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Fly Tying Vise

Ordering Tying Materials
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Help wanted
Oops ... posted at the same time.      UK is pretty big on fly fishing, from what I hear ... I am surprised you don't have access to most tying materials.
Help wanted
Hope someone on here from the usa can help looking for a fellow fly tyier who maybe traps as well or knows someone who does,I am wanting some fur offcuts raccoon,beaver,possum,muskrat,et for blending
Getting new eyes
I just ordered a pair of 5X glasses, maybe now I will actually be able to see what I am doing on a size 18.  I've used 2X and 3X glasses for years, now they just don't give me the detail I need f
fill in for bass swap
I can throw something together this week. Maybe just a late night of tying tonight since the little ones are at grandpa's.
Fill-in for EuroOrBust swap needed
You're in Rick. agn54, I'll watch for your next album.   Spinal Tap plays "Is vise a vice or an addiction?"
Whiting feathers
If you have a finite amount of money to spend on hackle I think I would prefer the cape that is very adequete for my needs and be able to buy 3 capes with varying colors than the one premium cape for
Substitution for a new, old fly pattern
Has anyone else used Yak Hair as a variation, I tried it once while tying with some guys at a PHW tying session and found it to be kind of between buck tail and something like congo hair.  It is
Silky Minnow - Underwater Footage
This fly I am calling the Silky Minnow, because it uses water silk fiber from fly tiers dungeon.  This material flows well in the water, and has interesting movement.  It is sort of a high t
Clouser Pattern Bluegill
$.02 Here's a couple outa EP fibers. If you take the plunge. Doesn't take much and tie it in the middle fold back move ahead with next amount. Trim with scissors and I cheat on colors with sharpies
Whole Rabbit Skins?
Be a bit cautious about rabbit skins since there's a good number of low cost skins - that don't work out very well for fly tying... They look nice, are easy to strip - but after one use on the water t
New to tying and here
I am looking forward to hopefully learning more about tying flies from this forum.  I spent 20 years in a high stress work environment and was forced to retire.  My doctor strongly suggested
New to tying and here
Fly tying and fly fishing are great ways to reduce stress. There is a wealth of information here for both. If you can find a buddy or two that is into the fly scene, you can pick up tips and tricks
book find
I know this wasn't on your mind but you could sell those on different sites...not this one any more since you told what you paid...for $10 to $15 a book, maybe more if condition is good and you check
Articulated Wooly Bugger
No need for the front hook on the articulated flies depending on size. That, or no need for the back hook. I use stainless spinner bait wire for front or rear of articulated ties depending on size of
Hi all from the UK.
Hi everyone, Rob here from Southampton in the UK, I have been tying on and off since about 1991 but only tend to tie what I need to fish with or replace in my box, mainly Damsels, Royal Wulff, apps bl
OK, Spent most of the camping trip showing guests different bugs in the river and then explaining to them about hatches when the fish started jumping in the river that afternoon, Then while cleaning o
Spike fly
$.02 If I wanted to duplicate the fly from the description it would look like this but leave the front and back hair off and as you do the deer hair tie in the 4-6 white rubber legs spaced along the s
New HMH TRV rotary vise?
Hi, I heard another vise called the predator vise has a similar jaw style and is trying to patent the design so HMH is being very cautious and had a attorney looking into it. This was several months a
Wide Bobbin
Might be Sunrise fly tying tools made in India had a number of extra large spool bobbins years ago as use 2 for the Coates & Clark clear & smoke monos.
LAW vise
Here we go again. . .
Going to spend 500.00 on a pole. Orvis or llbean brand. Opinions pls
I response to poopdock. If you try to use substandard cheap tools to achieve high quality wood work it will show but you can adapt and produce marginal woodwork. I stand by the saying. You get what yo
August flies from the vice
Hey bulb, you misspelled vise, or did you?  Nice tys. Vice is the original Queens English my dear chap. Now vise and vice are seen interchangeably all the time. 
Need a backup for EuroOrBust Swap
One of our most reliable and nicest tying members has to go off for some repair work in the shop on his headlights to brighten things up again. While FishinBob has to drop off I can always just spread
magnum jaw for Thompson SLT 360
The last time I contacted Thompson was a couple of years ago. I believe this is a company that is continuing on with the Thompson name - I have seen a vise recently bought new from them...not exactly
Swapmeister Duties 1. Announce your intentions for the fly swap. Provide instructions on what type of flies to tie and a total on the number of tiers for the swap. I try to stick with a quantity of 12
Where to find "these" Vinyl stick on eyes..?
Flea-bay:   There are several li
Solarez and Ultrafire WF502b light
I bought the little "starter pack" of Solarez with the 3 small tubes; one each of Thin Hard,Thick Hard and Flex. I also bought a light called an Ultrafire WF 502b that had been recommended in an artic
Grizzly tailing source
The "Feather Clinger"
Hi,   Stoneclinger Nymph (14mm) made from just 3 Materials. Spider Web as tying Thread, Ostrich Fibers as Bodygills and all the rest is made from Partridge Feathers...       MW
Trouble with foam bodied spiders
I run the foam thru the bodies after tying on with a darning needle.   Rick
I didn't watch the tying part, as I don't tie with fish heads ... but I did like the movement in the tank.   BUT ... you need to clean that tank !!!
OT. Anybody do earrings?
I sure dig the creativity on display in this thread... Carry On Tying Artists
What's up with the photo gallery?
I really hate to hear that. This used to be the site for all things flyfishing and tying. Maybe I should have stayed gone or found another site, But I liked this one so much. Guess I cant judge b
Thanks for a lot of interesting
Contact you're local D.E.C. , perhaps they could assist on local conditions and specifics ,if you're looking for more in depth info , I'm sure there are several guys here that will be able to pin poi
Fly tyer back from hiatus
Hello All,     I'm a self-proclaimed "spoiled flyfisher" from eastern PA. Living about a mile from the Delaware River and around 2.5 mi from class A troutwater I believe allows me that title
Project Healing waters
Hey guys , I'm a vet, and I know there's many more here , recently I have tried to contact this group but no response , I follow their outings and I know they actually do marathon fly tying weekends t
Danville Spider Web and Uni Trico
  Maybe I'm reading it wrong but I'd think 70 Denier would build up too fast if tying 24's and 26's. I'll have to re-read that part.   Anyway thanks for all the responses gents. Much appr
Maggie valley Trip report.
[attachment=63723:IMG_1918.JPG] Charlotte pulled this nice brookie out of a deep pool below a bridge with a stonefly nymph jig I tied for her on spin tackle. He second trout, PB, and first brookie. [
I'm Back !!!!!
You have given me an idea poopdeck. I wade these days with a staff myself. I never thought of carving some, it's not like I don''t have the time . I may just give it a try if it's alright with yo
is tenkara catching on?
Mike may remember this from his younger days in Indiana. In Lafayette Indiana there is a shin dig every year called The Feast of The Hunters Moon. It celebrates the areas history of the fur trappers a
Making Dubbing - Specifically Superfine Style Dubbing
I make almost all of my dubbing, and have for the last 30 years.  When you think about it, there is very little in the way of dubbing that didn't start out as some other product.  Every piec
YouTube video links
Hi, all! I'm in the process of updating my website and want to list a section on the best (i.e. most informational) fly tying videos. I am looking for the specific videos versus channels. Thanks ahead
Senyo's Laser Dub & Fly Tyers Dungeon?
Great video.  Looks like I need to acquire a couple of dog brushes and give it a try when my current supply of Laser Dub runs out.  One thing I've been doing with the laser dub I have is to
What are they?
Look like midge larvae or pupae to me, especially if the big ones are size 18-20. Plus the guy mentioned tying zebras to imitate them.
more free to a good home
i thank all for the nice words but its really a simple thing to do.   i looked at my tying table and saw there was just too many "things i gotta have" that i cant use all at once.   i dont h
Newbie from Kentucky
Just starting fly tying. I retire next April and look forward to my new hobby. My main interest is saltwater flies since we are in the South Florida area a couple times a year. Have a trip planned to
UV Light?
I like that, set inside and keep tying as it cures.
Playing with some foam
i like the history left on the table top of plenty of fly tying work. i call that a workbench that gets used    nice flies too
Gamakatsu B10s = Allen ___?
The B200 is a bronzed hook, the Gamakatsu B10 is a black nickle plated hook.  The sizes posted from each don't match up, but you can find matching sizes up to a 2/0.  If your tying for salt
Started shopping at new shop
jstockard advertises "10000 fly tying items in stock" which is a little misleading. they probably have multiple quantities of different fly tying materials but i doubt they have 10000 individual items
Hello from BC, Canada.
Hey everyone. I've been fly tying for about 3 years now. I was given a fly tying kit as a gift, and have not stopped since. My skills are increasing with every fly I tie. I can't say the same for my f
Wanna do the EuroOrBust swap...
Okay, guys. See the above post. I don't like swap where you get up into 15-20 area but if everyone is okay with it I'd like to get FRN into this swap to celebrate his fighting off the Big C into remis
howdy all
Explore craft stores for alternative fly-tying materials. Many materials sold in the fly-tying industry come from the craft and fabric industry, so you never know what you can discover. When you find
Tube size for billfish Nd saltwater flies?
Hi all, does anybody have experience tying billfish and baitfish paterns on tubes? Any recomendations on tube size to use? I'm new at tubes, and not sure how the large hooks I intend to use will inter
Crayfish Bunny Bugger
Finally got around to tying some of these up. These are for the give aways at this months fly fishing club. I have tied me some like these but with rattlers in them. They work beautifully with the pul
A clean, semi organized desk, and some trout ties!
I've been a busy bee at vice lately. With my trout trip coming up I've been tying lots of new to me patterns. It has certainly been a learning curve. Hopefully I can get these darn pics to work...! I
Stacking vs spinning deer hair
If you've ever wondered what the difference between stacking vs spinning hair is, or if you've never heard of stacking hair, Pat Cohen explains the techniques here and shows how to achieve a little mo
Sedge Mouflon & CDC
Thank you Hatchet Jack. It's a very simple sedge and good floating. The Mouflon hair has a peculiarity , don't get up during the tying, and don't rotate. It's rough.  I think the hair of wild she
maybe its because their business model is not geared for the artsy craftsy types   read   fly tying just seems to be a side project
A coyote fly that landed me my personal best native brook trout
I like multipurpose flies. Kind of reminds me of a marabou muddler or something like that. Others have said it resembles a sparrow nymph. lol either way it just popped in my head and I threw it on the
Finished tying tool collection
For me, the vise and scissors are the important tools, and they should be built to outlast me.  My "new" vise is a Dyna-King Sidewinder.  I picked that up used and in a trade; and its 2
Bass Bonanza!
Kyle took me out fishing again on his boat and wow!  We had a blast!  Caught fish non stop!  Most of them smallmouth bass, however we caught 5 different species.  Smallmouth bass,
thoughts on floatant
I will virtually guarantee (unvirtually too!)  that Bergman's Formula will float a fly better and longer than any other floatant.  No, it's not available in stores.   You make it y
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