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Need to blow off steam
I just need a good rant so here goes. I know it's been discussed here several times,but etiquette in the river is just one of those things people just don't give a rat's ass about. The section of the
Saltwater hooks
I am seconding pdeck on this. Have had hooks break or bend out, not often, and not from failing to properly fight the fish. I have caught and released and Released a Rainbow in excess of 20 lbs, on
Stocker trout
Thanks for the responses, guys. Lots of good stuff to think about. I guess I did kind of lump stocked, wild/holdover, and native trout together when asking why trout are so revered. While they might b
Tenkara is just for little fish...
Not sure how you managed to land a catfish with your Tenkara & not break the tip.   What model and make is your rod?   The cats I've caught on my fly rods have fought like demons possess
The Beach 9-30
Our "trash can slam" is a bit different - it's a lizard, a puffer (blowfish), and a catfish - all on fly, of course....  I'm surprised that any coastal road (along the Gulf side of things is in g
Thousands of 10-pound Atlantic salmon were accidentally released
Well Floatfisher, they've tried hard to establish a fishery for many years without success but it just may an accidental stocking that takes over what they couldn't do purposely. I guess I've given up
is tenkara catching on?
It's all good natured fun Rick. I consider myself an angler and enjoy many varied angling opportunities from fly fishing to spin fishing, bait fishing, chunking catfish and stripers and ice fishing. I
Relaxing day on the James
Great landing . One of my favorites for night time flathead catfish . I plan on floating through there before summer ends .
Inexpensive Pike Fly Hooks
Walmart ... I bought the O'Shaughnessy style Eagle Claw hooks in size 3/0 at Wally World.
Grass Carp!
So I've been trying for a long time, (today makes seven months with gf so about 5 months now) to hook up with a grass carp in my gfs pond. There are three in there and they are huge. I've tried every
beginner's luck
Maybe they're just sniffing the fly to see what kind of dog you have. If you can come up with the materials in yellow and orange or red tie some Mickey Finns. I'm TOLD catfish have an affinity for the
How's everyone
What have yall been into this spring? I just got back into fly fishing after a spell with a bum rotator cuff.Did have a chance to really nail the catfish though!Ive been on the water everyou couple da
Day at the beach. South Fl.
Oh, you guys are no fun.  Just kidding, that is great advice!   I don't really plan on much fishing. I am still bringing the 8wt. though. A few of my first ever errant casts into the salt wi
Boat trailer failed. Wheels came off.
Thx, poop. I can see how the excessive heat would build up. I can see this little trailer good for hopping around a catfish farm or something, but on the highway it isn't what I need.
Roller Coaster Day
Well guys... today was a roller coaster. Ups and downs. Finally got off work and went fishing. Got into bass and catfish immediately. Landed a few of each. Landed a fat cat and then a bass took and wh
Fly caught salty fish pictures
Mike That's why I built that 9' 3wt a few months back, just for these non-rainbows.   agn54 I've been planning to make a short road trip but always seem get distracted and not go. One local capt.
(No fly zone) Non fly caught fish pictures
We used to troll a spread of 12 rods. Starting with two 5' on the stern, and getting longer all the way up the sides to 14' rods coming off the sides of the bow in a Carolina skiff. Trolled pink/orang
They do however, make excellent catfish bait!
hook: upturned eyes?
Typically they are a very heavy hook because they are designed for salmon/steelhead, two of the the hardest fighting fish on the planet and they lend themselves beautify for tying those classic patter
fly line backing alternative
I've used nylon "catfish line" before--it came on little hockey-puck-sized spools at Wal-Mart for $2-3 a spool back when I used it, but that was quite a few years ago. I suspect it would go for not mu
Water clarity report for everglades?
Where I am... the 'Glades is a real jungle -both above and below the water.. Today the fish is feeding on whatever the menu provides, tomorrow the fish opens the menu - and his name is at the top of t
Full moon fishing
That's the first time I've ever saw anyone use flies on a trot line.  Nice batch of bream to take home for dinner.  I enjoyed the commentary.  Spent 4 years in NW Tennessee going to col
There Back !
My folks had a camper when I was growing up. It was mostly parked in a permanent spot. The campground it was parked in had approximately a ten acre lake that was about 40ft deep near the dam. 
March Flies From The Vise
Jeff,   I began experimenting with soft plastics on my flies for Smallmouth 12-15 years ago.   Most of my friends were very negative, until they saw how efficient they were on the rive
$100 trash fish
I fish one small local tournament with a buddy every year. It's only $25 a piece and the payouts can be pretty good for poor folks like me. It's an anything goes tournament with live bait allowed. Onl
22 in catfish 8 lbs tippet
Sir, I greatly enjoy your videos. Those catfish eat real well, when steaked out. Commend the great: technique, fish, fight and dinner. Grand slam... Carry On...
First fish of the season
Zip,     Being from the frozen north I don't see catfish at all up here. That being said it looks pretty tasty ! Flyfishing or not, any fishing beats the hell out of work and a lot of other
Life is crazy
Hey gents,Been a while since I've posted.Life happened! Things have been crazy since before thanksgiving.I got engaged and bought a house,not much but I believe southern living will be paying me a vis
Panfish Swap With A Twist
I got the last set of flies in today and have divided them up.  They will go out in tomorrow's mail. Mike West sent 2 divers for each tier. For those of you who sent extras, much appreciated. 
favorite fly swap
Well thanks Vicente. When an SM says he's got your flies with no other comment you begin to get paranoid. What's I do wrong? What are mine, like chopper live? Good for catfish only. I feel better now
Hi, from Alabama
Wecome Willie, nice catfish fly! good video just don't mistake that attractant for your coffee.
dry floatant question
I my younger days we used WD-40 on catfish bait and they go crazy for it.There were pay lakes here that offered prize money for tagged fish and they had actually banned the use of WD-40 because it is
January Flies from the Vise
Large golden stone nymph for catfish.
Gefilte fish (/ɡəˈfɪltə fɪʃ/; from Yiddish: געפֿילטע פֿיש‎, "stuffed fish") is a dish m
New 240g tank build
Couple of albino blind catfish?  To give it the true cave experience?
Favorite Wet Fly ?
How did either of you you make that jump?C.If anyone could identify SARCASM on the internet, I would have ASSumed it would be a Brit.... I am 100% on your side Crackaig! I have railed against the same
What's an grass cap bite like?
He knew he was hooked.I have had them do that but alot of them just suck in the fly with just a really soft bite and keep swimming until they realize they are hooked.Then all hell breaks loose.  
Matching the Hatch....Carp
I feed the catfish in my ponds floating dog food pellets. Craft foam dog pellet flies work well. However if I spun deer hair like you I'd probably try that route too.
Hurrican Bay FL....?
The guys on the west coast could help you better with suggestions, but I've fished there several times in the past staying at the San carlos campground. I'm assuming you're talking about the ft.Myers
Scenting flies???
It's fishing ... even if you're using a fly rod, you're still fishing.  This is one of those topics some "elitist" take great umbrage on.  To them, it's a sin to use scent on a fly ... "Why,
Lucky Man
Nice pics. I remember when my step son was that age. We would go fishing every Saturday with his "Grandpop". We bank fished because a 9 year olds attention can still wonder. So we did alot of fishing
Cooking Question for Smallmouth Bass
I can't answer to smallmouth bass as I've never eaten or caught them. However I keep a supply of fish in the freezer to eat. smaller than 17" Largemouth, small catfish, bluegill, crappie, Mayan cichli
Fishy Question
Let me tell you the story of the Wells Catfish in Spain. Certainly not native to the area, brought from Eastern Europe by a tourist in the water tank of his camper. Dumped the minnows in a reservoir i
I've been fortunate
Well since I have only taken up this hobby in the last 2 years I do not have any memories of fly fishing or fly tying to speak of.  I do have the memory of taking my son to my first fly tying exp
August Flies From the Vise
Catfish, Cream.  Nice looking little catfish fry.   I've seen pods of them near the shore, many times.  Drop that into slightly deeper water just out from the pods would probably have n
locally sourced /Chaeling my Grandfather
My Father was not an avid fisherman. My Mother's father lived to fish. He was a blue collar , depression era, FRUGAL man. He built his own house, and made a lot of his own lures and tied jigs. I am
NC Coast Flies?
Been fishing the marshes and coastal bays of SE Louisiana for over 50 years.  I have used crab hundreds of times in my quest for fish.  Never caught one trout on a crab.  Did catch
Question about 10ft rods.
Dave I have a 10' 2wt that Steve built that I use for bream fishing. It's not noodle at all. It can bomb cast for a 2wt. I love fishing with it. I caught a 5lb catfish on it the other day!
Water Wolf Camera
More fun with the Water Wolf Camera; only one Catfish but it was a nice one! Murky water but still able to get some video. Current from the surface was not noticeable but from the video could see a st
What leader
Sorry young lad but we're talking fishing. I agree they are not tricky little devils but they shut down just like trout and they come alive just like trout. The bigger ones are trickier then the small
FYI: iFishNews
Did some scouting at a local pond with the Water Wolf Camera. Bluegill, Sunfish, and Catfish... [url=]Video.[/url]
Anyone tying cicada flies?
Catfish go wild for them!
Oklahoma bound steelheader......
Just found your site recently.  I like it.     I have been in Stillwater, OK for 22 years, moving here from Lansing, Mich.  Oklahoma's two year-round trout fisheries are a bit far
Flies to teach new tyers??
The pond is a warm water pond with the typical bass, bluegill and catfish. But the club stocks it with large trout seasonally as well. We will probably target the bluegill just because they are the ea
Hello from South Dakota
To Dave G We have quite a diverse selection. West side of the state in Black Hills is the trout fishing. Central and east river is Good for warm water species such a walleye, northern,small and larg
Bent Back Clouser Variant
Fished with the 5-Weight this morning and used a Bent Back Clouser Minnow. Caught two little Bass and a nice Catfish that put up a good fight! Posted a picture of the Catfish on the [url=http:
Thin Skin alternative…..??
Czech's used catfish skin at the start!
Head cement deterring fish?
Comparing carp to salmom or bass is like comparing a cow to a dog. Different species with different prey finding methods. I am not sure what crosses over, but for instance, catfish often hunt by smel
Line weight, reel and rod question
Northern Manitoba around the Thompson area. 4 hours from the famous Reindeer Lake. Best fishing province in my opinion, pike walleye, trout, small&large mouth bass, grayling, catfish plus a dozen
Few poppers
This is a popper I am using for catfish & snakehead. The body - soft foam on #2/0 hook.
Old bucktails
Since most fish will investigate carcasses in the water, I don't think it will matter much.  Might even get you more hits than without.  But if you're in one of those idiotic States where th
Clams Qusetion
Below Lake Wylie Dam there are a lot of freshwater mussels and a variety of clam. They make a great catfish bait. They would probably make a great trout bait. Only problem I see, man states do not all
Old Mustad Hooks
Thanks for the offer JD - but I buy all my hooks at wholesale (probably less than the shipping from your end...   Mike, this particular bait catching rig isn't exactly a sabiki - although it's ti
Tips for teaching a kid to tie?
Ok so me and my daughter went back to the hole today, I specifically tied flies last nite for panfish and catfish yet all we caught between the two of us was 26 bass in an hour and a half, if visibili
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