglue is a super permanent finish if you're good at applying it ( it can get tricky). We use it in wood turning projects too but like any finish it is subject to surface contamination and that cou
Has anyone ever seen this???
keep your money in the USA and get Lazer Bond. it will even glue your boat back togethr
Head cement recommendations...
Hey Chris, this is a good topic...and I believe there will be a wild variety of possible solutions given. Sally Hansen's IS good, especially for flies with a bigger head that you want to shine. I use
Hello from Vermont
Hello Commenti, welcome to the site. As far as joining the two pieces it bunny the absolutely strongest bond you'll get it with barge cement, I am a leather worker and the back sides of bunny are leat
cracked uv resin coatings
my last question   has anybody using uv coatings experienced any cracking? if you havent then dont speculate   i do not remember which uv resin (quite possibly bug bond but i'm not 100% sure
August flies from the vise
To deerhairdan and The Cream: thank you for your answers. It had not dawned on me to size them up BEFORE burning, I always was just preoccupied with  symmetry. I still use Bond 527...have tried g
Bondic for fly tying
I do use other resins for buzzers etc, I have used bondic for a few months and it is cheaper than the bug bond I use. The torch alone is twice the price of the bondic.  I have not had a problem w
Finishing Popper Heads
It would depend on whether you're dealing with soft body poppers or hard body poppers. If you're making soft body poppers you might want to go with something like Liquid Fusion or Flexament. For hard
Braided loops
To me there are three factors to consider about welded loops.  1.  The bond strength between the core and the coating and the strength of the coating it self (both tensile and shear).  
UV Resin Shootout
Cheech, You have done us all a real service , so many thanks. I have been thinking of trying out a new UV resin but was put off because " I needed to spend about $20 for a new UV Torch " . So again ma
Sheet foam poppers
First off when putting the hook into a foam body super glue does work fine. If one uses cork or balsa epoxy works much better and is quite durable. The weak link is the body material. The material wil
uv resin challenge
i'm looking for three random testers. 1) a tester that is currently using a commercially available resin other than silvercreek (Loon, Solarez, Bug Bond, Deer Creek, Bug Off etc). please specify what
UV resins
I posted this picture before but just to make a point...  these flies were for a swap so I wanted to finish the head off cleanly.  I've used bug bond from the squeeze bottle which is ok if y
Way Off Topic - Man kills stepfather with Atomic Wedgie
[url=]Oklahoma Man Brad Davis Pleads Guilty to Giving Deadly Wedgie[/url]     “(NEWSER) – It is l
Hellgrammite's ? These Hurt Less !
Gotta get me one of those knives..... Too funny. Tip for you, DuPont Landscape Fabric from Lowes can be used like your Stabilizer Cloth. The color is dark grey and has voids intended to let water pass
Clear Cure Goo?
regardless of where you live I the world and whatever markus Hoffman says, there are more that 1 brand that claim tack free resins   bug bond   clear cure goo   bug off   crystal u
Cautery Pen
Mike - I'm trying to think where I saw not to use it.  I think I know but would have to dig out and scan through a video to find the "expert" reference.   From my perspective I don't think h
Caption this photo...
"So Mr. Bond we meet again."
Classic Style Streamer Swap
VCrider   Get a jar of Elmers Craft Bond (rubber cement). It is wonderful.    Take a toothpick and apply a small amount of glue to the outside face of the center of the wide area or the
Uv lights
I got mine from orvis, 29 for the bug bond 17 for the uv light plus they offer 25 off coupon
April Flies from the Vice
Just a nymph... Had to try out the bug Bond on the wing case. [attachment=51957:20150425_180523_HDR~2.jpg]
Copper John Epoxy
There are lots of UV and epoxy choices. I'm familiar with 5 min, 2 ton, 30minute and rod builders flex coat epoxy as well as a couple of UV products. Bug Bond and some others are OK but the tack n
Fly Boxes: Slits or Pokes
Silver, I like your plan but you use little flies....  I tend to use size 10 to 6 poppers, foam spiders, size 6 streamers, etc., so I suppose I should use thicker foam... maybe 3/8 or 1/2 inch.
FTF Fly Pattern - john adams - Chenille Spiders...
but how do you get the chenille legs to retain their shape?  Do you use something to stiffen them, or are they just limp chenille? They can be loose or prior to bonding glue BOND
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