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Crappie fly fishing
Clousers to match local prey fish.  In our case here in S Florida, olive/white, chart/white, tan/white, brown/white, olive/orange/yellow....  I've caught many specks on top when fish get sha
Destin, FL and environs in December/January?
I hear you, Mike -- North Florida was my mom's idea (this has been proposed as a family Christmas gathering). According to Weather Underground it only gets up into the 60's for the daytime highs in De
Fall Au Sable pike
Yeah ... I'm agreeing with Dave here.  I saw the pictures last night.  I was actually on the phone with Steve when I clicked onto the page.  My first impression was ... "Nice fish!" 
Hello from the U.P.!
Welcome from Florida! You must be joining at just about the same time the first snow is coming down.
Shoutout from Utah!
I wandered out of Zion in 1996, and finally ended up in Florida, still have relatives, and friends in Utah.  I still get out to visit and fish often.
Shackleford Banks and Cape Lookout...
It's funny, up north people call them false albacore and treat them like a game fish, down here in Florida they're called bonita (aka bonies or boneheads) and often viewed as a trash fish and a nuisa
4 wt Monocore fly line
My advice would be to look at any of the lines (by various manufacturers) out there that are marketed specifically as "tropical/saltwater" lines, although you probably won't have much luck finding one
Spray for neoprene waders to make them easier to put on?
I used to wear Hodgman breathables when wading inshore, paired with felt boots. I have not done that for a while now, but... If I recall correctly, air squeezed out of the wader as I was getting in th
Back from a long break
Welcome back to the active side of the site, Ron.  Point of focus for me is sunfish and bass.  No trout in Central Florida and no interest in salt water.   Looking forward to your contr
Any snake ID out there?
Great stuff here. I've lived in Florida since I was 15 months old ( now 63 ) and used catch snakes of all kinds except venomous and only killed one cottonmouth and two rattlesnakes, both of which got
Best Retailer for Materials
I tie a lot of flies, and I order 95 % of everything from either J Stockard or Ole Florida fly shop...
Need some info on this Sage rod
The RPL+ designation says it all....  When I came back to guiding (and was going to be a full time guide...) back at the end of 1995 one of the gear type things I did was to hook up with Sage and
DO NOT absentmindedly.....
I've been a garage operator for some years now (after me and all my materials got chased out of the house...).  My tying desk is right next to the side door of my  two car garage (and my gar
New Guy From Florida But Moving
Right now, at this moment I am located in central Florida in the Lakeland area. For the past couple of months we have been in the process of moving to Townsend, Tennessee in the beautiful Smoky Mounta
Stay Safe
As a Texan that just went through Harvey, I feel your pain Florida.  Best of luck to you all.  Stay strong and safe, you'll get through it.
Fishing for grass carp aka amur
I know many now target common carp on the fly, but how about amurs? There are lots of them down here in south Florida, but are they a target species or just an accidental bycatch?
Hurricane Irma
The NHC path line for Irma's eye keeps moving West.  A day or so back it was almost straight up along the East coast of Florida.  Now it is almost straight up along the West coast of Florida
OT Eclipse viewing
Saw it through the clouds.  Pin hole and magnifying glass images showed the partial eclipse wonderfully.  I hope I am still alive and active when Florida gets a total eclipse in 2045 !!!
Whiting feathers
I am more than twice as old a Dubs, and I can confirm that the genetic hackle we have now is the best stuff I have ever seen.  I started tying LONG before there was general availability of geneti
Any float-tubers out there?
I've float tubed in Florida and Texas, off and on, for about 20 years.  I've only had a round tube style, and it's suited me for all the places I've been with it. I've had a lot of people tell me
is tenkara catching on?
That's just yo-yoing. When I was a kid I used to watch the Cuban guys on the jetties using yo-yo rigs made out of beer bottles with a sinker and a hook. I did it a couple of times, didn't catch anythi
Surf fishing in Pensacola, FL area
Guides that won't cater to both fly and conventional anglers? That's odd. I know quite a few guides here and their main thing is to stay booked with whomever and whatever. Maybe Florida is differ
Smoked trout fish dip
Smoked fish dip is to Florida what crab cakes are to Maryland.
Newbie from Kentucky
Just starting fly tying. I retire next April and look forward to my new hobby. My main interest is saltwater flies since we are in the South Florida area a couple times a year. Have a trip planned to
Gamakatsu B10s = Allen ___?
I used allen for 12 years and their hooks are pretty decent. But those GAMAKATSU hooks are in a whole other league. I am not bad mouthing Allen as you will never hear me say one bad thing about t
howdy all
1 ... I live in Florida.  I teach classes in Chicago for a few weeks each year.  This is only the second year at the new facility, so I am not real familiar with the area, yet.  Oh, and
Got a Summer Job... quit
He stated $8.10 is minimum wage in Florida and expected to actually receive about $6 an hour after with holdings. Do people NOT read everything carefully before commenting?
Eye protection whe using uv cure resin lamps?
I'm not "forcing" you to wear anything ... nor do I think it should be made into law.  I don't agree with seat belt laws, either.       I think people should be able to make thei
Line question - Florida Gulf Coast snook in Augist
Over lining is what I would suggest.  You will get the rod loaded with less line out, and in a kayak thats a good thing.  I have been fishing both fresh and salt water in Florida for almost
Let's see your fly tying travel kits!
I don't take the 4/0 through 7/0 with me.  Those are only needed for Florida Bluegills.   Everywhere else in the Country, I just take 4 through 10 sizes.  
Looking for pelican quill
About two years ago I found a fresh dead Great Blue Heron on the side of the road. Since I keep FWC's ( Florida Wildlife Commission ) in my phone I gave them a call and inquired as to the legality of
Fly Tyer's Dungeon
Highly recommend the minnow belly color with chartreuse needlefish back. Killer down here in Florida!!
Remebering George Croonenbergs
Not really too much off topic, so here's another story about a different person that had a part in that movie, that died back in late 2010. He was the guy that played the elder Norman Maclean at the v
Snook Flies Swap
According to my wife, better than any other fish in south Florida. Grouper and snapper included.
Fly Tying Article
1. Its fun, keeps me out of trouble, I do sell them as well which has lead to some cool experiences and meeting new people, and its much more rewarding rather than just going to Basspro.. 2. Florida,
Pat Cohen seminars this weekend
Pat Cohen will be at Ole Florida Fly Shop this weekend doing fly tying seminars all day June 3rd & 4th. Coming from upstate New York, he grew to specialize in deer hair bass bugs - although he has
Snook Flies Interest?
Being new to salty stuff and Florida, I'd be game on this.  
Smallmouth On The Fly
Cool!   I miss those.  I wish we had them here in Florida!
Tenkara USA Sato and accessories
I like it, but, it seems like it'd be better for those trout streams I wish Florida had!   Plus, I kinda need the cash right now...
beginner's luck
i tried nylon rope the next day but got nothing. will try to tweak size and shape. maybe gar will be back when we get more sun after this rain. back when we used to live in florida we would go snorkli
Giant Carp on 5wt!
     As I've said before, it's one of the few things I miss from "up North". Thank you Mike...   Where up north do you live?  I thought carp lived in even colder envir
A few good...flies
Check out and the Ole Florida Flyshop in Watercolor. I have used and recommend both. Can tell you what is going on. Santa Rosa Beach has a cool beach lake. Check it
9ft 7wt 2pc
I will let you know! I'm glad to have the locking nuts. The last rod I had had one bit to tighten up on the reelseat and would constantly come lose during casting. The heel of my hand would rub it and
Hello From Vermont
Welcome to the site, Phat, from Central Florida. Although I've been to Vermont ... I haven't spent any "real" time there.  What's the fishing environment like?  Where do you fish and what do
Day at the beach. South Fl.
Here's how I used to handle that situation (long before I ended up with six grandkids....).  We'd stay at a place called Crescent Beach on Siesta Key (right next to Sarasota...).  With my tw
American wages
IN most States, you need State certifications.  Passing tests and sometimes additional schooling.  So, if you're seriously considering moving to one of those jobs ... be sure you know and ha
Ultimate Challenge - Your Greatest Nightmare Fly Swap
OK, guys, the end is in sight. There are 3 sets out. Stilis just posted that his flies are in the mail, Vicente's flies are on their way here by way of Florida if they can survive TS Emily,
Carpet Beetles... Enemy to Tiers.
I've been using diatomaceous earth for years to control roaches ( palmetto bugs ) and fleas around my house in Florida. Dog's happy and wife's happy which makes me happy.
Tying streamer flies so hook point will ride up.
Here's another vote for Bendback patterns... and a few pics of some of them that are meant for shallow Florida brackish and salt areas.... All of these are done on mustad 34007 1/0 hooks that I bend m
Going home
It's funny you mention going home, I was just thinking today of taking a summer trip down to Salt Springs, Florida. That's my "home". I would love to go fish Lake George again, the same river system M
Weathermen and weather apps suck thread
Florida must be a great place but it can't be that difficult to predict stifling heat, humidity and a thunderstorm every day. I watched the weather for two weeks to plan when I was taking my last sha
A little color
Beautiful work Peter! Man, you live in a beautiful place. Looks similar to one of the areas I fish where we have one of the few stretches of undeveloped coast left in Florida, straight marshland
Fishing for Perch
I remember fishing for Perch ... [attachment=62272:yellowperch.jpg]   But I also know that in many States, people call all the sunfish family "perch".     So I am not sure which fish yo
Anyone know how to tie this?
  Just looks like a waste of material, to me. You crack me up Mike...I bet you can take a quater squeeze it and make an Eagle chit. You live in Florida I live in TX....same deal big bass, big f
Rain Jacket...light weight or insulated.
Raingear runs the line from ultra-light packable (and you'll pay extra for top of the line packable raingear) all the way in the other direction to something heavy enough for the Bering Sea....  
Bluegill Lures | Simple Spider
I'll admit, that's as simple a spider as possible, I think.   I'll also admit, that may be the perfect spider for mimicking these ... [attachment=62240:TetragnathaElongata.jpg]   [attachment
Gift in MAIL Today !
Kudu, thank you, I'll get a fly tied for you A.S.A.P. going to be a couple of weeks have a ton of things going on will be in Florida for a car auction APRIL 6. so when I get back Ill
Snow Day! A very cold day fishing
Yep ... siting here in the living room ... with a window open and shorts and a t-shirt on.   I LOVE being home in Florida !!!
Is it just me?
Okay I won't say it but I can't argue with that. I would have left Florida to the Seminole. Way to hot for my liking.
Just When You Thought It Was Safe........
The shark population along the coast of the Everglades is in fine shape (so many critters that during summer you have to work to get a single fish to the boat after you hook up.... and a second fish a
Rod Building
Batson/Rainshadow do make good quality blanks - but I've found that the finish on the spin/casting blanks (Rainshadow)  I've been building with for the past 15 years or so hasn't held up well at
Have you ever met that 'kid from the lfy shop' ?
  Perhaps it's a simple fix like changing your undies daily.   Oh ... am I supposed to wear clothes while fishing?     Florida ... paradise for the Birthday Suit Anglers
St Croix spin rod just off the bench
Here's is the latest rod off the bench today. This one is a heavy duty St Croix Spin rod for a saltwater fisherman to use down in Florida on trips. St Croix 2pc x-fast blank, Aero seat, custom grips,
Help reconstruct a lucky fly
I bought this Green Drake cripple at least a decade ago from The Feathered Hook in Coburn, PA.  And while I've moved to Florida since then, this fly has served me well every year I've made it up
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