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Fly Tying Vise

Take a look at the Striped Bass fly that Saltydog has posted -   Flat wing style streamers fish large, but are much easier to c
Ep minnow help
You might want to take a look at Stanton Klein's streamers for inspiration.  Essentially an articulated version on Puglisi's EP Minnow.  Remember when tying with these fibers, 'less-is-more'
Czech Style Tying
Weather is nasty out...good time to be tying. Anyway, I have been messing with the Czech style flies and seems that this is a unique type of tying that really makes you think how the fly will be used.
Time to retire ...
Dont retire it, use it for lead or wire. That's what I did with my vise that kept breaking thread,I use it for gsp as well so I don't gunk up my nice one.
First Attempt
Not bad. Are u tying them in that position in the vise or was that just to take a pic ?
Finish knot to teach beginners on a jig head
Thanks JayWirth...I guess I am so focused on fly tying that I had forgotten all about the whip finsh you has been a long time since I wrapped a rod guide! I think your method is the winn
Zoo Cougar
That's a Beaut Clark. Buddy of mine had good success with one earlier in December. I'm tying some up and the hardest thing is finding good mallard flanks
Stupid Ebay people!
Heres an idea, why not find a group of trustworthy guys who really enjoy buying fishing and tying stuff and list it there as well? Not that I know of a place like that or anything :)
Thread keeps breaking when completing whip finish
I have a Marc Petitjean whip finish tool; when I'm done tying a fly and do my whip finish thing, regular thread doesn't break.  However, when I use Pearsall silk and release the silk from the b
Red Jig Slider
For redfish from Louisiana to Key Largo, the Red Jig Slider pushes a lot of water, has a ton of food-like movement, and gets down to the fish. The wide gap jig hook has a good track record of finding
A Fly for a Snowy Winter's Night !
Snowing most of the day in the Philadelphia area.  Great tying weather.
Hooks Index & Cross Reference
I'm new to this, forum stuff and fly tying. Does anyone know of a hook index that would cross reference most of the hooks used in tying. Going into the fly shop and looking for a Partridge 847 in a si
ice fishing ties
Looking for some ideas to start tying some ice fishing lures. Anything helps. Thanks
Partridge and Green classical, recipe needed for soft hackles
The classic pattern calls for a green silk body, a darker green thorax and a grey partridge hackle. Standard wet or dry hook depending on how deep you want to fish it. Hare's mask (not dyed) is often
Classic Fly Swap With A Twist
I used a beginner's fly tying book to learn to tie, and these where the flies I learned on.  I'm in with the only one I've got the hooks and materials to tie;  #9, the woolly bugger.
Flashy Bugger - Underwater Footage!
Very nice. I like everything about your tying videos--camera work, music, instructions on-screen, pacing, and the underwater footage at the end is a really nice touch. Some of the best on YouTube IMHO
Cape Tops
try the feather emporium   he sell exactly what youre looking for   scroll until you find them
Books and other things
Holy Smokes!!!  I'll take the tying materials, if they're still available !!!
Hello from NE Ohio
Hi all just signed up to the page a couple of days ago. My name is Matt and I live on the west side suburbs of Cleveland. Fairly new to Fly Tying. I have been fly fishing off and on for the past 17 ye
UV gel nail polish for tying
My wife has a kit that I've used and haven't ever been displeased with it. I use it on heads of flies and have coated a few poppers with it. I must mention, I do not have a ton of experience with
heres a good read
Streamer Fishing in PA
I am glad you're getting "fishing weather" on New Year's Eve !!!   Good video, NICE fish.   Maybe I SHOULD take fishing gear to VA. next week.  I am planning on tying gear, instead, bec
dry floatant question
HYDROPHOBIC fumed micro silica that has been treated with silicone oil or a siloxane compound . Source(awesome write up by silver creek): he mentions it in this thread currently over on the fly tying
Hobby Lobby 90% off Christmas leftovers.Lots of tying materials.
Had to laugh at this thread. We have a Hobby Lobby in Elk City OK now. Wife and sister went today to check things out. I'm sitting across the table from her and read this thread to her and she brings
Deer hair waste management.
I keep a good sized trash bin between my legs under the bench.  When I trim, I trim in hand for 95% of the job, not on the vise.  I pinch the trash can between my legs and trim right above t
Hello from NW PA
Hi guys, Finally decided to try this forum out as I've made it a point to get more into fly tying. I'm from Erie, mostly target trout and our version of steelhead. Have been tying off and on for about
Need New Scissors
What flytire pictured. Walmart under 10 bucks and cut as good as any fly tying scissors out there. I have the curved ones as well and no complaints.
Online Shopping
heres my list of shops i support as there is no "mother of all fly shops" that carries every tying product   [url=][/
UV torch recommendations
Exactly Kimo! When I upgraded I found that I had 5 Demitron Optilux 500 curing lights just lying around, 1 went into my lab, 1 into my tying room, and the other 3 I think I just plain lost somewhere.
Salty, I do like these streamers you post ... but ... I asked this in another post, " ... why not just post these in the 'January flies from the vise'?"  I never got  response from that OP.
PMC Emerger
Here is info on how we tie a fishing fly that seems to be working on the trout feeding near the water's surface at a couple of local ponds. We first tried it on the Blue River in Oklahoma. Seem to be
Green Caddis hook order
also take a look at the fly shop hooks
Terrestrial Swap
I am in... propose tying a Jack Dennis inspired Hair Beetle
Hackle more time
I don't want to do anything to kill the bugs. I have them trained to the point that I can say "grizzly!", and they will bring me the grizzly hackle to the bench... :D Seriously, I am one of the lucky
Tamiami Trail...
Ive been tying gurglers, schminnow variations, Congo fiber baitfish, and sand craft fur baitfish flies, which I'm in love with how they move in the water...   I honestly don't have any dark flies
Bulk dumbell eyes
Here you have 20 per pack: Why not buy multiple packs of ten and dump them all i
A Doz. Bully Bluegill Spiders
Those look like Bluegill food, but why not just post these in the "January flies from the vise"?
Winter flybox maintainence/clean-up
I used to fret over such things, but as time goes on I increasingly appreciate simplicity.  I find myself tying and fishing simpler versions of flies and have reduced my fly arsenal complexity si
January Flies from the Vise
These flies are making me jealous.  I need to spend more time at the vise.
Creating Realistic Transparent Wings
I hope to start assembling a shopping list. Can anybody recommend a vise that will work? I hope to find a functional vise for $50-$75. To review, these flies are not for angling and they will include
UV curable coatings, advise for a newbie?
Order an $8 UV light from Amazon, and just pick a resin.  My cheap light cures Loon with no problem, and has been through several sets of batteries and still going strong.     Like most
Law Vise
This is leaving me in a very difficult position.  (1)   There are only so many ways to hold a hook well. What I will say though is it is not a direct copy of anything I have seen before. &
Hello from central Virginia
Welcome to the site, Bo.   Fantastic timing.  I'll be in the Richmond area for four weeks starting January 8th.   I was hoping someone up there could fill me in on: 1)  Are there a
Is there a substitution for mole skin dubbing?
Having some moles I would say I haven't found a synthetic sub yet. It has a blue/grey/silver/black hue that is hard to mimic and is fine and makes a tight noodle while still having a buggy look. If I
Hotspot Midge Fly - Fishing Footage
Tying these midges is no easy matter.  The material list is small, just two color threads and some flashabou, but they are so small, that I have trouble with my not so good eyes to tie them. 
Davy Wotton Polish Woven Nymphs
The old story of "Ya' snooze ya' lose". Nice sets Norm at good price. I was looking to see if I had a place to put them or not when someone with a bad habit of jumping in front of people beat me out.
Franken Mouse
    Material List : Close cell foam Deer Hair Opossum hair White rabbit fur Luminous bead 40lbs mono Suede strip Rubber legs   Picture step by step tying instruction:   http://dro
Best time to buy hackle?
When I saw Charlie Collins at the Fly Tying Symposium, he remarked that he was headed home after the show to start killing and skinning birds.  This was in late November.   I have no idea if
Dubbing Brushes
FTD's Kraken dubbing is much easier to work with in a dubbing loop ... so making dubbing brushes with it would be a logical step to speeding up the tying process.
Musky Fly Swap 2017
Two options: Tie one more of each and I will split them up Or Third fly with pink But The second fly has really fine colors and shape. It's really difficult deciding Kevin You have to live with the
That's a great looking fly in the vise. I would like to see it in the water.
<<soft hackle help >>
This book, along with some others by Syl Nemes will expand your understanding of soft hackles - the tying process and how they can be fished:
Cabela's 30% Off Fly Tying
They have the $200 HMH Spartan vise at $140.  I already have three premium vises within arm's reach of my bench but I did think about it.
Midge flash
Flash in tails of spey cast flies tangling together is definitely a thing and fine with fine, coarse with coarse seems to be the general solution. The flash in question is often tied in small amounts
Set of Blue Doctor
Look great. You've got this classic tying down.
Sculpzilla Critque
So I've been trying out new patterns for some streams I'm hitting this spring. I started tying sculpzillas but feel like this pattern I'm using still needs a little more work. Any ideas? Thank you
purple haze from scottp    
Sedgehogs :)
2 of my favorite colors:       Tying is simple. Just made the body using CDC ( this is my "touch"  at this pattern ). Ribb using UV tinsel or pearl tinsel. Fix the  legs made
Hi from Northeast Pa.
I live in the northeast corner of the state and have been doing more tying lately since I finally got a permanent tying desk set up.  I've been tying for a few years now but I am really looking f
New 240g tank build
I can see a time when the rod building and fly tying will be relegated to the shed because the fish own the shop !! Wire and insulate the shed now before you are forced to move lol. I look forward to
Social Media and Fly Tying
I'm with Mike on this one to a degree. I do not have a Facebook, Instagram, or even Twitter account. Nor do I really want one. This is the only fly tying/fishing forum that I am on. May have signed up
Last Santa thread of the year...
I am so glad I didn't try this swap.  My "present" would have been the fly tying equivalent of the "hand print turkey" from kindergarten. [attachment=60142:turkey1.jpg]
Fishing related gifts, anyone...?
Fisherboy, that gun will benefit the fly tying by supplying plenty of feathers and fur for the tying stash.   Blane
Parachute help
What if it were a duck quill wing, and there were no stem ?....j    you didn't ask about a fly with duck quill wings   or google found this from davie mcphail
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