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Premium fly tying hooks as low as $2.22 per pack plus free shipping!
We are excited to introduce the GreenCaddis brand fly tying hook to complement our line of fly boxes and scissors. GreenCaddis hooks are made from premium hi-carbon steel and go through a chemical sharpening and polishing process that make the points razor sharp. Our hooks also undergo a unique tempering process to add strength and to ensure the hooks remain sharp even after heavy use. To encourage our customers to try out the GreenCaddis hooks we have all hooks listed at 25% off the retail price and free shipping is also applied to ever hook order. Plus, you can save an additional 25% when you purchase five or more packs of hooks. Click Here for More Info


Stonfo Dubbing Brush Machine
I use one and yes, you can use it for making larger dubbing brushes.  It's not a bad setup and does the job.  What's nice is the tray drops out so you can spin the material freely.  It'
Christmas pictures...and comments from Santa
And Thanks Nick, you are the King
Fly Tying Kits - Recommendations?
Look into the tying kits offered by Dyna king and flyfishfood websites
Dyna king is awesome IMO. I have an Ultimate Indexer and I absolutely loved tying on it. This weekend I will tye the first fly I have tied in 5 years or so, hopefully this is like riding a bike.
Classic wet fly swap
Got you covered Steve, was planning to send a dozen bonus, so adding a Rio Grand King or Leadwing Coachman is next, need to check local fishing shop for quill slips or get creative with some winging y
Thousands of 10-pound Atlantic salmon were accidentally released
blah blah blah.    Turns out even the ecosystem-destroying northern snakehead is having next to no quantifiable impact in the waterways it is inhabiting- tidal reaches of the Potomac, e
howdy all
Just a fish pic I wanted to share of a 47lb king on my 9 weight back a few years ago. ) caught char, grayling, rainbows, dollys, pike and 2 hangovers on that trip,  also 11 mosquito bites in
Finished tying tool collection
For me, the vise and scissors are the important tools, and they should be built to outlast me.  My "new" vise is a Dyna-King Sidewinder.  I picked that up used and in a trade; and its 2
July Flies from the Vise
grizzly king #2 variation  
Moving from beginner's vise to a rotary vise
You might also look at Dyna-King. A made in USA family owned compay for the past 30 years. I own the Barracuda Deluxe. A lot of great vise's out there. You get what you pay for IMO.
The Imagined History of “Tenkara”
Now we come to modern day fishing.  Sport fishing is the number one sport business, in many areas. (probably)  Fishing, as a pastime, is more popular than any other sport. (again, probably)&
aplicator bottle
I use the Dynaking Cement Reservoir if I use anything, I normally use two whip finishes so don't bother using head cement, but the Dynaking is ok never seems to stick or clog up.
Best Buys for Vises
My best buys for vises are the Nor-Vise and Dyna King Trekker.
I am also a vice junkie,,, have several of each brand,,, Renzetti, Dyna-King, Norvise and HMH.   Having tried the J-Vise and LAW design at friends,,, I find them rather uncomfortable to use. Bein
palming your scissors?
I kind of do the same thing as Mikechell My magnets came from Michael's/Hobby Lobby and they are stronger than the shower curtain magents I've checked out. I glued mine to the bracket of my waste bas
Any herpers on here? Recently became interested in snakes and lizards and such, well have always been interested, more like fascinated recently. I know my snakes pretty well, and enjoy catching the lo
Renzetti Master Vise Rotary Parachute Attachment?
Perhaps one of the other vise maker's accessories will work for you.
April Flies from the Vise
some trude style flies   adams trude     coachman trude     lime trude     red trude     rio grand king trude     royal coachman trude  
fly line backing alternative
I usually put a hundred yards of backing on my spools, because that's how it comes and only to fill the spool- Show me a North American fresh water scenario where a fly fisherman has a reasonable chan
Way too much chenille - what can I tie?
Wooly worms, buggers, Winged Wets (eg., Rio Grande King) anything brown or tan & sinking, that fish will eat.  Search here with chenille as part of your query, or Google Images of "fly p
Is Dyna King Still in Business?
I have been trying to get in touch with Dyna King for several weeks now and have been unsuccessful. I've left voicemail messages which have not been returned. Now, as of this morning, their website is
Beat on Me, Like a 5-year old's rented Drum Kit Challenge
  __1___A. Leadbelly Coachman   __3___B. Dyslexic Rio Grande King   __2___C. Rio Grande King   __4___D. Double Wing Rio Grande
Guide's Choice Fly Swap With A Twist
RC Idaho's flies arrived today. That's 3 sets in so far. RC tied a #16 Gray Trude for us and I can just imagine the fish fighting over this one. Very nice, neat tie. Thanks, RC, for a job well done.
are jurassic vises catching on
these vises were aimed at the salt water market and i was curious if they were catching on and if not, why not...thanks.   Catching on?  Hard to say unless you call the manufacturer. 
Rod Tubes needed.
Buy a big enough truck and the truck is the best rod case ever made. I do not get infatuated with gear either but I do refer to my truck as the road king. Not because I like naming my cars, just becau
Butte Ugly Swap-Register here-Open Feb 16
I took advantage of that huge self addressed envelope you used for the favorite fly swap and sent my BUTTE ugly flies over today. You are the KING
Wanted: Dynaking Jaws in good condition. Regular and/or midge.
Mop Swap - Jazz it up!!!
Swap is now closed   OK everyone, this swap might be some what controversial for some and for those of you that do not wish to participate in this swap that is fine.  Some folks thinks the m
Winter Fly Fishing The ANIMAS River
Mc, I was expecting a little report of the condition of the Animas in the wake of the Gold King spill. Does it appear that there was any impact on the life in the river?
January Flies from the Vise
Nice trout, King.  In my opinion, and experience, snapping a rod is rarely, if ever, the fault of the rod. User error or prior damage is usually the culprit.
Fishing Glasses Question
"... green tinted lenses are what were recommended to me by an employee of optometrists office. He said thats the best color for looking through water."   I'm thinking this guy doesn't actually s
Ripped off!
Mans self proclaimed justification of his lethal action has 0 to do with the order of Heaven.  Murdering another human being because it feels right and or, in ones mind, brings vindication, has n
Prybis,   I watched you tie on your Norvise at Wildcat Creek. Awesome flies. But I can understand the portability issue. The Norvise is a bit bulky to travel with.   The vise I use is the
Your Best 12 Trout Flies?
in no particular order of favoritism   tan thread midge brassie san juan midge wd40 pheasant tail nymph gold ribbed hares ear nymph elk hair caddis olive comparadun parachute adams royal wulff h&
Best feather for wet wing fly
What's the difference in duck quills and the primary wing feathers. (Sorry, but this is the beginner section.) I got convinced to tie a few Leadwing coachman's and a few other classic winged flies.Me
November Flies from the Vise
This fly looks like Don King...LOL.. I knew I had seen something like it somewhere...! :)
critique of picket pin
 Again, thanks for the tips and infomation. I have a little more confidence in this fly.  I reduced the amount of material and paid attention to where and how I tied in, still room for impro
Tiemco Hooks
Bags and accessories: - Alex and Ani: Bags, jewelery - Archival Clothing: Bags, apparel, blankets - Arne Mason: Leather carrying cases - Baggu: Bags - Blackbox Case: Wooden laptop cases - Bollman Hat
What is a good bass fry pattern?
Fish might have made a run at your fly ... but that's officially a "foul hooked" fish. Man, they feel 4 times bigger when they're hooked like that !!! A 15-20# King Salmon hooked in the tail in ri
September flies from the vise
Caddis Tail Fly Bi-visible meets King's River Caddis. hook - Dai Riki 305 #14 thread - Danville 6/0 brown rib - x-small wire copper body - dubbing hare's ear wing - turkey quill body hackle - barr
New to fishing. Glo bug hook size recommendation for kings.
Personally if you are going to AK, I would not scrimp on the hook.  I like the Daiichi X510 or the Gamakatsu C14S.  Both are straight-eye which is better because up there you are more often
Predator Vise
OK I've been wanting a new vise for a while now. I tie on a Dyna King Professional and have ever since about the 3rd year they went into production,I have every gadget made for this vice and I have ti
Vise advice needed
I'm not sure what price range you are looking at however the Dyna King Kingfisher goes for around $175.00 and can hold a 7/0 hook and maybe one of the Regal vises too (not sure). 
Broken tip repair
Two phone calls to two different employees confirming that MY tip would be returned upon written request, which I did. Them some lame excuses as to why it wasn't and insulting my intelligence as well.
Must have flies for Salmon River trip in late Sept.?
Weight forward or double taper line is all you need. No need for any specialty high dollar lines.  King Salmon can put a whoopin' on fly line when they make a run through rocky areas, over ledges
Cooking Question for Smallmouth Bass
I have a simple recipe that has served us well in cooking many fish that have nice thick fillets like these would.   First, if the flesh has any "fishy" smell give them a bath in milk, ice cubes
A Dry Fly
gypsy king dry fly. way different than the op fly  
Marlow Buzz Fly
who said they didnt?  The literature said "western flies". I should have been clearer. Nobody in the thread stated anything about east or west. But someone along the way might think, oh that'
China direct reels, anyone has one...?
I've bought over a dozen fly reels directly from China though both eBay and AliExpress.  Of them all only had one dud.  These reels are smooth, durable and cheap. The drag seems pretty good,
Mann's Smelt Patterns
Years ago in the New England area, there was the World Fly Fishing Expo that was held at the Shriner's Auditorium Wilmington, Massachusetts. It was a show similar to the Fly Fishing Show but a little
Like New Dyna king Kingfisher Vise -$140
I'm selling my like new dyna king kingfisher vise.  Jaws and everything else in terrific shape.  This is a solid, well made vise that's had maybe three flies tied on it.
I have a ? about the fly swaps..
Who's on first, What's on second, but nobody is in the outfield for the flies. And I flash back to one of my great idols, Eddie Feigner and The King and his Court. Got a chance to watch him a coup
Anvil Apex - great customer service
Dyna King makes you pay after two years and they do wear down.
Salt water skills
I don't get it either Flats. Them down under people suffer from some delusional idea they talk the King's English. 
Fly Fishing for Spanish Macks
If you find the need to go to wire use the smallest single strand tied to your tippet with an Albright Special knot. Keep the wire very short too.. A trick I learned form a commercial king mackerel fi
Help with Vise Selection.
The perfectly inline hook rotation is a gimmick. I can't remember the last time I bothered to adjust mine for different sized hooks.  A bit of off center rotation does absolutely nothing to bothe
Black crab/shrimp fly with underwater footage.
BTW, I am really needing a new vice.  I want a full rotary.  Right now I have a Dyna King "I think Squire".   Any recommendations for full rotary vices that can tie from size 26/28 midg
help fishing Navarre
I fish a 6wt in the salt all the time.  If you have room, bring it.  If you have stronger offshore winds the Gulf may be a bad place to be using a yak, you could end up way offshore in a hur
Haystuck Emerger SBS
Very cool, just wanted to make sure you knew. Keep up the great work. Your posts are very helpfulJoseph,Yeah, he was all on the up-and-up, unlike Orvis - they poached one of my pics of a Gypsy King st
Future of Fly Tying
Think I'm gonna have to move to Switzerland $2441.00 a month I could live like a king. I never made that much a month and never will.
Favorite Kind of Coffee
The one I can't take, or my system can't take anyway, is Dunkin Donuts. It may have to do with the fact that I have to eat gluten free and Dunky D is anything but that. Anyway, really nasty rolling ga
Best loop knot
Non-slip loop for attaching flies. Figure 8 or it's beefed up cousin the King sling otherwise.
Islamarada guides
I would have recommended Captian Chris King, but unfortunately he passed away due to a heart attack. He put me on my first tarpon, as well as my dads first. Shame
Newbie Question on which vise..................Help
To give you any advice that is in any way useful, I'd like to know a little more about you.   You're a newbie/beginner, but between "never put a hook in a vise" and "took a multi-week class at th
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