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Clyde's Realistic Stonefly- by Kyle Hanna

GRHE (Gold Ribbed Hare's Ear) variation - Lucian Vasies

Theriault Family Farm- by Vern-O

Chain Gang Stonefly Nymph by Dean Myers

The Ray Bergman Collection - 37) Blue Jay

Ray Bergman Collection - 229) Mark Lain

Erie Steelhead

Pair of Rainshadow trout spin rods
You should see the length of some steelhead spin rod grips ;)
A Mickey Finn for Finnatics
It is also a great steelhead fly.   Finding good bright red bucktails is not easy.  Lots of washed out ones on offer.    Rocco 
Pegging beads
It is that time of the year for beads + steelhead/salmon/browns, please no drivel on how uncouth it is to fish beads.  I am sure I am not the first to discover this but a good silicone peg source
Reel for winter steelheading
Yep sealed drag is best for a winter steelhead rig. I've had non sealed ones lock up tight on those real cold days steelheading after a dunking of the reel in water. Keep your eye's on ebay for an old
Steelhead streamer hook shank length
I tie most steamers for steelhead on standard up-eyed salmon hooks.  But mainly for the hook strength.  Steelhead rarely nibble at steamers so I see no need of a tail hook and beyond that do
where were you on 9/11/2001...
It's one of those things where you remember every single thing about the day. Kind of like when Reagan got shot or when the space shuttle challenger blew up. I was at work welding and one of my co wor
September Flies From the Vise
  nite owl (silvius)   hook - salmon/steelhead thread - black tail - yellow hackle fibers butt - 2 turns of red chenille body - silver oval tinsel hackle - orange wing - white bucktail 
Nice long day on the river
Yeah this summer had wings for sure. Glad to hear you're going to get out at least once more this season. I hope to do the same. I'm in Traverse City this week for work, so I'm hoping to hit the Board
Hardest fighting freshwater fish?
I'm sticking with Pacific Northwest Steelhead, final answer.
How do you like to land larger smallmouth?
Assuming your tackle is meant to be used on the bigger smallies over 5 lbs -- say, a 7 wt and 8-10 lb leader minimum -- you can land most of them. They are surely no tougher than steelhead.  
A Great Fly Tyer died
I just learned that Mark Noble of the Greased Line fly shop died. Mark died in March after suffering from a stroke. He invented the "After Dinner Mint", a Steelhead fly, which was his most famous fl
Jungle cockcapes
I was some jungle cock capes on eBay from Estonia for $35 plus $9.50 for shipping. I want to the some salmon & steelhead flies. A few questions is that a good price? What to look for when buying t
Little double hook spey
Another nice fly. I have always been intrigued by spey flies but never tied any. I would think the undulating long feather fibers should get a number of fishes attention. Have you ever effectively use
My Take On A Couple of Reels
I get fish on the reel all the time. Steelhead on the swing of course are instantly on the reel, but I try and get any good sized trout on the reel if I can do it without too much trouble. I like to h
Summer Steelhead Fly
In my recent video, I feature Dave Stewart, host of the Wet Fly Swing podcast.  He ties the Benevolent Dictator for us, one of his favorite summer steelhead patterns.  Enjoy!   Tim 
12' 5/6wt fiberglass spey
That will make a neat combo steelhead/smallie rod for the big Au Sable river sections you fish.  It will bend into the corks on a decent fish and cast long and effortlessly all day.   
New flies from the vice
Nice. Black and blue is one of my favorite color combinations for summer steelhead.
Methods and Beads for egg sucking leeches
original poster said   "I am using 1/0, upturned eye, salmon fly hooks. Also have tried size 1, straight eye hooks but I prefer those upturned eyes for these."   with that being said, have y
Thread recommendations
I have tried a lot of threads. I settled on Uni. I mostly tie size 12 or larger as I tie for Salt, Warm water and Steelhead. I can't see tiny stuff antmore. McPhail uses 8/0 Uni for most of his de
Best Tyer Ever?
Define best. Most innovative, precise, does beautiful work, ties the most difficult flies, most prolific, etc.? Genre of flies? Salmon, Trout, Salmon/steelhead, Warm water? The question is a bit b
Paul Jorgensen vs Seal-X UV2
For those who have used both the Paul Jorgenson SLF, (originally Partridge) and the Seal-X UV2 which do you prefer? I'll be using these to tie mostly steelhead flies. Thanks for your thoughts or sugge
"The Indispensables" Swap
Got some very nice flies in the mail today. Thanks to all the tyers and  the great swapmeister. Mine is  a 7 colored rope-dubbed PTN. The other fly is a Dr. Mike.  Found it as a steelhe
Some time on the river
  First fish of the trip in the net today. Getting to my normal fishing spot was a bit dicey to say the least and had to do my best Indiana Jones climb to get to it, but rewarded with a dandy st
Fly tying materials
Thank you for the replies. How would one bleach the feathers prior to dying? Hydrogen peroxide perhaps? Or is there something better to use? I want a dark blue batch for steelhead fishing this fall.
Extra large Wulff patterns about #6-#2 Wulff's:     PT/TB
May Flies From The Vise
Lightning Diawl Combination of killer flies from either side of the Pond. hook Dai Riki 300 #12 thread - Danville 6/0 red tail - hackle brown rib - small wire silver abdomen/cheeks - medium tinsel op
Michigan Trout Opener
Nice brown Bryon. Yeah the high water messed up a lot of peoples opener this year, it happens though you never know what you're gonna get for the opener in Michigan. I've had openers where it was near
One reason to look elsewhere is that everyone and his brother are tossing buggers. And any tyro can make them by the dozens.   Another is that, as fanatic tyers,  we have so damn much invest
Hair wing fly swap
Picked mine up today. A very nice ass't of streamers that could be put to use on any salmon or steelhead waters. I wish I was back up in Great Lakes steelhead country again to give those a swing in th
Any other Michiganders doing the Trout Opener this weekend?
Had planned to hit the Au Sable for steelhead but flow is about 2ft over normal so I'm pretty sure that's gonna be scrubbed. Been trying to re-plan the trip to a different day but fishing buddy is bei
Back on the river today
The section of the Clinton river I fish is actually the better section for steelhead in that river, the thing is it doesn't get a large run of them like our rivers up North. It's one of those rivers w
10' 4wt xi "My new toy!"
I have two other rods I did the handles on like this as well, never had any blister issues at all, probably because your not using the type of force with a rod as you are with a hammer.   Thanks,
First fish of 2018 finally
Couldn't take it any longer, finally had a nice day with temps in the 70's and caught up "enough" on rod work where I can take a few hour break so I got out for about 4 hours on the Clinton. Was sear
Is the FF Industry Sacrificing Ethics for the Hero Shot
Michael, Michael, you best never come to MN for walleye opener.  You'd be sure to have a lot of barbed hooks in your cheeks. See, in MN (unless it's changed) the walleye and northern open two wee
Substitute for fire line
Kevin Hodspadar uses 14,lb. Test fireline for his go to intruder fly for lake Erie Steelhead. It is about $20 for a spool. I was wondering if there is something cheaper I could use?
Hatches Blog Post - How to Tie an Intruder Fly
A sparse version of an Intruder Fly, this spider style Intruder only has one station. The single station of materials still makes use of the intruder fly mechanics to give a large profile and movement
Picture of Bras d'or Creeper
I don't have a picture but check out novascotiafishing dot com for a start.  Go ogle Rick MacDonald for that pattern and Gordie McKinnon for a similar shrimp pattern.  I like a shr
April Flies From The Vise
Spring might arrive here in Ontario someday soon so the Steelhead fly boxes need topping up. Here is one that has been on my mind for a while, but never made it to the vice until recently.   Egg-
Squamish in Spring
Fished the Squamish several times in spring for C&R steelhead, but never in our fall.  Its about 45 minutes north of Vancouver.  Used the guides at Whistler Fly Fishing and found them to
Yearly trips
Yep, my fishing buddy & I are just waiting another couple weeks for the weather to get a bit nicer and we're gonna start planning the first steelhead trip of the year. Probably do it about 3rd wee
Great find at craft store
Last week I bought five skeins of the stuff on sale in  colors most likely to be fly worthy.   It is not quite as flashy as estaz as there is a lot of non reflective fiber mixed in with the
Broiled Trout Recipe
I just finished a large breakfast souffle but looking at your picture I just drooled on the keyboard. Back in the days when I believed in  "selective harvest", which to me meant if it selected my
Spey Daze DVD set
It's not a "how to" by any means, but also not a "fish porn" vid either. It's somewhat of a history of Steelhead and the Great Lakes mixed in with couple minutes here and there of different fishing sc
12' 5/6wt Spey
A Skagit spey 5wt  is very different than a normal single hand 5wt. With a rod like this you are casting two handed all the time with a sustained anchor cast and using a 400 grain 23' head connec
Leaders for large Streamers
Mike, would I be able to make a loop at the end to attach to my fly line and another loop at the other end to attach my tippet?  Do you think the loops would hold? That's what I use on everything
Guinea Foul feathers
I like guinea for hackles on steelhead flies like spades or green butt skunk variations. In smaller sizes I've used them as hackles on large (size 8) trout soft hackles also. The fibers seem pretty to
Just screams steelhead...   Salmon River, NY  
March Flies From The Vise
Another month gone and lots of great fly patterns from a variety of vices! Snow melting fast and rivers rising quickly here means the Steelhead on the move for me. Now it's time to get ready for the s
Tippet for Erie steelhead
Erie PA has small streams with clear water. The fish have been averaging 4 it 6lbs or so in recent years with some up to 10 or so. I fish tippet between 3 and 6 lb and rarely break one off. If you're
Mono rigging
I've seen mono rigging in the midwest for steelhead and once here in the west on a really big river for trout. Guys use a reel full of heavy flat mono (yellow or red amnesia) and no fly line at all, a
Oh boy here we go!
Yeah I'm sure we'll get more winter here as well, after all it IS Michigan. Normally we'll have a warm spell like this then back to winter for most of March. Have even had ice storms in April here. Be
For guys who tie a Tarpon Fly
Thanks a lot for all the info guys. My only comment, which was touched upon in a few places, is about using that bare hook area to snell a leader. This would make a lot more sense to me if you used a
Rivers to salt
Hi - I live and fish in New York state.. spring is trout in creeks, summer is smallmouth in rivers and lakes, and in the fall - salmon and steelhead in the tributaries. I mostly flyfish all the above,
Connecticut Fly Fisherman Association Expo
Small one day expo, I have always enjoyed it, good group, if you are local to CT and have nothing planned for Saturday.       Saturday, February 3 CFFA Expo & Banquet featuring Jen
Wading boot studs
The aluminum is supposed to be the hot new thing. Supposed to work great, but haven't tried them. I have korkers boots with rubber soles, studded rubber soles, and studded felt soles. The studded rubb
Our Favorite Things?
I love ring neck pheasant rump for steelhead wets, and Hungarian partridge for trout soft hackles. I can't stand chenille, it's the most lifeless looking material I've ever used and because of that I
9' 7wt 3pc custom rod
  Offering this brand new Midwest Custom Fly Rods 9' 7wt 3pc custom rod. Mod/fast action (good power in butt with tad more mod tip) small fighting butt, full polished aluminum seat, custom full
January Flies from the Vise
Age old question: Which came first, the fish or the egg?     Interesting.  I have some of this stuff left over from a steelhead swap.  
Jig Swap
Well thanks for bring back the joys of jig tying  !!! lol  Using 210 is like tying rope on a hook !!! When I live in Washington I tied a lot of steelhead jigs & jigs when it was the year
Question for any familiar with Renzetti
Andresere, you can also send the vise to get fully restored by Renzetti. If you go to their Facebook page they post pictures all the time of restores they have done. You can also buy the cam jaws an
Saltwater hooks
If you have your leader constructed so its even possible to break or bend a hook, you are risking your whole flyline.. Fly guys who fish salmon and steelhead in rivers here (New York tributaries) comm
VersiTip question
It's a 5WT with a 5WT rod. This is just a normal trout line, not salmon or steelhead. Short distance casting the loop to loop is staying in the guides. I was just asking if I can cut the heads down.
skagit for spring creeks / small trout streams?
Spey casting has become sort of an umbrella term that covers several line and casting styles that use a change of direction roll cast. Unlike the good old roll cast, which is basically in and out on t
Stocker trout
Guys that fish for crappies and catfish usually do so because they taste so darn good! I don't believe I have ever caught true native trout, or char, although I am certain I have caught stream bred st
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