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Finishing Knots
I almost always just whip by hand. I honestly don't even know how to half hitch a fly. The number of turns, whips and wether or not I use cement depends on the size of the fly. Small quick flies and c
Tenkara is just for little fish...
Thanks everyone! The rod is stronger than it looks! It was bent close to double several times in the fight, and is perfectly fine.   This was given to me by a man who actually made it. Its blank
Cortland "MICRON" fly line backing
Rocco, woven hollow core Dacron is the backing used for decades, then came along the Spectra/Dynema zero-stretch type lines.   One can fashion a loop on the backing, using a bobbin threader and a
Hillbilly Bonefish
Carp fishing is said to be similar to bonefish fishing, just without the pristine water and beautiful tropical flats.  They spook easy, require light line, delicate presentations, and smaller fli
Crazy Dad With Under Water Footage
This small crawdad streamer works so well, I was catching fish I want even targeting with it.  I went out fishing for carp, and got a carp and even some smallmouth bass.  In fact, the carp I
tiny fly questions
Awww.. com'on Crackaig.... lol! I've caught a few carp on the fly and ... well I didn't THINK I 'trapped' them. But then again, they were hot into mulberries and a hair tie of an imitation was the '
Fishing for grass carp aka amur
Many target them as they do common carp.   http://freestateflyfishers.o
Hello from the SF Bay Area
Hi, everyone.   I've been lurking for far too long on the site and just recently became a member. I have been fishing since a young age even doing the competitive bass tournament scene for a whil
August flies from the vice
New-to-me color combo using Cohen's Carp Dub for the body in Cray-Zee Orange.  I really dig the shades of blue mixed into the dubbing.  
is tenkara catching on?
Yes but I don't think it will grow as much as fly fishing simply because it is pretty much limited to small trout and other fish like that. You simply can't catch just about any saltwater species li
Smoked trout fish dip
I love smoked trout/salmon/carp/sturgeon. I'd always just take a piece and dip it into my mouth, never to be seen again. Sadly, I never gave that a shot even though I've eaten fish in almost as many w
Great day at the pond
Well I got out and had a banner morning. I did take the flyrod but my boat is not conducive to fly fishing so I quickly went to the spin gear. I'm gonna have to get a stripping basket for the boat. Hi
howdy all
thanks fshng2, tom, mike, George, opps yes red ear......LOL...doh me.   I ALMOST caught a great big grass carp on a wolly bugger today, it picked up my fly and swam with it for about 4 feet and d
Bass Bonanza!
Kyle took me out fishing again on his boat and wow!  We had a blast!  Caught fish non stop!  Most of them smallmouth bass, however we caught 5 different species.  Smallmouth bass,
July Flies from the Vise
Bought some size 8 "carp hooks" on ebay for big nymphs. They seem ok at first glance will be interesting to see how they hold up in a fishing situation... URL=
Colorado Trip!
Well yeah the is literally I am chasing trout. If it was your first time in the salt you would be lost and probably wouldn't make it past day 2     Anyways, yeah I read about the salmon stay
Fly Tyer's Dungeon
Got it, feathers.  Vicente answered, but I'll add my understanding. I now live in Florida.  I was born and raised in Indiana.  I've been all over the world. Based on my experiences, fis
Mouse pattern tail options THAT don't soak up water
Maybe either vernille or foam discs threaded onto a line like the trouser worm carp fly.
Snook Flies Swap
They look like a cross between a carp and a bass...LOL...How do they taste?
It's effective on smaller water with smaller fish,   You mean like the ones on this page:   or in the video on this page:   https://www
Carp Fishing it Frustrating! So, I decided I would go fishing for carp again since that last fight was so awesome!  If you haven't checked out that video yet, see it here...
5wt vs Carp - Knife to Gunfight!
Dude, I kept waiting for you to put some serious heat on that fish. A 5 wt is plenty of rod for a 30 inch carp, most carp guys I know use between a 4 and 6 wt, but if you don't put the hurt on 'em the
New Fly Rod Record for Common Carp   Best Carp Flies    
Grass Carp!
I'll put them here, too.   [attachment=62897:Fisherboy carp 1.jpg]   [attachment=62898:Fisherboy carp 2.jpg]   [attachment=62899:Fisherboy carp 3.jpg]   [attachment=62900:Fisherboy
New Tying Bench
Mostly the Wabash and the Eel, since they merge in Logansport.  The Wabash was pretty good for sunfish and carp ... the Eel would give up Large Mouth and Small Mouth Bass. Tippecanoe was a little
Strange hooks
They would be great for carp flies.   Well i just re read and seen they are size 16 so nix the carp flies.
New 9' 7wt
Fisherboy sent me the pictures of his Carp.  All I can say is ... WOW !!!  That is a HUGE fish !!!   Nice catch ... good pictures !   [attachment=62893:Fisherboy carp 1.jpg]  
Heavy wire nymph hooks (carp hooks?)
My favorite carp hooks are:   Partridge Nordic Tube Fly Hook or Daiichi 3111   Here is a video to my most productive carp fly:
Rod handles
So after watching mcflys carp video I have a quick question but I didn't want to hijack his great video thread. My dad always told me not to grab the rod where there is no handle. Doing so substantial
I have a jig hook ?
Just regular bead will work, I just tied a bunch up for the carp swap.
Giant Carp on 5wt!
Nice carp!  As I've said before, it's one of the few things I miss from "up North".  Common Carp don't live here.
Asheville, NC Area Opportunities
I've been tentatively planning a trip to NC for the last year or so to chase some more carp on cicadas.  Anyone from that area that give me some tips on good fishing the hatch?  I am looking
mouse man., i bet it makes a big difference in casting...lots less wind resistance when folded back...btw, i really like your mices. Thanks.  A little better for casting maybe, but didn't mak
Invader Zim (really just an over complicated feather game changer)
It's been a long time since my last post, however ive done anything but stop tying. Between tying commercially, working in the shop, and attempting to catch fish I occasionally get time to tie funky f
Koi Fly Recommendations
The Koi and Common are very similar.  Both are opportunistic omnivores.   The Grass is almost always an introduced "triploid" and sterile fish that feeds, almost exclusively, on vegetation.
Mop fly
The possibilities seem endless. I tied some more up with just a black thread head and they look good. I can't wait to get them wet and see how they do. I like the idea for using them as a carp fly.
Black Plague (Cicada)
Now if only I had a rod that could get that bug out there! Nice tie!  I fished a 7 and 9 wt mostly with it last summer for carp.  I know of several people that used 6 wt.  My friend
Hey guys so last time I went to my local river (the San Juan river) I saw 20+ carp all site fishable roaming around in a slow moving and shallow part of the river I had not been to before. I was just
May Flies from the Vise
  Glenn Ueda's LocoMoco modified for smallies. You can see Glenn's original pattern in this months digital version of FlyTyer magazine. Kimo That's a cool pattern H   Thanks Retro.
Quills and Biots Swap
Well, great day at the PO. Carp flies in, Biot flies in. Skagit line for new spey rod in. Like Christmas. All the flies look great from both swaps. The biot flies may be the best overall trout group e
City park fishing
Over the last year the city I live in has been cleaning up the pond in one of the parks. They dredged it, put in some new rock walls, and repaired a waterfall. It's an old park and hasn't been open to
Going back to the OP I would love to fish some of those shad. Seems like there must be a time or place they could be caught by fly but even light bass tackle would be fun. As for tasting like carp, I
Carp craic!
I'll be a sucker, I mean carp fly tier. I'm in.
Any interest in a carp fly swap?
So unless I missed it somewhere, it looks like it's been a long time since there was a carp fly swap. I've gotten the required number of swaps done and was considering hosting one but wanted to see if
April Flies from the Vise
Eddie & Flytier, Nice clean ties! Good stuff. Cream, I can't get a Carp to hit anything I throw at them(most are Armur)let alone those. I'd bounce those on the bottom for Bass.
Odd ball fly line?
Need some advice.  I acquired a Hardy Mach 2  Dbl Tpr 8 wt intermediate sink fly line in a club auction.  Trying to figure out the purpose of a DT with that heavy of a line.  Pitch
White Woolly Buggers for Trout
Mark Boname's Vanilla Bugger is one that puts both trout and carp in the net. #been.there.done.that
March Flies From The Vise
ditto r-carp
Tying a Carp Craft Fur Hybrid
This has been my best Carp Fly.   Let me know what you think, try not to beat me up too much :) Thanks Like it, Welcome to best forum
Sorting topics
Hahaha lets hope the plan goes well. The target this year is a 15kg (33lbs) carp from two connected lakes totaling about 175 acres with depths to 30 feet. Just invested in an electric motor for my inf
Butte Ugly Swap-Register here-Open Feb 16
My three wild card flies will be sulpher crackelbacks. Better then bread dough. cool, I am keeping 1 of those for Me, or taking a really good picture and bugging you for a recipe. Love me them big Ca
The Down Home Pride Swap
Bar set high for my poor little Carp fly bonus, but I will figure it out. I like! the vibe on this swap
Mop Swap - Jazz it up!!!
Trout, bass, perch, crappie, sunfish, carp, pickerel, shiners! The mop owns them all!
Years tying flies
37-38 years?  Started when I was a kid, dressing treble hooks and tying bucktail jigs, for my dad and his fishing buddies who could no longer get the stuff locally which they wanted.  
Feb flies from the vise
I am SO glad I'm getting some "home" time next week.  Another week in a hotel, and I'll need to start looking over my shoulder for the guys in the white coats.  (Well, I already do ... but
January Flies from the Vise
[attachment=60532:IMG_0806.JPG] 3 double bead bugger nymphs size #6  , 1 double bead bunny streamer size #8, 3 bibio variants size #12, 3 white midge size #12 , 2 black deer hair caddis size #12,
Great recipe, Rocco. I never liked it, but growing up people used to eat carp in some kind of pickled dish. The idea was to have lots of strong flavors that would completely disguise the carp's mucky
Grass Carp hooks?
Too warm in Central and Southern Florida for Common Carp.  I've heard of a few being spotted here and there, but very few.  I had one person swearing to me that he was seeing carp in his pon
Hello from Missouri
Welcome. You will learn that catching carp on a fly rod is far more challenging then twout.
Shrimp Swap
Carp Saltwater. I should have been more clear. Joe I'm in Kentucky.
Grass Carp Flies
The Cyprinidae are the family of freshwater fishes, collectively called cyprinids, that includes the carps, the true minnows, and their relatives (for example, the barbs and barbels). Also commonly ca
December Flies from the Vise
Is that for grass carp ? ;-) Reindeer carp! :)
Fishing resolutions
100 carp on the fly -15 × 20 lbs PB brown trout PB striper
Junk Fly Swap
Carpflyguy, generally I like the way you think. I am inclined to join up, if you will have me. Now will confess that I have never tied more than 4 copies (in a series) of any fly, I like the desi
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