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Black Bead Bird Nest by Dave Gallenberger

The Ray Bergman Collection - 102) Epting

Hatches Theater- BC headwaters, Redfish Rebound, Ozark Gar

Ray Bergman Collection - 181) Jennie Lind

Triggers, Tiers and Trout by Russ Forney

Kris Keller's 3 Pack Shaker - by Brian Wise

Fly Tying Vise

Still very new to tying
Only been tying for a month or so. Just trying to do easy patterns that I have materials for. Here is a Mickey Finn and a few jigs I tied over the last couple of days.   Comments and critique are
Anyone has a cavapoo? (Dog breed)
cavapoo smavapoo! lock your tying room door  
Tapering scissors.
Yep but the Teeth on my new ones are M shaped. The previous pair were more like your photo Norman. I don't think I'm going to persist with them. I'll just go back to old way of tapering material bef
New from Kentucky
Fairly new fly at fly tying. Been fly fishing for a few years, but recently got into tying. Live in Louisville
tying station suggestions
Hey all. I'm new to fly tying (got a Renzetti Traveler vise last week for my birthday). I'm already obsessed with tying and starting designing a little fly tying station to keep all my tools organized
Howdy from Kansas City.
Howdy, ya'll. I have been lurking on this site for a couple of years and finally decided to make an account to help others as well as receive help and insight on this addictive hobby. I have been fly
Dubbing application direction?
So it never crossed my mind until the other day about what direction I spin my dubbing on the thread until I read a post about winding it a certain direction made it 'get tighter' as you wind the dubb
What do folk use.
Ill give them a try. Plenty of webby feathers in stock. Nights have drawn in quick so plan to get back to tying this winter.
Pacific King
  pacific king   hook - salmon/steelhead style thread - black tail - black hackle fibers body - insect green floss with a strip of brown floss laid over the  top and secured with 4 tur
Hares Ear
The hares ear is a fly that has been around for ages, however its still as effective today as it was many many years ago when it was created.  The simplicity is really what makes this fly so popu
Early season buck, first archery harvest!
Lots of tying material.   Rick
Vladan's Ephemera Emerger SBS
Vladan's Ephemerela Emerger (Spundun variation) Not a huge fan of sparkle duns, mainly because I don't like tying them; Spunduns are easier and provide a bit more positive buoyancy. hook Dai Riki 300
Fly Tying & Fly Fishing Books & DVD's
(All plus postage)   The Art of Fly Tying, by John Van Vliet (a good beginner's book) - $5 This book guides you through all the tying basics with easy to follow instructions and great color pictu
Assorted Fly Tying Feathers, Hairs, and Furs
FTF BEGINNERS' PACKAGE DEAL:   - Thompson Pro vise on other thread ($35) - a great beginner's vise. Vintage quality, lightly used. - Art of Fly Tying book on other thread ($5) - covers all the ba
Thompson Vise
Vintage Thompson Pro vise in nice condition, $35 + postage
Swap your The Lovely Reed for my Caddisflies or Other
I'm hoping to find someone willing to part with their copy of the Lovely Reed, by Jack Howell. I've got a number of items I'll be posting for sale shortly (assuming they make it past the moderators),
Making the welder pay for itself
I usually don't start my make busy projects until winter but this year has literally been a wash fishing wise. I have more cancelled trips then actual trips this year due to all the rain. In fact I pr
Micro Fishing Fly Pattern... Simple Quick Tie
Had fun the other day fishing for little Bluegill and Sunfish using midge patterns and nymphs with the Micro Fly Rod. Was trying for the smallest of fishes but hooks were too large to catch the little
Humpy Flymph SBS
A Flumpy; found this on a Serbian site. Tied with materials on the bench; change colors to suit your needs. hook Dai Riki 125 #14 thread - Danville 6/0 olive tail - wood duck flank body - Tying thr
SE FL noob
Hello all... Brushing the dust off my fly equipment after 15 years or so.......also need to go through my old tying stuff. Mainly saltwater down here, a little fresh in some ponds, used to hit ponds o
Are trout really that picky?
Trout feeding habits are pretty much a mystery as there are two many randoms in the fish, the activity,  and the observers.   Fish of different types, sizes; origins -- stock tank, or native
Time for Secret Santa Christmas Swap Planning
Cut off for sign up is Nov. 17th to have flies here by Nov. 24th.  Welcome to the Secret Santa Swap 2018! The object of this swap is that you send me your flie
Old fly tying vise videos?
I was searching YouTube for videos of old tying vises I had seen in the past from a guy with the handle of classic fly tyer or something similar but cannot find them now. I recently bought an old Thom
The Adams Dry Fly
The Adams dry fly is one of the most popular dry flies ever created for good reason.  It mimics a mayfly perfectly and has proven itself throughout many years of fishing.  It is widely effec
Hi,   another fly tying video from my YT channel: the Chamois Nymph.  subscribe to my channel!
what does your fly photography and or video setup look like?
i am curious on what your tying photography and or video setups look like   please show some photos and list your equipment   please no negative comments of tyers setups   thanks  
Family Dollar Store Find
Those places always have interesting n useful stuff for fly tying. Try the fake eyelashes for dry fly tails.
Can I use a Scott 9' Med/Fast rod for nymphing?
Veering off topic.  But I use a short piece of the red amnesia to connect leader to fly line.  It's more flexible than the leader butt for tying knots and it can save your butt section when
Ribbing material on Hare's Ear nymph?
For large nymphs I use flat tinsel, and for smaller flies I use gold wire of various sizes. Actually funny this was brought up cause I have a tying video discussing the same thing coming out on the 1
October Flies from the Vise
This pic was posted elsewhere on the www coutesy of Jim Slattery... I find the story of how his pattern got hijacked really compelling. Thanks ft for posting and tying the original. To me it imitates
Gawdy frogs
Main problem I've found with real rubber bands ... they deteriorate much faster than synthetic materials.  Not a problem if your using your flies within a week or two of tying them.  I used
New Tying Bench
Hi all  This is my attempt at a making a Tying Bench. I have been doing my research & cant wait to lean & start tying. Please tell me what ya think
Nalle Puh (Winnie the Pooh) SBS
Considered the national fly of Finland, created by Simo Lumme; a caddis imitation. Original is tied with a bear hair wing; smoke 'em if you've got 'em, I guess. hook - Dai Riki 300 #10 thread - UTC
Favorite hackle colors
I have heard of guys who only use a parachute Adams or a Royal Wuff, period. I know other guys who carry a bunch of fly boxes. I am a bit of a hoarder of feathers, myself, and get bored tying the sa
Losing posts because of Facebook...
Now this of course sounds stupid, and it is. I've only gotten to get into FB in the last year or so because others push me on it. So I'm doing a lot of quick posts on FB and all you have to do after y
Re-newed fly tyer
Hi folks!   I'm new to this forum (looks great, by the way), but not new to tying flies. When I was younger I tied mostly panfish and bass flies and bugs using a series of really poorly-made vice
Experiments from area 55
Making flies this way is a fly tying thing.  I like to keep it interesting.  I don't claim they work any better than a Parachute Adams.  
Quick Question - SBS Acronym?
Step by step   Notice the steps in tying in Scott's posts
Use of jig hooks for ALL nymphs?
no reason at all. be creative. experiment   however, nymphs like a prince nymph or with a wing case should be tied up side down and even then its tyers preference     copper john  
Easy Pheasant Tail Nymph
I am not sure what you are tying, "Easy..." doesn't ring a beel or me as the name of a pattern, but generally you can go as big or small as suits you and as the materials can be adapted to. some PTNs
Misc bird skins
Does anyone use domestic bird feathers. such as mourning dove, urban pigeon, rail, or ??.  Just did an internet search for them as used in fly tying and found virtually nothing.  
Damaged fly in the Box... what to do?
I use just blades from the sheetrock knife, seem to last longer and rust less than razor blades and as a carpenter I've always had 50 or 100 handy. Sometimes strip a fly right after tying it, if I dec
Roadkill question
It doesn't get changed, you can either blow off the excess with air or give it a cold water rinse . On furs I would only borax the hard to dry areas of ears and armpits, normally, and on the skin side
Hey from the "A"
Hey yall, my name's Tanner and I live in Atlanta. Picked up fly fishing this past March and am lovin it. Decided to take the deeper plunge and start tying as well! Looking forward to learning from yal
September the new December?
This month has been very good to me. It started out with me buying new welder followed by a box of dubbing and a like new regal vise for $28.65 and now great karma. Last week a much younger co worker
All Synthetic Foam Beetle
Hey guys I wasnt trying to come down on this section, I hope I didnt offend anyone. Just lets be honest there arent as much visitors to here as there are in the fly tying bench section of the forum.
A Mickey Finn for Finnatics
Nice ! I learned to tie mine years ago from the Orvis Index of Fly Patterns book. In their version it has a little short red tail and I've always tied mine with that tag/tail on there made from red an
Good cheap lamp
i bought one similar from Walmart for $10. had a post on the end of it that I cot a couple collar clamps and clamped through one of the holes one my tying bench. works better than I expected. slapped
Newest New Guy
I think I'm the newest new guy at the forum. I'm new to fly tying. I've only been at the vise for 2 months, but I've been fishing my whole life. I'm originally from Michigan, living in NE Ohio. I spen
Floatant spray for deer hair bass bugs Who uses what?
I can see carrying the Grease based stuff like Mucilin or Gink or Albolene or Chapstick in your pocket, but they don't need any drying time-they don't dry- however all the spray silicone that I have u
Best's "Production Fly Tying" comparing editions
Gentlemen, I'm close to buying a copy of A K Best's "Production Fly Tying".   Can anyone here give me some hints as to some of the differences in the 3 different versions that are available 1989,
Pegging beads
turkey baster? silicone peg source?   please explain. secret decoder ring broken   fly tying content? should be posted in "fly fishing" category
What do you sit on?
Good morning I'm in the planning/ design stage of my rustic fly tying bench. I could use some feedback on what works and what doesn't as far as a chair goes before I cut the legs for the ben
would you want....
Pretty sure there are no fish in space, and that no gravity thing seems like it would really complicate tying or casting. I guess I'll just stay home, besides the lack of gnats might ca
Bream & Blues Ep. 1 Some Days   Got a little fly tying in on this episode.
The 5-6mm glass rattle on the back of the hook is the key for giving girth if you will. When tying the tail push the hump in it and Solarez. There are lead wraps from the rattle to the tail. . The
Auction score?
I like to go to auctions when I have nothing else to do. 9 out of 10 times I come home empty handed. Today I scored, possibly a major score but I'm a little unsure. My first purchase was a box contain
The Nail Soup Swap
When I was just a kid in grade school, we read a story called "Nail Soup", which for some reason has stuck in my mind to this day. I was thinking about it tonight, and decided to see if I could locate
First stab at Materials...
This list of beginner tying materials is simply a list based on my 30+ years experience in fly tying. The list provided below is for a new tyer who wants to tie trout flies but can spill over to diffe
Sandy, didn't you post once that you were working on a book?   I never tried your lathe idea because I had no rotary vise but the "brush" thread the other the other day gave me an idea of making
Foam under fiber
Nice.  An idea to play with over the winter.  Probably end up tying them on a smaller long shank hook.  I cheat when I want weed guards.  Use mainly the Gamakatsu weedless worm hoo
Steelhead streamer hook shank length
Hey guys, Im tying up some eggs and streamers to throw to some Great Lakes steelhead in the next couple of days. Ive been tying smaller silver shiner type patterns but have been using shorter shank ho
Simple Hare's Ear jig - Thanks to flytire
I was the lucky recipient of flytire's generous hook give-away. Already putting them to good use tying up some hares ear jigs to throw in North Georgia in a few weeks. Thanks again, flytire @B. Le
Quick Tie - Elk hair Caddis
Rainy days are great for fly tying; here is a quick tie of an Elk hair Caddis using material on hand!   Size 14 or 16 Dry Fly Hook 7/0 Dacron Tying Thread (Olive because it was handy) Grizzly Hac
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