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Fly Tying Vise

Rabbit fur scrap buy from the bay
i'd call that a steal. i would've jumped all over that if i saw it. i'm guessing you might know already but after reading that other recent topic on carpet beetles, i have to let you know to make sure
Extended body flies
try using some head cement/sally hansen's hard as nails or super glue on the thread wraps. only a little drop at each segment   and regarding tying on the needle, you could try this recipe instea
Help - seeking particular all-CDC caddis video
Can anyone help me locate a video from a few years ago which was presented by a gentleman possibly from Britain or Europe?  The main thrust of the video was to use a cdc dubbing brush for the bod
new material
ive been tying with wendy eider chunky yarn since winter started  its available at  160 yards for about $5. its an eyelash type yarn but is bushier than medium chenille and&#
Ultimate Challenge - Your Greatest Nightmare Fly Swap
Let me explain where the idea for this swap came from and then I'll tell you the rules and how the swap will work. Some months ago, now, I was looking for swappers for one of my "Skill Builder Series"
Black Stonefly Nymph Video
Really enjoyed tying this fly. Learning to love larva lace/stretch tubbing! Criticism welcome as always. Thanks for watching!
Invader Zim (really just an over complicated feather game changer)
It's been a long time since my last post, however ive done anything but stop tying. Between tying commercially, working in the shop, and attempting to catch fish I occasionally get time to tie funky f
What are these feathers/hackles?
Exactly what Mikechell said, I bought one when I first started and found most of what I got to be poor quality and one of the skins was so dirty that it didn't even wash out of the feathers and got to
Hello from Tennessee
Hi all. New to fly fishing and fly tying. Been interested in it since I was a kid. Only took 20+ years to actually get started though. Mainly fishing for bass and panfish. Hope to learn a lot here. I
aplicator bottle
Push a steel wire through a cork. By pushing or pulling, you can adjust the length of the wire so that it only penetrates the cement by a small amount. That way it delivers a small drop. Readjust the
Hi from the Bozone!
Thanks for the above - none of the patterns are the particular one I am looking for.  If  I find it, I will be sure to list it, as it looks exceptionally buggy to me and the wing technique i
Carpet Beetles... Enemy to Tiers.
Thanks for the information I like the no pest strips and the cut dog collar ideas they seem simple and less of an irritant (I hope) for my wife, although she usually steers clear of my tying area anyw
Hotspot colors
I just want the fish to see the fly, not scare them away...    Of the threads and floss materials, Datum Glo-Brite Floss is the preferred hot spot material for the competition guys. Ther
Mop fly
I saw my first mop fly up close and personal three weeks ago.  A green chartreuse giant, looking more suitable for bass than trout.  Two weeks ago my saltwater club was doing  a tying d
Herter's Bastard Midge SBS
  Similar to a Lady McConnell.  Change in tying sequence from the vid I saw, since, as with with Humpies, I can never get the right distance when folding the deer hair tips over.   
Warm Water / Top Water Swap..
This swap is geared towards Bream,Crappie & Small Bass. Looking for 12 participants You will need to tie twice the entries,meaning if we get 12 you will tie 24...If we get 10 then you will tie 20
Help with a couple recipe's
stone: im certainly no expert but my first thought was ostrich herl for the stonebomb. also a rusty? orange tag at the butt it looks like. and possibly a copper colored wire rib i can faintly make out
Sulphur Spinner
In my newest fly tying video, Don Ward of the Keystone Fly Rod Company ties his unique version of the Sulphur Spinner...and you can see it at dusk!   Enjoy,   TC
Wet fly critique
Well the Picket Pin uses gray squirrel, you can look up videos on that. Here is one on a variation, you could vary it yet again LOL :
Free sourced tying wire
I have a box full of various size wire now, salvaged from various sources. Not very interested in getting electrocuted for extra tying wire. Maybe it's just me!
Barrett's Lucky Strike (Carnage variation) SBS
  Based on Barrett Christiansen's parachute attractor.  With the floating properties of peacock somewhat lacking, I though it could use a little help.   hook - Dai Riki 135  #10 t
The right wax
On other threads about wax, "Wonder Wax" is always named as the best one.  I guess there was an old formula, and a new one ... but either is still generally supported as the best kind. I've also
Need a Laugh?
Haven't you guys ever heard of a water-cooled tying vise??
Barrel swivels
While tying some leaders I ran out of tippet rings and while rummaging thru my junk I found some #12 and #14 barrel swivels. Anybody ever use swivels in lieu of tippet rings, at least for short heavy
Looks more like a paddleboard to me. If it had been black you could have seen it more clearly. Hahahahahah! Gave my ideas from Cream's fly a try. I'm DEFINITELY no Cream when it comes to tying. A
Daves Hopper yarn question
  I watched a video on tying this fly, and he uses a yellow yarn. I don't have any yard, but would chinele work, medium in size? Do I need to go to a fly shop and buy the yarn? It's supposed to b
Bulk marabou sources?
For bulk pricing you're going to need to go wholesale - then you'll be buying maribou by the pound - no problem.... At the one ounce at a time level you're going to be hard pressed to find much cheape
Initial thoughts AA C clamp vise
I have a Superior that I bought probably before it had a name "Superior". It works fine for the hook sizes I have used , being from 24-1/0. The clamp could be wider, now and then I run into a desk or
Best Buys for Vises
In all honesty, I can't give comparisons, since I've only owned/used two vises. My first was the Supreme Vise ... $20 to $30 depending on where you buy one. [attachment=62666:Supreme vise.jpg]  
Austin's Drake Dun SBS
Eric Austin's variation on a Mike Lawson extended body drake. Tied here as a Brown; change color/size to suit your needs. Probably a leader twister; this one's just for fun. hook - Dai Riki 300 #1
May Flies from the Vise
Why is it that this thread titled May Flies from the vise, and I haven't even seen a single Mayfly yet? Because calling it the "May flies from the vise" was easier than "The month betwee
Tying streamer flies so hook point will ride up.
Bendback, Keel flies like McFly mentioned or Standard worm hooks....go look at April flies from the vise and check out what "The Cream" did with standard plastic worm hooks
Any interest in a warm water/top water swap..?
I wasn't thinking of tying 24 foam spiders. Just wanted to get a little more clarity. It sounds like it would be a fun swap. I do not have a problem with putting ":in the work" if you know what I mean
Tying off Parachutes
Good video and nice fly. I prefer to tie off on the post. I use a full rotary vise and rotate the fly so that the post is pointing toward me. I guess it's a matter of what works best for one. 
Tying to Match the Hatch
Ran into a Sulfur emergence on one of my favorite streams last year in mid-May and came away a bit frustrated by the end result. Fish were actively feeding and I managed plenty of inspection rise
Abyssal Caddis Pupa
Just posted a new pattern. This is a little caddis pupa I've been trying out with some good results this spring. I've been tying it with tungsten beads, but brass should work well too. Might even try
Two-Tone Copper John Tutorial
I like fishing them more than I do tying them. Nice job on the fly. 
Simple Streamer
This fly is really simple and easy to tie.  Beginner tiers will have no problem tying these, and seasoned tiers can tie 20+ of these in an hour.  It is a great fly for fishing streams and ri
RJD2017 I had a chance to tie on the J Vise when I was at the fly tying symposium last November. I think you will love this vise. On the cost end I think if this vise's production ever comes to an
Morrish May Day (Carnage variation) SBS
  Rivers are up around here this time of year; not a place for dubbed-body flies.  Fight foam with foam.       Tied here as a Purple Haze; change color/size to suit your ne
Scud Back
I own a fly tying factory in South Africa and are looking for scud back in bulk as we use a lot of it.
I Envy This Guy
Anvil has sold thinning scissors for fly tying for many years.   Model 90-T and 55-T   Very useful for synthetics.   Regards, FK
Blue dun fly question
When I did do this I bought matched pairs of feathers rather than whole wings, FWIW. I don't know if they even still sell matched feather pairs of duck feather ( I know they do pheasant) but I suspect
Quills and Biots Swap
Hey Guys, thanks for letting me in. I didn't expect that. But since I'm in, I will be tying the Sulfur Dun CDC Puff.   Take care   BB 
Garden almost in shape
Best time of the year now. Fishing trips, outside working in the garden on bonsai trees, just doesn't get any better than finally being able to get outside and enjoy the sun and some fresh air. Spent
making biot bodies more durable
Bought some zap-a-gap brush on CA yesterday and I'm going to try it out later today. It's cloudy and sprinkling right now, perfect weather for little olives to hatch, so I may need to sneak down to th
palming your scissors?
Ring finger of my right hand, then when I cut something just put my thumb in the other loop without even thinking about it.    I don't know when or how I picked up this habit, but it mu
March Brown Emerger (Tenkara style) SBS
Right to left, front to back; just for fun.hook - Dai Riki 320 #12thread - Uni 6/0 rusty duntail - woodduck flankrib - x-small wire copperabdomen - pheasant tailthorax - Zelon dubbing hydropsyche (any
Going home
I'm pretty sure I'm not alone on this. I've been fishing a small area off the Manistee River since High School (55 years ago). It's between Cadillac and Traverse City near a small town named Manton. I
people looking for flys in n h
Hello, I have been tying for 40 years , now that I am retired I have enough time in the winter to produce 90 different fly patterns, drys, nymphs, streamers for the fisherman here in new Hampshire,I a
I wouldn't recycle those early flies.  I would keep a box for them and chronologically sort them and see how you have improved.  I still have about a dozen flies of mine when I started tying
Need some input ......
I have used hen hackle or pheasant.
Jungle Cock Capes
Well I ended up getting this one instead.
Greenie Weenie pattern
Hannah, this is as good a forum for this question as any.   But, if you want to be politically correct ... the "fly tying bench" forum would be the best place.  Or, perhaps, the "Beginners"
Whole turkey
FLY TYING BIOTS Turkey Biots are from the leading edge of primary wing feathers. They are single barbs that are stiff and distinctly taper to a point. Can be used for tails, legs, antenna, or body par
Renzetti Master Vise Rotary Parachute Attachment?
After reading all of this fuss over a vise attachment that isn't necessary, I am convinced that my new design vise will outsell the LAW vise. Mine is hydraulically actuated with pressure sensing to p
Hello from KC
Welcome ! I've been tying a long time and I still learn something new almost daily here. I'd say you're in the right place.
Hallo from Italy
Hi, I'm Enrico Belloni from Milano, Italy. I'm a flyfisherman and flytyier , I have a web site  when you can see some of my flies and pattern. It's all fre
A quick thank you...
You CAN save money by tying your own flies--Poopdeck and Mikechell are good examples--but most people don't (including me) because they discover that, like fly fishing, fly tying is enjoyable and well
Hello from New Jersey
Homemade vise. Works well. Hate to waste money by purchasing a dust collector. In the future I do plan on actual vise but in the interim this works well.
Baitfish patterns
Hey flats, why aren't you wanting dark over light? Are you imitating a particular baitfish w/out that color scheme? What is it? Unless you're imitating a particular fish or tying what is more or less
Trolling a Clouser for bass in a kayak
I, on the other hand, only troll when moving from one spot to another. And then it's to locate the fish, not to see how many I can catch by trolling. To me fly fishing is about the casting and th ty
tilt wing parachute
Ted Kraimer's came up with his Tilt-shoot a few years ago     a tilt-wing variation, with the deer hair body style common to the Michigan tying community; Kelly Galloup's part of that clan
Monster Bugger
Just caught a 20+ inch brown on it. Sorry if I don't know exactly the right spects for a monster bugger. I've been tying this pattern for a while, and it always works well... I didn't have a name f
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