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Fly Tying Vise

Classic designs that work for panfish/smallmouth
I just started fly fishing for panfish and bass in the Midwest. I've been fly fishing out west for trout for probably 20 years. I have a lot of experience tying trout flies and I like the more classic
Fly Tying Bench - cklenske
Nice. I'm assuming it looks that neat since you just got it all organized. Can't believe it'll look like that after you get back into tying again. Nice work your wife does also. The only painting my w
Time to resolve this question .......once and forever
A natural will get up on it's feet before flight but you are referring to artificial. I experimented with different patterns (traditional and trimmed hackle) because I know sparsely trimmed hackled fl
Did ya' ever?
I tend to wait for "inspiration" to hit me before I go to the vise. It might come from reading an article online or some other source. Sometimes I go to a database and look for inspiration. I don't al
Fisherboy, you could try "Etsy". That site has a variety of things, but isn't necessarily wholesale. Most of the established wholesale suppliers of tying materials do have minimums they require, and t
Where (if anywhere) do you skimp? (spin-off thread)
I tend to skimp on fly rods ... that's why I started building my own.  I just couldn't justify the cost of all the fly rods I wanted.  Now I have a fine selection of different lengths and we
head cement dispenser
Yep Nick, if you are tying 5, 10, 100 flies. Dont be varnishing between every one. Just tie them all and then whallop, varnish them all in one go. No varnish I've seen goes solid that fast. Actually a
uv lamps
Recently ordered some bug off uv resin for fly tying.  I see a wide selection of UV lamps ranging from 10 bux to 35 (for loon light).  Can anyone recommend something less expensive than the
Best Type of Fly Box For Dry Flies
I keep most nymphs, including beaded, in 4  Dewitts. Have to be careful not to spill them. It is a risk with any one lid over all compartments box. They hold a lot and fit tog
The Mannon Collection
Thanks for posting ckpj99, you're motivating me to photograph my Grandfather's collection of flies. My Grandfather died in 1952, one year before I was born. I guess his love for fly fishing leapt over
"Trout & Feather" website introduction
Thanks for sharing. I think your youtube videos are great. I have used them as a reference since I started tying. 
Hello from Ohio
I've been lurking for months. Finally joined up. I live in Cincinnati, OH. I learned to fish and tie when I was a youngin' and spent all my summers in New Mexico. I've always fished, but recently star
one of my first bass frog's
HI my name is zach i am new to the forum i wanted to show one of the bass frog's i made i am new to fly tying and this is on of my first try to make a bass frog using foam.[attachment=48073:2014-08-15
Grizzly Hackle the "0 Negative" of fly tying
Great thread to this point, and it's borderline comical how certain individuals are so rooted in their beliefs.  Great thing about fly tying is that you can be...   I really am a believer in
Some historic flies
That sir is very cool. I wish I would have saved some of my flies from back when I first tying in Cub Scouts. You've got 4 years on me but sounds like you kept busy fishing and tying in high school wh
Cased Caddis
Here is a really easy cased caddis pattern as long as you don't over do it on the flame!   Hook: 12-16 Curved NymphBody: Root Beer EstazLegs: Soft HackleThorax: Caddis Green I
Here's a video on different brands of fly tying thread.  I'm not advanced enough to appreciate the difference in tying threads but I feel more comfortable using thread designed for tying.  
Skandinavien salmonflie hairwing
Really enjoyed your first fly tying tutorial, especially as I am having fun tying the tube patterns, too.  I really enjoyed the opening with you talking about the "freestyle" approach to the patt
fun with foam
That was great stuff Ditz.  Spinning and stacking hair really just takes practice like anything else.  Of course then there are guys like Bruce Derrington who take it to a whole new level, b
Got it laid in my lap...
FlaFly, I do my part by going out in the woods and just shooting the tails off of the squirrels. One clean shot with the .22 and they hop right away and I have my tail.   Cannonx4, kind of funny
"Tie your favorite" swap
Count me in. Will so a Danish fly pattern for migrating sea run browns called Maja. Might even do it as a no-vise tying... ;-)
Spade hackle for caddis wings?
In my copy of the book, on the bottom of pages 132 & 3 are illustrations of tying the fluttering caddis.  He is using the spade hackle there as a wing by tying in a bunch of hackle barbs that
New From New Mexico
New to the site and thought I'd give it a go and see what it's all about. I'm a fly fisherman from northern New Mexico who has enjoyed time out on the stream for about 5 years now. I've been tying fli
Lighting Flies
I use two full spectrum lights on each, 1 on each side/top and 1 below the vise Incandescent bulbs are no really good
I found a feather
I am very sorry I even asked the question, I think it would be best to discontinue this discussion it is serving no purpose. This forum is about fly fishing and tying not politics.
First hopper
Here is my first attempt at tying a hopper, or anything with foam. I'm excited to see how it fishes.
My hopper floats on its side
check out Charlie Craven's " Basic Fly Tying"
Too Quick For Me
Hi,   I am new to this forum and have not participated in any swaps yet but would really like to. The problem is it seems like they fill up faster than I can get into it. I like to think that my
a fly for every ocassion
That's a nice basic presentation shown on her site.  The author, Morgan Sherburne, is interesting.  She's been fly fishing for 15 years but it appears she's not into tying.  
Abel fly tying vise
Anyone remember the Abel Fly tying vise.       In the Abel tradition, Here's a blinged up version.     Don't they remind you of another vise? The Abel is off the market bec
Bobbin size and diameter
I recently bought a lot of fly tying materials from a gentleman who was retiring.  Included were six bobbins of varying sizes. One is quite short with a very narrow tube, another is longer/larger
Nice rod - GreenCaddis Ruby River Fiberglass Fly Rod
what he said.  This and the other forums you own/run are becoming increasingly untrustworthy in terms of the overall running and representation/activities of you, the owner   Take classicfly
I quit saving scraps...
I long ago gave up trying to scrimp and save every millimeter of material.   I gave up on the fantasy of fly tying being a means to any kind of money-saving.   Having some scrap ma
Beginner's Homemade Desk
I've built with pallet wood before ... and you're correct on both counts. One ... it's NOT finished wood.  It's barely even "finishable" and takes a lot of work just to make it presentable.  
Learning the lefty
Thanks Bruce, Some years ago I was asked to put together a syllabus for the fly tying section of a secondary school qualification in game angling. My starting point was to create a skills list that I
Dubbing Rakes...
I raked dubbing for some tiny softhackles from a mole skin this morning. I have tried a few different rakes over the years but nothing compares to the ceramic rakes I bought from Lawrence Wa
Greetings from Northern Idaho
Welcome, shayes11, from a former Idaho resident, now retired and living in Colorado.  This forum is full of excellent support and other advise as you gain your fly tying experience.  Happy t
Pictures from 16 days on the Au Sable (pic heavy)
WOW!  You call all those fish "tough" fishing?  I'd hate to be on a trip when the fishing is "Hard". Some really nice fish and great pictures. Chernobyl Ant ... I've shied away from tying th
parachute wing post
Hi flytire,   We don't think it's a violation as far as the functionality of the fly goes. From there, beauty is in the eye of the beholder though often other tiers will view a trimmed natural wi
Renzetti Vise tension screw
I have a Renzetti Presentation 2000 and I seem to be having issue with the tension screw that keeps the vise from rotating to easily. I will tighten it and it seem to always loosen. Is this normal? Do
"My Trout Box Needs Help" Swap
Hey Guys, something I meant to put in the initial post to this thread and forgot, so it isn't a requirement of the swap, but for those who would, a materials list posted to this swap thread or a link
Parachute Adams
I don't want to hijack Jfinn's thread, so if anyone has the answer to this, please PM it to me: where does one find Cree dry fly hackle? I've tried and tried, but no one ever seems to have it. Again
tools and materials quality
Asian made vises are made under dozens of different brand names.  Cabelas sells one brand, and Bass Pro sells one with a different name, and every other shop (on-line or local,) will have inexpen
Tying on deployment
Looking to do some tying on my next deployment. Have you heard of anyone having issues bringing materials with them or back for that matter? Materials a really expensive and I don’t want to brin
New from Texas
Welcome to the site. I am one of the oddities on here.  I am still tying with my original $19.00 BPS Supreme vise.  It holds all the hooks I've tied on, although I don't do super tiny flies.
Hackle... Who grows the best of the best
Cheech...  It is the trimming that helps keep the stiff fibers floating so well. As you know, the Ugly Fly doesn't look traditional or attractive in the vise. However, on the water
Spanish Mackerel
Caught my first Spanish on a #9 casting to a big surf cruising snook with probably a schminnow. Cast behind some rocks to bring the fly in front of the snook & didn't even see the mackerel behind
Difference between brookies and other trout?
Thanks for all the replies. I've never fished for trout outside of a hatchery, and that's been many, many  moons ago. I had no idea there were so many different types. I'm getting excited to try
New To Flyfishing!
Yep.....decide what fly or flies that you want to tie and buy the materials for that. Material can be substituted for others. Dubbing for chenille and vise-a-versa. Bucktail for synthetic hair and man
Spey-style on #4/0 blind eye
  Hook: Partridge Adlington & Hutchinson Blind Eye #4/0Thread: Sheer 14/0Body: The Fly Co Seals FurRib: UNI-Mylar 1/16″ Silver, UNI-Frensh Oval SilverHackle: Whiting Spey BrownWing: Ve
Good place to get materials on a budget
I am a college kid who is pretty much broke but find tying flies fun and relaxing! I got into fly fishing in high school where we had a fly fishing club.  I bought a cabelas fly tying kit a while
Floating hoppers - Rainy's foam
Anyone ever use this stuff?  Could I use the 1/8th inch stuff to make hopper bodies, instead of dubbing or chenille?  Hoppers made with the latter tend to barely float, almost sinking.  
Lure won't retrieve straight
I made a trout lure which is basically size 10 hook, marabou, chenille body with dumbbell eyes and I weighted it by using some lead wire wraps, I made two the same but when I tried them out I noticed
Getting Started in Saltwater
Hi Folks,   I've been tying freshwater (mostly trout) flies for awhile now.  While I don't think I am an expert, I feel comfortable knowing the patterns and techniques needed to produce a fi
Blackbird wings here.
water boatman pattern
While Crackaig is a floating water boatman, mine is a sinking one. Legs-Black round rubber leggs Back-Clear thin sking colored black Body-Black rabbit dubbing   I like the idea if adding the silv
fly line to leader connection
To start with. No best. Lots of favourite ways that have advantages and disadvantages to each. Its up to you to find out what suits you best in your fishing situation.   First of all you need to
What makes the Law so good?
Barry, I know you can afford a Law. You will always wonder what makes a Law the best vise. The Renzetti Master is fantastic, you have a great vise. I prefer the Nor-Vise myself. Are you still living
This is How I Make My Glow Jigs and Flies
Enjoy!How to make Glow Jigs and Flies.....Materials needed....Softex Maybe even more than one? (You should check prices all over for this)Wooden Skewers (I am still using the first skewers I started w
Stimulator Dubbing
Bugsy , Every bag of Fly-Rite I have says "Natural Dubbing 100% Natural Fibers" . It looks just like the professionally processed lambs wool I got from friends years ago when they got rid of all the
both are perfect for dry flies   saddle if youre tying mass quantity of one size   cape if youre tying multiple sizes
White Peacock Herl
Mottled peacock usually refers to the wing secondary feathers, not tail feathers. A moulted wing feather is rarely in good condition for tying.   The translucent effect can also be achieved with
August flies from the bench
Yet another try in free hand (no vise) of the beatifull Carrie Stevens patterns, the Greyhound. Hope you like it. [attachment=47983:20140808_222641-1.jpg]
vise advise
Brian - Count me in as a very satisfied user of the Peak Rotary Vise.  To be fair, I have not used the Mongoose vise, so I can't comment there.  However, for the price I believe that one cou
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