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Lake Mead anyone?
If I ever get back out west my target water will be the Truckee river between Donner Pass California and Reno Nevada I believe. And probably Pyramid lake.. You can get 7-8lb trout out that way in abou
California fires
" ... more than 15 fires that have scorched 220,000 acres, destroyed an estimated 5,700 structures and caused at least 35 deaths."   The above quote is from a good article about all the fires bur
Ordering Tying Materials
I have to agree with supporting the local fly shop.  That's always my first choice.  But as we all know, no one store has everything you need...and that includes the online stores.  You
LAW vise
I looked at the pro-vise at BFFI earlier this year. I wasn't impressed with the quality of workmanship, the jaws didn't meet properly and looked like they'd struggle to hold small hooks. Also there i
Started shopping at new shop
Well I think I found a new fly tying material shop ( online ) I needed some Klinkhammer hooks #16,18 Couldn't find anywhere , well I did find some but I prefer this particular hook from " Partridge "
Bass swap
Work has been a huge PITA last week.  Finally made it to the Post Office to mail them out this morning.  I was told that they will arrive in California come Thursday.  Thanks for hostin
Fishing in Montana for a month HELP
I know your question is about Montana.  However, there are some places to consider on the way.  I live in the bay area and used to fish Idaho and Montana for over 27 years.  From the ba
Monster Bugger
Wooly Buggers are probably the most commonly used streamer ever created.  They are also very versatile and can be used for almost all species of fish.  From freshwater fish like trout, bass
Midge's vary considerably in size depending on location and if they are in stillwater or in a stream. Find out from your friend what size he wants.   Sprout Midge
Hello again..
Good to hear Sir! Got no idea where those states are, think Washington is on top of California? Winter driving is never easy anywhere!
Henry's Fork?
I predict that the Henrys Fork at the Harriman State Park/Railroad Ranch will be one of the most difficult, if not, the most difficult fishing you have ever experienced. Only Silver Creek, Idaho in my
8th Annual Opening Day Swap
Mine were dropped off today in the mail. Post Office said they will arrive in California Friday. I hope my flies do not disappoint everyone. Small stuff is a pain in the rear! LOL...Thanks for host
The Down Home Pride Swap
I'm California as well trying to find a pattern from here, nor Cal for me.
Years tying flies
I've been tying for 60 years.  I had a fifth grade teacher, Mr. Miller, who was a fly tyer and fly fisherman.  We had after school clubs and he started a fly fishing club.  My older bro
Most used material
it seems like most of these material suggestions are for subsurface flies. fantastic. most successful method. if you're fishing in the mountains for trout, you could throw in a $4 clump of elk hair to
Flashy Bugger - Underwater Footage!
Wooly buggers are probably one of the most popular and versatile flies anywhere you fish.  From California to Colorado to New York, and not just USA, but other countries as well.  Anywhere y
tis the season....
I have also been a victim a number of times, but I never was made responsible for anything. One time I "bought" $5,000 in scuba equipment in California and a plane ticket to Malaysia. I canceled one
West Coast Salt Water
I originally asked my question in the fly fishing section. I completely forgot the salt had its own section. Anyways, I know most of the Saltwater guys are in Florida but that is too far away LOL
West Coast Salt water
Also if I was to fish the bays and beaches in southern California mostly targeting Calico bass, sand bass, Spotted bass, and halibut what  rod wt would be the best. The guide whatfly
Caddis for Christmas I
Flies on on their way to California!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Identification please
This was is a large fly with a body length of about one inch. The color was a drab brown and they were hatching around the margins. This took place last week on the Lower Klamath in Northern Californ
What is a good bass fry pattern?
If you can't turn them, it's almost impossible to tire out a fish.  I tail hooked a 4 foot Long Nose Gar once.  I was in my boat, and that fish pulled me and the boat around for more than 2
Another fly line bargain
Thanks for the heads up...I don't have a Cabela's in California so I have to pay shipping but it was still a bargain. I picked up a 2wt Double Taper Floating line that has a 10' head and is 1/2 size u
Help needed with feather ID and uses.
Yeah, I am still waiting a summons from Arizona on the hat clip the State Patrol confiscated... I had painted a raven skull i found, then added in some Golden Eagle , Red Tail Hawk, Owls of several ty
My sandals are separating ...
throw them out and get a pair of these. after all youll be in california. they wont even notice     when you get back home you can turn them into pink pookie poppers   :)
Beat the Heat Browns
It's been 105+ lately here in my part of Southern California so my friend and I decided to take a drive up into the local mountains and do some creek fishing. Went to the North Fork of the San Jacinto
Jeeves ready the Bentley
I guess I must be the exception when it comes to these things. I live and hunt and fish in California where we have some of the tallest mountains in North America and it's where I fish and hunt mounta
Most used midge pattern??
The Zebra Midge is my "go to" midge at my local stream in Northern California.  It is also very effective at Manzanita Lake in Lassen Park.  At both places I tie it on a size 16 37
How did you start tying flies? We all have a story . . .
Started fly fishing in 2012 in California, while I lived there for 2 years, only fishing occasionally Mostly for private pond bass and bluegill. (they would eat a shoe if you tossed it at them, so no
Greetings from N. CA.
Greetings:   I joined this site today and thought I would stop by here and introduce myself. My name is Don...I hail from N. CA in Rancho Cordova about ten miles SE of Sacramento. I have been a f
WB with underwater swimming footage
From California, to New York, to England, the wooly bugger is probably one of the most effective and popular streamer patterns that can be used for a large range of fish species.  I even know of
Productive Fying Ant Patterns
(Please refer to the attached photo) Hook:  Tiemco 100 or 101, size 12 Body:  Black synthetic dubbing Wing:  Brown straight antron (zelon) Hackle:  Black dry fly   I created t
Tie Larger Sizes First?
When I started tying over 30+ years ago, I was fortunate to take a class from Andre Puyans.  Andy was a California Hall of Fame flyfisherman and an excellent fly tying instructor.  He had us
Old guy New Tyer
Thanks Dave! When I hired out in the 1970's the rule book was 3/4" thick, now it's 5" thick. Yes it takes a lot more to work on trains now then back in the day. I never took promotion to Engineer beca
You're invited on a "One Fly" fishing contest
So all the trash talking has blow away like an Oklahohoma Sooner football prospect headed to Clemson.   FishingBob is probably out making jerky, again.  In California that means picking up s
Future of Fly Tying
  Now that we have gone off topic to economics, I will add my predictions.   I don't know what the future holds precisely but I do know that in economics, labor is a commodity just like oil
Im back! A Transparent baitfish I call the Glass Candy
Hey guys, I just finished the ridiculously long process of moving from California to New Mexico.  I finally was able to unpack all my stuff, and setup for a quick video.  I now have a bit mo
Bass flies, Clousers, frogs, poppers, oh my
Although it seems we've had a reprieve from the drought this year in California, I started fishing for bass 2 months ago, ignoring moving water and concentrating on still. I haven't been out as much a
Zebra Midge
We were out west a few years ago to fly my wife's father's ashes over Mount Rose and scatter them out a chute over the ski slopes. But a friend of their family out there took us on a scenic tour along
Failure of Modern Fly Design
... these new flies are "sold" on the premise or promise that they are better ...   Not to argue your point, Silver, but I just had a thought as I read your post.  Within driving distanc
June is Cahill swap time
So how are you going to return the Missouri flies?   Missouri tags because it is too damn expensive for California ones!
Night Trout Fishing With Stimulators?????
Many years ago I used to fish Hat creek (Northern California).  Hat is probably the toughest dry fly stream I have ever fished since the stream is extremely wide, the water is slow moving (it's a
Best spinner wing material
When I tie spinners with poly yarn, I intentionally tie the wings in facing slightly forward.  Then, after a few casts, the wings settle in more perpendicular to the hook shank.  Two other i
Could the Clouser be the most versatile streamer ever made?
... Wooley Bugger, for some reason I can't qualify.  The Clouser is deadly at deeper levels ... I've never tied or fished a wooley bugger ... but someday, I'll get some hackle and try some. I
New How To Video Series
I am a little new to this section of the forum but I am a frequent contributor to some of the other sections.  I am working on creating a how to series on fly fishing the salt water here in Calif
Classes of fly quality
The cost of living varies widely from country to country and even from region to region.  The cost of living varies widely in the US.  Check out housing in California and other states. 
New How to Series
I don't typically were one. I have never had a problem. But I store the life jacket behind my seat and I can get to it quite quickly if needed. I am generally a very good swimmer so I don't worrier
BWO - Blue Winged Olive Dry Fly
Maybe you could bring mine with you to California. They would probably get here quicker than going through the Rock Hill Postal System.
Opening Day Trout Swap
We really have no opening day in the Carolinas.  Oregon and California have trout stream opening day the last Saturday in April.  Many other bodies of water are open year round, but the
Hatches Blog Post - Hatch Finatic Reel Review
All Hatch reels are made in the USA in Southern California. Their unique design allows for a since piece cage and a single piece spool. Through their use of carrying sized arbors on the spools a sin
Tippet Material
Fly fishing DOES seem like a rich man's sport if you believe the hype i all of of its manifestations. but it doesn't have to be.  I don't use flouro tippet or leaders, my trout are opportunistic
Happy New Year!
Just bought my California license online for the first time.  Oregon and California are calendar year, but California is thinking about going to a 12 month from date of purchase. 
Hello from the NW
I am getting back into flyfishing. I got out for some years after moving to Washington. Any tips for Washington Rivers would be appreciated! Coming from Eastern California I know nothing about steelhe
$25,000 worth of equipment stolen from Wounded Warriors!
This guy called our shop last week to see if we could help recover his stolen items. Pretty sad that someone would have done this, especially since it belonged to such a good group of people. I doubt
Originally from Northern California.  After 45-years in Washington I am headed home to the Lost Coast (in 55-days)...  The fisheries are in such terrible state here I don't know where to beg
Annual Casting for Recovery Auction
I certainly can't take any credit for the quilt.  My wife, Sharon, did one for the auction last year that did very well.  Since she is a breast cancer survivor, this charity is very importan
Losing my best friend
Mike and Adam, he is going to one of my good friends in California. I'll be in the podiatry program next fall and will be tied up with school for 4 years which I'll have to get rid of him then due to
Protection from lead
Picture must be from California, judging by the high dollar tubs the hazmat guys are using. :-)
Midge Patterns
It depends on if it's a stream or stillwater. In my experience, Stillwater midges tend to be larger.   Streams: Larva/pupa: Zebra midge Adult: Griffith's Gnat, Sprout midge, ARF midge adult  
Panguitch Lake
Never been to Panguitch Lake, but I would fish with the same type of flies that work for me at Scofield and Strawberry.  Mostly leach  patterns.  A California Leach, or a Fire and Ice L
A Custom Sage One 590-4 I just finished building..
I had to share this one...   All American made REC components.  Nickle silver reel seat hardware with California buckeye burl wood insert.  Recoil guides and tip top.  Custom desig
Hello from Northern California
James..... sorry to see that thousands are having to flee wildfires in Northern California.  Hope you haven't been affected.  Keep us informed.
High Country Swap
I'm going to tie a California Classic, the Sierra Bright Dot. 
Fly Tying Station or Bench
Nice work.I love the African mahagony.Where did you find the wood for this? African mahogany is readily available in Southern California. I shop primarily at Austin Hardwoods and Hardware plus T
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