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Fly Tying Vise

Fly Tying Desk Design
Some of you know I am going to build a top section/cabinet for my current secretary desk.  I have abandoned that idea because it is already a beautiful desk and I don't want to ruin it.   In
Moisten the fly for underwater effect?
Colors can change when wet or under water ( though they may not match), profiles are another matter again. The weight of water in the air mats hair and fibers down. Under water, they suspend and undul
If you could only have Three Bass Flies....?
Purple Zonker, maybe 4" long. Similar to yours, Mike. Tie in various optional attractions . I like to make some tie down rings of monochord along the body in orange or tomato soup red. Salmon will tak
Unwaxed thread keeps moving along hook while tying base
That would work as well, im not sure how your tying but if you hold your tag end tight and wrap back over it that should be it, it shouldn't move.
Restoring old fly line
It's not cracked..I have a couple spools that are, but I've sorted out the best looking line out of bunch. The color looks a little faded, but the line feels like it is still pliable, not stiff like a
Last salmon of the season
My guide holding this nice September buck taken with a black francis. Back to the fly tying vice for the winter months and already looking forward to getting on the rivers again next year! Tight lin
How do post images?
if you are using photobucket you may already have your settings set to resize as you upload the photo. i dont know     well if you dont resize you photo will not fit   the one below is
Starters Package
When I was president of our fly fishing club we had a Sportsman's Warehouse in town. I spoke to the manager of the fishing department about providing space for a tying night once a month. They jumped
Flashy Mop Head Streamer
Those damn Russians will hack just about anything these days. Emails and fly tying videos
Annual Christmas Swap
MtnDeb, no need to tell me now. I'll put you in and you can drop anytime if you need to. The type of flies is open and you do not have to tell me what you're tying or what you want right now. When I g
How to Start a Fly Tying Business?
I started tying for friends and then their friends I moved up to a store and added resorts. This took time, but if you can sit down and tie a hundred flies in one sitting you have the stuff. You reall
Pettijean tools
It would seem that vise could be adjusted to any position you have a desire for. I guess it will be a matter of what sweet spot works for you best.
MS Bugger Fly Tying Video
Tim I've seen the Stonfo vise a few times in pics and videos and always thought it was kinda sharp looking but when laying out an expenditure like that I would always like to give the item a test rid
Black Redfish Worm Vid!!
Now that might actually make for some good background tying music for Flats.
Arctic fox vs regular fox
Here is what I want to know, Flytire... Did you find this link just now, or have you been sitting on it for years, waiting for somebody to ask the question?...   i used the magic if GOOGLE b
Gossamer Silk and Matarelli bobbin
Hello everybody... I'm going to start tying some soft hackle flies (flys?) and see that they are asking for Gossamer Silk thread.   First question:  why use Gossamer silk thread?   Sec
Hello from Upstate New York
Greetings all..... Retired 9 years ago so I'm lucky to be able to fish when I want, permitting.  Live 5 minutes from the Esopus Creek and 45 minutes from the Beaverkill / Willowemoc /
Newbie from Alabama
Hi my name is Jackson I just joined the forums the other day I started fly fishing a couple years ago and just really got into it I also just got into fly tying my favorite fishing trip of all time wa
Almost done with the hurricane shutters...
Yep, my parents have a single story home. They have studs permanently mounted around the doors and windows. It's a matter of simply mounting the aluminum panels and fastening them with wingnuts. A c
Good time to order natural materials
Everyone, or at least most people know if you want natural materials, particularly game bird skins, the best place to go is Cookshill Fly Tying. Last weekend I was at Fly Fest in Penrith Cumbria. Stev
What are the best clouser colors?
Clouser wrote in his book, that when tying for trout a hook should reach near the end of the hair. And be subtle (narural ) colors.
Need a new vise
You seen the Wolff Apex ? I think that can be had for around $90 ( less on sale) and ticks most of your boxes at least. Pretty simple design. Very unlikely you will find a lifetime warranty on a $90 v
Best Bobbin Ever?
The Stonfo Elite disc drag bobbin is if not the best fly tying tool I've ever had and the most expensive (Even over my vise which cost me $12) at $21. This bobbin comes in three models Original, Compa
bucktail question
With what y'all are saying is it recommend to wash bucktails before using them?   doesnt hurt   http://globalflyf
Bass Pro/Cabela's
That's a shame, standar tackle I prefer bass pro but the cabelas has a much better fly tying section then the BP does here and they actually put stuff on sale, not stick a sign on an item at full msrp
Let's start thinking Christmas Swap
Flats, you send your flies in a fly box of your choosing. That is part of your gift to the other person. You will get back their flies in a box they bought for you. It will be wrapped in gift wrap, Vi
Virgin soft hackle
LOL.... At least you got a quality vise!  Really, though, that fly should catch!!  I like the length and quantity of hackle!  Some like'em bushy.... others don't!   While like many
Drunken Shrimp video!!
Great looking fly!  It should be great where ever you pitch it!  Color choices are unlimited!  Simple methods and easy to find materials!  Does "guide fly" not come to mind! LOL Mu
October flies from the vise
So many great flies! I'm happy to be back at the vise- it has been a while. Cheers clarkii.
snake guide wear
i know this is not fly tying but this forum is most active. i was wondering how many seasons you get out of your fly guides before replacing them beccause of wear. this is just about wire snake guides
I had this idea...
Just coat it in 5 minute epoxy after tying it on in a small piece of tubing for some cushioning. There's also rattle eyes available, but they usually just get a couple coats of clear Hard As
Squirrel dubbing
They don't need to be tanned to make dubbing, just dried but would need to be tanned for cutting zonker strips, and the tanning process would have to be such that water won't affect it. (garment grade
stonfo turbo dubbing spinner
stonfo is now offering the dubbing twister shown below. it attaches to your vise but could be adapted if you were to make a dubbing block out of wood. tyers are always what to use for the spinner. now
Dry fly tailing material ?
the symposium would be a good place for tying materials
magazine articles
these articles may be of interest (or not) to newbie tyers as well as experienced tyers   in the Autumn 2016 of Fly Tyer magazine there are 2 articles worth mentioning regarding fly tying feather
Head Cement
I posted a question a while back about the heads on my flys turning white  even thou I use black tying thread, I tied up a couple flies today and took notice the Lacquer didn't seem to sink into
Wire size
ultra wire diameters (yes i measured them with a micrometer)   [url=][/URL]   i generally use the s
Feathers from Michaels, good enough?
If you know what you are looking for, or more precisely, you know WHAT to look for, then yes, you can save money by purchasing some of your stuff at craft stores.    There are a lot of cav
Erie Swap Interest
If you guys don't mind me tying sucker spawn, I'll join.
Custom 6'6" 2wt 4pc rod
LOL  a 19 foot spey rod ... LOL  Next thing you know, you'll be tying 25' tenkara rods.  Easy-peasy ... nothing but a tip and some lettering and you're done. 
Regal Revolution Vise...How many tie on them???
I don't know the brand names, but I don't think these are "Regal's".   Here's my two main vises ... This is my home use vise (the silver one), next to the old vise before I sold it (the red one).
Many years ago I did 10 or 20 dozen clousers for a shop and very carefully superglued each dumbell before tying the remaining materials (I was doing production tying where you tie up the eyes on dozen
Hackle... Better than Cree?
I saw you on Instagram!! You were having the iron fly tying thingy too right?
Black tarpon bunny YouTube video
Palmer: A method for wrapping a hackle feather over a section of the fly's body. When it is retrieved through the water it 'pushes' the water and this causes attractive movement shock waves that help
Glue for bass and panfish poppers
Are you making slits on the cork or making a hole through it? Kinked hooks or straight shank? I build up a thread base on the hook shank after tying the tail, then soak it in superglue, and finally sl
Wings Or No Wings
When tying Dry Flies size 14 and smaller how important are the wings ???Steve-stabgnid
Vise upgrade
I never could get around the awkward rotation feature of the Regal ( thinking Medallion). Regal stuck the handle right in the way, I have better access to rotation on my India made vise I've been usin
ring neck pheasant tail
i would buy the entire tail as shown below      not every tail feather will be perfect. the center feathers will have the longest fibers while the outer feathers will have the shortest
head cement vs. uv epoxy
yup speed has nothing to do with my use of uv resins   i try to tie the best i can and probably take more time tying a fly than others do
How to attach backing and fly line to new reel
I have used a nailess nail knot for along time now. And with most of these knots if you want it smoother to go through the guides you can always slip a piece of shrink tube over the line before tying
new old guy
 no cold never thought about it any suggestions?majority of my fishing will probably 20-40'. and as far as other combo's i thought about echo base or fenwick aetos and a orvis battenkill lll, b
Some people on this forum tie ridiculously clean flies in size 12 and smaller hooks. Just have to check the recent posts in the September flies thread. I want to know how they do it. I realize that
Does anyone use RapidFuse for fly tying? I read about it in Popular Mechanic and it seems like it might be great. It give more time to adjust things than superglue, but is easier to use than epoxy. I
Good deal on a nice waterproof camera case
That is a pretty good price for it. Am I the only one that sees a nice portable tying kit in it? Hadn't thought of that application, but it would make a great tying case!
Twisted bend hooks for tying?
I think the word you are looking for is "offset" which in some styles, especially smaller hooks, is done to supposedly increase hooking rate.  The offset does not affect the action of the fly in
Looking for a small ceramic micro tip Wasatch bobbin !
This one looks like it is in stock as it was added to the cart.
Buggy Crab
  Material List: Saltwater wide gap hook Mixed of Baitfish and predator fibers Mono eye Pink ICE flash  Rubber legs Dumbbell Epoxy and UV resin     Step by step picture tying inst
Whiting 100 Pack
Capes have many more sizes and feathers per dollar, but many never get used.   I have about a dozen capes or half capes, mostly Whiting, many gleaned from bargain bins. All have plenty of feather
Silver Grey
Eide, two questions: What vise is the one in the fist picture? And, how are today's materials affecting this type of classic fly tying? Are today's patterns better than the ones from the old days, jus
How To Tie the Crazy Charlie YouTube Video
holy crap stop asking for comments if you can't accept them. I have to question why you are pumping out videos before learning to fly fish and tie flies. I also have to question why you fight back whe
Old Wing'n'Flash
I have old wing n flash in a few colors, which I took out to experiment with a baitfish idea I had. It has been a while since the last time I handled the stuff and it turns out that instead of the l
What Kind of Fly Tier are You?
I'm a "too cheap to want to buy flys" tier. Yes I tie my own stuff because I save lots and lots of money. I know most everybody says you won't save money by tying but I do because my cheapness is univ
Baitfish Fibers
I had the opportunity to meet and talk with Kelly Galloup at the Texas Fly Fishing Expo a few week-ends ago.  He is a cool dude as well as a down to earth fellow!  Anyway duri
Diamond Caddis
Cool to see the youth tying flies. Good stuff!!
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