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We need to wake the hell up, gents
I agree with steeldrifter. I am a proponent of the pipeline. It will be cleaned up. I dont think you should be banned either. It's your opinion. This is mine. I fish around the point pleasant pump on
What flies to start with?
I have heard of round valley. I should have qualified my comment. The only fishing I've done in NJ is in the Delaware river and the Atlantic Ocean. im still pretty sure the OP meant trout in lakes.
Mop Fly Variant
Thanks Xterrabill and Denduke.   I'm having trouble finding "right colors" on mops/gloves..... I was having trouble too until I found them on e-bay, search mop slipper. They come in many colors
Going to spend 500.00 on a pole. Orvis or llbean brand. Opinions pls
I build my own rods since I prefer a slow to moderate action rod and I have a peculiar taste in the guides I use. The only rod I ever brought was  4 piece 8 wgt from Cabela's  I needed in a
Fly tyer back from hiatus
Hey greg , I to am blessed with the clear freestones of upstate New York , I'm always on the Beaverkill as long as the levels and temps are good , my other spot is on the west branch of Delaware which
First dry flies I have tied in about 10 years
The fish approved so they get a passing grade.  I tie all my midges, caddis and emergers on a scud/Caddis pupae/emerger hook{TMC 2488(fine wire) or TMC 2487(heavy wire)}.  Prefer the fine wi
Finally , Hello everyone
Hello , been signed on here for a little while, I'll admit I had a rough time being able to post or comment ,in fact I wasn't able to , then I " revalidated my acct. this worked lol. So as you can se
Can you cast same distance as a #7/8 weight with a #6?
I jump from a 5wt right to an 8wt, skipping the 6 and 7 all together. I use the 8 mainly on the Delaware river for SMB. For what I throw for SMB, usually with wind blowing around, I just prefer an 8wt
Weathermen and weather apps suck thread
For years the Delaware river would draw down to unbelievably low levels. To the point where I could not get my 16' tin boat off the trailer. Come summer we would take my buddies 14' tin boat which had
After a very mild winter and three weeks of perfect spring temperatures but hard rains that had the river flooded and raging, I finally got out today To kick off Shad 2017! River was still high, stain
Fishing for Perch
It's interesting how the name "perch" gets assigned to two entirely different species.  The white perch is in the same family as striped bass and white bass.  Like it's cousins it is an
White Woolly Buggers for Trout
I have had decent luck with white woolly buggers for trout, bass and pan fish.   I do better with smaller sizes, 14, 1 6 and 18.  My favorite is a one created by Tony Spezio called the White
A couple of baitfish
This one I tied up for a salt water bait fish swap.  It's intended to imitate a peanut bunker, but will make do as a shad imitation.  A lot of the larger lakes around here have shad populati
Hello from PA
Thanks Kevin!  Delaware County here.   Brian
Why I like auctions
I need to get in on some shad.    I only know a few very general details about them.   I have seen a few small schools in the Susquehanna below Harrisburg but never caught one
Overhead Casting ?
more than 25 years ago I to learned to fish a 14' 10wt. 2 hander on the beach and lower Delaware river (big water) for stripers. I used a fenwick that was made for overhead casting. I have found a Har
Another fly line bargain
I waked into their store on the Delaware border and their sales in store had 10x the discounted selection. I think my SA full sink line was just short of $20. I saw that sale at the bargain cave, th
Rod choice for the catskills
I'd go 7'-6" #4wt line. I have longer and heavier wt rods but this seems to be the best suited in the Catskill Rivers, especially in the summer. However, if fishing the Delaware system, I'd  go w
I belong to the Carolina Fly Fishing Club. It is a FFF club. Last week we had Cameron Mortenson from as our guest speaker. It was interesting to see th
Catskills in Aug and flies ?
I suspect the freestone water temps will be well over 70 degrees by mid day. My quess is that you'll have to fish those waters really early in the morning, and hope that there's a good deal of rain ju
Shrimp flies
Then it's probably sea run brown or rainbow trout you're fishing for rather than what we call sea trout here. Weakfish and the spotted sea trout are purely salt water fish. They spawn in estuaries, li
Acrylic Yarn Streamer Swims Like A Snake
I do like the look off that fly simple color w/eyes,and you say that it swims well in freshwater? maybe better in the salt I say? Tied it last evening when my wife asked if I could use the scraps. S
I Just Found A Treasure
As a production jig tyer dad had a habit of picking up neat and unusual things he found during his bait shop deliveries.  Usually it was a tying technique or style he planned to copy  (I sti
Hello from NY
New to the site, but not tying. Just won a switch rod and reel and and I am interested in learning the ins' and outs' of tying bigger flies to swing. Fish a lot in Pulaski, finger lakes, East Branch o
license holder
J, as I noted earlier, if you cross the Delaware you will need to display also. I would note additionally that when you are in your car it has a license plate on it that can be seen.    Heav
The Adams Family
I`ve been interested in tying an assortment of Adams flies. I think It`d be cool to do a swap of the such where someone would tie any variation of the fly whether it be an original Adams, a downing, a
BIG catfish on the fly AKA catching catfish on purpose :)
Sandfly, where on the Delaware did you do that fishing?   Steve
City Park Bass
KirkIt was included along with the city park on the list I googled. It was interesting that only the Wissakickon Valley was cited for Philly if they included all of Fairmount Park which the Wissahicko
Rod Length: 9'-0" or 8'-6"
  Hey - maybe I'm being paid by "all" the fly rod manufacturers to get you all juiced up and your wallets out...nah! Sorry to get you all in the "mood" to shop. It seems the consensus is fly
How many wulff patterns....
Delaware Adams Wulff, originated, tied and photographed by Don Bastian.
Lost baggage = lost vices...... *PIC HEAVY
  Well, i broke my streak, i had gone my 32 years without losing baggage while travelling... until now... and my three precious vices are gone too. A snow travel vice, Anvil apex, and a Nor-vis
Flies for catching the big American Shad?
  I tie them on Aberdeen light wire crappie hooks. That way when I get hung up on the bottom, I might get my fly back.   Colors to match the jigs the spin fishers are using.  Flashy tai
Adams fly
Y Sam, I've seen it described both ways, usually the Grizzly first. I save a step and cheat and use Cree hackle, usually 4 wraps in back and 4 in front of wings. Here's a small fly box I finished awhi
February Flies from the Vice
Delaware Adams #14 [attachment=50804:image.jpg]
January swap club
So here's what's in the house... Vicrider's Delaware Hendrickson emerger on Klinkhammer hook [url=][/URL] Breambus
Hello from NJ
Oh No ! Another joiseyite !! Welcome, used to fish the big flat brook along with a few streams along the Delaware. ken Lockwood in winter is nice.
I fish for everything with fins, tuna to bluegill. my passion is freshwater. really enjoy fishing the Delaware river ,west branch etc. fish the ausable, Raritan, Delaware, lake Ontario tribs etc. I am
November flies from the bench
  Finished these up last month. Will probably donate them to a charity auction since I never get to fish them anymore. Some areas of the country they swear by them. That mysterious and spooky A
What does a true Cree hackle look like?
barry, you echo my sentiments. I also just ordered a full cree cape but definitely not on sale. Big bucks for one of those and hope it is as good as the seller says. It's a Whiting and cost more than
September flies from the bench
Gartside Double Gurgler.     Tight lines from the Upper Delaware River and Narrowsburg, NY.   TR
Spiny Softshell Turtle
i saw these guys sunning while out on the river the other day. to see one would have been great; three was amazing.   [attachment=48077:100_0956 (2).JPG]
"My Trout Box Needs Help" Swap
Shoebop, if you'd ever been with me back in the days I used to drink you wouldn't make that recommendation to me. I'm one of those who has woken up in a farmer's entrance field in another state and wh
CDC and Dyed Feathers
I never had a problem with the dyed CDC.  I've used Petijeans and other brands without any issue.of brittleness or dye coming off on my hands.  I like the natural, but I've had too many inst
Nymph Swap For Pan Fish And Trout
Thanks for making space for me. Im not sure what pattern but something I would use here in the Upper Delaware system - Most likely a March Brown Nymph.
New rod/ some questions
Hi guys, Ive been fly fishing for 10 years using cheap < $100 combos. So i just got a Temple Forks Outfitters, Left Kreh Professional Series, 10 ft 7 weight, med-fast 4 piece coupled with a Lamson
=Big Bad Red=
Nice flies. I miss fishing the Delaware. It seems like a hundred years ago I fished it above Long Eddy. Good luck with those during the hatch.
Not exactly saltwater but....
Here on the East Coast we're into the American Shad run.  It started a little late because winter wouldn't let go and we got hit with 5 inches of rain and 30MPM winds with stronger gusts.  B
Favorite Green Drake pattern
THURSTHOUSE.  you're welcome.  I don't know when you are planning to go, but the Drakes should be starting around Memorial Day and last for about a week or so.  It may be a little later
5th Annual Opening Day Swap
I am going to tie a Delaware Adams.
Jonny King's Splistville Caddis
Here's a video I just made featuring the Splitsville Caddis, a pattern created by Jonny King (of NY).  He took Bob Quigley's method of the Hackle Stacker and applied it to a deer hair caddis, cre
=Snowshoe Rabbit -- Breakout Emerger=
Thank you for the kind words.   On these emerger pattern, I usually use a:   Maruto 206BL   and vary the size for the mayfly pattern.  #14 for the Hendrickson.  #16 for the Su
January Flies from the Vise
Here's a video I just made featuring the Splitsville Caddis, a pattern created by Jonny King (of NY).  He took Bob Quigley's method of the Hackle Stacker and applied it to a deer hair caddis, cre
Another Show Me state newbie.
[quote="flysmallie"] Sometimes it's hard to decide which direction to go.[/quote]   Which is not a horrible problem to have...   I usually fish Stockton for crappie and walleye (spinni
Fly Fishing in the USA
The Salmon River is an hour north of Syracuse, NY. It has some of the best steelhead fishing from November until April. Chinook and Coho salmon run August to November. Large brown trout follow the sal
Your basic go-to trout flies...
If I had to pick just one?   PT's!  (for those feisty wild Upper Delaware River 'bows!)        
RBF: TICR X, BVK or Professional II Blank?
I'm looking at building a rod over the next month and I'm down to selecting a TFO Blank. I've narrowed it down to the TICR X, BVK and the Professional II. It's going to be a 9' 5wt for use on the Dela
Greetings from the Catskills and Upper Delaware River.   Does anybody know if the Danica site with the database of flies, videos and tyers is still on the net?   Having trouble locating it.
Northeast Striper Time
I need to take a day off to fish in the surf.  I live in lower Delaware and most weekend in the the last two week have rained or windy.   I guess this this coming weekend it is going to snow
I scored really, really BIG time with the Secret Santa Swap this year. I received a set of flies from one of the VERY best tiers on the forum, and that is saying a lot. This year I received a beautifu
Greetings from SW PA
Howdy all.  "Non-native" new member from PA, looking forward to all of the information the site has.  Relocated from upstate NY about 20 years ago (work), grew up fishing the West Branch of
RBF: Black widow
Been a while since I posted any pics but I thought to take a few photos of this rod for a customer and send it out. We named it the black widow, as this was going to catch a ton of trout. We know this
calf tail VS bucktail
Here's one that I tied back in the late '90's thats made of calf tail when I was just learning how to fly fish. I hadn't been tying all that long either, so it's not all that great. It's on a Mustad 3
Hatches II (book) version question
Howdy Folks,   After discussing an eventful trip to the Delaware (one successful day, and one day where the fish were rising steadily but ignored everything I offered to them), I have been advise
what urged me to bring up lmb is simply nostalgia.  I mean a 50# lmb?  Firstly, what I know about lmb is I never caught one in a mountain stream.  Very near to a brook I have fished for
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