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Fly Tying Vise

Great Expo
Got to attend a terrific fly fishing expo in Blaine, MN last weekend. I actually got to meet Dave and Emily Whitlock and Dave was kind enough to autograph a book for me. Lots of really nice folks and
Humpy Wing Proportions - How to get it right?
Hi Everyone, When tying humpies I measure the elk hair so it is the length of the eye to the back of the tail.  When I finally tie in the over wing and pull back the wings to separate them I find
Gear talk...
this should be in the "fly fishing" or "the lodge" section not "fly tying"
Great - GC3769 - Wet Fly Nymph, 2X Heavy, Sproat bend, Bronze
GC3769 - Wet Fly Nymph, 2X Heavy, Sproat bend, BronzeGreatI Have had hooks break in vise before when price was too good to be true!! Not with these!!! That was the first test I did! These hooks are
Great - GC80000BR - Dry Fly Hook, Forged, Knife Edge Point, Chemically
GC80000BR - Dry Fly Hook, Forged, Knife Edge Point, Chemically Sharpened, Austempered, Micro Barb, Turned Down 30 Degree Ball Eye, Bronzed.GreatI Have had hooks break in vise before when price was too
The Nun Fly
This is a Nun fly I tied up for a joke for a fellow on another forum     Don't make a "habit" out of tying those.
A Peak Vise Improvement
It is interesting and nice.    I've been tying on a Peak for many years now.  I tie a lot of big streamers and whatnot.   Since I don't do anything with the materials whi
How to Conduct a Good Poll?
New to the site and I'm interested in how the polls work, and if I were to do one, some suggestions on how to do it right. I've searched on this topic and can't seem to find anything that is
Fly Displays
I am going to be tying at an expo this weekend and wanted to see what ideas you guys had to display flies for others to see.    
Small Trout Flies Swap
I know. I most likely will be tying in a size 18.
FTF Fly Pattern - john adams - Streamer Big Eye.
Definitely tying one those before ice out, fantastic fly
Hackle pliers slippage, gd scissors?
I totally agree with Bugsy on the scissors.  I have way more pairs of scissors than I need.  I got 7" Fiskars for synthetics, the Wiss nippers that AK Best likes, a few of the Dr. Slicks, th
What hook do I use?
I am with Crackaig on using patterns.   Tying from a recipe (and SBS if given) shows you all the materials needed to tie that fly.  After a while, you'll get to know which hooks you prefer f
Fly Swaps and Contests
The FFF will give you an award if it meets their criteria.
Quality Starter Vise
True rotary vises have their advantages, and they especially have advantages to start tying on, as you will use more of its features.  I've owned several vises, a Renzetti Traveler (which I recom
Fly Tying Bench - mplutodh1
A couple weeks ago I snagged an armoire that came pretty close to matching our master bedroom set with the intent of turning it into a fly tying station. I've been hesitant to tie more frequently beca
Lykos33 Flatwing SBS
   Love Murray's neat variation of a Stayner Ducktail.   hook - Mustad 79580  #6 thread - Danville 6/0  black   rib - medium wire copper tail/throat - hen  dyed yel
New to tying and obsessed
Hello everyone, just thought I'd start off in here with a friendly hello. I just got back into fly fishing last fall and also started tying because I got sick of paying 2.50 for flies I kept loosing a
Dubbing Dry Fly
Hello :)   This might sound really silly but before I started fly tying I could swear I was sold a black dry fly with only dubbing, it was just shaped few different ways and sizes. But it was a k
Bream/panfish patterns?
I see what you mean about calling it a nymph... everything I've read tells me if it has wings, it's a wet fly.  Here's another one I really like called a Teeny Nymph.  It can be tied with ei
Don't Give Up
I definitely wasn't a natural, with my fat fingers that have no feeling learning to work with the materials took some time. I was also quite stoic, I could do it and didn't need anyone's help (all tho
Request for a swap
I'm always happy to host swaps but if I count right there are 8 live swaps cooking right now. Hang in there and watch for someone to fire one up and if it fits something you can work with jump in. The
Mad Tom Fly?
Fair enough, I get it.  I might just use it as a chance to practice tying more flies and experimentation.  The scaplin was next on my list to learn so, I guess it's me, fly vise, and NCAA on
Streamer head - awful
You should have seen the heads on my flies when I first started tying. I was using thread that was about half the size of parachord and they were uuuugly. They got a lot better when I got some smaller
Hatches Blog Post - Composite Dubbing Loops with Jerry French
Jerry French is a true steelhead fly tying innovator. He shares his vast knowledge of the construction and benefits of composite dubbing loops that is applicable to any style of tying[url=http://hatc
bugs and imitations
a great video. i think there is a lot to be gained from seeing the real versions of what we are tying.
I have a confession to make....
.....I tie backwards. Yep.....I wrap thread toward myself when I am tying. I taught myself how to tie when I was 11 and the cheap instruction book I was using had hand drawn illustrations that didn't
Newbie from northeast Indiana
Hi everyone!  New to the forum, semi-new to fly fishing (been chasing a few bluegill off and on for decades is all) and really new to fly tying.  I live in northeastern Indiana and do most o
eggs again?!
Hey guys,  I usually tie larger patterns( both salt and fresh) and have been introduced into tying for salmon because a fishing buddy moved to oswego n.y. and they use eggs for salmon and trout.
Parachute Adams help
 I buy half  cock capes for dries, mostly generics. You get a lot of flies out of these, there are a lot of feathers on one of these ( I bought all Spencer before they folded up). Look them
Copper John Epoxy
If you use UV resin, as Silver suggests, you don't need to put them on anything "while they dry".   But, if you do like most people, you put the epoxy on each one in a vise or while holding the h
Fly Boxes: Slits or Pokes
Thanks Guys!   Cabels'a had their fly boxes on sale for half price today so I picked up two: one for me and one for my son. These will easily get us going. I really liked the pricey Umpqua Day Tr
Cortland Line Factory Store Closing
Cortland Line is still in business but closing their retail store.  It was nice to have a retail outlet where I could find a selection of everything made by Cortland Line.  Their selection o
Fly Photography
Barry... your pic is outstanding.  Looks like your vise put some crimp marks in the hook.  That's real detail!   Kimo, that big pic is amazing, and the revolving fly with links is ever
Wet fly wings
I am also not an expert, however I recently went through what you are going through. After you have tied the wings on, if you are not satisfied, do not finish the fly, just undo your thread wraps unti
Hackle Sizing for Wide Gape Hooks
If all other dimensions of the hook are the same with the exception of the hook gap - (just my opinion) I'd keep proportions and sizing of materials based on what the usual hook gap 'normally' is on a
A new controversy for us... are fish colorblind?
What I'm reading cites overlaps in rainbow trout receptors in the red-blue-green wavelengths, similar to our eyes with some differences in how the receptors react at specific wavelengths.   One d
FS fly tying and fishing books
For sale Streamer fly tying and Fishing by Joseph D. Bates Jr.     $25.00 plus shipping The Orvis Fly Fishing Guide by Tom Rosenbauer        
Need Game Changer Ideas
Tying a GC for Northerns.  Added a hook in the tail. Looking for ideas on dressing the rear hook.  Any ideas???
Storing fly recipes
Just one super strong solar windstorm ... and all your electronic storage devices might be useless anyway.   I've lost all my information twice, since starting on the personal computer scene in 1
Fly swap newbie
psycho covered it pretty well. Usually the number of participants is limited to 12. The swap meister will indicate this, along with due date, and any other info when he/she opens up the swap. Swaps ar
Lets get Crabby
Okay - I will be tying the Fiddle Sticks Crab
Balancing flies
Pins on jig hooks is my prefer style.  The 2nd option you presented does not seem to offer any added advantage although it is a clever idea.  You can use pins on normal hooks as well, but it
Hello from Spanish Fort, AL
Welcome Ron.   There are several of us here that use inexpensive vises.  Many members tie flies professionally (i.e., to sell) so they want to tie a whole bunch in a short time.  E
tying recipes
Crackaig I applaud your effort to stand against the flow and acknowledge that some folks are not as expert as they might seem when demonstrating their tying. I too have seen some "not-so-good" flies/p
First try at Steelhead, wish me luck!
Thursday I'm going for my first try at great lakes steelhead. Going with a guide to learn the basics and a bit of the river. Wish me luck! If all goes well, I'll be tying up some steelie paterns soon
Playing at the vice
First time posting here Tell me what you think ..I have only been tying since January ..I love feedback !! Steve-stabgnid  
Wire Brush flies ...
wire brush a.k.a. dubbing brush   i really like tying with dubbing brushes. easy to make, and great to work with.
Treble hooks!
What i meant was, couple of weeks ago i tied a couple of Allys shrimp flies on a partridge salmon treble hook with the up eye, i just had a look, they were #10 not #12. The box says long shank, but i
Beginner Entomology
Anyone have any good websites for someone who wants to learn about entomology? I kind of just tie flies based on what I think looks yummy but I want to start tying for the fish.All help is welcomed, t
Fly Line...I never knew! Day spent at Fly Fishing Texas...
Saturday, March 14 was Fly Fishing Texas which was held at the Texas Fishery in Athens, Texas.  If any of you every have the opportunity to visit I highly recommend it.  A great place t
Soon they will be back.......
Sighs... you .. YOU would do THAT to a 'dry fly purist'? lol.. shame shame.. hehee BCT   p.s. Terje.... I respect your preference to fishing a dry fly... your tying and photography is second to n
Dry Lightning SBS
  LB works as a nymph, why not a dry.  Tied here as a Purple Haze; you're only limited by your imagination.   hook - Dai Riki 320  #14 thread - Danville 6/0  black tail - hac
Superglue as Head Cement?
A good whip finish with waxed thread! Varnish gives a nice gloss finish but for  small dries I only give the thread a run through some cobblers wax and whip finish!  Superglue is good for
Nyman's Spruce Moth SBS
  Lashing out as Winter refuses to release it's icy grip, decided to tie some summer flies.  Doesn't take long to fill up the box with these.   hook - Dai Riki 320  #14 thread - M
Bird's Nest Fly, Just Wondering ...
Here's a Bird's Nest actually tied by Cal Bird.  Courtesy of my fishing buddy Mark Freedman who lent it to me just long enough to photograph it.   [url=
tying onto mono for a body
I am currently tying a body onto 30lb hard mason mono and then placing the tip onto a gama offset shank worm hook and tying the exposed portion on the hook.  It makes for a fly that rides hook po
Rod Length: 9'-0" or 8'-6"
Hey Dave -   Please don't get me wrong...I'd be more than happy to catch anything all day long. We all like the "bigger" fish but I find catching 10"-12" trout a great day. WE live in a lake comm
St. Patty's Day
Just one more reason to be VERY selective when buying tying materials.
Beginner Tarpon Flies
Wow, that was an overload of information. But I am definitely thankful for it. I've been tying a few toads the last week and will hit the bench hard this week until we head out. I seriously appreciate
Sawyer's Killer Bugs
When I was tying at the this years (2015) Badger Fly Fishers Spring Opener last month I was able to see an actual card of Chadwicks 447 yarn.   You see the real deal and discussion of substitute
Question on tying in hackles
Ok I have a question pertaining to the tying in hackles.  I have seen some flies and videos on tying certain flies that the hackles are tied in on the stem side.  I have seen other flies tha
Protecting rubber legs
I've had rubber legs in my tying kit since about 2000 and still use some of my original purchases.  None of those in my original purchase, mostly colors I rarely use, are stiff.  I keep them
First Try Rusty Rat
I've always had an interest in salmon/steelhead flies but never took the time to try tying one. Well, tonight I thought I'd give it a go and tie a Rusty Rat. I really don't know what I'm doing as fa
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