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Fly Tying Vise

Washington Flies
Hi guys, I never post here in this section, so let me mini introduce myself. I am 14, live in South Florida, and am a die hard salty angler. Got into tying around March, and fly fishing around last su
PNW Help!
Hey guys, just got my uncle into fly tying and fishing. He wants to know what flies to tie and what size color kind of hook etc. The primary target is steelhead, trout, and sockeye. Any help is greatl
Charlie Craven On Tying Nymphs
This is a great podcast.I try to not miss it.You can ask questions to the guest being intervied on every show using a text box on the home page and also enter your name to win prizes at the end of eve
which hooks?
I'm not saying its a good beginner hook. I'm saying its a great hook at a great price. If you have read tying forums before you had to have seen the reference to mustad 34007's being a good beginner h
The Fly Review
I'll sound off again, the tails on your woolly WORMS are precisely well done.   Trimmed off just about even with the outside bend of the hook.   In the past decade or so, we've all
Buck Caddis SBS
Found this on the interweb; basic, few moving parts, easy to whip out in mass quantities. Although labeled a caddis, it's pretty much a hackled, legless Madame X; lots of potential for modifications
I regret
Sorry you are having problems. According to to statistics I have read from the Psychiatric Association, 2% of people on the street are seriously mentally ill and 20% have issues such as drug abuse,
Fishing Western North Carolina
Sorry I moved it. I wasn't paying attention and posted to the Fly Tying section. Funny it was up for 2 minutes and I got a PM bitching it was in the wrong section so I moved it.    If Mikech
Fishing North Carolina
It appears troutguy has decided to move it to another forum ... the "fly fishing", instead of "fly tying", perhaps.
Video demo on how to tie a Lumi Fly to catch Sewin at night   Click here to see my video demonstration for tying a Lumi Fly, to catch Sewin at night   The Lumi Fly is a luminous night-time pattern developed for the sewin,
Bobbin Cradle Help Needed
I have misplaced the part of my bobbin cradle that fits on the vise stem and holds the cradle itself in place. It's just a small metal block that has a hole through it for the vise stem and a smaller
Crack Head Charlie - Varient of the crazy charlie
Interesting pattern and well done video !  I agree that the head did build pretty fast with the Danville 210, which just tells me that if I were tying this fly I'd probably drop back a thread siz
Dubbing Methods
read this   dubbing techniques   Or, depending on the fly pattern, you need to use one or the other?   yes
If you are asking which is the best vise that is a whole can of worms that is being opened. It's like who has the best hotdog, Chicago or Philidelphia. Which auto manufcture is the best. Who makes the
Hook Companies
I would even take it further and say that an assortment of Mustad 34007 and 34011 in the right sizes for your tying is all you will need.
Upcoming shows?
14 Mike, and I meant me tying flies,which I guess I don't do what all the "regular" kids do and just listen to music and watch Netflix the whole night lol. Just too boring and id much rather be drivin
Wyoming Renegade SBS
Don't know who came up with this Humpy variation on the original but it's a cool fly. hook -Dai Riki 305 #14 thread - Danville 6/0 black butt - Danville 6/0 red tail/shellback - deer hair abdomen
4 hours left and it could be yours
LAW vise   my social secu
Appalachian Hopper SBS
Cue the Copland. Lot of Elk Hair Caddis influence here. hook -Dai Riki 300 #10 thread - UTC 140 chartreuse rib - x-fine wire chartreuse tail - calftail white over red abdomen - antron dubbing ins
Beginner - purchased Grizzly Saddle Hackle- wrong kind?
   I am going to do a little research before buying a $20 bag of feathers!   I think i am going to put my dry fly tying aspirations on hold.  By no means do I want to tell you no
Peacock Feathers - Longevity and Storage
G'Day All   I have access to quite a few peacock feathers (>100 ) at a very good price (AUD 0.5 each).  I have tied with one and was very happy with how well it wrapped and the iridescenc
Anvil Atlas Full Rotary Fly Tying Vise Review
Im no expert and this is my first full rotary vise.  I have played with a few other than this one, and I personally found this one to be the best for what I needed.  I am in no way coming do
Your Personal Best: Trout Edition
crickets...crickets...Don't everyone talk at once. Maybe too many firing up at the same time and less people jumping in? I'm game. 3 weeks of tying time coming at me and I need the diversion to keep w
Help me finish this fly...
I sat down at the bench with no particular objective. Put a hook on the vise, was going through the bins... and this happened. Not sure if it is a mantis shrimp or a carp fly. Where would you go from
PULL THE RIP CORD, its a parachute swap!
Well the Hoot Owl rules are back in MT and so is my tying time.      Here is the deal; the fly must be a parachute design based on a fly of your choice, ie it must have a wing post and
Hey guys, I'm looking for some Intel on tying flies for roosters in baja. Looking for patterns, material, ideas one these patterns, mullet,sardine,and a lady fish pattern. Thank you.
Cutting Foam Sheets
I have been tying some foam flies using foam sheets from Hobby Lobby.  I mostly been using the 2 and 3mm sheet and have made some pretty decent top water flies for bass and pan fish.  I was
August Flies From the Vise
Just one question Dan. On the average how long does it you to tie one of your works of art? Truly amazing work.   Thanks...from start to finish...actual time is a very very long time...but th
Dhalberg diver Pike & Musky fly
This past winter I started tying up some pike and musky flies for the lakes around my area, i have had some success but I really would like to catch some on top water. I tied up a few Dhalberg diver s
Bill from Southwest VA
Welcome Bill.   I'm in Fla part time and WNC the rest.  There's bound to be lots of members in your vicinity.  You can use search to find members by state, at least those that say
Couple Flies need critiquing
I have no doubt that your flies will catch fish, but they are crude. Try a different hook with that size popper. IMO, the hook you used is too short & too small for that size body. Yes, shaping th
Where is the "covert feather" on the top of a duck wing?
Hi everybody... I'm trying to tie a Wet/Dry fly; it calls for "covert feather" taken from the top of a duck or coot wing.  I normally get all of my materials from Marriott's FlyFishing Shop in Fu
Stolen idea from Flytire. I have been observing your great tying in July flies from the vise, please join.   DUE DATE SEPTEMBER 15th     I love Thundercreek streamers, always have. I ti
Hi folk.
Based in (and from) the North of England, Manchester area. Stumbled upon this forum and the content seems better than some others, hence registering ! Wild brown trout and especially grayling (I'm riv
Harrop/Lawson No Hackle
I am a new member and am interested in learning to tie the no hackle with duck wings.  Have been tying for over 20 years but have never attempted this fly.  The ones used on the Farming
The Woolly Bugger
I have a wooly bugger from Russel Blessing in a frame.This has to be one of the most versatile patterns on the planet.It has caught fish from cold to warm,salt to fresh!There are literally endless pos
Breakfast Swap
I would call it a trout swap, but there is a lot of overlap between the great lakes steelhead and trout.   I fish for both, and an egg ahead of a small nymph is also a big brown trout taker for m
run one
With all the talk of tying with foam sheets ... maybe ...
Griffin Odyssey Spider Fly Tying Vise
hi, I just bought a Griffin Odyssey Spider Fly Tying Vise. there so many version of this vise. it is using cam lock jaws unlike the older version which use screw to clamp.  this is my t
Golf books for trade.
Hi I have a ton of golf books that I'd like to trade for your fly tying or fly fishing books . I doubt that I'll get any offers,but I figured I'd take a shot.
Tying Magnification
I keep 2.50 magnification in my tying box all the time, been in there for years ( drugstore glasses) and I can tie fine with those. But if I add the 4x magnifier desk top with LED lights built in , I
Badger hair uses
OK, so no bonefish in Utah, but certainly carp & bass, plus other warmwater fish. You can tie some small streamers with it too,  like tiny Clouser Minnows and trout like streamers.  
dumbbell eyes test
"That is why keel hooks with a weighted and offset hook shank ALWAYS rode hook point up."   And jig hooks too? i tie my Clousers eyes down, on a jig hook.   Besides focusing on the water tes
Saltwater Jig Heads
Thanks again to "ALL"..   @Fisherboy0301: I'm not surprised at the replies to your questions. My son does not yet have a fly rod. I tie wooly buggers and all sorts of patters on small jig heads f
Tying foam?
I can tell you what I use.  Its NOT a traditional tying thread, but a wide multi filament sewing thread made by Gutermann called Wooly Nylon.  Its a "serger" thread, and works well since it
Compactor Spey and some Mahogans
Nice tying there, I like it a lot
Some will claim this is overpriced...
I think I saw one of these parked in front of the Dollar store.  I thought it might be one of the heavy contributors here stocking up on tying materials.
YouTube Tutorials
I know what you mean deerhair. People are putting up insufferable super simple videos just because they want hits on their site. No other reason. I don't really mind though because it only takes me a
My Favorite Fly Fishing Tool
Somewhere back in the unremembered past, I saw this tool in a magazine (Fly Fisherman most likely.)  I sent for one, and it proved to be one of the best purchases I made.  This tool had all
Question for Cheech and others: Articulated Streamers
I have not really messed with articulated streamers before and want to play with them so I have been reading and watching videos. Cheech has a plethora of videos out there and I have been enjoying the
Fly Tyers Dungeon Videos
I ordered a bunch of stuff from him during his last sale and included was a Bottom Dweller fly.  I can tell you just by looking at it that it will catch fish.  I plan on tying up a bunch for
Gallo de León
Johny, The folks at Whiting have come up with their own CDL, bred from roosters originally brought from Spain. Those are, technically, CDL capes too, I imagine produced at a much larger scale in the U
locally sourced /Chaeling my Grandfather
My Father was not an avid fisherman. My Mother's father lived to fish. He was a blue collar , depression era, FRUGAL man. He built his own house, and made a lot of his own lures and tied jigs. I am
Beginners stab at a wingless wet.
Thanks for the feedback guys. When tying them, I thought the thorax and hackle was much closer to the eye than it actually was. I try to be very conscious of not crowding the eye so I will work back t
something different
very cool! I have seen flies tied like that, which is basically high tying on a worm hook. I think it was a Popovics fly but not sure.  In any case, I have never seen one with the sword on top li
Jeeves ready the Bentley
Personally I don't see anything wrong with that picture. If a man is accustomed to luxury and has been raised in a gentleman's way and has the means to support it, then I say carry on old chap! It wou
Coetzer's Hopper SBS
Found this on Tom Sutcliffe's site. A neat, simple, old school fly; made a few substitutions to the original materials but nothing major. Not sure if he just uses plain raffia for the wing; I backe
WTB - Griffin Patriot
Anyone know where I can get my hands on a Griffin Patriot Vise??? Much appreciated.
New Central Florida Member
Hello!   My name is Scott and I haven't Fly Fished in nearly 2 weeks!!! Oh...SORRY...DIFFERENT GROUP!!   Some of you may know me, I have been a mainstay member of the Orlando BassPro Fly Sho
Popper tail question
I usually use marabout, sometimes in combination with silicone legs.[attachment=57740:057.JPG]I guess mine are smaller versions of my bass poppers, though I usually add legs to them.What I normally do
Popper Bodies VS Hook Size..Opinions.?
Stippled Popper, I've been playing around trying to obtain the level you paint your poppers at, I'm getting there. Need to get a handle on the paint thickness/consistency. Checked out your website and
Best nymphs
Personally I like to use the GRHE as originally intended. As a dry fly! I've been through the process FishForLife is going through several times. No matter how I approach it I end up with the simple i
circle/khale hook questions
Mike, the Kahle hooks I used also had a bend at the eye. They were intended to be snelled to a leader, which is what I did with them when making flounder rigs. Still work the same.    Those
the orvis way
I don't have much from Orvis, I did order in some Turkey Biots and Poly yarn recently and the supplier through Amazon was Orvis. it came nicely packaged and with plenty of advertising. They probably s
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