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Fly Tying Vise

Where to find a List of Protected Species?
Specifically for fly tying, no, because people will use what ever they can get their hands on.  Even protected species are somehow desirable because some pattern calls for it and few seem capable
New addition to the tying desk
Last year about this time, I built this little set of shelves to organize some of the clutter on my tying desk.   [attachment=61692:tying desk shelves.jpg]   After using it over the past yea
Inconoclastic Irreverence. Oh the Calumny! Purists Cover Your Eyes
Why Lures get first spot in my online "signature" possibly explained in attached photos.   Made these because "Cowbells" do not cast very well.....   and trolling flies is a long-standing, p
Peter Ross (Heron variation) SBS
Used teal as a nod to the original; couldn't get it to lay properly so may revisit that choice. hook - Mustad 79580 #6 thread - Danville 6/0 black tail - golden pheasant tippets rib - small wire si
A stroke of genius, I think
For anyone who wants their scissors even closer at hand ... you can glue a strong magnet to the top of your vise. [attachment=61654:scissor holder.jpg]   Of course, this idea might not work on ev
New fly room seating
Okay you asked for it. Here is my tying area. I actually call it my laboratory because I use the area as a multi purpose fishing world headquarters and manufacturing plant. Why pigeon hole the area to
1st Adams
Your first Adams inspired me to sit down at the vise and tie one up.  I haven't fished this pattern for years but they are a great dry fly.  Even though I favor a #16 or #18 I went with this
Bark-Eater SBS
Found this on the North River blog; a Tenkari variation on the Ausable Bomber, an old Fran Betters pattern. Apparently the name Adirondack was an aglicized version of ratirontak, a derogatory term u
Means Quail
A friend was kind enough to save me some partial skins from a hunting trip. A bird I have no experience with but it has some really interesting feathers Looking forward to putting this stuff to use.
Box of classic salmon patterns ready for the river
Hi eide,    A very nice box of flies, though I have to write that I was a little disappointed that there isn't a row of Popham's along with those others    If you're really going t
Muddler Minnow Tying Video
Thanks for the input, Vicrider. I'll be sure to put that correction in the description box of the video. You are correct, no doubt. I guess I'm so used to tying them with a single wing that I didn't t
Chance to start tying room from scratch.
I have a 4' led strip light, kinda like the old 4' flourescent lights, and it lights up my tying area like nobody's business, those things can put out some serious light, then I use an Ottlight over t
Good hook for use in tying cork body poppers
I've had limited success with 'roughing up' the hook shank and then lashing mono on top of and/or bottom of the hook shank - soaking in crazy glue or equivalent - then (number 2) allowing for cure - T
The Eyes Have It
GC - I don't like using the UV stuff, but water-based acrylic paint doesn't seem to react chemically with anything else, so I imagine it'd work OK with UV. I used to epoxy all my saltwater heads, but
  Material list : Orvis saltwater hook size 2 - 1/0 dumbbell or bead chain depend on the size on the hook lead wire 100lbs mono sililegs Centipede leg - Small Ice pearl dubbing Rabbit zonker Mon
What is this cape worth?
Another reason it's difficult to establish value without inspection is that we can't tell the condition of the stems. I continue to collect older Metz necks as I like specific colors for certain appli
Perdigone nymphs on jig hooks
Spanish perdigone nymphs have recently been an increasingly popular group of flies. They can be relatively easy to tie. And they are very effective for European style nymphing on different types of w
Cutter Bee scissors
Not sure how many of you use these for light utility work at the tying desk, but I find these extremely handy for cutting foil, mylar tubing and other non-thread work. Bought a new pair last year and
I haven't had much luck either with crayfish patterns and I've tried all sorts from realistic to surrealistic.  This is one my last attempts at tying one.  It's been sitting in my box for a
Any Sources for Tungsten Washers?
Ok, going with pinewood derby source, can use product on other fly apps and cost very good.   Plan B is Andrews suggestion with McMaster Carr, they have 1x6 "bars" that are expensive but may be c
Have you ever met that 'kid from the lfy shop' ?
I can top that one Steeldrifter. My best bud George. He is in his 70s, I'm 17. Met him when I was 11. We fished, conventional and fly (his son in law got me tying, he got me fly fishing) (he actually
Hopefully you can utilize the space under your bed and thus out of sight to store some of your fly tying materials in plastic roller tubs or the like.  Unless your Mrs. is an exceptionally rare j
Been a while...
I haven't on the forum for quite a while and it's great catching up on what is new and seeing the fantastic flies everyone is tying!  Now, my question is, how do I go about changing my name? 
mckenzie bright light magnifier combo
Now you have me thinking about one...  It looks like this place has them in stock
What's Up Dock Video
When it comes to representing the tiny shrimp and glass minnows in the dock lights, the translucency and micro-movement of the What's Up Dock put it in the cream of the crop. Time after time the WUD c
Green Drake Quigley SBS for Scarface Z
As promised t'other day, a set of step by step instructions for the fly I tied in response to Scarface Z's post "Help reconstruct a lucky fly" This fly...   First I am only working from the phot
UV Resin and Light
I bought the solarez products about a year and a half ago. I consider it the worst purchase I ever made for fly tying use even though it was a cheap price. Solarez is a product that was not designed f
Wrapping double hackle on dry flies
Recommeding that you check Ch 12. of Al and Gretchen Beatty's, ebook, available for instant download from Amazon for $4.99... This covers a Royal Wullff with double hackle and a split wing. I have t
a couple of fly boxes done
Looks a lot like one of my nymph boxes. What is the long skinny nymph on the bottom with the pink head? I wish I didn't go through so many nymphs, but since I like to drag bottom I lose a ton of them.
Free Style !
So remarkable looking. Some talent there tying that fly.
Would you use these nymphs?
Great looking Spanish Perdigon style nymphs. They would definitely work.   For those of you wanting to learn more about these nymphs I recommend Devin Olsen of Tactical Fly Fisher who has se
Guide's Choice Fly Swap With A Twist
Jpm5107. You are in and we are GLAD to have you. I'm sure that participating in the swap will give you lots of practice in tying the Rapidan. Thanks for joining us.    BB
A new rod on the San Juan River!
Mc, have you tried a Tiemco 2488 hook for your small patterns? The hook is 3x wide and 2x short, so you could use a larger hook size with the same length as the size you are currently using. Plus yo
Help reconstruct a lucky fly
Maybe this will narrow your search. The fly is a Quigley Style Cripple/emerger.   Follow the instructions and use the materials that best match your fly from the choices below.   http:/
Fly Tying/Fishing show in Lancaster, PA
Thanks Troutbum, I'll look into the specs to see if it'll  fit the stem on my peak vise.
are jurassic vises catching on
sa ltybum, i love your jurassic vice and there is nothing that holds like vise-grips. i can,t weld like you so what i did was to remove the adjusting bolt in back and replace it with a 3" piece of all
Woodworking fly tyers
For those looking for ideas in building a new fly tying desk.
March Flies From The Vise
What rants? Things like what vise to buy? Bla Bla Bla!:-))
Packing in Waders
Vicente wrote yesterday at 10:18 PM: I usually just tie my wading boots together throw 'em over my shoulder and wear my normal hiking boots for the walk.   This would work for many as well -- how
I found them !!!
Cool ! I'm missing so many things it's silly. And it seems rotational, it could be in plain view for months and the day I want it can't find it. And it's not just fly tying stuff. Although my Battenki
Like Father Like son, (teaching my boy to tie flies)
Well I have been teaching my boy to tie for a little while now. He is four. Since last year and up until about 2 weeks ago I have always held his hand while he is holding the tools and such. I picked
I could really use some help tying this Tenkara fly
I found this image of a Tenkara fly that I want to tie (this is my first attempt at tying a fly from a picture); I have only been tying for a short while now, and am not sure how to go about tying thi
Salt Hook Size?
I just finished tying up some Peanut Bunker/Shad imitations on a 1/0 Gamakatsu SC15.  I had been planning on tying them on a smaller hook, size 1 or 2 but couldn't find the size I wanted  at
Rhode Island Red Cape.
Mogup- I really enjoy tying this pattern. It's elegant and well-designed to match the male dun. Some days in the spring during the Hendrickson hatch the Red Quill seems to be the best fly to
Help me find a caddis body wrap
Everyone travels around at sometime! Most cities have a flyshop & most flyshops have a bargin bin! At a huge saving, something you don't need now? Will be needed later for sure! Found MP magic h
Going to Italy
Salty you are a very good tyer and do a lot of beautifull flies and your tying skills many levels better then many of us. But would it be to much of me to ask you to post your flies in the monthly "Fl
Oh Snap !!
I used the same sewing needle to apply head cement with  for I bet 10 years, by always sticking it through my whip finisher envelope. It (  storing it that way) served two purposes , it kept
Stimulator Tying Video
My latest "Fly Tying Friday" Video. Critiques welcome! Enjoy and as always, thanks for watching!
Has Uni changed up their 8/0 formula at all ?
I bought a spool of Uni 8/0 in the color CAMEL. On the green label it says 72d and 8/0. But more what I have noticed is this Uni tends to want to lay out flat. It doesn't spread as wide as some thread
Bull Dub Leech
I have caught a few good fish on this fly since I started tying it a few months ago.  Its a leech pattern that moves really nicely in the water.  Zonker strips are always known as flowing ma
I'm slowly learning to tie left handed
Ya, after decades of right handed tying, teaching a left handed grandson is forcing me into left handed tying. I think I mentioned here before, the whip finish and even half hitches have been a challe
Squirmy Worms
Just wondering, does anybody fish those squirmy worms? If so, are they worth tying and what colors work the best? Thanks
Caddis Nymph - tied with Catgut
Tying suggestions  based on my experience: the pattern tied with  peacock was more effective compared with the same fly tied with black dubbing.  When I asked on a different forum which
Articulated Musky flies
LOL I am totally new to all of this and I feel ya. I typically tie size 16-14 nymphs.  I will be picking up a 8 or a 10 wt and will be testing. my uncle has a few 8 weights that he uses for salmo
Best Fly Tying Vise for the Money Reviews 2017
Considering that the site is nothing more than ad-click bait, not sure why anyone would give their 'review' any consideration at all.  Weilenmann and Salzburg still have the best article on the t
Bugger swap
Will order some hooks and get to tying
Fly Knots
Everybody uses what suits their specific needs, and that's fine. I switched from an improved clinch knot to a non-slip mono loop many years ago for the simple reason that the clinch knot failed often
Laser dub vs ep fiber
I would say no.  EP fibers are a lot longer and coarser and they don't have flash incorporated into the material.  Plus they're not self tapering.  You have to trim them to shape.  
2nd Australian Casting for Recovery Donation Swap
Thanks you three. Please don't start tying until I lock in the ties. Then I'll work up due dates etc.
My tying area!
It is that northern European, modern, minimalistic style. I like it but never could I pull it off. With me tying on it, it would look like a bad Miró painting in no time... :D
Royal Wulff Tying Video
My latest tying video. Enjoy and as always, thanks for watching!
Books For Sale
Maybe this will help:   Books For Sale Nymphs-Ernest Schwiebert-$20.00 The Compleat Book Of Fly Tying –Eric Leiser -$10.00 Caddiesflies-Gary LaFontaine-$30.00 Fly Fishing Pressured Waters-L
Posted two new patterns to data base and no show
Can you get people that post tying videos to get a manicure or at least clean under their fingernails and wash their hands. I normally don't notice such things, but it's right in our face with a tyin
Lead wire weigh
Since I'm both a fly tyer and a lure maker I have a ready handle on just what you can cast with a given fly line.  I doubt anyone would attempt to cast something with 1/8 oz of lead on it (at lea
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