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Fly Tying Vise

New flies
I used to run the fly tying nights for our local fly fishing club. One night I thought it would be fun to do what I called "round robin" flies.   One person would start the thread on a hook,
New How to Series
This is a new series of “How To” videos on salt water fly fishing in CA that I have been working on. The series will include float tubing in salt water bays, equipment needed, fishing tech
Vintage Herters K63 Bobbin
I am looking to purchase a vintage Herters K63 Bobbin.  I had used one for years when I first started tying.  Does anyone have one for sale or know where I could purchase one.   Thanks,
Anyone in Dallas, Texas area???
I would love to be there. Unfortunately my travel ability even for shorter distances like that is out for me now. You're getting a chance to meet two legends of the sport who will be remembered for ma
Copper John
I have always used ultra wire and never had any problems with oxidation. The copper john is a great pattern, I have had success with it for a long time. Try tying it in many colors! Happy tying. 
Fly Fishing Show in Winston Salem, NC
I had the opportunity to meet Tradd Little this past October at the Fall Fly Tying Expo in Mountain Home, Arkansas.  He won a contest where each tier was given a set of supplies and they had to c
Squirrel tail
Snipping the bone at the butt, place in a box lid, covering with table salt and let it sit a couple months is all I do.  If needed wash with warm water and dish soap and let dry in the sun.&
Houston area fly tying festival - Feb 6th
For those that live in or near Texas, the Dr. Ed Rizzolo Fly Tying Festival is happening this Saturday the 6th in Houston.  Blane Chocklett will the guest tyer and will be giving a couple present
Trout Creations
Winter is for tying trout flies, I'm in.
Bass and panfish swap.. Custom fly creation!!!
I'd be okay with tying two flies.
BWO - Blue Winged Olive Dry Fly
Tying the BWO Thorax
Opening Day Trout Swap
Ok, have to change fly. I like my vise and do not want to damage it. Lol. Just not working for me, so... TBD😱
February Flies From the Bench
All of you are tying these fancy ties and I'm tying caddis emergers all the ties look amazing
The Burden of Flyfishing?
I hunt woodcock and turkey Dave.  I have two phenomenal Brittanys. I shoot one bird each hunt (cause I do like to eat them and I skin them for fly tying friends) and then only photos. I am partia
I need your opinion-Fly tying display case
Greetings fellow fly tyers and anglers,    I'm venturing into the product development world and I could really use some feedback on a Fly tying display case that I'm considering bringing to
Trout fishing with tubes
I have been tying tubes for a little while now but I want to try other patterns. What patterns do you like for rainbows, browns, and smallmouth. Most of what I have tied are for largemouth bass. 
Here is something I did to help organize my stuff. This is right next to my tying station. All from the dollar store the tools are in those do it yourself popcicle things
Tying light
Hey all just a question I have a makenzie vise light as of Monday the power supply went bad.My question is are there power supplies available or a replacement light that directs the light right on the
Metz Loco Skin... What can I do with it?
Hi all... Bought a large lot of tying stuff and in it was 4 packages of this Metz Loco Skin. Anyone care to give me some insight as to what it's for?  All I can find online is that if you like Me
High Speed Spinning Tool
Could've sworn this was discussed a long time ago, on one of the boards, because those hand frothers (which don't work with beans for their intended purpose, by the way) have been around for a while.&
Gulf Coast Florida, Destin Area Help
From what everyone is saying I am getting pretty pumped for this trip and actually started tying up some flies last night. Tied some snook snacks, designed by Cheech at flyfishfood, in a size 2 along
New guy from great lakes Ontario
First, I must say..... WOW! Just found this site looking for ideas on how to tie different patterns for Rainbow trout. (I think I found what i was looking for, an endless imagination from many people)
Hello from NorCal
Hello, I live in the SF Bay Area. Some of my strongest and earliest memories as a child are of fishing. I started to fly fish about two years ago after I built my first fishing rod, a 9 foot 5 weight
Old Mustad Hooks
My father called me a couple weeks ago and said a woman from church had given him a bag of fly tying materials that came from her late husband's collection.  These hooks came along with everythin
Lunn's Spent Gnat SBS
  From across the pond. In the right colors, could make some interesting drake spinners.   hook - Mustad 94840  #10 thread - Danville 6/0  brown tail - pheasant tail rib - x-small
Need skirt help
you could try tying it like Tom Nixon's Calcasieu Pig Boat   http://www.warmwaterfly
Itty Bitty Streamers
I grabbed a box of #18 hooks out of a clearance bucket at a show a couple of weeks ago. I didn't have much time to examine them. Turns out they are streamer hooks, so now I have to find some way to us
Show me your comb
The Griffin comb referenced by Flytire above is one I'd like to get myself -- it is available from, as is a comb holder that attaches to your vise stem and that will hold the co
Thickening head cement
I use SHAN for head cement and as a thinner use Nail Polish Remover, which I think is acetone.  Works just fine.  Goop uses a different thinner, can't recall the name off-hand, but it's I be
Vise and fly kits
I've never seen anyone recommend equipment kits, at least those including a vise.  You'll get lots of arguments pro and con whether to start out with a full rotary vise or not, but if your budget
What's the deal on fly reels?
Being the OP and responsible for this lengthy and occasionally semi-brutal thread, I want everyone to know that is not what I had in mind when asking the question.   I did get some great informat
Beadhead Caddis
Dave Hughes, who might know a thing or two about Caddis, had a great article in the Summer 2005, Issue of Flyfishing & Tying Journal (ppgs. 46-49), Titled "Minor Notes on Net Spinning Caddis Lar
Peak Lirs vice / jaws
Peak Lirs ? Lost me on that one!   Check out their FAQ's.   My Peak saltwater jaws hold a 6/0 nicely, no fear of hook slippage. The Peak vise comes with s
Mathews' Mayfly Emerger (variation) SBS
Minor update to a Craig Mathews pattern. Tied here as a Flav (the indicator helps me spot this fly in low/flat light conditions when these bugs come out); change color/size to suit your needs.hook - D
teaching fly tying
another resource is scott cesari's fly tying   i just cannot envision a bunch of newbie tyers sit
Question on Mustad 34007 hook finish
Thank you both for posting and the photo.  I know it can be silly but I never really liked tying on really shiny hooks.
Whats the weather like?
21f overnight, 32f right now and breezy and that  is probably the high for the day. Looks like a snow storm coming in for the weekend here with 50mph winds. The final details aren't in yet. Right
Free Kindle - Greatest Fishing Jokes
Cool.  Some things are good to rehash for the new members who weren't around first time.   Like what kind of vise should I buy?  etc etc etc    :-)
Hook up poppers
Im looking at tying some hook up poppers for bass, and was wondering what the different ways of doing this are? With a bit of trial and error while experimenting i have figured out a few patterns. Whi
Will it fish?
I decided to play around on the vise with some different materials and put an articulated streamer together.  It is really just a combination of a couple different patterns.  Here are a phot
Finishing balsa poppers
I've seen that problem, Fish.  Many of the experimental flies I tie don't float like I want them to.  The wrong paint, especially thick application paints or epoxies, can sink a small popper
make your own zonker strip cutter
scary is right! I do cut my own strips from whole skins, but I just use one single-edged razor blade. One long strip makes several flies, so I just cut as many strips at a time as I'll need for a give
Tips for teaching a kid to tie?
I'd suggest simple flies that have few components and can be completed in a short time.  For example a popping bug (stick head on hook, tie tail behind, apply hackle at base of tail).  or ma
Streamer Junkies
Tomorrow, if we still have have open water you mean ? And only three streamers ?  Brown and black woolly bugger, all black woolly bugger. And peacock and grizzly woolly bugger. And full sink line
New to tying flies, my clouser attempts
Excellent job.   For the head/eyes, remember that this isn't a variable that is without impact.  Moving the eyes will change the balance, and by extension the action, of the fly while fishin
FTF Fly Pattern - flytire - Mini Black Hole Demon
Great pattern.  Just been tying some for the seatrout here, "bit" longer hackle on my flees.
Vise extension
no big box hardware store nearby?   have you tried the vise manufacturer for different stems?   renzetti has them maybe others have them too
Miller's Bubble Dun (variation) SBS
  Tied here as a Flav; change color/size to suit your needs.  Racing stripe is optional. hook - Dai Riki 300  #14thread - MFC 8/0  olivetail - hackle fibers  grizzly
WTB Traveler Cam Jaws
yup it is going to REVOLUTIONIZE the way I tie flies.   Just like every other gewgaw I've seen in the last 40 years.   I get their attempt at a pun...   I'd have to pass
Favorite bench side drink?
Good day all, Just wondering what your favourite bench side drink is while tying? personally I like settling down to the vise with a couple ice cold Kokanee beer, my preferred beer up here in Canada.
Lady Caroline
    And that's why we keep tying things like this: a blind-eye Lady Caroline. tied for fishing, on a Partridge Bartleet #3/0:
Adding legs to spun hair flys
Here is how I do it since I don't tie enough hair bugs to justify a $12 leg puller. The leg puller is Kool though.   I don't bother with any adhesive since I don't feel they are going anywhere. &
Lesser Known Hackle Growers?
Unlike, say rod makers, it's not like there's some kind of huge hackle industry that's squashing all the little guys.  Hackle producers aren't the "Walmart" of the fly tying world.  Basicall
Acrylic Yarn Streamer Swims Like A Snake
I do like the look off that fly simple color w/eyes,and you say that it swims well in freshwater? maybe better in the salt I say? Tied it last evening when my wife asked if I could use the scraps. S
Skunk hair
I just got back from a trappers rendezvous. I got 2 tanned bucktails, 2 deer hides, half a turkey wing, lots of turkey tail feather , and a tanned skunk skin. Is skunk fur good for fly tying? What app
Shipman Hacklestacker SBS
    Tied here as a generic emerging something; change color/size to suit your needs.   hook - Dai Riki 300  #14 thread - Danville 6/0 black shuck/gills - antron white rib - small
The Betsie Fly
There's a pattern called the Betty, developed on the U.P. Pretty much a Royal Coachman Trude. Here's a pic I pulled off the Michigan Dry Flies site   Hope this is what you're looking for.  
Emerger Wing Preferences
Go here and click on "look inside", the table of contents features photos of a wide range of wing styles for Mayflies, Midges, one stone and Caddis...they all work:
New IKEA lamp Test:
ikea tral is too yellow for my eyes.   the hd full specrtum lamp is available on amazon and ebay   my home depot
Need help with pattern design
Cream, that fly above and your concept of building it is simply brillant.   I like tying flies that imitate lures because it's a helluva a challenge.   I think Datus Proper said somethi
Chauncy Lively vise?
It looks a lot like a Terra Super II with a pedestal base. Maybe just an older version. That wasn't the only vise that he used. I have his book, and there are at least two other types in the pictures
Kreelex fly
Holo Kreelexhook - TMC 5262 #4thread - Uni-Stretch fuschiatail/belly - Flashabou holographic fuschiawing - Flashabou holographic purpleeyes - dumbell large silverThese worked great for pink salmon las
Northwest Fly Tyers Expo
I'll be tying at the Loon booth... It will be a fun time.
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