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Ray Bergman Collection - 192) King of the Waters

North Carolina False Albacore - Kevin Hospodar

Tube Flies and Beads - Rigging for Steelhead and Salmon

Patterns 131-138 added to the Ray Bergmen Collection

EL Chupacabra- by Nick Granato

Skeena Steel 2011- by Dimitri Gammer

District of Columbia

Hurricane Florence
My daughter lives in Richmond in the museum district on the edge of the fan. She told me a tornado touched down in Chesterfield and then into Richmond through the fan. By the time it got to the fan sh
Cooling shirts
Fun read and lots of information. I prefer these $35 Columbia ones currently, similar style to McFly's:
Bonsai Garden 2018
That will be a first, no?  Store bought established Bonsai?  Up to this point, if memory serves, you've developed your trees from standard growths.   Looking forward to seeing that cypr
Extra large Wulff patterns
what's your technique tying on the foam ? tie in foam strip (2mm x 2mm); wrap to 2/3 mark, tie off/trim counterwrap rib; tie off/trim Here's the whole SBS
looking for user reviews (vest vs. sling pack)
@feathers5 can click rear view here   It has inside zippered mesh pockets too, and I think three pocke
Hello from KC
   Glad to see another fisherman from the show me state.  I am from near Columbia in central Mo. I am sure we fish the same waters . May have even seen you at Bennett springs or Montauk
Tying a better Midge (Zebra Midge Example)
I think Charlie nails it here:     ...and FYI:   " The Zebra Midge pattern is acclaimed to have orgin
Soft hackle Question ???
depends   from the interweb   There have been many great fly patterns developed in and for the Canadian west. The Carey Special is one of the best known and also one of the most versatile an
January Flies from the Vise
Rowley's Stillwater Caddis Emerger Another cool lake fly from British Columbia tyer Phil Rowley. hook - Dai Riki 135 #10 thread - UTC 140 olive shuck - Congo Hair white rib - Mirage Flash opal ab
December Flies from the Vise
Pattern: Don's Personal Bulldog   Hook: Mustad size 6 2xh/4xl streamer Thread: Uni 6/0 black  weight: .020 lead, round, or equivalent, 25-30 wraps, doubled over, start at 1/2 shank length an
Car trouble.
Okay ... I am going to offer my opinion, based on the fact that I have been teaching people how to work on Honda Marine Outboards since 2002.  (I spent a few years teaching Honda Motorcycle techs
I've got to vent ....
Maybe re-read this entire thread? The party i spoke of... I was asked to set-up a roof-top fireworks display. I did, even though i think he never pulled the permits. He was a 10th judicial district ju
Scenting flies???
In British Columbia Canada scenting flies is considered bait fishing and on some rivers and streams its prohibited.
Teaching Kids to Tie
I have helped with the tying portion of the Fly Fishing merit badge for the local scout district. As McFly said, keep their attention. One time when the gentleman doing the merit badge was talking one
Hi folk.
Welcome JD  ... you're not quite in the Lakes District but not too far.  You have a few lakes in your  vicinity.  Do you fish lakes or just streams?  I do all my uploading fro
My sandals are separating ...
Funny you should mention this! I have just done the exact repair you are looking at on my Columbia sandals which are 4 years old and have seen heavy use while fishing.It is definitely not the first sa
Washington Fly Fishing
Columbia River and tributaries for carp. Most fun fishing you can have
FYI: iFishNews
FYI: Latest edition of iFishNews - December 8, 2016 is posted! Has some trout info that may be of interest to some in Oklahoma and Texas!     Added a video to go with the last iFish
Bucket List Fly Fishing Destinations...
1. New Zealand   After that, in no particular order...   British Columbia (Steelhead) Bighorn/Montana Gaspe Peninsula, Quebec (Atlantic Salmon) Frying Pan, Colorado Kamchatka (Steelhead) Gre
Good Day from Vancouver Island
Good Day mates:   I'm originally from the interior of British Columbia , were I spent my whole mining career. I now reside on the east coast of Vancouver Island on Canada's west coast were I reti
Trolling flys
We troll out of boats all the time with a type 6 or 3 get down line with a 3-4' leader. Lots of line out and slow as possible weaving back and worth. I prefer if you can it in on a wind drift. Quite
"If you cannot afford a lawyer one will be appointed to you"
"I will also add that I have been a law abiding productive member of society my entire life as has been every member of my vast and extensive family. I am not ashamed to say that i respect and love th
The Burden of Flyfishing?
I'm not sure what fish feel, if anything, but I reckon they don't feel much from being hooked.  And of all the ways a fish could go (otters, eagles, etc), a hook doesn't seem as threatening. 
Steelhead Fly Fishing Trip 2014 part one
Steelhead fly fishing trip 2014 part one, with nymphs and dries for steelhead A Story in four parts about my fly fishing trip for steelhead fishing in British Columbia. It was my 39th trip, but the
October Monthly flies...think orange
Mine went out in yesterday (Friday's) mail. Orange dubbing loop body, peacock collar that holds an Indian Hen wet fly hackle out away from the body. Hope it works for you guys. We were spared the floo
Meanwhile in the southeast...
FB   we got lots of rain, pretty much constant up here in NC, but nothing like you guys further south along the Columbia SC line.  Hope you survived it OK.
fly suggestions for Hiwassee and Tellico Rivers
BTW in the upstate of South Carolina we got 14 to 17 inches of rain this weekend. Charleston and Columbia got 24 to 27 inches in three days. Still flooded and a state of emergency.  The main rain
Some bad news today
The Associated Press today reported that there is a mass die-off of salmon in the Columbia River due to warming water.  They predict up to 80% of the salmon population will die.  In another
9ft 5wt 2pc
Salty, I have seen a lot of pink Columbia shirts on the water lately, must be a fad.  At least this guy can now accessorize his rod to his wardrobe.   
Fishing shirt with SPF
I stumbled upon these fishing shirts and decided why not since they were cheaper than others. Great designs, fast shipping. Can't have too many fishing shirts, right?   Here are the specs and web
living in florida....
LOL  Salty.  Crime Hills ... yeah and the Parramore district.  But then, that's city living.  I STRONGLY recommend staying out of ANY city as much as possible.  I HAVE to work
New Vise Recommendations
BB... where in "middle SC" are you?  Have you gone to the Sportsmans Warehouse in Columbia?  I don't know what they have in stock, but they will ship to the store free so you can take a look
Greetings from South Carolina
Welcome to the site, Barry. You don't say what part of S.C. you're from.  I lived in Columbia for a couple of years ('79/81) and fished the French Broad River and lake Murray. Again, welcome ...
Ultrasound mosquito larva destruction
On the TV news broadcast, they showed video of the mechanism literally exploding the larvae.  The Columbia U. paper I read implied it took several minutes, but was highly effective.  Apparen
tying recipes
Oh I totally agree that You Tube can be good or bad.  Yes I have seen some DA's ( I don't mean District Attorney either ) on You Tube and you can tell that they do not know their butt from a
New from down under
As you see I come from the land down under. I live in a beautiful part of the world.Woolgoolga NSW,Australia. You can find it on Google Earth. Fly fishing is at my back door. Saltwater with many speci
Orvis Fly Tying Contest
"...Eligibility: Open and offered only to legal residents of the 50 United States and District of Columbia who have reached the age of majority in their states as of the start of the Promotion Period.
New from Mizzou
Welcome from Columbia, MO  Lots of helpful people on here.   steve, aka spm
Converting 29 gallon gravel aquarium to planted
I try to avoid most chemical treatments when I can. I am having to use Cupramine on the one worth fish right now in a separate quarantine tank, but the main tank at the moment is just being treated wi
Recommendations for Middle TN?
Stones River - Murfreesboro ,,, harpeth River - Franklin ,,, duck- Columbia ,,,, Every one is correct !!! Check the twra page mite be able to git in on some trout action ,,, there a few dollar ponds
I have an Orvis store a few miles from my home in NC... south part of Asheville.  The store is 99 per cent clothes.  The "fly shop" is about the size of my master bathroom, and very limited
Three Suggested Flies for Rainbow Trout....
Fyi... for folks in the DFW, Texas area, the Texas River Water District has some trout fishing events in February and March! [url=
Top 5 rivers you want to fish...
Some interesting choices but as I'm dreaming I say "go big or stay home."   1.) Payne River Quebec for Arctic char 2.) Nordura River Iceland for Atlantic salmon 3.) Miramichi River New Brunswick
Spiny Softshell Turtle
FLafly, The following is taken directly from the website of the St. Johns River Water management district.   "Lake Apopka was once a world-class bass fishery. However, the lake was named Florida&
Quick Trips
Fyi... for folks in the DFW, Texas area, the Texas River Water District has some trout fishing events in February and March! [url=
Im in need of an insect
Phil Rowley and Brian Chan are expert stillwater anglers with extensive experience in Alberta and British Columbia. Check out Phil Rowley's "Fly Patterns for Stillwaters." He also has a number of vide
back to back chromers
It is a slippery slope and you will be addicted to it. I first caught steelhead in British Columbia, so just brought those techniques here and it works fine, sometimes better than eggs, sometimes it w
One Jacked Up Looking Foam Frog! DNA screwed the pooch on this on
Never, EVER pass up the "toy" part of any store you get in.     I was in a store a while back, in the redlight district of Hamburg Germany.... they had a big "toy" section... I kinda wis
alpine lake and creek flies
This summer i will be doing quite a bit of fishing in high elevation lakes and creeks for cutthroat and brook trout in western Alberta and eastern British Columbia. I was wondering what would be your
Coming Back After Some Time Away.
Hey guys, I am not new to the hobby but I have been out of it for some time. I originally grew up in the gateway to Yosemite, Atwater, CA. My childhood wasn't the best so I ended up in a continuation
Hatches Blog Post - GEOBASS 1 – Columbia
GEOBASS is a new epic adventure series following four expedition anglers on an around the world ultimate bass slam journey. GEOBASS episode 1 takes place in Colombia for Peacock Bass.[url=http://hatc
Hello from the Black Forest / Germany
Hello flytyer and fisherman,   my name is Volker from Germany. I´m a fly fisher since approx. 15 years and started fly tying in 2007. First flies were for pacific salmons in British Columbia
DNA Bush Pig
I'll cast a vote for Stone too, but I also like Dogfish IPAs (plus they have cool Tees and hats).  I paid off a bet in Dogfish IPA, if I remember right I paid almost $60 + for two six packs&
Greetings from Mid-Missouri
Welcome. The Current is a beautiful place. Thanks.  Yes, it is.  It's a couple hours to get there from Columbia, but it is worth the drive. s.
2014 Tarpon Rookie Competition
I may have to make an effort in this here contest.As long as you've never caught a tarpon, all you have to do is say the word, and you're in. The rules are posted at the beginning of the thread, but j
RBF: Salmon rod
I haven't posted on here for a while so I thought to get a few pics on the site with a rod that's going to Singapore. The owner will fish this in British Columbia when he travelsthere for vacation.The
Another Show Me state newbie.
Welcome to another Show Me member.  Columbia, MO, here.  Lots of good information here.  I've learned a lot in my short time as a member.   s.
Hackle recommendation for micro buggers
On Youtube I recently came across a "Simple Sculpin" pattern that uses Bulky Cameo yarn. The yarn has two components -- a verybuggy, soft, core that looks a lot like the off white/tan yarn used in tha
Hatches Blog Post - Landed Trailer
The short film LANDED follows April Vokey as she shares her passion for life, steelheading and the fight to conserve the beautiful resource that are the rivers of Northern British Columbia. Catch LAND
Western Canada - Coastal WW2 Fort
Note:  We have a trip planned back to Yorke Island OCT 19, 2013. We are leaving from Kelsey Bay, By Sayward on Vancouver Island. If your on Vancouver Island you can PM for details if you are inte
Fracking in Pennsylvania
Mikechell, this link is to an article I read about what you say is impossible. A lot of geologists are disagreeing with you. I've posted a couple of excerpts from the article. It does appear the deep
RBF: Mooching 10'6 rod
Hi,I am wanting to build a 10'6 mooching style rod with moderate action that will be used in a downrigger for the west coast of British Columbia for Salmon.I have found a couple of nice blanks from MH
John Kent's Pumpkinhead, tied by John Kent (video)
John Kent did a tying demo at Robinson's Outdoors in Victoria, British Columbia this past weekend.  For those who are unfamiliar with him, he managed Tunkwa Lake resort and is in my opinion one o
Looking for a Fly Pattern
Hi Jim,   Based on the phone conversation with the customer yesterday the fly you suggest looks like it could be the ONE. I found a picture on Yeager's website and forwarded it to the customer wh
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