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Its driving me crazy
Having trouble getting to sleep again?   I remember one day, several years ago, fishing the Davidson River  near Brevard NC.  The dogwoods were finished blooming, and were dropping thei
Recent Walleye, Pike and Small Mouth Flies
Looks good, only place i fished close is Lake Of The Woods, which honestly has some of the best smallie action i ever experienced. I might add some crayfish type patterns to the box :)
Trying to make reaper tails
Not familiar with the fly or the tail material but a material called Bugskin that Chuck Furimsky markets sounds similar. It is available in a variety of colors and patterns. I have played with it a li
Fly collection
Wow!  Those are some really nice flies !!!  I love the frog and the crayfish !!!  Looks like a killer stonefly, too.   I am going back to read the original post ... glad everything
Florida Bass Flies?
Going to Florida in March, and was wondering what are some good bass flies. I am a die hard trout guy, and most of the flies in my box, would be eaten by the flies I need to tie for bass.   I tie
Don't use anything bigger than a size #20
I've seen it in several places.... the Yellow Breeches close to home is one where the local (and not so local) self-styled aristocracy come to angle.   This time of year there are often tiny
Pheasant Crab
Played around some more, think that the combination of the hooks I am using and the pheasant feather shell backs are causing the flip of the fly. When I removed the pheasant feathers and replaced them
I tie flies to fish so they arent real high in "cool" factor, other than my crayfish, I think it is pretty neat.   For cool flies do a search for Graham Owen and Pat Cohen.  Graham ties amaz
"Self Dying" Materials....
I've dyed a lot of materials over the years and started experimenting with dyeing simply because I got tired of the available "fly shop" colors. There just wasn't enough variety.     Rit has
New guy from the midwest.
Welcome, you definitely have a good start.  Clouser minnows are a very popular pattern.  Olive and chartreuse  are good additions to your BuckTail color selection.  The good old wo
A crabby question
I believe that the "claws" are important in that the movement attracts fish on the saltwater flats, and trout & SMB in coldwater as crayfish.   Bill
I'm about ready to go back to nightcrawlers.
Yea, I always have to laugh at these species specific line designs.  Take Rio's Smallmough specific line design.  If it's going to be ideal for tossing small to medium size light weight popp
December 2013 Swap Club
Going to try the Foxee Red Clouser, which is supposed to imitate a softshell crayfish. 
Whitlock's Nearnuff Shad
Does anyone know where to find the recipe for Whitlock's Nearnuff Shad?  I have found recipes for the crayfish and the sculpin, but not the shad.  I saw an article about inland striper fishi
Kenduardo's Sonic MicroMink Baits
SUMMARY Kenduardo’s Sonic MircoMink Bait has been used mostly in still water conditions; pattern is slow sinking- almost neutral buoyancy, will fish well on sinking tip or full sink lines;  
Fly box meltdown
I tie too many flies. I have seven or eight boxes in my vest. I have three saltwater boxes and two bass and panfish boxes. I arrange them periodically and I cull them out. I mail flies to friends. I m
November flies from the vise
Technically its Furry Foam ;)  my crayfish is the result of Galloup's and Clouser's crayfish mating and having a love child.
2014 January Bait Fish Swap
I have all but two sets to get. Christopher K and captain are not here yet. I'm going to PM them and give them a few days. If I don't hear from them I will ship without them.    Mike I
Articulated streamers: front hook or back hook?
This may not be true for all fish, but I have NEVER seen a bass (largemouth or small) take a streamer head first. They nearly always strike from behind or occasionally from the side. That being said,
favorite materials
The streamer material that I probably use most has got to be rabbit strips (or Zonker strips as they're also known). I love them because the hair wiggles and breathes and undulates so seductively
Crawfish Colors
Here where I live in Illinois/Indiana most all the natural crayfish are an olive/grey in coloration, not surprising which blends in with the rivers bottom.
New water, no info, what would you tie?
Bunny leeches, various colors - size 12, 6, 2, 3/0 Clousers - yellow over white, and my rainbow - size 6, 2, 3/0 articulated hollow streamers - red/white, minnow and firetiger - size 4/0 and 6/0 sculp
October Flies from the Vise
Next month (9th & 10th) is the Irish Fly Fair in Galway. I'm tying on the Virtual Nymph stand so I've been tying these in preparation. Nymph Skin Dragonfly Nymph [attachment=43687:VN
Primitive1 September 2013 bench results...
One last thing, though I didn't realize it, the weighting of the crayfish flies actually resembles a crawfish 'in berry', another 'plus' I really wasn't expecting but came to realize later...
Anyone tie with India/Chinese necks?
Chinese capes are usually larger than India capes, so they work well for larger streamers & hackle on poppers & bass bugs. I like to keep some Cree or variant India necks in my collection, as
Good day out but need help
  I agree with everyone about working those undercuts, but I wouldn't ignore the middle of the stream either.  You never know what could be on the prowl and a good streamer or crayfish patte
Allens hooks
I am on good terms with them. I am set up with vip pricing because of my tying business. If you ever have an issue, contact this is Justin the owners email. He is a great guy
MFC Craw Daddy
I think this will catch a lot of fish.  Definitely mimics a crayfish and everything will try to eat a crayfish. Since I fully believe the fish don't truly care ... my only criticism is just for d
How High Should the Jaws of my Vise Be?
Some really good ideas there Mike, but to REALLY tie flies as the fish see them, you AND your vise MUST be underwater.  To do this, I have started tying in the pool.  You can also tie in the
Carolina tickers
I've used the brass & glass for fishing plastic baits. I've read that the sound produced is supposed to be very close to the sound crayfish produce when moving along rock or gravel bottoms. Don't
Is color another exploited characteristic.
Hey if you are 'fly fishing' for great lakes trout you will find a whole load of use without touching a bead ever, or an egg. I was waiting for you to post some specifics wether it was offshore, flats
Clouser Minnow vs Murdich Minnow
Hi Tidewater. Is your Clouser Crayfish any different than his? I love nearly all of his patterns, but the crayfish is too static. I'd like something with more movement. Does yours impart anymore actio
Articulated Crustacean
I bought some round nosed pliers to make parts for lures and flies; all I've made so far, is this articulated fly shank. [attachment=42269:Articulated_GhostWhisperer-2-2.jpg]   I tied a few Q's G
No Name Hairwings
Frank, those are wonderful! Look a bit "crayfish" like to me. I could see them working well on trout or stream Smallmouths here in my area. 
Jig hooks, Overlooked?
I use them for crayfish to get the hook to ride up and give good movement.
In need of fly rod advice
I wouldn't try to throw more than one of those tiny bluegill poppers with a 3-wt. I fish for smallmouth quite frequently and never use anything lighter than a 6-wt., and I usually overline that with a
mono eyes
For large eyes I go to the cake decorators! They have stamen for making flowers around. They make great large eyes and don't cost a lot. Here they are on my VN crayfish.   Other than these I use
FF for carp
Anyone FF for carp? I was fishing a local pond the other night. There was a ton of large carp. They where just moving around the surface. Sometimes looked like they were sipping air. I have caught a f
A challenge to all of you (with a prize!)
Ok, a few weeks back I got an order from a friend, and I just can't figure out how to do it, so I want you guys to invent me something. He want's a cross between an ostrich intruder (look for mine in
Smallmouth bass patterns?
Lefty's Deceiver   Clouser Deep Minnow   Half and Half   Woolly Bugger   In various sizes and colors, a person could successfully fish for smallmouths in any river, any time, with
Smallmouth Bass patterns? help plz
May not be a nymph but Size 10 streamer hook , 7/32 black brass dumbbell eye tied at the hook eye, med. rootbeer cactus chenille, orange marabou or rabbit fur(from a zonker strip) tail with a single p
June 2013 flies from the vice
 My latest go-round with crayfish.  I have been trying to create a pattern of my own with a good profile and action in the water.  I keep getting close, but ultimately I dont like them
Tying Wet Flies Backwards?
utyer-I agree that crayfish & shrimp move backwards scurrying for cover, and the imitation should be tied backwards. Merkin crabs should be tied sideways as crabs move laterally to the side.I have
What to tie for Large Mouth and Small Mouth Bass? Materials?
For river smallies , any crayfish pattern in sizes 6-10. Carp Candy is a decent pattern but I tend to tie it in more muted orange shades instead bright orange. Lately I've been using a simplified vers
School me on smallmouth... or maybe provide some references
I do a lot of smallie fishing in small to large rivers in VA.  I use a 3 tier system: one pattern for top, one for mid-depth, one for bottom.  My top is usually a popper, but in Cicada hatch
May 2013 Flies from the vice
Just another bugger but I am pretty proud of this one.  Not necessarily because it was tied with great skill (it wasn't) but because I dyed the hackle and marabou myself, from white to a nice red
smallie flies?
Nice ties Cream - that crayfish will catch just about anything, fresh or salt.
Hook Position - Clousers
+1 what HN and TWF said.    Just because you put metal eyes on a hook does not make the fly a "Clouser" fly.   The Clouser Deep Minnow is a specific style designed to swim in a par
Official Carp Time Swap
Busted out 8 last night, finishing the rest tonight.   Address please.    Thanks,   I am tying a crayfish pattern called the Woodstock Crayfish. I fish it in shallow clear water (L
dubbed leach/streamer, whats your opinion?
dubbing loop was the easiest way to do it! been doing more expirimenting with them, trimmed up one and added some scudback, makes a great crayfish!   but i just started using dubbing loops and th
The Woolly Bugger works pretty good because it resembles many different food sources for bass: baitfish, crayfish, leeches, etc.  And its one of the easiest patterns to tie.
Have you caught a lot of panfish, bluegill, redear, crappie on your scuds?  Also, is there any chance that the fish see those as mini-crayfish rather than a real scud?  only because I'm not
squirrel tail clousers
I like squirrel tail on some Clousers. It makes a nice looking crayfish pattern, particularly the natural red or Fox Squirrels. I like it as a top color too with other materials, such as Fox or Coyote
Superb! Would make a good crayfish too! 
How to tie a Crayfish
Here's one I like, about as simple as you can get. Change the colors to fit your local crayfish.   BTW, it's a saltwater pattern, but works as well as a
Favorite Crawfish pattern?
I was one of the respondents in that discussion that Bassmouth87 linked. I also like things simple, but don't really have a single favorite. I mentioned the Squimp pattern in that discussion, which is
colors for clousers.
I tie them in all kinds of color combinations. Use your imagination, that's all you really need. Vary the eye materials (brass, lead or tungsten) as they all provide different sink rates, and the eye
Trying Out Tube Flys
Thanks guys!   Peter: I will have to check that out, being able to find a cheap source of tubes would be great for the long run. Right now I just finished tying up 3 more crayfish tube
Red Fox Pelt Uses
Tide: Thank you very much, fox is a fur that I love tying with, here are a few of my fox crayfish patterns:   [attachment=39112:DSCN1391.JPG][attachment=39113:DSCN1391.JPG]
More Rabbit strip flys Please
I love Rabbit as well but I prefer the barred strips here is a sculpin I tie and fish alot the sculpin helmets put it to the bottom and gives it a great swimming action       S7302374.j
Commercial tying
I typically charge 1.00-1.25 for nymphs, and 1.50 for streamers. I charge 2.00 and more for crayfish and stuff like that. I will be getting into bass flies and such but not good enough to sell. I wi
Smallmouth/Largemouth Monthly Swap - MAY
mine were mailed yesterday, i'm cutting it close, again. sorry. hopefully they be there in time.   good news, i went on vacation last weekend to Norris Dam state park. only got to fish for about
Smallmouth/Largemouth Monthly Swap - APRIL
I'm gonna tie one I made up awhile back for another swap. I just call it "zach's crayfish" still deciding on size/ colors... will be on a jig hook though
Smallmouth/Largemouth Monthly Swap - FEBRUARY
UPDATE: Last set of flies received on 3/1/2013.  Flies are back in the mail to you as of 3/1/2013 @4:00 p.m Central Time.     For February, those of us in the SMB/LMB tying club are goi
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