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Fly Tying Vise

DIY rotary vise
I set out to cobble together a rotary vise from this simple fixed vise I had. I need a rotary, and it's too early for me to know what I need, so this was to be a cheap way to get experience with one.
Cleaning flys of smell
Oh  ...  I agree.  Tying with material that has a little smell is one thing.   Tying with material that has slime mold dripping off it would be ... unacceptable.
San Juan Worm length?
I'm tying some San Juan Worms up for stocker trout and am wondering how long the chenille should be. I'm currently leaving a hook's gap distance hanging over the front and over the rear of the hook. D
New rookie here
I joined a few weeks ago and I've been lurking. I am recently retired and finally have some time on my hands to do things that have been put off for a long time. I started tying flies this past w
Two Swappers Needed
I still need two more swappers to complete the roster for the Skill Builder Trout Series Round 3 Swap. We will be tying Wet Flies. Surely there are a couple of people here, somewhere, who would like t
Two Swappers Needed
I'm still needing 2 more swappers to fill out the Skill Builder Trout Series Round 3 Swap. We will be tying Classic Wet Flies. Surely there's a couple of guys out there looking for a swap to get into
Help with pike flies
Thank you guys!!! I think this will be fun. I've been experimenting a bit with very big deceivers, and a few others. It's just funny to be tying for a species I know nothing about! And he is only begi
Just a thought
What do you do when there are bugs in your materials? And where is the best place to buy materials? Also what vise should i buy? Whats the best reel for trout? Do i need a rotary vise? Tenkara yes or
April Flies From The Bench
Thanks adam... first time tying with Reindeer [attachment=56531:20160407_203244.jpg]
March ENDS the Monthly Swap
Western Trout Hunter, I'll stick a couple of those little bitty nymphs I tied for CO and you can take a look at them. Next run of bead flies I have I'm going to try putting the hook in the vise point
Is fabric fusion the same product as liquid fusion ?
Grampa Vic...  Aileene is happy to note that I'm not your grandkid.  :-)    I do all kinds of crafty stuff with my fly tying materials, in addition to tying flies.
Bent Back Clouser Variant
Posted a fly tying demo and added details in an online article - [url=]"Fly Tying - Bent Back Clouser Variant"[/url]. Worked well on a local pond for us! May
Skill Builder Trout Series Round 3
I'll be tying Don Bastian's Adams Wet Fly
Give us a clue???
There is almost more BS is fly tying than there is in fly FISHING.   That's saying a lot.
The site that you are thinking about may be Barry Ord Clark's site. Here is his version of your Mutantz. If it isn't the site it is certainly the
Dry Fly Tie Tips- Keeping Dry Flies Dry?
Welcome Nichalos   Go to on left side select Fly Tying.... scroll down and select Tying Tips.  You'll have to search (bottom of page) for Dry Flies That Rea
bead head pupa
Another option is to tie it as a soft hackle which is what I do with all my nymphs and pupae. I'm at the KISS stage in tying them. One trick I've picked up when I started tying them this way rather th
You're welcome! It never hurts to fill in your profile either, with at least the general area you live or fish. That way folks can provide more accurate & appropriate answers to your questions. &#
wrapping soft hackles
Hello List-- I am a rookie tyer, in my first winter at the vice. I have a question about tying soft hackles. I find that when I wrap my soft hackles, the fibers usually end up bunched in clumps of 3-4
Mother Day Drifting Caddis Swap
I will be tying a Hackle Irish CADDIS
Recent Poppers
I've gathered together a bunch of popper bodies, foam mostly, and finally got around to tying some of them. Gamakatsu & Owner hooks. The recent posts about poppers got me motivated.   
rotary vise under $200 ? suggestions...
The Wolff Atlas vise is the same vise as the Anvil Atlas those on Ebay are older models.  I have been teaching veterans and our project has about 9 of these.  They come with both the C clamp
Rosenbauer's Rabbit's Foot Emerger
In my newest fly tying tutorial, I feature a fly created by Tom Rosenbauer of Orvis, the Rabbit's Foot Emerger.  This is a fly that can be modified to match natural insects, especially over diffi
The Tarpon Toad
The Polar Toad is a variation of the oh so effective Tarpon Toad that is just different enough to give those seasoned fish something new to look at this year. I personally love Toad flies for tarpon b
My fly bench is lonely
That's quite a strange subject for a fly tier to post on this forum.................need something to tie? Perhaps I missed something, for it sounds like you have lost your inspiration and intere
Hatches Blog Post - Squid – by Trevor Covich
Learn from veteran Alaskan guide Trevor Covich how to tie his fun and extremely effective squid fly. Trevor goes into detail on the composite loop, a technique that will revolutionize your fly tying.
Snowshoe Hare's Feet?
I have seen Snowshoe Rabbit feet sold at fly shops here in Canada and the price for one foot scares me.  That being said, I never pass up a road killed Snowshoe Rabbit. However, th
I have recently started tying flies and I was wondering if anyone has any advice on dragonfly wings because I have tied two different ways and neither turned out the way I had hoped. So if anyone woul
Mullet flies for Everglades
Those are some great looking flies Permitcapt!    I have some Owner hooks that are shaped like your hooks. I posted a pic in this thread =
Spartan Clear Wrap
Hello everybody
I am from VA and looking to learn to fly tying. I have been fly fishing since about this time last year and felt like fly tying was a great next step to learn. I mainly fish for trout in VA rivers. W
Looking for small to medium poppers, for 'gills or small bass?
I use a crapload of these all summer long. Normally I insist on tying my own flies, but at $0.08 each, and at the rate I lose these things, this is too good to pass up. Thanks for the tip!
In need or advice
Hello everyone. I am new to fly tying and look for some opinions and advice to get started. First I will be at first primary looking to Ty wet flies only with woolly bugger and pheasant tails first.
pic test
you post photos on another forum site and seem to have no problems when you do. do you use photobucket?    so then why cant you post photos here like you do on other forums? apply the same t
Leather working ... or an attempt at it.
Nice work Mike! I have made quite a few sheaths and knife scales , it's a fun hobby and a great way to make use of my belt sander. Be careful - leather working is as addictive as fly tying and rod bui
New from FL
Hello from Destin, FL... I am Captain Mote... I am not new to tying but have a lot to learn... I'm use to tying crappie jigs and a few trout flies.. I'm now looking into tying saltwater flies and jigs
Thin Skin alternative…..??
A strip of the plastic bag your other materials came in, a bit of nylon stocking.  Mankind has been tying flies long before any of these synthetic materials were invented.  Heck I have been
Accardo Bluegill Special Poppers
BTW Roland.. up until now I've never fished a wet fly... only poppers, foam spiders, etc.  Thus I don't have problems hanging up on submerged veggies.  If I want to fish wet, I use a beetle
Musky and Pike Gear and Flies
I believe you are correct, troutbum, but all I did was modify those flies in that pic - they are not my own ties or creations. (don't I wish) The lower bodies, though, are bucktail and most of the upp
Dubbing: center tying???
What pattern are you tying?
from the vise of a bored individual
I guess I have a short attention span when tying. Think it started when I had to tie 100 flies for swap on another list called the "Y2K Caddis Swap" would get bored after tying a few. Still happens ev
James Leisenring
Now I feel very old.  Cut my teeth on his book on tying and fishing wet flies.     Rocco
Rod building, easier than you might think
I know, this isn't about fly tying, but its definitely similar.  catching a fish on a rod you built yourself is just as rewarding (if not more rewarding) than catching a fish on a fly you tied. &
Flies for the SC coast.
I've been doing some tying recently, getting some flies ready for a trout fishing trip. Also tied some saltwater flies along the way.   Here's my newest additions to my saltwater fly boxes.  
Head cement deterring fish?
if you smoke in your tying area all of your materials smell like an ash tray. been there done that   wax your thread and make tight whip finishes.    dunk your fly in river mud to help
plastic bead?
using the right size glass or plastic bead, no drilling required   glass & plastic beads have been used for many years   a trip to the local craft/hobby store is a mecca for fly tying go
Pre shaped cork poppers..?
Hey Mike, thanks. I'll have to start popping in more often. Have got wrapped up with Facebook and hooking up with old flyfishing folks. Still tying, fishing and regular life been going on. Not sure wh
Ultimate Newbie from Washington
Skeet I think if we were all fishing for trees we all would be doing good. First. Id like to thank you for your service. Everyone starts out at the bottom of the mountain. When I first started the on
The Sad Flea
Good video.   Do you intentionally tie left handed, and wrap "backwards" so that it looks exactly like what we'd see sitting at our vise?   Or is that you're natural way of tying?
Are these flys, and would you fish them with a fly rod
Ive got a question for you guys that im sure will arouse some different opinions. I don't intend for any arguing, although im sure there will be some. My question is to what point will you call a fly
Vise Advice
Nice I'm sorry of on the hunt for a new vice. I'm trying on a super cheap kit vise right now, it works, but it's not ideal.
lead wire help
Ive never seen heavy and bonefish in the same sentence. They are skittish fish and a loud plop is going to scatter them. The best bonefish jigs are skimmers about 1/8 oz. If its for a spinning rod
Transparent Small Fry
I use one of my regular tying bobbins, brand has been long forgotten. I thing I measured the spool and it's about 1 1/4 inches long. I actually had to tighten my bobbin because the spool was a bit loo
A year or so ago I found a site that was all about the history of fly fishing, generally in the UK.  According to that history, way back with they started using silk lines (instead of tying horse
Stonefly Nymph Body Width
I'd use lead wire and squeeze it sideways with pliers after tying it in with thread.  Need that weight to sink the fly.  But I could be wrong.
Pheasant ID
Amazes me more folk don't have some melanistic birds in their tying kit. Great shades and variation for that little something different.
Im glad to be back
I was wondering what happened to you Cole!  Things happen in life for a reason, I am glad things are going well now hopefully you can start tying up some stuff and even join a swap or t
Few poppers
I started tying legs under now instead of the needle or drill thru bodies.....I believe Stipplepopper showed us this....
Anyone out there tying Postage Stamps?
That is the epitome of fly tying for the sake of fly tying.  I have never even SEEN fly postage stamps.   Are you going to frame them when you are done with the set?
Guess I should have came here before
Welcome Randi We've already seen some of your posts.  Suggest you provide some detail in your profile so folks can know something about who they're talking to..... where you are, etc. You've been
298 - Scud and emerger hooks
I'll take them I can just pay pal you if you want to save on eBay fees. What size hooks you need? If your tying for other than trout and want a good deal check these out
Single Hook Trout
I have been tying the Belly Scratcher Minnow. That fly gave me the idea for the swap. I know there are tons of flies like the Mickey finn but I was thinking in that direction.     Kevin
Tommi-Fly Floating Thread
A while back someone posted a link to Tommi-Fly floating thread sold by Competitive Angler. I decided to buy a couple spools to see what it was all about. I have not had it that long and just wanted
New member
'morning all. Although very long in the tooth (I'm 74 this year), I'm relatively new to fly fishing (2 or 3 years) and very new (2 or 3 months) to fly tying.  I need all the help I can get a
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