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Fly Tying Vise

New to Fly Fishing
Welcome to the site. I agree that there are lots of good resources on youtube both for tying and fishing.   Some good youtube channels are...   Tim Cammisa, (a member of this forum), Davie M
Speckled Trout
So, I just started tying about two weeks ago and already I can't put it down. I've tied the basic buggers and streamers and have even done a few bead heads and dries. I'm trying to branch out now and
Purple and Fire Spider
I had fan tying last nigh using some exotic feathers :       hope you like the photos :)   Material used: Hook: Mustad Signature size #14 Thread: Orange UTC 70DEN Body: Troutline
New guy here from Oklahoma
Thanks mike!   One thing I had to re-practice over and over was the hand whip finish. And other things, like reminding myself not to countterwrap material all the time (why do I do that?). And th
Problem solving new product looking for reviews
an example of creativity.   why not just clamp the cutting board to the table with c-clamps and then attach the vise to that without cutting the slot?   your clamping method looks a little f
Hello from Fly Tyin Ryan
Hello;   My name is Ryan, I originally Spin casted in Ontario but moved to Alberta and have been fly fishing the Alberta Stream and River systems for 15 + years.  I have started Tying a few
Right number of flies for a trip
Wally, If you're going for a five day trip, you might want to take your vise, and some generic materials. If you use a guide, they supply the flies (and you might or might not be charged for those use
Hello from Steelhead Tom
  My patent pending table extension solves both these problems.   First, welcome to the site.  It's good to see people trying to upgrade fly tying equipment.  You posted this o
Float and Fly technique
16 ounces is 1 pound. I like the technique ... with a slip bobber that pulls the jig up, then lets it settle back down to the stop.  Quick jerks up, hold the line tight while the jig does a slow
Sudo Meribou
I tried it out because I found packs for 99 cents and was cheaper than maribou. The materials is super easy to tie with keeps a slimmer profile than marabou does. Swims more like synthetic materials t
Bitch Creek nymph
It looks like the chenille might be too big for the size of the fly you're tying. One color only on top, the other color only on the bottom ...  evenly tightened on both sides to keep that line s
First Attempt at Hangtimes
I decided to try my luck at tying the famous hangtime to see how I might do tying some hollow buck tail flies. I feel like they are a little too large in profile but I figure they will still fish for
Peak Vise Tying Light
... but I really like the idea of a light that would clamp right onto my vise stem for tying meetings or on-stream tying... Darn Bryon, now I have this picture in my head of you standing in the mi
Flat Tinsel Bodies - Any trick to making them truely flat?
Battenkill: I have only tried tying the tinsel in at the tail so far. I think I've heard or seen tying in at the hook eye (one 'eye' back), but I didn't remember that until you guys mention it. I'll t
Saltwater fly tying materials
Our site sponser Stockard is a great source for tying materials.
Crease fly video
FlaFly    You fish them off either an intermediate line or a sinking line.  I've made them as small as 1"  The trick is finding some thinner foam.  I picked up a pack at A C M
Need a physics lesson
So I tied this shrimp fly for an upcoming trip to the Yucatan. It's a #2 Mustad 34007. I used an xsmall dumbbell, which turned the hook over prior to tying the fly. But now that the fly is tied,
Bluefish flys
Most Northeast fly rodders can't wait until the striped bass show, I'm one of them. After a long winter they are the first to show up for the fight. As spring moves towards summer bluefish show up a
Hello from Indy
Thanks for the welcome! I've been fishing for some time now but only in the past 3 or 4 years have I become so obsessed. I got hooked, if you will, on fly fishing while reading about Tenkara and watch
looking for some constructive criticism
I am getting back into fly tying after about a year hiatus. What can I improve in with my ep minnow? I am going to toss it at redfish and sea trout.[attachment=49797:IMG_20150119_184827733.jpg]
Recent flies
Nice work....I would love to have ago at this style of fly but here in Aussie there is no real use for them ( although number two fly is a possible candidate.) Would it be possible to have the tying i
Hiya from Cheeseville
I've been tying since the late 70's; thought I'd join in here and say how-do. I tie from 20's to 6/0 and love every minute of it. If it has fins, I fly fish for it, well, freshwater anyways. Cold wate
Nice Product - GreenCaddis TroutSkin 4 inch All Purpose Scissors
GreenCaddis TroutSkin 4 inch All Purpose ScissorsNice ProductThe scissors are perfect for my tying needs.[url=]More Info[/url]
Head Lacquer
Well I am no expert on fly tying as some of you know but I can provide some insight concerning lacquer.  Years ago I used to be a paint contractor and I have sprayed a many of gallons of lacquer
Thorax Duns: are they really better on slower water?
+++ to Byron's post.   Certainly a poor presentation will put down the fish, but the question was NOT about presentation. It was about fly choice. So although presentation could be an appropriate
chartreuse / lime thread problems
I guess it depends on what you are tying, but I use a lot of Danville flat waxed in chatreuse and have no problems
Like those. I take it you are in US?  The badger looks different to our UK Badgers. I'm still at the stage where dead things become tying materials to actually save them as a display piece. A fri
guinea fowl jungle cock substitute
this thread was intended as a fly tying tip and now has been hijacked into a debate on the legality of jungle cock    if you want to debate, discuss the legality of fly tying feathers or wha
The Light Cahill with Uncle John
This was a fun one to film! In this video, I did a "Q & A" session with my Uncle John, who is in his eighties and has been tying for over 50 years. It's great picking his brain, plus he went furth
2015 Musky Swap
I'm tying the hang time in a bluegill color. Olive with orange head
fiberglass rod question
  My question to you is how did you "just recently found out" that rod you built a while ago is fiberglass?    It was given to me from my uncle as an old beat up rod about 5 years
A Classic and a not so Classic
Eide, thanks.  Daiichi Alec Jackson hooks...   Despatiesim - yes, and on purpose.  We use a lot of 2/0's and 3/0's for late May and June salmon fishing, and naturally, much smaller stuf
Rotary for a left hander
Renzetti dose make a vise for left handers. In my class I just turn the vise around. A rotary vise is the vise to get by far..
Toe tags are simply some type of label attached to each fly to identify who tied it. As far as being up to snuf, folks involved in swaps don't have to be experts, and it's a good way to see what can b
Hello from Long Island N.Y.
Hello, I'm a avid fisherman from Long Island, I fish both salt and fresh. I tend to wade more than boat ,but i do have a kayak as well. I refinish old split cane rods and i ty flies for both waters.I'
time for some new fly boxes
I'm working on tying for a trip and bought a new Simms foam box today. For $30, really happy with it.
Redfish Patterns
Hello all,   New to the forum and new to saltwater fly fishing and fly tying. I am looking for a solid list of patterns for just starting out fishing for redfish.   Any and all advice/guidan
Profile plates.
Mike, I think I'd end with a sore neck if I had the vise that far below me to tie. I have my vise just below the level of my eyes and it was from some earlier thread on here that I started putting pap
Crab movement
I agree with you.   Where I'm from they dont grab them off of sod banks they kind of wait along the bottom and suck them in as they pass or rise like a trout to get them . I should also state tha
wing size on catskill style dry flies    
whats your worst fly fishing blooper?
Ive turned up fishing with a spool but no real. Fished with the spool tucked in a pocket. In my younger days before I was old enough to drive, I've caught two buses for an hour and half traveling to r
Please comment on the below books
A third recommendation for benchside tiers reference. But I suggest the Benchside Introduction to Fly tying it is my understanding that the regular benchside reference doesn't have as comprehensive te
Winter Trout Fishing
Hey Everyone,   I am from the Midwest and have been fishing our streams in NE Iowa and SE Minnesota. I currently been having some amazing luck with Zebra Midges, and a bit with Pink Squirrels. I
Source for razor blades
Most everything is over priced at drug stores. You should try your local hardware store. Make sure to look around, you could come up with several off the wall tying materials.
If you want to tie at a fly tying event, check here.......
Great fun to tie there.   Every time I am there I find something new to do in tying flies. Rick
January swap club
Nobody get excited. I already said above that this month following holidays, travel, overeating and sleeping in recliner, family and friends, everyone's a little slow right now.    Looking f
Umpqua Fly Submissions
the "inventor" is the tyer who ends up with the royalty check in their hand.      I know a tyer who submitted a really awesome hellgramite pattern of his, and it was turned down be
Tungsten Bead Fit
As Trez mentioned above, I too have had this issue with hooks that had a sharper bend in them. If it was a case of the bead almost making it around the bend but getting stuck near the bend-to-shank tr
LOOKING FOR IDEAS! I have one room dedicated to my fly tying. I am working on another house to move into. If you can or did change your fly tying set up what would it be? I can do what ever I want to
Orvis Fly Tying Contest
I'll take second place that sure is a nice Vise.
Mayfly Patterns For Trout
In my neck of the Northeast May June is Sulfur and Cahill time. I have been playing with CDC a lot the last couple of years and like it for emergers and cripples. I also like snowshoe rabbit foot hair
What are tube flys made for
There are a couple of good videos on tying tube flies in the FTF Videos section.
Leader for Pike
The thing i dislike about tying knots with wire is that they never get tight. I know that there not going nor are they supposed to but it still  leaves me on the edge, worried to use them.
GRHE Nymph in may way
Just a different approach in tying this fantastic nymph that I love  GRHE:         best,  Lucian
Alternative to the liquid Clear Cure Goo Hydro at $20,00 a bottle
I too am a huge fan of Silvercreek's resin. For coating the back of copper johns, I haven't found anything better. Before I was using CCG. I would goat a layer of CCG Thin and then add a coat of the H
Dyna King Trekker. Hook slipping.
Yeah I own an Atlas vise it's a ripper no problems with that vise either no sweet spot it just holds anything. But then again so does my Danvise. One fly at a time Kim.
New to Forum from New Mexico
Welcome to the site.  Do you have some pictures of your fly? Looking forward to hearing and seeing more about your history with fly tying.
wind, roofs, best options.
We had a bad storm here on Thursday night, another promised for Monday night; that resulted in my tying shed losing the door and part of the roof. This storm was exceptional and I'm not hoping to see
hi-vis comparadun
Really like the tips from the video also and the fly. I will be tying this one up for the spring. Thanks for posting
Any interest in a Musky swap?
I'd be interested. <<tying, not hosting.
New from Mizzou
Hi all...I'm just starting out with tying.  Bought a travel tool kit from Cabela's and found a great small supply shop near home.  I don't have much invested, but I was looking for a hobby t
Trying to get organized...
I think I see a shelf right above the slide out keyboard drawer.  I would cut that shelf back so that your vise can stay mounted to the slide out part and edge areas of the cut out upper shelf co
EP Baitfish: Think I Finally Have It
Well I've been gone I've been practicing tying up EP baitfish for saltwater.  After some practice and a lot of wasted fiber I think I've finally got it.  Just wondering what all you guys tho
Hair Packer?
I was at a flea market a few weeks back and picked up this hair packer up for a dollar, wondering what it was for since I found it with some fly tying stuff and I can't seem to find it anywhere o
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4.5 Hair Scissors - Curved Blade

4.5 Hair Scissors - Curved Blade

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