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Recent swap Rangeley Variants
I have ADD when it comes to tying...I will friggin tie anything...always a new challenge. Tied these Rangeley variants for a recent swap...first time tying these...those of you who know, know...  
How many do you tie before getting sidetracked?
So when you sit down to tie a fly, is there a certain number of one kind of fly you tie before moving onto other flies? I find I start with the intent of tying at least 5 flies of whatever type but us
Patterns/Books for Belgium/Western Europe?
Hello folks.   So, upon examination, looks like my new fishing locale will be... Belgium, with possible forays into Germany and/or France.    Well. Being from the NE United States, I ha
that time again
add147- basically you tie any pattern for an issue of FlyTyer magazine and reference the issue and page # of the pattern on your toe tag. If you've never read an issue of the magazine I highly suggest
More on my emerger from Nov's Flies From The Bench.
Hi C,   It's that 3rd picture (with 2 flies the one on the left edge colored and the 'right ' one surface colored)   - the technique that I have been discussing with you in pm (and what I br
In Regards to Fly-Fishing Articles...
I have never written for general publication so thought I might offer a reader's perspective. Try NOT to write a detailed travelog of some local water. Half your readers will resent it because they
Organizing Dubbing
Organizing our fly tying materials is something that is always changing for most of us. I have many systems in place, some of which I really like, and others that I've had just semi-success with. 
My flies are like snowflakes...
Light, fluffy, and no two are alike.   Okay, but I'm trying to get more consistent. Part of my problem is in the past when I tied a few flies they were to fish for me. When I threw out a bass bug
new to the tube fly game
Those two look like you've taken a class from April Vokey.  Pretty flies that will probably catch fish. Man that is a huge compliment!! Thank you so much. I like tying steelhead flies because yo
howdy howdy
Hello all. New to this forum but not new to tying for fly fishing. I live out here is WA state. Steelheading is my game but I also love throwing little drys at rising westslope cut ties, and bows. Alt
How did you get into fly fishing?
 I guess I am like a lot of members because I have fished since I was a very young boy.  I got interested in fly fishing in my early teens when I discovered the old bamboo rod that my grandp
Tiers ( Tyers) Block does it exist ?
  Sometimes I sit down to tie and then just stare at the vise because all of the ideas that I had seem to float out the window. I used to do the same thing when I painted. I have sat and looked a
UNI Yarn?
I picked up some Uni-Mohair a few weeks ago.  Interesting stuff.  It's basically a singly ply, or thread, of yarn.  It is too coarse for dry flies, although I suppose you could use it i
One more thread from Santa.
Dries would be awesome, I'm just starting to get into tying them and like see others work.
What hackle are you using for classic patterns?
Wondering what is your guys' favorite hackle for tying classics like the Thor, GBS, etc.  I've been using Schlappen and Chinese necks mostly with good results.  Theres one pattern that is th
Hatches Blog Post - Smoke Jumper
Detailed instructions on tying the Smoke Jumper.[url=]View the full article[/url]
Hatches Blog Post - GCO Hook Sale Ends Sunday at Midnight
For most of the country we are settling into unprecedented cold temps for this time of year which for me officially kicks off fly tying season. To get your tying season started properly I am giving yo
Deer Antler Vise
...but it's not a rotary....   I love it!  It would be a great conversation piece at a fly tying get together.  No one would care what your flies looked like, they'd be too busy looking
indeed I am...and busy tying patterns I know nothing about...
Tiemco 16/0 Thread...say goodbye
I have every thread mentioned in A & G's above post (including Lagartun 74 denier) as well as Veevus, which I introduced to this forum about two years ago. NONE of them tie as flat as Tiemco 16/0
Wing case - synthetic material?
Raffia was mentioned above, but you can also use the synthetic raffia.  Around Christmas time, it's available in red and green, twisted to look like raffia for tying gifts.  At big box store
New to tying
Welcome to the site, Wbrule. As far as "substitute" materials, there is no such thing.  EVERYTHING is a primary material, not a substitute.  (Joking, of course) There ARE cheaper alternative
Predator tubes
Does anyone have a domestic source for 4.6mm tubes for tying pike flies? Also a source for dyed XXL ostrich plumes with really long, fluffy herl of 6-8 inches in length?
Time laps from a beautiful part of Norway - a must to see :-)
I thought this site was suppose to be about fly tying.
I am moving to be with my BF; we have been dating for a long time, and the time came for one or the other of us to relocate... seeing how he's the one with the paid-for home, the good job, the family
Material sources
Since I haven't been tying long, I was wondering do fly tying shops, both brick and motor and online, carry certain materials only part of the year? I'm looking for elk hair and have been having a har
Simms Exstream gloves
Hi Steve,   These gloves feel like they are the same material as the windstopper fingerless and fingerless w/mitt from last year.  The major difference other than color, is those 2 orange st
Ant/Termite Pattern required
The first ant pattern I ever saw was just tying thread.  Build up an abdomen, leave a waist and build up a thorax, wrap a hackle at the waist, lacquer the abdomen and thorax to make them hard and
Silver Doctor - Bucktail Hairwing
Yep, the butterfly thing is out there but I agree, rich folk tying flies with feathers only rich folk ever had and making the whole salmon fishing more and more elite. Something that still has effects
Hello everyone. Long time fisherman , new to fly tying. Probably got about 6 months into the fly tying , have to say my favorite to tie so far are march brown parachute emergers. been tying with biot
flat braid. metallic and not.
I think he said he's wanting a "non fly tying brand". there are very few tying materials manufactured for fly tying. Most tying materials come from other industries whats wrong with providing an opt
IFFF Skills tying award
We look at the program different than some of you might. No problem. It's not intended for everyone and not ment to tell you how to tie flies. The program was adopted from a similar program in the UK
hackle "tied full"
Hell ... even "rocket science" isn't hard.  Propellant and oxidizer little (liquid fuel) or no (solid fuel) moving parts.     Fly tying, or any hobby, should be fun ... if it's not, it'
Nova Scotia Classic
I have to admit its pretty hypocritical of me to except fox and coyote with no problems and cringe at the thought of a small dog.  I guess having one is part of the reason. My dog is a
New Construction method for nymphs
Here are a few fly fishing regulations. Acceptable Yellowstone flies have include bead head nymphs with painted bead heads and lead free underwire and epoxy. I may be wrong but I think if yo
Leach patterns
What are some good leach patterns to give a try at tying? Im looking for some small and some large patterns. Im going to tye some black wooly buggers up as the first pattern but want more.   Than
Its been awhile.....
Quite a while it seems, I amassed a fantastic collection thru swaps with some very great and talented folks on here. But life turned and I ended up stuffing the tying gear into a closet to make room f
Epoxy Question
Hi All:   I am very new to tying and have only tied about 30 flies.  I have searched previous posts and cannot find an answer to my question (which does not mean it is not out there). 
Question: hook choice for streamers
I've been fly fishing since 1958 but when it comes to tying streamers, I'm a rank beginner.  A few weeks back I asked about choices of flies for crappies, and came to the conclusion that I need t
Tube Flies: Part 3
Continuing this video series on Tube Flies, in Part 3 I examine HMH Poly Tubes and the use of coneheads.  This leads me into tying a Clouser-style fly to be fished for striped bass with.  Th
Restocking the boxes :)
Thanks for sharing that with us. Might inspire me to get my bench built in my new house and get some tying done!
Efficient micro nymphs for long nymphing
 These are tied with Hends Body Quill. Every beginner can tie these nymphs and the tying process is very interested  because you can  provide different shades and colors in a lot of var
Orvis Superfine rods, Battenkill disc reel and my C&F flyboxes for
Hello to all!   After this season I am doing a little cleaning of my inventory. I am selling: - Orvis Superfine Brook trout, 4wt, 7'6'' - Orvis Superfine Small stream special, 5wt, 7'. - Orvis Ba
30 minute epoxy
  On the types of flies he wants to do, the epoxy is covering the eyes and creating a hard head on the fly.  You need more than SH or a glue.streamer type.jpg He wasn't asking about the
new bench and a new hobby
A friend of mine built me a very simple portable tying table years ago. Recently I have been letting my daughter use it as she has taken a shine to tying flies. I ran across some scrap wood in the bas
Help with dubbing loop
I am just finishing a run of flies for a swap that involve a dubbing loop body. I have no problem with either a true loop with bulky body like this one, or a split thread loop for some flies. On these
Hello from Redway Ca!
Welcome to the forum, Jake.  And welcome back to tying.  Lots of good people and information on here.   spm
Raising Rabbits
Howdy Folks,         You are in for a fun adventure in raising rabbits....... especially for tying. I'm a some what retired pro fly tier who used to raise a lot of rabbits for meat
Dubbing organization
Before I start tying  I make dubbing brush out of all my dubbing.  The brushes are conveniently stored in a box.   This saves lots of time, espeacially if one has to tie lots of flies.&
Peak Jurassic Series Large Iron Retention System
Good idea IMO. There does appear to be more & more folks tying bigger flies. Anyone find a retail price for this?   I agree with Mike too, that it would make a great vise for tying big jigs.&
Hello to all!
I am hoping to learn from all of you a little about fly tying and fly fishing.
LAW Vise for sale....
see it here:
latest articulated streamer creation
Thanks for the feedback and kind words guys. I give away my flies and bucktails locally in Philly/NJ, never sold them. I can't tell you how cool it is to get a text while at work and see my brother
2014 International Fly Tying Symposium
My friend, Aileen Lane (Nishimura) will be tying at the Deer Creek booth...I will be tying, here in L.A, at Bob Marriott's Fly Fishing Fair...   PT/TB 
the early show
the only Illinois fly show is this sunday 11/910am -5pm.  hosted by the Illinois smallmouth alliance and drift.   held at the Mayslake Peabody Estate  1717 west 31st st oakbrook 60
Looking For A Good Agent Orange Fly Pattern
Hey guys,  I'm new to this forum and and have been tying for a few months and trying to stock up for steelhead.  Ive heard that the Agent Orange fly is one of the better flies and I'm having
Best Deer Hair For Spinning
Really depends on the effect you are trying to achieve in my mind.  If I'm tying just a large body of deer hair, then belly is fine, but if I just need a collar and a head, body hair is better in
Tying on single salmon hooks; where to tie in the tag ends?
Big thanks to you all for your input. I tied up 2 flies tonight (a Mickey finn and a Green butt) and seem to be getting my sense of proportion back pretty quickly. On thing that has changed since last
Greetings from Malaysia
Hi All,   You can call me Sham. I have just started doing fly fishing and tying 3 years ago. It is a quite a challenge at the beginning where the fly community here is quite small and the target
November Swap Club
This is kind of funny but I also did a turkey tail nymph. Pretty plain. Light lead wire, turkey tail feather for tail and body. Turkey soft hackle legs and UV lump for wing case. I also have a cross b
European nymphs
Hi guys,    This nymph bellow is one of my most productive nymph used in the first part of the season and when the waters are high and muddy:   Hooks : curved caddis fly hooks : De
Books for Sale
I've recently moved from Northern Virginia to Texas and I'd like to sell some books that I no longer need. If anyone is interested please PM me. I will list the purchase prices to let you know how muc
Profile Information
I agree!  At least, post: Where in the country you are, so we know whether you have trout streams, etc. Your fly tying/fishing history (how long) What you like to fish for, and how
Material inventory
The "Fly tying material inventorying diet plan" !!!
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