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Fly Tying Vise

Bonjour du Quebec!
Salut tout le monde !  Very interesting site .  I'm tying since two years now, I,m having fun and learning so much with you guys  thank you!  Bonne Pêche!
Tying Waste
So I been tying for about 6 months. I received my fly tying equipment and materials from a professor of mine. I use the waste catcher that attaches to the vise. Anyways, I seem to collect a lot of was
Narrowed it down to two...
I would definitely stay away from knock-offs from 3rd world countries  If you're tying large quantities of flies, this statement might be true.  But I've been tying on one for several ye
My first attempt at fly tying
This is my first attempt at tying a fly.  It's a saltwater clouser tied on 1/0 hook.   [attachment=48677:image1.jpeg]
My first attempt at fly tying
This is my first attempt at tying a fly.  It's a saltwater clouser tied on 1/0 hook.  Sorry about the image being on its side.   [attachment=48677:image1.jpeg]    
I need some advice...
depends on what you are tying
Hairwing Mickey Finn
Eide, thanks for clarifying the material! I like tying with fox as well. I've used that hook too for tying Smallmouth bass streamers. Daiichi has a similar hook, model # 2141 but the finish is the jap
Howdy from the Toronto area
Hi All.. i've been browsing this forum anonymously for about 3 weeks now since i started tying and there's a wealth of information! I look forward to learning a few things.     For your enjo
WTB-Flytying gear/material
As some of you know I had a nasty back injury (2 herniated discs crushing my ciatic nerve) and was down and out for 5.5 months. Well I have a wife and kids and things got tight so I had to offload alo
Tube Flies: Part 2
This is the second in a series titled "Tube Flies," with the focus being on the setup of the vise tool and tying a basic tube fly (Woolly Bugger). I also discuss a change in the materials to purchase
Carrion Flies
Last week, I battled a hatch of carrion flies in my fly tying office/tv room/den.  For a while, I was hoping a mouse got in and died.   While hoping it was a mouse, I made a trip to the supe
Fly Box for 20's and Smaller
I have one of the Chinese C&F Knock offs that has compartments in one side. It is great for the small flies in the compartments. Also its waterproof, that's both a good and a bad thing. Good in th
Fly Tying Bench-Rok
Nice bright room too, with the light pine!  Would like closeup of work area.   I see you have vise on a pedestal base.  What is clamped just to the left of the lamp?  I like t
Tanning hides?
I tanned hides with what is known as garment tanning. It's the process used for making garments & the resulting tanned hide can be used in water without falling apart easily. It doesn't make the h
Suggested Flies & Poppers?
You only have to wonder now where the dead meat in your tying room is hidden.  One would think you'd have smelled it by now.
What do you do with your realistic flies?
Thanks FlaFly, Its a personal dissatisfaction that I was trying to express. My interest is more in the skills than the finished product. I have no desire to tie a better fly than anyone else, just to
Rubber Leg Beetle
Pretty straight forward beetle, more of a spot light on a cool product from virtual nymph Coleoptera Body                           Rub
East NC addition
Just found the forum and will be getting into tying soon. Fish light salwater and freshwater. Typ fish from a Native Magic 14.5 kayak with a good friend and board member DeerHairDan. Looking ofward to
New to saltwater, simple baitfish patterns wanted
For shallow, weed filled waters you might also want to consider tying up a few Bendback flies (hooks no larger than size 1...).  Bendback patterns can range from complicated, full dress all the w
MagnaVise Review
Thanx for the reviews. I am a returning tier and have been back into tying regular for about the last 2 years. I have been going thru a few vises the last few years trying to find everything I'm looki
Hunting for Materials
I'm different, I guess, being limited to the South where plenty of critters live, but not very furry and condusive to fly tying materials.  Got lots of Wood Duck feathers, more than I'll ever nee
Spinning Deer Hair
From you photo, you've not done a bad job of it. IMO, you just need to pack the hair tighter than what you've done. That can be easier said than done however.   Getting the hair densely packed wi
Storing tippet/leader
I've read that light & heat are enemies to many plastics including lines we use. I keep mine in my basement, it a sealed container. It's both dark & relatively cool & I've not had any prob
Favorite streamer
So far ... although I've been tying and trying some streamers for a couple of months now ... I haven't had much luck with streamers.  I do like the looks of the sand eel imitations.  This is
Best Wing Material for No-Hackle Flies?
try tying them BEFORE giving up on the technique. you just might be a master at tying themyou ask about a lot of fly tying but you never post any flies you've tied. hard to give help.
saltwater vise
Supreme Fly Tying Vise ... less than 30 bucks ... from BPS. [attachment=48596:vise 1.jpg] So far, it's held everything I've put in it.  The smallest I've tied is 12 or 14 (I'm not sure, it came w
Over time super glue will deteriorate in water - but I still use it almost every day for a variety of purposes....  If you're using any super glue water (or saliva) will kill its glue properties
Uses for Gel Spun Thread?
use it for its intended tying
In The Riffle website
Very happy with my purchases on the InTheRiffle site. He has a wide assortment of tying videos to boot. You can learn a lot from James Spicer. :-)
Redfish flies
Yes, we are often at the mercy of those selling these items as to the quantities they're available in. Most such materials are manufactured for other purposes, such as the crafts industry. Very few ar
Difference required to be a new pattern
I was thinking about this subject while tying this weekend. I realized that I tye some flies that I call a standard pattern name but are really a variation. What makes a new pattern? Cerently a cha
Secret Santa Swap time is here
shmangyou are basically tying a dozen or so flies to be used as a Christmas present to be given out to somebody else. the swapmeister will sort them all out and you will receive a wrapped up present f
Do bigger flys catch bigger fish??
I agree with Jaydub. It's been my experience that bigger flies can result in bigger fish, especially for species such as bass or Striped Bass. However, it doesn't always work in all waters or all spec
Best inshore saltwater flies?
Yeah, what Tidewater Jim said. You can make yourself crazy trying to cover too many bases. What works for one species will work for most if you modify them a bit to imitate local forage. A half-dozen
Fly tying on a budget
target 5-10 fly patterns you want to tie and buy only the materials to tie them.   these materials become building blocks for future patterns   there may be materials just laying around your
Most of the hooks I buy are straight line hooks.  Maybe the cheaper hooks aren't offset.  But, I do use hooks that are offset.  If I am tying my usual poppers or Panfish Attractors, I s
Fly Tying Bench - lancef
a little ocd in the spooled materials department but otherwise a great tying area :)
Coloring Hackle
I have recently started doing this with Prismacolor markers, and I have to say that I share your conviction that there is little need to buy different colors of grizzly hackle unless you are tying for
Fly Tying Supplies
Since I start tying my own flies, I have not had to buy supplies (popper bodies, thread and such too often. When I do I have normally went to B.P.S. to pick up supplies. Got to the point where they a
LED Tying Light
You can find daylight led bulbs. 5500-6000. I am getting dimmable outdoor flood bulbs for my desks. Using old fashioned architects lights that cost me 5$ each. I have 3 ott lites now. I think
Spade Hackle, Which Part of the Feather For Tails?
Shoebop,Thanks. That answers my question. Yes, I was referring to tying dry flies.Randy
tying desk
Got to put in a few hours on the new tying desk today. Every time I get to use it I am more impressed with it. I don't know how I did without it for so long. It is nice to have everything I need withi
Crane Fly Larva
Here is a really easy Crane Fly Larva pattern:                    Crane Fly Larva Hook: 6-10 Curved Nymph Tail: Soft Hackle Body: Translucent Nymph Sk
Wet fly Swap PLUS due Dec 1, 2014
Hello Horseshoes,         I have been tying since March and I a still a newbie.  I am finishing up my flies for another swap that I joined last month. 
fishing puzzle
My wife and I like to work jigsaw puzzles.   It's a good thing to do together on a cold winter day.  We just got a really great one that's covered with old fishing lures, antique r
Copper John's tail
Charlie Craven's book is $25 on Amazon ( ), if your int
October flies from the bench
STMflies, to each his own. I love your bug but am very disappointed in my Mongoose. I tie mostly small stuff and it's a big clunker IMO. I had an Atlas Anvil, got a Renzetti Traveler and decided I w
October 2014 Swap Club
breambuster, Please PM me your address, I don't have it.   I will be tying a Western Version of the AuSable Wulff. Tail: Bleached Moose; Body: Orange Dry Fly Dubbing; Wings: White Calf Tail; Hack
Tube Flies: Part 1
Here's my newest YouTube fly tying tutorial, featuring Tube Flies. This is the first in a series, and if you haven't jumped into this aspect of fly tying yet, I definitely suggest trying it out. Thoug
Hello from eastern NC
Just stopping by to say hello. I have been tying for about 3 months. I got a Peak rotary vice and started with simple wolly buggers. I am now getting into deer hair, and pretty much addicted....My fri
Measuring Dubbing
not guilty here!fly tying should be fun and shouldn't require quantum mechanics and string theory to mix a small batch of dubbing
The Traditional Adams
Fisherboy,   The Traditional Adams above is tied based on a fly tied in an article in the summer 2014 issue of Fly Tyer magazine it was written by Dennis Potter and is titled "Tie the Perfect Ada
Worst of the best.
believe it or not..mine is the GRHE.  I've never caught a fish on that pattern and have zero confidence in it.  It's funny too since everyone and their mother swear that it's a great pattern
First attempt at dubbing
Got the book "Fly Tying Made Clear and Simple" by Skip Morris. So glad I did!    This is the first fly in his book that he calls a Rick's Caddis. It's tied on a size 14 hook. Not sure the br
Can a chemicaly sharpened hook, be re-sharpened?
So much good stuff above, and once again Add a Vowel (sorry JS, just can't resist Kent Hrbek being one of my favorite ballplayers) posts a winner. Before chem sharpened hooks we all carried a diamond
Hello from Manitoba
I am 15 years old, have been fly fishing for 7 years and tying for 3. Do mostly warm water fly fishing. Favourite flies are poppers
Moving to Central Florida!
You'll find that freshwater species are limited, basically to largemouth bass, black crappies and Bluegills and other bream.  Most people, at least those that live near the coast, fly fish in sal
Grey Ghost Critique
As someone who's tied a few Gray Ghosts, i would advise you to walk before you run. You asked for critique so here it is...   THis fly pattern has a lot of elements that require a certain amount
Bucktail Subsitution?
Agree with the others the pattern colors & sequence is not correct, but those will catch some fish. They may be a bit over dressed too, but that's a matter of opinion. I like to tie them sparse, b
Furry Foam Crab V3
  Material List :   Gray Fox hair Furry Foam  ICE Dubbing - Pink crawdad dubbing Micro Velvet rope Rubber Leg Hard Head eye Flashabou Beadchian or Dumbell  Saltwater hook size 4-6
Stonefly Swap
I will tie nymphs. I have been tying them for a few years now but I have never gave them a name yet.
Transmogrifer Swap
I'll be tying the Tomah Joe.
New Stippled Poppers
Thanks for taking the time to post the picture and reply to my question.   Anytime!  Learning how things are done in our hobby of tying by others is a main reason we visit this site.
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