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Fly Tying Vise

A few of my recent ties
Those are some beautiful looking flies Bill, seems to me you've got this whole tying stuff on hooks down to an art.  Some may never leave the boat… Why no, I didn't see them….Why
Popped on a HMH Spartan Vise....Any insights appreciated!!!
Hello All,       Well I purchase a HMH Spartan for my first vise today.  Slowly but surely I am beginning to aquire my tools so hopefully I will be able to begin to start
Fly tying dry fly "Zuev Palmer"
Fly tying dry fly "Zuev Palmer"
Few patterns vs. Allot of patterns.
Over the few years I've been tying flies I focus more on select few patterns I know works and not going overboard and tie 100 different flies that won't ever leave the flybox. What's your approach to
Wooly Mantis?
Before wool goes out of fashion with spring finally arriving, I tried another attempt at coming up with a mantis shrimp pattern. This one for tarpon. I added an epoxy lip for the tail (front). Does th
Rabbits Feet
Someone correct me here if I'm wrong, but isn't one of the advantages of using the Snowshoe Rabbit feet, the natural oils on the hair? If so, doesn't dyeing them remove much of that natural oils? This
Upside down Paraloop
Anyone else tie the Paraloop/haystacker upside down??    I have tied it that way a number of times, and enjoy the look of the pattern with the hackle in both positions.  Here's a brie
Hello from Connecticut
Welcome Adventure568!  I am new to fly tying and have found this forum to be a great place to learn and meet new people.   Cheers,   Mike :)
hair hackles
I am reading Gordon Mackenzie's book on hair-hackle tying.  Does anyone have experience tying with this method?  
Mustad Fly Line Pins
Mustad Fly Line Pins as shown in picture. 3 packs of size 9 and 2 packs of size 10 $6.00 total shipped Paypal USA only or trade for fly tying hooks. I really like barbless, but interested in any 12 or
Fire Tiger Wiggles Minnow
Can someone lead me to a link to a step-by-step pattern for tying a Firetiger Wiggle Minnow for smallmouths? I can seem to find one. Thanks
Its driving me crazy
It sounds like your personality is maybe more geared toward one of the more specialized branches of fly tying, those that do strive for "perfection" in every single hair and fiber of every single fly.
Mustad Double Fly Tying Hooks
ok cool. I broke them up into a few boxes of 25. I figured it would be more affordable to buy smaller boxes. I don't think they are really used for fishing that much. I just got them to tie for the ho
Big Clousers
Try using Yak Hair, typically 12 to 14 inches long.   A supplier is shown below but a lot of shops now carry Yak.
Newbie question (trout flies)
My wife and I recently purchased some land up in the U.P. of Michigan and will be fairly close to the Carp, Fox and Tahquamenon rivers.  I'm new to fly tying and haven't done a lot of fly fishing
Hello from the Black Forest / Germany
Hello flytyer and fisherman,   my name is Volker from Germany. I´m a fly fisher since approx. 15 years and started fly tying in 2007. First flies were for pacific salmons in British Columbia
What do you guys think?
If you are looking for some specific constructive advice, I would post them 2 or 3 at a time at most but if you are asking for a general opinion of your tying skills, then I'd say you are on the road
products on Ebay
Depends on what you need to tie with it as far as quality. There are some very good sellers who sell good quality hackle. However, buying some types of hackle sight unseen may not be the best way for
Fly Tying Bench - KCJerryD
Starting tying flies about 6-8 months ago.  The dining room table is not very practical and the desk that I bought from Craig's list was too small.  So I decided to build something.  Wi
chironomid fly patterns
i was just tying some parachute chironomid dries. I have to take a pic and will post them up.
Selling flies
Try setting up at shows. I was helping out a friend of mine at a gun show and I set up the vise to attract attention to his table and help pass the time. Used to do the same thing for my dad as a kid
interesting tools
Interesting tools.  Have never seen the like before.  One of the reasons you couldn't find an equivalent anywhere is almost no one ties that style of fly any longer ("winged wets flies", for
EP fiber Wings
Tying some patterns with EP fibers. An upright winged version and a Swept Wing version.
anti-fouling technique
Add a simple mono weed guard. Instead of using heavier line that you typically would for a weed guard but something more like a 12 or 15 pound test. It works well for me on some things. On others I li
Woven Bodies
I do a lot of woven flies, I will not try to describe how to here. It is far too difficult to put across in words. There is one tip about learning to weave flies that I will pass on.   Lets say y
Here we go, 1st batches of BWOs & Clousers
Pretty much agree with what's been said.  Clouser has done a couple of presentations at my fresh water club's meetings.  And the clouser minnow was always asked to be tied during the tying s
Hares ear nymph colors
Interesting coincidence, as I was just tying up some hare's ear nymph variants today, including Hans Weilenmann's Mossback, which uses peacock herl for the thorax cover. I also tied up a number using
Help with fly
I saw a fly recently at Texas Trout fest but don't know the name of it.  It had a cylidrical foam body and deer hair head.  I think its aRedfish fly but not sure.  If anyone has any inf
Newbie that is left handed and his son is right handed
Yeah, it's great for everything you mentioned.  I haven't ventured into the hot glue stuff, nor the epoxy.  But I do use sufficient quantities of head cement or nail polish and rotating the
Beginner from Colorado...
Jim,   I am in Monument Colorado.  We love it here and are NEVER moving again (until it is time to put us out to pasture)...LOL   The vise gets a lot of good reviews and I plan on being
Dollar Store Wrapping Paper Spoon
"My problem is I tend to move from fly to fly and material to material….Seems I have a case of Tying ADD.  I have a bunch of patterns that produce time after time, I just can't help myself
Today I bought an eight pack of plastic storage boxes from Costco. I spent a couple of hours yesterday organizing and gave up. Now, I have all my dry fly hackle in one box, a box of dear, elk, boar, m
How to rig dry dropper
I really like tying an orvis knot on the dry (something with some really good buoyancy like a humpy, hopper, or even a foam beatle), leaving the tag end 2.5 to 3 ft long, and tying my dropper dir
Spey - sky is the limit
Looks really good, clean tying indeed! I can give some friendly tips that would help it fish better, with the dense hackle i would strip one side off and begin at the 3rd rib reason is if you have tha
griffin vs. anvil vise
Another small tweak that can make a difference and this is related to not being mounted directly onto the main pedestal stem: Tweak the horizontal "stem to vise head assembly" connection distance and
Fishing With A Guide
Tipping outdoor guides is not a new tradition and dates back to well before any "entitlement generation" (whatever that is). It's just part of the culture of flyfishing now, just like drinking bourbon
Floatants. Presoak or on the water?
Watershed at the vise, Aquel or Shimazaki paste on the stream.  Would not recommend either for CDC flies, however.  One of the reasons I do not use much CDC on dries is that it is too high m
Grey Hackle?
About the best you can do is get him to work with you when tying them. There are just too many questions to be answered. What size of hook? What thread, tail, body, rib, wing, hackle?   Some year
Foam Body flies
A dab of glue is one way. Another way is to make "locking" turns. After tying in your piece of foam, lift the foam and make a couple of tight turns on the hook shank. Do this after each point you tie
Arrow tip or standard tip micro scissors?
To answer the question of what I need them for:   I want a pair of microtips for tying small (18 and under) dry flies.  I have a good pair of regular dr. slicks, but I want MOAR LOL.  I
Would you fish it?
Thanks for all the suggestions. I was practicing a ton last night. here's the what the latest ones are looking like, I got rid of all that extra thread, it turns out I was always adding to many wraps
Howdy from Utah
Just would like to drop in and say "howdy!"  I've been fly-fishing for over 14 years, since I was about 14.  I just got into fly-tying and rod building.   I'm excited to be part of the
Adams dry size 14
Hi AK,    The pic is a little dark. The tail could have used less barbs and more brown hackle. The body has a nice taper for a dun, but it's pretty thick in general towards where the hackle'
Greetings from VA
ihang10, hello from another fellow Virginian.  You have landed at the best tying and fishing forum on the web.  I used to go to Fredericksburg a lot when I was younger but I don't get out of
Regal Medalion vs. Dyna King Barracuda
Actually, if you read what is on the website under service-warranty it states that you should always use eye protection when using A fly tying vise, which to me would mean that they recommen
What's your best strike indicator fly?
Dont only fish a nymph either. A dry off a dry can be great. Or a stuck in the film drowned dry anyway. My favourite is one of these off a humpy. [attachment=45833:Little things 018 (900x530).jpg] 
brown trout bucktail
As a substitute, any fine hair of similar texture & color could be used. Dyed Gray Squirrel tail would be the closest choice IMO since it has the black barring & the texture of the hair is sim
Fly tying Dry Fly "Spartan Grey"
Fly tying Dry Fly "Spartan Grey"     Step by step here:  
Wooly Mullet
Thanks guys...........I think. Dave, it's 35 and blowing a gale here, so there'll be no tying in the buff until it warms up a bit. Luckily, my leotards just came back from the dry cleaner, so I'll be
how yinz guyz doin?
Hey there My name is Trey. I am from North pittsburgh PA near Zelienople. been tying for a couple months and fly fishing for a couple years. started fly fishing in erie for steelhead and last year i g
started tying 2 months ago. here is what ive done
After 2 months, I was still trying to figure out which end of the hook to put in the vise. Very well done. The only critique I would offer is the Clousers look a little thick (fat?). With Clousers, us
First crack at the Stimulator Fly
Try tying them like this  
How long do you make a nymph tail?
This is just my opinion, but I think a nymph looks better (at least in the vise and the fly box) with a shorter 1/2 shank-length or gap-length tail vs. the longer full shank-length one. Just my opinio
Montana Police Blotter
No fly tying content. Move this to the lodge
proportions of material
I have been tying off and on for over 40 years and I still struggle with it. Guess what...I still catch fish......If you get the problem fixed let me know your secret....
It has to be googleable for trout
This sounds like a really good challenge so I am in.  I have to ask, is "googleable" one of those new words that I have never heard of?  I am sure that I will spend more time on the computer
Pike/Musky Hooks in Bulk
Hey everyone, I am looking for a place to buy hooks in bulk. Up untill now I have been tying all of my Pike and Musky flies on Gamagatsu Siwash hooks(stainless steel,) they are widely available in m
CDC patterns
One of the best tiers I have come across is Sasa Stosic I fortunately get to see almost all of his patterns, on FB, which he ties with are a few:
Tying tools, books and some misc.
I recently purchased a large lot of things from the estate of an avid tyer and fisherman. I have here listed the things that I have no use for our already have too many of... All prices are plus shipp
A couple more with my new materials
If those fake furs on that site, Red, are as good looking up close as they are on the picture, I just might have to buy some.   For fly tying ... not for what you're thinking.
Fly tying "Comet fly"
Fly tying  "Comet fly"
antique fly tying vise
I wouldn't think it's worth a lot of money, if that's what you're asking.  Lots of ventures into the vise-building enterprise by lots of machinists and a lot of failures in the market.  Ther
Hatches Blog Post - Tying an Intruder with Trevor Covich – by OPST
Learn from OPST guide Trevor Covich how to tie a large intruder for big steelhead and king salmon.[url=
hackle colours
Cree is one of those colors that is great to have but really hard to find. If you have a close personal relationship with your hackle supplier he might be able to snag a cree neck for you if he gets s
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Waterproof Fly Box - Slit Foam 6.5" x 4" x 1.5"

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