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Dubbing Loop

CDC Hatchmaster
So the original hatchmaster I believe was tied with a mallard flank feather. However that is just too large, and would create a fly in the 10-14 size range. Great for larger mayflies, however when t
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the buggier dubbings are great I highly recommend the super craken, the golden peacock starburst dubbing is excellent for streamers, the crystal web is excellent as well I used the uvx hot yellow for
Classic Smoky Mountain Flies
My husband and I love the smokies! Size 14 elk hair caddis, size 14 yellow sally (takes on these all summer although the hatch is mostly in May), and green caddis nymph with a little gold wire sparkl
my best sedge flies
Hi guys,   Thanks for your kind words :)  @Sandan,  the 4th is a fly  that I used first time in 2005 in Slovakia,  I saw it  at a local guide. It is completely made
Trouble with rod
I had a two piece rod that would slip apart. I ended up breaking that rod in due time ( by accident) and the replacement rod for it was one where you couldn't get the two pieces apart, it would always
Evil Olive - WD40 Variation
This WD40 variation is one of my favorites.  I like heavy flies for lead flies, and tying it with a Tungsten bead really helps it get down deep.  Also the flashiness of the Evil Olive fly he
Sources for dyed Muskrat Pelts
Something else to consider is that to be sure any pelt you buy has been soft tanned unless you what to go through the trouble yourself.  The only way I have ever seen muskrat in person is untanne
Splitsville Caddis (variation) SBS
Loop-dubbed deer hair head/wing to get a bit more floatation. hook - Dai Riki 300 #12 thread - MFC 8/0 sand body - Hare's Ice Dub tan loop - UTC 140 tan hackle - grizzly dyed olive dun wing/head - de
Fiber for dubbing
No have pink or purple hackle feathers so tried to improvise by dubbing the kids hair piece fibers instead. Worked out but the stuff is very slick so had to dab head cement to guarantee....Made the p
July Flies From the Vise
DHH Carnage Drake Why waste good hackle on stupid cutts? With little blue lines looking like Yankee Jim, the additional buoyancy is appreciated. hook WFC Model 11 #12 thread - Danville 6/0 tan core
Baetis time - my nymphs
Right now  I have in my fishing area a lot of baetis swimming all over. So here are my nymphs that works great  in this period of time. Simple to tie, just  biot  and a little bit
dubbing loops?
When I zoomed in on the close ups from hawkfly, they appear to me to be furled. They could be from a dubbing noodle, dubbing loop, or as Mike suggested, mohair knitting yarn. Either way I think they a
Methods and Beads for egg sucking leeches
Problem is the OP's hook choice, not the bead.  There's a reason why if you google ESL in 1/0 on upturned hooks, you will find chenille or estaz is typically used. Even if you were to find s
Shanafelt's Mongo Hopper (Carnage variation) SBS
PETA approved; change color/size to suit your needs. hook - TFS 2305 #2 thread - UTC 140 tan core - 25lb Mason underbody - moose body hair body - 2mm foam cream wing - 3mm foam tan rear legs - 2mm fo
Best Tyer Ever?
Also love his method of dubbing bodies. He uses both hands, wrapping with his right hand and twisting the dubbing noodle with his left hand after each turn. He always gets such a nice , even taper.
Roll casting with a short 3wt.
I fish my 5'6" 3 weight a lot.  I find that roll casting with it is a challenge, but the trick is to cast ... up.   That's the only way I can explain it.  When roll casting, I shoo
Flashy CDC Emerging Midge
CDC is one of my favorite materials for emergers or dry flies when tying small tiny flies.  Buying hackle that small can cost a fortune, but CDC tends to be better priced.  And you can save
*NEW* Rolling Weed-guard
Here are the steps for my new Rolling Weed-guard, as seen in the Summer 2018 issue of Fly Tyer Magazine. The first picture was too big to upload, but it simply showed crimping the end of some hard mon
Fifty Fly Project
Tup's Indispensable,  RS Austin, 1890 As previously mentioned, alternate dubbing used.
FlySpoke's Super Bug (Carnage variation)
Foam version of an Atlantic salmon pattern. Tied here as a salmonfly; don't have a scud hook big enough to handle a bug this size so I subbed with the TFS iron (shorter shank than the Dai Riki 280)
Tying Knots
flytire's link is all you should need but can be overwhelming. There are a lot of knots!   Maybe focus on some of the ones that are more useful for fishing (this is only a list of knots I commonl
Delaware Adams Wulff SBS
Brookie bait; tied Bomber style here. hook - TMC 5212 #10 thread - Danville 6/0 brown tail - hackle fibers brown/grizzly rib - x-small wire gold body - dubbing olive body hackle - grizzly (undersize
Can anyone identify this fly??
  Can’t seem to find any information on it when searching.    Thanks in advance!   what website did you find this fly? maybe info is there?   can you post a focused
DMC Cotton Embroidery Floss v DMC Wool Yarn
I'm trying to get the general lay of the land re uses for DMC cotton embroidery floss v DMC wool yarn... Woven flies (both?), ribbing (cotton?), dubbing (wool?), Soft hackle bodies (cotton?) Dry fly b
Tippet spool tender
I'm not at home right now, so I can't take a picture. You can buy elastic bands (for waistbands, etc.) in the sewing section of any store.  Get one in the width of the spool. Cut a section that i
Stimulator style Caddis
So this fly worked wonders for me last time I went and fished.  The fish were destroying it on the top water, and almost coming out of the water after it.  It was being hit hard!  And I
Carnage Damsel SBS
A lot of variations to the basic framework out there; just one idea here.hook - Dai Riki 135 #12thread - Danville 6/0 blackcore - 8lb Masonbody/shellback/head - 1mm foam bluewing - Congo Hair whitetho
Whiting hackles
McFly, no offense meant. Just the rusty dubbing noodle reminded me of a certain beardsman, and I thought what would you call a bearded dry fly?
Hackle gague
The main problem I have with gauges is you need a different one for each different model of hook. I include hackle size on the same slip of card I mark all the other sizes for a specific pattern &
Homemade dubbing recipes?
I have made hundreds of dubbing blends for many years, but I have never really kept track of recipes.  When I do it, I usually make more than enough to last me years.    I have used thr
"The Indispensables" Swap
  SM - Wooly Worm & Tups Indispensable Was wondering where you got the “Magic Dubbing”? The recipe I found: "1/2 fine wool from the rams indispensable part, the testicles, whic
Carp Worm
Carp are a tough fish to fish for.  However, they are really rewarding when you finally hook into one.  They pull like a freight train, and are challenging to even hook.  Many times you
Squirmy Worm Help
Dubbing works great for a simple worm. Just a very bare layer of dubbing on hook then on thread as you wrap over rubber.
Green Peter Muddler (Carnage variation) SBS
Had to dig a bit to find hen pheasant wing long enough for this one; a #12 would have been much easier. Tried Uni thread cuz that's what Mr. Mcphail uses; popped it twice on the head and I wasn't pu
Help! Groundhog under shed
Do they not have good fur for dubbing on them too? And the fox makes great flies also. Methinks poopdeck needs a rifle
Cooling shirts
Which "cooling shirts" are you guys talking about? If you're talking about the normal type of "fishing shirt" that is made of the lighter weight material and has a back vent and arm vents then I use t
Chewy Horned Caddis
So I am changing up the way I do my fly tying videos for a few months, I am not doing the voice overs, instead I will be listing below the materials I used on the fly, and also a quick tutorial typed
June Flies From the Vise
Veiled Baitfish     Alternating Chenille and Dubbing Loop (Mixed Acrylic/Macrame/Rug Yarn)   And Brushed Back
Need help with a fly
  This... and it isn't snowshoe hare - from Blue Ribbon Flies:     Zelon floats, Antron does not float:   For sma
CDC Emerger
Hi SilverCreek   The fly is not supposed  to  stay  vertical in water. It  supposed  to have  the body in angle, at least sort off ... Like  a Klinkhammer emerg
Perfection loop
I have misgivings about the perfection loop too. It's not as strong as other loops I tie and the tag comes off at a 90° angle and catches on things. However, it makes a perfectly straight loop,
Panfish Delight
I recently came up with a small jigging type of minnow pattern for someone who wanted a few tied up.  After tying it, I realized it would be perfect for jigging for panfish.  So I made it br
Fatty McFat Head
I had one of my subscribers ask me to tie up a few of these for him.  They are good flies, and I have tied them up for him in the past.  He said they were effective and durable, and wanted m
Flies for spawning cutthroats
Ok chug the dubbing is ftd, big bopper dubbing in golden stone, the hot spot is the ftd crystal flash in chartreuse us, the hook is an umpqua U555 jig. I just used steel or brass Cyclops beads the hac
Dry fly help
I have learned that my early flies sunk because I was using too much dubbing.  Watching a Kelly Gallop video, he showed how little dubbing is needed to make a noodle.  The dubbing should be
Spent flies - do you tie them?
Hi guys, Here is my own way to  tie my spent flies.   Other method is with fixing the CDC in dubbing loop - a  Marc Petitjean way. I found the last o
Old style wet fly fishing - cast of three flies - need help!
Tjm Ive used the Chameleon for my whole leader. Are you saying that I need to use the same for a 3-4 inch dropper? Ive got all sizes of Maxima available to me - from 25 lb test all the way down to
Tampa Fl Area
Good looking small surf fly - and just the size for those Gulf-side snook.  Noted from your photo that you're not using a loop knot for your connection... That fly will work even better with a lo
Mini-Me Hopper
Coming into spring, dry fly season is right around the corner.  Up where I live, we get grasshoppers jumping off the banks and into the water pretty early in the season.  However most of our
Looking for panfish ideas
My "Panfish Attractor"   [sharedmedia=core:attachments:63105]     [sharedmedia=core:attachments:63918]   size 8 straight shank hook Bead chain eyes Pink or light tan thread Tail:&#
May Flies From The Vise
Gosling MuddlerThis one will get their attention, or send them swimming. Loved the color of the deer hair (we don't get picric on this side of the pond but it does bear a resemblance; wish I remembere
Need help identifying material (baitfish pattern)
Having never used a lot of the synthetics " they all look the same" to me, oh , sure some are bigger or have more flash; but right over there is another brand that looks the same. And when I look at t
Olive Partridge and Brown Variant SBS
From the Flytyingjournal blog. hook - Mustad 9671 #8 thread - Danville 6/0 olive tag - tinsel silver tail - bronze mallard rib - small wire silver body - dubbing olive body hackle - olive throat - pa
Kelly SBS
A Danish seatrout fly of unknown origin. Use your favorite barred waterfowl flank for the tail/collar; I went with redhead, which proved to be just as unruly as mallard. hook - Mustad 9671 #8 thread
Nobler (variation) SBS
Another Icelandic take on the Bugger; added the rabbit up front for a bit more action. Weight as desired; left this one light to throw at frustrated stillwater spawners in the shallows. Title should
ep fibers substitute
Most yarns can be undone back to the fiber state. Some become hair like and some make dubbing. I'm gonna google macrame class near me and see if I can get their scraps; I sure don't need no 100 yards
Dubby Bunny Baby Bow
This fly works awesomely for bass.  I have tied it in many color combos already.  One perch coloration, a baby brown trout coloration, and now a baby rainbow coloration.    I have
9' 7wt 3pc
It's been said for years that longer set times for epoxy are stronger, and I use to believe that myself because I always heard that to be true for many years, but it actually is not true. It's just on
Animal hair that sinks?
I've got a bag of musk ox that is phenomenal!I've brushed it out and used it on baitfish patterns and have used it as dubbing on nymphs and the like.I also really like arctic fox in place of marabou
Universal Nymph- great all around pattern
Lucian, I am and have been a fan of your ties for a while.  In this case your superb photography has joggled my brain.  This pattern has been around as long as I have been tying but I j
Warm Water “Top to Bottom” Swap
Veiled Baitfish   Body: Small White Chenille section from swap. Alternating Chenille and Dubbing Loop (Mixed Acrylic/Macrame/Rug Yarn)   And Brushed Back  
That's one very good option, here's an alternative... Terra puts out a neat travel kit that includes a decent non-rotary vise and a full set of good enough tools, for.... $30. I'd start there with so
Big Nasty by Kevin Howell
Good looking fly.  I hope someone will have the "recipe".  In the mean time I may order a few, and the dubbing.  
I just don't get it.
Traci was getting stuff around to send to good will. and I saw she put her white rabbit fur coat in the box.  I asked her about it, and she said it looked like it was from the 80's and was just n
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