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Fly Tying Vise

Deer hair, Elk hair, same thing?
Been tying tying for almost a year but really just now started dabbling with deer hair and noticed that there is elk hair that looks exactly like it, so my question is, whats the difference between th
A Lil Dab Will Do Ya
Ok, thought I'd have a little fun with this one. First considered putting it in realistic fly tying but figured the rocks would start flying. Found this guy in my office on his back and decided to giv
My first soft hackle.
Haha welcome back buddy. I have no experience whatsoever with soft hackle but its nice to see you back Posted a few times on the "August and September flies from the vise" section. Just didn't star
Eat Me
The Eat Me is one of our best selling flies and one of the most productive baitfish patterns around. The Ole Florida style Eat Me differs from Capt. Scott Hamilton's original in that all the materials
Breast Cancer Awareness Swap
I will tie 14 also !!! I'm tying a dry fly white tail pink body and pink and purple hackle...steve-stabgnid
What is a good bass fry pattern?
I'm with Mike too on presentation. Here it isn't so much bass fry, though we have them, but herring frey as bait. The presentation then is a lower mid water swim that suspends well. A clouser won't do
Big western howdy from Northern California
Hello folks.  Name is Dan, from Auburn, Placer County, CA.  Looking forward to learning about some of the new tricks in tying and neat materials available now, after 20+ years away from the
Hunting Season And Gathering Materials
years ago I scraped and boraxed a half of roadkill deer hide.  The hair was too soft for most tying.  Some of the processed deer hair I have purchased in the last few years seem to be infest
Sanchez PFD Parachute Dun SBS
More from the fertile waters around Jackson Hole,this one by Scott Sanchez. Tied here as a Hecuba (western fall drake)]; change color/size to suit your needs. hook - Dai Riki 320 #12 thread - MFC 8/
How to tie a Shrimpy Seaducer
That music was a bit better! If i made videos i think i'd go with the noise of someone moving their lawn! Or the sound of someone reving up their car, could time the thread wraps with the revs!;-) Co
Hair/ Fur type and holding water? (heavy when wet?)
Another thing to factor in if you are tying in strips is the hide itself which often absorbs water, especially for rabbit. 
First YouTube Video!!
Nice job on the video!  Short and sweet.  I can't stand it when some guy talks for 10 minutes and then spends another 10 tying a basic fly.  the music doesn't bother me much-- I've hear
What is the difference between these two threads?
flymaster plus is a twisted nylon thread. waxed and unwaxed   flat waxed nylon is flat   from the interweb (   Flat Wax
Your Favorite Fly
I'm like flytire & others, too many I like tying & using, and no stories that I can think of. I fish a lot with Clouser Minnows, but not any specific color all the time.    Poopdeck,
Sawyer Pheasant Tail Nymph
The original Pheasant Tail Nymph was tied by Englishman Frank Sawyer, a riverkeeper on the River Avon for more than 50 years. His pattern was designed to imitate the nymphs of various mayflies, especi
Streamer Question
I fish streamers probably more than any other type of fly. There is no "typical" size of streamer. And with STREAMER we also include the term BUCKTAIL... traditionally a STREAMER fly has a wing made o
Nice chinchilla pelt
Chinchilla ... don't use that for fly tying.  Or, at least, don't use it all for fly tying.   If you have a girlfriend or a wife ... make a mitt and use it for back rubs, etc.  I k
Texas Fly Fishing Expo - Grapevine, Texas
I'll be there helping with the casting classes. Yes, there are several great tyers that will be there, including Kelly Gallop, who has a presentation on tying the "sex dungeon" fly, Pat Cohen and Mike
Really Need Fly Boxes
Flats I tie a lot of jigs and have alot of them .. I use a photo storage case you can get them at Wal Mart fairly cheap ..Here is a link to what it looks like ..Steve-stabgnidLink http://www.crappie.c
First parachute... Opinions?
Sorry Bimini for not offering an opinion on your parachute. I don't have enough experience to comment on anyones tying skills. I,m like a bear cub with boxing gloves on some days at the vise.   &
Anyone know what this tool is for?
put them back in the plastic bag and hide them in your tying room :)   return to using your old bobbin holders :)
Everyday fishermen.
i'm 64 and havent been out fishing much this year and it really doesnt bother me that much. other projects have consumed my fishing time but thats life   the excitement of catching a fish on a fl
New Member from Ontario
Father of two sons age 13 and 18 who have recently got into fly fishing and now tying. In four weeks we have got two vises and a grand in supplies and tools. Certainly not a cheap pastime but very add
New to the hobby
Are you sure you want to do this? It is not too late to get out. You can still put that tying materials package down, walk away, nobody gets hurt... Welcome to the hobby! :D
JS Tool issue
Had a fly tying buddy suggest tying a deer hair bug using Kevlar thread in this situation. The Kevlar will "Deburr" the inside of the tube.
Grade 2 Metz neck for dry flies
Glad it worked out fine. Enjoy the tying!
Out on a limb...Super Bowl prediction
This is the lodge so non fly tying is ok. The Titans will win the Super Bowl this season. Titan Up!!!
September flies from the vise
Sex dungeon with wiggletail, fresh from the vise [attachment=58465:image.jpeg]
thread leg method
Have not tyed this style of fly.....but what if one rubbed the thread(s) first with tying (not dubbing) wax? The wax would stiffen the threads just so, yet still be somewhat flexible.
Mercer's Skating October Caddis SBS
  A few minor changes to the original pattern.     hook - TMC 5263  #6 thread - UTC 140  tan rib - x-fine wire  copper underbody - Mirage Tinsel  opal body - Midge
Which fly or types of flies do you hate to tie?
My precious time is not going to be spent doing something I don't like.  I absolutely despise yardwork, and I am counting the days until I put this house up for sale so I don't have 3 or 4 hours
Baitfish pattern question
You all think it is still worth tying patterns that way? I don't buy any short shanked hooks.
Pegging Beads... Fishing or snagging?
Five or maybe ten years ago, advertised in some of the fly fishing magazines, there was a "system" that worked exactly like the pegged bead system. This guy had come up with a way of attaching a hookl
Hey FlatsRoamer...
Certainly could be guys (just a misunderstanding and perhaps even a cyber screw-loose)... take a breath.. figure it out. You guys have been enjoying each others tying and chat, don't let some mix up o
Hello from SC Pennsylvania
Good morning! Returning to the forum from a few years back.  Because of school and other activities, regretfully I got away from fly fishing and fly tying (and just about every other outdoor acti
What hook are you using for a brassie?   The kit I bought uses a size 16, 2x heavy, 1x long, straight shank, sproat bend Those sound fine to start with. Along the way you will get a feel for
Hazel's October Caddis SBS
  Another John Hazel fly I found over on Speypages.  Not sure if it's really supposed to be an October Caddis but it's orange, they're kinda orange and they're starting to come out around h
a great big hello from PA!! Bass poppers help???
Hello everyone, thanks for adding me! I am looking forward to becoming a regular visitor with you all. My fav species is Bass. I have been teaching myself to fly fish since May '16. I h
Anybody on Instagram??
I dont use instagram but I use Facebook and am a member of about 10 fly fishing and tying groups.
New to fishing. Glo bug hook size recommendation for kings.
Personally if you are going to AK, I would not scrimp on the hook.  I like the Daiichi X510 or the Gamakatsu C14S.  Both are straight-eye which is better because up there you are more often
Fly Rod "Lures"
I agree with both Joseph and Mike, if you are using the weight of the line to load the rod and cast then what you call the item on the end of the leader doesn't really matter.  The definition of
Hello y'all from Kentucky
Hi, I guess I'm one of those "I used to fly fish and fly tie a lot but life got in the way" type of person. Yes, I am very grateful to have a career and a family who care for me but I'd like to get ba
What happens when....
You have filled up your boxes to the brim with every fly you could ever dream of needing in all posible senerios. I am assuming like me, most of you started tying simply so you could have flies to fis
What are everyones go-to searching flies?
1972, i was 6 years old...And i was swinging them on a fly-bubble rig then. My Grandfather gave them to me and said that a friend made them for him. It might have been 73??? I think it might have been
Interesting video . Too bad it was not in focus more. That is one well behaved rooster. The video in question i
Really need Bucktail Baitfish Flies
Clousers, Brook's Blondes, and Popovic's Hollow Flyes are a great place to start. Try Hi tying clumps of it or even Hi/Low tying like an EP fly.   This one is all buck tail and a bit of flash. I
Related SMBass Hook Question
Got to agree with everybody. I tie SMB stuff on whatever I have laying around. From 3/0 34007's down to maybe a size 12 dry fly hook. Really depends on what I'm tying.
2016 Florida fly tying expo!!
  I'll have to check the schedule again, Monday, but I think that's the weekend I leave for two weeks in Figures. Why are you still working? With all the money you save tying your own flies
Little trick for those of you using pre-cut bodies
I use a lot of the new pre-cut bodies out there, mainly the Cohen's Creatures and the Kiley Skinz products.  Cohen's Hellgramite body has been super effective for me on smallies in the local flow
Predator Vise
Just scored a  Renzetti Special Edition SW Master Vise for $460.00(less than WS) that has only held a half dozen hooks. I'll stick with what I have. The only vise that would tempt me would be a C
Stacked Deer Hair Bass Swap..
So, what's everyone tying? Come on im curious lol
Fly Box Contents
And those pictures from flytire and Silk are exactly the reason some people DON'T save money tying their own flies.  LOL
Hirano's Skater (Carnage variation) SBS
Looks like a hummingbird crash-landing; it'll float, should push some water. hook - Dai Riki 135 #10 thread - UTC 140 tan core - 7lb mono tail - moose body hair/Krystal Flash rootbeer rib - Krystal
Hello from southern PA
I joined the forum the other day and this is the first chance I've had to get on. I am just getting back into fly fishing after a decade away. This time around I want to get into tying my own flies. I
About to start using dubbing...
Some dubbing materials are more stubborn than others about winding onto the thread and that's about the only time I resort to dubbing wax these days. Often I wet the thread a little with saliva. I'm g
i thought about a trip.....
I have been thinking lately about all of the questions posted on the forum concerning vises. Sure, when a beginner starts out, the first thing they buy is a vise - and being newbies, want to conserve
tying position
Before you invest in a convertible sit/stand desk, you should try out some standing positions. You can simply put a box under your tying station to raise it. Try a few heights and see if they are comf
Found a crazy deal for someone near Spokane.
Those tying thread spool safes are $82.00 alone up here.  Just bought one a couple months ago.
Griffith's Gnat
... In the past, I have added a little spike of orange indicator material to the middle of the fly to add a speck of orange to aid in visibility.  It helps, and the fish don't seem to mind.
Fluorescent thread
  whats wrong with it and why dont you like it?   is it breaking from being heavy handed?  Aside from the possibility of just not liking the color, I've found this exact thread to be
Tips for re-using hooks?
One of the gentleman that taught my fly tying classes didn't fish but loved to tie. He would take the flies he didn't like or no longer wanted and cut the materials off with a razor blade. He would th
Hotspots.... Love to know and see some examples where you apply them
Those flies are so pretty. Apparently hot spots work on fishermen if not on the fish.   If they didn't work I'd stop tying them.      
hook size for sm bass
    The Mustad 3366 works well and are cheap but you need to sharpen every hook in the box. Is that a recent thing?   I ask because I bought a bunch of tying stuff at an estate sale ye
How to tie the Moc's Cert       Here's my how-to tutorial on tying the Moc's Cert Moc's Cert is named for Moc Morgan, legendary fly fisher of West Wales   The pat
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