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Fly Tying Vise

Short Shank Hooks?
Hey, I was wondering if you guys could recommend some short shank hooks.  I've picked up some Mustad C47SDs, but I'm not a mustad fan.     This is what I'm tying.  It works.  
old fly rods
Joe ... I think Steve ( is on a trip for two weeks.  I am sure you know, he's a moderator on this site, and is a professional rod builder. (imagine that, what's he doing
Unwinding and Doing It Again.....
    Ditto what Mike said. There's a line between "not as pretty as I'd like but will still catch fish" and "definitely won't do what it's supposed to do tied this way". If it's in the forme
HELP! cannot find this terrestrial in any shop
Thanks for (most of) the replies.   Yes, we've looked everywhere.  If I knew the shop I bought them at, obviously I'd just go back.  But I was hoping someone here might have seen or tie
Reel question: Pflueger Medalist
I have a close relationship with my old original Medalists. I also own 2 or 3 of the China versions and I see little difference in their performance day to day. The china ones are not near as old as t
The Red, White and Blue of July Monthly Swap
Okay, this month is wide open for whatever you feel like tying. If you can tie a size 32 red, white and blue midge have at it. Actually, we don't need all the colors of the flag in here but if you can
Reformed Lurker From Michigan
Well, I can't say that I'm new, I've been lurking and gleaning information from this forum for about two years now (just passed my two year anniversary of tying and fly fishing).  Apparently my&#
Hendrickson Catskill Dry Fly...and Uncle John!
My newest tutorial is out, though it's more about the guest than the fly.  My Great Uncle John, who recently turned 84, ties a Hendrickson, and also answers some questions related to fly tying an
Anyone know how to tie Wilson's Brim Reaper???
try a test piece first.   cut off 6 inches of whatever material   clamp one end in your vise and the other end in a hackle plier   hold the hackle plier horizontally to extend the mater
pipe cleaner mice for bass & pike
pipe cleaners rust out and rubber bands dry out and rot away   not good choices in tying materials
Pedestal Vise Height
Someone on this forum will be able to give you the height on a pedestal vise but I would clamp the vise on the edge of a table and just adjust the vise down to get it to a comfortable height and use t
Mr. Rapidan Skater SBS
Don't know if Harry Murray came up with this version (probably be good for pounding up some smallies), but darned if it isn't a cool-looking bug. hook - TMC 5212 #6 thread - MFC 8/0 brown rib - x-s
New tying vise - Love it!
I recently purchased a Griffin Montana Mongoose tying vise for my fly and jig tying.   First impressions: This thing is awesome! Holds a hook ridiculously well, solid pedestal base, well made c-c
To Skin.. or Trim... THAT is the Question....???
Well, looks like I should skin, that's a pretty overwhelming consensus to skin. So skin I shall but I'll have to wait now until I get back form a Kid's Trout Camp in a week.   I am pretty careful
Hello from Daytona, FL/Elk Park, NC
My name is Steve. Im new to this site. Currently live in Daytona but will probably be moving down to South Florida in the near future. Most of my fly fishing is done in Northwestern North Carolina for
Catgut, where to buy it?
Awesome, thanks. Think that first site is from across the pond as the price is in GBP, not USD. The second site is US though. Is catgut a relatively newer material to the fly tying arena because it do
I wish there was a chart somewhere about densities of material
Eric, when many of us started tying, there wasn't the proliferation of materials available that are today. It can be overwhelming, and yes can get expensive if you allow it to be. It's highly probable
Substitute for Veniard Glister Dub?
Hi everybody,   I want to tye a very simple nymph: Chis Dor's Brown Glister Nymph.   The recipe says: VENIARD Glister Sparcle Dubbing - which I don't get where I typically buy my tying stuff
New from Mead Colorado
Hello new found friends. I don't know how I found this forum, but I'm glad I did. I've been tying flies for a few years but am no way an expert or an artist at it. But I have never had any of my flies
Man i really wish i could. But wont be back at the tying table for 3 weeks. Have fun and make sure to post some pictures when there done.
Need advice on my new desk
What is typically considered the optimum height for the vise in relation to where your elbows fall? Is this all personal preference or is there some sort of formula based on distance to eyes, elbows
newbie from Ontario
Glad to be here and to be a part of this community. I'm a much published international outdoor writer of some 26 years from southwestern Ontario. Though not new to fly tying and fly fishing, I am rec
Eric Snyder Mad Scientist popper
I see this bug on 'My Flies' and at Cohen's Superfly, but have not found a recipe or tying instructions.  The product notes sight 'weight at rear' so am wondering if it is weighted, and if s
Gray Wulff Hair?
As I begin studying the Gray Wulff and collecting the materials needed for tying I am confused on the correct hair to use.  Most patterns based on the original style suggest bucktail hair from a
Hello from E TN
I just found this site. Years ago I tied trout flies and just started to get back into it. Have a Regal vise and fish old school Browning Silaflex rods....several, actually many!!. I fish the finger l
What style of fly are you tying Steph? Catskill dry or Comparadun... parachute?   Materials  can always be substituted anytime but if you have a natural that you are trying to imitate, then
Some nice furs from my daughter
Wow!  Nice batch of tying materials.   
Berry's Hedgehog Salmonfly (variation) SBS
  Brian Berry's (Teton Valley Lodge) bullethead modification of Nick Nicklas' Sunken Stone, which is a variation of the Mikulak Sedge, which may have been a modification of the original Hegdehog
An update to a carp/steelhead fly I tied
I added a few changes to this pattern: and want to share them with you guys. I started tying them on jig hooks so that when i fish them under a f
First try at a hopper - Chubby Chernobyl
Hey all, as i mentioned in another post id be attempting my first hopper pattern and I decided on the Chubby Chernobyl. I did end up tying one that night and it turned out pretty good, tonight I will
Edward Scissorhands
I taught myself to keep my scissors in my hand while tying. It took a little while to get used to it but I don't ever recall stabbing myself. It actually feels odd when I don't have them in my hand wh
Foam Wing Midge
Interesting to hear your take on the tails. I must admit that was my first reaction, "but it has a tail". The shuck idea sounds likely. If you really want to see some variation in midge patterns loo
The Unsung Bug Swap
I'm in. I will be tying a spruce moth. The good lord willing it will look something that looks like this 
Easy hopper pattern?
The Klod-Hopper is an excellent pattern and is featured in the July edition of Fly Fishing and Fly Tying.   I also found this video online: 
Nice looking crawdad. I see so many crayfish patterns ties with out any snag guard.  If this get to the bottom, and rides hook point down, it's bound to grab a rock, branch or weed that might cau
Heading to Montana on the 3rd of July
Not heading out for a few hours but thanks, you gave me a good idea. I am not bringing my laptop and I fear boredom during travel. I should bring a couple lengths of cord to practice tying knots on th
You gadget addicts
but....if the bottle is not in direct contact with a uv source inside the house in your tying room does it make a difference what color the bottle is??   I don't know....   you take the resi
Clouser Swap II
The only thing about clousers or that style of tie, and I've been doing them much of the day, is that when I turn the fly over to work on the bottom of the hook I tend to job myself continuously. I pu
Finishing Popper Heads
For those that haven't used a turner here's a pic or two of my setup -used for production tying but it could be a lot smaller/simpler.  Years and years ago barbecue rotisserie motors were what we
Popper Heads
This subject comes up a few times a year, it seems. You don't specify what you're tying for? Looking for show piece quality flies, painted pretty for fishermen?  Or are you tying to fish? If you'
Mayfly Swap
Brandon, I've been looking over several of your flies on your Instagram. Looks good. You missed a good carp swap on here recently. I think you'd be a great addition to our swap community and look forw
Some of Mike's and my fish Saturday came to a muddled Kate. (Which reminds me I need to tie some more). [attachment=52691:Mini Muddlers_0006.jpg] Point flies, well it depends on the depth you need to
Round Bead heads?
I still have a few hollow brass beads that I bought from Herter's many years ago. These are not solid brass but are hollow when squeezed onto the hook with pliers. I used them behind some propeller sp
Epoxy Question
It's great having one of the true gurus of epoxy, Brad ( chime in.  Go to his web site to see articles on how to mix epoxy and other tips.  The only thing I'll add from my own exp
Southern Oregon Tying Hangout
Calling all Southern Oregon Fly Tyers and People who want to learn the art of tying. I want to do a get together tying session/ teaching thing. Free of course cuz I'm not good enough to charge for tha
First Week of Tying
As long as you don't buy enough material to supply a medium sized city (like some people), you can save money tying your own. Hey, Mike...I resemble that remark!   Shane, welcome to the site.
And that's why it's nicknamed the idiot box! Posible almost 2000 channels? What!??????? Would not be bad if 20 or 30 were 24hr fly fishing or tying channels! But then would be repeat aftet repeat afte
Braided and Tapered Leaders
Furled leaders may be an option. Limited stretch. A thread one untreated will sink fairly slowly, if you make one out of Kevlar tying thread it'll go down like a stone if untreated.   Cheers, C.
tutorial about tying tails for dry flies
I wrote for beginners a small  tutorial about tying tails for dry flies. if somebody is interested and is curious to read it.       cheers,  Lucian
Braided loops
I don't personally see the welded loop as relying on the line coating as being the strength of the connection. The widely used nail knot does seem to have that problem and many seem to believe that th
Who has the best necks for Bass Bugs..?
I've used Indian necks, they're cheap and work fine.  Although small.  I think a Grade 2 Indian neck is about $5.   Here's one link.
First Few Flies
pheasant tail fibers (looks like it to me) are too soft to support the caddis (and they dont have tails)   hackles are too long for dry flies   thread heads need a little work. remove trappe
Improvised Fly Tying
In the first place I would advise you to not buy a kit. Buy a low end name brand vise for less than $100. Get a bobbin, decent scissors but not one of the real fine tip ones, A spool of 6/0 or 120 den
Hellekson's Yaak Bug SBS
  Named after the river, not the animal; simple, generic fish-food fly.     hook - Dai Riki 280  #12 thread - UTC 140  grey brown tail - elk hair  dark abdomen -  
UV Resin Shootout
I just watched the new tightlinevideo tying video and he uses one that I hadn't seen before - Bondic. The resin and light are all in one device. Pretty convenient and less than $25 and that includes a
Can't really say what my favorite fly is so far I guess I'm still looking and will be for quite some time. We're getting buckets of rain on this side of the pond. Rivers are out of shape so spent some
Sheet foam poppers
I've done my share of cork head poppers (but in the salt their life span rarely gets past the first or second bite....) that I very carefully hand painted - and that was after going to the trouble o
Abigail Adams SBS
Rubenesque (she is in a family way, after all)hook - TMC 5212 #10thread - Uni 6/0 tan/MFC 8/0 browntail - moose bodyegg sac - deer hair chartreusebody - deer hairwing - hen hackle tips grizzlyhackle -
New intro, this stuff is crazy!
Ok, maybe I meant, I'm going crazy! $1.50 here, $2.50 there, what's another $2.75 added on, then something else for $2? Quick trips to the local sporting goods shop with a small fly material selection
Hooks Without Eyes?
Does anyone remember the name of that English woman who tied full dress salmon flies without a vice? Beautiful flies.   Megan Boyd?  She was from Scotland and did use a vise, though.
Snag Free Delights
Question for both you guys,  Do you find any need to add a bit of weight to the hook to keep it riding in the upright position or do you find it rides well without it?     Michael  
Articulated Bugger First Tying post
Thanks so much for the comments all. I'll be fishing it, and a couple of it's friends on Friday. The only issue I'm concerned about is fouling the back hook on the front. There's a lot going on back t
Fused Body Cicada X
[URL=][/URL]   Material List :   3mm Thk closecell foam Gamakatsu B10S size 4 Bead mono eye Flashabou Rubbe
Winger Parachute SBS
 Found this in Shane Stalcup's (RIP) Mayflies, Top to Bottom.  One of the issues I had with this fly was a somewhat unstable wing prone to torquing when winding the hackle.  Playing aro
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