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Odd hooks and use thereof
The 16, 1x short, 3x heavy would work for a scud other heavy nymph.  I wouldn't put a bead head on it, but a few wraps of weight could be useful.   Size 6 would be a good bait hook.  A
FTF Fly Pattern - tidewaterfly - Clouser Half and Half Variant
    Thanks for posting Tidewater   You're welcome! I'm glad you like it!   Mud, I'm a big fan of using rabbit strips. Since I'm primarily fishing in brackish tidal water, flies ti
I really like using Squirrel tail for tying. The natural barring IMO, provides a nice segmented appearance. The following is a pic of a Clouser style fly I tie & use as a crayfish imitation. I lik
Effective woolly bugger colors
I am a brown wooly bugger fan. I use all brown materials and try to get all the materials as close to the color of the brown marabou I use. There is tons of crayfish in all the rivers I fish and they
Hank O Hair
Definitely, the top half of a caddis pattern, Elk Hair caddis or a CDC and Elk.  It looks like a very small crayfish or other fresh water crustacean.  I'll have to give it a try.  Just
what goals have you set.....
I want to catch a 20" trout this year rainbow or brown either one. I have yet to reach that mark and I think it is time. I may just follow the trophy stocking schedule and hit up a few of the spots wh
Pheasant body feather uses
Lots of stuff. Wet fly hackle, stonefly backs and legs, crayfish claws. The white and green neck feathers make interesting midge flies or a jungle cock substitute. The greens can also be used for smal
Attractors? (What and Why?)
I call one of my patterns a "Panfish Attractor" .. [attachment=50873:Panfish attractor.jpg ]because it seems to draw strikes when nothing else is working.  It's my go to fly at the moment.  
Help with brown trout streamers
How did I miss this thread?  I love Browns and streamers.    HerrickKyle go look at the Battenkill or Beaverkill or Schoharie or where ever you fish in upstate NY during the day. Look f
Self created Crawfish pattern
rubber legs do tend to attract hits, but if you want it to resemble a crayfish (assuming fish can tell the difference), they have jointed legs, all attached to the thorax (just behind the claws).... n
EZ streamer - EZ body made it easy ... nice tie.  You beat me to a design I was thinking of, for crayfish.  I hope you don't mind if I modified one of your photos.   [attachment=50688:post-53943-0-00919600-142445
Introducing my karate kid shrimp
Kind of a cross between a Charlie and a shrimp.  I think it looks great.  I like that last picture ... it does look like a shrimp or small crayfish in defense.   Well done!
Are these appropriate questions?
First, welcome to the forums! Take what Mike says at face value, but know he's got a great sense of humor too!    There's a saying that the only stupid question is the one not asked. Certain
Eagle Lake, Ontario
Well, not sure how much this will help.  I go to a lodge on a lake 8 hours north of Toronto.  Way to the east and bit further south of where you'll be.  Still they're Canadian Shield la
Yellow Perch
I have never fished for perch on the fly but I used to catch tons of them out of Lake Champlain from docks in the marinas on worms, grubs, live minnows and rubber jigs with a curly tail. The
Bass Crayfish
cool motion, but the motion seems to be more like that of a frog than a crayfish.  A crayfish uses its tail.  I'd like to tie one like that in green to resemble a frog.  I think a bass
Lake Trout
Though we used to troll sewn bait for lakers before I took up fly fishing, I have tried going after them with the fly. For structure, try to find a rock pile of some sort, if you have good depth maps
Heavey nymphs
A tungsten beadhead Copper J would be a good point fly to get down deep. rotary's suggestion of a brooks stone is a really good one if you have a good population of stonefly's around. Because the
Greetings from the dark continent
Guys tilapia are NOT strictly hrebivorous. They are much like carp actually. They do eat a lot of plant matter, but also eat fish eggs, small fish, aquatic worms, aquatic insects, and crayfish. I've f
Crab movement
Back when I tied flies commercially, I was told by several other guides that I tied for exactly what Capt Bob has said about how a crab fly has to act. Back then, the two most popular crab patterns (a
Converting 29 gallon gravel aquarium to planted
That's pretty.  Are you going to put ANY fish, grass shrimp, crayfish or other fauna in there?  Or, will this be strictly a flora tank?   I've never done, or seen, a plant only tank, so
Project Crayfish
Depends on if you are going to dead drift them like a nymph, or strip them like a fleeing animal.    Dead drifted, use a Clouser Crayfish.   Not simple to tie, but the best there i
What flies work well for carp?
When I think of carp flies, I think of "buggy" flats type flies that might also be good for Redfish, Bonefish or Smallmouth Bass. These would be patterns that might imitate crayfish or nymphs. There h
Winter carp flies
I've only occasionally caught them in winter on lures while fishing for panfish. Have never caught one on a fly in winter. Last one I remember catching was on a beetle spin type lure, so I expect they
Top 3 trout streamers
  ... anything with marabou, bucktail, and or a zonker strip.   Ditto for me, except I would replace bucktail with synthetic streamer hair (craft fur, etc.). Most of my streamers
Best flies for crappies
FlaFly, I don't generally fish for Crappies specifically, because there are other panfish species too in the tidal rivers I fish most often. I'll take them when I catch them. When I'm targeting panfis
Fall smallmouth flies
Depends on what type of water you're fishing.  It's the fall the bait fish and the crayfish will be larger than they were in the spring and summer.  I would fish bait fish patterns 2-4 inche
Dettes Fly Tying Days at the Catskills Fly Fishing Museum
Had a chance to check out Dettes Fly Tying Days at the Catskills Fly Fishing Museum. Over 20 tiers on hand, raffles, seminars and more. Alot of fun and a chance to see some awesome flies. I attache
Classic designs that work for panfish/smallmouth
You've pretty much answered most of your own questions I think. Sounds to me like you just need some confirmation or reassurances from some of the rest of us.    For panfish, any fly you've
Did ya' ever?
Oh yeah.  My first experiment was when I was learning to tie.  It was a crayfish that was a hybrid of a plastic worm, deer hair, kreel claw, marabou, and rubber legs.  Resembl
"Trout & Feather" website introduction
Unfortunately, you've locked yourself into trout with your name.  There are so many other fish.  No trout in my part of the Country, so I just skip over sites that are exclusive.  
August flies from the bench
Here's the "Squimp" saltwater fly, which can be EASILY modified into a crayfish imitation...enjoy!   TC
Crayfish Pattern
Hi guys  wanted to show you my second attempt of the furry foam Crayfish.  This is following the instructions of dronlees furry foam cray,  Obviously not as good as his, but I am  
Largest Aquatic Insect
Looper, I was helping some CT fisheries guys do some stream sampling many years ago and had one of those beetles scare the wee out of me when I reached into a trap net. I thought I was pretty familiar
FLY TYING with Common Household Materials
I haven't read it, but I tie hundred of patterns with common house hold materials.  Plastic baggies: they come in lots of colors, and little strips can be twisted and made into great nymph bodies
What do you think of this crayfish?
looks good, but I think it will do better dead drifted than stripped.     Big problem with almost ALL of our crayfish flies is that they are far too skinny compared to a real crayfish.&
Most beautiful place I've ever fished.
Amazingly, crayfish can be so fast to respond to the lifting of a rock, they are gone in the turbulence and you miss them.  Or they are in deeper water.  Inconsequential ... Just wondering o
Freshwater drum
Staying in Alabama this summer with a friend, we went down to the river yesterday( I don't even remember the name.) and did some fishing. I started with a rat l trap and almost immediately had a hit.
Very weird smallmouth fishing
I've seen instances in several places of -what seems to be- abnormally high numbers of dead crayfish.  USUALLY this is around the period of molting, which at least around here (Pennsylvania) is a
Wanting to give up..
Nick,   I would have to agree with williamhj -- it sounds like you might not be getting down to where the fish are. Hardware is almost always going to outfish flies when the fish are holding deep
Question for Smallmouth 'Experts'
So one of lakes I fish frequently was illegally stocked with smallmouth bass a few years ago. Since then their population has grown and spread. Currently most local anglers, guides, and the DIF&W
Squirrel Family
Those will work!   I like using Squirrel tail too, particularly Pine or Fox squirrel. The natural rusty red colors work great for crayfish imitations in that fly style. I also like natural Red Fo
Im in need of an insect
were you fishing Lake Minnewanka? There is crayfish in Whitecourt which is in northern Alberta. I go there to fish for fat stocked rainbows and fish for the crayfish as a bonus. They are exactly like
Carp Flies???
Tie up a few flies like you already have in rust/burnt orange/orange combinations especially that last one that's pictured. If you have any larger scud hooks (size 8) or other curved hooks look up Ega
first flies
awww, you just want some love ... good patterns; the top will perform as a good crayfish pattern for smallmouth, trout as well.  White streamer = good for smallies.  Don't know how big the n
Flies for smallmouth bass
Sugar Creek is a nice little stream and you should enjoy your time on the water. Fish or no fish.....3/8" poppers, crayfish, baitfish,....I would take some blind squirrels for small crayfish and nymph
Orange CDC
orange is a great, versatile color.  use it in crayfish patterns, for claws, eggsack. Do a caddis emerger using only one or two orange cdc feathers.  use as tail and hackle in poppers use in
One of my favorite patterns! As stated the body can be different materials. I believe the original recipe was simply chenille, but I also like a dubbed body. The dubbing method nor the materials used
Here you are MikeChell
Oooooo!  I like that.  I am not sure it looks like a minnow ... kind of looked like two, at times.  Also kind of looked like a crayfish.  I think a fish is going to go through the
from the early days
I keep going back to the second picture, second row on left, crayfish on far right. I keep thinking that thing has to make the other flies uncomfortable. That is one of the nicest ties I have ever loo
Closer Minnows
Chartreuse and white are killer for bass in my local rivers. Also anything brown, orange, olive or crayfish colored seem to do well.
Do you use "scent" on your flies ?
There's an old bottle of Cortland May Fly scented dry fly spray on the fly tying bench that I thought was a waterproofing floatant at the time . Don't think it made any difference in catch ratio.
Pan Fish Forumula - Input
Just my thoughts after 45 years of chasing warmwater fish. Mostly sunfish family. I always start on the surface with a yellow craft foam size 10 spider or popper. It is easy for this old feller to see
Rock bass/Goggle eye fishing
We've got those here in Central Florida ... and I remember catching those in Indiana, too.  Like a lot of panfish, they can be had where ever you catch freshwater fish.  There are three thin
Few patterns vs. Allot of patterns.
Tying is relaxing, a zen thing.  I enjoy work with my hands and don't have a workshop, so ...   My fishing approach tends toward shamelessly simple.  Warm water - bass/bluegill: one bot
Its driving me crazy
Having trouble getting to sleep again?   I remember one day, several years ago, fishing the Davidson River  near Brevard NC.  The dogwoods were finished blooming, and were dropping thei
Recent Walleye, Pike and Small Mouth Flies
Looks good, only place i fished close is Lake Of The Woods, which honestly has some of the best smallie action i ever experienced. I might add some crayfish type patterns to the box :)
Trying to make reaper tails
Not familiar with the fly or the tail material but a material called Bugskin that Chuck Furimsky markets sounds similar. It is available in a variety of colors and patterns. I have played with it a li
Fly collection
Wow!  Those are some really nice flies !!!  I love the frog and the crayfish !!!  Looks like a killer stonefly, too.   I am going back to read the original post ... glad everything
Florida Bass Flies?
Going to Florida in March, and was wondering what are some good bass flies. I am a die hard trout guy, and most of the flies in my box, would be eaten by the flies I need to tie for bass.   I tie
Don't use anything bigger than a size #20
I've seen it in several places.... the Yellow Breeches close to home is one where the local (and not so local) self-styled aristocracy come to angle.   This time of year there are often tiny
Pheasant Crab
Played around some more, think that the combination of the hooks I am using and the pheasant feather shell backs are causing the flip of the fly. When I removed the pheasant feathers and replaced them
I tie flies to fish so they arent real high in "cool" factor, other than my crayfish, I think it is pretty neat.   For cool flies do a search for Graham Owen and Pat Cohen.  Graham ties amaz
"Self Dying" Materials....
I've dyed a lot of materials over the years and started experimenting with dyeing simply because I got tired of the available "fly shop" colors. There just wasn't enough variety.     Rit has
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