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Ray Bergman Collection - 180) Jay Silver

Catskill Style Hendrickson - by Tightline Productions

Hatches 2012: The Rio Grande Cichlid - Dots And The Painted Popper by Ronald Braud

Redington Sonic Pro Wader review

Czech Mate Nymph

The Ray Bergman Collection - 93) Dr. Breck

Chain Pickerel

A Mickey Finn for Finnatics
I tend to play with the construction of a fly and keep the coloration. One of my favorites is a Micky Finn color scheme but the hair I use is arctic fox and the tie is a mini-clouser style with bead
September Flies From the Vise
I've been tying up some flies for the Casting for Recovery retreat my salt water club is hosting on September 30th.  It takes place on a private lake in South Jersey.  Targets are bluegills,
August Flies From the Vise
  Cat's Whiskers   hook - nymph/wet/streamer style thread - white head - silver bead chain tail - white marabou body - chartreuse yarn wing - white marabou
Hackle gague
While Im not great at dries, I have tied many many many other flies all which include palmering hackle. I have tied quite a few dries already as well, but more simple patterns (Matts midge, griffith
Lightning hitting water
Electricity ... path of least resistance.  When you're talking a few million volts of pressure, it's a 100% guess as to what makes one target "more resistant" than another.  But you can use
Bobbin threader on the run....
Any particular store gottem? Went to 3 chain drug, 2 big box stores that had GUM stuff but none of those....
best flies for small lake in late summer
I'll disagree with Mike on water temperatures on Canadian Lakes in the summer.  I've gone to a lake in Northern Ontario, 8 hour drive north of Toronto, mainly in mid to late July and seldom has t
Horse flies...
Deer flies actually land and take a few seconds to settle and bite.  You have time to target and smack 'em dead! Green Headed Horseflies ... basically land mouth first.  They are already bi
Carrying two rods
One 6-8 wt rod at a time, the choice of wt being somewhat dependent on wind and such. the fly end taper of my 8&9wt lines is about the same as a 3wt so I have fished down to #24 with it and caught
Looking for panfish ideas
I use small clouser style flys tied on a b10s with chain eyes blue over white works well.
Fishing report, Everglades Flamingo, 2 May
As usual most of my anglers aren't using fly gear - but the last one listed was..... and those tripletail will take a properly presented Clouser almost any day you find them - and they're a sight-fish
May Flies From The Vise
Rylee's Box Filler (variation) More potential carp stuff. Changes to the original based on materials on hand. hook - Dai Riki 135 #6 thread - Danville 6/0 olive tail - grizzly marabou dyed olive rib
Fly nameing
Some people crave attention, and some like a quick buck to go along with it. There's not much money in "inventing" a fly, so I'd have to go with the "attention" factor in most cases. Even a fly that g
Nobler (variation) SBS
Another Icelandic take on the Bugger; added the rabbit up front for a bit more action. Weight as desired; left this one light to throw at frustrated stillwater spawners in the shallows. Title should
Big Boys are Coming
All black, brown and orange, black/purple, all black with a red head (or fl. green head)...... You might have to add big bead chain eyes (so that fish can feel it move when they can't see it clearly..
9' 7wt 3pc
just wanted to let you know that the rod casts beautiful, far and accurate. I am not just saying that to be nice, I really like it a lot! the line lays out perfect, nice loop, feels light an
Animal hair that sinks?
Lead wire will be your friend, or if in doubt some tiny splitshot can help. Others have covered the hair thing but I figured Id add in since you said you didnt wanna buy beadheads. Im sure you have du
Hello from Canada
I've been lurking for a while and thought it was about time to say hello. I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada. I've fished all my life, but only began fly fishing about 5 or 6 years ago, and just took up tyi
Bead Head Wooly Bugger on a Jig Hook
Hi and thanks for the information, I will give it a try. I do use the Bead Chain for eyes when I am not throwing up in the grass. I must admit that I push my luck and throw a fly in spots many ti
I just don't get it.
This won’t help I’m sure but goodwill is one of the crookedest charity scams there is. They pay their employees next to nothing, their inventory is given to them, which they sell at pure p
April Flies From The Vise
A #1 worm hook. I tied in some bead chain to the "keel" to get it down a little deeper than normal. 
White River out of Beaver Lake
This guy fishes Beaver a lot. Give him a call. He uses drift boat All the reservoirs are in flood pool after big rains last week. Not sure if heavey releases will be finished by May. Prolly nee
jalberts, I sent these a few years ago and didn't get banned from future swaps even though MOST of the other entries were better. I was just getting into deer hair and decided it's too messy. The ones
Yesterday I did some prep work for a five day booking starting tomorrow - or should I say night booking since we're only going five hours per night -targeting small tarpon on fly.  My angler belo
Oh boy here we go!
Always in Feb this happens around here too. That's why I plan a project for feb, like building a new rod or two. Airbrush some lures or make some flies I'm lacking. And if I can grab a day on the wate
Need a little help For St Augustine,FL
My favorite to throw for redfish inshore is any black and purple crab/shrimp pattern. Ill usually have some lead eyes on it to bounce off the bottom near any oysters. Also anything brownish in color s
Pike/Muskie leader questions
First, let me state I have never fly fished for Muskie. I live in northern Indiana. A nearby lake has been stocked with Muskies for a good number of years. Many have escaped that lake and ended up in
For guys who tie a Tarpon Fly
With the advent of fluorocarbon leader material -everything changed (since fluoro can be straightened out perfectly by merely securing the fly on something solid then pulling hard on the leader and ho
Mono Eyes
I picked up some black plastic bead chain at one of the craft stores.  It would be a perfect match for the eyes on the Schminnow.
What weight dumbbell eyes for Clousers?
I could use any of those, I normally use bead chain though. Just enough to make the hook ride up or plenty to make the fly a jig. My take on it is deeper equals heavier and faster equals heavier and b
February Flies from the Vise
Good start, Tom.   If I'd known you were messing with deer hair,  I would have suggested you come down to OC last Saturday for the tying with deer hair class the South Jersey Coastal Fl
Bugger swap #2
Nice Zip, I still have yet to catch a crappie they aren't as common out here. Was it the little black and silver dubbing bugger with bead chain eyes or a wild card?
Our Favorite Things?
As you can all expect ... my favorite tying materials are Flip Flops, Raccoon Tail, bead chain and anything I can get for cheap.   My least favorite materials are anything I have to shell out lar
Guess what....a 2wt
I have a 10 2wt that Steve built its lined with a 3wt. It bombs casts. Its one of my favorite rods to fish. I dont mind casting into the wind so long as the fly isnt that heavy. I do cast flies wi
Question about hens and rosters.
That big fl. green and white bug in the photo is actually a variant of one of my signature patterns with Umpqua Feather Merchants - it's the Tarpon Snake - and anglers world-wide have been catching fi
Does anyone tie their own ice flies?
My flies probably needed a little more flash, I tied open water flies but on a jig hook or lead head. To be honest I was more excited about tying the flies than going ice fishing. Although we caught s
Any of you kayak guys have thoughts about the Anchor Wizard?
Saw it brought up on another forum about habitat damage done by dragging chain that way, disturbing the bottom etc.; wonder what your thoughts are? Of course one boat on one trip would not do a lot, t
Jiggling Nymph
  Material List: Jig Hook Scud back Semperfli Micro Suede Chennile UV dubbing SLF dubbing Goose and turkey biot Pheasant tail fibers lead wire and black bead-chain hard wire, 12lbs Mono line and
Look at these smiles...
I hope you guys who are downplaying these kinds of reports don't know any women who have ever been victims of sexual assault or harassment.  As with most people ... you didn't read my first r
Crappie fly fishing
My experience with Crappie, though limited, extends from Indiana to Florida and West to Texas.   Like most fresh water predators, they will attack anything ... opportunist when hungry.  They
New to the forum
Hi there ! Im a guy from sweden 36 years of age and a father of twins, boys. I have some nervedamage in my hands, love to fish for pike, but my condition prohibits me from fishing anything above a 7
Show Us Your Tube Flies
Nice work Flat Rock. Are those gold bead chain eyes... if so what size are they? Thanks, using a plastic bead-chain, eye is about 1/4th inch diameter.. Dollar for lifetime supply at Dollar Tree.
HMH FLY TYING CONTEST sponsored by HMH Vises
HMH FLY TYING CONTEST!   1. Tie a fly using your HMH Vise and take a picture of it. 2. Please include HMH vise in the photo in some way. 3. Post your photo on Instagram or Facebook and use the h
Are shrimp eyes a necessity
I'm sure there are times that fish care and times they don't.  A fish that is hungry is just looking for an excuse, it'll grab anything that is close.  Lock jaw is lock jaw.  I think it
October flesh from the vise
Retro, is that bead chain enough to keep it hook point up?
What flies to start with?
Where can you find lake trout within 1 or 2 hours of Philadelphia? I've lived and fished my entire life in this area and Don't know of a single lake close to philly with lake trout. I assume you are t
Hello from NJ and Pa
Hey all,    I just wanted to say hello to the community and tell a little about myself. As most of you do, I too love to fish. I have always been a bass fisherman (with a good mix of sunny's
Ordering online
@mikechell   I can't disagree with anything you wrote, but I still think it would be beneficial to have the ability to 'pull' a vendor's chain if they screw up on a regular basis.   Case in
Mike Curry's Tiger Tail: Lethal Fly!
 The Tiger Tail is a versatile little streamer fly developed by Mike Curry. First utilized in the Ozarks, this fly imitates damsel/dragonflies and other medium sized food sources for fish. Really
Mop Fly Variant
Finally finished up the last mop flies I plan to tie for now.  Time to move on to some poppers and sliders.  This will be one of my bass boxes, figure they'll work for chain pickerel also.&#
Stay Safe
A quick update.... a buddy was over at Everglades City (the far northwest end of Everglades National Park - about 30 miles east of Naples) two days ago and he reported that the place was just stinking
Very nice! Talk about a great day of fishing! That must be at the Osbourne-Ida chain?  
Micro streamer colors - which one works for you?
hi Lucian..i love these type of flies..mainly #10 with bead chain eyes in black or olive on a 4 wt. sink tip line for ALL panfish..i,m going to try the rust color..thanks.
That is a problem with permanent markers.  Interesting color combinations and direction of the tie.  Those look like good Mantis shrimp imitations.   The first shrimp pattern I learned
30 years on...
My parents were chain smokers. COPD, heart issues, blood pressure, etc. Smoking always disgusted me. I used to get in fist fights over my not wanting to try a puff when I was a kid.  I never trie
Ordering Tying Materials
As a retired Optometrist I will put my $.02 in.  I had a lot of people go out of town to nation chain stores to get glasses.  They them wanted me to take care of any problems they had with t
Going to spend 500.00 on a pole. Orvis or llbean brand. Opinions pls
I build my own rods since I prefer a slow to moderate action rod and I have a peculiar taste in the guides I use. The only rod I ever brought was  4 piece 8 wgt from Cabela's  I needed in a
The value of the roll cast
Cool Rocco ! Tell you what, I'll try this rig I made up first LOL ! It's just an experiment for now. I have lead core trolling rigs, full sink, floating line and spinning gear on the boat too. These f
OT. Anybody do earrings?
The beads are mandatory & make sure they get glued on with Zap-A-Gap or something stronger as a fishing friend wanted a present of red, white & blue pair of earrings for his fiancée to we
is tenkara catching on?
i can never tell if those flies are coming or all i need is i" piece of zonker on #10 with smallbead chain eyes.
thoughts on floatant
I've always liked Dave's Bug Float when I can get it. It seems to work equally well in very cool to very warm weather, and it comes with a nifty little piece of bead chain built into the container so
Dumbbell Eye Mold
Dip some bead chain in hot lead and cut apart as needed.
July Flies from the Vise
#2  zonker and bead chain.
What is your favorite fly pattern?
That would probably work for bone fish, Mike.   Depends on what I'm fishing for.   Trout- Dry Fly- CDC and Elk, can also be used as an emerger.   Nymph-  Soft Hackle PT Nymph. 
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