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when will i stop?
There's a rotary danvise on the trading floor for $112 including shipping that looks sweet
  Complete Danvise with pedistal base. Very little use, and no issues. Also included is the jaw extension, as well as an extra set of jaws and the bobbin holder. Shipping will be via priority ma
speed tying
another reason to own a Danvise. Versatility !!!!
howdy all
New vise (new used) Danvise, I modified my heavy base and bobbin rest arm with basket to fit. I most definitely prefer my heavy base for steadiness and my arm (bobbin rest) because it a
Moving from beginner's vise to a rotary vise
go to your local fly shop and try each of their demo vises   good rotary vises    regal   hmh   wolf industries   griffin     good true rotary vises   renz
Best Buys for Vises
I own 3 vises. First one came with a kit. Adequate to learn on. The second was a regal knockoff which I still use for big bass flies. The third one is a Danvise which will hold any hook that I tie on
Danica Vise
I tied on the Danica vise (aka Danvise) for years and I thought it was a good value. The only metal parts are the jaws and the stem, the rest is Delrin (plastic) but very sturdy, never had any problem
Need a new vise
 We have a few Danvise fans in the forum and one guy has more than one and uses them to teach students on and another ties commercial on one or more. The jaws are supposed to very good on that vi
August Flies From the Vise
[attachment=58331:DSCN0482.JPG][attachment=58332:DSCN0483.JPG][attachment=58333:DSCN0484.JPG] Having a bit of a play with the rolled foam body. And yes that is a Danvise and yes that is a home made ga
Danvise jaws
I tied for several years on one, I loved it.  But, I was heavy handed with it.  I was "one of those people." What I typically did was manage to slightly flare out the tips of the jaws, proba
Black crab/shrimp fly with underwater footage.
Yes the anvil vise is very capable.....and yes I do own one ...and yes I like it and great price .And I know in my tying videos I use a dynaking barracuda vise ...but for a lot of my tying I actually
Vise Building
Ive been able to find some Danvise replacement jaws for about 30 bucks. Anyone seen any other jaws around for that price or lower? Would love to see what other options are out there.
Pedestal Base or C-Clamp....That is the question
I use a pedestal. Started out using a clamp, but had the issues already mentioned, especially tying away from home at club events or shows where the clamp just didn't fit the table. I use a Danvise an
rotary vise under $200 ? suggestions...
I've been using a Danvise for the last 20 years. Actually two. Price is around $100. There is a pedestal available. I've found it a decent vise. I've tied size 32s on it but those days are past and up
Upgrading vise... recommendations?
Danvise would probably be closest to your price range. And it would work well for you
(Some) Order from Chaos
Thanks guys!I'm happy with it. Vjc, I love the Peak vise--I've had it for 3 or 4 years now. I started years ago with a $29.99 cheapie, and over the years I've tied on a Regal and a Danvise as well. Th
Best Vice For $120
I have owned both the Danvise and the Mongoose (which I currently tie on) and I can tell you that the Danvise is a very good piece of equipment.  It was my first rotary vise, and it held anythi
Vise question
If you really need to see the other side of the fly just rotate the stem of your vise How bad did you muck up the other side anyway?   I was tying EP baitfish, and wasn't checking the other s
Hello from the Netherlands
Hi FlaFly,   Here is the first Rainbow I caught last year in October whilst on holiday in Denmark, in a Put-and-take pond.   I hooked it on a yellow tungsten bead nymph #16 I tied myself, I
A small review of the Griffin Montana Mongoose.
[snip] Now, the reason I settled on the Mongoose was pretty much soley because of the completely adjustable material clip.  Tying large articulated flies on my other true rotary vises (Danvise,
Thompson Model A Vise
The point I was trying to get across is that I hear so many negative comments about this particular vise that I felt it should be addressed. The A is a great vise. Most of the minuses I hear come from
Need Advice on a new vise
If I were to get a new vice now I'd consider really hard on the Danvise Danica and the Anvil Atlas because of how the drag is set on those models. Nice drag setup considering their price points and I
Pedestal Vise Height
I like the jaws on my vise about chin height.  I sit forward in a recliner to tie on a Danvise (clamp) .  That height works for both arm fatigue and for getting in range for my progressives.
How many flies
I do agree with Crackaig on vise position. I don't tie for extended times and if I tie a dozen of anything it is a long session. I do use a clamp and not a pedestal. This gets the vise closer to me bu
New Vise Recommendations
First, I have a Danvise that I've had for several years and it has served me well....But I'm in a position to upgrade to a somewhat better vise. What qualities would your new vise have that would
Mayflies are up for May's flies
Hey guys, I wanted to post and apologize to all of you. I have been up to my neck (and more) in work this month and it's going to continue for 2 more weeks. It will slow down a bit, in some ways, thes
Patterns & Vices
My first true rotary vise was a Danvise.  I now own a Norvise.  I tie 80% of the time on my Regal.  For the price, the Danvise is a great vise that will do anything the other more expen
Quality Starter Vise
Hi back Yellafella, Armidale NSW in the mountains to be exact but hey Go Qlders!!!!!! Used to live at Mango Hill North of briz vegas.....worked in moochy ( construction) Just for the record I purchase
Stupid "rotary" vise question...
I really like my DanVise.  It's available from J. Stockard for under $100.00     Not all Danvise users are so positive.   [url=http://www.fl
Inspired By Older Fly Tying Basics Video (from local library)
Danvise has one on the stem.  I just push it around to the back when I'm not using it.  Which is most of the time. Like others, my space is restricted, so putting something else on the table
Danvise.... very frustrated with jaws
Sorry to hear of your Danvise woes.  I know this is a common complaint about the vise. I can only conclude that some come with jaws having metal defects(bad lots?).  But my 15 year old Danvi
Vice stem sizes, Can I ask a favour.
Just miked the shaft on my Danvise and it varied from .390" to .400"  Son of a gun isn't round!  Actually, in my experience, that isn't unusual in round tubing. I guess that makes it 10mm (.
Does anyone know about the Stonfo Kaiman vise?
I'm still debating between this vise and a Peak rotary. I like the ease of use and the hook holding power of the stonfo, but the Peak is a little cheaper and has a more true rotary action. For wha
New "Again" to Tying
I'll throw in a vote for the Danica Danvise.  It's mostly nylon, but the important parts are hardened steel. It's a true rotary, and every once in a while I'll suddenly remember that fact and use
what is your worst fly tying blooper
Nothing makes you feel worse than shaving the belly of a deer hair bug and going too deep, nicking the thread.  All your work goes "poof." <snip? That!  I was flattening the bottom an
Dyna King Trekker. Hook slipping.
Yeah I own an Atlas vise it's a ripper no problems with that vise either no sweet spot it just holds anything. But then again so does my Danvise. One fly at a time Kim.
I second the Atlas full rotary vise for it's versatility  7/0 down to #32s I also like tying on my barracuda and danvise for different reasons.
New Guy from WNY
Good Morning...I hope this isn't too lengthy for a first post...This is my first day as a member on this site.  I'm 56 and have been fly fishing for about 6 years. I have learned a lot 
Can jaws vs screw jaws
Personally I Think So. I have the Anvil Atlas , Danvise and the Barracuda Rotary all of which have cam type device for holding the hook. But then one of the best vises in the world uses the screw set
Dyna King Trekker vs Renzetti traveler 2200.
You can mix bases with the Renzetti too (i.e. clamp v. pedestal), so I would not let that be your sole criteria.  The Renzetti is going to be closer to your Danvise in terms of operation (e.g. le
Bodkin Care and Vise advice
I clean off dried head cement on my bodkin with sand paper. As far as a true rotary vise goes, I've been very happy with my danvise which I've tied thousands of flies on over the past several years w
Powered vises
I was talking to a buddy the other day who told me of a guy in Nova Scotia who had rigged up a DanVise to be powered by an electric drill.  He said the guy demonstrated it using a NorVise bobbin
new vice
There are two types of rotary vises.  A "rotary vise" just lets you rotate the fly 360 degrees for inspection.  Most vises are this type.  These vises usually range in price from $10-$1
From the Saltwater Bench
Great idea! Here's some of my saltwater flies.IMAG0430.jpgIMAG0422_1.jpgIMAG0409_1.jpgIMAG0405.jpgIMAG0355.jpg20131218_163800.jpg They all seem to be tied on the Danvise ??? What happened to the d
Interested in Starting Out
I would encourage you to stay away from material kits. I started with a material kit from Cabela's and found the materials to be of substandard quality. I feel like I wasted at least $40 on that kit.
New here and need some advice!
I really like my Danvise. I have seen them for 79.99 on J. Stockard fly fishing. I realize that that's at the high end of your price range.
looking to get into tying in Houston
I agree with chase creek.......There are many great vises out there. Buy a used good one. You can always resell. get a pair of decent scissors. You can always use them to trim beard or eye brows or ha
expensive vices
I started on a cheap Thompson knock off and it just would not hold the hooks. I make a vise out of vise grips and that would hold a hook (hair bugs) and I used it for several years. I eventually gradu
griffin vs. anvil vise
I'm a little concerned that there's little space behind the hook making it a little cramped for larger flies such as baitfish, shrimp patterns etc. My current vise is a danvise and I'm not impressed w
Regal Medalion vs. Dyna King Barracuda
I had a Thompson A which worked fine until I splurged on a Regal.  I still use it to this day.  The hook spitting thing is actually kind of exciting from time to time and is ALWAYS attributa
Danvise jaws
The Danvise seems to be purchased by new tyers and less experienced tyers.  Combine lack of experience with the higher leverage of the Danvise cam and with jaws that aren't "as hard" as most qual
J vise
Frequent tyer, I have a J vise and don't feel it is over engineered either, I just wanted to point out that they are not a flimsy fairy vise but a practical piece of kit. I will stick to my original t
Dubspeed,,,check this out
I stumbled across this gadget. Like a mini dubbing brush table. Thought it was cool. It might have its purpose. A Nor-vise would have this capability if you have the dubbing brush table option. "
vises - "clearance at the rear of the hook"
Danvise offers an extension arm which provides more room behind the hook than their standard arm. Perhaps this is what is meant?
Fly Tying travel case suggestions?
I have been using this for over 3 years. I can even fit my Danvise and home made base in the outer pockets. On sale for 29.99 with free shipping right now.
Anglersworkshop Vice package (Tough Choice Need Help)
Derek,   Sounds like you are pretty passionate about the Danvise lol... I am new to tying and the Danvise is what we used during my first class (I liked it).  However after reading for hours
I think the WD refers to it originally being tied with wood duck.  Nice video.  Thanks.  Are those the standard Danvise jaws?  they look finer than mine.
Wolff Ind Atlas vise
i cant see any photos of them in the link (at work security blocks them) so what is the big difference now since wolff indiana was making them anyway?? I don't believe there are any major differences,
Danvise stem diameter accessory restrictions.
I'm posting this here because I know there are several other Danvise users out there who might find this info useful...   The stem of the Danvise is slightly larger (just over 25/64") than the st
I built my own tying desk and made it 6 inches higher than a store bought desk would be, (I am 6'3").  I like to have the jaws of my vise at eye level.  I just bought a Danvise so I made a p
Peak rotary vise
I've been tying on a Peak for over a year now and I tie mainly on the sizes and types of hooks you mentioned (streamers 4-8), and I, too, also do a fair amount of tying on smaller hooks for small stre
Help ID a Broken Tying Vise
I broke the tip off of one of my danvise jaws I had a replacement set made from the A4 steel at a total cost of $35
Rotary Vise, Best Recommendation For First Rotary Vise
I also tie on a Peak and love it.  I tie for the salt so for me #4 is a small fly.  I also own a Danvise (ca. $80) and like that as well.  I still use it but prefer the Peak for most ty
Looking to Buy a New Vice
Get that Danvise.  Just make sure you have the jaws adjusted properly.  It is not hard at all.  Close the jaws softly on a hook, adjust the jaws until they "grab" the hook somewhere aro
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