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Fly Tying Vise

Fishing a Mouse Fly for Trout
Thanks to everyone for the responses, hopefully I'll get at least 1 this way, and I'll be sure to post a picture of it if I do.  I probably won't be tying any of my own due to lack of time, but I
Largest Aquatic Insect
Native to China/Vietnam, giant Dobson Fly. From CNN: Anybody planning on tying a few of these in preparation for an Asian dry fly trip of
What do soft hackles represent
I would also suggest:   Allen's BLOG, with a bunch of goodies, is here: &
Beginner Grasshopper Attempt
I've been fly fishing for only 6 months (I started after taking a job in Western Montana) and tying for about a week.  I've been tying small nymphs, mostly, but have been catching most of my fish
Furry foam
Unless you are very rich, and don't want to be, don't buy Fury Foam as a fly tying material. Look at Beading Mats on ebay. Same stuff, lots more for your money. Cheers, C.
First attemp tying on a small hook...
It was common practice at one time to trim hackle on the :"hackle" flies.  Woolly worms were called hackle flies back in Izaak Walton's day.  Charles Cotton described tying the hackle in lon
Ebay Score...I hope I did not screw myself!
I see some good stuff in there!  I like to browse ebay sometimes I find what I need at a good price sometimes I could get the same stuff cheaper buying from a dealer.  When I started tying I
Brand new
Awesome thanks for the reply and advice. I will get to tying
A Public Thank You!!!
Yeah ... but planting the seed of thought is sometimes all it takes.  I tried tying when I was a kid, with a kit someone bought for me. Super crappy vice and materials, hated it almost from the s
FLY TYING with Common Household Materials
Ralphh, I just read your profile & see you're new to tying, but are not a youngster! Most of us who have been tying a long time use or have used many of the things the Fishy mentions in his books
I strip off a load from the feather. Then before tying it in, wet it. Makes it much easier to work with. It compresses down and it stops all the fluffy crap from floating around when trimming it
Casting For Recovery Fly Boxes
Just to clarify a few things, you've given guidelines for two flies of each category which comes to 10. Am I missing something or should we just pick a couple of the categories to tie an extra in? Als
Silver Creeks UV coating
Thanks for the vote of confidence fellow fly tiers. I try to treat people like I want to be treated. I developed the resin for my private use and it if it makes tying easier for others, I am humb
lets see your muskie flies.
Green, there's nothing wrong with starting a new thread. We actually haven't had a Muskie one in a while. Here are a few I've done lately, although I'm not that good at these. There's a good YouTube v
wooly bugger hackle
What hackle is best used to tye the wooly bugger? I have been tying them lately with some hackle (no clue what kind it is) and it has been working okay. It doesn't have as much movement as it should a
Hook bend to hook eye droppers
I tie dropper to the eye.  I never had any problem when tying to hook bend as far as fish strikes go (occasional snag as mentioned above), but because I use barbless hooks I have lost a number of
Schroeder's Parachute Hopper
It's hopper time! Here's a real popular pattern originated by Ed Schroeder   Hook: 8-14 Hopper Post: White Calf Body HairRib: Brown FlossBody/Thorax: Synthetic Green DubbingWi
Lucky me
it is a nice vise   I'm sure you'll enjoy it
Strung Peacock Herl
Not a lot really. You can take the herls off the eyes and use them just the same. However buying it like this if far cheaper. When you are tying a lot it makes a difference. The last time I bought eye
Perch Streamer
Love it!!! Great for pike i bet as well, off to the vise for me to tye up some similar ones just larger. Great pattern!!
Crab fly with floating claws
If you have the claws on a seperate leash so they float upwards, be careful you dont obscure the hook. I would try tying the claws direct to the hook and if you want them to be up, glue or tie the far
Back from my vacation in Maine! Eldredge Brothers Fly Shop!&#
Hi everyone! I just returned from two weeks in Maine to visit my folks and I brought my rod and fly tying supplies with me. Was an awesome trip and although I did no fly fishing I did practice castin
Fishy comics
Limits-FarSide.jpgGuys you have missed the best fishing comic in history........ I'm surprised.I've had that Gary Lawson Far Side card in plexiglass on the fly tying bench for....decades ?
Turning curious into biter.
Would love to know which local stream you found brook trout in? I suspect I know where you were. 8 to 10 Inch fish are good fish in there. I had an interesting discussion with Alistair a while back ab
Jack-of-all-Trades Swap
I would like to be in with the Burk's Aggravator. This has been a great pattern that can work as a damselfly nymph, stonefly, minnow or crawdad. It has fished well on the west slope of the Sierras in
Glad to Join the Fun
Just introducing myself.  I'm 57 and from So. Calif. and fish in salt and fresh. Been tying basic patterns for a few years.  Have an old Regal stationary vise and looking for a rotary.  
Dyna-King question
I am currently tying on a Dyna-King Kingfisher, which is the vise I got to start with last November. Since I don't really have anything else to compare it to, I have something I was hoping to clear up
Elk Hair Caddis - Mounting Hackle Question
I just got some supplies that I'd ordered and I'm working on the elk hair caddis pattern. According to Leeson and Schollmeyer's Benchside Introduction to Fly Tying, which was recommended to me, I shou
Fly Tying Vise Question
Hi I've been fly tying for over a couple years now and just recently my vise's jaw broke and I can't seem to find a replacement for it. The vise is a Spearhead Vise I can't find it anywhere it's like
Playing with poppers ...
Just for everyones information, Pat Cohen is a women. Talked to her at the Fly Tying Show in NJ this year. A friendly and very creative tier.     Steve
New Squid Pattern!
Very glad that I finally got this fly right, after weeks of trial by error and plenty of sticky fingers. I started tying flies back in 2006, and my first one I tied was a sponge bug for blue
fouling articulated flies
From one of the innovators in articulated fly design:   Getting the right amount of slack out of the connection is very important in limiting fou
Top water Hitchers, Wakers and Skaters
Calling all the salmon fishers on here. Especially those hiding in Norway and Iceland. Please share your patterns for hitch flies (tube and hook) wake patterns and skate patterns. With the UK weather
Hoping The Pond Stalker Is Welcome Here!
Well, I am new here just in the last day or so.  Posted a pattern on the fly database and am getting to a few comments on posts.  I am retired after (35) years of being a private business ow
Hatches Blog Post - GCO Bobbins Are Back in Stock
If you are like me you shudder at the mere thought of spending $55 on a fly tying bobbin which is the exact reason I launched GCO. I am excited to announce the addition of the new GreenCaddis GC60 fly
Difference usage for single and 4 stranded floss
Some single-strand floss is fine enough that you can use it as the primary tying thread as well as the body. It might be a bit too big for small trout patterns, but it works well for Steelhead flies.
Having trouble splitting microfibetts
I bought it on CD for about 40 bucks.Crackaig, I've done a parachute whip finish by taking the fly out of the vise, putting it back invertically, then using a tool.I'll try to whip finish the way you
First Attempt Dahlberg Diver
great looking fly.   spinning hair is one of those, "I ROCK" skills.  a whole new world of flies become available with this skill. divers, muddlers, poppers, etc.   i just started tying
Parachute Ants?
Like Henrik's suggestion. For trial this weekend, tying some this morning with short posts of yellow, gold, red, white poly yarn. Might tie some in neon colors. And I'll like to see pictures of the ou
Micro Barb Shrimp
  This is a pattern inspired by the Micro Barb Crab which designed by David Samuel... everyone was looking at Micro Barb for dry flies... but David put it into a crab pattern.   Material li
New member from illinois
Been throwing a fly rod for the better part of thirty years. Been tying off and on the entire time. Started while stationed in Alaska then slowed with a family. Now absolutely love fishing the sprin
How to Clean My Renzetti Master Vise
2855 is what it says under the brake collar. Now that I look at it, my traveler is far more tarnished than the master. The traveler was in the fly tying back next to a padded pouch that has dry-rotted
Question about reverse (hollow style) tying.
Hi. Do you think that tying flies reverse (hollow style) saves materials in the end?
bold and "un-bold" titles
That's not the problem.  If I've read topic, then "new content" is already at the top.  I can clear every forum, except "Fly Tying Bench".  It won't clear, even though I've read every t
For me it's fishing spring, summer and part of fall. Then come hunting season that last until spring starts again. Throw in fly tying at night to all of that.
Get your EPI pens ready SWAP
Is there any room left in the swap? I am new to all this but have been wanting to join one for quite a while. I help teach tying sessions for the Kaweah Fly Fishers Club in Visalia Ca. I just lead a s
Dry Fly Hackle
+1 for feather emporium, I've found they to be great to work with and they have a good selection.  In some ways 100 packs are not better deals, but I think it can be worth it if you just use the
August 2014 swap club
ok for August its tell your neighbor what to tie I started this thread early so everyone gets a fair chance on what they are tying Each person will pm the name below theirs on the list and tell them w
What do you think of this crayfish?
What do I think ? ...I think you got your mojo fly tying mind working and that's a good thing.   Carry on.
Ralph Graves
Catskill Fly Fishing Center Museum just postedLast Casts: Ralph Graves - With much sadness we inform you of the passing of one of our Catskill icons, Ralph Graves. Ralph was known for his Old Glory st
Looking for SBS instructions for Caucci's Compara-nymph
Hi,   Newbie here.   After reading Caucci's Hatches II, I've followed the step by step tying instructions for the compara-dun and the compara-emergers.  I'd like to tie the compara-nymp
July 2014 swap club
I'm tying some thing with blue
The Bumblepuppy revisited
Well, that fly is certainly the epitome of tying a bunch of stuff to a hook.
Beginner's Feedback Requested
Thanks again to those that provided some feedback to me as I sought the basic tools needed to start tying.    This is my first time posting flies I've tied and I'd appreciate some feedback o
First attempt at "the Usual"
It looks horrible ugly, but as you state I get that it is supposed to be an ugly fly... and the tying looks nice from here, so guess that means a perfect fly. :-)
Fly Prices to Rise
When I started seriously fly fishing in 1965, flies were priced at less than 50 cents.  A decent rod, reel and line, could be had for less that $40.00.   Mustad fly hooks were less than 4.00
I normally put all kind og feather and stuff on my hooks, and then go out and buy some more hooks... never had more than a couple of thousands of hooks, not enough to start sorting them in specials
new vice
I would have to agree with switch10, you'll never be tying like someone else so how well they like the vise is not how well you'll like the vise. The only way to find out is to go to a shop or show a
Fly Tying Variations
For my newest YouTube fly tying tutorial, I wanted to touch on the thought process behind tying a variation of an original and effective pattern.  In this video, I discuss variations appropriate
Removing Core from Fly Line
Seems like a good waste of fly line unless one is just trying to remove the core to replace it with a permanent leader butt inside the flyline. Plastic shrink wrap tubing is a lot cheaper & comes
Davy Knot
After doing a little reading and tying a few, it looks like it would be ideal for the very light tippets used by trout fishermen. For heavier saltwater rigs, I suspect it might be a solution looking f
When Whip Finishing to post - glue 'dot'
I whip finish all flies & usually add some cement. The cement is not so much to keep the knot from coming untied, but to keep the thread from getting nicked & then coming apart. However, much
July flies from the bench
Decided to give foam more time on the vise.
Ready to be shipped
Thanks for all the comments JS they aren't that expensive to tie Hook-tying thread-embroidery thread-rubber legs -pinch of dubbing  LOL
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