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Fly Tying Vise

Zap a Gap
Since fly tying requires using zap a gap, I know that I am NOT the only one who has felt the burning sensation and the way your skin feels when you touch the zap a gapped part. So my question is, how
How to work with Ostrich herl
A couple suggestions are, if tying in by the tip, either cut some material back until you get to a thicker part of the stem, or tying in by the butt instead, although you still may need to trim back a
anyone have any tying books they want to sell??
I have: The Art of Tying the Dry Fly, Skip Morris. Tying Warm Water Flies, C Boyd Pfeiffer. Shipping would be about $15 so I'm open to offers.
Charlie Craven's Basic Fly Tying ?
I recall Charlie stating that his reason for tying "left-handed" (he's right hand dominant) is the result of his misunderstanding as a beginner:  The vise in his childhood tying kit had an adjust
Copper John Jig style
I wouldn't tie one on a jig hook! In their original sizes used with soft plastics etc. I can see their advantage. However the ones used for fly tying are tiny by comparison. Back when I learned to tie
Best weed guard
You're absolutely right - but I've been asked so many times about "how did you do 'dat" that it's second nature for me (I used to teach fly tying locally many years ago...).
dubbing brushes
i'm not much of a woodworker so i'd probably go out a buy one. something like this   stonfo (vise is NOT included)     jan simon (fits either in a pedestal or c-clamp  
Organizing the Fly Bench
This response may be out of place here but for anyone looking for task lighting this is the best I have come across for my tired eyes.  I have track lighting above my tying desk with a flood and
Just messing around
I like tying with brushes. They make for a fast and simple tie. Of course you have to make the brush but the actual tying goes quick and simple. Hopefully the rain stops next week and I can go fish th
Rate my Clouser 2.0
Flytire has posted the video to watch...over and over again. If you have the basic tying skills mastered then the above video will get you to where you need to be with regards to the Clouser. 
Best loop knot
I was curious to see what everyone elses favorite method for tying the loop knot. Mine is the non-slip loop, and it hasnt failed me ever.
Snipe & Purple
It's amazing to me how complicated we make the art/issue of fly tying when something as simple as this pattern works as well now as it did a century ago. Not that it isn't fun to try to get 7 differen
Everglades Redfish Flies
Seaducers & Gurglers are good all around styles. You can tie them in any colors you like. I always try to have some light & dark colors.    I've been tying some rabbit strip flies fo
Newbie Question on which vise..................Help
I won't suggest that you might give up tying LOL. However, you have a bunch of stuff to buy along the way as you get tying. Any vise will hold a hook so you can tie a fly but you can't tie one without
Rate my Clouser
Yes, it needs a lot of work. Like Mike has said, it's not a Clouser. My take is you're just starting to learn to tie and don't quite have the basic tying techniques mastered as yet. But, you're making
Simple Popper
All you need is some flip flops, a cheapo duster and some rubber legs. [attachment=56710:fly tying stuff.JPG]   A punch is nice, but you could cut square shapes.   End up with a popper that
EP Tarpon Streamer
Wade fishing?   More about that in a moment....  All I ever hand my anglers when we're fishing baby tarpon out of Flamingo (Buttonwood Canal, Coot Bay, and other interior areas) is a Speed B
New Youngblood
hello to all, im just a teen who lives in South Florida. Fishing is my passion, and thats it. My time in school is spent thinking about a new shrimp fly or what it would feel like to fly fish Christma
Heading to florida. Need advice with fly patterns
Here's an on-going thread on Florida tying that will provide some pointers....   Since it's every bit o
Dubbing Question ??
I need to increase my knowledge is light Cahill about or the same as sulfur yellow ???  I'm tying a may fly nymph .. Steve-stabgnid
Do mono loops work in preventing rabbit strip from fouling?
I try, really, to keep my rabbit strip tails short specifically to prevent this issue, but when I'm tying a fly that has a long tail, I'll use the mono loop and right after tying it in, a dense dubbin
Renzetti Traveler knob to cam conversion cheap alternative.
Yup selling it. Too costly to buy a new cam jaw and due to tendonitis in both hands due to the type of work I do. The knob will not work for me any longer. It's a good vise somebody will be getting a
Almost 20 years ago, I bought a full set of markers from a garage sale along with a few thousand fly tying hooks.  Since then, I never buy anything but light yellow, cream or white threads.  
Who makes the longest streamer hooks (straight eye)
I am curious as to what you are tying. The longest streamer hook is a Partridge CS15 Carrie Stevens but it is a down eye. Length depends on the size of the hook. You can straighten the eye but I don't
I bought my first piece of Fly Tying equipment !
You guys all have such glorious looking places to tie your flies.   I simply cleaned off a small area of a cluttered work bench and put most of my stuff (I don't have much) in a 3 drawer Sterilit
Hello from South Dakota
Hello  from South Dakota!! I like to fish, hunt, garden and play with my grandchildren! Retired now! Tying is a hobby that i enjoy, now that i have more time! I am still new at this,  but I
Sulphur Season is Near
Sign me up   I'll be tying a weighted Sulfur Nymph 
Cabelas run this weekend
As has been stated, the vice is a very usable, inexpensive vise.  I used one for a couple of decades until the locking lever got a little too galled ... keep it lightly lubricated. I just recentl
new tyer
I'm just getting into tying my own flies. Where is the best place to buy tying supplies and cheapest? Thanks
new tyer
I'm just getting into tying my own flies. Where is the best place to buy tying supplies and cheapest? Thanks
Hello Everyone!   I am new but not new to this forum. My name is CheyAnne, Some of you may know my father Rocky Maley. I have an old account, Unfortunately I cannot seem to remember any of&#
One fly only?
I fish a lot of smallmouth bass steams and hook the occasional other bass species and lots of pan fish, but this weekend really kicked my proverbial ass. After spending the winter tying new and inter
tiemco adjustable magnetic bobbin
Very little information on Google yet. I would like to see one to see how it works. I am very sceptical about it though.   I have never thought, "Hmm this bobbin tube could do with being shorter
Weedguard help?
I had heard Lefty Kreh mention using a single wire guard as his preferred type. He bends the wire in an "L" and puts it thru the hook eye, ties a section down to the shank before tying the fly. The ot
UV Goo being sold as "Welding Cement"
My Mother brought one of these. When I was visiting her I tried it on some clousers. It worked pretty well as a head cover. A little more pliable than epoxy. I have never used any of the resins sol
Bass flies, Clousers, frogs, poppers, oh my
Although it seems we've had a reprieve from the drought this year in California, I started fishing for bass 2 months ago, ignoring moving water and concentrating on still. I haven't been out as much a
Does anybody know what is being used on this fly?
It's a type of chenille he's using, and IMO it's a synthetic material. I've tied with chenilles made of nylon, which are usually a denser chenille, such as Utra Chenille used for San Juan worms, or ra
Can you use a 2 weight line on a 5/6 weight reel?
If I used the reel to actually pull in a fish, I'd not argue with you, JS. But when I am switching out rods every 5th through 10th cast, an automatic is a quick way to put one away. Instead of tying a
Todays bacth
Very nice indeed, Great tying.     Regards.
Flashabou pike/musky streamer
Decided to put together a quick step by step of a pike and musky flashabou streamer. No i did not come up with this streamer, and if you would like you can Google search for it to get a better video d
My son and I are planning a trip to Montana and I've got a selection of flies I'm going to tie for the trip.  At this time, I plan on taking three of each fly.   If a fly states it can be t
Debarb Pliers- Can anyone recommend a brand?
I just use my tying vise, first step in building a fly: squash the barb down in the jaws of the vise.   Edit: if I'm tying six flies then I pinch all six hooks as the first step.
Mustad Keel hooks gone :( Replacements..?
Yeah I know now I've had about a 12 year vacation from fly tying. Thanks for the newsflash. ;)
Deep Sea Nymphing with a Wrench Nymph
Bass Creations
Matt put me in I just got moved into the new house so my tying room is a disaster but I think I can tie up a dozen bass flies
Arctic Fox Pelt
I have a pelt. It's like any other pelt IMO, you'll get whatever it is, good or bad. Most that are sold to tyers are not the best grade, but are fine for tying purposes. However the grading process is
What part of pheasant feathers have the longest barbs
The shorter tail feathers from either side have longer barbs but only one side has the markings.   For tying the knots the way I have found best is while still on the feather. If you secure the f
Craft fur minnow
After the first tie in, I am tying with the length toward the eye for ton and bottom, then folding over to create height. But I have to tie back an insane amount to get the fur to lay back.
Casting for Recovery - Inaugeral "Swap" for Australia
Is there still only 11 people tying?
Anyone know anything about Hooks USA or VMC hooks?
Back when I was mostly spin fishing, the VMCs on my Rapalas did a fine job.   That half-reverse is to improve hookups but can be a pain at the vise, especially for patterns where you're reorienti
Question about dubbing.
I noticed on a fly tying app that it said when tying certain flies to use only "dry fly dubbing" how do I know that the dubbing I have is correct. Does that mean to only use fur or fur like material?
Dry Fly
For me, it's tricky, because the amount of hackle I prefer changes...but it changes depending on the water I'm fishing, not the pattern in the vise jaws, obviously far too late to do anything about it
Muddler head technique
Yeah, I'm new in fly tying so there are a lot of materials I haven't seen yet. I've only seen deer hair dyed for most common colours like black, olive but never seen claret and that blue which seems a
Zebra Midge
FWIW, with almost all my tying these days I use both reading glasses and a magnifier light. When I tie a midge it looks about a 1/2 to 3/4 inch big ! I think one of those big skin doctor magnifiers wo
Good forum
I've been registered on NAFF for a while. Some good info here. I do wish it had a search function.   Metro Denver area. Been in Colorado since 1998. Planning on retiring to the west slope of Co
Failure of Modern Fly Design
Good point cheech . As with anything else fly tying and fishing evolves .... And each person takes on ...what appeals to them .
The Golden Gotcha
Here's our twist on one of the most effective flies for bonefish from the Indo-Pacific to the Bahamas, Belize, and Mexico. A good customer of ours who frequently fishes the Abacos reported that the fi
Hare's ear nymphs
My most productive gold ribbed hares ear nymph uses peacock herl for the wing case. It's completely out produced my other ties of the fly and convinced my sons to tie them the same way, to become thei
Difference in Rabbit and Pine Squirrel strips?
The hair structure between the two is different also. Rabbit is a finer, softer fiber generally, even the guard hairs. Squirrel is a harder, stiffer hair, and often has more guard hairs than will rabb
deer hair without the mess
Definitely a different way of tying that type of pattern!
Retros Midge Emerger
Retro, I used to tie something very similar to that and found in our local waters that the fly was more effective without the grizzly hackle. I really wanted to make that work because "I" liked the
Vise Building
This could make a decent fly tying kit bag for little money
I've got an older Orvis fly tying travelers Cordova bag . It's a 3 ring binder style with 10 vinyl bags and assorted pockets front and back. 13L X 9w X 5H. I only used it once. I'll sell it for $25 if
Cahill Practice
Hi Steve,    It may be your picture, but the tail looks like it's a different color than the hackle that's around the wing. They should be the same, or very close in color. The tail fibers l
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