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Fly Tying Materials

Fifty Fly Project
As I mentioned during posts in the May/June Flies from the Vise I worked my way through Ian Whitelaw’s book, The History of Fly Fishing in Fifty Flies.  My daughter gave me the book last Ch
Tying Knots
flytire's link is all you should need but can be overwhelming. There are a lot of knots!   Maybe focus on some of the ones that are more useful for fishing (this is only a list of knots I commonl
The Amazing Dry Fly Bite!
  Put any kind of fish in a school, and they're easier to catch because they need to beat each other to the food     or I didnt know what to use, and thats why I wasnt catchin
Whip finisher for midges?
Sand calluses  (emery board) or soak them in vinegar to soften them. Some threads fray worse than others, but the stiff-sharp callus makes handing of other materials catchy too. The whip finish t
Fly Tying Books
Fly Tying Books For Sale
Can anyone identify this fly??
Hello, can anyone help in identifying this fly? And/or the materials used to make its body? Also the thorax shell. I have tried grey ostrich, but the fibers seem to be too long.   Can’t see
Standard Nymph Hook, Standard Wire, Standard Shank, Question
I mainly use the TMC 101 for my small nymphs, as I have an aversion to down eyed hooks.  I think I have them down to a size 30.  Don't tie anything that small these days.  I use the TMC
DMC Cotton Embroidery Floss v DMC Wool Yarn
I like em. You tying the floss in with tying thread or just use the floss in the spool as if it were a tying thread body? I'm tying in with 8/0. I think the bodies would be too bulky on the smaller s
Make sure to post pictures and ask lots of questions about your flies. When I was first starting out, I was super "rebellious" and probably was a jerk, but I did listed to what these forum members had
Stimulator style Caddis
I like the fly and plan on tying and fishing it.  Thanks for the video and instructions.
Carnage Damsel SBS
Phil, Thanks for the kind words. Adam Trina came up with the original Carnage, using a heavily waxed needle to create the body. I started tying those but found I couldn't get consistent results and m
Hatches Blog Post - How to Tie an Easy Zonker Fly Pattern
An easy to follow fly tying video of a Zonker style pattern for trout or bass.[url=]View the full article[/url]
Whiting hackles
That was just an example.  There are all kinds of capes and saddles on E-bay and other sites that are way less money.   Trust me, I am not putting down the expensive capes ... but unless y
Marsh or Beach swap
Got it. Don't normally look over here but being a salt guy it looked like a good place for me to start. I'll check back in the fall. If I don't sign up early, ping me on the tying side. Thanks
Micro Todd's wiggle minnow
You might try tying it on a Daiichi 1260 or 1270. These are curved hooks that I have used for terrsstials. If you need something heavier, maybe the 1760 or the Alec Jackson spey.
Hackle gague
I bought a gauge a few months ago. I've tried using it but the feathers it tells me to pick still end up looking wrong on the fly. Probably due to different thicknesses in body materials, as mentioned
Flash/Synthetic Fibers/Streamer Brush Management
Hey Everyone,  Just wanted to get some opinions on material organization/storage. I have a huge amount of materials, and while I've found over time good ways to store other materials, the shear n
Homemade dubbing recipes?
Not sure what 'sparkle' is in question nut I endorse the idea.   I use small doses of very short chopped  sections of fine flash materials - Antron, Angelna, etc-- with all my DIY fur dubbin
"The Indispensables" Swap
I was hoping you'd say that... I'll get in on yours when I see what materials I have
Swiss Vise
Tried doing a search, couldn't find a thread about it. Adam mentions his vise here. He's the one tying all the big pike flies with one.
Carp Worm
Carp are a tough fish to fish for.  However, they are really rewarding when you finally hook into one.  They pull like a freight train, and are challenging to even hook.  Many times you
New site:
Hi all! I have been working on a new site this winter/spring:   My goal is to preserve and present patterns from the classic old books, read more on
Static electricity
I've learned over the years that a few different techniques work with materials and static.. The first is quite simple - instead of using that dryer sheet on the material - I simply "dry-wash" my hand
Utah Killer Bug
Just watched the video for the 3rd time. Definitely a quick and simple tie. Perfect for some tying classes I teach. But best of all, it looks like it will catch a kreel full of fish. I like it. The pr
Squirmy Worm Help (Click "tying instructions" below the main pic to hyperlink to the sbs).
Green Peter Muddler (Carnage variation) SBS
I like these loch flies you have been tying lately! Should you want to tie these in larger sizes, mottled turkey wing would make a good pheasant sub.
Fly tying Pheasant Tail Nymph
Fly tying Pheasant Tail Nymph
Cooling shirts
  wisegeek: As a general rule, the best fabrics for tropical climates are those made from natural materials such as cotton, linen and rayon . Strictly speaking, rayon is a semi-synthetic fiber,
Chewy Horned Caddis
So I am changing up the way I do my fly tying videos for a few months, I am not doing the voice overs, instead I will be listing below the materials I used on the fly, and also a quick tutorial typed
June Flies From the Vise
Been tying a Mike George Diver, (alternate colors on bottom), which, is a variation of Dalhberg Diver, fun to tie and will fish well       I haven't figured out the "trimming " of a
best flies for small lake in late summer
rstaight- I will make a point of tying some "zonker" style streamers. Do you fish them high or low in the water column? And what is your impression of the value of the sink tip line?
Lil bass buggin
Quite a stash...looking good. Thanks for postin the info.   Did a search and found these hard foam bodies, are you familiar with any of them?
Bream/Panfish Box swap
Oh, why not. I told myself I'd sit out of swaps for a bit to refill my boxes. Plus, my limited tying time lately doesn't help things. However, this could be a quick and lucrative swap. I'll join in.
Intro Post
Hi everyone, I live in Colorado and have tied and fished flies off and on for a while. I like tying and using older or forgotten patterns, tying variations on standard stuff, and trying new things.
Thick or thin deer belly hair for poppers?
I am new to tying deer hair poppers and was wondering what every one prefers. I have some hair that is really thick and some that is very fine. Which packs tighter? Which floats better?    &
Need help with a fly
The tail looks like Z-lon, or similar synthetic material.  The wing post could be the same or any poly wing posting material.  These are not expensive materials, and if you want, you could u
renzetti o-ring and what it does
why is it so wrong to post videos that may help new/beginner tyers learn some specifics of a fly tying vise they may want to use/buy?   if youre an expert fly tyer then these videos are not for y
Where have all the swappers gone?
We used to have at least one new swap a week and swaps filled in a day or two.  There are members that I swapped with many times who just don't post anymore.  Is there another site with swap
CDC Emerger
Hi SilverCreek   The fly is not supposed  to  stay  vertical in water. It  supposed  to have  the body in angle, at least sort off ... Like  a Klinkhammer emerg
Renzetti traveler review
Not taking sides here, but I hope to relate some constructive criticism on the video.  First, it was too long.  About half an hour for what could have been done better in about ten. And a re
Any news on the creature?
Never heard of a Carolina dog before. This thread has been interesting. Looks like some good tying fur there too.
need help identifying streamer materials
Hey Everyone,  Just signed up, what great site! I've been on here a bit for research in my fly tying endeavours.  I would consider myself a novice fly tyer at best. Just getting away from th
Hello All : )
Just wanted to say Hello.   Living in Colorado Springs, Colorado.    Grew up here in the state and fished quiet a bit growing up.    Now that my kiddo's are getting older
Bronze Mallard
CB you are right. Eric Leiser mentions it in The Complete book of Fly Tying. Bronze Mallard: Feathers from drake mallard ducks just above the point where the wing merges with the body; similar to the
Anyone have the book,”tying small flies”
yes   yes if you like tying small flies   no
Places to find Good Bucktail?
I would look into Whitetail Fly tying. It used to be Chris Helm's business and had some of the best hair around. If the new people run it like he did, that would be where I would look first. 
Panfish Delight
I recently came up with a small jigging type of minnow pattern for someone who wanted a few tied up.  After tying it, I realized it would be perfect for jigging for panfish.  So I made it br
Fatty McFat Head
I had one of my subscribers ask me to tie up a few of these for him.  They are good flies, and I have tied them up for him in the past.  He said they were effective and durable, and wanted m
Peacock herl?
You can find whole eyes at Hobby Lobby or Michael's.  They're relatively cheap and you can visually inspect them.  If you have old, dry herl you can steam it and restore it like you do other
RIP Norm Norlander
I am crushed.  I first met Norm back before 1993, at a sports and outdoor show in Salt Lake City.  .  He of course was tying on and demonstrating his Nor-vise.  I was hooked immedi
Hello from Upstate NY
Hello all,     I am from the Finger Lakes area in Upstate. Just started getting back into Fly Fishing and thinking about getting back into Fly Tying too. Gave both up about 40 years ago
The Golden Missile
----The Golden Missile----   I had been looking forward to the summer of 2016 for quite some time.  For the same reason, the women in my life were both anxious and nauseous as they dreadfull
River Road Creations wing cutters?
i just bought a set of Life Cycle Templates from bob mariotts store online   wapsi, hareline and others are basically wholesalers and dont make many fly tying materials.   they just li
Dry fly help
crazy thought/memory  I just had: if you are in the habit of tying wet flies, you didn't by chance use the same heavy gauge hooks did you? I found out they don't float well.
Elk hair or deer hair
I have a complete elk hide and deer hide. I typically cut sections of deer hide and cure with borax. I now have elk to use as well. Can elk and deer be used interchangeably? I have two elk manes too.
Fly tying materials
I'm an avid outdoorsman. I have access to different natural materials for tying flies. I recently obtained a skin from a turkey. I found many different types of feathers I think can be used in place o
Dubby Bunny Perch
This is a popular fly!  In the last few weeks, I have been asked to tie this in different color patterns.  First I tied in a baby brown trout coloration, and then someone asked me to tie it
Hey ya'll
I'm from Oklahoma, been tying about 3 years now and I really enjoy it. Looking forward to checking out the posts and learning of few things.  
My dry fly hackle falls forward as I get closer to the eye of the hook
Try tying your dry flies as parachute patterns - you won't have the hackle falling forward, there is just the post for the wing so you don't have to worry about having even wings, and best of all, the
Old style wet fly fishing - cast of three flies - need help!
Any way it's done, is is difficult to cast and imo, wants a stout heavy line and rod. I was using a 9wt 8' glass rod at the time I experimented with this and it did two better than three.  I d
Hello from the Pacific Northwest
Hey all,   I've been a long time lurker, but am officially new to the forum. I moved from Kansas City to Seattle a few years back and fly fishing was something that always interested me. After ho
Hired by my local Fly Shop... advice needed!
Ok guys, so really wanted to make sure this summer (job-wise) was much better than last year. Some of you may remember that it did not go well lol...   The Fly Shop of Miami decided to hire me an
Pics of gamakatsu c12-bm?
Sorry for the mixup. I just started tying but I have been using daiichi 1110 hooks for ice jigs and just bare hooks so I have some around. I'm looking for a pic with a c12-bm next to another hook to s
Midge bobbins?
I use a standard bobbin.  I've tied down to a size 32 with them.    I have a couple of midge bobbins.  Came upon them while was straightening up my tying room.   I had us
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