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Reader Review: Regal Fly Tying Vise

The Ray Bergman Collection - 12) Babcock

Deer Hair & CDC Comparadun by Davie McPhail

Hatches 2010: A Midwinter Refection on Flies by Bob White

OPST Commando Skagit Heads

The Ray Bergman Collection - 62) Cardinal


Hi from Upstate NY
Hello Bob, welcome from Connecticut.
Didn't catch nuthin'...
FishinPhil, I wouldn't mind hitting up some smallies.  Used to catch them all the time in Connecticut, but here in Missouri I have to travel about 3 hours south into the beginnings of the Ozarks
golden trout - liquid gold
@ 65 years old all i can do is to wish i was young enough to take trips like that and to watch more videos like that one.   i had many great years of fly fishing in the rockly mountains but livin
May Flies From The Vise
colin   i got the blades at cabelas here in connecticut but you should be able to get them on ebay uk
Northern New England in mid-August--worth it?
    just a few rivers in new england but could be low water in august   connecticut - farmington & housatonic rivers   massachusettes - deerfield & swift rivers   new
Welcome from Connecticut
Greetings from Austin
Welcome from Connecticut
Welcome from Connecticut, can not help with the rod building, but to get started tying again try wooly buggers. Easy to tie, can use different body techniques, and fish love them. 
Western Marylander
Welcome from Connecticut
Connecticut Fly Fisherman Association Expo
Small one day expo, I have always enjoyed it, good group, if you are local to CT and have nothing planned for Saturday.       Saturday, February 3 CFFA Expo & Banquet featuring Jen
September flies from the vise
fshng2- Yes the bead is on a mono post I used to use a bent bead head pin but switched to mono because I was told it was more durable. I fish Nova Scotia or PEI (small run on the Morell) used to fish
OT Eclipse viewing
connecticut only gets a partial eclipse. been there done that. not that big of a deal   next one here is may 2079. doubt ill be enthusiastic about that one
Ordering Tying Materials
the bass pro (massachutes) and cabelas (connecticut) are 2 stores i would not catagorize as "fly shops" as both stores are quite limited in fly tying materials
New Guy from NY
Welcome from Connecticut, hope you enjoy the site as much as I do. Nice 1st fly get out and fish it!
Snook Flies Interest?
cant find snook up here in connecticut
Thinking of a Jeep Wrangler
I had one for a few years that I bought with only 12,000 miles on it, in immaculate condition. I only sold it (in 2013) because my wife needed a cargo van for her work, and we didn't really have room
A little color
Jim, the winter of 2013/2014 really put the hurts to the fishing - there have been some reds around since then, but not in the numbers that you & I saw. The trout also took a beating; they're on t
Good to see the start, it will be a short wait for us on the Connecticut River. American shad, poor man's salmon. Poopdeck ever try a red glass bead in front of your fly?
Is it just me?
In the past 28 years, I've lived in Rhode Island, Idaho, Maine, (twice) Virginia, (twice) Connecticut, (twice) Maryland, and New York. If I'd only had a week or two to fish in any of those places, it'
Winter Steelhead Flies - In Review
i wish we had steelhead here in connecticut
Grade 2 Metz neck for dry flies
Bimini, $28 and change for a half cock neck of Metz #2 ? I couldn't pass that up. That's down there near what I paid for Spencer maybe 20 years ago now. They are advertised as hard to tell from a #1,
Which fly or types of flies do you hate to tie?
full dress salmon flies. i made an attempt in the 80s, even took a class on tying them and the results weren't pretty   deer hair flies are not my thing either   pike/musky flies. not m
metered postage
one must learn to fix the toilet if one is to use the toilet   one must not let an 89 year old man suffer in this brutal heat wave we are currently having here in connecticut
Cheap Schminnows
sorry no snook in connecticut
Hello from Southold NY
Hello everyone. My name is Chris and I have a tying shop on the eastern end of the north fork of Long Island, Ny. I started the business by tying buck tails and am now getting more and more into tying
Sea gull feathers....
they are protected by the migratory bird act   i worked in the submarine shipyard in connecticut
Hello from Vermont
Good afternoon all and hello from North West Vermont along the shore of Lake Champlain.  I have visited I may have even joined under another name but I have never done much o
the connecticut department of motor vehicles has a web page for vanity plates   you can type just about any word and it will show you how it looks on the plate and if its available  
Fly Tying Symposium
Too far to drive even from connecticut Ill go to the arts of the angler show this weekend in Danbury, ct if i recover enough from pneumonia and I'm out of the hospital
Reel question: Pflueger Medalist
I fished for salmon in upstate NY quite a lot when I lived there. I have a Pflueger 1498 (I bought in the 70's made USA). I started fishing for Striper and Blues on Long Island, Connecticut and Rhode
license holder
are you required by your state to display (on your vest or other clothing) your fishing license in a holder similar to the one below? just curious :) Connecticut does not    
uv resin challenge
artie   here ya go from 2012 THE DROPPING OF THE UPPERCASE LETTER FROM MY NAME I WILL NOT STAND FOR!!!! lol it's n
living in florida....
thanks for the responses so far   we too get hot and humid up here in New England and sweating is nothing new but we don't get it all year long   fresh water fishing would be what I'd be doi
double nymph rig?
I haven't fished with multiple flies in a long time. About the only way I've had much success with them was a foam hopper & nymph dropper arrangement. Never got good at using two nymphs or wet fli
have you ever had....
Many many times....   Just yesterday I slipped down the side of a hill while making my way down to the river and then I broke off an ice ledge in the Connecticut River and thankfully it was only
Today is the day... Opening day!
I have been fishing on the Connecticut for the last week or so (with no luck) but today is opening day for the rest of the rivers in Vermont. I am so excited to hit up some of my favorite and most pro
Headed to Vermont
The Connecticut is coming up a little every day and is getting very tough to fish around here, I am not having any success fishing. So I couldn't say it would be a good time to fish the Connecticut th
Took some insect and river pictures on the Connecticut River today
Right here there aren't allot of pike, I have caught a few smallish ones and I saw a pair of really big ones in the early spring last year hanging out in the Wells River right under the 302 bridge her
Only 20 more days
I hear you kennebec, I'm guessing your in Maine, I'm in northern-ish Vermont on the Connecticut and I keep going to check the river that runs through town since the warm up the other day and I'm seein
Are bluegills etc....
I think we have black crappie up here in connecticut   any difference between the white and black? same good eats?
Greetings from New England
Welcome to the forum. Where in New England are you? I live in Vt on the Connecticut River.   If I were to give a piece of general advise for a beginner material purchase I would suggest
Yellow Perch
I do like perch, I have eaten many pieces of fried battered perch that were very very good. I have not had any in quite some time though. I have eaten some very tasty rainbows and brook trou
From CT
Hey folks. Snowed in, here in Connecticut...once again... Been tying since I was a child. I mostly tie beginner level nymphs and dries...which happen to fish well for me too. Got into tying large arti
Drying your dry flies out
Steve I fish a lot. May-October I shoot for 3-5 days a week some times all 7 if I'm lucky even if for only an hour or two. I live walking distance to three rivers that hold trout and a short car ride
Hello from New Hampshire (US)
Welcome to the forum from Vt. I live right on the Connecticut river in Wells River. I have never done a complete through hike of the A.T. but I've done south bound from Baxter to Mt. Washington,
November Blues
  I don't know about closing dates where every one else is but here in Vermont most rivers close for trout fishing on October 31 (Connecticut River closes October 15) until January 1. I just
Rot on a cape.
hmmm after 30+ years of keeping capes and saddles in the original sealed up zip lock bag with no signs of rot, fungus, mildew etc i must be doing something right?   i would suspect keeping them s
September flies from the bench
Connecticut River between Woodsville, Nh and Wells River, VT. It can be wonderful fishing here. It's actually why I moved to here. I am walking distance to excellent trout fishing in the Ammonusuc Riv
Autumn Mottled Sedge pattern
It is a very pretty fly pattern.   There is very large hatches of Northern Casemakers (or Autumn Sedge or October caddis like most flies this one has too many names) on both the rivers near
I found a feather
can anyone explain what the factors were that happened (in the US), to have them passed into law?? just curious.......   The Weeks–McLean Act was a law of the United States sponsored by Rep
Added another species to the list...
Agree with Vicrider. When I used to fish the Connecticut River along VT/NH border it was rare that I didn't lose flies to pike when I was smallmouth fishing. Sometimes I would manage to land the pike
Very weird smallmouth fishing
I was fishing the housatonic river here in connecticut on Saturday and the fishing was EXTREMELY slow. My dad, my friend and I each caught about 5 fish. Usually we catch about 20-50 fish per person. T
Spinners. Opinions, comments & critique
Bryon,   Thanks for the comments.   Sadly I don't think I'll be hooking a 16" trout of any kind this summer, not on my home stream at least. The river got very very low and ve
Question for Smallmouth 'Experts'
I have been doing a lot of bass fishing this year and I find that I cant keep the small mouth off of brown wooly buggers. I just hang the bugger off of an indicator so it just touches the bottom and f
Hello From Vermont
Hello All,   My name is Will. I currently live in Wells River Vermont right on the Connecticut River and a very short trip to a half dozen very decent trout streams in Vermont and New Hampsh
First attempt at Woolly Bugger
I like you bugger nice job. Here is my bugger. I'm pretty new to tying also but I think I got this one pretty well under control. I make it kind fancy with a little flash in the tail and a strip of ho
Stolen Flies
When my wife and I finished grad school we both got fellowships at a medical school in NH. We found a place on the other side of the Connecticut River  in Vermont. One day my wife locked herself
Hello from Connecticut
Hey everyone, I'm 15 years old and from Fairfield county in connecticut. I started tying about 2 months ago and love it. I fish the housatonic river all the time and mainly go for trout and smallies.
Don Bastian tying class in May - interested?
i have taken dons class up in maine a few years ago and it is well worth it. lots of tying knowledge and techniques. the class i attended was not geared for a 'never ever tied a fly newbie' but more f
Best Big-Fish-Eats-Little-Fish Story
Not big fish story per se. A number of years ago I was fishing late afternoon at one of the local trout streams. I had a dry fly on which is unusual for me, I normally fish nymphs or streamers. Anyway
Online Stores for Materials
johnP   i live 90 miles away in eastern connecticut (norwich) and it takes a week to receive an order from jstockard.   needless to say the have now taken up the lower rung of my online orde
Stretch yourself Again!
Henrik, You can take my spot in this swap as I have no materials for tying steelhead flies and to run out and get some for 5 flies would be money not well spent. Plus there is no steelhead fishing in
Some beginner questions
ive used 3-4-5-6 wt rods on connecticut rivers like the farmington, housatonic and the salmon. i have also used the same weights for panfish and freshwater bass fishing.   that 7-8 wt would be gr
bird killing and the weeks-mcclean act
an intersting article on bird preservation,0,7446538.story
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