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Where have all the swappers gone?
I think with nicer weather rolling around people would rather be out fishing flies than tying them.
CDC Emerger
Hi SilverCreek   The fly is not supposed  to  stay  vertical in water. It  supposed  to have  the body in angle, at least sort off ... Like  a Klinkhammer emerg
Renzetti traveler review
Not taking sides here, but I hope to relate some constructive criticism on the video.  First, it was too long.  About half an hour for what could have been done better in about ten. And a re
need help identifying streamer materials
Hey Everyone,  Just signed up, what great site! I've been on here a bit for research in my fly tying endeavours.  I would consider myself a novice fly tyer at best. Just getting away from th
Hello All : )
Just wanted to say Hello.   Living in Colorado Springs, Colorado.    Grew up here in the state and fished quiet a bit growing up.    Now that my kiddo's are getting older
Bronze Mallard
CB you are right. Eric Leiser mentions it in The Complete book of Fly Tying. Bronze Mallard: Feathers from drake mallard ducks just above the point where the wing merges with the body; similar to the
Anyone have the book,”tying small flies”
yes   yes if you like tying small flies   no
Places to find Good Bucktail?
I would look into Whitetail Fly tying. It used to be Chris Helm's business and had some of the best hair around. If the new people run it like he did, that would be where I would look first. 
Panfish Delight
I recently came up with a small jigging type of minnow pattern for someone who wanted a few tied up.  After tying it, I realized it would be perfect for jigging for panfish.  So I made it br
Peacock herl?
You can find whole eyes at Hobby Lobby or Michael's.  They're relatively cheap and you can visually inspect them.  If you have old, dry herl you can steam it and restore it like you do other
RIP Norm Norlander
I am crushed.  I first met Norm back before 1993, at a sports and outdoor show in Salt Lake City.  .  He of course was tying on and demonstrating his Nor-vise.  I was hooked immedi
Hello from Upstate NY
Hello all,     I am from the Finger Lakes area in Upstate. Just started getting back into Fly Fishing and thinking about getting back into Fly Tying too. Gave both up about 40 years ago
The Golden Missile
----The Golden Missile----   I had been looking forward to the summer of 2016 for quite some time.  For the same reason, the women in my life were both anxious and nauseous as they dreadfull
Dry fly help
crazy thought/memory  I just had: if you are in the habit of tying wet flies, you didn't by chance use the same heavy gauge hooks did you? I found out they don't float well.
Elk hair or deer hair
I have a complete elk hide and deer hide. I typically cut sections of deer hide and cure with borax. I now have elk to use as well. Can elk and deer be used interchangeably? I have two elk manes too.
Fly tying materials
I'm an avid outdoorsman. I have access to different natural materials for tying flies. I recently obtained a skin from a turkey. I found many different types of feathers I think can be used in place o
Hey ya'll
I'm from Oklahoma, been tying about 3 years now and I really enjoy it. Looking forward to checking out the posts and learning of few things.  
My dry fly hackle falls forward as I get closer to the eye of the hook
Try tying your dry flies as parachute patterns - you won't have the hackle falling forward, there is just the post for the wing so you don't have to worry about having even wings, and best of all, the
Old style wet fly fishing - cast of three flies - need help!
Any way it's done, is is difficult to cast and imo, wants a stout heavy line and rod. I was using a 9wt 8' glass rod at the time I experimented with this and it did two better than three.  I d
Hello from the Pacific Northwest
Hey all,   I've been a long time lurker, but am officially new to the forum. I moved from Kansas City to Seattle a few years back and fly fishing was something that always interested me. After ho
Hired by my local Fly Shop... advice needed!
Ok guys, so really wanted to make sure this summer (job-wise) was much better than last year. Some of you may remember that it did not go well lol...   The Fly Shop of Miami decided to hire me an
Pics of gamakatsu c12-bm?
Sorry for the mixup. I just started tying but I have been using daiichi 1110 hooks for ice jigs and just bare hooks so I have some around. I'm looking for a pic with a c12-bm next to another hook to s
Midge bobbins?
I use a standard bobbin.  I've tied down to a size 32 with them.    I have a couple of midge bobbins.  Came upon them while was straightening up my tying room.   I had us
Extra large Wulff patterns
what's your technique tying on the foam ? tie in foam strip (2mm x 2mm); wrap to 2/3 mark, tie off/trim counterwrap rib; tie off/trim Here's the whole SBS
Mini-Me Hopper
Coming into spring, dry fly season is right around the corner.  Up where I live, we get grasshoppers jumping off the banks and into the water pretty early in the season.  However most of our
Looking for panfish ideas
For surface flies, I use Bivisibles in a variety of colors.  I make them with white fronts and the back 3/4 of the fly is brown, black, olive, grey or variegated ginger.  Sometimes I tie in
Hackle for wally wings.
Al & Betty also came up with cutting out the bottom inside barbs after tying in the wally wings, to prevent spinning problems with Wally wings, there's an article somewhere.
Cohen's Bird Variation
Nice ties Bruce! There is another tirer on here and I wont call him out but we spoke on the phone hes only been tying for about seven years. Ive been tying for 50+ years and have been spinning deer h
May Flies From The Vise
      Tying up some larger streamers now. Usually on trips where we only have 2-3 days to fish I'll stick to more medium sized patterns. Since the soon upcoming trip is one where I'll h
Who has the best price on a peak rotary vise
This is where I'd look
Hair stackers, stainless
Far as cheap goes, I use my hands. It may be slower, but I'm not in all that much hurry and most of the hair I use is either spun or streamer wings where the ends don't need to match precisely. I thin
Need help identifying material (baitfish pattern)
Kinda a serious question here, the synthetics must all be nylon, acrylic or polyester, is that correct?  If it  is, then the question I have is; is there really a great difference between br
alpine trout fishing
Too funny I actually just watched that video yesterday while I was tying flies. I found I can get youtube through my TV now and have been watching a bunch of videos all day while working. Funny you po
The bugger in every color is by far my go too all day I'm simply tying for enjoyment and hoping that it inspires more to get into tying flies and enjoying this sport.
was a good weekend for scrounging materials
Anyone else have good luck lately?   Friday I went to a craft supplies junk sale and found weavers wool, some weavers 'blending fiber' in red huge cone, looks like tinsel. more than a lifetime su
Hair wing fly swap
  Yep, I'll definitely do this with 6 in. Gives good practice and I'll tie the same thing as Fishin'Bob.  Do you remember what I am tying, my half-timers disease must have kicked in...
Interest in a modern/classic Hair wing or spey swap
Not very good at them yet but I enjoy tying them so I'd play. What kind of a due date would you be looking at?
Fly nameing
Kaufman's Stimulator...
Squishy worm question
I have only made these flys for bluegil and they pull them apart in short order, so i just strung them on the hook wacky worm style and caught just as many fish for a lot less work in tying, like none
Back to bream/bass
Nice, denduke.  I have one of them "Googly Balls"  sitting next to my tying desk.  I'm finished doing my mop flies.  Time to move on something else.  I've always found pieces
Black buzzer
Hi Henry,    sorry for my late reply,  I was out for testing some flies on rivers in Austria. Your buzzer looks great. Probably you need to use a little bit more white gills 
Just joined, and just bought my first tying rig, looking for good resources to get started, have been a regular at my fly shop's tying & lying nights.  Also, planning a trip to Bermuda last w
PT Variant Nymph for dark or deep rivers
Here is  my favorite version of PT for muddy rivers or for fishing in deep pools:     This is what I use these days when the snowing is melting  and the rivers are high.   c
Finally got one
Now you have lots fly tying feathers.
making a spoon fly body
like everything in fly tying, there may be easier ways to make them but heres one way
ep fibers substitute
Aztec flies...I remember getting on that kick for a while. Those things were a nightmare, They were a magnet for tangling with anything bushes,thorns other flies etc, And I remember the first time I
Super Hair
Does anyone use Super Hair in their tying of large flies? It is 11 inches long and I bought some years ago and have not used it yet. I'd appreciate any suggestions. Thanks, Tom Usually tie saltwat
Hi from NY
Hi All, My name is Glenn and I live in Manhattan. I've fished over 40 years but just got started fly fishing and tying for trout. I did  do the Salmon River chuck and duck a few seasons years ago
Lead Wire
I think you mean lead wire is 50% heavier.       Yes,   Thanks for catching that. I made the correction.   I made my views about lead used in fly fishing in this post. &
Big Boys are Coming
Thanks guys. It feels great to be tying again - it's been a couple of years. I've been tying that pattern for 20+ years in various sizes and colors; originally for stripers in the Rhode Island surf, b
Two classic salmon flies
You say youre looking for Cock of the Rock? Here is some on e-bay, seems like a good deal, but the feathers seem more red than the usual orange.
Why I'm Not Hosting Right Now
Guys, I hope I can get away with this. If this post is taken down, maybe some of you will have read it first and know what's going on. The reason I'm not hosting now really doesn't have anything to do
Animal hair that sinks?
Royce Dam,The Buz Buszek Award is the highest fly tying award the FFF gives out. Royce Dam won it in 1994 and he is the foremost fly tier that uses wool for flies.    Get his book, The Pract
Universal Nymph- great all around pattern
Lucian, I am and have been a fan of your ties for a while.  In this case your superb photography has joggled my brain.  This pattern has been around as long as I have been tying but I j
Let me know what you think
dont forget about your federal and state tax papers   you must segregate your personal fly tying supplies from your business tying supplies   get a federal tax id number so you can buy your
Warm Water “Top to Bottom” Swap
Zip, those look good!   I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone knocks out for this one. Did all my tying prep last night!
Any updates on HMH TRN?
I have purchased two TRV's.   Since my last post on the "New" TRV and I have had many hours sitting behind it tying many different type and sizes of flies. I just finished a box full of size 22 m
Hello from Canada
I've been lurking for a while and thought it was about time to say hello. I'm from Nova Scotia, Canada. I've fished all my life, but only began fly fishing about 5 or 6 years ago, and just took up tyi
Frenchie - On normal hook
lance egan's frenchie has been tied on a straight shank hook as far back as 2012 and maybe longer.   see in the riffle video   tying on a jig hook would be the newest evolution   from d
Bead Head Wooly Bugger on a Jig Hook
Wholesale fly co $7 for 100, $2 shipping, they also sell slotted tungsten, $4 for 25 or $13 for 100
Allen fly fishing
allen fly fishing has never been known to be a full "fly shop" for all of your fly tying material needs   beads and hooks. thats about it   excellent customer service for the orders i have p
The ultimate recliner...
Reading Mike's thread about non-fly tying costs, my SS checks have recently taken a hit. The faithful maid started getting stuck in chairs which she used to navigate fine and tore up her gears. New ma
Kits aren't a bad way to go when getting started. I know some who say stay away from kits, the materials aren't the greatest. I agree on that point but you won't b e tying presentation flies to start.
Big Nasty by Kevin Howell
Hello all!      I've been trying to find a recipe or tying instructions for a fly called Big Nasty.  I believe it was originally tied by Kevin Howell, but I can't find anything.
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