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Feather Emporium ??????
Alfred Courtney Williams wrote the Dictionary of Trout Flies.  It was pretty much the standard reference in the mid-20th century for both English and American patterns. (He was English.) His fa
Fly caught salty fish pictures
Yesterday, 9-21 we had a dozen bass from 16 to 24 on Hollow Flyes and one 6lb bluefish. Today it was summer flounder (a.k.a. fluke) hammering pink Clousers.
(No fly zone) Non fly caught fish pictures
Wife started a new job so I have more time to fish during the day.Slammed this 3.5 pounder on a Zman chatterbait with paddle tail fluke trailer.
Fishing for Perch
Yes Dave, I love crappie thru the ice for eating but not as much in the summer then I like hornpout. ,  I head to the salt for fish and crabs. Miss the days of the smelt runs, white perch and sal
$100 trash fish
Good tip! And very true. However , I think my trashy day was more the result of the water clarity. The spot had several bass actively feeding, but the water resembled chocolate milk. I did break off a
Flash Minnow Candy
I tied up something very similar to use as a teaser above a fluke jig and it outperformed the baited jig head - couldn't keep the sea bass off of it
Scenting flies???
Great reply! ^^^^   I like the Gulp products too, and have caught many fish on them. However, and this may relate some to flies. I seem to have the most success with those Gulp imitations that ar
Stonfo Elite Bobbin Review
I purchased the Stonfo bobbins and they are okay but I had an issue with them.  Maybe it was just the way I was holding them in my hand but as I tied I started to notice that the tension was gett
Saltwater Jig Heads
Freddo - you're last comment hit home with me because I still feel the same way about catching fish on flies/jigs/whatever that I've tied.  When moving to the salt, consider tying up some te
FYI: iFishNews
Finally made it to Texoma for some kayak fishing. Lost one Striper, caught one Striper, and caught one Largemouth Bass... they were feeding nearby and around the kayak several times. But, only able to
Pheasant Tail Colors
One other (weird) color that I forgot to mention is green.  Many years ago when I started tying Sawyer PT's  I tied up some green PT's.  They look rather unnatural but they worked very
New from Long Island, NY
Used to live in Queens.  In three years, we only went to Montauk once.  Shame on me!  Welcome to the forum!  Do you fish for stripers at Montauk? I love Montauk!!! Can't get enou
Would you fish this?
What do you guys think of this glass minnow? I usually tie it with bucktail, but I got this synthetic material recently and decided to tie it in that. Tell me what you think? The video is only 6 min
Forum & Tying Newbie
  clouser minnows   from the internet   Weakfish feed on a variety of marine life. Grass shrimp is an important forage, partly because these 1-1 ½ inch morsels are so common in es
Yeah, you're right Artimus.  Don't talk about it and it will just go away.  Chattanooga was just a fluke and nothing like it will ever happen again.
My double box for salmon
first off: those are sick looking flys! I've said it before, you are a master. I havent tried to tie my salt flys on doubles, and i'm thinking (In a week the casts will be off) of trying to tie some f
talking about blue skies......
That's kinda overgeneralizing, but you know... everybody exaggerates.  ☺   I love the one's you posted this winter of the street scenes in your hometown.   I like the an
tying onto mono for a body
I am currently tying a body onto 30lb hard mason mono and then placing the tip onto a gama offset shank worm hook and tying the exposed portion on the hook.  It makes for a fly that rides hook po
Shannon's Streamer
the fly was originally made to imitate a plastic lure called the fluke .it was called a senko substitute more because it fishes like one.  this was by joe cornwall on his video at
recommendations for a rod and reel outfit
I am currently living in NJ doing only fresh water fly fishing. I just started about a year ago and I am hooked I barely touched my spinning and bait casting setups this year because of how much im en
Anyone ever seen a fish like this...
Quick answer is no. Lots of different pigmentation on rainbows over the years but that is a true fluke.
Ion Spey Reel
That's the first bad review I have heard, out of quite a few between here and RBF the rest have all been good. IMO there's always a fluke or two reel out there. Case in point a number of years ago I b
Largest Aquatic Insect
Since we've wandered off topic a little, I've got a question. Have any of you noticed when a dragon fly carries your fly a few feet?  My last fishing day before this trip was interesting for th
Quick Trips
Did not fly fish but did work a Tandem Rigged Clouser Minnow and Jig and Fluke Rig to take a Striped Bass on Texoma this Saturday while kayak fishing. Had Striped Bass take the Clouser Minnow in the p
From the Saltwater Bench
Been busy at the bench tying one fly in two days.....well not that busy.  Bass and fluke eating mole crabs (sand fleas, bugs, etc) so had to tye them up and they worked so far. Other flys were be
panfish flies help
The baitcaster I have an cast from an unweighted soft plastic zoom fluke, to a 1ounce buck tail, you just have to adjust the brake, which is the pressure in the revolving spool, or else you'll end up
cling wrap shrimp and some gurglers
Haven't heard about any specks on the Seaside yet - the VA season's closed until August, so it's likely that nobody's targeting them. You're right about the secretive nature of the trout fishermen her
Foil & Fur
I made a white Holo-Ghost last night. It is a VERY cool pattern. It looks a lot like a Fluke Jerk Bait. I cast it a pond behind Target on Back Beach Rd. It got bit in the little retention pond. Short
Few patterns vs. Allot of patterns.
I'm still a newbie, but I like versitility. This past Saturday I spent time on a small brookie creek. I used the following flies in a 5 hour period: - Standard Klinkhammer - Caddis Klinkhammer - Parac
Best Big-Fish-Eats-Little-Fish Story
Another situation I was in ... this was before my previous post, and I'd almost forgotten about it.  Philly's story about the tooth marks brought it back.   I was fishing with my Brother-n-L
RBF: Jigging blank
I'm looking for a blank for bucktail jigging for fluke. I will be jigging spro style bucktails anywhere from 2 oz to 6 ozAny suggestions?[b]Reply to topic here
J Stockard....FTF sponsor?
Within the past two weeks I placed an order with GCO and received it VERY quickly. The hooks were good and sharp, true to size, and really excellent all around. The best budget hook I have u
flat fish on fly.
I don't know what species you have over there, but the summer flounder here (fluke) are voracious predators that'll smack anything that comes near them. The trick is to locate them in water that's sha
Fish Mystery
Here is the problem. Im pretty familiarwith that area and so although I will likely be corrected by someone with more knowledge there should be no splake in blue mesa except by fluke. Itis possible th
A few more brush streamers for bass
Tested and approved. [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] These things get an unex
Up to Date
Hey everyone - hope all is well! Been very busy with work and fishing! Have to make that money though! I hope everyone is doing well! Below are some pics of my new fly patterns an
Messing with a 4/0 Jig Hook
Thanks everyone! Capt Lemay,do you fish jighook flies a lot? It seems latley the jighooks are getting very popular, I like em for a different look, weedless attributes and hook rides up. I wanna m
First run of the season
I'm not sure of the differnce in freshwater and the saltwater stripers never had the chance to fish for a freshwater one. I'll fish for blues, fluke, false albacore, and weakfish. [/quote] Do
Wading Boots
I will for sure give them another shot, my Metalheads are actually at Korkers right now (I sent them in last week) so once I get them back I'll be trying them again. I've always liked Korkers,
The Flats Minnow
"The Flats Minnow" I use these flies for bass, fluke and weakfish sight casting on flats near me.
Burrowing Sandeels
Burrowing Sandeel Flies Mixed colors - also great for fluke!
Back at it!!
We have to get you out of Michigan, your a saltwater man at heart! Dude plan a trip to long island and come fish with me, you have have a blast! Striped bass up to 20lbs, bluefish and fluke on
Think outside the box
Requesting to anyone and everyones comments. This post is about special flies that many of us may not use a lot. This includeds imitations for sea robins, flounder, fluke, killies, blackfish, blowfish
Flatfish fly
lol tide water f* u! lol, just kidding. I know its not my best. Anyhow I didnt even think about creating baby flounder or fluke for big bass. Thanks for the posting surf. That may be the next flou
Baitfish Pattern Party
All baitfish flies for bass, blues, weaks, and fluke! From left to right 1 - Baitfish fly with a clear cure goo fly lip for added swimming movements! love these! Incredible action in th
Islamorada, FL Report
Absoloutley awesome brother! Now I have to get you up to Long Island for some Stripedbass and Fluke Flats fishing! You would love it! Glad you caught em up! Great pics!
Tarpon / NY Lobster, Shrimp Fly
Thanks everyone for the great comments! Thanks PeterJay for info. I wish we could fish together lol we think alike! I totally agree bass will eat and do eat anything - even blue claws I have
Joe's Bendback Flies
These are my favorite colored bendback flies to use for bass blues albies fluke weaks ect. I truly believe these can catch everything from fresh to salt. Very versatile fly, endless possibilities!
Creek, Back bay go to fly
The flies below are all small baitfish patterns for April into May and June. All the fish moving in our on small bait. These flies work great for me and are simple to tie. I like fishing them on an in
2 Flies
Big Ugly is one of my fav flies to get a "sluggo" type action with a fast stripping motion to intice large striped bass. Mr Fluke is a small Jiggy fly tied with tan and white super hair an
Bunch of flies for the spring and summer bass, blues , fluke and weakfish run! Flies Names - Baby Wiggler - Grass Shrimp - Greenback Crease Fly, Clouser Minnows and epoxy baitfish -Synthetic
Fly Tyers Dungeon as of 12/4/11
I have seen many posts with orders and contact info regarding FTD (Fly Tyers Dungeon) I placed my order this past Thursday and sent the mad scientist an email. Literally 3 hours later I got an email t
Fish Pictures
I know you're talking about Halibut Mike, but your question reminded me of an interesting article I read about catching fluke on top water flies - I always assumed that fluke were
Fly Tying Bench - JWM72
Here is my tying and rod building room. I started tying about 15 years ago and that was when I built my tying desk and material storage cabinet. The main tying desk is made from birch. The desk has a
bass flies
What bass fly collection would be complete without a bubblegum fluke? Ok, actually it's "Fluorescent Fuschia":  
When tying/testing out a new nymph pattern.
My old fishing club had a saying: "Bring whatever you want... just bring [i]two[/i]!" That being said, to truely prove a new fly to myself, I need to catch three fish on it. One is a fl
Upside Down Frog Tutorial
Thanks, folks. I have been looking for something that was easy to tie, but still as weedless as possible for a while now. When you lash fur and feathers as badly as I do (I make up for being sloppy
Looking for baitcasting blank for fw bass and sw bucktailing
Looking for a blank for bucktailing fluke (3/4oz to 1 1/2 oz bucktails) and general freshwater bass use (Rat-l-Traps, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits, worms). Will probably mount a Shimano Curado reel on it.
Last Gasp
QUOTE (Fred H. @ Jun 21 2010, 08:55 PM) [attachment=25807:DSC_0025.JPG]Prototype for the warmwater invitation swap. I tie a similar pattern for saltwater but I think this will work very well
foxing around
Great looking group! That electric chicken color is sometimes a hot one for Striped Bass too! Most folks who use it in the Chesapeake Bay are fishing fluke type plastic baits, or sometimes S
Smallmouth Streamer Swap
this smallie angler is in. ill be tying my new fluke type fly called the shannon streamer. rich mc
6:30 in the morning
well guys i heard rumors of catchin trout on a popper... yup browns attack poppers on the river.about 6:30 this morning i was on the weber just as the sun was cresting the amazing rockies, pickin off
Crease flies
Take#3... I went for the rounded look.. Not the zoom fluke look. LOL!!!
Ostrich Egg
I was working a pattern to fish similar to a fluke style of soft plastic. My problem was the under body of the fly and holding the marabou from completely collapsing to the shank. I had tried a vari
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