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New guy from WI
Welcome to the site, and to the hobby/obsession of fly tying.    Take your time, and learn some basics before tying a fly.  Things like whip finishing, building a body, tying in materia
A Few Flies
Hello All   As stated in my introduction I’m getting back into tying after a long break.  I was going to post some of the flies I’m working on in the “February Flies from t
Self created Crawfish pattern
I make my claws from pheasant body feathers,   These are coated with fabric fusion, or other flexible cement, and then the center is trimmed out.    [attachment=50781:Coat pheasant feat
Pike patterns
I'm looking to expand my fly tying out of the trout world and start tying ( and fishing) for pike this season. I have tied a few lefty deciever patterns and bunny leeches but not sure what else are pa
Baitfish SBS picture heavy
Since I'll be fishing in mostly 14-20 inches of water I opted for a Mustad C47 1/0 shrimp hook which is a lighter wire to slow the sinking rate of the fly. A short shank hook keeps me from using too m
Constructive critisism please
I just recently started tying deer hair flies, and I was wondering what I can fix for next time.
Hello from New Hampshire
Hello I'm new to the forum from southern NH and wanted to take a minute to introduce myself. I started fly fishing and tying in 1992 and somewhere right around 2008 totally gave up on it. Well, now s
Materials and getting started
Hello All! I joined this forum in hope of learning and sharing knowledge and experience about the fly tying craft. I have recently relocated back to my native Michigan and decided to combine my love o
Anyone ever heard of a pattern called "Mayfly"?
Howdy!   Took a look at th ewebsite and they ar eusing the catch all expression Mayfly to indicate a dry fly.    In the UK they had quaint names for every bug worthy of tying but this w
Hi, I'm Blackwater Virgil, and I'm an addict, too
Saw this and since it looks like I'll be coming here regularly now, I thought I'd introduce myself.  I'm 66, retired, and have fly fished since my late teens, and tied flies even before I had a f
Vice stem sizes, Can I ask a favour.
Odd stem diameters? The Jay-Vise stem is 10mm. The Danvise stem is odd too, I gave mine away so I cannot measure, but it was a little thicker than 25/64" if my memory serves. Most vise stems are 3/8",
My Very First Flies.
Might try peacock herl for the thorax if you have any. Like you said practice - repetition will get you to where you want to be I think. But don't get hung up on just tying a specific so much as makin
Vernille vs. Chenille
BTW don't be sorry about asking questions, basic or not.   That's why the forum exists.  Happy tying.
Tube flys and loop knots
I started to mess around with topwater tube flies a few years back and am very much enjoying the results.  Now I want to start tying subsurface patterns as well.  I use loop knots to allow i
Thing of Beauty
That really is a thing of beauty. I'm not going to enter into any debate over colour variations. What I do wonder is what you will tie with it? There are not many, if any, of the standard patterns tha
Getting into dubbing...
Those are a good start. As Utyer said the middle on is by far the best.   Using too much dubbing is often a problem that is stated. I think the problem is better stated if we said using dubbing t
Marabou Streamer Assistance
On the Pike Fly Guy web site, , I found a picture of a red and white marabou pike fly.  Looks like he is tying in the whole white marabou feather (stem and all,) to get the length,  scroll t
best vise to buy
So ... I am planning on building my own vise. Which brand of vise-grip pliers is the best?  Do any of you make these types of fly tying vises?  Can you recommend a welding system and where c
Cigarette BUTTS!!!
Might think about tying a fly with one.  When I was in the "catch and keep" mode prior to taking up fly fishing, more than once when cleaning trout, including wild ones I found cigarette butts in
Greetings from New England
I have always loved fishing and have wanted to learn how to fly fish and tie flies.  I have purchased a set of tools and a vise, and I am in the process of getting materials. I have also bought a
Where to get foam for making poppers
Where can I get foam rod for making poppers?  I want to make my own poppers but will not pay for the colored 6 pieces from fly tying shops. There must be another source. Thanks for your replys &#
trimming EP fiber
When you don't tie every day & forget to count out only 1/2 a dozen strands at a time for each high-low tie ins the scissors come in handy later before recalling & masterin
black ants
I use a lot of black and red ants @ $1.25 a piece when chasing  gills. Is there any simple patterens for  these little guys. Wiffie bought me a fly tying outfit for Christmas. I have leaned
Do we really need...
February (or whatever) flies from the vise...  It would be many pages shorter by the end of the month if so many big posts didn't get repeated over and over
Affordable Furled Leaders
I am tying with a 4, ounce spool of thread I have had over 25 years,and its still fine.  As long as you don't sit it out in the sun forever, it should be fine for years and years. I have many sta
For you pike and musky tiers
What do you guys recommend for the bright grizzly hackle feathers on those flies? Brand and good online price? Thinking I may go up to the big musky derby this coming summer and want to test out tying
Recieved a gift...
A guy I work with found out I was a fly fisherman and he brought me a gift, 2 bamboo fly rods. One is a Montague, Lake Pleasant and the other one doesn't have a name on it. They were his brothers and
Lost baggage = lost vices...... *PIC HEAVY
Doesn't look to me like you need to worry much about a better vise; you're doing darned good with that one. We were having a talk here a few weeks ago about vises, fairly expensive ones, the J-vise,
Saying hi from Canada
Hey all, let's see, what are the basics here... spent my entire life in a fly tying shop and around tyers and fisherman. i hope some of it rubbed off on me. i'm 32, canadien boy. let's just get to the
Tying through a book?
There are four books that pretty well cover all of the tying techniques you will really need to tie most of the common and traditional fishing flies. They are dont contain instructions for fancy salmo
need ideas
I'd check with benevolent organizations or schools to see if any of them sponsor fly fishing classes (not tying classes).  Of course it would depend on what kind of flies you've been tying.&
Toothy flys
I'd be interested in tying something for a big ole bass. You can count me in!
Carp Flies for February
The tan zonker sliders are for the swap and I just kept tying and the rest happened and will be for carp other than the ice dub baitfish. I will throw that at anything I guess. It would be cool to mak
Tippet question
Not all brands of tippet or fishing line are equal. Their actual breaking strength can vary greatly from the listed strength. Here is a great article that compares several brands. http://www.flyfish
Oh boy...
Took my first crack at a dry fly...size 18, what a disappointment! After watching a ton of YouTube videos, and putting on the magnifying glasses, I did my best, but it doesn't look anything
Oh boy...
Took my first crack at a dry fly...size 18, what a disappointment! After watching a ton of YouTube videos, and putting on the magnifying glasses, I did my best, but it doesn't look anything
Trout Unlimited dry fly 1/2 capes
    ... The feather Emporium has a deal going on TU 1/2 capes.  I have only been using Whitings and as well as buying a few of the 100s packs, it could be worth also buying t
Red Claret Spey
Very nice. If I'm around long enough I might just spend a winter trying to get a presentable spey off the vise.
Greetings from Turku Finland!
Hello people! I just joined. Hope i will be able to help & shear information here when & where i can? I tye my own flies for trout, pike, grayling, salmon & seatrout. Wets, dries, nymphs,
Extended Furled Foam Body:
I have seen, and tied plenty of extended foam bodies.  Mostly by tying the extended portion on a needle, and then tying that onto the hook.     I have also tied up quite a few different
Hackle Orientation
echo the above advice. i would just say, about fly tying - experiment and see your results, decide what works for you. fish your flies and let your experience teach you. it doesn't hurt to receive oth
intresting article about not liking fly tying
I personally have given up fly tying twice since I made my first attempts at age 12... I just didn't have any patience at all for it and assumed I would be able to tie just like the man who was trying
Dying closed cell foam?
Most of the "colored craft foam" is so dense it barely floats. The density of closed cell foam is often measured by weight per cubic foot. At least here in the States. The lightest closed cell foam so
smallest hooks
  Skip Schorb, the man on the left, ties 32s just to show people he can.  He is also a mechanical genius who lives in Arkansas, along with Tony Spezio.  Both are legends up there. 
different hooks for tying
Hey all,   I'm curious if anyone can tell me what do the different numbers on tying hooks mean. For example dai-riki 125 to a 300 and so on. I think I have seen them on tmc boxes as well. Any inf
Big brown flies
There is one that I have enjoyed fishing and tying.  The "Morrish Mouse"   Michael
liquid tungsten
Wow, those UK carp anglers are as obsessed and technical as we are.    The brush on tungsten looks very cool. You could add weight to a fly on stream as well as at the vise. The Nash Spot On
Tying for winter and early spring pike.
On the days when the weather peaks above 30, I find myself tempted to get the waders wet and see if I can entice a winter pike to eat a chicken feather. I've had fair luck this winter but I see our Eu
Buying Dry Fly Materials
Well done TC a great video.  I have been tying for 4 months now and I am already doubling up!!! I have learnt heaps!
Glad to find this forum
Likewise, welcome.   but if you want members to know about you beyond the next couple of days, (and this is intended for all recent new members that may be reading this), it would be a good idea
paper catalogs
Stevester- I still have many items bought from Herters. My fly tying kit from them still survives today- the vise, manual, tools, and some materials. Their writers had jobs for life, even the smallest
Steelhead Swap
Let me know when you guys figure out what you will be tying.
I clip the top of the brown hackle before tying in the wing.  Not a critique, more of a comment.  I find it lets me set the wing in a bit more easily.  Nicely done! 
Flies for catching the big American Shad?
Who here fishes for these?  They're the big (roes 4.5-6 lb. & bucks 2-3 lb. typically) ones that run up our southeastern seaboard rivers in early spring.  Some say they're "gamy" tasting
Raymond C. Rumpf & Son
I have done some looking around but I don't see Raymond C. Rumpf & Son around anywhere. I purchased some fly tying materials from them years back, but I don't see them now. I could be looking in t
Roe Deer Skin - What to tie up?
A couple of years ago I acquired about 2/3rs of a skin (effectively the right 2/3rs of whet is in your picture). Generally it is finer hair than much of what is sold for tying large flies. It will be
Are these appropriate questions?
Boy, there sure are some long posts tonight.  Let me say I agree with Mike.  This is a fly tying forum... if someone says they caught such and such on a fly, of course we want to know what f
Hooks as sharp as they should be?
I, like many others in my age group started tying at a time when none of the hooks we used were chemically sharpened. All hooks had to be touched up to some degree to get them sticky sharp, so as matt
Material Question
From experience, don't mess around with the Chewee skin. It's a horribly inconsistent product and will most often just disintegrate over time as the material breaks down. I've tied probably 200 or so
Good morning
Good morning,   I've recently re-introduced myself to tying flies, after having neither the time nor the inclination for 40-50 years. Retired to Maine from Colorado last year. I fish for trout, w
Meeting new people (San Antonio, TX 21-22nd of February)
Hi All   I've had some wonderful time meeting a couple of the contributors on this forum.   I was wondering if there are any of you, that are interested in going fishing or tying flies toget
good deal on materials
He had several plastic drawer sets full and had already sold a bunch.  Apparently he had been tying most of his life and doing it commercial for a while but works on boats full time so doesn't do
Thread size conversion
The situation has been summed up well in the answers you have, however, the reality is slightly worse! The "aught" system is a standardised measurement system. Adding a 0 should represent a difference
Thanks for the advice. Rich mc, like fisherboy said, fly tying forum, but I do fish with a spinning rod sometimes, thank you for your input.
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