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Fly Tying Vise

when will i stop?
when will I stop looking all over...(under desk, under chair, under everything on desk ect.) for my hackle pliers that are always in my bits basket under the clippings?   (1) 
Late 2017 Euro style / Nymphs Swap
Kevin I'm tying the Red Dart in a #14 Thanks Steve-stabgnid
International Fly Tying Symposium 2017
For those of you in the NE, the International Fly Tying Symposium will be taking place on November 11 & 12 at the Marriott in Lancaster, PA (location change from previous years).  This is the
Vise is sold
Funny how things work out
I started tying about a year ago...I struggle, but the flys are getting better and my technique is improving slowly.    Anyway...My wife and I have been saving for a small cabin for yea
production tying
How interesting is that.   I'm putting my order in for 6 Law vises today. Now at $3000.00 a piece, (current going price)... times six, that would be $18,000.00 bucks, table I can make t
JingleStacker Emerger SBS
Just started throwing stuff on the hook with the intention of tying a Jingler Hacklestacker; not sure this is where I expected to end up. hook - Dai Riki 320 #12 thread - UTC 70 grey brown tail - Con
Fly Tying Desk Light
Hi all,   I was looking for a dimmable LED lamp for my computer desk and found a reasonably priced one made by Taotronics ( .  I found it to be much m
Caddis Nymph
Hi guys,    Here is a model of caddis nymph with realistic look when gets wet. It is very easy to tie, no more than 4-6min to make  the fly:   And when is wet looks really cool:
Carrie Stevens style
Hah, I found an old bottle of Pliobond in my tying case, gotta be 20 years old if a day and it's not dried up !
Super Cheap DYI Dubbing:
utyer, great idea! Hadn't considered Para cord. I spun some up,then added some flash from some trim material I picked up from wallyworld. To the vise next!
29th Annual North Toledo Bend Rendezvous - A Gathering of Tyers
29th Annual North Toledo Bend Rendezvous    Co-Sponsored by the Gulf Coast and Texas Councils - FFI                         &
Source for Lagartun x-fine wire
competetive angler is very good for customer service and prompt delivery   its also a great site for european fly tying items   Amen!  I do a lot of searching for fly tying goodies
Back from a long break
Hello,   I became a member in 2005, and my last post was approximately 3 -1/2 years ago.  I have been away from fly tying during this time due to other obligations (e.g., family, graduate sc
Swap etiquette question.
Should I post flies in the October/November flies from the vise thread that I might send (still undecided) to the Christmas swap? Would that be considered as ruining the surprise for the swap?
Looking for an advanced fly tying book
Is the original poster looking for a book on advanced fly tying or a vise???
Went nuts and ordered an HMH Tube spinner vise
I know, I'm terrible about posting fly photos since I dumped the hosting site I was using that auto sized for web viewing.   Anyway, don't know if I will tie any better with this but I'll enjoy i
What the heck are these?
I had a set when I first started tying, they came from Herter's.  Your fingers can do the same job.  They might still be useful for pushing back spun or stacked deer hair when you tie off
Rooster 100 saddle packs vs partial or full pelts?   look for hackle tops   Thanks, flytire!  I've got the
Sink tips
Read my posts below:
Hello from Topanga, CA (and NOLA)
What a wonderful forum! Awesome flies, pics, tips, detailed explanations, debates, ideas. And so many incredibly experienced and skilled tiers contributing their wisdom and guidance. And a friendly an
Veevus 50 Denier - Amazing thread
My white veevus is lumescent under uv light. It's my only veevus to date, so I don't know if they all do that. I love tying with it, too, by the way. Has a nice, smooth feel to it coming off the bob
Any snake ID out there?
Promise us this wasn't created at your vise! It would make an excellent "streamer" or "lure" I am sure the trout couldn't ignore!
Fly tying supplies for sale
Ok I give up what forum has fly tying supplies for sale ? 
speed tying
found it on the internet    
Start thinking Christmas Swap
I'm in  Tying some Salmon /Steele head flies Steve-stabgnid
October flesh from the vise
        A autumn where a lot of things have been happening, but finally sitting down to do some more tying: Blacker - shannon number 12, on a #4/0 2xl, tied in hand. To say you
Jo-Ann Fabrics Haul
Just found a great deal on Hard as Hull adhesive.  FishUSA has the penetrator, head cement and thinner all for $8.99, plus s/h, of course.   Amazon lists just the Penetrator alone at $4.85
What can I use for soft-hackle fly silk bodies?
Pearsall's is traditional, but there's no reason to limit yourself.  Almost any Embroidery supplier can get you a variety silk floss.   There is nothing about fly tying that requires special
Crazy Brown Shrimp
Brown shrimp are one of the most common foods for many of the fish species in the Gulf of Mexico.  From Redfish, to Speckled trout, to Permit and even flounder.  All of these species eat bro
Hairwing Atlantic Salmon Flies
cph   no intention of getting them wet as there is no salmon in my area and i have no intention of traveling to canada to fish for them.   i'm just tying them to broaden my tying capabilitie
Simple Foam Stone SBS
Found a pic on the interweb; notional tying sequence, change colors to suit your needs. Make it a little fatter and omit the tail and you have a passable hopper. hook Dai Riki 280 #10 thread/rib -
Sculpin fun
I've been a big fan of Charlie Craven's Gonga. Step-by-step here. I posted my take on the articulated version in the October flies thread.    I've also enjoyed tying Fly Fish Food's El Sculp
How to make realistic legs for very small flies
I like this pattern! Looks to me like moose or deer (or possibly peccary or muskrat guard hair or ... Depends on the size of the fly) I am pretty sure he/she tyed the legs in as he/she was tying the f
Regal Brass Bobbin Cradle Question...
it holds the bobbin holder in the vertical position on the vise stem  
Best Retailer for Materials
Second Mikechell on the FTD recommendation, but it would be helpful to have an idea of your intended fishing and tying in order to give you more targeted opinions.
Anvil Atlas Full Review
This is the vise I have and I've had a lot of the same problems with it. The grooves in the jaws irritate me to no end. Never fails. I'll get the hook to sit right in the groove, check it to make sure
What flies to start with?
I agree technique is #1 to learn.Don't try to be fast.That will come in time.Take your time and learn to tie right. Surprised no one has said wooly buggers.Easy to tie and great baitfish imitation fly
E-Bay Bidding
wondering if anybody ordered materials on e-bay? over the last couple years I've been keeping track of prices on necks and saddles, not on the bidding but on the buy now, people go crazy on the biddin
Split Thread Tips
Why not use UTC threads with multiple great colors and lays flat ? Is it because they don't sponsor you ?   Thanks for the comment, and as I mentioned in the video, there are many great threa
Deer Hair Popper help
Guys,    I am having a hard time keeping the deer hair together and on the top of the fly when tying the bottom.  Not the base color but the color variants.   I am stacking and pac
Hello from NJ and Pa
Thanks. I'm good on cold ones. The additional materials and tools will get you started tying real patterns and if you have the portable vise I will be happy to walk you thru a classic but easier patte
F Fly - a CDC dry fly
One for Autumn fishing in rivers with gin clear waters. Here in Europe this model is considered "a must" in everybody box. Now when the rivers are low and clear, these kind of flies  will save yo
Other things besides product.
I know in my shop I used to help newbies get started tell them which flies to use and when. We gave fishing reports, rod building info, and tying advise. When I had my shop I could tell what people we
Need some info on this Sage rod
@Rocco @Dave G. @Capt Bob LeMay @flytire @spiralspey   A big "Thank You!!" to all of you who have responded to my query.   I feel that I owe all of you a bit of history on myself, so for the
Looking for TMC206BL hooks in sizes #22 and #24
Varivas 2300 Ultra Midge Fly Tying Hook #22, #24 (Amazon) Super fine small hooks ideal for tying the smallest of dry flies without compromising strength or setting properties. 4x Fine Micro-Barb Half
Strip Rattle and Roll
I've watched all your videos since you started posting them but never commented before that I can remember. I've seen you get lots of criticism on them in the past. It's so easy to find fault with p
medium vs fast action
Here's the extent of my rod building. I broke the ceramic while coming out of a river in the dark. Emergency repair with red tying thread and bondic. One of those scars I remember with advantages, bec
New guy
Hello all im new here but really im into course fishin but like to try for the rudd with flies, i tie my own but by no means an expert, ive dug in the loft to c whaat fly fishing gears up there nd afo
Michael's find.
Will measure to be sure and let you know, but first impression was that they would work for you. Even if they are on the short side for bigger salwater hooks, crimping them and tying in just the crimp
Sparkle Pops
Philly have you ever shaped foam using a dremel for turning? Check out this link...starting with step 10.
Found a great source for Miyuki 3.4mm Fringe Seed beads
What I meant was that the glass beads I tried was poor quality so I went back to using the beads that are made for fly tying. I don't use that many beads so a higher price for fewer beads didn't becom
My Bug Box
Friend of mine built this.  Sides are walnut, top is birch.  The central shelf folds down and mounts my HMH vise...I took pictures of the vise mounted, but it didn't come out.   I think
Materials Swap??
ive been in one materials swap on the FAOL website many many years ago and to me it was just a way of getting rid of fly tying materials that you no longer wanted or were just crappy materials. by the
Denduke, If you don't mind the big auction site, you can get them already made for the same price.
Sharpening scissors
While you can sharpen scissors, you will find yourself doing it more and more frequently, unless your original scissors are of very good quality. In the 1970 in Taiwan, many scissors were made from ol
Ordering online
when you expect to receive this quality for tying wet style wings     but receive this     well.....all is not lost. there is some other uses for the feather above.  so has an
DO NOT absentmindedly.....
My problems are the exact opposite of most all of your guys'. I don't have enough air circulation at my tying station! I have sweaty hands basically 24/7, and as soon as I start to do intric
About the evolution of YOUR fly tying.
Mike, if the brass tool you had for packing hair was a "Brassie" (as popularized by Chris Helm), I can tell you from experience that the Fugly is an exponentially better tool and was well worth the mo
Materials List for a Beginner
I’m  new to the Fly Tying Forum and  I’m very new to fly tying and fly fishing for that matter.  I started tying flies just a few weeks ago.  Right now I have a very ba
Klutz Bailout?
In my experience...NO. That's why I only wear old t-shirts tying. 
Hi from Central Ohio
I'm new to the forum but have been trout and bass fishing for 60 plus years.  I seem to be enjoying trout fishing and tying trout flys more these days.  Joined a trout club in northern Ohio
Homemade Shanks
You'll also find a very comprehensive selection of components for spinner making on the following retail site (they also have a wholesale side.... ).   Ho
if you're in the US, it is "against the law" to use songbird feathers.   Not going to quote chapter and verse because it has all been discussed here in painful detail about once a year or so
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