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Dubbing Loop

VersiTip question
When the the Versitip first came out, it was a WF(5,6,7,8)F line with a loop on the end. Had 4 tips, a floating, an intermediate, a T3 and a T6 sinking line. Each of those heads were 4.6 meters long.
Santa needs your help ...
I would make you some dubbing brushes.   Rick If you're saying you would make the dubbing brushes for the wire, then let me say that that is not necessary.  You do not have to give me an
European Trout Bug Nymph
Thanks:   Here it is: Demmon DJS 300 BL Jig hook size #12-14 Purple Tungsten bead - slotted Dubbing - any spiky dubbing you like Ribbing:  UV ribbing  tinsel Thorax: mix of black synthe
RS2 No Tail - Midge Emerger
RS2's are staples in most nymph fishermans box.  They are very versatile, and can resemble many types of bugs.  From baetis to midges, these are awesome emerger flies. They are very easy to
Stonfo Dubbing Brush Machine
Has anyone ever used this? How did you like it? Would it work for making bigger dubbing brushes for bass and pike flies?
Jiggling Nymph
  Material List: Jig Hook Scud back Semperfli Micro Suede Chennile UV dubbing SLF dubbing Goose and turkey biot Pheasant tail fibers lead wire and black bead-chain hard wire, 12lbs Mono line and
Flash blend bait fish brush
If your fly fishing for pike try pike dubbing brushes are not a lot of use for lures as they don't provide the life like movement that long fibres produce a better action I have been tying my
Perfection Loop
perfection loop used to be in old books on woodcraft and seamanship as the "central draught loop" or "central draft loop" because the line pulls or draws from the center of the loop. I remember my con
December flies from the Vise
A very simple bugger with marabou, Hare'E Ice Dub in Bloody Black used in a dubbing loop and a grizzly Brahma hen collar.  
Where to find Shane Stalcup's caddis body material
I don't think the method of the fabricated extended body dubbing method shown in Shane's mayfly book is the same material used for the Caddis in the video. But if it works....
Tear Mender consistency?
Thanks for the answers. I am looking to use it in baitfish heads a la Gunnar Brammer. He is one of the ones I have seen online. Fly-rite leaves for me a brown stain when it dries. Admittedly, it well
Sculpin Imitation
[attachment=65138:B427CC2A-353D-4232-BF3A-81EE91612D20.jpeg] Buy sculpin heads made by by Flymen. Use rabbit or squirrel strips. Use fur in a dubbing loop to make body.
DIY bonefish, Belize
Cool man, I have spent a lot of time recently thinking about guiding part-time when I am of age... how do you like it?   On the blog, I went over the SBS's a couple times and think a couple thing
Fly Tying Kits - Recommendations?
Cody,   My advice is to focus on just the flies you intend to fish with and buy materials just for those to start out then expand from there.  A kit is not the way to go in my opinion. 
Crappie fly fishing
My experience with Crappie, though limited, extends from Indiana to Florida and West to Texas.   Like most fresh water predators, they will attack anything ... opportunist when hungry.  They
The doggie door
Not only wouldn't I kill a cat for it's hair ... it's not even necessary, Henry.  All I have to do is spend a minute petting any one of my cats and I'd have enough fur fro a year.   With thr
BiMuddlervisible SBS
Found this on Pinterest. Original had a more defined wing; I just left the collar a little thicker on top. This should be good for stoopid cutts next summer. hook Dai Riki 300 #10 thread - Danvil
Streamer and other fly recommendations for Hybrids and Striped bass
I live in North Texas (Erath County and work in Weatherford) and am going to East Texas for the weekend before Thanksgiving to stay at the in-laws by lake Palestine.  I fish in the Brazos below P
Thread recommendation
veevus 12/0   super strong   lays flat when you want it to and for less build up   can be split for the split thread dubbing technique
Micro Brassie
The Brassie is a well known fly, and has been a staple in many nymph fisherman's box.  It can mimic an annelid, and even some other types of sub surface bugs.  The problem when tying them so
11ft 4/5wt switch rod
This one just off the bench is an 11ft 4/5wt 4pc switch rod on a UHM12 blank which is black with some metal flake in the finish. Custom turned switch rod style grips with burl wood insert seat set in
DIY Dubbing Brush?
I use brushes quite a bit.  Depending on the material(s) in the brush, I may or may not use wax.  If I am making a more complex brush with multiple materials, I am more likely to wax the wir
illinois fly show
I sat with pat c for about a half hour, very cool guy, he was sayin he used to hang around ftf years ago. picked up some scissors from him at a little discount, wanted to get the big stacker too 
A couple of tool ideas that might help
These are a couple of things that I have done with tools that have helped me out. Hopefully I can explain the picture well enough. The first thing, I find it much easier to have a flat white backgroun
Fast Action Rod?
The Echo Base is the performance/price winner in the 2016 test.
Fly Tyers Dungeon boxes are available now...
I am a bit surprised he's able to stay in business.  Or, maybe, I am surprised at just how many fly tiers there are out there.   Wife got me two of his gift boxes many years ago.  (Sh
Gizmos new and old
I stumbled onto a potentially useful dingus at Joannes yesterday. A pack of Eyepins in the beading section.  These are straight stainless steel shafts with a parallel eye at one end -- @ 1.25 " i
November Flies from the Vise
Thank you! That Ice Dub is amazing stuff, but it is hard to work with. I'm not much of a dubbing loop guy but you pretty much have to be to use this stuff. Galloup has a bunch of videos on YouTube tha
Trout Emerger -my favorite model
My rivers are slow running. Trout has plenty of time to check the flies. Too bulky and the trout will not rise to check it. So I ise guard hair from hare or sometimes I use guard fibers from squirrel.
Tenkara is just for little fish...
in the all twisted up video by william tedrick he uses 50# power pro braided line but you can use much thinner lines on the same set up..i don,t use a long board but two hooks screwed into the top of
Crafty Layered Shrimp
This is technically a brown shrimp imitation, but I think it could work (even at this coloration) for other shrimp as well.  You could also tie this in other colors also.  Its flashy, and ha
Caddis Pupa
Hi, Here is a simple and effective caddis pupa Materials used: [LIST] [*]Hook curved caddis type in size #12-14 (Demmon G602 ) [*]Body Thread: Yellow pale body thread  [*]Body: Half Micro Glass B
Tie fly so it floats just below the surface
I can only tell you what works for me.  I fish them in rivers and kettle ponds for trout.  Most of my soft hackles float initially in still water and I can drown them with a tug or two. 
Show Us Your Tube Flies
Hmmm, the way I saw it done was to connect the hook with a double surgeons loop, which you can also do with junction tube as well. And it has the added benefit of changing hooks without cutting tippet
Saunders' Sheep Fly SBS
A vintage Appalachian pattern from N.C. tyer Newland Saunders. Not to be confused with the Sheep Creek Special; use it as a cranefly, nymph or streamer. hook Mustad 79580 #6 thread - Danville 6/0 b
Antron fibers with Hi gloss
I once had a bunch of Antron that I bought in shanks or on spools from tying shops. It had higher gloss threads added that together gave off a sheen when it was chopped and blended into furs etc for d
Show your bench
Idaho, that is one very pretty set up, those smaller drawers look perfect for dubbing.
I've seen deer cross the Missouri like it was a kiddie pool; turkeys (close relatives to chickens) can drown by looking up in a rainstorm. I know what I'm using to hackle my flies. Tied here as a Fa
Fox faces?
How long is the hair? Maybe spin the longer hairs in a dubbingloop, and the fine hair just as regular dubbing
KDM - Krystal Dub Minnow
Used this one to catch a few Bass the other day; had not used a dubbing loop in a while. Forgot that it makes for some effective fishing flies.   [youtube][/youtube
Late 2017 Euro style / Nymphs Swap
Psycho Prince   Hook: Allen J100BL, Size 14 Bead: Rip Lips tungsten slotted disco, gold (slot is a little large, but allows .015 lead wraps to be pushed inside) Weight: .015 lead wire, 12-14 turn
JingleStacker Emerger SBS
Just started throwing stuff on the hook with the intention of tying a Jingler Hacklestacker; not sure this is where I expected to end up. hook - Dai Riki 320 #12 thread - UTC 70 grey brown tail - Con
Caddis Nymph
Hi guys,    Here is a model of caddis nymph with realistic look when gets wet. It is very easy to tie, no more than 4-6min to make  the fly:   And when is wet looks really cool:
Super Cheap DYI Dubbing:
I have been making my own dubbing for years, and recently I came across a "NEW" super inexpensive dubbing material.  I made a couple of lanyards from Paracord.  The cord cost 11 cents a foot
Looking for an advanced fly tying book
Books first:  I have over 100, and that's after giving a couple of dozen away.  They all have something to say, and NONE of them say everything.  In many cases, the materials listed are
Cortland "MICRON" fly line backing
Rocco, woven hollow core Dacron is the backing used for decades, then came along the Spectra/Dynema zero-stretch type lines.   One can fashion a loop on the backing, using a bobbin threader and a
Sink tips
I've built lots of sink tips for both single handers and two handed rods. I like the airflo tungsten tip material. The T-7 weighs 7 grains per foot and sinks at 7 inches per second, T-10 weighs 10 gr
Veevus 50 Denier - Amazing thread
Yes, I was testing all my threads and dubbings with the uv to try out some ideas when I noticed the Veevus is the only white thread I've got that does that in a "hot" color lumescent kind of way. My u
Are contributions to support this forum accepted?
Patriot, Will Mullis, the owner has said, on the record, that he is not interested in receiving any "charity" for operation of this forum. Nonetheless, a group of concerned users have indicated a wi
Dubbing package storage
Have to admit that I keep my dubbing in their original packages and clip them together using these magnetic clips. The reason I like them in the original bags is because I use the Charlie Craven metho
Start thinking Christmas Swap
Went in the mail today.  PO   says you should see Thursday. Included a few dubbing brushes to share with others.   Rick
Snody's Bitterroot Stone SBS
Interesting pattern from Bruce Staples' Flies for the Greater Yellowstone Area; tied here with no specific hatch in mind. hook - Dai Riki 280 #10 thread - Danville 6/0 brown butt/abdomen - dubbing br
October flesh from the vise
Chugbug's Golden Pheasant October Caddis Pupa Hook #10 streamer 1xs 3xl, bent up at thorax Thread utc yellow hopper 70 denier Abdomen mix of crawdad orange Antron dubbing and yellow ice dub, on dubbin
Jo-Ann Fabrics Haul
Why not use Super glue? I do a lot of tiny flies and even under size 26 parachute flies I whip finish to the very 1/4 inch or so of pulling the knot tight. Then just before the thread off the loop on
Crazy Brown Shrimp
Brown shrimp are one of the most common foods for many of the fish species in the Gulf of Mexico.  From Redfish, to Speckled trout, to Permit and even flounder.  All of these species eat bro
Simple Foam Stone SBS
Found a pic on the interweb; notional tying sequence, change colors to suit your needs. Make it a little fatter and omit the tail and you have a passable hopper. hook Dai Riki 280 #10 thread/rib -
Sculpin fun
Most sculpin patterns for trout up unitil a few years ago when big, segmented models with tandem hooks became fairly common were tied on single hooks. By reducing hook size -- down to 8, maybe 10 -- a
Best Retailer for Materials
Almost every one who asks this question gets the same answer, but usually from a different mix of people.  There are hundreds of "good" and better places to get materials and supplies.  Ever
What flies to start with?
This may seem strange, but I'm not going to give you a list of flies. This is because where I am we fish very differently than people do where you are. I know the techniques we use work where you are:
E-Bay Bidding
I've done very well on ebay. I wouldn't recommend limiting your search to free shipping however. Many sellers have both low cost items and low cost shipping. Instead, find sellers with high ratings. I
F Fly - a CDC dry fly
One for Autumn fishing in rivers with gin clear waters. Here in Europe this model is considered "a must" in everybody box. Now when the rivers are low and clear, these kind of flies  will save yo
Lake Double Decker (variation)
Push me-pull you Sparkle Dun. A U.K. stillwater pattern; added some partridge and a synth shuck. Tied here as a Fall Drake; change color/size to suit your needs. hook Dai Riki 320 #12 thread/rib -
Magic Head substitute.
Depending on what species you are targeting. Do you need a rear hook at all? The following suggestion would help with weight while allowing the fly to wiggle, and probably wiggle even more so. Tie tai
Paulson's Fluttering Salmonfly (Carnage variation) SBS
A few changes to Eric Paulson's very interesting pattern; original body was tied Rogue style. Mr. Twister on a hook; 0x tippet recommended. hook Dai Riki 135 #6 thread - UTC 140 hot orange core - 2
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