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Fly Tying Materials

Streamer and other fly recommendations for Hybrids and Striped bass
I would go with something white with silver flash, on the assumption that there is some type of shad in the lake.  A buck tail deceiver.  This is one I tied up a while back. [attachment=6481
Regal Revolution question
I do wonder how much less vises would cost if it was for any other hobby besides fly tying!
Eccentric weight - nymph
Good nymphs, Lucian.  What is the name (brand) of those beads?  Is it hard to keep them properly oriented when tying them in?
Hello all from BC, Canada
Started tying/fly fishing many years ago,but life and work on the road got in the way. Dug out my old tying gear, stocked up on materials and I'm ready to "fly" back at it lol. You guys got a great si
3/8 vise inserts
Why wouldn't a piece of pipe 3/8" ID work?  You'd have to thread the bottom end and insert a horizontal lock screw, but overall, it wouldn't cost much in materials.
Any reviews of the Int'l Fly Tying Symposium ?
This was the first year I have been able to attend. The move to Lancaster along with the Two Veterans from my Local PHW making it to the finals of the PHW Tying Compition it was worth the cost. There
A cool sandeel video
Neat, small head.  No thread wraps to twist the materials.  So that's what "welding" a fly means.   Might have to try that.
Fly Tying Symposium 2017
I'm done! Never again will I dole out anther dollar to the Fly Tying Symposium and lackluster producer Chuck Furmisky. That's it got your last buck from me. You can add the FTS to the lon
Thread recommendation
Veevus, Gordon Griffith's 14/0.  I've found both to be very strong and great for really small patterns. I like that Gordon Griffin thread deaddrifter. It's not my only thread but I do enjoy tyin
Hatches Blog Post - Micro Intruder fly – Kevin Hospodar
A micro intruder fly may sound like an oxymoron. This is a single station version of the typically double station intruder. Utilizing minimal materials, and a waddington shank this fly can get down
Comments on first effort at polish woven
They are looking good, and I think you may have passed the point where this advice applies. For anyone who wants to learn how to do the shuttle weave my advice is do them in half dozens. There are rea
Micro Brassie
The Brassie is a well known fly, and has been a staple in many nymph fisherman's box.  It can mimic an annelid, and even some other types of sub surface bugs.  The problem when tying them so
Hello from East Tennessee
Hello, I am really enjoying this forum. It is much more active than my local forums. People are extremely knowledgeable and quick to offer help and advise. I started tying sometime in the early 90s bu
Best investment practice in hackle
Hi all,   I'm not really a beginner, because I have been tying since about 1987, but I've been very off and on over the years--intense all-day-everyday spells alternating with everything gatherin
WTB Finger Vise   I h
Partridge Feathers
Flyby ... you could start a side business.  Mike's Roadkill Fly Tying Materials, lowest prices off the road !!!
CDC Caddis a Goddard Variant
Nice fly! I will have to try it. I enjoy seeing your flies, and really like your tying style.
DIY Dubbing Brush?
Yeah, I'm with Bimini, have you tried either of those techniques yet?  It might be helpful  to know why you ask.   Personally, I use wax for particularly slippery materials in dubbing l
New to the forum
Hi there ! Im a guy from sweden 36 years of age and a father of twins, boys. I have some nervedamage in my hands, love to fish for pike, but my condition prohibits me from fishing anything above a 7
illinois fly show
met two famous people there   pat cohen and extrrabill.   was a very nice,well run show.  bill ill let you know when we do a tying session with isa at dupage fly     rich
Regal Revolution Vise with Big Game Jaws
I'm selling my Regal Revolution with Big Game Jaws and pocket base and c-clamp. It is in excellent shape, just some wear from tying on it, mainly on top emblem. I've put a little over 2000 flies throu
Micro fur strips -- How to?
This is what I use from Tandy Leather. I had it for years before I started tying flies. Kimo  
tie like a pro
If you tie big streamers, you need to keep watching the rest of the series and many of the other, more traditional, tying videos.
Fall Au Sable pike
Spent Friday tying up some flies for pike, after six hours of non stop double haul casting the 10wt on the river Saturday I came home with a box full of chewed up pike flies and wire tippets bent into
Finishing Knots
it makes a big difference depending on what type of fly you are finishing.    A Catskill dry fly with one hackle stem being held down by the final wraps?   Probably one half h
A couple of tool ideas that might help
I tie a lot of streamer style fly patterns that require hackle feather fibers for tails and throats and may or may not use up the entire feather in 1 tying session.   Rather than stuffing the ind
Is it a better time now to host a swap?
Sorry Mike but during the recent drought the River Styx got too hot and all the devilfish died off.   L'il Dave, cost is becoming something to look at now. My head spun when I saw your costs to s
Best feathers for small soft hackles
I have whiting, brahma, Herbert/miner and coq de Leon hen. Whiting has the smallest feathers with the Herbert/miner not far behind. My CDL and Brahma necks are shorter but can tie small flies also. I
Howdy everybody
I was googling some stuff for fly fishing and this site came up. I'm recently getting back in to fly fishing after about a 10 year break. I grew up in Southern Idaho and spent a lot of time on the for
fly brush wire type/size
i've read many different brush wire sizes/types (materials). Please suggest best for saltwater fly usage.          
Just got a skiff!
Thanks guys!!   Super stoked to get out on it, hopefully this weekend. Thanks for the advice, we have 6 PFD's aboard and they are all Coast Guard approved. Already did the safety course, but goin
Capped Baitfish
This fly worked for me out in Corpus, I caught about 50% of my speckled trout on it, and it was rather easy to tie, and also cast.  In fact, it casted so well compared to some other flies that I
Hello from the U.P.!
Hello everyone, I just wanted to "formally" introduce myself here.    My name is Brandon and I am the owner of Superior Flies, LLC. I am from a small town in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of
2 pc. Vs. 4 pc.
... If I'm ever forced to buy a 4-5-6 piece rod because of availability, the first thing I'll do is super glue some of those joints.   Now that's funny, I don't care who you are. For me, it's
Favorite UV Resin?
My apologies for jumping right into discussion. This was just something that was on my mind and I was curious about what other tiers preferred to use. I'll admit that I should have done a little mor
Shoutout from Utah!
Hello everyone! I'm new here but I've been tying for a few years now. Anyone else in Utah/Western US?  I run my own fly tying website and youtube channel &
Fly Tyers Dungeon boxes are available now...
I am a bit surprised he's able to stay in business.  Or, maybe, I am surprised at just how many fly tiers there are out there.   Wife got me two of his gift boxes many years ago.  (Sh
Gizmos new and old
I stumbled onto a potentially useful dingus at Joannes yesterday. A pack of Eyepins in the beading section.  These are straight stainless steel shafts with a parallel eye at one end -- @ 1.25 " i
November Flies from the Vise
Once again much Mahalo guys! Here's another one. Playing with materials and technique.   Kimo
Wooly Bugger Twist
I think he is talking about twist in the leader/tippet, not the tying thread.   Is the new hackle stiffer? Stiffer hackle is more wind resistant and that can cause a fly to spin on the cast/
Trout Emerger -my favorite model
What a pretty emerger. I can see why your local fish like it. I was thinking the same thing piker was, the fur dubbed thorax is going to soak up water and it won't float for long in rough water. May
Prep Game bird skin adive.
I have dried  the skins with salt and others with borax and both gave me hard skins, one book I read long ago gave a mix of water and glycerin, iirc 3 parts water and 1 part glycerin, to work in
Perdigon Hook Choice
What hook and bead size do people prefer when tying Perdigon flies? I have seen them tied on 90 degree jig hooks, 60 degree jig hooks, straight down eye, curved nymph hooks and more. Not sure what siz
You Tube is not what is not what it used to.
i have numerous fly tying channels saved from reputable fly tyers, a few cooking channels, home repair etc channels   no teenage dramas, coffe cups, bullshit politics etc   set up channels y
salt question
thank ya kindly gents, I do have a big bazooka rod carrier thing, super overkill for one fly rod, I could get 5-7 rods in it, used it for an Alaska trip for myself and 3 others. there are plenty
Crafty Layered Shrimp
This is technically a brown shrimp imitation, but I think it could work (even at this coloration) for other shrimp as well.  You could also tie this in other colors also.  Its flashy, and ha
Annual Caddis for Christmas Swap
I'm tying some Chuck Caddis.
Custom Wood Fly tying box
I have an incredible custom wood tying box if anyone is interested.  I can post pictures. 
Looking for large vinyl rib - that's actually LARGE
Kimo, what happened to those spools?  I don't need 3000 yards, but 300 yards would do!  Good question. That basement was a treasure chest of everything fly tying. Unfortunately, Shane d
Caddis Pupa
Real nice looking fly Lucian! Seems like there would be endless variations that could be tied off that tying style! BCT
Tie fly so it floats just below the surface
Lots of materials can help your SH float close to the surface, CDC being first and foremost (on an extra fine hook), deer hair, snowshoe rabbit, Antron, organza-- stuff that captures air. Allen McGee
Show Us Your Tube Flies
Thanks for the tip. Only reason I asked is they look huge, what is overall length of the flies?[/quote] The tubes run 1.75 inches, flies are about 2.5 - 3.25, depending on materials.
Thompson vise and base
LOL.. gave my vise and a bunch of misc. materials to a kid that was on here.  He wanted to impress the tiers on here so bad , he was using other people's pictures of flies and calling them h
HMH FLY TYING CONTEST sponsored by HMH Vises
HMH FLY TYING CONTEST!   1. Tie a fly using your HMH Vise and take a picture of it. 2. Please include HMH vise in the photo in some way. 3. Post your photo on Instagram or Facebook and use the ha
Antron fibers with Hi gloss
I once had a bunch of Antron that I bought in shanks or on spools from tying shops. It had higher gloss threads added that together gave off a sheen when it was chopped and blended into furs etc for d
YLI Silk thread keeps breaking while wrapping hook
i guess if youre tying museum flies then traditional silk threads would be preferred   i tie soft hackle bodies using thread an uni stretch   the fish i hook cant tell the difference
Nice knowing you guys...Im a dead man!!!
Years ago when tying with Zap A Gap accidently got some between the fingers & temporarily zapped together along with small amount on the tying chair. After losing some skin found out there's a deb
Firehole Outdoors Is Having a Firesale
Today I received my first order of Firehole Outdoors hooks.     Of late I have been tying mostly TMC2488 #24 hooks and I have to be very careful to check the hook eye before I begin tying an
Fly Tying Events
the majority of tyers will have their flies on display on one kind of fly stand or another on show in front of them   what lenses you bring is up to you. i just use my phone or a small compact ca
EP Finger Mullet
EP style flies are staples in many saltwater fishermans boxes.  And the Mullet style pattern is definitely an important fly to have when fishing in the gulf.  Redfish, sea trout, and many ot
Unnamed nymph.
Nice way to introduce yourself.  You have a sound design that begs to be the point fly on the swing. And variations on it with dyed pt, and the wide color range of tinsels and wires available --
Show your bench
Okay Flytire now show us the money ! (Your storage area) !   ok nothing spectacular   materials     books     some hooks     more materials  
Quill Nymphs
From what I've learned, if you're using epoxy, you'll probably need a slow rotating drying (curing) tool.  Something you can put your finished fly on, and it will keep the epoxy from pooling/drip
Are shrimp eyes a necessity
So, I plan on tying a few shrimp patterns for my next trip to pine island or choko.  I'm still a salt virgin with the fly rod, but I'm all about using whatever means necessary for a fly to be the
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