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Fly Tying Vise

Question on Hook Shank Length and Leverage
Do you feel that fish can shed a long shank hook during the fight easier than a relatively shorter shank hook?  I have heard people say that the longer shank hook provides greater leverage for th
May Flies from the Vice
tying might slow down as fishing heats up..
Wow big Browns rising in the pond this morning
Double tricos are a staple pattern of some trico fly fishers. That is how I learned of double flies.       "If you’re anything like me and occasionally have trouble hooking trout
Tying classic style streamers
I am using the methods in Sharon Wright's book. She uses all kinds of glue, but all the feather streamers are pre assembled. That way you are tying in four, five or six feathers on both sides at once
cdc feathers
Hook Dimensions - Allen Barbless Dry Fly Hooks
Fletch, You use the term "standard" when referring to hook size. That is exactly the problem. There is no standard when it comes to hook sizes. All fly proportions are in relation to the hook you
buzzers tied with condor substitute
VERY Nice flies. Nice lighting in your photos.  I seem to remember that when I started tying you could still buy condor. Was it still legal in the 60's? 
Cautery Pen
Mike - I'm trying to think where I saw not to use it.  I think I know but would have to dig out and scan through a video to find the "expert" reference.   From my perspective I don't think h
Wet or dry hackle - buggers
Some great Info, much appreciated I'll try different things for hackle, will give schlappen a try Gurubugger great tip about tying in the hackle tip first, can't believe I didn't think of that ha
Latest off the bench- 2wt
Beautiful, always wanted to get into rod building. Is it worth just doing it yourself and keeping the product? I may just stick to buying from the pros. I'm sure start-up costs aren't cheap. I thi
scissors for fly tying
Fiskars used to make fly tying scissors in Wausau, WI where they had a factory and design center. Now that was moved to Mexico and then to China. These fly tying scissors are 4' long with fine tips. &
Got dr slicks, dropped em
  replaceable tips   Are these intended to be held the whole time you tie?   Jfinn,   This is a picture of the Wiss Quick-Clip Speed Cutter; it was not originally made for fl
Wing material fro Greenwells?
The original was hen blackbird, but these are protected now. Starling is still available, it is worth getting a full skin for the hackles, Very useful in all kinds of pattern. Steve Cooper at Cookshil
Rewarding Day
I'm not a complete beginner, but I've been away from fly fishing and tying for several years... Work, golf, cycling all got in the way for a while.  Started back to fishing a few weeks ago, but t
Alley Oop
The comic strip (if you can find it):   Alley Oop (Oct. 24, 1956)    "I Got One First Cast!"* (Alley Oop, Oct. 24, 1956) / V.T.    Hamlin. -- Summary: Oop catches a fairly sma
Greetings from South Carolina
Note of introduction.  I've been flyfishing off and on for years, but recently returned to the sport after a 9 yr absence.  Don't know why such a long break really, just have a lot of hobbie
BAD commercial
LOL  Mike I feel the same way. I saw that commercial for the very first time about 2 months ago as I was walking through the front room and it actually made me stop in my tracks when I saw the
Rain rain go away
Every now and then I straighten "man room" up. No womens allowed in. This is the tying corner gotta a puter to the left lotta guns ammo behind and closet full of huntin clothes waders, duck stuff,
Oh, Deer
Hi Jason,    I second what johnny wrote about trying Whitetail Fly Tying. Even though Chris passed away last Thanksgiving, he sold his shop way before, and more than likely trained Mike and
History of Crazy Charlie
Link repaired   [url][/url]
Truly big trout streamers
I just recently started tying and fishing large articulated's this winter. So far, my favorites are the Headbanger Sculpin, The Hog Snare, and the Icepick...all designed by Rich Strolis. Check his vid
Casting Class Tomorrow Morning; Need Fly Suggestions (please)!
Grizzly is nice to work with, it's worth having a decent one be that neck, cape, half, full. I've been tying for decades on Grizzly and something else, be it brown or ginger usually. Often when the
Caption this photo...
When I heard you say you were tying Gama-CAT-su I was sure they were for meant for me.
Greetings from Minnesota
I amd just starting fly fishing this year.  I thought it would be a good activity for me and my 11 year old son to do.  I also liked the idea of fly tying too, both for me and for me and my
Naming patterns -- a minirant
Steve, if I can't control other peoples' behavior, I can at least decide for myself who I want to associate with.  And censorship is wrong (whoever said that) is wrong.  This is supposed to
Clouser Swap
I would really enjoy being in this swap! getting ready to do some surf fishing and could use some difrrent clousers! Im in. Will let you know what variation i plan on tying.
New to tying dry flys, First few Light Cahills
Hey everybody, just recently started my adventures tying into dry flys. Wanted to post a couple of pics and get some crits on my first few light cahills.   Thanks in advance, Mike    
Sex Dungeon
I've been messing around tying some of Kelly Galloup Style Articulated flies. Here is my Sex Dungeon fly.  Just deer hair, lead eyes, cactus chenille, marabou, hackle, b10s hook for front, and 3x
Re-discovering marabou ....
I got away from using marabou for fly tying for a while -- I was using lots of synthetics, etc.   But I kinda re-discovered using it in ties.   I came up with this fly, which uses a combinat
Soft Hackle Pheasant Tail Variations
We're getting a lot of posts to this video page; that's awesome!   Like a lot of people, I love tying variations of certain patterns...and one of my favorites is the Soft Hackle PT.  In my v
Sourcing a bobbin holder for large spools of craft thread
Since I use a Automatic bobbin from Nor-vise, I always buy bulk spools of thread.  I use a drill when re-spooling the thread onto the spools for the Auto bobbin, or onto standard spools.  &#
Favorite Fly for "Swinging" Steelhead
Not my family. I got the image from the web. I believe that's April Vokey at the vise. I wish she was family!
Reclosable Bags for Hackle Storage
I have some capes I purchased at shows that didn't come with the standard hackle poly bag, so I'm looking for some bags that fit a cape better than a gallon ziploc bag.   Does anyone know of a pl
oldie but a newbe
I joined back in 2007 and got lost in the flood of web sites, I'm back on here to hopefully get connected up with some like kind fly fishing and tying persons in Arkansas, New Mexico and Colorado wher
Getting Notified
And it pays to check often and be quick. The easier ties especially go quick. I looked at the crappie swap with 3 people in it. Went to my tying room and figured out what I wanted to tie for it. When
selling fly's on "consignment"?
I've often thought of taking my el cheapo C-clamp vise to work & knocking over some flies in work time! That way my boss pay's me to ty my own flies for my own fishing! :-)
Feathers of choice
Depends on the sizes, but in addition to strung saddle, I like strung neck hackle, particularly for Deceivers. Neck hackle generally is wider than saddles, so provide a better profile. Of course, that
India necks
Here you go.
Keeping it real at the craft store
Peacock eyes. foam sheets in many colors, and compartment containers are what I get there.  And you can find those small boxes that are sold for a lot more in fly shops.  (The ones that open
Trout Selectivity
I would agree that us fly fisherman do have a tendency to overcomplicate and overthink the pursuit a bit. Forgive me for the long anecdote here, but this experience comes to mind often. I saw it happe
Tight line nymphing furled leader with reversed sighter
Here's an idea I had recently with the low water conditions we are having in California.  Tying sighters into your furled leader is no new idea, but I haven't seen anyone tying them in at the bot
First Clousers - Critiques wanted
The Chartreuse one: Cut the thread close to the hook, some are hanging out in front of the fly.  Keep the hair on top of the hook for the tails (top of hook is bottom of fly), if they wrap round
New Squid Fly
I started tying flies about 8 years and started with popping bugs for bluegill. About 3 years, while fishing some ponds for largemouth, I thought of a fly that might work pretty good for bass and made
Hello from Maine
Welcome to the site, Terry.  That many years of tying and teaching, I am looking forward to seeing your flies and reading your posts.
saving money.....
 I started tying my own flies after my first serious fly fishing summer in Jackson Hole.  I knew I was going back for the next summer, and I also knew just what dozen or so flies would work.
First Clousers - Critiques welcomed
They look fine IMO. If i have only one suggestion it would be the head. when tying Clousers, I followed the you tube video by Bob Clouser, He tends to make the head stand up more by angling the hair w
Quill Gordon.
I was tying some Quill Gordons the other day. The quills from the eye areas seemed awful thin and short and weren't right. I tried something new to me. I used a regular peacock quill which didn't have
Oily waxy cape!?!
Having washed and dryed a few capes over the years (particularly dyed ones..) I'd strongly recommend that you never, repeat never, use hot water when washing a dyed cape since  the cape will lose
couple for seatrout.
They should be otherway up, blue is top with white belly. Phone camera for some.reason flipping them over. The threads actually black. I make a small taper after tying off the hackle so the bead will
Oh we can still but them here in UK. Polar bear does have uses and I like it in the belly of minnows for that see through glow. The templedog hair is not really necessary. Tying technique is what giv
Hydraulic Fiy Vice?
What the different between ours fly vise and Hyrdaulic vise?And who made them?And last where can I more information on them?
So, I think I want to tie some tubes
Pro Tube has a great system, and if you want to try a spectrum of their tubes and cones, grab the kit. I started by picking up their "needle" and a narrower but deeper selection of their tube items, s
Hook, eye and emerger...
Steve, as I mentioned before you can rig your standard curved or straight shanked hooks to fish in the same attitude as a jig hook. Avoiding the need to change the flies you had, cutting down on expen
Fifth Annual Evolution Swap
J. Stockard
I think I'll put down the bobbin for today
I thought I would replenish my supply of wooly buggers for my Wyoming/Colorado trip this summer. Like most tiers, I've tied woolly buggers for years, so I decided I didn't need to refer back to the re
What size egg paterns do you fish for steelhead?
Wow! I've been tying size 6 estaz eggs and 10 yarn eggs. Am I way over sized and NEED to tie a bunch of smaller ones?14 & 16
Totally random q.
So at the opener thats approaching. The guys who typically fly fish will don spinning rods and mepps spinners. For the sake of water temps. Would you say that the fly equivalent of said spinners is
Pardo & CDC SBS (tutorial video)
I think it's a beautiful tye with a bunch of fish catching qualities.  If you're not production tying, I don't see the need to fill boxes with dry flies as you rarely loose them at the rate you l
Weedless Frog Flies
The prototype isn't pretty, but I think it shows the concept. I went with a gamakatsu circle hook for the back and tied some rubber strands underneath to help keep it off the moss. I've never been gre
Deadly fly for muddy waters
I can't remember the exact name of this fly; some type of marabou clouser. I went back up north to SW Wisconsin to trout fish grant county. This was right after all that hail and rain hit the area. Ne
matuka tying style
......more   Marcelo gave up on this fly until his wife kicked his butt with a hen version whilst they fished together !
Sale on this vise
 be afraid to invest in a $129 vise but yet will go out and drop $800 on the latest rod   Not me... not even close.   Not even same-planet close.    It also stan
another have you ever had....
I remember my first hook accident when I was 4, and I wasn't even fishing at the time.  I have had several flies in me that required a mono loop removal.  The first time I tried the mono loo
Just some flys I tied ...
One suggestion. Tie the marabou to length rather than tyeing it long and trimming it to length. That Marabou is not cut it is the tips of the feather ..  I tie way to many jigs to know you do
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