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run one
out of ideas???   2 materials only 3 materials only 4 materials only a to z swap articulated flies attractor flies bait fish flies bass flies beadheads beginners only blue wing olive/baetis buck
Au Sable vacation 2016
First, shame on you for abusing that walleye that wanted to join you for supper and you through him back. Next, great trip. 3rd, do bridges play a big part in your game plan?   Bridges always
Summer smallmouth
I'm heading up to Northern Ontario next week, a lot further east and a much smaller lake, about 8 hours north of Toronto. Generally we catch them all day, around structure along the shore, rocky point
Need help on mono eyes
Hi VC,     I use cheap 25 pound mono for crayfish eyes. I'm only guessing that shrimp eyes are about the same size. Grab it with tweezers burn and paint. I use sally hansens red nail polish.
Madison River, Yellowstone, September
It's been a few years, but I've fished the Madison in the park, near $3 bridge and down below Ennis Lake.  I don't think I caught anything in the park, not on the Madison, anyway (other streams w
Different streamers for my set up
In that area id try a crayfish of some style.I've fished that area with some luck on them before.Also white belly muddlers do well
Crawdad fly
I tie a variation of the Calcasieu Pig Boat as a crayfish pattern. Similar to yours. Though I use a whole spinner bait skirt and tie in a rattle on each side behind the hook eye to give it weight to k
June Flies from the vise
Great crayfish. Brook trout up here love them.  The ones that I tie don't look nearly as good, not even close.                       &#
WD-40 a good searching pattern?
I guess I would not say the WD-40 is a "searching" pattern by the criteria I think of for a searching pattern.   A searching pattern should look like a number of different trout foods AND cover
One fly only?
I stopped feeding the birds a few years ago because screw it, they can fend for themselves... and I damn sure don't have A cat let alone catS.... BUT   If I see lots of birds and squirrels and wi
Depends on what I'm fishing for. For trout, I'm fishing nymphs, caddis and midges. Various shades of gray, tan and olive with an occasional Green Weenie thrown in.Warm water, white, yellow and fire ti
Head cement deterring fish?
It's funny that fly fishermen should care, because we are the only subspecies of fishermen who DON'T add attractant scents to our lures.   There have been flat out fights on this forum, and
Could the Clouser be the most versatile streamer ever made?
I don't think it would be a stretch to say that the Clouser could also imitate a shrimp or crayfish. Nope not so much shrimp, but all you do is divide the tail and it will do crayfish fine. In fac
Shrimp flies
Micke, those are great! Some of the better shrimp patterns I've seen. Like some of the others I've caught Seatrout/Weakfish, but not sea run trout. I lived in MD, near the Chesapeake Bay most of my li
Shifting gears to freshwater bass....HELP!
Everybody's pretty well covered it. Stay calm and don't panic. My salt water and fresh water patterns are interchangeable. Not sure where you're moving from. Let's do a bit of translation.If you tie f
Clams Qusetion
Trout definitely eat snails and crayfish but is clam the right shape for a trout to mouth?
I call it, the Mc Shrimp
Very similar to a crayfish pattern I've been toying with. I like it. Though you didn't name the specific materials you were using. We're they FTD stuff? Edit:recipe is in the original post, but not t
Tips for teaching a kid to tie?
    ... which is feasible, though not financially sustainable.   When was the last time the government anywhere cared about that?   Really, though, I think the most likely situati
Streamer Junkies
Tomorrow? With the relatively high water we have right now, and a pretty good cold snap going...   Black Woolly Bugger, in a size 8...big enough to be worth moving for, small enough that any trou
crab patterns for trout
That's any interesting question. There are fresh water crabs not sure there's any in the States or if there are where you would find them and trout living in the same water. I've heard crayfish called
I guess SE PA qualifies as mid-Atlantic. I fished Maryland when I was younger long before I took up fly fishing but rivers like the Bohemia, Sassafras and the Elk and the C&D canal. When I fish la
Woolly buggers
In my tying classes we were told the wooly bugger was intended to imitate a helgramite. But it does a much better job of imitating a leech.   I can't argue about the leech. Keep the tail on the
Stocking a bass and panfish fly box suggestions
Can't forget a crayfish pattern and a rabbit strip streamer.   My favorite fly I got out of Fly Tyer magazine a number of years ago. It's based on a Crazy Charlie. Let it drift into a root b
crayfish patterns
I found one called the Bill Miller Cray fish.   Looks easy to tie and a lot like a crayfish.   I've been reading aroun
Goat Rodeo
Here is a pattern designed by Rich Strolis. It is very heavily weighted to reach the bottom QUICK in deep pool heads....and it does its job well! Due to the purpose of this fly, it actually rides inve
Fly Line for kayak fishing river smallies
 perused the forum and found many topics on kayaking from the standpoint of kayak selection. I am currently looking to replace  my 7 wt fly line, and my primary mode will be river fishing sm
Ice flies
What are you fishing for? in colorado i have done well using small crayfish patterns and scuds for trout durring ice fishing season.
Bugger Tails
My bugger tails are different lengths, materials and even layout depending on if I want it as a generic fly or to lean towards matching a hatch or representing what ever. That "what ever" can be anyth
Clouser Swimming Nymph (variation) SBS
  A basic meat fly; imitates leeches, damselfly nymphs, dragonfly nymphs, crayfish, small baitfish and tadpoles, possibly half of a Boston Market roasted chicken.  Change colors/sizes t
November Flies from the Vise
Retro Carp, are all of those your patterns youve come up with or patterns youve come across? If you could give me a material list for the mini crayfish and that damsel thatd be awesome. Thanks man Yes
Secret Santa 2015 time is here
Three more great boxes in the mail today. Green has a box some definite trout candy in there. Will has a box with some great patterns, a couple I can see far surpass my tying ability. Beautiful mini c
Minnow body patterns
I don't use flashabou in fresh water, in fact I don't really like it for salt either. My minnow patterns I keep because they work. They tend to be rather simple. That said I've had Black Nosed Dace wo
Meatwad FTF - Crayfish Imitation   This is a fly pattern I have developed to imitate crayfish for bass and carp. The pattern is mine, but the video is made and uploaded by one of my go
late season LMB
I find dahlberg divers or deer hair mice to be particularly effective for early morning...   and then when they start hiding in the lily pads/weedy areas, I will drag a crayfish fly in short stri
Furry Foam Crayfish
In my newest YouTube video, I share the Furry Foam Crayfish pattern, one I've had a lot of success with over the years.  If you're able to view the comments on the YouTube page, others have added
stoneflies photos / questions
Over the many years I've been fly fishing, I've been told frequently enough "that's not going to work here". Sometimes that information was correct, many times it wasn't. IMO, you're on the right trac
August flies from the vise
It's been crayfish time for me...   TC    
Suggestions for Crayfish Claws
Since seeing a scientific article or 2 about bass and crayfish and how bass prefer crayfish with reduced claws or a missing claw, I like the idea of fishing flies with either smaller claws or with one
Green shrimp
Very nice looking fly! That should work! I like it!    I would use that fly as a crayfish imitation too for our Smallmouth bass. Would bet it would even work well for Redfish or Bonefish, bu
Goin home to Ohio in September, Bass Fly advice?
You'll be able to use any of those flies you tie for bonefish.  Bass will take anything that looks alive, and shrimp, crayfish and bait fish patterns all get eaten. Topwater is fun, but is limite
Small mouth Bass Flies
Lol, I thought you sent the fly shop. The forage is mainly crayfish. Some sculpins work and hellgrammites also will work.
catfish on dry fly
Catfish are predators.  They are just more famous as scavengers. In waters where there's fewer bugs and crayfish, catfish are forced to seek other prey.
I like the look of it.. but....   In my mind I think.... crayfish swim 'backwards'... the tail is the direction that the crayfish goes.. yes? I don't know but..... I think that prey-fish would
Rattling PolarFlash Minnow
Hi Chuck Glad u like it. The only other fly I tie with rattles is a Crayfish. It"s said that they cause a clicking and gravel grinding sound. I don't know if the lateral line on a Bass can pick up so
Deer hair crayfish 
Shad imitations
IMO, most basic white streamer flies will imitate many baitfish species that predators will eat. Even when we try to imitate a specific species, such as Shad, doesn't mean that's why the fish eat it.&
Momma said there'd be days like this
Nope not plastic worms. He was using live ones. Both the bass and the sunfish would swim up to them. Look at them and swim off. Next time we go there. I might bring a light spinning rod with 6 lb fluo
Ready to go, how about you
I'd love to see an SBS on that realistic looking crawdad or mudbug or crayfish or whatever you call them up there. Nice kit to take with for variety for sure. Thanks. The crayfish aren't anything
dyed bucktails
I use that brown/tan/black ( it varies) hair on the back sides for stream bass hair jigs & some for flies. Yes, it works well for contrast & backs on streamers as BattenkillBum has noted. It's
Cheapest and most effective flies to tie
I think about the cost of materials a lot too when tying just for myself. Hackle is obviously expensive, but it's also pretty much indispensable. So just find the cheapest source you can and suck it u
wooly buggers
Nice job !!   Now that you have the pattern down, maybe try some variations without cones, with and without weighted hook shanks. That changes the profile slightly for one thing but more than tha
Bead chain eyes
You know, I was given a huge amount of 3/16" bead nickeled bead chain many years ago - it'd have filled a quart Mason jar - and I've just about used up the last of that.  With the price of little
what is your most memorable....
My dad and his sister, my Aunt Joy, came up from Missouri (my home state) to visit me in Michigan back in 2001 or '02, somewhere in there. Neither of them had ever seen any of the Great Lake
April showers start bass bedding...Monthly Swap
Here in VA I'm all about smallmouth. Brooks, Rainbows, Browns are off-season trips for me. Coming now into the season and getting hyped up for floating rivers. In contrast to my trout fishing, I use o
April Flies from the Vice
Crayfish, tied for smallmouth season
Odd hooks and use thereof
The 16, 1x short, 3x heavy would work for a scud other heavy nymph.  I wouldn't put a bead head on it, but a few wraps of weight could be useful.   Size 6 would be a good bait hook.  A
FTF Fly Pattern - tidewaterfly - Clouser Half and Half Variant
    Thanks for posting Tidewater   You're welcome! I'm glad you like it!   Mud, I'm a big fan of using rabbit strips. Since I'm primarily fishing in brackish tidal water, flies ti
I really like using Squirrel tail for tying. The natural barring IMO, provides a nice segmented appearance. The following is a pic of a Clouser style fly I tie & use as a crayfish imitation. I lik
Effective woolly bugger colors
I am a brown wooly bugger fan. I use all brown materials and try to get all the materials as close to the color of the brown marabou I use. There is tons of crayfish in all the rivers I fish and they
Hank O Hair
Definitely, the top half of a caddis pattern, Elk Hair caddis or a CDC and Elk.  It looks like a very small crayfish or other fresh water crustacean.  I'll have to give it a try.  Just
what goals have you set.....
I want to catch a 20" trout this year rainbow or brown either one. I have yet to reach that mark and I think it is time. I may just follow the trophy stocking schedule and hit up a few of the spots wh
Pheasant body feather uses
Lots of stuff. Wet fly hackle, stonefly backs and legs, crayfish claws. The white and green neck feathers make interesting midge flies or a jungle cock substitute. The greens can also be used for smal
Attractors? (What and Why?)
I call one of my patterns a "Panfish Attractor" .. [attachment=50873:Panfish attractor.jpg ]because it seems to draw strikes when nothing else is working.  It's my go to fly at the moment.  
Help with brown trout streamers
How did I miss this thread?  I love Browns and streamers.    HerrickKyle go look at the Battenkill or Beaverkill or Schoharie or where ever you fish in upstate NY during the day. Look f
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