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Ray Bergman Collection - 151) Greenwell’s Glory

Metalhead Egg Sucking Minnow- Mike Schmidt

Ray Bergman Collection - 186) Kamaloff

Step-by-Steps: The Animal by John Terje Refsahl

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automatic fly reels
My very first intro to fly fishing was in the mid-sixties as a teenager and this was in the deep south when fly fishing meant tossing popping bugs at cover for panfish and small bass... I didn't do mu
New to the forum - from Austin Texas
Welcome to the site, Dale.  Nice little write up on yourself, except for where you currently live!   I'm in Central Florida region.  North of Orlando, but not on salt water.   
SE FL noob
Thanks Bimini. Was just at Ole Florida in Boca this week, long time since the last time I was there. Great to see business is going well for them.
Very tiny creek, Tons of fish!
Texas was a visit for work.  Here, in Florida, we don't worry about freezing, either.  But there's also few shallow creeks, even fewer you can wade in due to the soft bottom.
Losing posts because of Facebook...
My wife is on FB a lot, myself not often, but I have sisters on one coast and she has brothers and sisters on the other coast, our son and some of the grandkids are 130000 miles away in Florida 
Newest New Guy
Welcome to the site, Sean. Originally from Indiana ... living in Florida since '92.  Sunfish and Large Mouth Bass are my targets.
Reel for winter steelheading
IMHO, if it's that cold, it is just too cold for fishing. Instead of investing in a new rod and reel, I would use the money and take a long Florida fishing vacation.Joe
Hello from so cal
Welcome to the site, Abel.   Panfish and Bass for me ... since there's no trout in my area (Florida) and I don't like salt water for a plethora of reasons.
Presentation case
For anyone with big fish trophy dreams (and these days we're only talking replicas - at least for me since I used to send a bunch of fish to local taxidermists years ago when we killed everything in s
In line popper
If you can you might also tie up another one with a single hook (to reduce the weight in the rear instead of using a treble hook)....   Many years ago Al Pflueger came up with something for when
Fly Fishing the Surf in Central Florida
Which coast  (that'll really make a difference...) and when?   If you were down south I'd say get on the water before dawn (or maybe an hour before dark...) then work small (and not so small
Hardest fighting freshwater fish?
I've never battled much outside of Florida other than trout.  Pound for pound an Oscar would have my vote. They'd pull a bluegill of the same size backwards. Heck they are all tail!
The new kid on the block
I fish for bass and sunfish.  I have a 14# test mono leader and a 6# or 10# test tippet.  The combined total length is approximately equal to the rod, with about 2 feet of it tippet. You mig
Let’s talk decals
A few thoughts about thefts from vehicles... Plenty to argue about as to whether decals get you targeted or not (if we were talking about weapons - I'd say differently - a lot of evidence on the side
Boca Surf
Now is a good time to hit the beach snook. Just make sure it's a calm day and the conditions are suitable for sight-fishing. If not, then do some research on Google Maps and look for some canal/inland
Trouble with rod
Metal ferrules are definitely a different proposition.  When I first started fishing down here in paradise (south Florida) there were many, many rods with metal ferrules (this was about five year
July Flies From the Vise
What the heck are you doing, Caloosa ??? We don't have perch in Florida!  Nothing will hit that. If you tied up a bunch of them, you can just send them to me for proper disposal.
Sink hole in the Spring
Phewy!  Sinkholes don't make no whirlpools !!!  Sinkholes make things go boom !!!  
Fishing freshwater south Orlando FL
Along with getting lucky enough to fish with a local... most fishing guides here in Florida buy licenses that cover their customers.  You can come from anywhere and simply step on my skiff withou
Dale Clemens Fly Rod and UltraLite Spinning Rod (Collectables)
Dale Clemens 5/8 Flyrod and UltraLite Spinning Rod and extra inexpensive fly reels.  Price for 5/8 Flyrod is $200 and UltraLite Spinning Rod is $100. plus handling and shipping unless you are com
Static electricity
I've learned over the years that a few different techniques work with materials and static.. The first is quite simple - instead of using that dryer sheet on the material - I simply "dry-wash" my hand
Cooling shirts
I have several shirts of various brands. Some of my favs are Reel Legends that I picked up in Florida. As said earlier if there is a breeze they are all great. If no breeze they are all stinking hot.
Bushcraft and self reliance
The worst thing about Florida, the real wilds are mostly marsh and swamp.  I got down here after losing my appetite for nature's bounty.  I've camped a few times, but I didn't try to live of
Places to find Good Bucktail?
Vicrider, I prefer Florida whitetail for just the reasons you mentioned. I can use the hair nearly at the base without it flaring as opposed to the northern ones where, like you said, you ned to stick
Carrying two rods
I have a telescoping 3 piece 12 fiberglass "cane pole" that was designed for Crappie fishing.  There were (maybe still are,) parts of the south, where you could fish without a license if you we
Bull Reds
Bob, did not know that. Will definitely give it a try and let you know how that goes...   I think slot limits are great, just wish that more people followed them. Also, an estimated 17,000 snook
I really DO hate people.
And I thought Florida drivers were bad... Are you sure you are not allowed to turn left on a red light up there? :D
Tampa Fl Area
You may want a decent 8wt for the beach, as it can get pretty windy. However, you're 7wt might get the job done, just practice casting. You're on the west coast so it won't be as bad as over here on t
Any other Michiganders doing the Trout Opener this weekend?
Move to Central Florida ... we'll go "pert near" every weekend !!!
Steve, with the exception of Peacock Bass all of the exotics were either dumped or are escapees.  Lots of theories on if it was little Tommy aquarium owner or some fish farm/aqua culture entity p
A tip of the hat to members of this Forum. I made good use of tips, information, and fly patterns found here. They added positively to my trip to Florida. I managed to catch Ladyfish, Spotted sea trou
Anyone Fish Out of a Float Tube
There are several small ponds that I cannot put a boat into.  Central Florida has a LOT of water, much of it barely accessible.   One of the reasons you can't put a boat in ... no where to g
Big Boys are Coming
Thanks guys. It feels great to be tying again - it's been a couple of years. I've been tying that pattern for 20+ years in various sizes and colors; originally for stripers in the Rhode Island surf, b
Dragon Fly Wings
Hard to cast ... but perfect for Florida Bluegill !!!
Is the FF Industry Sacrificing Ethics for the Hero Shot
I have hired guides in the Smokie Mountins and in Florida. Those guides were all excellent. They all helped with different techniques and learning the areas for when I returned. Now when I was in Maui
Casting with tippet rings/swivels
  Are the rings any kind of improvement for this set up?   No.     for years, decades,  I used loop-to-loop connection for my tippet to the leader.   I stil
Yearly trips
CaloosaB, here's a site might help finding bank fishing ops! Shore envy youse SouthFla guys!!!
Traded rods for camera today...
You're correct ... it's Anhingas we have here.   Here in Central Florida, fishing can be fantastic in small ponds and lakes.  Then arrives large population of the birds.  You can still
RIP Lefty Kreh
I was lucky enough to be introduced to Lefty in the spring of 1972 by a young man named John Emery...  At that time Lefty was the outdoor writer for the Miami Herald (this was a few years before
Lefty Kreh passes....
Rest in peace Lefty.  You had such a profound affect on me that I can't even pretend to know the totality of it.  It was all over when I read Fly Fishing in Saltwater. I was hooked. That boo
House of Hardy Documentary
My wife is from London so I have some family connections there... Back in the eighties, my last visit across, I made a point of visiting Hardy's.  I had hoped to make a connection or two there si
Hey Bimini or anyone else in that area!
It's that time of year again where I get twitchy because can just taste fishing The Alley.  That would be Alligator Alley aka I-75 in South Florida for folks not from the area.  How is the w
March Flies From The Vise
 A mountain stream rainbow, to be served to a Florida saltwater fish in freshwater.
Spawning season
I can remember filleting a ~4lber from a central Florida farm pond. Thought she was fat on shad but nope. Slap full of eggs ready to pop. :(
Catfish on the fly
I've gotten into the sail cays plenty of times in SW Florida. Funny how your perspective changes. Here in SW PA if I had a day on channel catfish like I've had with those pesky sail cats I wouldn't qu
Greetings from Austin
Welcome to the site, Garroyo.    I'm a warm water angler, too, here in Florida.  Sunfish of all species, a few bass here and there and a few Crappie when they're hitting. But I am a lit
The black snake is an Indigo.  I moved to Florida with the hopes of seeing one of those.  Not a one in 26 years.   A gopher Tortoise ... we had two living in our yard for a while.  
I have browsed thru a few salt water patterns. It seems that pink is a legit color for Florida saltwater patterns. I noticed a u tube video touting bubble gum pink, paddle tail soft plastic as a top c
For guys who tie a Tarpon Fly
Thanks Capt Bob and others, great history lesson and information. I regret not spending the time to fish when I was at NAS Key West but plan on spending some time down in Florida in the next few years
2018 has not been.....
Figures.  Just so everyone knows ... I LIVE in Florida.  I am not FROM Florida.
Mono Eyes
Sick and tired of the Wapsi/Ole Florida mono eyes breaking/not lasting long. Especially since I sell some flies I should be using the best products possible, and these are definitely not it.   An
Hook Size for false albie flies
Have you checked with a fly shop in the area you'll be fishing?  The "gulf" is a big area and the patterns may vary from Florida to Texas.   I would imagine that you could use the same
February Flies from the Vise
Ugh!You guys who tie sizes 16 and 18, or smaller flies ... you can have them!Went to Cabela's for a fly tying class. We tied a 16 caddis, a 16 ant and an 18 parachute midge.Neat experiment ... for me
Big stuff
Beautiful. Thanks for your time. I really appreciate it. I'll keep working at it. On the plus side, with more practice I think the Congo hair may be a serviceable sub, provided the don't foul too much
Crap or Crop?
Crap-ee! Unless I'm in florida. Specks it is down there!
Dragons tails?
You're right, Denduke, sort of. 1)  I've always had a bit of a peeve about tying flies that look like lures.  Just seems ... wrong ... to me.   2)  Fishing in Florida is, often, no
SGF article on the cold snap and snook
Expo in Crystal River, Florida
I don't know.  Only lived here for about 1.5 years.  This salt fishing is pretty new to me so I enjoy it because I have a lot to learn about Florida and the fishing here.  This Expo is
Question about hens and rosters.
I was at the South Florida fair this weekend and walked through the poultry tent where I saw some gorgeous birds. And that got me thinking about hackle... Are specific breeds selected for genetic hack
Polarized Eye Glasses - need help in buying a new pair
Here, in Florida, we have water that's the color of a good cup of coffee.  Dark brown, but clear.  My yellow paddle is visible to about 2 feet in direct sunlight. Because of the darkness, an
Wade fishing awareness cautionary tale
Poopdeck, It was  not about adrenaline rush at all, it was just an observation on the hazards of living. Driving to the fishing hole is dangerous, a few drivers die each day on the way to somewhe
HEY KIMO! It's here, It's here!
It's here, It's here!!! Original maybe early 90s Renzetti Presentation 4000. Pre cam lever, no ball bearings in back half of jaw. It has definitely been exposed to saltwater air - the brass would give
Brrrrr...! How low can you go?
Hate to do this, but... Hey! Give me my South Florida weather back...! :D
New years fly fishing
More photos please, Zip.   Right now sunny Florida ( space coast ) is raining, 45 degrees with 95% humidity and gusting to 36kts. Very crappy start to the new year. Might as well be up north.
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