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Fly Tying Vise

Hello from Romania
Hello to all!   I'm new here, even if watching the forum from time to time, I didn't post anything, yet. I love pike fishing and big streamers fly tying, my dream is that someday (maybe next year
My pike streamers
Hello,   I really love pike fly fishing, also tying big streamers for this crazy fish. I'm using especially synthetic materials so the streamer is not holding much water and is easier to throw wi
Hello from AZ!
A good buddy just helped me finish up my desktop fly tying station and I am looking for a new vice to go with it. (See attached pics). I am interested in either a used C-clamp Renzetti traveler 2000 o
Streamer Question
Hey flytire, so, do you know which of those is actually the Maynard's Marvel? It appears to me that the one with the golden pheasant tippet wing is not the same as the patterns tied with mallard. Al
Can't sit at the vise for more the 30-40 minutes anymore!
Everyone is different. That danish chair is exactly the opposite of what I needed.   My upper back, between my shoulders would ache after a fairly short time at the vise. I got a vise extension t
first attempt at a royal coachmen wet fly
Next time I order fly tying stuff IM going to get the white goose and the golden pheasant tippet. I can't pay shipping for 2 items. IM sure the fish won't mind.   Hi green,    If yo
Other Than Flies?
I sat at my vise last night intending to tie some Hendricksons for my flybox because I gave away all but one. I looked up at a folk art owl and thought, "I have too many hobbies" and not enough t
I need another flats swap
Guy and gals.... I'm getting itchy... have caught 2 golden trevally and had another few eats in the last two outings.... Therefore I need another swap to help keep me keen... If we get the interest
Renzetti 4000 presentation vise
I have a brand new never used Renzetti 4000 presentation vise with pedestal base for sale. The renzetti part number is C4012. It has never been used and is still in its box. New from Renzetti it
CDC Emerger Wings: Thoughts
After tying some emergers with CDC wings I'm wondering if the feathers are the best winging material.The wings on my flies really contracted once they hit the water. Maybe I didn't use enough CDC, but
Saltwater fly rod size?
I've never fished for either Tarpon or Snook, but I have rods from 3 wt up to 10 wt that I use & have fished a lot for other salt species. As the others have indicated, any in that heavier range c
Critique this Muddler
Thank you for offering the words of advice. I have read each bit and truly appreciate your time to respond. The link was very beneficial to put what was said and seeing it right off. I will practice a
Peak Rotory Vice
Killer deal on a great vise.
Tying Egg Flies
Thanks folks for the information.  Looks like a size 14 scud hook is a good starting point.  For now will be tying them in size 14 and will try some done in 18.  U tube does have a 
Thunder Creek Minnow
Here is a classic deer hair streamer...sorry for the focus issues!                    Thunder Creek Minnow Hook: 2-8 StreamerUnderbody: Flat
Measuring how much deer hair to use
You state that your cutting your deer hair from the "deer tail."  These are more often called "Buck Tails," since they are from the larger bucks.  No matter what you call it, hair from the t
Dettes Fly Tying Days at the Catskills Fly Fishing Museum
Had a chance to check out Dettes Fly Tying Days at the Catskills Fly Fishing Museum. Over 20 tiers on hand, raffles, seminars and more. Alot of fun and a chance to see some awesome flies. I attache
What does a true Cree hackle look like?
I've put those links on other boards also Silver Creek. One thing you'll notice if you watch all the way thru to video 3 is that the flies ties by his grandson (?) put the hackle behind the wings. Mos
The Ultimate Hackle Throwdown
Very nice analysis on something that is important for everyone that is tying!  The average length picture is something people should look at and is something I'm very pleased with when it comes t
Styrofoam Cup Fly Photography
Good idea for small flies.  I use a Clorox bottle that I cut a window into, and then cut the end to fit over my tying lamp.  The lamp is a daylight fl bulb.  I then use photo editing so
Fluttering Caddis Floats Hook-Eye Down
Just kicking in another comment, not sure if it's already been mentioned, if so, sorry for repeating. When tying in everything prior to th hackle, you might end option having a conical pointy front a
Allen hook equivalency
Welcome the forums! To add to what Silver Creek said, as you get into the tying more with different styles of hooks you'll find that some are real wacky when comparing between brands. Basic dry fly ho
Feather Wing Streamers
Those are amazing Henrick...I can't do that nice with a vise.
A.K. Best Book
Hey, any of you jokers want a copy of "Production Fly Tying?" You can have it for the postage. First come, first served.
Whiting Spey Hackles
So many negative reviews.   Is any Whiting hackle good for tying spey flies up to size 4?  Thank You.
Buggy Shrimp
  Material List :   Saltwater Hook size 4  Bead Chain Flashabou Pink Ice pearl dubbing Light orange dubbing Mono eye or any type of shrimp eye Deer Creek Sili legs Australia Opossum ha
emergers for upwing flies. Not Mayfly
I find emerger flies generally more productive than dries, especially when matched to a hatch. My favourite upwing emerger style is the paraloop, which can easily be tyed to represent any hatch. But y
Soldier Beetle
Excellent SBS and pattern. I plan on tying up a few tonight. Thanks for posting this.
Foam slider... With a twist(or flare!)
Bob... I've never actually seen a SBS for foam head sliders (or even looked for one)... but I had been thinking of maybe tying in the tail and waist hackle first, then sliding the head over the hook b
Ep fibres
Hey guys I'm looking into getting some ep fibres to do up some bait fish patterns. The local shops around here do not carry it. Where is a good place to order it from and other tying stuff from. Chee
Euro Skinny Nelson
Here's a little variation on the effective Skinny Nelson   Hook: 14-18 Jig Tail: Pheasant Tail Body: 70 Black Thread Hotspot: 70 Fire Orange Thread Rib: Fine Gold Wire Thorax: Peacock Herl Flash:
The What's In A Name Swap
Like I said, I've been chomping at the bit for another swap. I'll get in. Let me do a little research. Something out there should beckon to me for a combination of name, good looks, fish triggering qu
2014 Intl Fly Tying Symposium.. Superfly Competition
At this year's fly tying symposium in Somerset NJ (Nov 22 and 23) they will have the first Superfly Competition. There are 5 categories; trout, bass, salt, realistic and salmon/steelhead. Winners get
First postable Hydropsyche nymph pattern
Thanks for the reply....I have attempted tying this a few more times since posting here (have not been back to check the responses). 
Those OTHER pheasant feathers
I have seen the In-The-Round pattern page somewhere but don't remember. Can you provide the title? I like that style for tube flies, that I rarely fish but like to tie. Ed. Hi Ed! I'll c
Florida's untalked about hatch that pan fish love
I can't speak about love bugs (except to confirm that they're as big a nuisance as stated) being a staple for fish - but if they're anything like the "lubber" then as Mike noted good luck with getting
Thumbnail Dun
A fly such as this just doesn't happen.    Let me take you back a ways and offer a few thoughts as to the why of this fly. There has always been an argument about the best hac
Swaps, What makes them good or bad?
Do you join in swaps? YES, well over a dozen in the past year or two.   Why? 1. I love getting lots of new flies to try. 2. I like to see the quality of tying that I can try to attain. 3. I like
Fly tying instruction
Many, if not most, of us are self taught.  You don't really need a class, as such, but rather a mentor.  Check with the local clubs to find out when they plan to have a fly tying session, an
Hello from Southern Ontario
Hi been fly fishing for 2 years now absolutely hooked. Mostly fish bass,pike,salmon and anything that will hit a fly. I really enjoy tying my own flies. Would be nice to meet to with some of you that
salt water materials?
The only difference I found in regular materials and those marked "saltwater" (hackle and bucktails) is their size. Saltwater is longer. I usually use stainless or plated hooks but not all the ti
Nice BIG surprise (and some questions for the biologists)
No need for ANY bead.  You can tie any bead head or lead wire pattern without the bead or weight.  It turns the sinking fly into a subsurface presentation for weed tops, timber areas and s
Local Tailwater and Small Flies
I typed up a lengthy response last night.  Apparently I forgot to hit "post" before shutting down the browser!   Thanks to all for the responses.  All the discussion on netting is helpf
Putting your lead on the hook
All in all its really up to the individual tyers preference There's really no right or wrong way I've heard of the colour change but nobody can provide factual evidence that it occurs. Until that hap
September flies from the bench
Here is a fly that I tie regularly.  I tied some for a recent swap as well.   [attachment=48393:SuperXSliderBlog.jpg]   The step by step can be found here: http://www.fishbaitsflybox.c
Articulated Bass Jig. Prepping for a Rematch
That is probably how I would approach it as well.  Also, have you thought of tying similar patterns on jig heads for use with conventional gear? you could tie basically the same pattern on
New from Oklahoma
Started fly fishing about 6 months ago, it has fortunately become an addiction and has spread to tying flies. I mostly trout fish but have recently begun unsuccessfully chasing carp, I'm hoping you al
First "classic" fly attempt
I have been seeing some of those really colorful, classic flies around here and they sparked my interest, so I set out to try and make one. I sat down at the vise got all my tools ready
Different dry flies
Finding a starting point is the hardest thing. There are several options open to you and everyone could offer you their opinion on where it should be. My opinion is just find a place that suits you
Great Lake Eggs?
  I think Alaska changed their regulations so a pegged egg would be legal. Wyoming is like several states that allow pegged beads as long as they are no more than 2" above the hook.   Onl
Debarbing Hooks
I'm not a commercial tier, but I have smashed hundreds of barbs with my Peak vise and the jaws are still as smooth as when new. I don't see how a properly designed jaw that is made with the appropria
Bergman: Governor #8
You did want a critique. That clears it up. Well...  If tying Atlantic Salmon flies, or competition flies, you will surely have to do better with your floss, wings, and tinsel. I have tied o
Is it fixable
I guess I belong to the throwaway society but if I was going to try to salvage that I take a fine wire wrap that we use for fly tying and wind it VERY tight from below the crack right to the end. You
adhesives for foam
Lock Tite brushable  super glue and many years ago I used a type of contact cement but do not remember any specifics as to brand, etc. I just remember it took a bit of experimenting but in the en
Using some dove feathers...Need some advice on killing bugs...
Jus a humble oppion here - I use 20 mule team borax on all my feather ( eagle , hawk , fly tying) yes I have eagle - am Indian - anyways I use the 20 mule team borax 1, the smell is better 2, it's eas
Hello from California
Welcome Noah - it's good to see younger folks such as yourself joining us here. I wish I had started fly fishing and tying at your age. Ditto what Mikechell said about your flies -- we'd love to see t
One and two-finger whip finishing
LOL Mikeshell...  My wife is sleeping but I still know better than to speak my mind. :-)   FlaFly...  Nice link. I will return to it when I have more time but, at a glance, I can s
What Renzetti Vice
I have a Renzetti vise and I would like to know model it is. It has to be at least ten years old. It is not a cam lock. I thought maybe if I knew what model it is I could upgrade to cam lock jaws. The
Classic Adams Dry 1st attempt
SilverCreek. In the 14th picture, the fly in the fourth row, fifth in from the left ... I think the hackle is a bit long.  Otherwise, they all look good.   I know! I don't know what I was t
For the quality of flies in stores going down hill?
I couldn't help but notice that when I go to larger fly fishing suppliers, the quality of the flies and the selection seems to be going down fast.   About 15 years ago, a partner of mine and
my poor mans flip flop bass poppers
nice flies, animals don't understand property lines or money only humans do, many fly tying matreials are to catch the humans not the fish :)
I use 4x magnifying glasses (sold by Orvis) for fly tying and on stream.  I think you can get 3x in some pharmacies or online.  I also use tippet rings and a cinch knot for attaching tippet
The beauty of mayflies..............
Gorgeous!  Looks like he moved his wings in the second one.   Interesting: most people tie mayflies with stiff tails... those look like limp thread. Also, it seems that other thread on tying
Classic designs that work for panfish/smallmouth
I just started fly fishing for panfish and bass in the Midwest. I've been fly fishing out west for trout for probably 20 years. I have a lot of experience tying trout flies and I like the more classic
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