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The Ray Bergman Collection - 29) Black Moose

Ray Bergman Collection - 189) Kendall

Rainbows and Browns on the Bighorn

How UV and fluorescent materials work

Modern Green Highlander - by Morten Bundgaard

The Ray Bergman Collection - 82) Critchley Fancy


September Flies From the Vise
Thanks for the welcome. I have been reading the site and love the postings of the flies people are tying. Some amazing tiers.  I have watched the videos from several people here as well and sites
Playing with foam
Nice ones Denduke... those should get bit. I'm liking the flounder fry too, very realistic.
How do you like to land larger smallmouth?
I used to hand line fish for flounder when I was a kid and also later on when ice fishing, setting with the line is a direct link to the fish and it virtually eliminates differences in rod action. Tha
Killiefish/Mummichog imitations?
Thanks, Bob. Everything eats mummies around here. Stripers, reds, flounder, even crabs. I like to sit on a school at low tide, when they're huddled up against the shore. Sooner or later, something wil
Horse flies...
If your talking green headed horse flies, nothing works on them. I'm guessing a horse fly is different from a green head horse fly because the better place to hang them would be from your sneakers. Gr
Bull Reds
Their life cycle is fascinating; the exact opposite of striped bass. When the immature stripers are heading out, the immature reds are heading in. Their ranges overlap here; I've caught stripers and r
A tip of the hat to members of this Forum. I made good use of tips, information, and fly patterns found here. They added positively to my trip to Florida. I managed to catch Ladyfish, Spotted sea trou
I have an Orvis Depth Charge on my 6 wgt.  I used it a lot up in Ontario when fishing for smallmouth and pike.  I normally cast and retrieve with it.  A couple of times I've used while
Yearly trips
I have many dozen trips planned for this year. I'm going to shad fish the 1st three weeks of April followed by 4 weeks of striper fishing in May, a couple flounder trips in June as well as a handful o
Crystal Bugger
My stepson swears by these as on of his staple flies for salmon fishing in Maine. He doesn't use the wire though, so palmers the feather forward from the rear. He's been fishing those for going on 2
Crafty Layered Shrimp
This is technically a brown shrimp imitation, but I think it could work (even at this coloration) for other shrimp as well.  You could also tie this in other colors also.  Its flashy, and ha
Morehead City / Beaufort / Atlantic Beach NC
I used to ... about 30 years ago, when I was in the military.  But I never fly fished there.  Almost always too many people around for back casting.  And, unlike most reports I've seen
Crazy Brown Shrimp
Brown shrimp are one of the most common foods for many of the fish species in the Gulf of Mexico.  From Redfish, to Speckled trout, to Permit and even flounder.  All of these species eat bro
Surf fishing in Pensacola, FL area
It's been a few years but we have stayed at the Navy Lodge on the NAS a few times, it's on the mainland side of the bay.    Walking the beach in the mornings with my 7 weight I caught l
July Flies from the Vise
I like those decievers fshng2,nice n' sparce is the way to go. What are you planning to catch with them? :)   Yea mike if i had a proper camera them focus stacking would be a fun concept to tinke
Hooks for salt water
Yep I think they work great for hit and run species. A lot of folk (including me) have been trying them for the flat species like flounder as they are often deep hooked on bait. At least its solved th
Fly caught salty fish pictures
Went to the panhandle last week. Lot of rain but did manage a couple of fly firsts. Got a whiting and a flounder in the surf. Not big but better than a sharp stick in the eye. Did get a bluefish, big
Fishing for Perch
Yes Dave, I love crappie thru the ice for eating but not as much in the summer then I like hornpout. ,  I head to the salt for fish and crabs. Miss the days of the smelt runs, white perch and sal
Sources of Latex
I've used pourable latex for crab & flounder patterns, but I wasn't particularly impressed by the stuff. It tended to stiffen up and was difficult to color. Even permanent marker ink wore off pret
Salt Hook Size?
While I lack the eloquence of peterjay, I say whoever was giving that seminar just needed something to say. I've been using 1/0 to 3/0 hooks for saltwater flies and teasers for a long time and have ne
Posted two new patterns to data base and no show
I have been a member of a few other fly tying forums over the years. I pretty much only come here now. The other sites are all but ghost towns now if they exist at all. They were were good sites with
Years tying flies
I hate to admit it, but 50+ years. Our local game warden gave a few lessons back in the early '60s. I was already fly fishing, but store-bought flies were too expensive for kids at that time, so learn
Full sinking fly line reviews?
yes I have a few.   A 6wt type IV, a 7wt type II, and an 8wt type VI.  Off the top of my head I don't remember what makes they are, I think one is a SA, one is a Rio, and one is Cabela'
Dumbell Fat Head Zonker
This has enough weight to use with a conventional or spinning rod and I use this fly to catch flounder in the Texas gulf with my conventional gear.  It is also a great fly to use with heavier fly
New to Tying, New to Forum (a few early efforts)
Thanks so much. I'll check out the videos. Flounder, mangrove snapper and snook ... Trout usually only by accident ;-) Lady fish by accident, and I'm trying to decide spadefish ... Tied up some comb j
Targets in and around florida?
It really depends on which part of the state, you are in, where you are fishing (backcountry, flats, bridges, passes, offshore, etc., and then there is freshwater too).When you fish here you see why t
Scenting flies???
It's fishing ... even if you're using a fly rod, you're still fishing.  This is one of those topics some "elitist" take great umbrage on.  To them, it's a sin to use scent on a fly ... "Why,
Hilton Head Island TIps and Tricks
Pinckney Island is a nature reserve ..if caught by DNR wading there from the island you will get ticketed. Best to approach by kayak or similar. And get a license it is required now,even for fishing f
circle/khale hook questions
I tied some flies for flounder many years ago on Kahle hooks, as I also used them for flounder rigs. Kahles are more like the wide gap offset worm hooks than circle hooks. Kahle hooks & "Shiner" h
What tubing should I use to connect tube flies?
The majority of my fishing will be in saltwater for speckled trout (seatrout), redfish and flounder.  One of the things that intrigued me about tube flies was the ease in which I can mix-n-swap c
NC Coast Flies?
Asked the same question across a few boards several years ago.   Most suggestions were clousers, simple shrimp, EP and/or furry foam crabs, and some deceivers.   I tied up way more than I sh
Visiting south carolina soon
It depends a little bit on where, in Myrtle Beach, you are going to be.  We used to go to the Cherry Grove area of N. Myrtle Beach.  There's a huge salt marsh behind Hog Inlet that I enjoyed
Water Wolf Camera
very cool videos. I really like the flounder one, incredible to see so many Thanks agn54. The flounder ones are from John Skinner - surf fisherman and writer. Tough to get good video at the local
What leader
Sorry young lad but we're talking fishing. I agree they are not tricky little devils but they shut down just like trout and they come alive just like trout. The bigger ones are trickier then the small
Excellent Lure for Surfcasting Fishing
Nice lure.  I haven't fished SW in about 38 years.  But- your lure seems to have the attraction it needs.  Nice flounder!  Used to get stuffed flounder in restaurants when I lived
In my best Flounder voice: "This is gonna be great!"
its a baby whale
That's a Sunfish ... ha ha ha ... the salt water Sunfish.  Baby whale ... Flounder ... Tuna ... LOL Obviously, the guy doesn't spend too much time salt water fishing.   You're right, Flytire
Flies for the SC coast.
Mike, thanks! My experience here so far fishing the SC coast has been limited. Much of the fly fishing is along marsh creeks, or on flooded grass flats. There's a good deal of piers & other struct
Are these flys, and would you fish them with a fly rod
Not my idea of flies, as they're molded plastic, even though you've tied them to a hook, but like others have said, do your own thing. I've got a bag of those squids I like for chasing flounder with b
Cone head marabou deceiver. Jiggy!
I tied a little (b175 #10) trout version of your previous fly. I'll have a go with some cone versions too. Looks like a good pattern for fry feeding trout. Yep, it will do nicely for trout. It's pre
Amelia Island FL
April is one of the best times of year to fish all over Florida. Unfortunately, the First Coast is one of the only coasts of Florida I have not fished much so I can't help too much with the specifics,
Virginia Beach in July - Any tips, recommendations?`
I was there last august for a week.   I brought my kayak so I was able to beach launch a few mornings-  we stayed at Dam Neck which isn't a "public" beach unless you have access to the
Fripp Island SC
About 20 miles from Parris Island, South Carolina. Since the currents keep the water temps along the Carolinas fairly constant, lots of fish can be caught there all year long.  Flounder and Cobia
Forum & Tying Newbie
  clouser minnows   from the internet   Weakfish feed on a variety of marine life. Grass shrimp is an important forage, partly because these 1-1 ½ inch morsels are so common in es
Fishing report, 16 November - Everglades backcountry, Flamingo to Ever
As usual my reports are a mix of fly and other gear (mostly light spinning ...) so all you purists, quick -close this thread.  At least it starts and ends with fly fishing,so that's something. &#
Summer update from Savannah and Newfoundland
It's been a while since I've fished and even longer since I've posted. Until this past June it's been a good year and a half since I'd been fishing. The reason? I bought a house, renovated the house,
Tybee Island
Kudu ... as far as crabbing goes, keep it simple.  You can buy the crab traps.  The easiest are just round nets that hang from a three point harness. [attachment=52870:trap 1.jpg] Tie a chic
July flies from the vise
A variation of Steve Farrar's Flounder Fly.....
Best weight rod?
So far I have a 3 weight, two 5 weights, and a 7 weight all are l.l. Bean(which I think are the best rods for the money)except for one write and McGill and I've recently gotten into freshwater and sal
Best weight rod?
So far I have a 3 weight, two 5 weights, and a 7 weight all are l.l. Bean(which I think are the best rods for the money)except for one write and McGill and I've recently gotten into freshwater and sal
Just joined and already have a question
Well, that's one reason! There are Stripers here in the Chesapeake Bay, have caught plenty of them over the years.  Since I like both freshwater & tidal water fishing, especially bass & S
dyed bucktails
I use that brown/tan/black ( it varies) hair on the back sides for stream bass hair jigs & some for flies. Yes, it works well for contrast & backs on streamers as BattenkillBum has noted. It's
First Clousers - Critiques wanted
Remember sparsly tied clousers using crystal flash are always your friend wether on a river fishing smallies or big trout or on the salt for coho searun cuts or flounder stripers and blues
Yellow Perch
I'm one of those guys who grew up fishing fresh and saltwater, and 50 years ago all fish was good to eat because it was fresh caught.  Today most "fresh" fish has been on ice or frozen for at lea
February Flies from the Vice
  FattyMatt I really like those! they look like they'd be awesome for Stripers..Is that your own design? Hey Joe, Clousers/gotchas are so customizable, this fly is my variation. I just played wi
Winter............I hate it!
looks like a good way to imitate a baby flounder ive heard at certain times reds key in on them!
what size dumbell eyes for what size hook, and salt leader question
Here in the NE I use a leader like Capt Bob's.  Sink rate of the fly and line type will get the fly where it needs to be.....example for summer flounder a sinking line with a Clouser using medium
Need a physics lesson
Guys, for the sake of this post I need to find a solution using these hooks (mustad 34007 sizes 6 through 2 and Gama sl45 bonefish hooks sizes 8 through 4). Also, while I have bucktail in every color
recommendations for a rod and reel outfit
If you're not SURE that you are going to want to fly fish the salt water ... You can get a much less expensive outfit from one of the national retailers, BPS, Cabela's etc.  You can get a rod/ree
You're gonna need a really long leader
I love squirrels too... mostly browned in a cast iron skillet then put in the crock pot with potatoes and carrots for a few hours.   I read a book a long time ago about the "Trieste" mission, and
latest articulated streamer creation
Thanks for the feedback and kind words guys. I give away my flies and bucktails locally in Philly/NJ, never sold them. I can't tell you how cool it is to get a text while at work and see my brother
Best inshore saltwater flies?
I saw in the other post you made, that you're both new to tying & quite young. There are no "best" but there are many patterns that will work well. Much of the time anglers select flies based on p
FL Panhandle
This coming summer gonna be making a trip to Cape San Blas, in the FL panhandle. Targets are reds, trout, tarpon, and whatever else is in the bay. We stayed a few years ago in a house on the bay with
Heading to Fort Myers Beach/ Estero Island
I have fished off the flats on the south side of the Gandy Bridge (west end), lots of specks and flounder... follow your lure right up to the boat!  Also some ladyfish.  I'm sure there are o
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