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Fly Tying Vise

Hello from coastal Maine.   I bought my first fly rod last fall (9ft #6). Started tying wooly buggers after Christmas. And am as yet fishless on it. It'll come eventually.   An avid bass fis
Foam caddis and stonefly.
For a caddis, google "Puterbaugh Caddis".   There are tons of foam stonefly patterns. Here are couple of Rogue style stones.       I'm not familiar with the "polypropylene floa
Fly Tying: The Angler's Art
I just googled Fly tying: the anglers art and the first hit was the site.  Try that.
Hopper Dropper Swapper
June is the month I'm usually tying up my terrestrials to get ready for the rest of summer and the beginning of autumn. When I'm fishing a terrestrial, more often than not, I'll have a dropper hangin'
living in florida....
Flytire ... If you come down to investigate ... just bring a rod and let me know you're coming.  We can hook up my boat and go look at any body of water you want. If you move to this part of the
Fly reel question
I love fly fishing and tying.  But I don't have or want any fly that will penetrate this cover. [attachment=52413:weeds.jpg]  If there's more than a foot of water under that, though, I'll ca
Sunken Dry Fly
There is one spot on a particular river that always took a sunken Fluttering Caddis in a Jade body size 12 to get a nice salmon from it. Don't know why that spot, always a salmon etc. But I could coun
Great hook for a terrific price - GC3761BL - Wet Fly Nymph, 1XL, 2X
GC3761BL - Wet Fly Nymph, 1XL, 2X Heavy, Sprout bend, BarblessGreat hook for a terrific priceLooking for a barbless hook for tying supplies. Read the sescription and ordered these. A great hook fo
Great hook for a terrific price - GC2488BL - Dry Fly Nymph, Straight
GC2488BL - Dry Fly Nymph, Straight eye, 3X Wide, 2X Short curved shank. BarblessGreat hook for a terrific priceLooking for a barbless hook to add to tying supplies. Read the description and ordered
Great hook for a terrific price - GC2302BL - Terrestrial Down Eye, 2X
GC2302BL - Terrestrial Down Eye, 2X Long, Standard wire, Slightly humped shank. Barbless. Great hook for a terrific priceLooking for a barbless hook to add to tying supplies. Read the description and
Great hook for a terrific price - GC2457BL - Down eye, 2X Heavy, 2X Wi
GC2457BL - Down eye, 2X Heavy, 2X Wide, 2X Short. Barbless. Great hook for a terrific priceLooking for a barbless hook to add to tying supplies. Read the description and ordered these. A great hook
June Flies from the Vice
Had to break out the old vise since I left my other one at my parent's house. Still works as intended after 19 years.
Second Annual 2 in 1 Reel Recovery Swap
I'm down for just tying some mouse flies for the gentlemen, count me out of the midge swap though. I send them to Reelfly? Is that an outfitter?
EP Bluegill and Perch
There are a couple of styles of tying you can try one is "high tying" and the other is v-tying. Which will produce a wide body pattern like a sunfish.This one is v-tied[attachment=52398:003.JPG]This o
brush cap modification
So you just got a bottle of your favorite fly tying adhesive such as one of the UV cured resins, brush on crazy glue, Sally Hansens finger nail polish or even head cement and you find the bristles are
Just joined and already have a question
Welcome left-handed Dondi!  You mention being from the south but your profile doesn't tell us anything about you, or where you are from, etc.  That kind of info is very helpful to all of us
Just joined and already have a question
Hello everyone, I just joined this forum a few minutes ago and think I'm going to really enjoy the experience. Ive been into fly fishing for some years now, mainly panfish and bass don't have much tr
What material is this
I was thinking of tying some of these for striper, LMB, and SMB What material do u think they are made of?
New Vise Recommendations
I know that posting this question is probably opening a can of worms, but here goes anyway. First, I have a Danvise that I've had for several years and it has served me well. I've had to replace the j
Thanks! As I said, tie it full. Otherwise once wet the herl slims down a lot.    Once you tie a few, post some pics! We all like to see what others are tying!    BTW, I like bronze
Borski Slider
Ditz2, yeah, I like tying with the rabbit!    IMO it depends on the fly & what else is used with the rabbit. They'll absorb water, so will get heavier than other materials that don't abs
Metz #2 Cree saddle
Those that have noted a slight deficit for freshwater tying are on the money with a #2 saddle patch.... for a saltwater tyer like me a #2 Metz was all I ever ordered when grizzly or cree (and a few ot
I'm not as good as I once was ....
This was the first year that I dumped a few flies into the stream in the process of 'tying one one'. Ah, _ _ it happens! We all got to deal with it and move on - or... we can become bitter and disgrun
Squirmy Leech
Mike, maybe one day during the week. Just taking lunch and a breather from digging fence post holes, getting ready for round 2, setting them in concrete and then off to family get together and tomorro
Head Cements for Fly Tying
Thanks for the links, Joe; I appreciate you taking the time to find them.   Regarding the comments on Performance Flies, that is one of the few high-end fly tying shops for Czech- and Euro-style
Ready to go, how about you
that is an amazing assortment of flies. i'm just getting into tying pike flies, and yours are great for inspiration.
Breaking hackle questions...
Was tying up some wooly buggers yesterday and my hackle kept breaking when I tried to wrap it.  I'm not using hackle pliers so there wasn't any sharp metal edges to catch it on or anything. 
dyed bucktails
Like Tidewater I use quite a bit of the center hair from bucktails -both for fly tying and for jig making.  Since I do hundreds of bucktail jigs using the nice white bucktail hair it leaves me wi
More Free Kindle Books
Two Free Kindle SBS Fly Patterns - Mini Puff and Stone Fly
First trout on a fly...
While on a quick Memorial Day weekend trip to our land in the eastern Upper Peninsula, my brother in law and I managed to spend all day Sunday on the local rivers.  We fly fished while the women
Two Free Kindle books: “Essential Trout Flies & New Zealand Lake F
Mainly a book for newbies, this book lists 15 flies with a materials list for tying but no SBS or photos of the tying steps or of the flies.
Dyna KIng Barracuda..excuse my ignorance?
"my question is, is this thing supposed to spin on the vertical shaft all the time? I cant figure out how to stop it." I'm a barricuda user and am not sure I understand the question completely, but wi
knotting legs
After you've knotted a dozen you will see why its so much better value to buy the stems ready knotted. Here in UK its about £5 for a stem full of knotted legs. Doing them yourself is one of those
Turkey biots
Thank you all for your excellent tips... Last week I began to look for some peacocks hackles ... it is not easy, but I put some people looking them for me.   On the other hand, I already rev
Fly that will catch anything!
I have started tying the fly with rubber legs for the tail and throat instead of marabou and its been killer
Homemade Balsa wood lure - The Attila Fat Minnow "S"
Hello Fly Fishing anglers   It has passed long time since my last post. I hope all of you are having excellent fishing days and are doing well...   This time I want to share my last How To D
Franklin TN
A few days ago I was introduced to a nice young fella at Hobby Lobby while we were both looking for fly tying materials. If that young man sees this I would appreciate it if he would send me a PM. I h
Buggy Stonefly Nymph
    Buggy Stonefly Nymph   Material List :   Deer Creek Micro Velvet Rope SLF Dubbing - brown and white Turkey Biot Goose Biot Pheasant Tail fibers Mono eye Curve Nymph hook size
SuperFly Materials - Any Good?
superfly is not superfly (cohen). I bought a Superfly foam slit fly box a few years ago, it's a pretty decent C&H clone. I got mine for about $9 at a sports authority here in california. Never had
Stacking Colors
As i stack deer hair the thread torque pulls the top color down into my bottom color on the far side of the hook. Should I be positioning the top color closer to me to make up for this? I pull really
My First 2 Madame Xs
Not bad. I would make the tails a little shorter and lighter and add a little more to the wing. If you look at the pictures you can see the differences between the flies. When you are tying, try to pa
Bob Wayatt's DHE ?
Dears, Thank you very much for your replies so far - some good points brought up! @Silver: That's exactly the pattern I tied. I followed the tying recipe very strictly, except for the wing part. The
Northwest Indiana- Summer Steelhead?
From the sound of things, I'll be tying some big hex, stones, and eggs (as big as I dare), with maybe a couple streamers mixed in, and throw them on thinner fluoro once July comes and the fish show up
Does anyone have a granite or stone topped fly tying desk?
I agree with Mike 110%. As a beginner I've already found that a background card helps (gray or white) to keep behind the vise. I'm planning on building something like a tying station that can be picke
pike flies
exactly like that, lol. i really like your flies. i'm still trying to figure out how you throw something that big on something other than a telephone pole and aircraft cable, lol.   do most of th
Hi, I apologise if this has been asked on here before I done quick search didn't find much. I have been fishing buzzers dries and lures for years and of course even tying my own, but I
FTF Fly Pattern - dronlee - Buggy Adult Stonefly Nymph
Relax guys.... just keep tying   maybe I put a wrong name... lol... but that's not important... the important part is to spread the disease...   Cheer guys
one of my top nymph for first part of the season
Hi guys,  Here is a nymph that  I recommend to all who like to  add CDC in tying nymphs. This model is simple and effective and I never go for trout in May and June without having this
DIY Leaders
LOL, yes, tying tippet to a ring is just as silly as tying tippet to the eye of a hook.
Nature's Spirit Snowshoe Rabbit Dubbing
I love tying with snowshoe! It's very buggy looking. Ties well for nymphs, and especially dries! The usual (as posted above) is my go-to dry fly. I can't think of the site, but if you google "snowshoe
Put out your torches
A subject debated on dozens of boards dozens of times. On bigger flies I think wings can be important. One of the underwater studies I read said that the wings on the fly were the first thing to drift
Wings on Adams?
Hey all..  I've ventured into tying dries (my pockets are hurting!) and for some reason i can't quite wrap my mind around where/what is used for the wings on an Adams.    Am i cutting o
Finished the Bonsai Garden
awesome space; i love it. do you have a running water feature?   i wouldn't even bother using that little pelt for fly tying. i'd just stick a 3/0 hook in it, and call it done, lol.
Weighty Matters
    And TideWaterFly, your comment "positioned 1/3rd the way along the hook shank" has given me the answer as to why my Clousers have never looked right. I've put the lead ey
Fly boxes
HOLY COW!!!!!  Y'all must live at you fly tying vises!!!!!  Totally awesome I am speechless to say the least....I looked at the pics for at least 10 minutes. 
Cheapest and most effective flies to tie
I know what materials to use and what to do I've been tying flies for 5 years I was just wondering if there were any simple flies you all knew how to tie that were any good
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Fly Fishing For Cutthroat in Northern Idaho: Selected Rivers and Tributaries   Stonefly CDC Fly Tying
Epoxy Sub
Not sure what the difference may be. Both are urethane based. I haven't used the Liquid Fusion yet, but know that it's being mentioned a lot on other sites for tackle building & fly tying.  
Bucktail Jigs
I am looking to get into tying buck tail jigs, is there a master out there that could share a video. There are some I found through google, but nothing like the incredibly detailed fly tying videos so
3Doodler - hand held 3D printing pen
When I saw this Kickstarter project, my mind turned to fly tying. I'm not sure how it could be used, but I'm sure someone will.   The fishing lure crowd is buzzing about 3D printing for making fi
Large Mouth / Small Mouth Bass - As long as it floats swap
Ok joseph russell you're in...Messaged mail address   SORRY BUT THE SWAP IS NOW FULL! Happy tying everyone!  Looking forward to seeing everyone's creations.  Remember due date is July 1
Great hooks AWESOME customer service - GC80000BR - Dry Fly Hook, Forge
GC80000BR - Dry Fly Hook, Forged, Knife Edge Point, Chemically Sharpened, Austempered, Micro Barb, Turned Down 30 Degree Ball Eye, Bronzed.Great hooks AWESOME customer serviceI recently placed a large
wooly buggers
Thanks Dave G! I've often thought about tying some micro buggers!
Blue Lady Amherst
eide,       Your tying skill simply amaze me.  Beautiful fly indeed!!!!
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