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Erie Steelhead

Great find at craft store
Last week I bought five skeins of the stuff on sale in  colors most likely to be fly worthy.   It is not quite as flashy as estaz as there is a lot of non reflective fiber mixed in with the
Broiled Trout Recipe
I just finished a large breakfast souffle but looking at your picture I just drooled on the keyboard. Back in the days when I believed in  "selective harvest", which to me meant if it selected my
Spey Daze DVD set
It's not a "how to" by any means, but also not a "fish porn" vid either. It's somewhat of a history of Steelhead and the Great Lakes mixed in with couple minutes here and there of different fishing sc
Leaders for large Streamers
Mike, would I be able to make a loop at the end to attach to my fly line and another loop at the other end to attach my tippet?  Do you think the loops would hold? That's what I use on everything
Guinea Foul feathers
I like guinea for hackles on steelhead flies like spades or green butt skunk variations. In smaller sizes I've used them as hackles on large (size 8) trout soft hackles also. The fibers seem pretty to
Just screams steelhead...   Salmon River, NY  
Tippet for Erie steelhead
Erie PA has small streams with clear water. The fish have been averaging 4 it 6lbs or so in recent years with some up to 10 or so. I fish tippet between 3 and 6 lb and rarely break one off. If you're
Mono rigging
I've seen mono rigging in the midwest for steelhead and once here in the west on a really big river for trout. Guys use a reel full of heavy flat mono (yellow or red amnesia) and no fly line at all, a
Oh boy here we go!
Yeah I'm sure we'll get more winter here as well, after all it IS Michigan. Normally we'll have a warm spell like this then back to winter for most of March. Have even had ice storms in April here. Be
For guys who tie a Tarpon Fly
Thanks a lot for all the info guys. My only comment, which was touched upon in a few places, is about using that bare hook area to snell a leader. This would make a lot more sense to me if you used a
Rivers to salt
Hi - I live and fish in New York state.. spring is trout in creeks, summer is smallmouth in rivers and lakes, and in the fall - salmon and steelhead in the tributaries. I mostly flyfish all the above,
Connecticut Fly Fisherman Association Expo
Small one day expo, I have always enjoyed it, good group, if you are local to CT and have nothing planned for Saturday.       Saturday, February 3 CFFA Expo & Banquet featuring Jen
Wading boot studs
The aluminum is supposed to be the hot new thing. Supposed to work great, but haven't tried them. I have korkers boots with rubber soles, studded rubber soles, and studded felt soles. The studded rubb
Our Favorite Things?
I love ring neck pheasant rump for steelhead wets, and Hungarian partridge for trout soft hackles. I can't stand chenille, it's the most lifeless looking material I've ever used and because of that I
9' 7wt 3pc custom rod
  Offering this brand new Midwest Custom Fly Rods 9' 7wt 3pc custom rod. Mod/fast action (good power in butt with tad more mod tip) small fighting butt, full polished aluminum seat, custom full
January Flies from the Vise
Age old question: Which came first, the fish or the egg?     Interesting.  I have some of this stuff left over from a steelhead swap.  
Jig Swap
Well thanks for bring back the joys of jig tying  !!! lol  Using 210 is like tying rope on a hook !!! When I live in Washington I tied a lot of steelhead jigs & jigs when it was the year
Question for any familiar with Renzetti
Andresere, you can also send the vise to get fully restored by Renzetti. If you go to their Facebook page they post pictures all the time of restores they have done. You can also buy the cam jaws an
Saltwater hooks
If you have your leader constructed so its even possible to break or bend a hook, you are risking your whole flyline.. Fly guys who fish salmon and steelhead in rivers here (New York tributaries) comm
VersiTip question
It's a 5WT with a 5WT rod. This is just a normal trout line, not salmon or steelhead. Short distance casting the loop to loop is staying in the guides. I was just asking if I can cut the heads down.
skagit for spring creeks / small trout streams?
Spey casting has become sort of an umbrella term that covers several line and casting styles that use a change of direction roll cast. Unlike the good old roll cast, which is basically in and out on t
Stocker trout
Guys that fish for crappies and catfish usually do so because they taste so darn good! I don't believe I have ever caught true native trout, or char, although I am certain I have caught stream bred st
December flies from the Vise
Dr. Mike that has worked well for me for panfish.  Was a steelhead-trout fly to start with.  Size 16 PTN with red or yellow peacock thorax. Some will say the tails are to long.
Chance for choice at Christmas Swap
I have a few boxes of flies that don't have specific cross trades that work well. Most boxes are sorted and similar with a variety of different styles but I have a couple of more concentrated boxes th
Intro from Oklahoma City
Hello, all. Found this forum and it looks interesting with lots of activity. I tie regularly and simply would like to share my ties and ideas. I tie everything short of salmon/steelhead flies, with a
Full Sinking Line in Heavier Weights
Fly fishing deep has always intrigued me but I have not gotten past the  difficulty in lifting all that sunk line out of the water to recast.  Retrieving it all in and working out new casts
Partridge Feathers
Those too large feathers can be used on very small patterns with a trick used by European tyers for years.  Barry Ord Clark has a video on how to do it but it is essentially done by cutting off t
Best feathers for small soft hackles
There are many feathers that are used for soft hackle flies, Starling, Blackbird, Coot, Plover, moorhen etc, some are illegal in the USA although if they are old they might still be legal. Generally m
Catgut bugs
Those are some stout looking hooks. Maybe it's just the photography but those look like they could take on some feisty steelhead!
10wt Advice
All the game fish you target require smooth, durable, and strong drags; rugged frames; and a vast capacity for backing.   I doubt even the largest Guru qualifies on all counts. I happliy use
Late 2017 Euro style / Nymphs Swap
The primary tie is on a jig hook. I believe it is a size 14 jig hook with a tungsten bead. Not sure since I was doing those and the tiny ones and others at same time. That articulated one is supposed
Spray for neoprene waders to make them easier to put on?
Gore tex/breathable waders are fine in cold water as long as you layer properly underneath them. I stopped wearing neoprene probably about 15-20 years ago and have worn nothing but my breathables sinc
Looking for an advanced fly tying book
Other than the Fly Pattern Database on this site I do not know of a book referring material list to fly patterns listed by material used. As far as pattern books most are for flies for the targeted ty
Start thinking Christmas Swap
Yes.. Please include me in this swap once again..Will Tie up so Steelhead flies...Sent you a pm
Intruders for Trout
Sure, they work fine and depending on what you tie them with, the pattern scales pretty well.  Never tried them in still-water but in moving water they work fine.  Not exactly the first patt
Couple days on the Au Sable
Spent a couple days back up on the Au Sable with my fishing buddy Mark. Had a great time as always. Nothing overly big this time but some decent 12"-14" trout and a wide variety of species on the spey
Classic Hairwing Salmonfly Swap
chugbugs came in the mail right after my last post, nice pattern. This is a great set of flies, hoping to catch my first steelhead on 1 of these when i go to Ohio next February
Postfly box
I have been a subscriber for about a year.  I enjoy tying the new patterns, plus there are always a few gifts in the box as well.  I recently changed from the trout tying box to the Steelhea
September flies from the vise
Cphubert last one is interesting, is the bead attached to a mono post? Where do you fish for Salmon? I've had 2 trips cancelled to lake Erie, but it's still on my bucket list.
Adams Superfly SBS
Nice Adams mod. Size 12 is great bass salmon steelhead sizes. I have bass in jersey none of others but tie I will. Definite floater no need for frogs butt
Roo Hair?
Mark,   Barry Clark is the guy who used the roo hair in a video that first got me interested!  I think it was in the same or a very similar sculpin pattern.   Talk about going full circ
The New and Improved Fly Swap
Byron, I plan to take an hour or two next month, hopefully fishing among a big school of pellet fish, to try a theory I've always held to. My buggers will be a good example to try on but I also want
Hello from the SF Bay Area
Hi, everyone.   I've been lurking for far too long on the site and just recently became a member. I have been fishing since a young age even doing the competitive bass tournament scene for a whil
Thousands of 10-pound Atlantic salmon were accidentally released
blah blah blah.    Turns out even the ecosystem-destroying northern snakehead is having next to no quantifiable impact in the waterways it is inhabiting- tidal reaches of the Potomac, e
book find
The Combs book is the gold standart for Steelhead fishing.  One of my all time favorites.
Spike fly
Here are the materials for "Spike".   Hook: Mustad 3366 Size 2 Body: Spun and clipped natural deer hair Hackle: one or two natural red or black rooster palmered Legs: 4 or six white rubber  
Sculpin are a very popular food source for trout, specifically steelhead and large brown trout.  Basically any trout that has become predatory seeking out baitfish for food.  They also work
Feedback on Micro skagit heads / commando please
What are you planning on using one for? I've used them on a single hand 8 wt, a SH 4 wt, a 6 wt switch, and 4 wt switch, but not on a two hander longer than 11 feet. They excel at tossing sink tips a
U.P. Trip Report (photo heavy)
Great trip, great narration, great photos!   I lived in Marquette for five years and loved it! Have fished and hunted much of the UP too.  In short, God's Country.  Not much is written
Humphreys reel
I have one of the Humphrey reels and it is sure odd with the line coming out a hole in the side. I fished exactly as you're saying utyer but I used the old Shakespeare Silver Bullet, I think it was mo
howdy all
I thank ya again gents. I started watching the vids on FAOL and dug around the house for 3 days trying to find my old tying books. EUREKA!!! Randall Kaufmann, Tying drys and Steelhead, Stewa
Group gathering...Tying...Fishing...Friendship
We use to do some get-togethers back in the early days of FTF with a number of us original members. That had to be a good 12-14yrs ago though but it was always fun. Back in the beginning a lot of us w
July Flies from the Vise
Planettrout, I didn't realize there were any Alec Jackson trout hooks. Since the AJ steelhead iron is my favorite steelhead hook by far I figured I should check it out. I'll be damned if there aren't
Hook storage
I love these thin boxes with magnetic compartments. They're great for smaller hooks, but for steelhead and saltwater hooks I just keep them in the bags or boxes they came in since I don't have very ma
Bass swap
I'll be finished soon, packaging the extra tying material is a unique challenge.  I never got your address though. On a sour note I fished one the other night from my kayak, Misery Bay, Lake Erie
My spey/dee spin on a black bear green butt
One of the great things about tying salmon/steelhead patterns is you're not imitating any living thing, so you're free to use your imagination and change things in ways that are pleasing to your eye.
A question of weight
An Alaskan guide named Ard Stetts has a system for fishing flies deeper w/o weighting them.  He uses it now mainly on the deep brawling runs there for steelhead and big salmon but he perfected it
Fly Tying Article
Fly tying is a creative outlet and a great pastime. It also supplies the angler with flies tied the way he or she wants, not the way some fly company thinks they should be. There is always a debate ov
First time out with the new spey rods
Yes, Steve, watch the Ed Ward video, there's a lot of info in there. Here's my quick casting advice for those new to spey. Keep your elbows close to your sides and your hands inside the "box". If you
(No, this not one of my myriad typo/misspellings!  I have no time for geeks.)   The time and the setting:     Long ago in a land long forgotten.  The fourth wealthiest city in
Heavy wire nymph hooks (carp hooks?)
Look at the Fulling Mill hooks in 3x strong.   There are also a few other manufacturers t
Kreh/Harro/Byford knot ?
Well, I didn't need any drawing or video, HJ, your description was good enough. I had the same results as you in a few tests with 2X tippet I had laying around. What an awesome improvement! I've been
Rod handles
Yes it is true. It is not just that the blank is smaller and thinner (that does factor in though) but the main thing is that a rod blank is made to flex over the length of the blank with the grab poin
Anyone ever tried a product called "Chew Balls"?
I'm looking for a source of small rubber or silicone eggs for tying steelhead flies.. I found this product sold by Fly Mart and I'm just wondering if anyone has tried them or know of anything similar
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