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Veevus thread recommendation
I have taken an interest in thread I use for tying flies.  I want to try some Veevus, but would like some insight from others who are familiar with this thread.  I tie mostly smaller flies (
Fly tying materials.
I don't have a local fly shop except for Sportsman's Warehouse 1/2 hour south. or a place in Ketchum, Idaho that charges 5x what something is worth. The other day I was looking to try o
Tequila Eggstacy
Hi, Here an egg-fly imitation with a new fly tying material, Eggstacy Yarn. Subscribe to my YouTube channel if you like my videos
Patterns & Tippet for Tiemco 2488 Size 30?
A fool and his money are soon parted... Fortunately in my case it was only $6. Anyway, inspired by some recent postings and after seeing an old post by Hans Weilenmann regretting the loss of these spe
Baetis Nymph
I don't think there's any one best material. For little baetis nymphs I prefer partridge, but I've used grouse, various duck flanks, pheasant, rabbit, and fox squirrel, but I can't say the fish cared
barrel rolling woolly bugger
I just started fly tying last month and started with the suggested patterns, one being the woolly bugger.   I fished some that I tied a few weeks ago at my favorite kettle pond. Every dozen or so
Any reviews for the Int'l Fly tying symposium ???
I was there early afternoon Saturday for a couple of hours.  This year was MUCH better than last but with that said I think they could still do a little better.    Free parking was good
Lead Wire
I bought 5 bulk spools of lead fly tying wire over 20 years ago in sizes 0.015 - .035 in .005" increments. If your friend is afraid of running out he can still buy it in 1 lb spools.   https://ww
Small Dry Hooks
I have Mustad #22 that are smaller than Mustad #24 in a different model #. iirc the Mustad #32 would fit inside the TMC #32 Size numbers in hooks are  just numbers. When you get so small the hair
Simple Crayfish
Crayfish, or also called crawdads are a common food source for many freshwater fish, especially bass.   But in rivers and lakes where trout get predatory, they will also eat crayfish as well. 
Stretch tubing origin?
Before stretch tubing entered the fly tying world, what was it used for?   Thank you Rich
Out with the old, in with the new. My new fly tying bench
I went to a fund raising auction for the outdoor sports this week end and bid on a roll top desk. I got it for $350.00.   This old desk is what I used to use. And the tool board is kind of my "wh
Do you record the flies you make?
I tied one dry fly that seemed to work really well and wish I'd noted the dubbing blend because I never quite mimicked it again. But not normally, I've found my tying tends to stick more closely to re
Sudden realization
Been lurking around the site for about a year, and just realized I never introduced myself. Been tying for a few years, and just got into actual fly fishing the past year. Pretty much only fish and
Recommended thread
I have been tying down to some #18 hooks but want to go down to maybe a #22 or #24. What thread would you recommend for these small flies. Thanks for responding
new fly tying products
what new fly tying products have you foung that may be useful or maybe not so useful   lets stay on topic. fly shop items. craft store items already has a thread. so go there and post crafty stuf
My "Practice Stream"-
Greetings from New England, below are a couple of photos of my "practice stream".  It's a small, shallow (knee deep) stream that I am fortunate to have a behind my house.  Lightly stocked in
Hardwood Fly Tying Tool Carousel
This is an updated version of a similar tool carousel that I built for myself a while back. I've been tying with my prototype for over 3 years now, and at this point I can honestly say I wou
Tuna Onboard
Experienced in rod building, fishing inventions, crankbait airbrushing, reel servicing, personal pontoon mods and bass fishing. Joined today to explore jig tying.
Fugly Packer How well do these work?
Ok, First, We need to determine the type of fly you are tying. If your tying small flies for trout like muddlers or  small divers, than many styles of packers work fine. BUT! If you are doing lar
What are your favorite materials to tie with?
Poopdeck ... buying a lot of beads isn't, necessarily, about fly tying.
Fly tying vise recommendations
The mid tier Regal knockoff that Chug Bug first posted a link to is a quality vise.  I have used them for many years with my tying classes and have had no issues whatsoever.  Can't say that
If you're tying templedog style tubes, most guys use artic fox or goat, but you can use whatever you like that's long and flexible. I use fox or craft fur to make wings like those on a templedog style
Terrestrials Anyone?
THIS SWAP IS FULL!     The neat thing about terrestrials is that they work equally well for Trout, Bluegills & other Sunfish. The Swap will be limited to 12 swappers plus the Swapmeister
No Email Notifications
BB as I told you when you Pm'd me a few days ago, you have to talk to Will about this (I gave you his email). It's not a matter of an issue with what you are doing as I had this same problem when I ch
Quick Tie - Rainbow Warrior Midge
Another quick tie demo of a simple but effective pattern. This one we like to use as a trailing fishing fly to a tandem rig... be it a Near Deere, Wooley Bugger, or similar pattern.   Recipe Red
Unsinkable Skwala           1.  Hook size 8-12 - 4x long light wire - wrap shank with 6/0 olive thread   2.  Tie in black foam for egg sack   3. 
Articulated Brahma (or Soft Hackle) Bugger
A few months ago I tied up a fly called the Brahma Bugger, which I did not invent but loved fishing and tying the fly very much!  The fly was originally tied by the tightlines youtube channel, an
International Fly Tying Symposium 2018
I'll be there on Saturday working the South Jersey Coastal Fly Anglers table.  Proving I have no shame by tying flies in public.  
Furimsky's Bugskin Shinetail
My newest YouTube video features Chuck Furimsky, director of the upcoming International Fly Tying Symposium.  He ties a baitfish imitation that looks really killer, and between the two of us, we
No Email Notifications
Okay ... don't jump on me for asking stupid questions.  I'm good at trouble shooting engine problems over the phone ... but only when I am given enough information.  Maybe I can help here. &
Hello everyone!
Agreed tjm, I struggle with winged wets more than any other style of fly.  I've had some luck fishing them across/upstream, in current, just below the surface with no indicator.  I do miss a
beginner material list?
Is there a list on this site of what is a decent set of materials for a basic set of flies? I am just starting out and have a decent vise and tools but want to start a collection of threads/yarns/ and
most unrealistic fly that works
not really unrealistic but daiichi 1273 hooks alone do catch fish         I've fished the exact hook on the San Juan to catch trout. They are used for red chironomid patterns.
November Flies from the Vise
Hedgehog Nymph         When you need a break from tying standard PT nymphs. Found it here   hook – Dai Riki 135 #12 thread - UTC 70 grey brown tail - golden pheasant
First Killer Bugs
The left one suits me better, has fat, but the shape exact color of bugs and shrimp vary from one water to another. I have tied them with a plain grey wool, a pink/grey wool, an amber wool and a coupl
Thread use for specific types of fly?
I use mostly UTC 70. I tend to tie smaller nymphs, dries, and midges. When tying larger bugs and streamers for bass and saltwater I will go to UTC 140. I like the UTC because it lays flat. If I want
Recommend a Book on Coldwater fish species
Greetings from Texas,   I hope everyone is doing ok.  If your a deer hunter, hears to a great Deer hunting season for you.  I am seeing a lot of Does coming in to the feeder,  A fe
Squirmi Worms
I've caught more pan fish on them in a private stocked section of a creek I fish.  I don't think I've ever caught a trout on one.  It doesn't matter on the private stretch I fish.  I'll
anybody tie flies using....
Several years ago, I got some Icelandic Pony Hair from one of the online shops, maybe Feathercraft, but I'm not sure.   I like how it looks for quill bodies, but it can be very brittle when wound
Fishing in the Jemez Mountains
Yes, if I was younger and had a good back I would have done that more also. Hahahaha. I guess Im rather young, but dont have a good back at all. I hurt myself many times when I was younger. Fallin
"The Early Show" fly tying event ... from Richmc
  The Early Show – Sunday 11/11/18 10am – 5pm Presented by the Illinois Smallmouth Alliance & Dupage Rivers Fly Tyers Come to the 8th Early Show, Chicago’s only all fly fish
Started an account because I almost threw my vice through a window
Ive only tied midges so far and attempted to tie a a sparkle wing RS2 and ran into issues with pretty much every step.   1. Dubbing slides down the thread when I wrap 2. Dubbing seemed to get flu
Hare’s Ear #42 SBS
Wow, that's a smorgasbord of trout attracting materials!   Rocco
Feather Thief
This is still a subject in the classic tying material world, between museum / natural science world people keep eye balling the fly tying world calling the dreaded feather and hair police. I have been
diy synthetic dubbing
I think if a new fly tyer does not live near a well stocked fly shop, making your own dubbing is a viable option vs buying mail order.   It costs quite a bit to buy both coarse nymph dubbing, fin
simple bass attempts
These are from pre-formed heads. Also tried some streamers. Photographed with my tablet. Got a lot to learn about posting (and tying)
Hooks for Dummies?
One of the most confusing aspects for me as a novice fly tier is hooks. Not just brands, and the equivalent hooks across brands, but even more basic than that is what makes a dry hook a dry hook, and
automatic fly reels
I have 2, one was my grandfathers and the other mine both Heddon mark IV model 11's, from the late 60's early 70's? prior to my military career.  Yes I fish them on glass rods about once or twice
Dubbing Sale at Fly Tyers Dungeon
ALL Dubbings    25% off thru Nov.1st  Use discount code: FTDHalloween2018 Starts today thru Nov 1st. or https://fly
Homemade Tying Tools
I thought it would be interesting to see what homemade fly tying tools people have come up with over their years of experience. Things like dubbing brushes/spinners, packers, holders, etc. Or even oth
Fully Back, Flash Back, Bead Head, Pheasant Tail
The full back, flash back, bead head, Pheasant Tail (wow thats a mouthful)...  Is a great fly!  Everyone fishes the flash back pheasant tail, and there are many videos on youtube about how t
Caddis for Christmas VI
Caught up on everything now except sorting for Santa swap so look forward to doing some tying soon.
traveling tying kit
I currently use an old computer bag that works, but generally sucks. I want to come up with a way to transport my stuff easily, and not spend a fortune. Obviously vise and tools, plus materials. R
hmh trv review
Hi DFoster    I have one of the 1st 100 HMH TRV's & I also just got one of their new 2nd gen jaws that does have a better finish. I am a big vise collector and I am lucky enough to own a
My Cheap Tying Bench
I had a bunch of scrap oak laying around. I decided to make a simple tying bench. So here it is, nothing special, but less than $15.00 in material
super chicken
Eating nerve tissue from an animal with spongioform encephalopathy such as "mad cow disease", or chronic wasting disease in deer can give the disease to the person who eats it. As far as I know birds
First Clouser's
First, the critique ... "a couple" is two.  If one of those is a model you copied ... you tied "a few".      Second, the praise ... those look as good as any I've tied.  The
How not to: Fly tying videos
My candidate for the best example of a poor video.   Lack of prior prep, disorganized rambling presentation, repetitive, key missing
New to the forum - from Austin Texas
Good Afternoon, All, I signed up a few weeks and have been lurking for a bit.  I like the forum and the members seems polite and well mannered and very willing to help.   More about me. I ac
How often do you use Glue?
I've just used head cement on the finishing wraps, but I'm not tying anything too complicated either.   I've heard Phil Rowley talk about this in a podcast recently and he said the smell is reall
nymphs that sink fast and are easy to tye
yup,  are known in France like ceramic nymphs. Just  tied only with painted lead wire, the small flies are  effective on trout and grayling from Alps.  Despite the fact that the ty
Fly Tying Station Build
Hi Guys,   I finally decided to build a tying station. I used left over wood from other project.   I have a Stonfo Transformer vise I will be mounting to the thick piece of Walnut at the fro
Jock Scott & Green Highlander
Lovely. You're getting good at this tying lark.
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