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The Complete Illustrated Directory of Salmon & Steelhead Flies by Chris Mann

Ray Bergman Collection - 225) March Brown American

Waypoints 2 Minute Trailer

Blue Spey- by Dai Jones

Ray Bergman Collection - 165) Hoskins

Rosetta Stoned Stonefly - by Grant Bench

Fly Tying Kit

Easy Pheasant Tail Nymph
How big are the naturals?  Although 12-20 would probably be the most common that you will see, you can tie them on any size hook but you will have to adjust your proportions.  If you are tyi
Misc bird skins
Does anyone use domestic bird feathers. such as mourning dove, urban pigeon, rail, or ??.  Just did an internet search for them as used in fly tying and found virtually nothing.  
Damaged fly in the Box... what to do?
I use just blades from the sheetrock knife, seem to last longer and rust less than razor blades and as a carpenter I've always had 50 or 100 handy. Sometimes strip a fly right after tying it, if I dec
Roadkill question
I get it. Sometimes we just like to do things just to do things. I'm guilty of that with most of things I do to fill my free time. By the way, I absolutely without question save money from tying my ow
Hey from the "A"
Welcome, glad to have ya. Lots of great folks here. Tying is a great way to expand the enjoyment of fly fishing. To save money? LOL
A Mickey Finn for Finnatics
Nice ! I learned to tie mine years ago from the Orvis Index of Fly Patterns book. In their version it has a little short red tail and I've always tied mine with that tag/tail on there made from red an
Good cheap lamp
i bought one similar from Walmart for $10. had a post on the end of it that I cot a couple collar clamps and clamped through one of the holes one my tying bench. works better than I expected. slapped
Newest New Guy
I think I'm the newest new guy at the forum. I'm new to fly tying. I've only been at the vise for 2 months, but I've been fishing my whole life. I'm originally from Michigan, living in NE Ohio. I spen
Floatant spray for deer hair bass bugs Who uses what?
I can see carrying the Grease based stuff like Mucilin or Gink or Albolene or Chapstick in your pocket, but they don't need any drying time-they don't dry- however all the spray silicone that I have u
Best's "Production Fly Tying" comparing editions
Hardyrod -- I would imagine any version of A.K.'s book would be beneficial to you. If it were me, and I were looking for tying tips in addition to the chair/ergonomics recommendations, I'd spend the e
Pegging beads
turkey baster? silicone peg source?   please explain. secret decoder ring broken   fly tying content? should be posted in "fly fishing" category
What do you sit on?
Lately I have been tying in my recliner with a portable tying station, while I watch the Braves play. Not ideal, but okay. Mostly streamers.
would you want....
Pretty sure there are no fish in space, and that no gravity thing seems like it would really complicate tying or casting. I guess I'll just stay home, besides the lack of gnats might ca
Bream & Blues Ep. 1 Some Days   Got a little fly tying in on this episode.
Auction score?
Same auction tomorrow morning. Since last week had the vise, tying materials, flies, and fly boxes, I'm betting the fly rods will be there tomorrow. My fingers are crossed.
The Nail Soup Swap
When tying flies and reading about "triggers" you can add to make them pop in the aquatic environment I looked at some of the listed triggers you can add and did this fly by using 4 of the listed trig
First stab at Materials...
Only comment I have is get to tying. Once you realize the simplicity of fly tying you will wonder why you had all the trepidation.
Foam under fiber
Nice.  An idea to play with over the winter.  Probably end up tying them on a smaller long shank hook.  I cheat when I want weed guards.  Use mainly the Gamakatsu weedless worm hoo
Steelhead streamer hook shank length
Hey guys, Im tying up some eggs and streamers to throw to some Great Lakes steelhead in the next couple of days. Ive been tying smaller silver shiner type patterns but have been using shorter shank ho
Simple Hare's Ear jig - Thanks to flytire
I was the lucky recipient of flytire's generous hook give-away. Already putting them to good use tying up some hares ear jigs to throw in North Georgia in a few weeks. Thanks again, flytire
Quick Tie - Elk hair Caddis
Rainy days are great for fly tying; here is a quick tie of an Elk hair Caddis using material on hand!   Size 14 or 16 Dry Fly Hook 7/0 Dacron Tying Thread (Olive because it was handy) Grizzly Hac
how far away from home.....
I've driven two hours without the reel I needed. Twice (!!) in the past two years I've hit the river without a fly rod. Both of those times were with my kayak, and both times experimenting with "solo
Jake's Improved Zebra Midge
As we are now tying for Fall and Winter, I want to share a fly that was recently tied on my channel by Jake Adamerovich.  Many of you may know Jake through Competitive Angler, as he is the owner.
Hello from Colorado
Welcome from another Coloradoan. If you get a chance, swing by the Orvis Park Meadows Fall Fly Tying Fanatics Fest Saturday, November 10th from 10:00 – 5:00. There will be about 30 tiers there t
Articulated Rainbow Streamer
A while back, a subscriber and customer of mine requested that I make a large articulated streamer for him.  He wanted something for large browns pushing 30" that are primarily predatory in a lak
free to a good home 3.0
in recent months i've been reducing my hook inventory to just mustad hooks and a few specialty hooks.   time to get rid of some hooks   allen fly hooks   miscellaneous styles. barbless.
free to a good home 2.0
in recent months i've been reducing my hook inventory to just mustad hooks and a few specialty hooks.   time to get rid of some hooks   allen fly hooks   nymph and streamer styles. some
radio controlled modelling
Used to race R/C cars off road in the late 80's. It was a wide chasm, with a voracious appetite for $$. Sorta like Fly Fishing & Tying. But, many Hobbies are like that. :)
Macular Degeneration and fly fishing?
I had problems with depth perception until I got a cheap pair of reading glasses from a dime store.  With no contacts or glasses, the correction of the "cheaters" makes it much easier to thread h
Dubbing Brush
Yes the fabric cement is key.  There are a zillion brands at sewing stores.  Aleene's Flexible Stretchable is the best for fly tying.  It is the most flexible.  But it grips well.&
Microfibbet options?
My thoughts on this might be off base, but in my opinion tails on a dry fly are mostly for balancing the fly as it rides in the film, not to give the fish the impression that thing on the water is gro
Pheasant Streamer
here my new fly tying video for a mini streamer; subscribe to my new YT channel for new fly patterns!
Tube Fly Materials
I think the Canadian operation has more than you will find much of anywhere else. I mean Bears Den has a 6ft turn style type rack full of the stuff but that's about it ( though they have a store full
Blue color scheme
be creative. experiment   or
The Essential Fly Box
Congrats TC, but as for the belly and the vise I will say mine saves me a lot of things that would otherwise hit the floor. I build a seal between me and the tying table with it. Having been a proud P
September Flies From the Vise
Once again tying for friends. Just Another Damsel Kimo
Copper John Nymph
we all have our ways at achieving a goal. none of them are wrong   make a tying video to show us how its actually done
Monahanís Hi-Vis Coachman SBS
A hackled Comparadun; playing around with tying sequence. Supposedly eastern brookie bait; this should also work for cutts. hook Dai Riki 300 #10 thread - UTC 140 burnt orange/Danville 6/0 red tail
Foam Beetle
Summer's not over YET, thus in this video I'm sharing a basic Foam Beetle.  I also discuss how you can use a cutter to tie multiple sizes.   I try not to overthink the leg colors, and say th
Dubbing Dispenser
Anyone seen empty dispensers like this for sales in the US:   Here's an overseas spot selling empty ones:   I ca
Renzetti fly fishing and rod building fair Dec.7-8
I can't find any direct information about it ... no facebook account, if that's the only place it's listed.   But from the picture you posted, there might not be any fly tying going on.  "Fl
Tying Foam Caddis
Hi , This is my new fly tying video, I hope you like it!... and subscribe to my YT channel!
furled leaders vs hand tied leaders for bass
I make and use both. My only problem with the furled leaders comes when it catches on vegetation either in or near the water. (I didn't say I was a great caster!) Furled leaders made from tying thread
Rod refinishing
I bought a fly rod for a buck last summer at a garage sale.  It was missing a couple guides and one was in bad shape.  All in all, it is still sitting in my closet.  Personally from now
HD Fly Tying Video - EP Pinfish
Who's the "we"? HD fly tying there is 2 of us that tie
Chernobyl Ant
So the chernobyl ant doesn't really look like an ant.  I guess its closer to maybe a hopper imitation?  Even that is very suggestive.  However this fly seems to produce very well, espec
Presentation case
Beyond 99% of us I am sure. But if anyone ever wants to go all out on creating fly plates and have the where-with-all to acquire the necessary mat cutting and other equipment, the most elaborate fly p
Yep it's a different knot. I simply want something easy and secure and the speed blood knot seems to have both over the traditional blood knot. I cannot come up with any reason to tie a more complicat
Greeting from south Georgia
New to the forum, been tying and fly fishing for about 5 years introduced to the sport via Project Healing Waters.  Living in the deep south I fish warm water and am always looking for new places
Hi from Upstate NY
Hello everyone. I just joined the Forum and already see a wealth of talent and creativity here! Been flyfishing and tying since the 1970s, but am still learning something new everyday. I actively fly
Difference between genetic, India and Chinese
Here is my take on the subject. India and Chinese are basically the birds you find in the barnyard. There may be some breeding for different colors but that's about it. The genetic birds are breed ove
New Fly Tyer in NC
Welcome Firebrand, Happy to see a father and son tying toghether. 
In line popper
While they may not be the easiest hooks for some to tie on, I wonder if the great salmon fly tyers had/have trouble tying on treble hooks? A miscast bead head fly to the back of the head doesn't feel
J&P Coats 6 Strand Floss ??
Of course you can use if for fly tying.  It's an old staple.  It doesn't have the sheen that rayon or silk has when wet, but there are a good variety of colors, and many a fishing fly has us
Foam Baitfish with Gills
Thanks. Good eye Mike...yes I did. The gills and baitfish profile were cut with a laser (added laser to revise original post) I have never been very good at cutting these out but having a laser cut th
Actually Im amazed by the tightlines video. Its amazing how they do this so well getting so tight into the fly. I mean my video is just as zoomed in and tight to the fly but I have to tie with my ca
Didn't catch nuthin'...
There's more to fishing than catching fish; there's fly tying, rod building, leader making, posting on forums, etc.   Not catching makes that first catch sweeter!
Vinyl Ribbing???
Here's a pic of one of the patterns I used to tie for shops.. The center photo in this group of bonefish bugs uses clear vinyl v-rib... Because I only used the clear rib it would allow whatever color
The SCUD/Sow Bug swap
Actually, flies are in my tying room along with Woodenleg's. First two sets already looking like I may need to retie. Mine are going to be among the larger of the sets for sure even thought they're on
Not a Good Introduction
Welcome Joyce. I get it about not being into introductions or talking about yourself. How about your interests? Tell us what you would like to fish for. Have you started tying flies yet? 
RIO InTouch Fly Line
I know this is fly line related and not tying but wondering if any one has had the chance to use RIO InTouch Fly Line?  I'm looking at purchasing RIO InTouch Trout LT.  I have used the RIO T
With Kids Spring Winter And Summer at City Park New Orleans
Looks like I'm going to be spending some time with my kids in New Orleans in the spring and winter, and a lot of time in the summer, starting as early as this winter. My daughter (12) is just getting
Elk Hair Caddis
  The elk hair caddis should be a staple in all dry fly fishermans boxes, if they aren't in there already.  This fly is probably one of the most effective and versatile dry flies ever crea
August Flies From the Vise
Those stacked photos definitely show the nuances of your tying skills, Kimo.  Excellent work.
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