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Ray Bergman Collection - 220) Luzerne

Patterns 144-163

The Ray Bergman Collection - 24) Bisset

Welding loops in fly lines

Periodical Cicada- by Loren Williams

Yellowstone: A Bass Fisherman's Journey by Will Mullis

Dolly Varden

Spawning season
 As was noted earlier ... there might be a tournament, with 100 good anglers on the water.  If each one caught 5 bass (limit) ... that would be 500 bass off the beds.  Female bass ... s
Stocker trout
Growing up in Idaho, living a long time on the east coast and now in the Ozarks and having fished for "trout" about sixty years, I have (to the best of my knowledge) never taken a wild native trout. I
Let's see your fly tying travel kits!
[attachment=63335:box1.jpg][attachment=63336:box2.jpg][attachment=63337:box3.jpg]   Homebuilt and heavy, next design will be 1/2" or 3/8" plywood sides ( vs 3/4 hardwood) with 1/4 ply top bottom.
Sculpin Pattern
Buy one and take it apart.  Looks pretty simple but from the pictures can only make a guess, which is why you should just buy a copy.  Articulated shank, dumbbell eyes, Dacron backing to rea
2017 Spring Articulated Streamers
  Only Dolly Llama SBS or vids I'm seen are two hook. With lots of time for these I might just see how a shank-hook combo would look. Running out of material already though and had to sub a li
Zonker or double bunny
Neither.  Try the Dolly Llama.  But seriously, Zonkers work.  Double-bunnies work.  Heck, rabbit strip leeches work.  Notice a trend?   A more general question is, w
Flies for land locked salmon
I tied this for a breast cancer donation. I showed it another board and one of the guys copied it in a larger size and says he and friends have made it a go to fly for sea run dollie varden and cutthr
accessing small lakes and ponds
Mike, I'm not sure if those dolly type rigs will work right in the bush, off trail. I invision dragging a kayak thru the bush like a tobbogan. I understand that a lot of the stocking is done by helico
Soft Hackle Flies
Years ago I made annual trips out west,,, live in New England.   Read all the books and tied up the popular Western patterns.   In northern New Mexico I found a nice large pool with good vis
Stay Hungry! is what the fish will be with this new fly pattern
I fished, slammed and subsequently lost a white/chartreuse dolly llama on what I am guessing was a world record, or atleast a state record striper last night. Olive and flashy bait fish patterns have
March Flies From The Bench
Rag Dolly for the stripers in the river   [attachment=56313:rd.jpg]
Landed my first Fly Fishing Guide job
Here are a few I'm playing around with. Ill also be tying up some poppers for salmon, gurglers for Dolly Varden, mice for rainbows, and insect imitations for greyling
holy Zonkers Batman!!!
I am traveling and don't have my rotary vise, needless to say, tying a dolly llama is taking me 10x longer than I thought it would.  it's virtually impossible with the resources that I have while
Dolly Llamas
I have salmon on the brain so I thought I'd make a couple Dolly Llamas. The purple/pink were unbeatable in Alaska last month. Headed to the UP in 10 days so I'm curious if they'll work. I forgot t
Coho and chinook
I've been back from Alaska for about a week, first time there and pink/purple & white/pink Dolly Llama's and black or purple egg sucking leeches worked awesome. Silvers and Chums were all over th
Top 5 rivers you want to fish...
Selway River- Idaho for all the trout and salmon Copper River- Alaska for Grayling Leaf River- Quebec for Brook Trout and Atlantic Salmon Kern River- California for Golden Trout Goodnews River- Alaska
Flies with bad reputations swap
I think the problem with hooking those fish was you had the hook too deeply hidden in the cleavage. Next time use something smaller in cup size than a Dolly Parton.   If we end up with six I beli
Flies for lake trout
Klemen 19,Lake Trout in North America are like super sized, deep bodied, Brook Trout or Dolly Vardens. I am familiar with the Meko UsnaPastrmka from lakes further south in the old Yugoslavia but not t
Song of the day
Bit late but Happy Birthday Dolly
Swinging in BC
December 25 2012, I received a trip to Whistler for a week of fishing, any time, any species I wanted. Could I have gone for bows, chinook, silvers, steel, browns or the massive run of pinks? Sure, bu
Very near to a brook I have fished for 30 yrs. is a large pond and in that pond my son and I saw 2 bass that we regarded as just under 30" and the big one at 36". The largest bass on record, George Pe
The largest is "Dolly" who passed away the year after she was caught.  She was unofficially weighed at over 25 pounds.  Since the guy who caught her is a trophy hunter, he let her go without
Classic Freshwater Streamers
I went out to a surplus store yesterday and bought a metal cabinet. Each drawer holds in place cards, well I thought.. I could put the classics in here. Place them on the card with info and slide it s
How many species have you landed on the fly
Rainbow Trout Cutthroat Trout (4 sub-species) Brown Trout Brook Trout Bull Trout Dolly Varden Kokanee Atlantic Salmon (land-locked) Whitefish Steelhead Coho LMB SMB Bluegill Crappie Yellow Perch North
What fish do you like to fish for?
Dolly Varden, Artic Char, Grayling, Brown, Brook, Cutthroat, Yellowstone Cutthroat, Golden, Rainbow, Steelhead, Chinook, Coho, Sockeye and Pink Salmon.
Which pattern for which trout?
fish in my locale are rainbow trout, costal cutthroat, and dolly varden, but i havent ever heard of anyone catching a dolly so methinks there all gone around here. They fish around here dont seem to h
Fish Mystery
They're a char, like lakers and brookies. Bull trout and dolly varden used to be considered one species, but in recent years, DNA analysis has shown that there are differences. Generally speaking,
Bull/Brown Trout Streamer Swap
I'm in with a Dolly Llama.
Need some help on an idea for a fly
rockworm hit the nail on the head. A white streamer with silver flashabou cut short so it looks like the tassels from a coat or jacket. A cone head that will cause it to dance up and down or a Froden
Fish Pictures
Silvers from Alaska, pink and purple Dolly Llama's did the trick.
One of a kind
Pinks are dynamite on the fly in the river and when they school up. rule of thumb: every 2 yrs they show in the southern waters-fraser river etc in large numbers. next year there will be far fewer but
Campbell River Aug 10 - 13
The chums are still approaching and usually do not show themselves until the fall. your lucky it did not blow your rod apart. a 5wt for a pink is a bit small, especially if chum re about. I would not
Trip to Skagway
when i was thirteen i spent a summer in haines alaska.which is just down the canal from skagway.i was spin fishing with spoons and spinners in the ocean and chilcoot,chilcat rivers.i caught mostly dol
New Pattern of mine
[quote name='MowestFlyfisher' timestamp='1304301985' post='465661'] I have been working on a new pattern for some time and have came up with this.. i will need to use a bigger
dolly varden guidance
does any body know of some good dolly varden flies?I was thinking of fishing in the ocean or estuary in south east alaska where I was born.I looked at the flies in the data base and em' not satisf
The Ray Bergman Collection – 89) Dolly Varden
Tip: Gold tinsel Tail: Cinnamon quill sections Ribbing: Gold tinsel Body: White floss Hackle: Brown Wing: CinnamonView the full article
Quartz Creek Encounter
Last Sunday, Sept 7, two friends and myself turned up at Quartz Creek, near Cooper Landing, AK, to try to fish. We had no idea what we were doing, but decided to give it a try anyway.By chance, we ra
Hey GuysI want to suggest something here. I stay in South Africa and I want to visit the States to fish some of its magic trout streams, but i would also like to go and fish Brittish Columbia and Alas
slocan lake!
i went to slocan lake new denver bc canada great fly fishing go to it i caught 4 pound dolly fist day first cast i also cauht 3 pound rainbow on the fourth along with many more also kokanee (small)
Flies for the Grey Reef (North Platte)
QUOTE (blakejd @ Apr 19 2010, 02:30 PM) don't know if you've seen this yet but it is generally how I keep an eye on whats
i got bit in Alaska!!
QUOTE (flyderaght @ Aug 23 2009, 10:06 AM) I know the guys on the fraser river in BC will use green wool drifted on a very long leader as sockeye don't feed in freshwater. The methodd is
Favorite Coldwater Species
well... my favorite would be a dolly varden although i've never fished for them but its like a bigger and more colorful brook trout and they are by far the most beautiful trout to me (although i&#
RBF: october steelies
ok, so i slacked off and i havn't posted these pictures for over two months. i made a trip down to the kenai penn. and camped out with my buddy shawn for a week. the weather was great at first, but
May Swap Club
Stony, Got'em ty'd up. "Dolly Llama" Caddis Larva.I'll send 'em out Saturday.
Specimen fishing
I agree with Old Hat: whitefish will take just about any trout fly, especially wets and nymphs.As for the confusion between trout and char:Scientifically speaking, (according to my trusty old Scott an
QUOTEDoing any fishing in Alaska right now? what's in season....I guess the salmon and trout are gone?Frank,Only ice fishing at this time. It wont be until late May when the salmonids return. Tr
Tube Swap
I'm new to tube tying and haven't fished any yet, but from what I've gleened, I'm sure I'll like them. I will attempt to join future exchanges, once I get into it. I'm curiou
flymaker1........i've tyed hundreds and hundreds of flies while dreamin' like that........just waitin' for the day............for years............and this Aug., we're goin' to Can
Dolly Lama
I've read a few articles in the past that refer to a fly called a Dolly Lama. I haven't been able to find this listed in my fly books, and a google search hasn't been much help. Does any
Might be moving again
Too cool, and shouldn't be too tough to do within the same building. Maybe rent a big furniture moving dolly to help you do it efficiently. Biggest thing is packing up all the little junk... movin
prince of wales island alaska
this is a picture of luck creek draining into luck lake on prince of wales island. my dad and I caught many dolly's here. the fishing on the lake was a blast.
Saw some cool things on my quest
The company that repaired my motor home had a few surprises. The owner owns and restores Indian Motorcycles. Check these out.Check out this detail of the paint job.This is his touring bike.This is a
Cinnamon Orpington Quills
I guess this would primarily be directed to Don B. but anyone who might know the answer feel free to chime in!Anyone know where to get ahold of Cinnamon Orpington quills for the Bergman wets like
Speed Dyeing
Dave,"I got 1 once (28 grams) of hanked doll's hair mohair for the princely sum of 2.99 ($5)" ... who's the beast that yanked out the hank of dolly's hair? That is a pre
Alska Trip Pattern Help
I have a customer who is going to alaska and needs some help picking patterns. If anyone from alaska or has fished there has any thoughts please feel free to tell me. Here is his travle info and tim
Is it me or do all Char have HUGE domes?
It seems like every Char I see, Lake Trout, Bull Trout, Dolly Varden/Arctic Char, and Brook Trout have HUGE melons compared to true Trout. Is it just me or is that really a characteristic of Char?
Framed Argus
Hi Gar,Dolly Parton has a pair but nothing like them. Al the best Davie
How Many Fly Boxes Do You Own?
I have at least 1 box for each of the followingRed salmonPink salmonKing salmonsilver salmonchum salmonDolly vardenRainbow troutPikeGraylingHalibutOf course i have way more flies than these boxes cou
Non-Tying Question
Great idea for a thread!I drive a semi. Just regional 75-80 hours a week, deliviering stores like WalMart, Target, and convenience stores... I bring the the candy, cigarettes, Gatorade... all th
Official Species
Here is a list of species i specialize in and will gladly edit. I will note for kings and silvers i specialize in fishing for them in the alaska, canada and washington and not the great lakes. There
Buskin Lake, AK
A new addition to the fly fishing logbook has been submitted by Kodiak Commando. Complete report and additional photos can be found hereDate of Outing: 2005-02-20State: AKWater Fished: Buskin LakeRat
January dollies
My friend and i headed out and 10 a.m. Are destination was Buskin Lake are target was dolly varden and if we are lucky a steelhead. We got to the lake and there was a 10 to 30 mile an hour wind towa
The Greenwell
We are all amateurs, don't forget that. And by the way what in the #%# is a plug rod. OK I was not specific on the method to catch a Steelhead my misstake or bad luck I guess.But then again
what fish jump when hooked?
Pinks, Chum and Reds don't usually jump. Chum less than pinks, reds more often than either in my experience. Silvers and kings almost always.Grayling, hardly ever. This is probably because the
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