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Something completely different
This is one color of "Bobby's Perfect Frog" from "Snag Proof".   [attachment=65748:Bobby's perfect frog.jpg]   As I said, it's one of my favorite top water presentations on spinning gear or
January Flies from the Vise
The Cream, what did you cut your frog legs from? Thanks   They are Cohen's Creatures Frog Legs, laser cut from Ultra Suede material.
Paint for poppers?
I don't post often, but read alot...Good question.  I've tried many colors and finishes, looking for that holy grail, but come to find out it's all about personal preference and tolerance for the
Its Popper Time again
Looks like you're off to a good start, Mike.   I'm in the process of cleaning up my tying room and then rearranging my tying desk.  Once that's done.  I'm going to start working on
A true tenkara master
I think them would be great fly for frog sticks with a short line. Have either of tried that?
Stacked deerhair question?
I think popper turned out nicely. I read an old artical by Tim England, now that guy could tie some bugs. He got me hooked on tying with hair, that I fly I posted was one I copied from him, he called
November Flies from the Vise
Cream & Kimo, Amazing work Cream, I just bought some of those smaller frog legs to try out, I have the large and extra-large on big huge cork and foam frog poppers but I was wanting to do somethi
Grass carp?
Need good pattern for state lake full of'em for moss control. Hung one on chironmid and fought one got off that actually smacked my foam frog but that was the exception. They will come up behind a
Any snake ID out there?
Here's a little tidbit of info for y'all too. Did you know there are poisonous snakes as well as venomous? Some common garter snakes in the NW USA feed on toxic newts and sequester that toxin renderin
October flesh from the vise
Nice work on that deer hair frog caloosa, I like three bunny and feather streamer too.
September flies from the vise
Weedless frog. Version 4
Mop Fly Variant
Alevin Salmon Mop Fshng2 very nice pattern. No salmon here in SC! You inspired me to try your pattern, no orange mop (only blue and green locally) tied it as a keel fly instead. Thanks for the great p
Swap fly caught fish pictures,
I was thinking we should have a place to show off the results of our swaps in action, if you can name the swap and swapper the fly came from. I'll start it off. Bass caught on caloosa bugs weedless fr
Keep frog pattern upright
I use to tie a big huge deer hair frog that would do that. I wrapped some lead wire around the bend of the hook Do you have a picture of the pattern you're using?
Fishable and Fanciful
Here are some things I've come up with this year.   [attachment=63922:2017-01-Finished.png] [attachment=63923:2017-01-Finished2.png] [attachment=63924:2017-01-Finished3.png] Three cupped Wapsi Po
Big poppers
Made mostly for specks/reds in the marsh with a streamer about 30" using a popping cork typical of this area. The reason no legs. But just had to put some frog legs in one.
Playing with some foam
And rubber legs....simple hoppers, frog
thoughts on floatant
Don't pitch the Frog's Fanny.   First you must dry the fly before using Frog's Fanny. So get the water out of the fly using a cloth, paper towel, etc then silica get to absorb the rest of the moi
Bass swap
I'm tying up some pretty bastardized deer hair divers, probably make a proper trout purist blush, with the silicon frog legs and what not, there are a few more traditional ones as well. 
material for popper heads
I also glue together layers to get what I want and then cut out the poppers or drill them out. The last few years though, I have just used all white and colored them with markers. The frog is made up
Quack! Had to try a duckling
It'll be a bear to cast.  It's going to land on the water like a leaping frog.  It's going to push water like a hippo.   But it'll float like a duck and get hit on like a hot chick at a
Looking for wing material suggestions
I tie size 28 and 30 midges for the local tailwater. Not to be a tough guy, but it's the only dry fly game in town at certain times of the year. I've found that you can use an oversized amount of CDC
Mouse pattern tail options THAT don't soak up water
I've been using ultra chenille the last few years for tails and ears.  This is what Chris Helm used and is also the material in those pre-cut Cohen creatures and frog legs.  This material sh
The Baby Bow Streamer
Trout, bass, pike and any other predatory freshwater fish will eat other fish.  Small trout are on the meal list for common foods.  Even trout will eat trout fry.  This rainbow trout st
The Baby Bow Streamer
Trout, bass, pike and any other predatory freshwater fish will eat other fish.  Small trout are on the meal list for common foods.  Even trout will eat trout fry.  This rainbow trout st
Lion Head Sculpin Streamer
This fly is a new one I created.  Its a fly that has worked well for me the last few trips.  Its got a large head, and holds its shape well.  The movement is great, and is the perfect s
Garden almost in shape
Steve Love the bonsai. Herons not so much. They play hell on the frog population in my ponds. I used to be able to get Louisiana bullfrogs in tadpoles. Can't get them anymore. I love to go frog
Hatches Blog Post - Double Barrel Frog – Lucas Langton
A very easy to follow foam frog pattern that will be sure to lure in bass this summer[url=]View the full article[/u
Jointed Green Dragon - Underwater Footage!
I tied this fly out of necessity than anything else.  I hit up a small lake a week or so ago, and I had multiple hits but never actually stuck a fish.  They were hitting the tail end of the
Rain Jacket...light weight or insulated.
If you are a big guy like me, frog toggs rip. Pick a size larger than you think you need.
April Flies from the Vise
Articulated legged Frog
Hi vis leader material
Maxima makes a hi viz yellow mono that you can tie in to your butt section.  Frog Hair also sells specialty hi viz leaders as well as hi viz running line.  I use a short section of their run
Squishy Head Bluegill
Sorry. Did not mean to do a Capt. Obvious. I just wonder if the Arctic Wind sheds enough water to make the fly noticeably lighter than a similar all bull frog fly. I'm still using a lot of bull frog
Frogger! some bass and musky bull frogs
hi bowmike..i thought the frog,s head was made from flip-flop foam, no?
Good hook for use in tying cork body poppers
Thanks mikechellmfor flipping the pics so they could be seen. The frog pattern got a green tail and yellow hackle. Put to barbed yellow silli,legs through body to add movement. Glitter on blue popp
March Flies From The Vise
Thanks GC59! FRn! & vicente! Seen the pic of the foam frog by the Duke & ran with it, think I know what i done wrong, next will be better & easier to ty!
Realistic Crayfish Pattern
Bull frog is one of his fine dry fly dubbing, he makes some really nice very buggy dubbings at a great price though.
$100 trash fish
Good tip! And very true. However , I think my trashy day was more the result of the water clarity. The spot had several bass actively feeding, but the water resembled chocolate milk. I did break off a
Bull Dub Leech
I have caught a few good fish on this fly since I started tying it a few months ago.  Its a leech pattern that moves really nicely in the water.  Zonker strips are always known as flowing ma
Is it frog season yet?
My new Frog pattern I've been playing with..Tied on a 4/0 double frog hurt..Can't wait to give it a work out!..Nathan
Feb flies from the vise
I finally got some foam sheets. Here are my first attempts at a frog and a grasshopper.
Zimmerman Booby Frog
dry floatant question
I once used a lot of Shimazaki Dry Shake and Frog's Fanny. Years ago, I learned on a forum that the powder used by archers was the same and cost less. I bought some at a local store. A 8 oz. bottle la
January Flies from the Vise
Cream.....awesome job on frog !!!!!!!!
Dumbell Fat Head Zonker
This has enough weight to use with a conventional or spinning rod and I use this fly to catch flounder in the Texas gulf with my conventional gear.  It is also a great fly to use with heavier fly
Point Up Zonker Sculpin Streamer Fly Tying
This fly is made to mimic a sculpin.  Sculpins are a common food source for large trout and other large predatory fish in lakes and rivers.  These fish have fat heads and drastically tapered
More foam stuff
Chia! Found the video from the F3 frog that may be what you are looking for patternwise. The Plopper....
The Seducer - would you use it?
I think it would make a good sulphur emerger.   For refloating, I would use Frog's Fanny or Doc's Dry Dust as I have no trouble reusing a CDC after application.
Foam frogs
<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>    This looks like a variation of the 3F Frog, as f
Little Minnow Fry - Streamer Fly
This streamer is to mimic small minnows and baitfish that predator fish hunt regularly.  Minnows especially.  Tied in this color pattern its great for fishing in the gulf for redfish and sea
Emerger Hooks: Fine vs 1X Fine
I've tried Frog's Fanny, but the problem is, if I remember, I have to keep applying it when I'm fishing.   Randy
Bunny Gill Streamer Fly
Blue gills are some of the top food sources for some large freshwater predatory fish like bass, trout, pike, and walleye.  Bluegill are in almost every lake and pond across america and most of th
If you could only have Three Bass Flies....?
What would they be? 1. Top Water..? 2. Swimming/Subsurface..? 3. Bottom Bouncing..? Talking Warm Water LM but you SM guys chime in too. Post pics if you have them please.   For me top water would
Flashy Mop Head Streamer
So, I got hacked once again, sorry I am not able to put the link to this fly on my website, but thats because I cannot use my website anymore.  So this fly will just be the youtube link with less
How to Start a Fly Tying Business?
Mike,   Awsome frog. Always admired artisans with the skills/talent to be able to do something like that. Regardless of what they work in.   L.B.,   That's the level you need to be at t
October flies from the vise
Love the frog eyes Mike. Here's some products from waiting out the hurricane.
Bendback with suspension ....
That is an interesting idea. It reminds me of the frog Caloosa ties for top water fishing in Okeechobee, but he uses the foam as weedguard.
Fat Head Squishy Streamer - Perch
Click on the link below for viewing on my website, or watch the streaming video.  However you want.  Fat Head Squishy Perch Streamer Fly This fly moves really nic
Dancing with gators.
Don't guess anyone was paying attention when I said - NO anacondas that I know of down here...   Now for one other disturbing piece of info....  I've seen a video of an experiment done with
September flies from the vise
Thanks Flytire. Stmflies, I have been curious about the frog legs. What type of material is it? Never tried, but in my mind chamois would work great for that.
Pike&Musky flies from the vise!
hi bowmike, good luck to you...that frog looks like a killer.
Stacked Deer Hair Bass Swap..
i'm hoping to tie something that resembles a hairbug.  now if it ends up looking like a frog or anything else like that, then thats just icing on the cake!
Hi folks, I have a number of crankbaits I am looking to sell. Preferably as a whole lot. 5x nils master invincible 5inch various colours 3x Bucher lure depthraiders various colours 1x bucher lure c
Fishing Western North Carolina
Hey Mikechell look for Black Frog of Death post. I thought you would enjoy
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