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Fly Tying Vise

Havent posted in a long time and wanted to share some of my new stuff
Here are some recent flies I have tied. I love tying and my new love is musky flies. I will be purchasing a pile of material to make them. I have only tied two of them so far with sub par materials. I
Tail wrapping
One technique that I've used with zonker (rabbit) strip tails is to apply a very small bead of CA glue to the skin side of the strip, just a tiny drop immediately behind the hook bend. This makes that
Hello from Virginia
Hey everyone,   Just joined this forum last week due to the amount of good information I've found on it for tying. I've been tying for 6 years now and love it. Hope to learn and contribute as muc
Articulated Sculpin tying video
Just put another tying video on my new blog the other day.  This sculpin has fished very well for me since last spring. Enjoy!!   Frank
Any interest in a bugger swap?
Let me know when you have an idea about a due date.  I am tying for several swaps now so will have to see how I am doing.
Mop Swap - Jazz it up!!!
OK everyone, this swap might be some what controversial for some and for those of you that do not wish to participate in this swap that is fine.  Some folks thinks the mops that you can purchase
CDC & Elk
Hi Everyone, In this weeks video I'm tying Hans Weilenmann's iconic CDC & Elk. If you like the video please hit the like button and hit subsicribe I'm going to have a new video coming out every we
Senyo Lazer Dub
I use the Senyo Laser dubbing a bit differently.  After attending a fly tying class sponsored by my salt water club, I found it makes excellent small bait fish patterns, under 3 inches in length.
Silent Death utube vid
1)  Definitely agreeing on the shirt choice mentioned above. 2)  Also agreeing with the speed of the materials.  That's controllable to the viewer, though, by hitting the pause button.
Two big Fly Tying company sales
The world of fly tying materials is a small one -  but like the general tackle business - quite unforgiving... You either succeed or get picked up by a larger outfit (or you become a larger conce
Shoal bass patterns
Never fished for them, and don't really know of any patterns specifically for targeting Shoal bass. However, it's likely any of the popular streamer patterns today should work, whether they're intende
Best UV Products??
The epoxy glues we use in fly tying are plastic resins as well. We all know that epoxy is used to as glues and coatings. The UV cured resins are used as glues and coatings in industry. So both are pla
New zonker strip cuts to attempt a dye job
Somebody here posted something about hot tipping zonkers that looked fantastic. They were tying in different colors on the tip as opposed to dying.
I lost my hemostats... gosh darn it!
GO for it bimini.  It's not like you'll be trimming materials while tying flies.  The scissor part will probably work just fine on the water. Of course, at that price, they will say "China"
The Mighty Sculpin
Like I said, I'm interested, but I'll wait a bit until some others have signed up and you have an idea what the due date is going to be. I just don't have tons of time to devote to tying right now so
Social Media and Fly Tying: Part Two
Thank you for all of the incredible suggestions from my earlier post, and in this second video, I describe the various social media outlets that have a positive impact on fly tying.  This list in
Making your own dubbing
The Hare's mask offers a plethora of areas for creating different colors of dubbing along with consistency of the dubbing - much more so than a rabbit pelt. The best description of those areas and usa
Single hook Streamers
I don't have very many single hook streamers. Does anyone have any single hook zonkers or any others they like along with a video or tying info? Kevin
Years tying flies
In the early 90s I inherited a vise and a nice collection of tying tools.  I put the vise on the bookcase and the tools in a tackle box.  Three years ago I opened the tackle box and started
BWO/March Brown Swap
Norm, just a simple question I can't remember if you've answered before. Do you wrap your bodies like that overhand or do you use a rotating vise head for them?
Feb flies from the vise
Mr. Cream, Thanks for posting the pictures of the flies and the SBS videos.  I have to start tying Murdiches for smallies and was wondering about colors.  The videos were very clear with the
Dr Ed Rizzollos Fly Tying Festival 2/11/2017
I just wanted to let everyone know about this event that is taking place next weekend here in Houston, TX. The event is next Saturday from 8:30-4:30 pm; David Nelson is this years featured speake
Allgood Branch | Damon Strikes Back
Yeah, and I think fly tying is perfect because you can make whatever lure you want. The way I look at it fly fishing is just handline fishing with an added pole. you strip with your handle, you often
Wet Fly Hackle "More or Less"
Two things, when tying the wet fly what is the best way to measure the size of the hackle. Sometimes the hackle seems really long compared to the body, just a little out of proportion. Second thing is
Supreme Super Hair
prep your material, measure to length, AND CUT IT BEFORE TYING IN. Just like bucktail. Over and over and over and over and over (and over....) people have troubles with bucktail and other hairs- and i
Hello from Central/Northern Virginia
Hi everyone, looking to start tying my own flies and jigs. Plenty of water ways here for all kinds of species. Love fishing for just about anything.
large hooks wobble
Could you post up a photo of the hook clamped into the vise? Also, what is the thread and the bobbin holder you are using?
New HMH Vise
A good idea that will likely be tweaked before production begins.  Interesting, but I don't use the rotary function fully on my vise, nor do I have the ability to justify another rotary vise.
uv molding kit
Pretty neat system.     Epoxy would work, if you can keep the components in place long enough.  Do it on the table top, instead of suspended in a vise, and the components could be block
Help finding tying video
Found it. I thought my head was going to explode, deep internet space can be troublesome for my mind. Monzuri Minnow Thanks
Roger, welcome to the site.  If you answer back, and explain how farming and writing pertain to fly tying ... then we won't consider this a spam launch.   Roger?
I go through a bunch of bucktail year in and year out - and try to use every list bit of every tail... That said, like most I have a limited use for the natural brown center portion... I do find that
Small Glass Minnow - Transparent Baitfish Streamer
I totally agree that it is tied differently. I'm just saying i used his sbs to end up tying a fly exactly like yours. His pattern I think also doubles as an egg pattern in a pinch. I just think it w
Lighten Color of Calf Tail
I used to tie with kiptail (calftail) in great quantities (buying each color ten tails at a time...) for bonefish bugs mostly - but also for tarpon fly spreaders (that bunch of kiptail just forward of
Livestream Flytying
My countryman Daniel D Holm is livestreaming on youtube every Thursday at 20CET/+1GMT. Tonight he's tying a craftfur shrimp and a black Munkeren. Just thought i would share. Check it out. https://m.yo
Bobbin Invasion
+1 what bass master said... I started tying flies by holding the thread in my hands. The first bobbin I got was the old red plastic model - tension adjustment via a screwdriver. The Matterelli style
Homemade disposal brush by 2 Cents
You can also make some good brushes out of toothpicks and stacked deer or elk hair. Just "gently" anchor the toothpick in your vise, tie thread on the small end, clip hair from the hide, clean out und
Hello from Western Virginia
New here from Verona, Virginia. Hoping to learn more tying tips and patterns.
hollow phleyes
plain satin off a bolt of fabric from wall mart, craft stores or a kids super hero cape .  cut to a square and pull the threads out  you get two ,one shiny and one dull with a texture . 
A ten-buck LRH Lightweight
I dislike explaining things, but here goes.   I belong to a group that gives PHW  money each year.  We get that money by auctioning off stuff and through donations which is where I boug
Anvil #70 Left Hand Tying Scissors!/Fly-Tying/c/13991404/offset=0&sort=normal
Hello From Eastern Indiana
Welcome Philo, sorry to here about you not spending enough, tying can help you meet your goal.
Using hot glue
this should be in the fly tying section   heres a few patterns from hmg fly systems
Has anybody used Kabari flys with regular fly rods?
tenkara flies are not the only flies tied with the hackles pointed forward   try google for "devaux style" and "funnel dun"   both styles are described in the benchside reference book &#
Bass rod
again, my irritation with them is that the length was and still is the marketing point of - quote from the Sage website - "Built within tournament specifications (under 8')" which is utterly and total
India hen back
Moths can be an issue, but that's about the only bug that eats feathers.  Carpet beetles but who has carpet beetles in their fly tying materials.   Most all bugs eat blood and live on live a
dye types and final colors
fshng2 - Haven't had any problems with residue on any of the feathers I've done   Bob Sc - use a lot when tying panfish jigs and have traded with a couple others for jigheads they have that I don
Dry Fly Tail Sinking
There are 3 main methods for spreading the tails on dry flies. They are the dubbing ball, thread method and the Hockley method,   FAOL explains the dubbing ball and one way to use thread to split
The Complete Caddis Swap
I put you down Vicrider, thanks for filling the last spot. Dorado is also planning on tying that pattern, but it is fine with me to have another which will surely be somewhat different anyway   S
Foam Beetle YouTube Tutorial
This is a foam beetle variation I recently started tying. When I made the video I called it the "Disco Beetle" because of the flash on the under side of the fly. After I posted the video I saw another
Chuck Furimsky's Turbo Tail
In my newest fly tying tutorial, I feature Chuck Furimsky sharing his Turbo Tail pattern for larger fish.  This fly incorporates Turbo Tails, a leather material that relates to his Bugskin. 
Dubbing Loop
yes i do know what i'm doing but most dubbing will tend to loosen up after 1-3 wraps forward and must be retightened on the thread before continuing to wrap forward (watch a davie mcphail video and
Finally I caught a trout Fly Fishing on the San Juan River!
So you still gotta win with midges I assume, LOL ! But congrats non the less.   What did the Krystal Flash emerger represent, and what size ?   Hey, this is good stuff McFly, keep em comin
Creating Realistic Wings
I haven't made much headway, but here are a few quick shots.   I laser-printed the fossil lacewing and a few other images onto clear transparency film. The result looked very much like cheap plas
Hello From Austin!
Welcome to the site, David.  Good to see you, Again, for the first time   Good luck with the fishing and tying.
Free Hooks!
Mine arrived within a couple days. They were in a simple envelope, but look good to me. Looking forward to tying on them. Thanks again for the heads up!
Panfish Swap With A Twist
I need a reason to get back to the vise.  I'll tie the SMP.  Thanks for hosting.   robert
For All You Guys Tying Flies or Fly 'Parts' With Mono...
... what size of mono do you use and what do you tie with it?   Is anyone tying with 0.008" or smaller diameters and what are you tying with it? Are you using any adhesives with this tying and ho
How to go about tying flies
Shoe ... I sure hope you didn't take MY post negatively. I know I didn't put any smiley face emoji's on there, but it WAS intended humorously ... as most of my misunderstood posts are.   That sai
When to use hooks with straight, down or up eyes?
I prefer straight eye hooks for whatever I'm tying and a round bend if possible.  The tradition of down eyed or up eyed hooks probably dates back to the days when flies were snelled. 
Stimulator Dry fly. Advice on proportions.
You'll have to thank charlie craven for tying it
Small Flies
I had a source for 30 and 32 but it dried up. You can get down to 28 fairly easily but I don't think they make anything smaller anymore. I like tying 20-24 but smaller gets nasty for old hands and eye
Getting Started With Balsa
I played around with balsa back in the 19, um ... several years ago. I hated it.  You have to sand it with 600 grit paper or finer, and then that clogs up too quickly, so you go through a lot of
Tips for tying with Starling feathers?
Ok. Now where from the skin do you pluck your feathers? Neck, shoulders, wings?? As I said, "That will be determined by the fly."  You can use all the feathers depending on which fly you are
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