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Patterns 131-138 added to the Ray Bergmen Collection

The Ray Bergman Collection - 79) Cooper

Video: The Zaggin Zook by Curtis Fry

CDC Loopwing Emerger- by Richard Strolis

The SIMMS wading room

Thomas Harvey's Legs For Days- by Brian Wise


Killiefish/Mummichog imitations?
Folks get all wobbly the first time they see a tiger up close - even a small one....  One day a few years back we had a chumline going out near marker # 6 (the closest Park boundary marker to the
Sheep Fly
I hope to get a chance to throw this one at some tarpon and/or cobia this summer, but I'm gonna give it a shot when the bull reds come inshore, which should be any day now. Striped bass would definite
Big Boys are Coming
With all the flavor-of-the-month materials out there, I still haven't found much that out-fishes the real thing. I'm a huge fan of Icelandic sheep hair and wool in general; it puffs up in the water, a
Giant poppers...
Here's a few I made a while back for cobia out of synthetic wine corks. Have yet to toss one at a fish. 7/0 hooks I think. Takes 10wt or better to fling em'.
Using google earth to scout wading areas
Mangrove snapper! That's one I haven't got on fly yet. Need to add it my bucket list along with bone and cobia.   Glad you had a great time and caught fish.
saltwater bugs for the 'glades
Found myself adding a bit to two different threads (on two different sites) in the last few days that might be of interest to folks on this board...   The first is about patterns for this time of
Morehead City / Beaufort / Atlantic Beach NC
I used to ... about 30 years ago, when I was in the military.  But I never fly fished there.  Almost always too many people around for back casting.  And, unlike most reports I've seen
A few good...flies
These crabs are timely now as redfish, pompano, cobia, and tarpon all eat them.
Very cool flies. How long and what size hook?   What fish are you targeting with those?  I tie a long skinny eel for cobia down south.
Targets in and around florida?
It really depends on which part of the state, you are in, where you are fishing (backcountry, flats, bridges, passes, offshore, etc., and then there is freshwater too).When you fish here you see why t
Vise advice needed
This my big hook vise. These are 7/0 cobia jigs.  
Epoxy crabs
Neat. I fished out of Panama City for cobia and there were so many boats chasing cobia that I felt sorry for them. I never even saw a cobia that day. I did watch some drones take off which was cool
New and improved video's
Nice video. Bunny streamers are always effective. I tie something similar except I use cross cut for the body, I think it's easier to work with.   The one on the left I purposely tied down s
Gulf Coast Florida, Destin Area Help
A 40" snook is awesome, I have gotten 2 over 40 but they were both on live mullet. Couldn't imagine how awesome it would be to get those hogs on a fly. You actually weren't off on the tarpon up there,
Virginia Beach in July - Any tips, recommendations?`
I was there last august for a week.   I brought my kayak so I was able to beach launch a few mornings-  we stayed at Dam Neck which isn't a "public" beach unless you have access to the
Fripp Island SC
About 20 miles from Parris Island, South Carolina. Since the currents keep the water temps along the Carolinas fairly constant, lots of fish can be caught there all year long.  Flounder and Cobia
If you could design and make a vise / vice what would it look like?
I've got one like silvercreek but a different and not as pretty base. It collects dust until I need to tie a 9/0 cobia jig.
How big are your biggest flies? (and what are you throwing them to)
As Uncle Bob already stated, tarpon, grouper, snook, and other species love giant flies in the stained water of the Everglades.  I also like to throw these big devils at cobia , trout, reds, stri
Tybee Island
Kudu ... as far as crabbing goes, keep it simple.  You can buy the crab traps.  The easiest are just round nets that hang from a three point harness. [attachment=52870:trap 1.jpg] Tie a chic
Big game hook preferance
The SC17 are very stout and would hold up to a cobia just fine.  I have used them and they are plenty strong. They're made for big tarpon so they would probably have no problems with a cobia eith
recommendations for a rod and reel outfit
If you're not SURE that you are going to want to fly fish the salt water ... You can get a much less expensive outfit from one of the national retailers, BPS, Cabela's etc.  You can get a rod/ree
From the Saltwater Bench
Nice eel pattern. I might have to try something like that for cobia.
Redfish, it's whats for dinner
Digging the redfish, I like it when they're all bronzed up from dark water…Very nice!   What's the screwdriver for?     Wife and I are going out tomarro just to see how the water
An Amazing Thing Happened Today!
Thanks fellas, a great day for sure.  The wind is crazy stupid, I wanted to fish the gulf side of crooked island sound for pompano and look for cobia and jacks…Not on a bet!  It's supp
FLYTYING vise for large hooks?? (REGAL)
Years ago when tying big jigs for cobia I destroyed a little vise and did exactly what Stevester suggested above. Got some vise grips and welded it to the old vise stand. I covered the tips with
agn54, Glad you liked it. Croakers are used for tarpon, cobia, and big drum (reds) up here too.   I decided to try on a new pair of eyes on the spot fly. I think I like the new and improved
New style of cork
Okay Steve.  You have already turned me into a rod junkie (I guess its better than crack) now I am going to have to have a rod with a shiny handle like that as I like shiny things.  Like vic
Rain Bait
Hey Ben - what did you get down there besides snook and cobia? How did those hand grenades work out? Skimmer, I've seen them come in on the beach many times up north, but trying to guess where they're
9ft 5wt 4pc Matrix
Sweet rod Steve.  Ill be lining up the 10 wt you made me as soon as my new Galvan (black) reel arrives.  Cant wait to get out and cast it.  Im taking it in April to Fla to chase a cobia
Cobia Flies
Just out of curiosity: I know cobia are often found in company with rays, etc. - are they looking for food scraps that the rays stir up? I remember when I was diving years ago, that I often had a trai
Best Big-Fish-Eats-Little-Fish Story
Dang Byron, I loved your tale.  Kinda makes you wonder what kind of kids are being raised and indoctrinated with pure BS.  Really sad if you ask me, kinda like the woman that asked a hunter
watercolor santa rosa beach florida opportunities
Dave Watercolor is a beautiful place.  This will be the third time we have been but the only time I have had the opportunity to fish.  Will there be in cobia around the first half of April.&
Deepwater Black Death Tarpon Fly
Makes me want to tie one up like that for Cobia.
More Big Game poppers
  I made these primarily for cobia but assume they would be food to any large predators out there. The hooks are 7 or 8/0 left over from my trolling days for mahi. I included the unused wine cork
Simple shad/ blue gill pattern?
I've been using that Dollar hair for a while on all kinds of flies and cobia jigs. I also get my  clear nail polish, there instead of expensive Hard as Nails as well as bead eyes when t
Florida Keys... help
Some questions to make the answers easier to give.  What type boat, flats, open water, skiff?  What type of fishing are you wanting to do, Tarpon, bonefish, snook.  What else are you wa
Predator Poppers
Ben, that's one sweet popper, a real beauty. Urethane foam? Molded? Cut and Shaped? So many questions, so little time.   There's a similar hard popper (also called predator) in Bob Veverka's book
Big Bait Fly
Cobia food!
Jumbo Shrimp
You guys crack me up!   PJ did you ever catch anything with that shrimp? Looks like a cobia or snook killer.
What fish do you like to fish for?
Saltwater-Cobia: Freshwater-Smallmouths (my all time favorite)
The quest for the perfect Musky hook
I am going to answer this with a reply that will generate more questions, I am afraid. I stopped by a Gander Mountain yesterday.  They have large hooks, already snelled with wire leaders just for
'phlight of phancy... 'tubularintrudersquid...
What sized hook? Looks like something a cobia would quickly slurp down.
Destin Florida patterns
[color="#000080"][size="3"][font="Comic Sans MS"]Matt there are quite a few tiers from the Panama City / Destin area that are on here a lot...panama Red being the first t
Pompano patterns ?
[color="#000080"][size="3"][font="Comic Sans MS"]Fairly good vid on filleting a fish. I split the fillet in half length wise before skinning it (makes it easier to get th
Favorite Fish To Catch
Cobia! in the summertime when they are cruising the edges of flats in Tampa and Sarasota Bays. That is when I bring out the big chartreuse flys. When your wade fishing it is even more challenging.
Sunfish fishing ... mostly
Hey Mike; The question is- Was you snacking on a Good piece of Southern Fried Chicken when you tied on that fly that caught the catfish? Happened to me once when I was with a guide friend while sight
Redfish from today, and a little snake.
We used to use those eels for cobia and shark. They are great live baits, they are frisky and stay alive all day. They are also a royal pain the ass to get out of the bucket and on to the hook. A t
Large poppers for sharks?
If my memory serves me correctly.....30 or 40 years ago, Orvis had a very large popper shown in thier cat. that was made out of styrafoam and had some large saddle hackles bunch on the tail. I think i
Should be no sweat Dave, especially from a boat. I've thrown them unweighted with a 9wt without any huge problems. (that's the woolly bugger type I mean) You really don't have to dress the
RBF: Chopping 1 foot off the top
About 2 years ago I started my first rod, a Gator T90H, I never finished it and it sits with wrapped but unglassed guides. I stopped fishing the Jetty that I originally made the rod for but have since
Speckled Trout Fly SWAP
[quote name='Panama Red' timestamp='1333155787' post='500950'] [quote name='agn54' timestamp='1333150070' post='500937'] Got mine in today, great stuff
Chocktawatchee Bay Destin Fl
I haven't fished that far west on the panhandle but I know it has the usual North Florida species - trout, redfish, mackerel, bluefish, pompano, etc. There is a really good cobia run around there
Sanibel Island Fla
[color="#0000FF"][size="3"][font="Comic Sans MS"]Try the database using the region and species functions. In Feb it may still be a little cool, if not, snook, seatrout, r
Striper Jerk Bait
cool fly looks like something that would work on cobia down here
Barracuda Fly
That's another trick we call the "bait and switch" that works really well on big fish over shallow wrecks.... You tease the fish with a very active baitfish and keep taking it away (snat
Capt. Bob LaMay's Swamp Rabbit
PR, you getting tarpon down there now? I never knew they were that far north...I envy you with the cobia tho...sweet fly BTW!
A New Take on Speckled Trout
Trout on a 4 wt. will be a blast and a ladyfish will be like fighting a sailfish. The only problem is that every so often on the flats a bruiser pops in to surprise you. If a tarpon or cobia shows u
Rating Fly Database Patterns
i would say no to ratings. are you rating the fly or really the tyer?? obviously the newbie tyer is gonna get the lowest rating and that may discourage them from submitting more could wor
Outerbanks in Aug.
I stopped in here looking for fly patterns for specks or reds, and saw this.Summer's a tough time on the Outer Banks. It's hot, lots of tourists there, and there aren't a lot of fish bitin
Der Hoff
I tied this fly for targeting big Flathead & Blue Catfish here in TX. Inspired by Rudi Heger's pursuit of Wels Catfish in Europe (check out Tube Flies Two:Evolution or google "Rudi Heger
Very nice design and another who's going to give that a shot. Nice clear pictures too for this old guy. Bump for you.So you asked for links to free picture hosts them so I thought I'd post my
Saltwater guys, let's talk boats!
Thanks for the offer Matt, but I'm pretty sure you'll be moving before I'm ready to buy. I want to see what types of fishing there is around here, what I can do on foot, what I can do in a
No stripers here to fish for, but change the colors of a few materials & it'll make a great shark & cobia fly. Thanks for the pattern !
black beauty
I bet that would work great for cobia!!!!
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